11237/King to Pawn to ... TBD

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King to Pawn to ... TBD
Date of Scene: 19 May 2022
Location: Shaw's Residence - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Shaw introduces Tessa and Susan Richards. They immediately bond over mocking him (gently). All is well.
Cast of Characters: Sebastian Shaw, Tessa, Susan Richards

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
It is early in the evening, and although the Hellfire Club is hopping at most times, it has yet to truly kick-off for the evening. Which means that Sebastian Shaw is still in his pre-game mode, preparing for a night of playing the good and dedicated host to all of his guests and members. He is within his suite, wearing his black silk robe with the Black King chess logo over the heart, his eyes looking over two equally Victorian jackets - one purple with silver filigree, one dark burgundy with black filigree.

"Which do you think?" he asks of Tessa, his irreplaceable aide.

He had also sent a message to Susan Richards a little bit ago, requesting her presence. "I have someone I wish for you to meet in my suite." was all that appeared in the message.

Tessa has posed:
"Black filigree," Tessa says. The woman is dressed in luxurious purple, herself. A cloak covers her body, underneath which she wears the sybaritic uniform of the Hellfire Club. By the way the chessboard is arranged, she's technically a Black Pawn. If one was to take a closer look at Tessa's actual role within things, it would quickly become obvious that she's off the chessboard entirely. And so: rather than black, she wears purple.

The black-haired woman of indeterminate ethnicity speaks English with a completely neutral accent, unable to be fixed to any part of the world. She stands next to Shaw, within arm's reach but not touching or being touched. "Emphasize darkness."

Susan Richards has posed:
Susan is punctual, though hardly _early_. After all, she does have a multi-billion dollar company to run, and a family to rear. But still, shortly after what is likely a painfully traditional time for dinner, she arrives at the club dressed for the evening in a dark dress and heels. She's warm, friendly, the very perfect image of Susan Richards, icon and idol.

At least until she's into the more exclusive portion of the club. There's a subtle shift then as she drops the facade, and her gait subtly shifts to something almost chillingly professional, sharply clicking heels heralding her progress through the Club. The attendant at Shaw's door does get a warmer reaction, even if 'A suggestive wink and crooked grin' to the familiar young woman is so very different than her public persona.

AS she strides into Shaw's suite, one blonde eyebrow lifts, those cool blue eyes locking onto Tessa, sizing her up slowly, thoroughly. She grins a little more genuinely, lips quirking in good humor, "Good evening, Mr. Shaw... my my, I didn't miss your explanation of the _purple_ portion of the club hierarchy did I?"

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Rubbing at his chin in thought, Shaw nods. "Of course." He reaches over to pick up the purple and moves to replace it in his wardrobe, before walking back to regard the burgundy. "How did I even dress myself without you?"

Upon the notification of Susan's arrival, he turns his gaze towards the door. "Ah, Ms. Richards. Good evening." His lips quirk in a smile as she calls out Tessa's non-standard color scheme. "No, you did not. Tessa here is unique among..." He trails off, looking at her. "I was going to say the Hellfire Club, but in reality, among the world." He nods to her. "Tessa, this is Susan Richards, the Invisible Woman." It's a token courtesy - likely Tessa already was way more familiar with Susan Richards than any information he could provide. Only one of the many reasons she was so valuable to him.

Tessa has posed:
When Sebastian asks how he dressed himself without Tessa, the woman replies in a deadpan, flat tone. "Stylishly, sir, but without as much precision." Is it a dry joke? Or just raw truth?

Tessa's eyes are upon Mrs. Richards the moment she enters. She doesn't return the grin, or even seemingly the good humor. Still, when the moment calls for it, she shifts from her icy alien stare to something that seems so damn personable it's almost like it's real. "Mrs. Richards," Tessa says, her tone gracious, her smile tiny. "Mr. Shaw enjoys inflating my value to anyone who will listen." Her cloak parts to offer a gloved hand in a dainty, polite shake. "Please don't believe his hype. While flattering, I'm only as special as a purple cloak can be." It's said graciously, but Tessa seems to be confirming that yes, she regards herself as unique among the Club.

Susan Richards has posed:
Susan smiles, a genuine smile as she wanders further into the suite, biting her lower lip to stifle a laugh at Tessa's deadpan reply to Shaw's inquiry about dressing himself, "Well, she's certainly honest."

Her gaze sweeps from Shaw to Tessa, sparkling with a playfulness that might be genuine, or might just be another facet of the many masks she juggles, "Lovely to meet you, Tessa. I'd expect nothing less from Mr. Shaw than ensuring he keeps himself surrounded by unique women."

She slips her hand out into Tessa's offered one, squeezing gently, shaking firmly, all the practiced grace of a woman who's shaken so many hands at various functions as she murmurs dryly, "Oh, I'm not so sure I believe that, dear. Shaw rarely inflates value... he seems to enjoy bragging about how his possessions and position are every bit as special as he says." She bobs her head and murmurs softly, "And I'd say being the only purple cloaked woman I've seen marks you as being special. But self deprication is always a solid business strategy."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Impeccably so," replies Shaw as he watches Susan come in. He smiles at Tessa's explanation of herself. "We could argue about this for hours. We have, in fact."

He watches the two shake hands, and there is a sort of odd smile on his face. Maybe pride? Hard to tell. "I think you have the right of it, Ms. Richards. Tessa has been my most trusted aide for some time. Her knowledge and acuity have been a large part of my recent successes." A pause. "Well, not my _most recent_ successes." He offers a bit of a grin at that one. "She returned yesterday from a trip overseas enhancing productivity at my facilities in Europe, Asia, and Africa."

Tessa has posed:
Once the handshake with Susan is exchanged, Tessa's gloved hand slithers back into its cloak. She listens to the Invisible Woman talk of 'solid business strategy,' and then Sebastian Shaw talk of how vital she is to his operations, but again she deflects with a faint smile and a 'don't mind me' tone of voice. "My job is to help Mr. Shaw stay organized and efficient," she says, like someone trying to politely nudge the spotlight off of themselves. "That's really all." Her smile widens a bit, and damned if the mutant woman's precision-targeted flash of humility isn't a convincing artifice.

"However, for the record, I never argue with Mr. Shaw." Tessa's eyes track from Susan to Sebastian. "We occasionally debate the merits of certain points, but I would never classify it as anything so vulgar or insubordinate as /arguing/."

Susan Richards has posed:
Susan snorts softly, a low little noise of amusement as she eyes Shaw, eyes glinting playfully, "Well, I'm sure she could have helped with that most recent success as well. She seems entirely charming."

She eyes Tessa again and her voice drops to a stage whisper, "I don't think 'Responsible for Sebastian Shaw remaining focused and organized' is being given proper credit by you for how impressive it is." She hums softly and chews her lower lip thoughtfully, one eyebrow lifting. "Yes, well, I've found Mr. Shaw seems to have a bit of a knack for keeping discussions to the calm and logical, even when they involve subjects that could be dramatic and shocking."

She looks back to Sebastian and grins widely, "Perhaps more of your influence rubbing off on him." She eyes Shaw levelly and quirks an eyebrow, "So, how has the... discussion of upcoming events been going?" Ah, yes, best to be discreet. even if she's fairly certain that upcoming events are precisely why Shaw thinks this meeting should be happening.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"True, argue gives an incorrect connotation now. A reasonable debate between similarly intelligent individuals," replies Shaw, as he looks to Tessa. "And occasionally, the most unexpected suggestion." He looks to Susan. "You may come to regret that, later, Ms. Richards." There is a glance towards Tessa. Something that indicates that Sue may have been a topic of recent conversation.

Sue's comment earns an arched eyebrow. Something filed away for future, perhaps. "True. She apparently earned herself a new nickname last night - Focus - from some of our operatives." He allows the rest of Susan's repartee to go unanswered, although there are definitely certain words that evoke a slight grin from him.

"And yes, in fact, I do have an update on that front." He nods towards Tessa. "And you can speak freely. Tessa knows everything I know, sees everything I see. And perhaps more importantly, sees everything I do."

There is a wolfish grin from Sebastian. "So yes, I do believe it is time to discuss some of the plans I have in store for you, Ms. Richards..."