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Daddy Issues Came with a Subscription
Date of Scene: 29 May 2022
Location: The roof of Tabby's dorm building at Xavier's.
Synopsis: Jimmy has things to work out. Tells Tabby about a trip but stays cagey about what he intends. Tabby swears future vengeance and a heel turn if he doesn't stay safe.
Cast of Characters: Tabitha Smith, James Proudstar

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Much like the school's own roof. The student dorm has it's own access. Though it also doesn't have an attic with a Weather Goddees you have to sometimes bribe becvause it's way easier to climb through Ororo's windows.

But Tabby's been up there on her own on the tail end of a nice sunny day catching a sneaky tan that she really can't get much of because when you can create mini suns, heat stops being a problem and you only get a tiny little basting from any ultra violet radiation.

So a sun lounge, a cooler and a boom box playing some old Def Leppard is being used to entertain a lazy blonde in a piink bikini with yellow trim.

And of course with some of the bottles in the cooler empty already, it leads to the blonde singing.

"Lets get, lets get, lets get ROCKED!"

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar lands on the roof, dressed casually. Wearing one of those Dickie's canvas jackets. He's dressed to travel. "You seem better." He smiles, "Heading out, taking a little trip I should be back in a day or two."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The landiing on the roof gets Tabby a little suprise out of Tabby. The whoosh of air from the speed and landing blowing all that blonde hair about with a chuckle as she reaches over to turn down the Leppard. "Stopping interplanetary wars and saving kids from wanna be Weapon Plus knockoffs and destroying hidden bases can be very calming. Like unf. So should explode more stuff that big!" she beams happily. "Couple days? Well it's clearly not a mission? Nice jacket? Hopefully a date, dirty weekend?!" Tabby guesses probably rong but her eyebrows bounce encouragingly for the man.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles easily but it does not quite reach his eyes. "So, I've heard." He deadpans. He shrugs, "Have some business to attend to. Something I've left unresolved for too long. Doubt anyone would notice I was gone but wanted someone to know. You were the only one around."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"This gonna be Tribe Justice stuff? You get the word I'm down with that. Even if we're just coralling them so you can get all one man beat down on them like Andre in those old wrestling videos." Tabby is nothing but encouraging on that.

"And hey look I get it. The Solo Hero stuff. I had my turn acouple weeks ago. Gone resuin' just lucky Megan had the same ideas and I dunno if she read the note. But you give a buzz if you need ordnance or an out. Yana might be doing magical girl stuff with the hubby but she'll turn up in a pinch with me too!" she reminds.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar watches Tabby for a bit, then shakes his head, "No, nothing with the tribe. The only leads I have with that are tenuous. I try not to rely on Yana, her plate is full and she's keeping sectets on all sides." Jim frowns, "Not always hero stuff. Chuck has had me in some dicey situations. I am glad you all came and got me eventually." He manages a wry grin. "But I am pretty capable all on my own."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"The secrets I get. There's a man was not mean to know thing in every room at ther place. And then there's Limbo. I get weird looks from that girl Dessy. And I dunno. I just really can't read it." The girl feeds on despeair and pain and stuff.

Tabby always could be descibed as a snacc by someone.

"I know you're you're plenty capable Jimmy Jam! First hand experience righ there. But just cause the Professor wants you doing shady shiit, don't mean you have to do it alone. He can be an asshole sometimes." she states and rubs her temples.

She's had some recently wires crossed being a specialized psionic around a bunch of full telepaths during a major psychic event has not been fun.Telepathy is not fun for the untrained. "Don't need to lift the whole world on your shoulders. We know you plenty strong!"

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar nods, "Sometimes it's not about the whole world. Sometimes it's just about one person." He smiles, perhaps a little sadly, and floats up into the air slowly.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby just sighs as James lifts of and lets the man take flight. "If you come back dead, Imma totally kill you!" she says with that sort of worry you only get from being close to someone. Family gotta fam even if they sometimes get weird about it.

She does at least crack a beer open for the man and raised the bottle. "I'm not fooling. Thare be vengeance! Imma turn evil to do it!" she yells while her ex is still in audio range.