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X-Folks - Dox-M: What Floats the Boat
Date of Scene: 12 June 2022
Location: South Boston Shipyards
Synopsis: Mutants are rescued from flesh traffickers. The smell will wash off. And even some of the most violent types aren't all bad. The human traffickers though. They suck.
Cast of Characters: Tabitha Smith, Emma Frost, Wade Wilson, Danielle Moonstar, Inque, James Proudstar

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Scenic Historic Boston. Currently home to a thriving trade in human and mutant flesh. Mostly living flesh, but these things happen in transport. Sea containers are not the most comfortable of cabins for a long cruise and often transportees are kept drugged and left without food or even a bucket.

Nasty stuff.

An aerial sweep will show numerous containers stacked almost hapzazardly. Creating a veritable maze. A psi sweep for anyone with the knack will also find numerous guards all over the place. A smaller gathering at a dock office and warehouse. One of whome seems to have a tablet in hand and may be the leader. Many of whom clamber and watch from atop rooves, among the containers on the ground and atop them. Gantries and cranes with snipers. It's big money and while most everyone dresses like a stevedor, they're all armed in some way shape or form. The psychics and anyone with enhanced sensors or scanning tech will find multiple containers closer to the warehhouse filled with sobbing and crying captives. All mutants with inhibitor collars. The horrible kind with the explosives in them.

Of course the goal is rescue and then sweep and clear. The exact order wasn't specified but the latter is probably going to make the former easier.

Just no killing if it can be avoided. Out in the distance a ship motors out. It's name listed in Cyrillic Russian and in English calling it the Purity from Carnelia.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is among the group, sweeping along at her best power to scan ahead. Her tone is grim as she moves to speak to the rest of the group, cueing them all in telepathically <<There are many hostages here. Dozens. They all have suppressor collars. They're all panicking and terrified. They're stuffed in the packing crates like cattle.>> Orders might be to try and avoid killing but Emma's not going to mind too much if some of the others get a little caught up.
    For now she's focused over on trying to get as good of an idea a she can of things. Locations of hostages, guards.. Security if she can from picking up memories of the hostages.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade has recovered from the damage to his internal organs from the previous night. Grenade launchers at point blank range are dangerous. He's in the dusty grey and black X-Force suit today since Weasel is working on getting him a new red one. Still his accoutrements and numerous Leifields are on display: dual laser-honed katanas on his back, dual high caliber Desert Eagles at his hips, and a plethora of knives situated on his body.

    His belt (and the pouches, can't forget the pouches) is fixed with a number of militrary grade explosives, pinapple grenades, flash bang grenades, tear gas grenades, and a few knick knacks that he likes to have for 'special occasions.' (Never gonna know when a Bad Dragon sex toy will be needed for bludgeoning right?)

    He listens as Emma gives a brief of the situation and nods. <<Just get me close enough in. I can create enough of a diversion so you guys can get to the hostages.>> Is Deadpool suggesting being a meat shielf for the op? Absolutely. What's the point of having a healing factor that is on par with Wolverine's if you're not going to use it to soak as many bullets as you possibly can, right? <<I'm loud, proud, and down to clown.>> He pauses. <<That didn't rhyme as well out of my head as it did in my head... oh well, sentiment still stands.>>

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Danielle Moonstar uses her tele-empathic abilities to keep a good sense of where any enemies (or potential rescues) might be located. She's got her night-black hair pulled back into a single braid running down her back, with a red band at her hairline. Her brown face is marked with streaks of paint to help her blend into shadow and she's armed with conventional weapons, including an automatic pistol, a Bowie knife and a sighted rifle. Still, in combat, her first move will no doubt be her psychic arrows.

She'll use text to relay the locations of the victims in crates as she comes across them, moving to approach one of them, creeping quietly to take a guard from behind. This one's afraid of clowns.

Beep Beep, Richie. Beep Beep.

Inque has posed:
    Inque may be amoral at the best of times, she /does/ have her limits. One of those is human (or in this case mutant) trafficking. She knows exactly what it's like to have been trafficked from her own past, and this is something that she will simply /not/ stand for. Whenever she hears about operations like this she always makes it her business to disrupt it, and by 'disrupt' she means 'murder anybody involved.'

    Her own psychic signature (for Emma's sake) is laser focused. She slides from shadow to shadow, nearly invisible, assessing where all the guards are, what they're armed with, and a tactical plan on where to start. She's unaware that there's a rescue team coming in to save the day, and while she'll appreciate the help, their 'no kill' order simply won't apply to her.

    Speaking of which, there's no time like the present. As an amorphous blob, she oozes right behind one of the guards, and an inky black spike shoots out and spears him right in the heart. Easy kill. Tendrils shoot out and wrap themselves around the body and drag him back into the shadows where nobody will find it. One down... many to go.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar makes said aerial sweep, reporting back on the maze like status. He tags groups of guards for Emma and Dani using his enhanced senses to give the team as much insight in positioning as he can.

Then he sweeps wide out over the inlet, dropping low and picking up speed, he curves in towards the ship picking up spray. Moving like a missile or torpedo He doesn't slowdown as he targets the vessel amid ship just below the water line. The speed and power of the blow report like an explosion across the water. Drawing every eye out over the water.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Being forthminded racist pieces of filth, the thugs and guards minds are easy to sniff out for those with the psychic Mojo. The captives are the ones all loaded up on fear. Not that the thugs don't have their own. Like what could happen if the 'meat' got loose. But the arrogance that radiates off anyone with a gun is as palpable as the anxieties of those in those dark dank sea containers.

The leader with that tablet especially. For someone with no powers he definiitely feels invincible. Enough he can joke with his underlings as he looks over profiles. <<Bah, not a looker among the last incoming batch. No matter, we can find sale for them, just not so much. More from outgoing to Madripoor and the MGH farms on ship!>> he says in Russian. The accent Carnelian for those with an ear flor languages if they catch a blip of the conversation.

When the stealth part of the fun hits the telepaths gets blips and a better feed of the layout from Warpath and even Wade, a few of the guards unblipping when Inque starts thinning the herds.

Of course when the ship is hit just shy of halfway to the horizon and the fires and explosions start lighting up in the not so. Did it just hop sideways a dozen meters. The guards at shore start scrambling and chattering on comms for orders and mostly a lot of What the Hells.

They're on alert now. Inside the warehouse the Head Dick in Charge yells into an earpiece. <<Eyes open. Shoot anything not us. If any meat gets free I blow all heads off. Geneshit is not getting away, would rather they dead. Can always sell more!>>

Emma Frost has posed:
Going to try and pinpoint everyone wiht her telepathic powers, Emma Frost goes to sort out things for the rest of the team, holding back in cover as things fire off. She goes to update the group of the presence of everything and everyone. Containers with hostages and giving blips for how many mutants. Guards and thugs,a long with thier alert status and focus. Giving cues as to the length of their awareness.

The positioning of the leader and the way the groups were moving and hopefully making sure that all of the infiltration team was aware of each and everything they were doing. Presuming she could, Emma Frost is going effortlessly into the position fo coordinator.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Woe to the mind that touches upon Wade Wilson's. Emma is met with first off a dozen lewd images of the most handsome woman in the world, Bea Arthur, doing impractical things in less than practical clothing. But after that assult the mental landscape is rife with a mix of Salvador Dali and Fracisco Goya's lovechild. She's likely wanting to flee as soon as she can place the bug of the mental HUD and map readout in the Merc's mind.

    As Wade moves forward, he casually overhands a trio of flashbangs into the midst. They're not cheap, but Jack Hammer has his connections and DP trusts the man with his livelihood and the brunt of his pranks. The sound and flash are military grade in scope and the forefront of the loading bay/holding position is illuminated in photo negative contrast for a brief moment.

    Deadpool already has one of those oversized heavy pistols at the ready and his days as a sharpshooter serve him well. Kneecaps being turned into pulpy masses of flesh and splintered bone are -not- killing blows. And as much as he really wants to headshot these guys one after another, he'll play nice for the sake of Public Relations. After all, he is wearing red and black Xs on his suit that marks him as, at least, X-Men adjacent.

    "Hello! Anybody home! I just want to play!" he calls after dropping one of the guards to the ground and booting him into unconsciousness. The spray of gunfire that comes towards him is not unsubstantial and he quickly moves behind a large shipping crate, but not before taking at least four 9mm bullets to the torso. The healing factor that makes him all but unkillable does its job of purging the lumps of metal and sealing the holes made by their abrupt intrusion. <<Operation DP Distraction is a go. I repeat, operation DP distraction is a go.>> he voices over the comm provided.

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Danielle Moonstar puts hand over the guard's mouth as she takes him, the echoing laughter of a demonic clown in his mind, the illusion leering in his face as he tries to scream before Dani chokes him out and lays him on the ground. Of course, her attempt at silence is rapidly made moot by the explosions and slaughter breaking out elsewhere.

"So much for subtlety," she says aloud.

She moves to the crate and quickly begins to work to open it, keeping Emma psychically updated of her progress as she starts freeing the hostages, glowing energy forming a bow and arrow in her hand before she moves on, pointing the escapees towards safety and freedom before she lets them go.

Inque has posed:
    Interesting. There are other players here, Inque thinks as she watches the boat off on the horizon. They seem to have the same objectives as she does. This should make things a snap, as long as they don't screw it up.

    Moving from shadow to shadow she makes her way towards the leader, casually dispatching a guard here and there with no remorse over the loss of their lives. Scum, all of them. A quick death is too good for people like these.

    She pauses before she can get too close to him, however. He's heavily guarded and it doesn't look like she'll be able to take him out stealthily. Unless... She waits in the darkness to see what the rescue team does. Maybe they can distract the guards long enough for her to get her tendrils on him.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar comes out the other side of the ship, transmitting in the clear, << This is container ship Purity out of Carnelia. We are taking on water and declaring an emergency. We are in the Western Channel... >> Jim drops the open transmission head swivelling around, "FUCK! They didn't offload all the cargo." Jim is talking but Emma can hear him and that last word is dripping with odious hate, "I've got a half dozen more on the ship.... I'm gonna need a moment. Coast guard is still 20 minutes out." Between the water rushing into the boat and the massive Apache mounting a one man assault any defense of the vessel is fleeting. Which lets Janes literally start sorting containers like legos. It's quicker to lift out the intact containers and he has three in a pile headed for the beach.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The information relayed from Emma's mind to the others going on the offensive makes it easy to find guards. Though some of the methods uses does occasionally get screams and yells and wild gunfire. Which is probably about the best way the thugs can let each other know where to run to since it's hard to speak when your throats being constricted.

When Deadpool's flashbangs that he Weasled his way to obtaining go off there's more screams and swearing in Carnelian Russian with not a single word in English. And since he's making almost the most noise in the dock yard. The guards move to try and surround Wade, opening fire as soon as they see the man in read and black who's ready to attack.

The containers that Dani reaches aren't too difficult for her to open. The first light that the people see is enough to make eyes hurt but there's a time you just don't care and the silhouette of a Cheyenne woman and the directions to flee towards is worth the discomfort.

And luckily they might not have to worry about their collars. The leader with the tablet swipes towards the software that controls.

It's in English and the screen shows six options:

One grayed out that says Activate All. This would mass activate the collars and lock them. The current setting

Deactivate All. The clear opposite.

Detonate All. That one's gonna suck.

And then single wearer versions for the same that bring up dropdowns to select individual collars.

The Leading Thug. The only one wearing anything close to a suit thoug with a bullet proof vest over the shirts and under the jacket, in his sweaty panicking fury steps out of the office and to the yard where IInque can easily get the drop. Other guards already outside trying to find and shoot Wade like that would even do more than just require a replacement uniform. <<Stupid old Genoshan tech in filthy American English. Passcode, the hell, gah where did I write it it down.>> he swears and pats down his pockets till he finds a slip of paper.

On the ship, most of the crew really stopped caring about repelling Warpath after he scuttled the Purity and if one man can do that...

Screw that noise. Some try to find a lifeboat that's intact. Some just jump over the sides. Some probably aren't that lucky as they were right where Jimmy's flight path intersected and created a rather unsafe working environment. Some didn't even have a chance to fight back. But the burning ship fires do make a pretty sight off the coast for authorities to sort out and fish the survivors out.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would pause over and consider to herself even as she's moving to send the rest of them the directions to the others as she's picking up what bits she can from the controls. <<James, you're mission leader. I'd be wary on decativating the collars. With the way they're terrified they could all freak out and htier powers could erupt.>> She gives a heads up to the rest of the team and states her thoughts. But ultimately it's the call of James.
    Emma's going to then try and as she hears the thug talking about 'passcode' to then try and see through his eyes. IF she can getting the information from it and plying it along like someone who did a post it to the computer to send it along to the rest of the group.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    It's a shootout at the OK Corral at the entrance to the dock. Deadpool, dusty white and black suit pocked with a few new holes with red blood around them--that's going to take forever to get out, even with Al's trick--, pops out and drops one guard after another with precise shots to apendages. Hard to hold a gun of your hand (or foot or knee or shoudler) is hamburger meat.

    This isn't to say he's unscathed. He gets shot a few more times with groans of minor irritation (from pain) and frustration (at the tailor's bill in his future.) After it's clear that he's fighting a loosing battle he decides to go for something a bit more creative. "Hope you guys like the smell of tear gas in the afternoon" he says as he takes a cylinder from his belt, unpins it and tosses it over. <<I hope most of you are downwind from this...>> he says over the comms as the canister starts to release its payload.

    The sickly yellow gas that starts to stream from the canister is Wade's own cocktail of vile smells that are meant to send anyone who inhales it into a coughing, gaging, and vomitting fit as their senses are assaulted by olfactory disaster incarnate. He lets off a few more potshots to the mass gathering before they're lost in the cloud of yellow noxiousness.

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Dani's psychic arrows let fly, taking out more of the opposition as she focuses entirely on the task of freeing the victims that she can. The rest of the cadre is fairly capable in the realms of 'murdering the crap out of bad people', so she can use her talents best as an agent of rescue.

Still, she does spread her share of terror, especially when a small group of thugs find themselves facing what they think is a zombie uprising of their victims, making them waste ammo on illusions while the real prisoners can escape and Dani can easily pick them off.

Inque has posed:
    Ah. Just the distraction she needed. Stepping out of the shadows she shifts into what could be considered her combat form. It's a vaguely humanoid shape, with limbs like ribbons and a head that only has one large light blue spot where her face would be.

    She sprints across the yard, occasionally elongating herself to step over a container or two. It takes her mere moments to reach him, and her ribbon like arms stretch out to wrap themselves around him and his arms, preventing him from doing anything with the tablet.

    "Nuh, unh unh," she chides, slowly walking towards him as she reels in her arms. "You're not going to get a chance to blow those collars, and giving you a swift death would be too good for the likes of you." She leans her 'head' up close to him and whispers, "I'm going to let you go to jail, but I'll be keeping an eye on you. One day, in the future, when you think you're nice and safe, I'll come and take you, chain and collar you and leave you to /rot/ in one of these containers where nobody will be able to find you."

    A couple of the nearby minions turn and aim their guns at her and she just laughs. "Go ahead and shoot me. All you'll end up accomplishing is shooting your boss and sparing him his inevitable doom."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar sighs and pulls on a rebreather mask as Wade pops the noxious stuff <Hound dog is down. We've been mining their system for a few days.>> It gives that faint Vader rebreather noise as he moves upwards. His consciousness brushes up against Dani's with a question more subtle than words can convey. James floats above the battlefield. He's on an open channel, lower power, the coast guard don't need to hear this, "Unknown operator, this is rescue team leader. We need the passcode from suit rat. 20 grand for the code, tablet and three days, no harm, you'll have him back... Apropos of nothing those containers are airtight... usually."

     The dismissal of the opfor as anon concern is obvious, even more so as James picks up the top two containers from the make shift stucture and uses them to scatter any remaining defenders from the structure as he carries them to the beach.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Boss thug finally finds the slip of paper and unfolds it awkwardly. There's a string of nine characters to punch in, alphanumeric and punctuation. And both capitals and lower case. This requires him to put the tablet under his armpit while he unfolds and reads and then juggles both in hands because he has to punch the damn code in. The grey hairs on his receding scalp clearly giving away he is not used to this new fangled technology.

The tablet is at least a decade old.

Panicking at images of zombie mutants and Deadpool who might make the illusions seem a little more realistic.

It's a skin condition, don't judge him!

The smell though. Yeah Wade supplied it. Judge all you want for that!

The escaping mutants, they catch whiffs too. If you poked a nose in their containers you'd think the stinkbombs were roses. Not everyone in the containers survived the trip either.

When Inque pounces and threatens the leader. The code is not yet punched in but fresh enough in the man's mind Emma can send it to those linked in with her telepathically.

The paper and tablet both dropping, landing on the man's foot where it survives the fall and out of the way as thugs nearby really contemplate shooting through their boss to get at the viscous villainess.

Containers are set down where Warpath intends so they can be opened and people freed.

More are collected and uses as clubs.

This has the desired intimdating effect as the combined attacks, telepathic, physical, and chemical all terrify the guards that have not been left bloodies, broke, or unconscious on the ground.

The guards even aiming down their sights at Inque and their boss debating weither this whole thing is worth it. Still no English out of them but clearly even with a language barrier they get the idea Inque threatened.

<<Hell with this. You're dumb ass gonna get us killed instead of the mutant filth. No money, no work.>> one says and spits on the ground as weapons re holstered and they run as fast as they can cary themselves.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade fires a few extra potshots at the fleeing guards. "It would be so easy to just put one down with a headshot..." he mutters. He shrugs and throws caution to the wind. "...Oops," he says and fires a bullet into the brainpan of one of the fleeing guards. "My aiming hand slipped..." he says with completely feigned innocence. Deadpool has a reputation to protect after all. Can't be completely white hat, even if most of those with him might be.

    He wades through the yellow mist of olfactory destruction... he's used to it after enough failed tests of the stuff that it doesn't really bother him too much. And to be fair, he's smelt and dealt worse after a trip to Taco Bell anyway. He stops near the massive Apache, looking up he nods, "Warpath. Nice work. I'd give it four out of five middle fingers as far as successful operations go."

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Danielle Moonstar sees the enemy fleeing and, with the withdrawal of the baddies and the liberation of the victims, she pulls the black bandanna around her neck up over her face, the paint around her eyes making her blend with the shadows as she prepares to slip off into the night herself.

A lot of people wouldn't even know she was ever there. Like a mirage.

Inque has posed:
    There's a slight can't of the head like appendage that shows that she's received Warpath's message. "Whatever," she says dismissively, as two more appendages grow out of her torso and pick up the pad and paper.

    She bodily drags the head honcho over to where Warpath and Deadpool are and throws him to the ground in front of him. "You don't need to pay me for this one," she says. "I do this for free."

    She hands the tablet and the password over to the hulking man and she slides over to Deadpool, her body turning humanlike with a true face and limbs. "Deadpool," she says, her voice turning a shade of sultry. "Why am I not surprised to see you here. This kind of operation seems to be your modus operandi."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar headtilts, as he watches Wade, "Thanks, I think. Something to strive for... You sure do have a lot of accessories." Jim nods to Inque, "Okay, but I was serious. I can find a secluded part of the Atlantic... when you need it." Warpath nods, "Hold on for a moment, I need toget the last three containers off that ship."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
A number of the fleeing thugs take a round in the backside. There's swearing and blood and limping and a few people crying bhecause the smell is just that awful.

The fight is pretty much done and the rest is a matter of deactivating and releasing the collars. The few former captives that see Dani's face even at a distance are probably going to remember her like an angel. Even Stinky Wade is going to actually give people happy dreams in their sleep when they find it.

When the collars finally are released there's collective sighs and cheers and yays.

There's scattering and running and maybe they still don't want to deal with US Law and Immigration. Could anywone blame them.

This leaves some cleanup to do and what's that in the office inside the warehouse. Safe's full of cash, jewels and other things confiscated from the outgoing laptops with more intel on it. So folks of moral ambiguity can enjoy some nice payday and maybe a chunk can be spread amongst the escapees so they can get that start on a new life.

Even the remaining containers from the ship manage touchdown safely and some work via telepathy to calm folks helps.

There's been enough crapped pants around here!

Off in the distance, the Purity keeps exploding and eventually starts to sink and maybe become a new home for marine life once it settles in. The fire in the distance lighting up the night sky though the smoke does add a nice gradient to the colors on display.

Emma Frost has posed:
The rest of them are off and they have plenty of infromation to follow up on. The prisoners have a chance to start fresh from all the agony. And the attackers.. Will be purified. If not by the X-Men or the brotherhood.. Emma Frost will make separate arrangements for them if she's disappointed in finding hte nex tfew days that the ones of them that have endedup in custody haven't all died of extremely painful ways.

She has her own resources to use if need be to aid the course.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Deadpool shrugs at Warpath's mention of his accessories. He draws one of the katanas and places it at the head honcho's neck. "Not all of us are Swiss Army Knives of mutant capability" he says to the big man as he heads off to save the others. He sizes Inque up a bit. "Fancy meeting you here" he says to the liquid-based lifeform. "Looks like you had a bit of fun with that one" he says as the man cowers at his feet.

    "Move and I make you a Van Gogh enthusiast" he says to the lead trafficker. "Keep moving and I get to have fun..." He smiles under the mask and the hope of the man's continued resistance is evident. "Please... I want you to move." Deadpool can be scary when he has a mind to. "You really going pro bono on this one huh?" he asks her. "You know... with what's in there you could probably make a sweet pay day if you wanted to. I won't tell the white-hats if you don't." There's an amused smirk in his tone.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar finishes saving the containers as the ship sinks. He knows Dani is gone and dismantles the trafficking structure, laying them out on the beach releasing the mutants by smashing the doors, then letting Emma and the techs calm the mutants and freeing them. Jim takes out his phone, "Warren, I think I've got our test cases."

Inque has posed:
    "Oh, no," Inque says with a sly smile. "This I do for /fun/." Her expression turns stone cold and her tone grows icy. "I have /history/ with human traffickers. I may be heartless but..." She turns to look over at the mutants being freed. She softens a bit, "Nobody deserves this."

    "Well," she says, looking around herself. "Looks like your crew has it all under control. I'll be taking off, then." She turns back to Wade and offers up a smile, "Keep in touch." With that, her form deforms and turns into a blob again and she quickly slides away from everybody and disappears into the darkness.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The benefit of benevloent rich folks. Some of the people freed will now have a real shot at the life they were going to be denied. The first goals will be showers, clean clothes and then some decent food and sleep.

This can be provided.

Of course some of the thugs will find themselves in a world of discomfort. Many of them, as illegally im the country as their victims. deportations the lightest of punishments. Some might just not make it back home at all.

Loot can be grabbed. Intel can be passed on. Everyone that got seen might just have their newest collection of fanboys and girls.

And the burnning sinking ship off shore is just soo pictureque!

It's trending like mad.