11313/A bite out of the X-Life.

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A bite out of the X-Life.
Date of Scene: 24 May 2022
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: Iara gets a tour of the rec-room, Tabby and Jubilee are probably not the best teachers in what constitutes a monster but Iara is definitely not one. However hangry she may be.
Cast of Characters: Tabitha Smith, Iara Dos Santos, Jubilation Lee

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Just because the school is hitting summer and a lot of kids are going home, doesn't mean the X-men are stopping the helping mutants that need help across the planet.

There was a fight and some disagreements in Brazil that Tabitha missed but now she's playing tour guide and starting with one of the most important room in the place. Not The. But close.

"This is our main Rec-Room. Pool table, big ass TV, last gen game consoles but I don't think even Tony Stark has this gen and I sometimes hook up the DDR. You need a big screen for that!" she beams to Iara and some of the other students gathered along the way,

What might stick out for some of the others that have been around. Tabby is wearing some decidedly butch seeming apparel. Baggy old bluejeans barely hanging via a belt at her hips and a drab brown and red flannel shirt.

There's also a helmet on her head spraypainted bright yellow with neon pink around the edges though the shape of it is distinct. It might have once belonged to Magneto. And glasses perched atop it instead of being worn.

"Soo there's always snacks, coffee, sodas and all that. You'll have to supply your own booze and try not to spill any." she beams to Shark-Girl and the newest Fleeb brother who gets two fingers pointing at her eyes and then his and back.

Like she's expecting him to be the trouble maker.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
The giant shark woman's triangular snout points towards different objects in the room as her head turns to each one, those glossy black doll-eyes looking over each object that Tabby points out... until she mentions alcohol. There's a wide grin of triangular teeth at that, as her rough but still feminine, accented voice says "Booze and DDR, alright, maybe this place isn't so bad."

     She wears a towel from the blackbird over her wetsuit, across her shoulders, a hand keeping it closed like a short cloak in a reserved fashion as if holding it close would protect her from everything new and unfamiliar. The larger mutant immediately makes a beeline for the snacks, apparently hungry after the flight, palming a handful of snack-size chip bags and opening one of them. Immediately chomping on a potato chip and talking with her mouth full, she quickly asks "This place got a pool?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    The intermittent laughter and rambunctiousness that could only come from the energy of youth and the anticipation of summer fun begins to fade. It's slow at first, but the discordant choir of baritone voices echoes through the mansion's halls. It seems to come from all directions, all at once, without any obvious source. The disembodied choir sings in Latin, making the content of their song hard to follow for anyone unfamiliar with recent power dynamics at Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters.

    The song gets louder and louder, now sounding like it's coming from just behind the heavy wooden door to the Recreation Room. There must be at least ten baritones in the hall.

-- Spem desere, nam mox eris coram eo, cujus magnificentia quotidie solem ad occasum cogit. Mox sanguis per venas fluet mundi. --

    The door swings open, pushed forward by seemingly no one, revealing a single person too far from the doorway to open it herself. It's Jubilation Lee, who steps into the recreation room after giving the nobody behind her a dirty look. "I said knock it off!" she shouts before stepping into the Recreation Room entirely. The door swings closed behind her. She's a young girl, no more than eighteen or so, with long, dark hair that falls halfway down her back. Black Ray-Ban sunglasses cover her eyes completely and her skin looks like it hasn't seen the sun in a long, long time. She wears an oversized pink hoodie with the word MOOD across the breast, while the hints of black spandex booty-shorts peek out below the bottom.

    Jubilation walks across the recreation room -- well, it's more of a glide, really, as her movements are smoothed by an unnatural grace that seems equally sexy and offputting.

    "Nice hat, Tabby," Jubilee says, using the two words to announce her presence, though her stare is commanded by the large shark that seems inclined towards DDR and snacks. "...Uh, you know, I for one think the Mayor from Jaws had the right idea," she declares. "Leaving the beaches open, I mean. I mean, everyone's gotta eat, right?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"The best stuff is in Logan's room. He goes through that much you can pretty much raid his stash and he won't notice it. Won't make a dent in it either" Tabby adds like corrupting minors is part of the corriculum.

Some of the younger kids snicker at the expositiion but after your third mutant massacre you tend to pick up weird coping habits.

The entrance of Jubilee gets a chuckle as she watches the former Bride show off and be wirdly odd and to hers and probably her Fiance's chargrin way more attractive than they'd like.

"Hey, guys. Settle down. She's a biter!" she points out before turning to her neighbor and fellow sunglass officonado.

"You heard what happened after Graduation right?" psychic astral weirdness. Tabby got her telepathy switch stuck on. The helmet is the safest and least squicky option for deealing till either training or it goes away. "But damn if I ain't gonna make it suit me."

No one wants to see inhibitor collars or worse. Wasted Tabitha.

"So doing what I can to minimise roving collateral psychic damage especially for my neighbors." she points out with a knuckle knock of her er appropriated helmet.

There's a metallic ding.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
Iara looks confused for a moment before looking at her reflection in the mirror, and then the back of her now webbed hand, starting to laugh a bit before suddenly a bit nervously saying to Jubilee "I... I guess so, I hadn't thought that hard about eating people yet but I guess... You know..."

     At Tabby's exclamation about a biter she thought the explosive mutant was talking about the shark, but then as they begin to talk the shark-girl figures out that they're talking about something else, the other one must bite people too or something.

     Looking over the pair and then at her reflection in the window she asks "So we're all monsters then? Just kind of... in this together? I mean..." She straightens her back to her more impressive full height of six foot seven, taking the towel off her shoulders and no longer halfway hiding her figure under it, rotating her shoulders as she says "This is all so much at once. I never left Recife before and now I'm in America, a monster among monsters..." She starts to breathe a little faster as she gets less nervous and more excited, saying "I kind of like it... Yes! We'll eat anyone that hates us, everyone will be forced to accept what we are!" before she sort of realizes her wording, looking back down at the shorter women, blinking as she says "Or... uh, a more peaceful thing? Maybe just rip apart the people trying to kill us? Or is that... also not what we do?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation's eyebrows rise above the top rim of her sunglasses as Tabby calls out to the 'guys' and warns them that she's a 'biter.' There's no one there. No one to warn. There never was. "I can't get that to stop happening," Jubilation explains with a defiant roll of her eyes. "It might just come with the territory. I should look into that." Just like that. The girl is followed around by ghostly voices singing creepy songs in Latin but she acts like it's a sticky part of the kitchen counter. Just a nuisance.

    "Oh puh-lease," Jubes announces, shaking her head at Tabby's warning that she's a biter. Jubilation extends her hand forward and watches each of her five fingers slowly curl, lingering in the luxuriousness of that moment. "Like I would /ever/...." She shakes her head again and starts moving towards the snacks. The Duchess of Westchester, the first of her bloodline, Jubilation Lee, does not break the skin for just anyone.

    "Normally, Tabby..." Jubes begins as she walks sensually towards the snack table. "...We wear those flat graduation caps. But, hey, I'm not judging." If she has or hasn't heard about what happened, Jubes is not telling.

    Jubes soon stops in front of the largish shark-girl and looks up at her, staring through her dark sunglasses at those black beady eyes. "And what...are we?" she asks, her tone taking on a strangely sinister quality. Her smile, though bright, is off-putting. And...fangy.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"No we're not monsters. Mutants yes but not, well. There's monster sweeping generalization for the collection of beings that have supernatural origins and be all rawr and sometimes don't pass for humans." she makes an are clawing gesture as she tries to explain things as best she can manage.

"Not every Vampire..." She actually Acknowledges her Asian Undead Friend or Werewolf, Rahne. "Is out to chow down. But and don't get miffy Jubes." she explains. "If someone tries to use you for food, you bite them right back. Just don't actually swallow. That's gross and probably will give you like worms or something." she adds and nods her head sagely.

"The capital M monsters also come in all shapes and a lot of them are baseline flatscan human bastards. You're finding that out. The brazillian wereshark towering over the almost butch Tabitha. her head tiilting back and it's kinda uncomfortable. Tabby's chest seems to be bound flat under that flannel like she's trying to not look like well. A fit blonde chick in tight clothes in a school.

Telepath problems. "I wasn't the graduate. That was last year it was supposed to be Nori and the others even Wendy's turn to celebrate and party but no. We had ghosts and spirits that need the Professors help more than me. And while every telepath in the school is busy with that I gotta muddle my way through half studied classes from before I left for Genosha." she states and shrugs her shoulders.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
"Uh... Monsters?" Iara blinks down at Jubilee, "Or Mutants, I guess, yeah." To Tabitha she turns her long head to look at her in turn and then... well, seems more confused than ever by these metaphors and definitions, the shark lady moving a hand up to rub... well it's hard to describe it as a forehead, more the spot of her head above her eyes. Iara's chest is decidedly not bound under her own neoprene wetsuit, a rather sizable difference between the bomber and the swimmer and with their more than a foot difference in height the shark's chest is probably at eye level for the flannel-clad one, maybe even forcing her to tilt her head back further to try to look over them at the shark's face.

     Iara winces, clawed fingers lifting another chip to those rows of shark teeth as she says "Look I... You guys got any meat down here or is this all you have because like... I feel like I need to eat again and this isn't really doin' anything for me..." She looks out the window as she says "I'm still just... trying to take all this in. Monsters, mutants, whatever, dangerous people are here and have a home here, right? That's just kinda... what I need to know."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    The beginning of Tabitha's speech earns her a look-that-could-kill from Jubilation. She stares daggers at Tabby's imitation of a clawed monster. Somewhere, deep down, an evil stirs. A horrible itch that comes from somewhere dark. The corners of Jubilee's mouth curl upward to reveal those razor sharp fangs she never chooses to hide. (Editor's node: Jubes totally forgot how to retract her fangs but won't admit it)

    There's a slight twitch from Jubilation, as though something might happen at at any moment. Who would act first? Jubilation 'Jubilee' Lee, the friendly and enthusiastic mutant who brightened up the Mansion these last few years? Or the dark presence who walks in her place? Jubilation turns away suddenly, now only the back of her head visible. She fights it back in private.

    "Wait, how..." Jubilee turns back, focusing her attention on Iara, staring even. "How long has it been? I thought, like you've been all 'Sharky Shark and the Sharky Bunch' for a while...." Jubilee's face has softened a bit, her voice quiet. "How long has it been since you..."

    ...found out you're a mutant? Jubes doesn't say it out loud, but her question is obvious. Is Iara a new mutation? Is moving to a new school and making all new friends the least of her troubles? A shocking amount of empathy seems to find its way to the Duchess this evening. Vampires are not known for their capacity to empathize with others.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby hmmms as Iana gets hungry and the girl pats her pockets and beams when she remembers to head for the fridge to one side of the room and rummages about.

"I knew it!" she eclaimes and stands up and turns to face everyone with a plastic resealable tub in her hand like a Pokemon Trainer with a badge.

Tabby got Twiggy Sticks!

Sticks of blended beef and pork about the size of marker pens. Kinda like thin salami. Not maybe enough for a meal but something to nibble on en masse for big shark girls with metabolism and dietary requirements.

"Double check you aren't like jewish or ismalmic by chance? Just wanna make sure cause we'd have to swing by the kitchen then. Which is just down the hall and you can pretty much find whatever you need to meet most dietary needs. The mac and cheese is awesome. I use brie and cammen bear." she points out. She can't spell the proper name and always though it was two words.

"Yeah we can be dangerous if we don't take care of what we can do. Jubilee and I can level buildings with a flick of our wrists. And that's for starters. The school is here to help a lot of us get a handle on things so when we do leave the nest we don't be a danger. And we try to learn how to deal with folks that treat us like a danger." she adds. "I said don't get miffed Jubes! Self defense is self defence." she warned earlier after all and now shakes her head. You wanna get someone mad, cause that's how you get someone mad.

"Good question. A lot of us start off early but wow? Are you like new at this. Remember you are not a monster. Jubilee is not a monster. I totally am. Capital M Like seriously eldritch go mad from the revelation type stuff." she states and grins. "If I hit the art classroom I wonder if I can find some celophane and put it on the front of this bucket?" she ponders


Iara Dos Santos has posed:
Iara snatches the twiggy sticks from Tabby as she brings them over, smelling them with a deep inhale and then doing all she can to not eat the sticks with the wrapping still on them, scarfing them down and-no, no that's definitely plastic wrapping hanging off one of her teeth, apparently not getting all of them completely off, breathing heavily as she says "More." before looking exhasperated at the two of them, swallowing as she says "I've been like this less than a day! I go out swimming, I swim for way longer than I usually do, sun goes down, I get this crazy craving for meat... I find a fishing boat, I start eating raw fish in the boat, fishermen find me, I turn into a shark and break a dude's jaw with a punch, wake up on the beach, black jet full of superpowered people show up, they restrain me and bring me here, that's it! I think it's..." She looks outside again and sighs, saying "Okay, I think it MIGHT have been a full day at this point..." at which point she seems to notice the plastic hanging off her tooth and pulls it off with a huff.

    Seems the adrenaline of her exhasperation has her thinking more clearly as she looks at the two of them, saying "Look, I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be an edgey bitch just for the sake of it I'm just..." as she looks at her reflection in the window again, saying "I'm a giant shark! What am I supposed to do!?" before she pauses, and then continues, motioning with her palms upwards, "I mean, it's cool, don't get me wrong, but like... what if I'm going to stay hungry until I eat human flesh or something? Do mutations work like that? Ugh, lemme just..."

     With that the shark seems to shrink as she focuses, inhaling deeply until she reaches a much, much shorter five foot two, slowly turning into a human with brown skin, straight dark brown hair and brown eyes, flicking her hair back over her shoulders as she cups her fist with her opposing palm, speaking in a much clearer, if still accented voice with a stretched out wetsuit that hangs on her now, "It's been a freaking day. Cut me a little slack and why the HELL did I change back this does NOT feel right isso e estupido a forma de tubarao e muito melhor eu odeio isso..." Her hand moves to rub her temple again as she says "I'm going to stay like this for a little bit and then change back because I think I can think clearer like this, I need meat and then a bed. Or the couch will do."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Ob the subject of comfort food and cravings, of brei and sticks of cured meats, Jubilation is notably silent. What does one say? O-Positive with a splash of B-Negative? "I used to chew a lot of gum..." Jubilation tries, giving Tabby and Iara a little grin. She's trying, really, but there's certainly a tiny element of 'the dead girl is struggling to fit in with the living.' It hasn't even been a whole year.

    The fangy smile fades a touch when Iara starts falling prey to that all-too-familiar murkiness of 'what will I do now?' Jubilation, now graduated, has seen kids go through that. She's gone through it herself. Twice. Suddenly, Jubilee moves faster than one might expect, coming to a stop just next to the shark. "Hey, you're a giant shark! So what? You've come to the right place. It gets better, really, I swear!" Jubilee's eyes briefly regard Tabby Smith and her bucket helmet. "Right?" As though she needs Tabbylorian to affirm it. Before Tabby even has a chance, Jubes nods at her own question. "Right."

    "Annnnnd," Jubilee announces, raising her voice to draw some attention to /that/ word so the rest of what she says is a little more private in comparison. "I know a thing or two about that, like, hunger you're talking about. We can hang some time and talk about it. How to control it..." As quickly as that brief moment of calm arrived, it leaves. Jubilation goes back to the pretend gregarious personality she's normally known for.

    Jubes reaches forward and grabs a packet of fruit snacks. "For the Nori-Toll," Jubes explains, more for Tabby's benefit. "I can't come back empty-handed." Jubes waggles her eyebrows a little and begins an indulgent walk towards the door to leave. "I gotta go. Can't keep a speedster waiting. If Fleeb gives you any trouble, New-Girl, let me know. I'm over in the other dorm until they kick me out." With that settled, Jubes flashes both Tabby and Iara a quick peace-sign and slips through the doorway and into the hall. The ominous chanting in Latin begins to fill the halls again to announce her movements through the mansion...

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The snacks are taken and nommed on with a chuckle leaving the bucketheaded blonde.

"Umm, the being restrained part sucks but usually that's a for your safety and if you're beserking in a plane and god knows how many feet up. Not many of us can survive the fall. I can but it still hurts." she states and smiles reassuringly.

"And yes you are a giant shark. Can you go whole shark? Fins, tail bigger boats? We'll find out soon I guess. Just be careful about swimming in the lake!" she advises with a smile.

The reversion to human form gets a big smile and there's no more neck craning and uppwrbody straining. Well less straining while Tabitha is dabbling in psychic self defense gender fluidity.

"Umm, you can change back hon. Lot of folks don't have an off switch. That's a pretty big privelage around here." she says and looks back to Jubilee at the ranting in Brazilian Portugese.

"Uhh, best guess. Both forms ain't stupid. I only kinda know a little Russian here and there. A lot less Portugese. Thank you 'Beto!" she says and makes a goofy grin. "C'mon, we'll get you and everyone something to eat. Next stop on our orientation tour. How to raid the fridges after hours. While the rest of the group is eating we'll find you some where to crash. I'd stick with the human shape while your at it. Being hangry sucks a big one." she states.

There's a few of Tabby's favorite high energy less crappy tasting candy bars sent to the Vampire Duchess.

"My fridge is stocked right now. All the cereals in the cupboards too so if Nori needs the juice it's not like you guys haven't picked my locks before. Plus I kinda swiped Rahne's stuff. Did you know porridge tastes awful. Like glue!" she states and smiles.

"I live next door to Jubilee. Rahne's a werewolf. I'm the Mindless Zombie." she self deprecates as she guides Iara and everyone else to solid foods and somewhere to sleep off the eventual itis.

Someone managed to glue googly eyes to the back of the helmet while Tabby was blissfully unaware thanks to said helme blocking telepathy.