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Do you Know What We Did Last Evening
Date of Scene: 12 April 2020
Location: Titan's Tower - Exterior
Synopsis: Titans + Rooftop = Unexepected Happenings. Amazons, Empaths and Aliens, oh my!
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Kian, Gar Logan, Naomi McDuffie, Caitlin Fairchild, Donna Troy, Rachel Roth, Diana Prince, Kate Bishop

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Last night ended in, well, exhaustion. After the Titans were ejected out of Raven, Donna took Raven to a room that did not look like it had been inhabited by Miss Havisham, and the rest of the Titans old nand new dispersed.

Terry isn't very aware of the whole thing that happened after he transformed back to his human self and asked for a vow of secrecy, at least for a few days, regarding his transformation. He did come down to find Gar looking anxious and, if Terry knew him by now, ready to spring up and run up to the room after Cait hadn't come back down.

"Hey... everything's ok..." He had said, "Raven's back... but I need to crash... hard. I'll tell you everything in the morning, promised." Unless Donna did, but he was certain she was goin to be spending the night making sure Raven got her rest. Terry himself looked dead on his feet. He didn't even make it to the men's dormitories, but crashed on the couch in the lobby- whether he was moved from there or not, he slept soundly. With Naomi conking out and Kian looking like his entire cosmology had been upended, it wasn't likely Gar would get much of an explanation until people got their rest.


It was morning on Sunday. Or, rather, it was noon, but Terry had slept through all and any morning activity. He had washed his face, and found his way up to the roof, because he knew that's where the bird-man often liked to go. He imagined maybe Gar was there, too. But jus tin case, he shot him a text to let him know.

Kian has posed:
    Kían is in fact on the roof -- and except for approximately thirty seconds in his room during which time he felt like the walls were going to fall on him, he has been on the roof since yesterday's events, discounting a few listless flights where he circled the tower once or twice then came back in for a landing.
    Mostly, he's been sitting on a corner, legs dangling over the parapet, facing out over the ocean, and dividing his time between thinking about what happened, and trying very hard not to think about it.
    It's known by now that Kían doesn't need to sleep -- something to do with his /rhy'thar/.  For once, he actually looks like he hasn't slept, and needed to badly.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan ate a lot while everything was going on. He'd been anxious, and when he was anxious he tended to eat a lot. He also ate a lot by default, so it was kind of a double trouble sort of thing.

He was hungry, others sounded like they had things under control by going up to check on Raven, and it took a while. Then, all he really found out once things really seemed to cause greater worry in him, and answers weren't very forthcoming at the moment. It caused him to flee. It was a reaction, a poor one, but it led to doubt and fear and all of the old things threatening to flood his thoughts all over again, and he needed time to go balance himself out.

It led to a flight away from Metropolis or any other densely-populated area. For much of the night, he soared over forests and open space around parts of Delaware, miles from the big cities. The air was cleaner. There weren't many people around. Most of them were asleep. Time passed by, minutes into hours, and the Titan started to question what they were all doing. Twice now, he was with a group of people. Twice now, something happened.

Was he also blaming himself because he wasn't there for Raven this time?

A nap was needed, so he found a secluded area in the woods and curled up at the base of a tree. It was the phone buzzing that caused him to awaken.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry spots Kian. No Gar yet, however and no reply. He frowns and looks at his phone to tap out another message.

<<Lassie, come home.>> He added an emoji to show things were alright, because that's how you did it, right?

He walks up to Kian and reaches out to touch his shoulder, if he'll let him.

((How are you holding up?)) he asks, remembering how positively raw the bird-man looked last night.

Kian has posed:
    {/I'm not entirely sure I *am* holding up,/} Kían replies, still watching the ocean, not looking over yet to see if he's sharing thoughts with Terry-the-human or Terry-the-cat.
    Doesn't matter.  Same person.  Kían had wondered what Terry's /rhy'thar/ was anyway, since everyone else he knew had one.  He's glad Terry finally found his.
    All of that percolates wordlessly through the mental link; the birdman's thoughts are terribly jumbled, like he's trying very hard to both concentrate, and *not* concentrate, on something.
    He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, and it comes without warning.  {/I... I killed things last night, didn't I?/}

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan rubs sleep from his eyes with the heel of a hand, glancing reluctantly at his phone as he sees who is texting him. Terry. Probably upset he bailed on everyone, right when he may have been needed most. It's why Gar will never be a leader.

Whatever thoughts are going through his head as he eyes the text, he sends back simply, <<Is it safe?>> Then after a moment he adds, <<I'm sorry.>>

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
A bit of light comes in through a window and hits her eye just right. Naomi growns and shakes her head slowly, "No, demon, this is my pot pie..." She groans a little and slowly blinks her eyes open. She then looks around and stares in confusion at the room and then she pushes up suddenly and then her hand slips of the side of the bed and she rolls out out of the bed on to the floor with a whine. A groan and she slowly pushes herself out of the tangle of sheets and then looks around, "What?"

She then starts to remember what happened and groans as she scrambles out of the sheets, twisting this way and that till she is finally hopping free with one foot still caught.

Finally she seems to be free and lets out a breath before shaking her head, "Well, I'm not gonna be the dorm mother's favorite person." Slowly she rubs her head and then lets out a breath. It takes a minute but she hits the kitchen to grab some left over brisket from the kitchen and then starts looking around.

"Where is everyone?" She asks as she tears into the brisket like it were normal as she considers and heads to the roof. Kian is usually up on the roof. Slowly she stumbles out to the rooftop and grumbles.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
/Demons. Creatures of pure evil whose sole purpose in existence is to destroy us all. You didn't 'kill someone', you potentially helped save everyone on this plane of existence/ Because that creature inside Raven's mind, the part of him that was not of mortal nature recognized as a threat against everything and anything like him, or his friends. He had no idea why it was inside Raven... but now he understood the pitcure of her being catatonic struggling to hold him back for... what, two, three years?

He shudders. /You look like you haven't slept since Madonna had a hit movie./

Pliiink. He looks down and frowns at Gar's text. He ponders what to say for a few seconds, as Kian will pick up the worry the redhead is feeling.

<<It's safe. Don't be sorry, just be here. There's something I have to tell you.>>

He looks up as another person walks in, and smiles, "Good morning, welcome back to the world of the living and not demonically possessed."

Kian has posed:
    "/Kérhys'yw/," the birdman says softly, and the translation comes across as 'demons'.  {/They didn't look like the ones from our legends.  I don't know what it was, they just made me angry to even *see* them, like they were air pollution, an infestation, I, I, I don't know what.  I've never, *never* struck out in anger at anyone before.  Even if they weren't properly alive, I've still never *tried* to hurt something before./}
    He slumps forward a little.  {/I don't need to sleep.  I tried to and all I could hear was that scream when I tried reaching Raven's mind and I got out of my room as fast as I could and and and and have been up here ever since./}
    He looks over inquisitively.  {/What's a 'Ma-do-na'... and for that matter, what's a 'mu-vi'?/}

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
And then yet another person shows up-- but this one has a little carry caddy full of sports bottles in it, and she's also got a few years on the rest of the crowd there. Caitlin makes a slow, unhurried path towards the little congregation.

"I see you guys found the roof. Pro tip: don't leave lounge chairs up here. They'll end up blown all the way to the coast if a strong wind comes in."

Cait's dressed like she's just come from church, wearing a modest knee-length blue dress with pastel tones and white vertical lacing. Despite her frame and stature, it manages to look cute.

"If anyone's hungry, I've got snacky shakes," she offers. "They work pretty well for hero hangovers."

And she digs around in her purse, and offers a bottle of aspirin/ibuprofen mix to whomever wishes it, like a merciful angel of medicine.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan checks his phone. Oh, he's not too far away. Only twenty miles or so.

<<Give me like 10 minutes. I'm near a place called Selbyville, close to the border.>> comes Gar's text.

Now, it's time for the Garcyclopedia. What is the bird with the fastest flight known to mankind? The peregrine falcon, pushing 250 MPH, but that is primarily due to its amazing dive speed. Others exist that are faster at flying horizontally, such as the gyrfalcon or the golden eagle.

Faster than both of them is the white-throated needletail, said to be capable of reaching 100 MPH. With a combination of that, along with the peregrine's dive speed, the green birds fly toward Titans Tower like a stockmarket going through peaks, valleys, and steady holding patterns. It will only be minutes.

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
Looking over at ian, she smiles as he seems to be figuring it out and not dead. She then looks over Terry briefly, not seeming to be so sure of who he is but then again, she doesn't precisely look the same when she's not glowing, wearing armor and is instead in loose fitting clothes and glasses. She shifts them on her face and looks over with a blink at Caitlin before nodding, "Wow! You are a life saver." She walks ove r to get one of those drinks, "I hope it is full of something more than just sugar." She nods her head, "I'm killer hungry."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
/{/Don't worry about it. I'll give you a crash course on all of Earth's most important philosophers later./} Terry looks down at his phone, and puts it away after reading the last message. {/They *were* spiritual pollution, if that helps. As for the... memories, give it time, they'll slowly lose their edge. Cait is here, why don't we get something to munch on?/}

Terry lets go of Kian and walks over towards Naomi and Cait. He looks at the statuesque woman up and down, and suddenly remembers which day it was. "Oh, er, happy Easter, right?" he says, and thanks Cait for one of the shakes.

His grandmother was a steady church-goer, but his mother was the black sheep of the family- she skipped out on church regularly, and Keith didn't grow up with much of a religious upbringing. But, whatever his grandmother might say about his mother, he was not in fact raised in a cave. "That's a lovely dress, by the way. And I just got a text from Gar. He's on his way..."

He looks at Naomi, and suddenly smiles, "You have no clue who I am, eh?" He grins widely, and says "Meow."

And then he takes a sip from his shake.

Kian has posed:
    It helps... maybe a little?  Too soon to tell.  Kían smiles very slightly, and nods once, and drops off the corner of the building... only to reappear scant seconds later over the edge, executing an elegant but perfectly unnecessary forward roll, and touching down on the rooftop.
    "Oh!  /Kié/!"  He was genuinely unaware of the presence of anyone else on the roof, until just that moment, and of course greets En and Kéit with a bow, then wanders over to examine the goodies.  "Iss... well?"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"There'll always be food in the fridge while I'm around," Caitlin promises Naomi. "Gar's the one who started calling 'em snacky shakes, come to think of it. It's a fruit smoothy, calorie dense and packed with various proteins. It's technically a vitamin complete meal," she says. "We came up with the recipe for something easy to replicate, shelf-stable, and not horrible tasting. It works best if you have it chilled and add a little fresh honey right before you eat it," she advises. "Each one is 1200 calories, so definitely don't feel like you have to finish it off in one go," she warns folks. "Not everyone's got my metabolism."

Her admonition delivered, Caitlin turns finally to Terry and beams a smile at his compliment. "Isn't it great? It's hard to find things in my size that are cute," she admits, and twirls once to look down at the hem. "I like getting something for Easter Sunday. Happy Easter to you too. I guess we're too late for the egg hunt," she says, and giggles once.

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
Caitlin missed the part where Naomi put away a brisket on the way up. All the same, she blinks at Terry and then stares for a moment before nodding, "oh...the pink stripey guy with the claws." She nods her head and then she looks back to Cait with the explanation. She then takes a sip and makes a small mmm sound as she drinks...and drinks...and drinks...and basically chugs the whole thing in one shot and lets out a slow breath before nodding.

"Wow, that was good." She then puts the thing back in the caddy and looks to Cait and then at the caddy, "Can...I perhaps have another by chance?" She tilts her head, glancing to Kian and Terry before looking back to Cait with a genuine smile.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"It probably is a little too late for the eggs..." he chuckles, "Clothes are always an issue when you're not the standard, isn't it? I just got my... other body, and I am now on the market for clothes with a hole for the tail." He pauses, "That being said... when Gar arrives, could you let me be the one to let the cat out of the bag? He doesn't know yet." He nods at Naomi- that's him, alright.

He casts a glance around the rooftop, "So have any of you seen Troi---Donn---Troidonna? What should I call her? I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that she's from Themyscira. And wonder if she'll smack me if I ask her if she could get Wonder Woman to sign something for me," he grins. He pats Kian's shoulder, "Go ahead, recharge." Pause. He may not know that word yeat. "Eat. Consume. Omnomnom."

Kian has posed:
    Kían regards the spread.  {/I don't know what any of it is...,/} he comments, then adds, {/And I don't actually need to eat either, though I can choose to./}.
    He starts to reach for something, then snatches his hand back.  {/Your people don't... don't cook with birds, do you?/} he asks Terry, eyes widening.  {/I could tell the vegetables were safe, last night, but this is all... I don't know./}
    Culture shock, Mark II.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin's already passing a bottle to Naomi the second the girl finishes the first one. It doesn't seem to surprise her; Naomi put quite an effort forth, after all. "As much as you need," she reassures the Jr. Amazon. "And there is a lot more in the fridge downstairs. I make it by the gallon. You'll want to learn how to prep it yourself," she promises.

Caitlin reaches for her cell phone, tucked into a convenient little pocket on her dress, and fires a text to Donna. <u up? we r on roof>.

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
A smile and she takes another, "Thanks!" She ods her head and looks over at Kian as he seems ot be just real quiet there. She isn't sure what to make of him right now and simply smiles before looking over to Terry, "My lips are sealed." She nods her head, "I really barely know any of you on a personal level and yet..." She shrugs, "Eh, I don't know how to put it."

Donna Troy has posed:
    The rooftop access door slides open, and the now-familiar oddly accented voice of Donna calls out across the roof, "Hello everyone."

    Donna has shed her jacket, but other than that looks very much the way she had when she'd taken Raven to find a clean room last night, all the way down to the fact that she's carrying a Raven. Her clothes were rather ragged after suffering the battles of the previous night and have a distinctly slept-in look to them on top of that now.

    Donna carries Raven to the parapet, putting her down gently where she can sit, and turns to face the others, standing next to Raven with a hand on her shoulder. "Cait. Terry O'Neil." She smiles wide, but tiredly. " I uh... don't know your names, she says to Kian and Naomi. "But thank you both again."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry's eyes widen just a little bit. Then, he decides that honesty is the best policy.

{/WELL... technically speaking, yes, but non-sapient bird species. So... not like you at all. It's like humans here cooking monkeys./} He pauses. {/ Which doesn't happen *here* here, but in some countries they are a delicacy... but this does not have any bird in it. /}

"Kian just asked me if they... um, cook birds here." He explains, in case the bird-man starts turning green.

Quick, think of a distraction. "So- you were in the team previously with Gar! I bet you have all sorts of stories. He and I-"

He is interrupted by the new arrivals, and smiles. "Tro--Donn... I am sorry, I don't know what to call you, but it's nice to see you." He looks down at the sitting Raven and gives her the same smile, "Hi, Rachel."

He gestures to Kian and Naomi, "These are Kian and Naomi. Kian is a bird-man from outer space and doesn't speak English fluently yet, but if you touch him he can read your thoughts."

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Raven looks so much worse than she did the night before. Mostly because the group had been inundated with Ravens of varying degrees of elation. Hell, the last any of them had really seen of a Raven was Happiness' AGGRESSIVE CONGRATULATION ENGINE.

    Some of them had probably spied Raven's just barely conscious form being carried off by Troia, but that looked only cursorily like it does now. Raven is cradled in the woman's arms, and her expression is altogether nonplussed, somewhere between Neutral and Furious, and Neutral is in the rear view, getting smaller. Her arms are folded. She's like someone's angry child, except that the scale isn't right.

    "Okay. We're on the roof. Can we let me use my legs now? That'd be nice."

    Thud. Right on the parapet.

    "Of course not."

    She exhales, slowly, as the other woman's hand rests on her shoulder. Raven's hands press to either side of her rump, and then Donna's arm tenses momentarily. Real Raven doesn't have super strength. She remains seated.

    "Raven. I do not go by Rachel. I haven't in years."

Gar Logan has posed:
Speaking of green, the bird en route from the southern part of the state is currently in a peregrine dive toward the top of the Tower, when it sees there are many more people gathered around instead of just Terry.


Too late to stop now. He said he was coming back. The falcon's wings fan out as its descent slows from over 200 MPH to something much more normal, until he alights on the surface of the rooftop area without a sound a few feet away.

After that, the form is replaced by Gar himself, though he's rubbing an elbow already in a self-conscious way. Indicative of how long he must have been focused on an avian form since dipping out last night, his hair remains more feathery than not.

"Hey, guys," he says, somewhat meekly as he eyes the floor before his brows raise at Raven with Donna.

Kian has posed:
    For a moment, Kían looks faintly horrified, but once assured that this particular spread of food is safe, he relaxes, and chooses one of the shakes.  That looks like it has the most sugar.
    He can guess that Terry was introducing him -- there really wasn't much time for proper introductions last night, was there?  He bows to both.  "/Kían takh/," he confirms, then shakes his head.  "Iss... I iss... nnh!  I am Kían, yis... ai, Gar /tavár'h/!" he adds as green bird touches down to become green teen.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin smiles when she sees Donna and Rac-- Raven arrive. The redhead seems to be offering emotional support in the form of something material, rather than with words; tasty protein shakes and aspirin. A modest little relief from the tensions and exhaustion that come with a night of hard heroing, but sometimes a little pain relief and a full belly go a long way towards taking the edge off.

And at least the new recipe for the power shakes tastes quite a bit more palatable than earlier incarnations thereof.

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
Swallowing another portion of that shake, Naomi smiles and she looks to the new arrivals only to blink as she is asked her name and then introduced. She considers this and hmms. How many people know her name now? Secret identity thing really isn't working. She sighs and nods before she settles back and sips some more, "Glad to see you both alive and...well, alive." She nods her head as she looks over at Raven before looking to Donna briefly before saying, "So." She looks to Rachel more directly, "I mean." She looks to the others and hten back to Raven before nodding, "I don't mean to be rude by saying this. Don't take it the wrong way." She sips her shake swallows before nodding and looking down a moment. Then up.

"What the fuck did I see last night?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna is fast. People will have noticed that during the battle. One moment she's standing next to Raven, the next moment there's a distinct breeze and she's standing where Gar was standing. Gar is no longer standing there, because Donna has picked him up in a positively Amazonian hug. She laughs, swings him around, puts him down again, scruffs up his hair and says "Hello Gar! It is so good to see you." She beams brightly at him. "When there is time we must sit down and talk. I have so much to tell you."

    Donna stands back, looking at Garfield. She's doing the horrible big-sister 'my how you've grown' look. She gives a tiny shake of her head and adds, "And I need to tell you how proud I am of you."

    Then it's over to fetch a couple of Caitlin's shakes, giving the taller woman a rather less exuberant hug on the way, and she's back Raven's side, offering her one of the shakes.

    "Naomi and Kian. I am honored to know you both. Your courage is extraordinary. As for what happened - I think it is best if Rae explains that, as much as she feels is right to explain. But you should both know that you did all of us a great service. And Terry O'Neil, you can call me either, I do not mind. "

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Troia makes a mistake- her guard slips, and Raven is ready to throw the football into the basket and score a goal.

    As soon as the Garstraction occurs, Raven pushes herself off of the parapet and stands on legs that haven't been used in two years. Idly, her hands slip into her sweater's pockets.

    Immediately, though, her attention is on Naomi. Her face is as neutral as it gets, which flitters around mild displeasure at all times. A brow raises. "You saw a number of things that aren't your responsibility. Nor, even after the fact, your privilege to understand." A pause. She glances to Troia.

    "But regardless, I thank you for being there, and doing the things that you did. They're worthy of being called the actions of a Titan."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
As soon as Gar announces his presence, the redhead says "Excuse me guys," to Kian, Naomi and Cait, and beelines straight for the green Titan. Troia does the service of capturing him, in case he decides to be skittish, and when the Amazon puts Gar down, it's Terry's turn, though he is by no means as strong as an Amazon.

"Hey, there," he says, giving Gar an affectionate hug, "I'm sorry about last night. I was just... crashing on my feet."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan's feathers get ruffled thanks to Donna's hand up there, and his arms are briefly pinned to his side as Donna moves on him. "Ooof! I, ah..I'm glad..to see you too..!" he stammers, eyes passing over the snacky shakes just a moment before. A few of those could hit the spot.

He is left a little wobbly on his feet, looking around at a mix of familiar faces, whether recent or not, and newer ones. Then, Terry's invading his personal space for a hug of his own, Gar's hands pausing at his hips. "I feel like, uh, I'm the one who should be apologizing," he says without going further. Raven's the one that apologetic look is directed toward the most.

Kian has posed:
    Kían sips his shake, finds it tasty, and takes a deeper drink of it.  Of course, upwards of eighty percent of the conversation is eluding him since he hasn't a 'translator' at the moment, but collegiality is in the air, and it helps.
    He does watch Raven a little, curiously.  She doesn't seem as scary as she did yesterday.
    Of course, few things he can conceive of seem as scary as yesterday.

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
A smile is given to the interactions with Gar before she looks over to Kian to smile at him, too. Naomi though, is mostly focused on Rachel and Donna. She hears Donna and then listens to Raven with a nod before she pushes up from the spot she was leaning on, taking one last swallow her drink before putting it down, "Be that as it may be. Last time some big bad dude who destroyed an entire world tried to come through a portal in front of me, I punched him so hard he flew back through that portal and hasn't been back since."

Sure, that was like three weeks ago but hey. He has had time. Surely if he wanted another punch he would have come back by now.

"So, if this comes up again or something. Count me in. Understanding or responsibility be damned. Trust me. I've lost a lot mroe than even I know and I'm not up for any more losses."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Her guard may have slipped, but Donna's not actually planning to admonish her if Raven wishes to stand up. There is a certain amount of hovering close though. Definitely something protective going on there. Her eyes are on Gar though.

    "You feel guilty because you weren't there," she says. It's not worded as a question. "You didn't chose not to be there, none of us were expecting what happened. There is nothing to feel guilty about." There is an irony there which Donna may have missed.

    "But Gar? Not a single one of us would have been there if it wasn't for you. You are the reason Raven is here now. The reason all of us are."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry blinks, reading Gar's body language. It seems he miscalculated. The redhead quickly lets go of Gar and says "Oh, there's shakes." As if he hadn't seen Naomi down one herself. He turns around, cheeks slightly reddened, and makes his way back to the shakes to grab one. He notices Kian seems to be playing observer, so he taps his arm.

{/If you have any questions about what's going on, feel free to ask,/} he thinks, {/I'm just here enjoying this tasty shake./}

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Donna returns, and Raven doesn't accept the protein shake. "Thanks. Really." she states, looking between it and Caitlin and Donna. "I don't like the aftertaste." To be fair it's- well, it's a genuine statement. She doesn't mean any offense- but she's finding it hard not to be honest.

    Her attention shifts to Gar. "We can't fix the past. If we could, I think we'd all have to agree step one would be to unkill Superman. Don and Kole... Knew the risks. It could have been any of us. We cannot dwell too long on the idea of losing anyone else. All we can do is get better. Fill the void. Learn from it." There's a pause.

    "I tried dwelling on it. Doesn't work. Whatever anyone needed to do to cope... Nothing is going to be forgiven. Nothing -needs- to be forgiven."

    Eyes on Naomi, then. "Good hussle."

    Nobody ever said what happened would make her better at opening up.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan's hair-feathers finish morphing the rest of the way back to the usual unruly mop of hair, and he guides a few strands behind an ear. A hand touches Terry's shoulder as he passes by, voice hushed. "Oh, you didn't do anything wrong." He's watching Terry with Kian, looking on toward Naomi and Cait, then Raven and Donna. All eyes on each other.

"You're right, Donna. I mean, nobody expected all that, but I was just chowing down while all of you could have died," he explains, a palm up. In fact, as much as he's craving a shake right now, he tries to control that urge in front of the rest.

His mouth twitches toward a brief smile as Donna praises him for things before all of this, and he nods slowly without saying anything more. He'll let her words cover it. It's Raven his focus shifts toward next. "Trust me, I know. That's why I came back in the first place, because I needed to get better and try to do better. That's why I couldn't just give up on you, because I saw what was happening to you and..."

It's sappy and he's probably expecting her to shrink away from it, but he holds his arms out to offer Raven a hug. "I'm glad you're doing okay."

Kian has posed:
    {/Sooooo many questions,/} Kían replies with a smirk, {/and I don't think there's enough time to *ever* answer them all.  If I'm lucky, I might get hints at two or three of them some time before the universe cools./}
    He takes another drink of his shake -- wow, that's good! -- and glances over towards Gar.  {/Are you going to tell him?  About your /rhy'thar/?  You've asked us not to and I won't, but you really should.  I mean, really, Téri.  If he's not baffled by an alien with a /rhy'thar/, he's hardly going to be blown over by a human with one.  Especially considering everyone else here./}  There is a bit of a sense that the birdman doesn't really comprehend the /concept/ of keeping a secret.

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
A smirk at Raven's response and she rolls her eyes briefly before smiling, "Anwyay." She looks over to Donna as she returns and then to Gar, "Hey, did you get a shake, Gar?" She asks and grins at him, "They're pretty good for someone who is starving." She nods her head before looking over to Terry and nods to him, "So." She looks from him to Kian, "You ok, Kian? YOu have been really quiet even for someone who has trouble with English." She nods her head.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna is left holding two shakes. She takes Naomi's prompting and offers her spare to Gar with a smile. She may be nursmaiding Raven somewhat in a marginally annoying fashion, but she's not pressing the issue.

    "So... um..." Donna glances at Raven, slightly guiltily. "I need to go, but I /promise/ this time it will only be for a couple of days. Maybe three. I have some business to attend in New York. Then I will be back. If..." she looks awkard for a moment, glancing to Gar. "If you guys will have me, I'm here for the Titans. I'd hand out my cell number but my phone broke last night. Are there still T-Coms? Is that system still working?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry glances at Kian after Gar. He takes a sip of his shake and raises an eyebrow. {/It's... that's not what I'm afraid of, Kian. I know Gar would accept me even if I sprouted three heads and sudenly yodeled out of my butthole./} Again, is Terry the best influence for alien contacts? {/The thing is... I don't know which one of us he likes more. And I just realized how insane it sounds, but that's... how I feel right now./} The benefits of having a telepathic confidante.

As Naomi speaks, Terry answers, "Oh, we've been talking telepathically. He really does his best to learn English but sometimes you just need to exchange some information quietly without adding to the din..."

Rachel Roth has posed:
    She leaves Gar hanging as aggressively as possible. Gar wants a hug, but Raven is so freshly out of them. "You're good at arm's length, Garfield. I forgive you for apparently intruding on my personal space once before." Yep. Everything's very normal now.

    Her head turns, looking at Troia. "Nope." she states, altogether as-a-matter-of-factly. "Not only are you not going alone, but I am coming with you." That isn't the kind of tone that allows for debate. "I can spend a few days in New York. If you try to leave without me, I'll get there first." Raven, clearly, isn't -entirely- ready for Troia to go anywhere significant without some sort of escort.

    She'd been promised before.

Kian has posed:
    Kían *hasn't* been quiet... but that's to his way of thinking, and he's forcibly reminded that Earth people don't have the mind touch and other than Terry wouldn't have 'heard' him.  He nods at Terry, and says, "Iss... I am hear wor'd f'rom Téri.  I iss un'er's'tan Ing-lis wor'd f'rom /ki'thar/, min'-touch.  I iss... I am oh-kay.  Oh-kay iss mean 'good', yis?"
    And in that silent conversation mode, he says, {/Which one of who, you?  Both sides of you -- this and your other form -- are you.  Why would that make any difference?/}

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan lowers his arms, one of them coming after rubbing the back of his neck when Raven leaves him hanging. Yes, that is very much normal. "Yeah.." he answers. It still wounds, even if it's just a little, even if he's used to it. "I'll have one later, thanks," he tells Naomi, still deep in his feelings right now. A lot of awkwardness, lingering in his answer to Donna. "Probably. I..haven't checked, really. But if you want to be here..you should."

Still, he's looking as if the events of the night before and today's aftermath have him itching to be off somewhere more quiet, even if others have taken no issue with him 'missing' all the 'fun' that took place. "I'm kind of tired, so.." he starts to say.

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
A look over at the leaving DOnna and then she blinks at Rachel before tilting her head, "Ok." She hmms softly and then nods her head, "THere's still more story." She shrugs and hten looks to Kian and smiles, "It is fine. You were just more talkitive before. I was a little worried." She shrugs and then nods, "And yes, okay means good." She smiles, "Sorta." She then shrugs and then considers, "I don't know how much longer I should stay here. I imagine the folks at Happy Harbor are having an absolute fit that I never came home this weekend..."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Nobody's taking Donna's spare shake, so she just gives up and drinks that one, too.

    "Gar? When I get back, I'd like to have a talk with you, okay?" She gives him a smile, as he won't take the shake.

    Donna looks to Raven with an expression that says 'I am going to debate this'. When she sees Raven's expression, she relents a little. "Are you sure you feel up to it Rae? You should probably be resting and recovering. I am coming back this time, I promise. But I /really/ have to go. I was supposed to be there by now. People will be worrying about me too..." She gives a nod of acknowledgement to Naomi - they both probably have people wondering where they have got to.

    A soft smile. "But if you insist, you can come. So long as you /promise/ not to tell horrible things about me to my sister." Sister? Donna hasn't talked about her family before, but then given her confessions of the previous night, presumably there was a reason for that.

Diana Prince has posed:
From the north comes the strange sound of engines that do not resonate in the same as most on Earth, they screech in a strange and unique way all unto their own.

And they're growing steadily louder at a rapid pace!

An alarming sense of danger might hit many upon the roof of the Titan building, as the screaming engines roar -- but there's no sign of anything in the sky at all!

At the apex of the growing loud noise, it all suddenly stops! And then a wave of wind rushes across the tower's roof and from the literal source of nowhere, a figure appears and springs out of the sky toward the tower!

Blue, gold, red, and dark hair are the dominant hues of the figure who rushes toward the tower's roof and suddenly lands upon it's edge with their armored boots extended and their arms coming up and off to toss off the exterior rube of blue and gold!

The robe falls away from the armored body of Wonder Woman, standing now upon the tower with her hand at her sides and her hips slowly swaying back and forth. Her loose hair flows about her bared shoulders and her eyes peer at those gathered up upon this tower.

"Donna." Wonder Woman says when she sees her. "Are you okay?" She then asks, her accented voice smoky in tone and laced with a deep concern for the well being of the young woman.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate went home after having pie.

Not before having pie.


Home in this case being the nearby townhouse she bought with private garage parking for a bike.

She eases out on the road because it is early afternoon, stops by a bakery cafe, and heads to the tower. She is humming to herself as she carefully balances a venti coffee of some sort and a box in one hand and punches the door code. She meanders through the lobby to the elevator and heads up to the habitat level.

Leftovers check.

No people.

She goes and checks various rooms.

What the hell.

Which is about when the screaming of an engine from up above happens and she blinks and sighs. "Well. If it is a security thing I am going to kill it dead because I still haven't had enough coffee... " and with resignation she heads up to the roof with the box and her coffee balanced in one hand, an escrima stick in the other that she pops the roof access open with now stepping out. Ready to throw it at a threat or hopefully put it away and drink her coffee.

"Holy crap.. wonder woman!" is what Kate manages to exclaim, not wearing her sunglasses, they are tucked in her hair. She was sleepy enough she even forgot to mask up.

She sort of sheepishly holsters the baton though and snags her coffee.... sip. Stare.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
{/You are correct... I am the ... I will tell him. Right now in fact, what could go wrong?/}

"Gar, wait... " The redhead sprints over to Gar's side, grabbing for his arm. "There's something I need to tell you... something I should have done before..."

He takes a deep breath and takes out a small portable mirror. "Alright... We're All Mad Here."

There is a bright, multicolor display of light that obfuscate his figure, and leave behind a Cheshire Cat, smiling at Gar.

And then his eyes go wide, and he points at the Amazing Amazon: "Wo... won... that's... that... that..."

Have you tried unplugging and plugging back your Terry?

Kian has posed:
    Kían smiles after Terry.  This is definitely the right thing to do, he's sure of it, and he watches with bemusement.
    Also, there's a certain irony that Kían takes the new arrival more phlegmatically than Terry did -- but let's be honest, the birdman has absolutely no idea who Wonder Woman is.  Another Earthperson with a /rhy'thar/, obviously, and he bows in greeting, as is his way.

Gar Logan has posed:
"Oh, yeah. That's cool," Gar tells Donna, but before there's much of a chance to really think further on that or elaborate on anything else, two key things take place within moments of each other.

There is the sound of something approaching and Gar subconsciously takes up a more defensive stance, because really, what else could go wrong?

There's also Terry with a mirror suddenly in hand. "What are you doing with..?"

Wonder Woman appears. So does that cat dude Gar crossed paths with the other day, the one who knew all about him and declared he would be a Titan.

Suddenly it all makes sense.

Suddenly, even as the Terry Cat is expressing his own shock at Wonder Woman's arrival, Gar is stammering, "Y-you're him..the pretty kitty...and Terry..and..."

The eyes roll back and he slumps forward, toward the one who may not even have a name picked out yet. Too much. Brain overload. Sleep now.

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
Watching all the people start to go their separate ways makings Naomi think she should go hers, too. That is until she kinda follow's Terry's path. She slaps her hands together, raises up off hte ground as light arcs between her hands, flowing back over her body like a bright flash. Literal orbs and circles of light arc around her as she raises up off the ground and the armor she wore before takes up residence across her form as her eyes glow bright. Once more she is in her super form and she stays floating there, hands clenched ready to fight...Wonder Woman?!

"Whoa..." She blinks a few times, "Wonder Woman is here." She stares at the woman with a wide blink and she really has to wonder just how many amazeballs people she will meet this month. She then blinks over at Terry and then over at Gar before she suddenly has her excitement quelled a bit. Sure, she was excited to meet Wonder Woman but now she is kinda pulling it back so she doesn't end up...well...like that.

Even if she is still all giddy on the inside. She slowly lands and slips over toward Gar and looks to Terry and then at Kian before looking down toward Gar, "Is...this normal?"

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Raven had her suspicions as soon as Troia said that she needed to leave. Raven's expression remains blank. "I'm not letting you go back alone." There is a pause. "An -entire- island."

    Her head rocks to one side. "I'm feeling better than I have in two years." That's a subversive statement if ever there was one. "I do not, however, promise anything. I am owed that much."

    Raven cheats. There are only so many things that she gets to cheat about. She's always kept cool by her literally magic sweater. She can conjure food and drink to keep herself fed when the local pizza places are closed. She can sense approaching consciousnesses, even those in invisible jets.

    This latter one is the cheat she uses in this moment.

    While everyone else is allowed to gawp at the presence of Diana, Raven has a cool, devil-may-care attitude to maintain, that she's not had a chance to flex in a couple years. Being relentlessly impressed wouldn't suit that very well.

    This is why Raven's reaction is muted. Idly, she considers whether or not anything that just happened to him can be used against Gar in a malicious fashion. He is, likely, unblackmailable- at least with regards to things in this context.

    Still, at the approach of Diana, Raven takes a few steps forwards, taking a place adjacent to Troia. "We should leave quickly. I am fragile and unsuited to janitorial work."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna gives Raven a /look/ at that 'entire island' line. Then sticks her tongue out at her. It's the best reaction she can think of at the time. Especially when other people are present. "Okay, okay. I said you can come. Just don't make me regret it. "

    At first the sound of engines is ignored - planes fly over Metropolis all the time. As the noise gets louder and closer, Donna's eyes widen. She recognizes that sound. If the noise is alarming to others, it seems to get Donna excited.

     She springs forwards, more a need to expend excited energy than anything practical - it's not like she can meet an invisible plane half way. Her hair whips around in the winds raised by the jet's arrival, and she's almost hopping, a silly grin on her face.

    When Wonder Woman finally comes in for her dramatic landing, Donna fairly launches herself at the other Amazon with a cry of "Diana!", wrapping her arms around her in the kind of vigorous hug only the super-strong and super-resilient can manage.

    Donna finally lets Wonder Woman go, and steps back, looking at her with a huge smile. "I am fine!" She announces. Her appearance somewhat belies the claim - her clothes are torn in multiple places, there are a few dried blood-stains, and she has a significant bruise healing up on one side of her face. It takes a fair amount to bruise her.

    "Were you worried? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to worry you. I know I'm late. I would have called or sent a message, but my phone got broken."

    Donna turns to the others, still grinning, the grin getting a little sheepish now. "Uh everyone? I'd like to introduce you to Diana."

    A beat.

    "She's my sister."

Diana Prince has posed:
When Donna rushes to embrace her, Diana puts her arms around her sister and returns it. "I know." She says of the phone. "I sent you messages only to find that it was not in service." When she pulls back from the embrace she looks to the other in the eyes and suddenly releases a soft and easy breath of relief. "I am glad to find you in one pie---"

Diana's leather wrapped left hand pops out to her side and she suddenly presses it against Gar's chest to stabilize him from falling and toppling over. She keeps him upright long enough to separate herself from Donna and then put her hands upon his shoulders.

"Careful." She warns Gar, whether he can hear her or not. Her eyes look to Terry then and she nods toward him. "Help him?" She asks Terry, keeping Gar steady so that Terry can take hold of him.

Diana's stare goes to the others then, to Raven's icy cool gaze, to Kian, Kate and Naomi. "Hello." She says to all of them. "I apologize for the dramatic entrance... I thought..." She puts her gaze back upon Donna, now seeing the state of her clothing.

"I thought Donna was in need of help." She smiles then now, tentatively, but growing. "I guess I was pleasantly mistaken."

Kian has posed:
    "Kya!"  The birdman flits over to see if Gar is okay... although in some way, it's poetic justice for the shock Gar gave *him* when they first met, and it's a matter best left in Terry's hands -- paws? -- anyway.  And the newcomer has handled it already.
    Kían bows again, to both Donna and Diana.  "Iss good to meet Dóna fam'lee," he manages to get out, slowly, picking through the small vocabulary he has access to with care.
    Clearly, he has *no* idea who he's just been introduced to.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate lifts the box she has in one hand, one of the local bakeries. "I brought maybe enough breakfast pastries for everyone now that Gar has fainted like a green fainting goat?" she offers chipperly really.

She takes another sip of her venti caffiene and adds. "I did not bring enough coffee to share though, sue me." which is when she remembers she didn't flip her glasses down going into danger. Ah Fudge. Well own it at this point and her hands are full.

Anyone in high society in the Tri-Cities may recognize Kate Bishop, the daughter of the Billionaire who owns the Bishop Publishing Empire.

"Is it awesome to meet you Wonder Woman."

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Again, to Donna, Raven offers this small shrug and repeats: "No. Promises." After all, Donna is essentially giving the half-demon a rather unprecedented carte blanche to flip the table that is her erstwhile family life. Why shouldn't she?

    Raven makes her way forward at that final line. Diana is Donna's sister. She'd already suspected, to be fair- little bits and pieces she was able to pick up, snooping astrally after Donna's initial disappearance.

    Raven floats forward, while the two embrace, but as soon as Donna and Diana are disentangled, Raven is by Troia's side. Her arm seeks out Donna's. The Amazon would have to use super-strength to avoid having Raven hanging off of her side, somewhat, like a doting significant other. Normally, this sort of ribbing would be below her. Quips and one-liners are easier.

    "She's fine. Things just got a little... Rough, last night."

Terry O'Neil has posed:

Terry stands there without words for several seconds , the world in slow motion as the notion that WONDER WOMAN is saying something to him slowly sinks in . Gar. Gar has gained fainted -

"I'm sorry ! I think I..." he grabs Gar , after Diana supports him . "I've got him , thank you Wo.... Wo... Thank you ."

He carries Gar towards the elevator , "I'll just ... get him to his room and... yeah ..."

Away from the roof , and his personal hero in front of whom he just acted like a total dork . "Earth , swallow me whole ..."

"I'm so sorry , Gar..." he's going to have to make it up to him...

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
A look at Gar and Terry and then at Donna and Rachel and then at Wonder Woman. She hmms and then Naomi nods, "Well." She states simply and floats upward a little, "I think that's enough excitement for a century." She gives a nod to Wonder Woman, "Well, was good to meet you but I really gotta go come up with an explanation that won't get me kicked out of school." She then floats up and up before she shakes her haed and sighs. "Yep." And then she turns in the air she brightens for a second and then she's gone at well over the speed of sound.

She'll have to find a spot to change away from school but close enough so she oesn't have to walk far. After all that happened...strangely flying seems a lot easier.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna is entirely aware of what Raven is up to. Oh yes. This isn't enough to stop the hint of a blush. Diana knows Donna too well not to pick up rather more of the awkward though.

    "Diana? This is Rae, the one I told you about." The one she had 'feelings' for, in some rather unspecified way that, obviously to Diana, she wasn't entirely clear about herself.

    Raven's one-liner cannot go unanswered though. "She's the reason I didn't get to the embassy already, I'm sorry."

    There is a moment between Donna saying this and realizing just how open to interpretation that line was which is a moment where the world is peaceful and all the sun is shining, and all is good. The moment lasts about a half a second.

    Then Donna, like Terry, wishes the ground would swallow her up.

    "Uh. I mean I got news that she was in a really bad way, and it turns out it was even worse than I thought. Rae was... well it's really complicated, but we had to find a way to free her from..." How do you explain all of that in less than about half an hour? Words fail Donna for a few moments. "Well she was sort of trapped by a demon." That'll do.

    Donna looks around at the others. "They all helped. So much. Um. The cat-guy who carried off Gar? That's T... " she stops. "I don't know /anyone's code-names!" she wails. "You'll have to introduce yourselves. But these..." she looks across at Kate and Kian and gestures in the way Naomi had departed, with a look filled with pride. "They are going to be the new Titans."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's eyes rise up and over to Kate who gets a soft smile and a light nod. "Miss Bishop." She says, recognizing her for one reason or another. "I did not expect to see you here. I hope you are well." She offer Kate a hand before looking to Raven then as she seems carefully protective of Donna. The vague explanation causes a playful grin to dance across Diana's lips for just a moment. "We have all had nights like that, I am sure." She quips, in good humor now that she knows her sister is in well and not in trouble.

Kian gets a soft grin as well. "It is nice to meet you also." She adds before her eyes catch sight of Terry helping Gar. She calls after him. "I hope he is okay. I am very sorry." She states, maybe she thinks he fainted because of her arrival? She's not honestly sure, he fainted at just about that exact moment.

Donna's explanation is met with a soft stare, one that grows a little more serious as she hears the word 'demon' mentioned. But her eyes go back to Raven and she nods once to her. "You are okay then?" She asks the broody-one. "I am sorry you were in such a position." A glance between Raven and Donna before she continues. "You two but need reach out to me should you ever need my assistance with such a thing. I will be there for you."

Diana's gaze goes to those still up here then. "That goes for all of you, the new Titans. I am here to help you, with everything you are seemingly preparing to face off against. Should you ever need it."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Ms. Prince, quite well." she notes back and just sighs. Well she was determined to not secret identity with the Titans but well that is definitely out now. "It is okay Donna... I go by Hawkeye.. Hawky.. Hawkette... 2.0... everyone seems to have a hawk themed nickname but it is Hawkeye." she gives a shrug. "You all can call me Kate when we aren't in the field fighting crime though no worry."

She definitely lets Dianna take the breakfast pastries. "Uh.. Ms. Prince my dad does not know what I am up too and I'd like to keep it that way. He would not approve the least bit." on many levels. The fact she is sixteen. The fact he doesn't like heroes. The works.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Raven normally avoids putting much effort into her mocking. If it's not casual, it lacks the charm she's looking for. To be fair, she'd already put Donna off balance. That the Amazon stumbled across a line that Raven simply couldn't resist was not her fault, but Donna had chummed the waters by -asking- Raven not to embarrass her in front of her sister.

    "It's true, we woke up this morning and she couldn't keep her hands off of me."

    There's an entirely unRavenlike playful squeeze of Troia's arm. Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that anyone who knew her even cursorily would be aware of the ruse, it might seem like genuine affection. Perhaps that's because there's some mixed in. Sadly, Diana and Raven have never met.

    Regardless, that false-mood darkens. Troia spills the beans. "Yes. There was... An emergency. I needed some assistance. Troia provided, and brought the new Titans along. There are others. I think we will have to make sure that they understand that in the broader scope of things, they're not alone."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Enter, one rather dejected-looking, embarrassed Cheshire cat. As the elevator doors close behind him, he takes out his little mirror and says the magic words. A micro-transformation scene afterwards, Terry O'Neil stands in his place. It is unlikely Diana would remember him, unless the Amazon had a photographic memory and remembered the red-headed intern at Lois and Clark's side when Tony Stark announced his candidacy.

"He's okay... but he's out like a light. It figures I made the wrong decision again..." he shrugs and smiles a little. "With all luck he will wake up and won't remember a thing."

And then there's no avoiding it. There's Wonder Woman right there. Terry clears his throat, cheeks almost as red as his hair. "I'm sorry, I've been a total dork... th-thank you for the help."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna's embarrassment grows. "She is a little weak after her ordeal," she tells Diana. "So, yes, I have been offering my support, in case she falls over. Rae will be fine in a day or two though, so long as I don't accidentally strangle her before that time is up."

    She gives Raven a glare, but it's an affectionate one.

    Donna looks over to confused Birb. "Are you okay there? She asks. "Yes, okay means good. Do you understand me? If you need to do the telepathy thing, that is fine." Why not? Join the party. Everyone else seems to be able to read poor Donna's thoughts easily enough!

    Donna gestures to Terry to come closer when he returns. "Why don't you introduce yourself properly?" She asks. "I don't know if you want to stick to a code-name."

    " Or if you even have one yet," she adds after a moment's thought. Snicker-snack.

Kian has posed:
    "Un'er's'tan a... a...."  Kían gives up and holds his hands just a little way apart, hoping the pantomime carries his meaning... and then moves them just a little closer together.  He comes a little closer.  "Iss... nnh.  I iss... nnh!  I am ler'n but iss s'lo.  Ing-lis har'd."  More instinctively than anything else, he reaches for Terry, who is at least used to Kían's mindtouch.

Diana Prince has posed:
To Kate, Diana nods a single time for the young woman's benefit. "I never saw you here." She tells her in response with a soft grin gracing her red hued lips for just a moment before it's gone again. "Be careful though... if he does not wish this life for you, it means he is worried for your safety. Do not let his fears come to pass, stay safe." She tries to offer the simple words for the young Hawkeye.

Back to Rachel and Donna though, Diana smiles at them both. "I am glad that you have one another to look out for each other. It is good to see Donna has someone caring for her so adamantly, and back in return."

As she says these words she steps over to where she'd dropped her blue Eagle feather patterned robe. She kneels down to gather it up, it's blue fabric whipping around her form in the wind, revealing the golden yellow lining within it. She starts to fold it up as she moves back toward them all again.

"You are not a 'dork'." Diana says to Terry. "You are a Titan. All of you are now." She states as she looks across each one of them. "You are protectors of those in need, and of each other. Wear that with pride. A team like this is not a common place thing, the bond that you will all form is something you shall cherish for the rest of your lives." She smiles warmly to them all again.

And then extends the folded Eagle robe to Terry. "Here. Take this. Perhaps you will treat it better than I have, dropping it on the floor and all." There's a hint of a grin then from the Princess before she turns once more, with her back partially toward them.

"I must be going. But again, please do reach out to me, should any of you need my help." To Donna. "And you." She points her leather wrapped left hand at her sister. "Come to the Embassy more often, and get a new phone." She grins once more before she suddenly leaps forward and in the middle of nothingness, she vanishes!

The much softer sounds of slowly building engines can be heard then, from whatever invisible vehicle brought the Princess to this tower's roof.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Raven hasn't much to say to Diana's last- admittedly. She can only agree. However, there's just- it's just too easy- even with her mood somewhat soured, Raven simply can't let it go. Her head turns up to Donna, who had just threatened to strangle her.

    "You said you wouldn't tell anyone."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate nods to Diana "Thanks, and I don't think it is just worry but I will be as careful as I can given my chosen path." she means it to. Though she does break it up with a sip of coffee which is a bit irreverant on accident.

She also makes sure that the pastries are firmly in her hand again before anyone leaves.

When Diana gives Vorpal the robe, well she tilts her head. Yeah she is mentally calculating the odds that Terry will be the next to fainting goat and how fast she will need to move to catch him.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry stays there, hands holding the cloak, even a few seconds after Diana leaves. There is some hyperventilation going on, but he manages to stay on his feet for a bit. When Kian touches him, he gets a stream of consciousness the likes of which would have made Virginia Woolf reach for pen and paper and stay at her desk for a couple of days.

"That was Wonder Woman," he says. Every tactic he used to stay calm when interviewing Power Girl doesn't work here, because one: there was no place to prepare with yoga and meditation beforehand, and two: the events of the last day or so have left the redhead a little on the shaky side. This just happens to be the drop that tipped the scale

"I'm feeling kinda woo-" he mutters, and then he grabs for Kian's arm, but slips and slides to the ground.

To his credit he does keep the cloak from falling to the ground. Him? No so much. IT ill be a nice nap, nevertheless. He needs the rest.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "I will," Donna promises to Diana with a broad smile. "I will be there later today." She kind of has to. Her luggage got sent there, and the clothes she's wearing are rather torn. "I'll take you and Cassie out for a meal."

    She waves her sister off, more than a little relieved to know she's not being worried about and she can at least stay in Metropolis a few more hours. Rae gets only a hissed "RAE!", but words may be spoken about this latest attempt to embarrass her at another time. Meanwhile she will have to figure out some threat that can't be turned around on her like that. It may be quite challenging, given Raven's.... imagination.

    For a few moments, it occurs to Donna that she's happy. She no longer has people worrying about her at the Embassy, and can take her time before leaving for New York. That makes her feel better. And that Rae is safe.

    And that nobody has yet told her she wasn't welcome to return to the Titans.

    All in all she's in a far, far better mood than she had been since she met Terry. Which is absolutely not a comment on Terry.

    Though it probably is.

    Suddenly Donna is out of Raven's grasp. This is because her hand is now under Terry's head, making sure he doesn't injure himself too badly in the fall.

    "Is this going to be a habit?" she wonders aloud. "I think we will need to institute a training program for the younger Titans, in how not to faint. It's lucky Diana did not offer to give him a ride in her jet. Which is soooo cool by the way." She may be Themysciran, but she did spent her late teen years in America.

    Donna lets Terry down gently and rests a hand on Kian's shoulder. "Do you understand better now?" she asks, smiling down at the bird man. "Everything must be very confusing for you now, but you are with friends. We will help you understand, please be patient with us."

    Donna looks up at Raven, and grins slightly. There may be some of Raven's nature rubbing off on her. "Rae? Do you think I should put him in Gar's room? They can wake up together..."

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Raven had fully expected for Donna to bolt out of her grasp as soon as she felt consciousness leave Terry's mind. Raven slips her hands back into her pockets, but she is not finished doling out the embarrassment.

    Her brow raises. She stares at Donna for the longest time, Diana's non-presence returning her to her cold, calculating, neutral expression. Whether Troia enjoyed the physical affection or not, it isn't present anymore.

    "How barbaric." she comments.

    A few seconds pass.


    It is that moment that her shadow extends, whipping up out of the ground like some hungry, many-tendriled beast, her soul-self, unseen in its form on this plane for two years, and the first thing it's going to do is aggressively pull Terry into itself, not so rough as to batter him awake, but enough that it doesn't -look- pleasant, like the darkness just came alive and, exactly as Gar and Terry had feared in the days leading to Raven's return, consumed Terry utterly, leaving nothing but Donna behind.

    Making this less violent and more surreal and terrifying is that Donna is unlikely to react much. She's seen Raven's powers. She knows that Terry was just 'harmlessly' teleported.

    Into Gar's room.

    Onto Gar's bed.

    Onto Gar.

Kian has posed:
    "/Kya!/"  Kian is clearly startled by the display of Raven's /rhy'thar/ -- especially in light of the events last night.  "/C'rhys'yw, q'zéa'k!/"  Donna gets the translation through the mental contact: {/Gods!  She ate him!/}
    It's a startled squawk... followed by the rustle of feathers as Kían collapses to the rooftop.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate sips her coffee and then shifts it into the crook of her arm as she opens the pastry box and takes out a delicious looking Pain An chocolat and leaves the lid open as she steps over to Donna and Raven, offering them a selection from the open box.

She just looks down at Kian now in a birdy heap on the roof. "Okay I think I like you two, a lot, so far." honestly this all just fits well with the young woman's snarky and sarcasm. She has arrows. Also Sarcasm.

"Also I think we are really going need to work on the boys a lot..."

Donna Troy has posed:
    It seems that the Amazonian sisters are on fainting duty today, as Donna finds herself letting another Titan's head down gently.

    She tilts her head towards Raven. "Would it be going... too far?" We all know what the answer to that is. It begins 'Yes, but...'

    She takes a pastry from Kate's box, with a thankful smile, and takes a bite. As she chews, a thoughtful expression crosses her face. When she finishes chewing the mouthful, she turns a narrow-eyes expression on Kate. "You did that intentionally. You fed Rae a line."

Rachel Roth has posed:
    There is only a momentary silence. Donna hadn't vocalized the statement, but it was there, the answer to her question. Raven looks at Donna for a prolonged period of time.


    Her answer was not swift, but it was decisive. The same process is repeated- the shadows reach up from the ground, swallowing the bird-man whole. He falls into the ground, into Raven's soul-self, which harmlessly teleports him, as it had done the cat-man.

    Into Gar's room.

    Onto Gar's bed.

    Onto Terry.

    "It isn't art until we add the third wheel." she states, offering this deep exhale. "They'll... All need work. Gar has always been that way. The others- we just have to make sure that they can keep it together, when it counts. Last night was a good test."

    That's what it was. Her attention goes to Donna. She doesn't take a pastry, despite agreeing with Kate quite a bit.

    "But we have a lot of work to do."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate carefully closes the pastry box there and and carefully tucks it into the crook of her arm so she can swap her coffee out. She takes a bite looking after where Kian was and chews her pastry.

The look she gives Donna is innocet, though false, she is hamming it up. Blink blink.

"Yeah everyone did really well last night. I was pretty sure we were all going to die... several times.. but when it mattered they held it together. Everyone really held it together." a smile, a genuine one. "This is going to be fantastic."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna gives Kate quite a stern look. Then breaks into a big smile. "You were fantastic, Kate. Rae and NIghtwing and a couple of others had been doing things together for a while before I met them, but as a /team/, it was still very young when I came. Honestly I think you guys have more potential than we did. It /is/ going to be fantastic."

    Donna looks down at her pan au chocolat. "So's this," she says, taking another bite. She steps over to Raven and wraps an arm around her waist, then offers her a bit of her pastry.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    There was a small shrug. "I wouldn't say we were a team until... Several months in. Or... More. A year or two. Or more." There was a sigh at that, as Raven considers the start of her heroing career, over a decade ago. Still, that bewildered expression doesn't last.

    Donna's arm hooks Raven's waist, and all of the posturing and confidence she'd had when -she- was initiating it is now gone. At the minor reposition, the hood slips from her hair and falls to pool around her shoulders. Calmly, she reaches up to take the pastry from Donna, once it's offered.

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Fair." to Raven about the whole not a team yet in Raven's opinion. Honestly Kate's emotion to that is amusement though. She flashes Donna a smile. "I'll leave the pastries in the kitchen in case anyone wants morre, and yes great local bakery pretty new nearby."

She considers "Think anyone minds if I snag a room here, probably easier than driving back and forth between that townhouse I had a shell company buy... I'm going to go peruse the options and leave you two be." yeah there is some teasing in that tone as she turns to walk to the elevator. "Oh and Raven. While you may be right, it doesn't mean that it won't be fantastic."

She steps into the elevator turning to wave her pastry to the two of them.