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Doom in Domo
Date of Scene: 28 May 2022
Location: Penthouse - Latverian Embassy
Synopsis: Valeria consults her Uncle Doom about fluctuating temporal shielding options. And shows him that positive social skills do have a place in her repetoir. The Babka really is amazing!
Cast of Characters: Valeria Richards, Victor Von Doom

Valeria Richards has posed:
In deference to the fact that this is not the home of the Fantastic Four. Val has no problems showing up to the Latverian embasy in colours more suitable for visiting her Godfather and Uncle.

Doom Green leather jacket. Black jeans and knee high wedge heeled boots. Just enough height to tip an already tallish young woman over and into the six foot plus range. Good for looming.

"Uncle DOOM!" You have to say it with gravitas!

"You wouldn't happen to have anything here good for stabilising wonky temporal fields? There's a thing in space that doesn't know if it wants to move time through things forwwards and backwards. Trying to prevent that and maybe be all universe and planet saving."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
For all the security built into the Latverian embassy marked as off-limits, the security both automated and human are under the strictest of orders to let Valeria go where she pleases. Daughter of his greatest rival she may be, but that doesn't change the fact that he views her as blood. More so, even.

"Your father was always something of a slacker when it came to temporal physics," Doom answers, voice reverberating from the metal helm and mask he wears, "I am unsurprised you come to me, Valeria."

He turns from his workbench, approaching the young woman and nodding his head to her.

"I may have something for you. But first, how have you been? Are you keeping up with your studies? Eating well?"

There's a pause.

"I detect a deficit in magnesium. Eat more peanuts."

Valeria Richards has posed:
The girl finds her Uncle and beams a smile to the armored man. She does wink at some of the girls in the more diplomatically accessible areas while she's moving but that stops when it comes to talk shop.

"Well I won't tell him where I got some of the stuff when we go back up. This isn't like my personal forcefield tech. The kinetic absorbsion has been a life saver Uncle Doom. Goes great when I blended it into Thing suit tech in my uniform!" she points out.

The Uncle checking on his neice's well being gets a smile though. family. "I'm always studying. Mom think I'm getting as bad as dad sometimes. Wants me to go to the Hellfire Club more. She miight be right. But I might have made a few girls upset last time. I had kind of a eureka moment and might have ran, flown home and left them tied up." she states and shrugs with a goofy expression. Embarrassased.

"I had a bowl of macadamias like, two weeks ago? Does that count Uncle Doom?" why stop at mere peanuts when you can enjoy the expensive stuff.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
"The Hellfire Club? Pah! Venereal pursuits for the idle rich who lack the mental capability and altruistic instinct to do more. Your talents would be put to far better use elsewhere. Anywhere. And no, a singular bowl of macadamias is insufficient. Your physical health must be maintained to better fuel your mind."

He doesn't comment on the HFC antics. It wouldn't be proper.

"Do not let others diminish you, Valeria."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"It's social skills Uncle Doom. easier for people to do what I need if I'm better able to know what and how to motivate people. I won't say manipulate cause some of these people I like. But there is a benefit in having friends and people that care about me." Valeria points out with a smile.

"The venereal stuff. It sounds gross when you say it like that is just biology. Denying it might be a test of will power but it also kinda hurts mental health." she adds and nods safely.

"And comes back to the needing to enhance my social skills. I'll try and eat more peanuts. I'll raid Uncle Ben's stash that he keeps for when he's watching the sportsball."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
"I was extended an invitation to this Hellfire Club," Doom explains, "Some time ago. I accepted it out of morbid curiosity. The man behind it seems to be a grubby power-monger, but one cannot deny the effectiveness of the biological lure. I'm not surprised he has succeed where he has."

He glances at her: "What use are social skills? The Earth is peopled by those far beneath you in intellect and ability. You needn't concern yourself with the dialect of ants."

Valeria Richards has posed:
The mention of ability makes Valeria wince a little "Intelligence, yes. ability, ehhhh. You want ability, go bug Franklin. I just can't be bothered dealing with people angry and yelling. Catching flies with honey. Beats having people just fire energy blasts the second you walk through a door." she points out. Not everyone is as easy to welcome her Godfather into a room as the blonde woman.

"Shaw's yeah. There'sa lot to be said about that man. He has... talent but really. The only reason the club still operates is because people with more money and power that also identify as Hero need a place to get their biology needs out. No body is that good and true. I bet even Superman has stuff he likes but can't enjoy." she points out.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
"Unnecessary," Doom says with a dismissive grunt, "I am mastered by nothing."

That said, he moves towards a silvery workbench. As he approaches, one of the drawers slides open and from it he produces a crystalline matrix that he holds up to the light before passing it to Valeria.

"This should solve your problem."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"It will always be impressive that you have this stuff just lying around. I'll have a play with it when I get home and see what I can do with it and if anyone asks how we solved this I'll just say I came up with the solution." Val states with a very appreciative tone.

"I asked Uncle Doom!" Valid plan and solution. "Then you get to be all silently smug and enjoy that once again you had fix for a problem. Of course. I get the real props because. Hey, I got Doom to do my homework for me!" she states and grins. "And you say social skills are worthless!" she states and giggles.

"Now I might just also raid your pantries. The Babka your kitchen staff makes is amazing!"