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The Toys From Brazil
Date of Scene: 30 May 2022
Location: Recife, Brazil
Synopsis: In Iara's origin story, The X-Men acquire Shark-Girl from the beaches of Recife, Brazil, which is harder than you'd expect when they run into armored troopers and vehicles belonging to HYDRA in the process!
Cast of Characters: Iara Dos Santos, Warren Worthington, Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Information gathered from both Cerebro and local news sources in Recife, Brazil alerted the X-Men to a new mutant's powers awakening in the beautiful coastal town on the coast of the South American nation. Coinciding with the detection of the mutant were news reports of a shark monster attacking a fishing boat and terrorizing one of the beaches, making this definitely one that the Xavier school should be monitoring at best. No other powers had been reported or hinted at, so for first contact it was deemed a small strike team would be all that was necessary.

     The X-Men would be able to set down the blackbird in a somewhat hidden location and start scanning the beaches without issue... and before long, Angel would spot from the air a very promising candidate: A woman, brown skinned with wavy brown hair, sitting on a remote beach by herself wearing what looks like a white bra and torn shorts, both splattered with blood, her head resting on her arms that are resting on her knees, as if trying to process things.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"We're here," Warren says to Remy and Rogue. He nods towards a lone figure in the distance along the pristine beach.

Warren flies the Blackbird in a wide, slow circle around the area. The jet, invisible and quiet, settles slowly in a clearing just off the beach. "Let's go say hello to our new friend."

The tropical air contrasts sharply with the crisp coolness of the jet's air conditioning. Warren steps out into the sun and stretches his arms and wings. He waits for the other two X-Men and then sets out on foot.

"I don't know if I should hope that's her blood or not," Warren whispers to the others as the woman comes into view when he reaches the edge of the beach.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The X-Men and Remy.

Because Gambit is here, but he's more of a hang-around at the school than an actual member of any team. Dressed in very not official clothing with a brown leather coat over black and magenta one-piece sitch. His wavy brown hair is dangling across his red-black eyed face, "Could be she fight off da shark monster?" There's a bo-staff laid across his shoulders, held with one hand in fingerless gloves, "I know dat if I have to fight a shark on land, or in water, or in da air... or in a dream... I am definitely going to be re't'inking my life."

There's a quarter on the knuckles of his free hand. It rolls up and down the back of his fingers as he walks along-side Warren towards the lone figure on the isolated beach. "An' if she turn into a shark? I'm waiting on da jet. I do not do life aquatic... dat's Aquaman's t'ing."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is in her green and gold, with her leather jacket pushed down over her shoulder sand bunched up at her elbows. She's chewing on a piece of bubblegum, and blowing bubbles as they land. When they get the arrival message, the Belle raises a pair of gloves up to slip them on her hands. She glances over at Warren. "Nice flyin'." She tells him with a smile before looking to Remy and smirking at him.

"Ya weren't here for Spring Break. Things got crazy down here. Though we're way way further south this time." Rogue says as she stands up from her seat and pulls her jacket on up over her shoulders.

With the warm air coming inside the open Jet, the southern gal struts toward the boarding ramp on thigh-high boots, her sunglasses are put on over her green eyes as she starts to descend down out of the Jet's interior.

"Nice place. Lets hope we don't get sharked." She comments to the fellas.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren lets his wings settle against the back of his blue and white uniform, takes a moment to look up and down the beach and considers the young woman. "I bet it's not a land shark or a flying shark, or she probably wouldn't be sitting on the beach," Warren says with a grin. "So you're safe"

He glances around one last time and then sets off across the sand towards the woman.

"Hey, are you okay? Are you hurt? You look like you're bleeding," Warren calls out as they approach, genuine concern in his tone and expression. He glances out over the water for signs of trouble and then back towards the woman. He tucks an errant strand of hair, recently grown out long again, behind his ear and stops a respectful distance away.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Best not." Remy says of land-air sharks, a frown on his stubbled face until Warren speaks up to the lone figure with them on the beach. The staff stabs into the dirt to act as a leaning post for him, one foot crossing the other with the toe pointed down into the sand. "yeah, chere, you don't look so good..." He glances back to where the blackbird is parked up, then over to Rogue. "We bring a medkit, ses pa?"

The quarter on his thumb flips in the air and he snatches it out with a slap of his palm downward to despoit it in his pocket. "We got a medkit-" He hopes, "-and some extra clothes."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue trundles down the Blackbird ramp and just rails after Warren. She smiles at his words, then looks over to Remy to stare at him from behind her black lensed aviator glasses. "We shoulda brought some food, like Arb's. Nothin' says 'we come in peace' like a Beef'n'Cheddah." The Belle says with a glimmering grin.

As they walk in the sand now, Rogue's hands go in to her pockets of her leather bomber jacket. "Land Sharks are called Bears. Bears are land sharks. I stand by this." She says shortly beofre they arrive to the girl on the rock.

After Warren speaks, Rogue just pulls out her left gloved hand and raises it up.

She waves.

"Heya. You lookin' lonely out here." She tries to give some of that southern hospitality... of course, they're way more southh here, than she is from... so... Northern Hospitality?

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     As the three approach and begin to speak the woman gasps in shock, as if they actually woke her up, eyes wide as she looks between the three, saying in english (though with an accent) "What the-!?" before her hand begins to change to become clawed, webbed and covered in grey scales. She seems to realize this too late, looking at her arm and shouting "Nao... Nao... O que esta acontecendo comigo!?" She grows taller, more muscular, grey and white scales covering her entire body as her face morphs into that of a giant shark... and as she grows it becomes readily apparent that bringing the change of clothes was a good call, the bloodstained brassier snapping off and the shorts tearing and barely hanging on as the now six foot seven wall of scales and muscle charges the three X-Men, a flash of ivory triangular teeth as she shouts in a throatier, rougher but still distinctly feminine voice, "GET AWAY FROM ME!"

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren takes a half-step forward and starts to reach out when the young woman becomes distressed, and then takes a smooth two or three back when she begins to transform.

"Nevermind, land shark it is," Warren says dryly. He briefly shields his face with one wing as fragments of bloody clothing go flying. A wet slap of cloth leaves a red splotch in his feathers when he twitches his wing to flick it off. He sighs. "That doesn't feel gross at all," he sighs, then spreads his arms. "Okay, we just came to make sure you're alright, we're here to help. Because I think you're probably pretty confused right now, and like my friend said, could probably use some... clothes."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren takes a half-step forward and starts to reach out when the young woman becomes distressed, and then takes a smooth two or three back when she begins to transform.

"Nevermind, land shark it is," Warren says dryly. He briefly shields his face with one wing as fragments of bloody clothing go flying. A wet slap of cloth leaves a red splotch in his feathers when he twitches his wing to flick it off. He sighs. "That doesn't feel gross at all," he says, then spreads his arms.

"Okay, we just came to make sure you're alright, we're here to help. Because I think you're probably pretty confused right now, and like my friend said, could probably use some... clothes."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy isn't the I told you so type, but...

He did.

And he will..

A card flips into his fingers and begins glowing a distinct pinkish color as he charges it with kinetic energy and then flicks it out with an effortless sort of grace with precision aim.. It doesn't actually hit Iara, however... it strikes the ground in front of her and sends up a gyser of sand that will prove quite distressing to any charging Sharks that might be considering eating him today.

It also leaves behind a nice pit which, unless she's nimble, and avoids getting sand in her beady black eyes, could prove problematic for continued forward motion!

The staff comes out of the ground, twirls over his head as he scampers backwards, and twists at the waist to stab it into the dirt again and vault himself a good 10 ft in the oposite direction of the behemouth of angry flesh eating.

"We really are here to help... clothes, probably food, and a joint.. because you need to enhance your calm by nine or ten degrees.."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lets both of her hands fall to her sides when things seem to be going further south.

She watches Iara make her charge at Angel, and she does take a step forward, but Angel is well trained, and Remy's explosive power seems to get the message across, hopefully.

"Yeah, simmer down, now. We're not enemies!" Rogue adds to the response from the boys. "We're from a Mutant school. We're here t'make sure you get a chance t'learn more about what's goin' on with ya. If'n you're interested." Rogue tries to get all that out before the Shark-Nado does any further attacks.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Right on cue, the shark stumbles into the sand from the pit formed by Gambit's explosive card, falling on her stomach with her chin hitting the sand and an audible click of teeth against teeth. She speaks almost drunkenly, as if not fully in control of herself as she claws at the sand and moves to stand up again, shouting "What school!? I'm not... a mutant!" Welp, there's going to be quite a few things that need explaining at this point.

     A few bubbles come up from beneath the water in the ocean, and then more in a few other locations in the water, spread out but an even distance from each other. "What's... blood?" the shark-girl manages to say, and when she looks up she is bleeding a bit from her mouth... and her glossy black eyes seem even more lifeless than they were a moment ago as she starts to shake, her nostrils flaring as her breathing becomes deeper, strained, but more unsettling is that she stops talking, her jaw stretching and quivering as she appears to be fully losing control of herself.

     To then compound the X-Men's difficulties, there's a sound of water breaking from the ocean a moment later as multiple, armored, humanoid figures begin to emerge from the water, five in total. Black metal with red visors incases these metallic humanoid creatures, though hard to say if they are robotic or humans in powered armor... the movement seems more organic as the one closest to the group lifts its arm wielding some sort of cylindrical tube that encases their entire fist, and when the tube opens up... it fires a rocket straight at Rogue!

Warren Worthington has posed:
"You literally just invented a shark trap on the fly?" Warren says over his shoulder to Remy with a grin. "Show off."

Warren looked liked he was about to say something else when company arrives and starts rising out of the water. He sees one take aim at Rogue and winces slightly. "Don't hurt him too badly, Rogue," Warren says dryly. "You two take them, I'll try and help our friend here!"

Warren moves forward quickly but with his hands out and easy for the shark woman to see.

"Hey, hey, look at me, try to stay focused," Warren says calmly. "You're going to be alright, we can explain everything."

He crouches down a few feet away, aligned so he can see the approaching mob past their new friend. Warren keeps his legs under him and wings just slighly outstretched, ready to move.

"My name's Warren," he says with broad smile, as if underwater armies were not invading the beach. "We need to get you somewhere safe, will you come with me?"

Warren holds out a hand.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I been having nightmares about dis since I was four years old..." The Cajun says to Warren as if that explains why he would so quickly come up with a shark trap.. "Dis is basically the only t'ing I'm afraid of..." Sharks... everyone should be afraid of them.

"Alright, let's all take a deep breath!" Remy shouts at the suddenly lifeless eyes that were already a little black and lifeless before, but are now even more black and glossy and lifeless. "You like sword fish? Me too... see? We got a lot in common, so let's settle down, stop tryin' to eat everybody, and have a nice laugh about dis huh?"

He's careful to keep his distance, though. Angel can fly and Rogue has super strength... he's just real flippy and quick on his feet. To compound issues further, black armored figures are marching out of the water and takes a swing at Rogue!

"OKAY now dats jus' rude. Whatcha tryin' to do? Get her clothes all torn up?" The cajun springs into action! He vaults off his staff and hurls a trio of cards in a downward arc at the black armored whatever that's trying to hit Rogue!

It keeps him out of the firing range of sharp fangs, but puts him right in the firing range of Black armor... In his opinion, that's a fair trade.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lets Warren deal with the Shark Gal, while she looks over at the ocean waves just in time to see a rocket fired at her!

The Belle tips her left shoulder back, and leans backward quickly enough to let the rocket just fly right past her! The Seventh Sense at its finest.

The Belle huffs out a sigh. "This is just how our Spring Break trip ended too. This continent is even nuttier than ours!" She exclaims as she lifts off the sound and shoots toward that rock that Iara had been sitting on. The rock is hoisted up out of the ground, dropping dirt and debris as the Belle holds it up like a giant basketball and just flies right at the one that shot at her with it as her shield!

Rock charge!

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     There's no intelligence in those shark eyes right now, but when the hand Warren sticks down there breaks her field of vision she snaps upwards at it, those sharp teeth biting at that hand with powerful jaws, snapping wildly as she rises towards the flesh offered to her with singular purpose: Rip, tear and eat.

     The rocket explodes against the rock as the one who fired at rogue seems weighed down by his armor, unable to move nearly fast enough or much at all before first the kinetically charged playing cards and then the rock collides into him and sends him backwards into the water. The remaining four standing upright each raise their arms with the rocket launchers on the ends of them as well, each seeming to aim at a different mutant present before they hesitate, and the one aiming at the shark girl instead aims at Rogue and the one aiming at Angel going for Gambit, as though they have orders to avoid hitting the shark mutant. The four launchers fire, each shooting two missiles at Rogue and Gambit respectively, as a small submarine seems to surface from the water, a compartment on the back of it launching a small one-manned hover vehicle with a number of undetermined, box-shaped weapons on the front of it. The vehicle is open-topped, a human appearing to pilot it in a full set of armor similar to but smaller than the aquatic soldiers, but more importantly there's a recognizable red logo on the nose of the vehicle.

     A circle, and inside it a skull sprouting tentacles out the bottom of it that reach downwards before curling up the sides of the circle.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Hey now, I need that!" Warren says and pulls his hand back just fast enough to avoid the snapping jaws. He takes in the unfolding battle on the beach and glances over his shoulder.

"Alright, let's go for a walk," he mutters to himself. Warren jumps backwards and beats his wings to land just clear of the shark woman's charge.

"Hey! Over here!" Warren calls to the shark gal, trying to goad her in pursuit back towards the treeline and away from the rockets. Warren crouches and gets ready to keep moving.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dis is getting really hot, mon amies.." Remy is back-pedaling in sumersaults away from the armored individuals. After the third he twists around in a spin that has another trio of cards flying towards one of the pair that have fired rockets at him! Aimming for their knees, since they're already slow due to their armor, he's going to take mobility away entirely.

That's the only real advantage he's got at keeping from gettin-

Oop, spoke too soon.

The second missile doesn't actually HIT him. At least not directly. He just miscalculated exactly how close to the explosion he'd be when it hits the ground where he was. It sends up a whole mountain of sand into the air and throws him in a rolling heap a few dozen feet away into the crashing surf of the ocean.

Now, he's not out of the fight and is popping up from the waist deep water almost as if in slow motion. Long shaggy hair flinging back to slap against his bare back! Since the explosion has blown his shirt off... all damp muscles, for some reason flexing in the shimmering sunlight to check to make sure there's no cuts on his bicep..

Rogue has posed:
Rogue holds up the big boulder to shield herself from the twin rocket assault! The rockets collide with the rock and shatter it to pebbles that go flying in all directions. When the bits she's still holding, Rogue throws them aside and then bomb dives the armored man who fired them at her!

The gloved hands of the Southern Belle aim to pick the armored man up by his shoulders and use all of her 75-ton-strength to toss him out to sea!

"I think we've had enough'a this place! Lets pick up the Shark Gal and get her outta here where we can talk in peace!" Rogue shouts with the wind rushing through her wild hair!

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     The shark girl chases Warren as he runs towards the treeline, a topless hulking amazon chasing after someone *usually* something one might fantasize over, if only the first thing that would reach him wasn't her teeth. A second armored foe goes down with a scream as Gambit hits his knees with explosive cards and Rogue flings another to the deep ocean, two standing troopers remaining and quickly trying to turn and fire more missiles at them.

    With Rogue and Gambit in the water, again they seem to prioritize Rogue, the flying hover-vehicle flying towards her and launching an electrified net out of one of the boxes as the two standing troopers fire another rocket at Rogue and Gambit!

     Lastly, the submarine seems to start creeping closer to the shore, and from the top of it launch two more armored troopers, retro rockets slowing their descent until they land ankle-deep in the water with a splash, rocket-arms soon raising to try to acquire a target...

Warren Worthington has posed:
"I get it," Warren says as he slips behind a tree ahead of the shark girl's charge. "You're confused, you have no idea what is going on, your body's out of control, you're having urges you've never had before, and you really, really want to bite my face off."

Warren keeps up moving towards where the jet sits, invisible with the ramp up.

"But we can get you through this. I've been through it," Warren says and slips around another tree. "And I know a lot of others who have."

The explosions in the distance are dulled by the trees but Warren can't help but glance that way anyway. "Not that I don't like dancing through the trees with you, but I bet you'd be way more comfortable back in your other shape. Maybe in jeans, and a tank top, with a cup of coffee and some answers, and somewhere safe to go where people get what's happening to you."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy runs through the water doing that high knee thing one does when in waist deep water, straight at one of the pair of recently landed armored foes! If they're going to be firing more rockets at him, they're going to do so in close proximity to himself! Somehow, god only knows, his jacket wasn't ruined. Only his shirt. Literally only his shirt... so he's bare chested in a leather jacket like this is some sort of B movie action sequence or... worse...

A comic book.

Because otherwise how would he get his endless supply of throwable nic-nacs?

Ever been hit with a super charged Susan B Anthony?

This guy is about to...

The pink glowing coin snaps from the Cajun's uplifted fist right at the connection between his armored chest and helmet.

Then he's airborne, leaping out of the water to spin aerially, and hurl his glowing staff like a javalin straight at the rocket arm of the second... "Aim dat t'ing somewhere else!"

Rogue has posed:
One of the incoming rockets is dodged, while another is punched aside sending it all catter-wonky in to the ocean! When the electro-net is fired though, Rogue just takes on a new strat...

She dives down IN to the water and disappears beneath the waves...

She's only down there a brief moment before resurfacing up again beneath the little one-man-subber that fired that net at her!

The Belle comes up beneath it, flying upward with her palms up to splash up out of the water and capsize the man in his cute little boatsie!

Back up in the air now, the Belle sheds water all around her as she looks back toward Remy and flies toward him to pick him up out of the sky after he does his jumpy-jump maneuver!

"Lets get goin', shall we?" The Belle says to the Beau, flying fast back toward where they'd left the Jet, and Angel now too.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     The shark-girl seems to tire easily in the forest, likely exhausted from the last night and they DID find her asleep when they found her, eventually muttering "Change... back?" as she slumps against a tree, saying "Change... Nnnngh... back..." as she does so, an arm covering her chest as she changes back into human form, her brown skin reappearing as her body shrinks back down, sounding absolutely exhausted as she calls out "Where... are you?" once she's fully human again.

     Gambit's coin blows the helmet straight off a rather strong-jawed and german looking trooper as Rogue neutralizes the other threats, the two of them catching back up to Angel and the shark-girl, the four of them hurried into the blackbird without any further problems. Once given a towel and a cup of coffee as Warren promised, they're able to get a few answers out of the weary Brazillian. "Iara Dos Santos. No living family. Nngh, residence Recife, Brazil..." Okay, that last one wasn't much of a surprise. "You were wrong about one thing though, Angel-man..." she says in that accented voice with a glare, though hard to say if she's angry or just really freaking exhausted from the last day or so. "I'm not... more comfortable in this form..."

     Speeding through the sky towards the Xavier school, the X-Men had two concerns: The future of this Shark-Girl, and why was HYDRA trying to capture a mutant? More importantly, just how big was their operation in Brazil?