11339/Morgan Brings Another Demigod To Meet Diana

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Morgan Brings Another Demigod To Meet Diana
Date of Scene: 25 May 2022
Location: Diana's Office: Themysciran Embassy
Synopsis: Morgan brings his new friend Clover to the Themysciran Embassy to meet Diana. Clover shares some secrets about her powers.
Cast of Characters: Morgan Finn, Clover Sharp, Diana Prince

Morgan Finn has posed:
It's a cool, breezy spring evening and Morgan has been FREAKING OUT lately. He normally spends hours a week at baseball training, but for reasons he had to drop from all sports. Even Galatea has noted that he has been throwing himself into combat training harder than usual and she's had to crank things up a couple of times to put some humility back in him.

This evening, with Diana's permission, he borrowed the Invisible Jet and flew out to Happy Harbor to pick up Clover to bring her to the Themysciran Embassy. He knows she has powers -- strange powers -- but he lacks the expertise to determine why and how. Morgan hopes that Diana might be able to gather some clues.

Knocking gently on the open door of the office, Morgan peeks his head in. Behind him is a girl with blue hair. "Diana?" the teen demigod says, "Hi. Do you have a minute? This is the girl I was telling you about. Clover."

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover is nervously standing behind Morgan. She's rubbing her head because she bumped it to the invisible jet when she first met up with Morgan. Clover is wearing one of her geeky outfits of Gryffindor. Her neckless of Cerberus is hanging around her neck for all to see. Clover looks up as the doors open whispering "Morgan are you sure about this? I mean she a hero" Clover squeaks some as the door so the inside of the room. "Umm hi I'm Clover".

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is seated inside the office area, at the sofa lounge area. She's dressed in a black suit jacket with a white blouse on underneath it. A pair of black slacks adorn her lower half with a pair of heeled shoes on her feet. Her dark hair is tied back in to a loose pony tail behind her head, while her makeup is fresh and quite fancy. She's got her eyes on her laptop that she looks up from when someone knocks at the door.

Diana's red lips curve upward in a smile for the young man, and his guest. "Of course." She says in her naturally smoky voice. "Come on in..." The Princess of Themyscira tells both of the young visitors. She sets her laptop aside, and starts to rise up then, standing over six feet in height in those heels.

Diana's eyes go to the young woman and she walks toward them both now, extending her hand. "Hello, Clover." The Princess tells the young woman. "I like your outfit." She says in that accented English, sounding quite cheery and friendly in the moment.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan fully enters the office and encourages Clover to do the same. He seems a bit happier this evening than he has been since he withdrew from his beloved baseball team. "Clover, this is Diana Prince, the woman who saved my life and became my guardian. She is, of course, Wonder Woman, and a real life princess!"

With just a bit too much energy to contain, Morgan bounces once on the balls of his feet, and his brown eyes sparkle. "This is the Themysciran Embassy. I live here when I'm not on campus."

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover shakes Diana's hand gently. Her eyes are wide. Clover says, " Morgan's talks about you a lot. And it's a pleasure to meet you." Clover shadows moves and Clover follows it to a seat. Most might think it's a trick of the lights, but some would see the magic in it. Clover sits and says " Morgan been working on his powers he's really strong. He kinda did that dirty dancing move towards the end of the movie with me."

Diana Prince has posed:
Morgan's words draw a slight grin from the Princess who nods once to agree with his descriptions. She then looks back to Clover and gives the young woman's hand a soft squeeze. She notices the hint of magic in the shadow, the movement, and so on, but doesn't comment on it.

"Oh really?" She does comment on that last bit about 'Dirty Dancing'. It makes her exchange a look between the two of them. At Morgan she looks now. "Is that so?" She says in a way that the young man will know she's teasing him. "Very interesting..." She says further before walking to the kitchenette area. "Would you two like something to drink? Ice water? Tea? I believe I have some bottles of juice here too." The Princess says while opening the little fridge mounted in the wall behind the bar.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan's ears and neck turn bright red and he opens his eyes wide in surprise. "What???" He looks at Clover, laughing and blushing like mad. "CLOVER? I did not even do that." He looks downward and runs his hand back through his hair. Morgan pranks people and gives people a hard time so often. He deserves this.

"Can I please have some water?" he murmurs.

Licking dry lips, Morgan says, "She fell on campus during our Finals Week Pizza Party. I reached out to grab her arm so she wouldn't go face-first into the ground and I accidentally lifted her up off the ground." He looks at Diana sheepishly. "My increased strength kicked in again."

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover says, "It was my second first time with Morgan. The first being in the jet...." She blushes realizing what she just said. Clover blurts out "I mean the being lifted up and flying part.. yes water sounds good... Would it be okay if we looked at some art while we talk?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana just shows Morgan a grin as she gets the water pitcher from the inside of the refridgerator. When she turns around she gathers up to glasses that each get two large ice cubes each. "Well." The Princess starts to say. "I am very relieved that it did not lead to you being injured, Clover." She tells the young woman as she pours the water.

Turning then, Diana walks toward them both, delivering the glasses of water with a soft smile. "There is all manner of art to be viewed here at the Embassy, but if you have time, Morgan should take you to the Art Center across the way from here. It is even more filled to the brim with viewable pieces from Themyscira, and lost artifacts that we have recovered over the past ... oh... century or so." She states with a small smirk that comes and goes quickly from her visage.

Diana takes a seat then on one of the leather chairs and looks between the two of them. "I am glad to get to meet a friend of Morgan's. I know he has been going through a lot, having to leave his sporting teams for the time being..."

Morgan Finn has posed:
With an affectionate smile, Morgan takes the glass of water. He sits and leans back into the couch. His gaze shifts to Clover and then back to Diana. "Diana, Clover has powers. She seems to be able to manipulate shadows to...great effect. I don't know anything about how to determine the source of someone's powers but I thought it couldn't hurt to introduce her to you."

The teen demigod looks back to Clover. "You can trust Diana. If anyone can get to the bottom of this, it's her. And she won't betray your secrets."

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover looks nerious and says "My father has forbbind me from using my powers and not to talk about where they come from. I want to tell you both so bad can i just make a quick call?" Clover waits for approval then calls her dad. "Hey dad im with Diana Prince right now and id like to share about the things I can do and where I'm from.. I see just this one time. okays love you daddy" Clover hangs up the phone and says, "Sorry for the wait. my dad said I can trust you and there's even a chance you might have met my mother." Looking at Diana Clover says "She's kinda like you. she has control over magic and necomancy. I haven't met her personally but shes up the mount with the others Cer brought me down as a baby." Clover drinks some water calming down some and says "I'm only half human the other is goddess...

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's eyes sweep from Morgan, after his explanation, to Clover. She tilts her head ever so slightly toward the young woman, as she listens closely. A light nod is given when the phone call is asked about. "By all means..." The princess says quietly then before falling silent. She leans forward to pick something up off of the table in front of her then, and offers it to Morgan.

It's a signed photo from William Shatner at the Starport, with a note 'The stars are waiting for you, Morgan. - WS'. Diana grins softly to him, as it was clearly a gift.

When Clover is off of the phone then, Diana looks back to her and listens further. "I see." She says softly. "Well, that would certainly explain some of what you are experiencing. It is highly likely that you will have to get your parents to explain more to you, in order to help you flourish with the gifts that you've been bestowed with... What is your father's name, if I might ask?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
While Clover is on the phone, Morgan accepts the picture Diana hands him. He looks at it and his face absolutely nerds out! Not wanting to disturb Clover's call, he looks at Diana and silently mouths 'Holy shit!' That doesn't count as swearing if it's silent! Loophole!

But when Clover finishes the call with her father and starts to explain her powers fully, he blinks and shifts his gaze to her. "Necromancy?" he says. "I had no idea." He licks his dry lips and looks to Diana for guidance.

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover says " My father Jacob Sharp(The name rings a bell if you follow archaeologists and inventers of this age. he most famous for his invention for turning any known langue into another over a phone scan) He's known for digging up things and has lots of ideas he lets me try out I can show you if you have something written in an ancient language." Clover looks around and said "Since the video of me bringing a dead bird went viral I'm been kinda on a power lock down. My powers have been leaking out sometimes when I'm excited or in danger" Clover looks at her feet holding her glass

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana shows a light smile to Morgan's reaction to the autograph she got for him. Her eyes then go back to Clover as the young woman starts to explain more of her situation. "Certainly." Diana says then as she stands up and walks over to the book shelves. She stands beside the alcove where her famous armor is lit from above by a few small lights, and she gathers up a small book that she turns, and takes to Clover. "Here. It is poetry in Ancient Greek." The Princess says as she moves back to her seat then.

"Necromancy is a ... very old magic. It has largely been ... well, less than popular, amongst civilizations since... well, I would assume since civilizations began. The art of resurrecting the dead is rarely viewed as something positive. Likely, in part, due to it generally being primarily used /for/ nefarious purposes..."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan's gaze follows Diana across the room as he gets the book and then brings to Clover. "But Clover wouldn't use a power for something evil!" He looks immediately to Clover. "Right, Clove? Tell Diana."

He gives the girl an encouraging nudge to her shoulder with his elbow lightly. Given what happened the other evening at Happy Harbor, he is particularly focused and gentle when he nudges her.

Clover Sharp has posed:
Looks over at Morgan and says "I've never done anything really bad. the video was kinda bad and that's how I got my nickname I guess." Clover takes a breath as she gets the book clover thanks Diana. Clover then begin to scan a random page. The phone in Clover father voice said read as is or in English Clover states English." The phone begins to read the poems in English. Clover waits then says "I haven't found a language my dads app couldn't read so far" Clover pauses I could use help for control over my powers I don't want people to get hurt."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is quick to show a light smile, a little nod, and a glance between the two of them. "We certainly do not want you to get hurt either. But with a knowledge of how to... raise the deceased... you may end up attracting the wrong kind of influences in your life. People who will want to use what you have, for their personal gain." She offers in a light moment of warning.

A breath is taken by the Princess then as she considers a few things internally. She glances toward Morgan then, "She is welcome to come to the Hall of Justice, to use the training chamber there. Her abilities may be best to train them in a more private location, such as that." She notes before looking back to Clover.

"Additionally, I have close friends within the Titans. Their resources for helping young people train would be beneficial. In fact, I think some of their members may even be familiar with similar abilities, and knowledge in the field, that you are immersed within... I could reach out to them, if you would be interested in more options with good people who would keep you safe."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan smiles broadly as Diana agrees to get involved, and is giving permission for Clover to use the Hall of Justice. And anyone who knows anything about Morgan knows that the Hall of Justice is one of the most sacred places he knows.

"You're among friends now, Clover," he says warmly and encouragingly. "You can't find a better friend than Diana Prince!"

Morgan stands from the couch. "I should get Clover back to campus. She said she needed to get to bed early tonight." He turns to face his guardian and mentor. "Diana, thank you so much for everything. I knew bringing Clover to you was the right move."

Clover Sharp has posed:
grabbing onto Morgan hand. Clover says "ya I need to go to bed. Morgan you still coming over for breakfast and studying? Looks over at Morgan and blushes. Almost anyone can tell she has a crush."It was very nice to meet you Princess Diana. Hope to see you again" Clover bows in a way not seen much these days.

Diana Prince has posed:
The Princess rises up too then, and smooths her skirt with her hands. She looks between the two young ones and just shows them a pleasant expression. She offers a light nod to them both. "Of course." She quietly says. "Always feel free to reach out to me, if you need anything." She tells Clover, Morgan already obviously knows that.

A light grin is shown to what Clover says. "And the two of you be careful out there. Stay safe, and take care of one another." She offers before moving back toward her desk now.