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A Little Recreation
Date of Scene: 25 February 2020
Location: Rec Room
Synopsis: Bobby, Alison, Kitty, and Rogue meet up in the rec room and discuss the superiority of berry toppings for ice cream. Lockheed eats cheesypoofs. Movie nights are planned.
Cast of Characters: Bobby Drake, Rogue, Alison Blaire, Kitty Pryde

Bobby Drake has posed:
There are times when it's difficult to tell if Bobby's a student or an instructor. In truth, he's a little of both, since he's a college student at Empire State and he's also a part-time instructor at Xavier's at the moment. Tonight, he's hanging out in the rec room with whoever happens to wander by. He was helping with some math tutoring to one of the other students earlier, but that's been over for a while and now he is sprawled in a bean bag chair tossing a hackey sack up into the air and catching it before tossing it up again.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has been with the school for about a month now. She'd been brought in after Xavier had put out word of a mutant in trouble with Logan in the great white north. Since then she's been settling in in this rather... luxurious upgrade to her normal living arrangements. She's also enrolled in classes to catch up on her education since she'd been out of school since she was 14. Though absorbing all the knowledge and training of Carol Danvers kind of off-sets that by a rather large margin, so she's already doing quite well on her school work. At the moment, Rogue is near the pool table, watching some of the other high school aged students shoot pool whiel she sips a drink and keeps her hands otherwise stuffed into the pockets of her hoodie.

Alison Blaire has posed:
It is very, very, very easy to know that Alison is not a student or a teacher. Why is she here? Million dollar question?! Not really. The arrival of the pop star isn't unheard of, even if she doesn't frequent Xavier's like others might.

What she does have is a very unique way of making herself at home, even if this isn't really her home. She wanders in from the direction of the foyer with a bowl of ice cream in her hand, and a pair of ear buds tucked into her ears, loud music wafting from them.

Bobby Drake has posed:
When Alison comes walking in with her bowl of ice cream, Bobby grins over at her and tosses the hackey sack so that it thunks into her leg to get her attention since he's not going to try to shout over her headphones. He lifts his brows to see if she notices. His attention flickers over toward the pool game that's going on for a moment, and he sees Rogue there, one of the newer members of the school. If she happens to notice, he flashes a smile of greeting as well.

Rogue has posed:
Naturally the other students in the rec room are a bit smitten by the arrival of a Pop Star, of course, so they all watch Allison as she does make her way through the room, though most of them try to play it cool and not bother her. Rogue doesn't really know Allison's music, she's /heard/ of her, but being a bit of a classic rock kind of girl its never really fallen on her radar. Celebrity is celebrity though, right? Kind of intimidating!

Bobby's look and smile is noticed and Rogue shows one back to him as she gathers up her glass and walks around the pool players, with glass in one gloved hand and the other in the pocket of her hoodie. Most of the students know about Rogue's mutation though, so they make an obvious move to get /out/ of her way, to the point where some of them easy make a show of it to tease her. The southern girl just smirks at them as she too is headed to the kitchen part of the rec room.

"Supposed t'snow again tonight." Rogue announces as she sets her glass down on the counter. "I'm gonna hide under the covers all night and all day, I think, if it does!"

Alison Blaire has posed:
The smack of the hackey sack hitting her on the leg brings Ali to an abrupt stop, and she looks down to make sure that she didn't run into anyone or anything on the floor. Noting that it's just a projectile thrown at her draws her attention back upwards, and she reaches a hand up to grab one of the wires to the ear buds, pulling it from her ear. "Fancy meeting you in a place like this."

When she spots Rogue moving in that direction she flashes her a smile as well, "They are out of raspberry syrup if you're a fan of that, but the blueberry is good."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"What's the fun in that?" Bobby asks Rogue with a grin when she talks about hiding under the covers. "Should get out in it, throw some snowballs, build a snow man, ice fort, go skating." He flashes her a grin, but it's in good fun. "Not that there's anything /wrong/ with hiding under the covers all day." It's just not often his go-to.

"I live here. Fancy meeting /you/ in a place like this," Bobby shoots back to Alison with a grin. He peels himself up out of the beanbag chair that he had crashed in to go retrieve his wayward hackey sack. He peers into Alison's bowl at the same time and wrinkles his nose. "Blueberry syrup? Why? Why would you do that to ice cream?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The sound of quiet singing can be heard coming down the hallway. It's fairly on key but nowhere near what Alison could produce. Along with the singing, Kitty Pryde steps through the doorway, doing a little dance step in time to her singing, and to the song that's playing on her earbuds she has in. "De doo doo doo. De dah dah dah. Is all I want to say to you. De doo doo doo. De dah dah dah. Their innocence will pull me- Oh hi there's people in here!" Kitty spots everyone and yanks on the earbuds as she states the obvious.

Riding on her shoulder is a little purple dragon. His wings are folded and he's curled up with a solid grip on Kitty's shoulder, head resting over against her jaw. Lockheed's yellow eyes without pupils peer around the room as his ride walks further inside.

"Alison! Didn't know you were about!" Kitty says warmly. She flashes Bobby a grin as well as she goes over to greet Dazzler.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is beside the kitchen counter near the small fridge that is set in to the wall and she puts her back to the granite counter top to lean back against it on the small of her back. She places her gloved hands back on either sides of her hips on the counter's edge and just grins to Allison. "I'm not real used t'havin' all these options for sweets'n food'n such. Its a bit... overwhelmin'." She admits. Bobby's comment about the ice cream draws her stare back to him and she grins at the rest of what he'd said too. "I went out the other night t'practice some maneuvers up in the high up, practically froze myself solid when I came back down and butt planted on the iced-over lake. Not my proudest moment, ya know? Think I might be all wintered out this year... No offense, Mistah." She'd heard about his mutation, neat as it is.

When Kitty arrives, Rogue looks over at her and that dragon of hers. "Can't imagine ya found that fella on Petfinder, did ya?" She asks about Lockheed, because how can you /not/ ask about him.

Alison Blaire has posed:
"What is /wrong/ with blueberry syrup?" Alison gives Bobby a mock-horrified look, like he just said something that is the worst thing in the world. The most tragic. The most...something! It doesn't last long though as Kitty enters, a smile crossing her face as she lifts the bowl of ice cream up. "We were discussing the best possible combinations for ice cream plus syrup. What is your take?"

There is a look from Rogue, to Lockheed, then back to Rogue before she shakes her head with a laugh. "If they've pets like that on PetFinder, I hesitate to guess what other pets might turn up around here."

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby Drake doesn't seem to be particularly star-struck by Alison, but then, they also seem to know each other, or at least well enough that he feels comfortable throwing things at her and critiquing her ice cream topping choices. When Kitty comes in he says, "We're wearing her down with ice cream. Eventually, she'll come over to the X-side," in regard to Alison's presence. "How's it going, Kitty?" He tosses the hackey sack back and forth from one hand to the other as he stands next to Alison.

He winces over at Rogue and says, "Yeah I'd advise doing aerial maneuvers over the soft snow, not the frozen lake. Only do it over the lake in the summer if you're looking for a dip." He grins, "No offense taken." He's well aware that not everyone is as fond of the chill as he is.

"Because it is vastly inferior to possibly all other berry syrups. Though I guess if we're out of raspberry, you can only make due with what berry you can find." He leans away from the ice cream then, sliding his hands into the pockets of his jeans.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty flashes Rogue a friendly smile and then looks to Lockheed. "Had to go a little bit further away to find him. And then he kind of hitched a ride back home unbeknownst to us." Kitty reaches up, the dragon already reaching for the spot her hand will meet his head and give him a scritch where his horns go into his head. Clearly it's a well-known ritual for the pair.

"You haven't really got to meet him yet, have you?" Kitty says. She looks to Lockheed and that's apparently enough for the little dragon to spread his wings, stretching at first, then give a couple of little flaps to go over and land near Rogue. "He likes eating eggs and larva from Sidrian hunters. But if you don't have any of those, that orange bag over there will do," Kitty says, motioning toward some snacks behind Rogue.

Kitty grins to Alison and Bobby. "Oh, great topic. Raspberry is great though I'd go preserves over syrup. Chocolate is pretty hard to top though." She walks over to the fridge, popping it open and getting a can of Dr Pepper out. "So are you going to be around for long, Alison? I just got back from the UK recently. Still waiting on the last shipment of my things." She motions over toward Bobby's hacky sack, and gestures with her foot for him to toss it.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shows a small grin to Bobby. "This is your hayday, isn't it? The dead'a winter. I was just watchin' The Shining the other night and when the dad ends up in the maze I was thinkin' to myself 'I bet that Bobby Drake would've lived through all'a that just fine.'" She grins a little then before she's about to look back over to Allison but she sees the Dragon sweeping over to her after Kitty speaks about meeting him. This makes Rogue's eyes shoot open huge!

She's never dealt with Dragons before. When he lands on the counter she turns to face him with just one hand on the edge of the counter. Her eyes dart to that 'orange bag' and she reaches over for it. "Cheesey poofs, huh?" She says then, popping it open to grab a couple. "Probably better than larva if ya ask me. But I ain't an expert on what larva taste like, so..."

Either way, a bright orange cheesey poof is flicked at Lockheed's snout!

One of the kids at the video game consoles looks over to watch. "Hey! Don't feed all those to him, those are ours!"

Alison Blaire has posed:
"Is that how you're going to convince me?" Alison looks down at the bowl in her hand, studying the ice cream with new eyes and new thoughts. Then she shrugs, scooping up a bite of it to stick into her mouth. There is a quiet moment while she eats her slowly melting ice cream, letting the others talk around her, or feed dragons cheesy puffs.

Nothing bad could happen from that.

When she's finished a good portion of the bowl of ice cream she moves to rinse the bowl out and set it aside, "I'm working on something, so until I've finished with that, I should be hanging around in the general area. How was your trip?"

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby tosses the hackey sack over in Kitty's direction, lobbing it in a gentle arc. Then he grins over at Rogue and says, "Yeah, pretty sure I'd have been just fine -- probably less crazy, too." He pauses. "Maybe." Then he flashes another grin, as though considering that. "Maybe not." He then chuckles at Alison and asks, "I don't know. Is it working?" But then he glances over at the kids at the video game and says, "Oh relax. We'll get more. It's not like there aren't enough snacks in this place to sink a ship." Then he looks back toward the others to listen to Kitty's response about her trip.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Lockheed scarfs down the cheesy poof happily and nudges at Rogue's hand for another. Kitty smiles as Lockheed has made a new friend, turning back to Alison and Bobby to answer, "It was good. Both exciting and sad. The two years at Oxford were pretty amazing. There's a lot about the place I'm going to miss." Kitty shrugs and smiles. "But, really glad to be back home. So much Lockheed and I have missed. People. GOOD cooking," she says with a grin.

Kitty gives a groan. "Speaking of. I can't wait to get into town and get to Katz's Deli. They have this roast beef with chedder and a chipotle mayo that is absolutely to die for. I've been craving one for so long, I nearly asked Illyana to bring me on I can't wait to get over there and get one," she says.

Kitty kicks the sack as Bobby tosses it over. Bouncing it three times, then over to the other foot twice. Just as she's going to deliver it back to him she messes up and it hits the floor. She gives it a little scoop and kick with her foot, sending it back towards Bobby.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is grinning at the dragon who scarfs down the Cheesey Poof. "Ya didn't even /chew/." She tells the purple-one before flicking him another! She then reache sout to pat the top of his head. "Cutey." Her eyes then raise up and over to Allison. "What are you working on?" She asks the pop star. "Songs'n such?" Such a deep question! "I wrote a song once, it was a little angsty though... even back in my Goth days." She flashes a light grin then.

She watches the hacky sack getting kicked around and reaches for another orange cheese poof to flick to the dragon again so he doesn't feel ignored. "Salem Center has a lot of places, is that where Katz's is?" She then asks of the Kitty Prydeful one. "I'll grab ya one some time."

Alison Blaire has posed:
"Like songs and such." Alison agrees with a smile, then she dusts off her hands before sliding them into her pockets, "Which, I should be wandering back to doing instead of gorging myself on ice cream and blueberry syrup. Even if /someone/ thinks that is the worst syrup."


Bobby Drake has posed:
"There's something to be said for escaping the land of British food, though someday I'd like to go and visit London. Sounds like it was a good trip, even if it's good to be home again," Bobby says. He chuckles at the mention of Katz's Deli and nods, apparently knowing of the sandwich of which she speaks. He watches the hackey sack as it bounces from one foot to the other. When she kicks it in his direction he picks it up, bouncing it a few times before grabbing it back up into his hand. He grins over at Alison, a cheshire grin, "Worst berry syrup. There are worse overall syrups." But he doesn't get into that, not right away, anyway, since she has to get back to work. "Catchya later, Ali. Good to see you around again."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue tosses another Cheesey Poof over to the Dragon before she closes the bag up then. "I'll go get some'a these just for you, Purple Nurple." She tells the winged one. "That way those chubby kids over there playin' the Call'a Duty aren't givin' me the stink eye." She glares over at the kid sitting on the back of the sofa who's glaring right back at her!

Rogue then moves toward the cupboards to get a bowl and spoon. "Now I'm gonna try this ice cream and blueberry syrup thing. Just cause I'm inclined t'believe the famous singer over the human snow-cone maker." She flashes Bobby a big grin and then nods to Alison. "I look forward t'hearin' what songs ya come up with! I really wanna go to one'a your shows someday too!"

Spoon. Clang in Dish. Freezer opened. Ice cream grabbed!

Alison Blaire has posed:
"I'm very trustworthy." Alison points out when Rogue points out that she believes her over Bobby, but Bobby at least gets a wink so that he knows there are no hard feelings about her being right.

The kids over there playing it cool get a smile, and a lift of her hand to waggle her fingers in their direction before she begins to head towards the door, "Maybe once I get this all laid down, my first concert will be somewhere near here and you can all come. Until then...toodles."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"I see how it is," Bobby says to Rogue with a smirk, but he doesn't seem at all offended -- more amused than anything else. He shakes his head at Alison and grins. "Oh, she's very trustworthy." He doesn't contest that at all. "Later, Ali." He tosses the hackey sack back into the basket it had come out of, then, done playing with it for the time being.

Rogue has posed:
"Byeeee!" Rogue says to Alison on her way out with a glance over her shoulder while she prepares her own mountain of ice cream inside of the bowl, then dances around it with a squeeeeeeze of blueberry syrup that drizzles all around the icy clumps of sugary goodness. She gets to the very end of the drizzling before the bottle is squeezed again and then it flies out of her hands and bounces across the counter where it twirls on its side.

"Stupid gloves." Rogue mutters, her hands pulling one glove off followed by the other.

"She's removing the gloves, everyone run for it!" One of the kids from the sofa shouts. This gets a side-eyed glare from the southern girl who sticks her tongue out at the younger kids.

"Ya'll ain't runnin' away from your video games, and you know it." She counters in that sassy southern tone. Her sleeves are shoved up on her dark green hoodie to her elbows and she gathers up her ice cream bowl and turns around to lean back against the counter again while she dips the spoon in to sample it. She then eyes Bobby. Eyes him. Judging him.

"I like it." She finally says.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby Drake is judged, so very judged. He can take it, though, and just grins. "Good. Means that someone will eat it and I don't have to." He makes his way over to the fridge then and pulls out some ice cream for himself, scooping it into a bowl. It's not quite a mountain, but there are a couple of scoops in there. Then he gets out the chocolate syrup and drizzles that on top before finding himself a spoon. He takes up a spot next to her against the counter, apparently not super concerned about the fact that the gloves are off. He's not touching, of course, but he doesn't put a grand canyon's worth of distance between them either. He just shoots a look at the kids with their video games and shakes his head. One or two of them has the good graces to take the hint and goes back to playing instead of harassing Rogue.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just quietly enjoying her ice cream as she hears Bobby preparing his own and sees it out of the peripheral of her vision. When he moves around her to lean against the counter beside her she just enjoys her treat for a second or so longer before she shakes her head causing the white bangs framing her face to wave a bit.

"This place is too nice." She says, glancing over and up at him. "It feels like a lottery ticket that I some how scratched and won, without even buyin' it, or swipin' it from the guy at the counter while he was lookin' at the beef jerky rack." She's lead a weird life the past few years.

Another spoonful goes into her mouth and she cleans it shiny with her lips while drawing it back out and staring over at the pool table players. "I feel like ya'll are gonna wisen up and kick me outta here."

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby seems content just to keep her company, to stand there and eat his own ice cream while he idly keeps an eye on some of the kids in the room, but not with any great degree of scrutiny. It's just a habit, keeping an eye on things. He takes a spoonful and pops it into his mouth, then glances over at her when she speaks again. He grins around the spoon then pulls it out and says, "Well, they didn't kick me out -- so I figure you'll be alright."

He studies the room and says, "Lots of us come from all kinds of different places. A lot of us with abilities we can't, or couldn't control. It's definitely kind of surreal at the beginning. But you do get used to it, and find your place in it, eventually. Then, it's work, too, trying to figure out what you want to do, make decisions about who you want to be, and then getting out there and doing something worthwhile with what you've got." He takes another bite of ice cream and then says, gesturing a little with the spoon, "You've got as much reason to be here as anyone else."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over at the pool players as well since they're in the immediate distance of directly in front of them across from the kitchen area, rather than the video gamers who are further off to their right. She nods her head slowly to what Bobby says and it does settle in and have meaning to her as well. "Yeah, you're right. I just..." She shakes her head slowly again as she looks down once more. "I hurt someone really bad, someone who didn't deserve it. I've also absorbed others that likely didn't deserve it either. I got guilt weighin' on me, I guess. Gonna have t'find a way t'deal with that, some how. Not even sure how."

Another bite of the ice cream is had now that its started to melt some its got that nice base around of it melty creamy French vanilla goodness.

"Thanks for the vote'a confidence though." She says over to him with a little smile. "I promise t'think twice before I get stuck in a hedge maze with ya and have t'avoid death buy absorbin' your frost resistance powers." And then the spoon is placed back in her mouth and she waggles her eyebrows at him.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty returns from where she got pulled into the video games. There's a couple of groans and she says, looking over her shoulder. "Not my fault if you don't know where the shortcut was. It's out there on Reddit and everywhere else. The track is like 2 months old!" She flashes them a grin and then looks about.

"Any ice cream left?" she asks before going to check out the freezer. "So Anna-Marie... mind if I call you AM? How're you settling in so far?" she asks. She passes by Bobby to get a bowl, patting him on the back. "Bobby's a good one. If you need to kill one of us to survive, I can give you a short list. He wouldn't show up until the medium-sized list," she kids.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Give yourself time," is Bobby's recommendation. "Guilt's not an easy thing to let go of, but you can let it eat you, or you can use whatever you learned from it to shape what you want to be in the future. But it's alright to feel that way, and you'll probably feel that way for a while. Try not to beet yourself up too hard." He takes another bite of his ice cream and then gives her a grin. Then he laughs and says, "If we get stuck in a frozen hedge maze, I'll just get us out of it before you'd ever need to. Don't you worry. Now, if we end up in a hedge maze in the summer -- that's another story." He winks.

Then he grins over at Kitty as she pats him on the back on her way by. "Aw," he says to Rogue, "She wouldn't throw me to the wolves in the first group. Only after their bones had been picked clean. That means she likes me." A broad grin is flashed in her direction, and then he finishes up the last of his ice cream before he washes out the bowl and spoon, drying them off to return them where they go.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue grins back to Bobby and then looks over to Kitty the Dragon Queen as she reappears from her Mario Kart challenge. "AM like the boring side'a the radio dial?" Rogue asks in her deep southern tones. She grins again though and nods. "I can dig it. AM works for me, Sugah." Kitty's first Sugah'ing.

Her eyes drop down to her ice cream then and she jabs at it with the spoon. "There's lots more left in there. Its like the closet from The Goonies that the fat kid got stuck insiade'a - and I ain't even seen that movie... someone I touched had though."

With a smirk following those words, Rogue glances between the two of them. "Bobby's great, so I'm findin' out. Oh and I recruited someone for the school too. A guy I met in New York." That doesn't sound weird at all. "Name's Remy. He talked t'the Professor'n everythin'. He went t'get some'a his stuff, said he'd be back t'night. He's a mutant too. Got the most mysterious eyes ya ever seen..." Is she swooning about someone who's not even here? Uh oh.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gets herself a small bowl of vanilla. "Of course you wouldn't go in the first batch Bobby. You keep my drinks cold," she tells him with a grin. "And if you're really nice to him, he can make these beautiful ice sculptures. Never got him to make one of me, but I'm still hoping. Sort of like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day," she says. "Probably would take me sticking him in a time loop for a couple months."

Kitty pauses, looking thoughtful. "I should talk to Hank. Should be able to manage that." Kitty digs in the fridge. True to her earlier comment, she finds some raspberry preserves to add to the ice cream. But only a little. She puts it away and grabs a spoon and moves to join them at the table. Lockheed flies over to settle on her shoulder again. "Remy, hmm? Don't think I've never met a Remy. Will have to keep an eye out for him."

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby Drake's lips tick up at the edges in amusement as Rogue swoons over this mysteriously eyed Remy that she's recruited and he says, "I'm sure he's just dreaaaamy." He waggles his eyebrows just a little bit as he finishes putting things away. Then he squints over at Kitty and says, "Can't recall you ever /asking/ me to make an ice sculpture of you. Why don't we start with that rather than jumping straight to the time loop, huh?" He leans against the counter not far away, adopting Rogue's earlier position with his back to it, hands curled around the edge of it at his sides.

Rogue has posed:
Those kids playing the games are gonna be soooooo mad.

"He's nice. I promise." Rogue says to the others bout this mysterious Remy. "His mutation is really somethin' else too. Can light things on... like fire or somethin'. Purple fire. Ya'll will be impressed." She's sure of it!

"I haven't seen Groundhog Day either, is it good? Bill Murray was a Ghostbuster, right? I have memories'a that show, but never saw it either." She's missed out on a ton of movies! "I never had a tv growin' up and didn't see a movie in the theater until was I fourteen and that was the Star War movie, Rogue One. Saw it for obvious reasons." She flashes a grin then... but it fades away. "I didn't really know what the hell was goin' on in it though..."

As Bobby and Rogue are leaning back against the counter, there's a purple dragon behind them left unattended and he's walking past them with his nose down and stuffed right into the packaging of a left-open thing of cheesey poofs. The dragon just moves right on past them as he pushes it across the smooth granite counter top eating as many as he can since he's been left unattended to.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty takes a bite of her ice cream and and then gives a dramatic sigh to Bobby. "Fiiiine. We can forgo breaking the space-time continuum, and I'll just ask nicely. Will you please make an ice sculpture of me sometime?" she asks, batting her eyes towards him.

Kitty glances up as Lockheed has slipped off her shoulder and gotten at the bag. "Fair warning, if he gets gassy from too many, I phase him into the room of the one responsible while they are sleeping," Kitty says, using her spoon to motion to the small dragon.

Kitty takes another bite. "Oh girl, we're going to have do some movie marathons then. Heck, I bet you haven't even seen, oh I don't know. Hot Rod. I'll tap your TV into the school server if it isn't and we'll have a movie watching overnighter some night."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Sure," Bobby says to Kitty with a grin and pushes away from the counter. There's a glance over his shoulder at Lockheed and says, "Technically he's your responsibility -- so that would be you." And with that, he begins to head out of the rec room. "You guys have a good night. I've got a paper to finish and I've procrastinated about as long as I can manage in good conscience." And with that, he heads on out to head back to his own room.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue perks up at the thought of having a movie marathon with Kitty and she smiles at her. "That sounds like fun." Truth be told she's felt a little isolated and like she's got the 'plague' or something from some of the other students around here, the younger ones mainly. A hand is reached up and she swipes her through her white bangs to shove them back behind her ear as Bobby moves and she catches a sight of Lockheed which makes her openly laugh. "Oh god, they're almost all gone." She says then which gets the attention of the boys at the video game couches.

"Hey!" The little nerdy one with the glasses and the spiked ears says. "Thats MY bag! I'm gonna /lose my cool/!" He announces to the whole room, when he gets hit in the side of the face by a dirty sock from the chubby Hambone seated on the sofa across from him. The kid glares at Hambone. "I'm gonna /lose it on you too/!" He shouts.

Rogue looks to Bobby and waves at him. "Good luck with it!" She says to him before snatching whats left of the cheesey poofs from the dragon, and stowing them back in the cabinets. "I'm eager for a movie night and... no, I ain't never seen anything named 'Hot Rod'." She says with a smirk at Kitty too. "Sounds fun though, t'be sure."