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Yukon AIM
Date of Scene: 08 July 2022
Location: The Yukon -- AIM Base
Synopsis: The Bear defeated, the wolves vanquished a beleaguered X-Force calls this a win and finds more details of AIM's diabolical shenanigans.
Cast of Characters: James Proudstar, Clarice Ferguson, Wade Wilson, Tabitha Smith, Neena Thurman, Inez Temple

James Proudstar has posed:
The woods are lovely, dark and and deep and there are miles to go before you sleep or so the saying goes. But the Yukon is characterized by vast untouched tracts of old growth forest. The place where Sabes, Wolvie and most of the wendigo's hail maybe even Sasquatch. But who knows.
    This is the part of the world James dis appeared in just about three days ago. He'd made contact having encountered a devastated AIM base and seeking what had caused the destruction. He went after what has caused the damage and that was the last that was heard. Xavier reached out to X-Force to investigate, find out what happened to James and deal with the threat. He was able to give the team the last coordinates of his broadcast. This led the team to a large AIM facility that has been wrecked. There are a few survivors less than a dozen wandering around mostly injured.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice knows these woods. Maybe not this corner of these woods - but when Sabretooth was teaching her survival, this is where she was taken - so she feels right at home as she opens the portal, within the trees and a short distance from the coordinates of the destroyed base. "It should be this way," the (normally) magenta hued woman informs the rest of the team, quickly getting her bearings, and leading her way through the thick underbrush. It doesn't take her long to find an animal track that leads them in the correct direction, and makes their walk much easier - and much quieter.
    As the base comes into view, she takes a moment to study it from cover, murmuring softly, "I didn't expect we'd still have people on the grounds."

Wade Wilson has posed:
    There is one more Canuck who hails from this land of snow and ice--though you wouldn't be able to tell from the look of it. Something about Canadian soil just screams, 'mutant healing factors like whoa' to the creators it would seem. Wade Wilson--AKA Deadpool, AKA The Merc With A Mouth, AKA Freddy Krueger with a Dash of Gasey AKA the list goes on and on--hails from not too far (relatively) from the Yukon wilderness. It seems like he's not too thrilled about the homecoming.

    "Fuck me with a rusted ice pick, it's cold" he mutters as he treks through the underbrush in his white and black X-Force gear. One katana at the ready in one hand, one of his trusty DEagles in the other. "Tell me again why we're here? I mean, there's pretty much nothing short of a Kyrptonian that can hurt Warpath. Are we sure he's just not out in a teepee somewhere doing Indian stuff?" He pauses. "Sorry... that was racist. Doing -Native American- stuff?" he asks over the comms he's distributed to his team.

    As Clarice--AKA Aperture for the purposes of X-Force--spots their location he sobers and peers at the wreckage. "Like I said, not much can stop him when he's doing his namesake. They look pretty disoriented. Might be worth it to try diplomacy and gather some intel" he glances around at the looks he's (more than likely getting) and holds up his hands in a pacifying gestures. "I'm jus' saying... sometimes I do more than slice and dice and make swiss cheese. I can do the diplomatic things... sometimes... on occassion... like leap years."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
James missing on a mission the professor sent him on. Word to go make sure he's okay. Damn straight Tabitha is going to be in on this so fronting up in kind of a mix of her X-men and Force outfits. Black shiny synthetic leather one peice. A little padding around her chest shoulders and upper arms in black with yellow piping and an X in school circular fashion as a buckle around her waist in yellow.

In deference to being X-Force, the jacket is red leather, many a pocket and puch sewn in on the inside lining with all kinds of things you might need on a rescue mission or just a camping trip. Boots in red and her glasses in matching colors of frams and lenses.

Porting in with Clarice. The blonde bounces on the spot while she looks around the area.

"So great. Jimmy's in around here somewhere. These guys maybe found him and have him stashed?" she ponders in a whispered tone. "He's always telling me to not go nuts on missions. He's tough Deadpool, and an ex so I still worry." she adds with a tone to match.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    Neena's from Chicago and lives in New York; woods are /not/ her strong suit. So she makes a bit of a face as they arrive in the woods, swatting at an imagined insect and glowering at Deadpool. "I'm going to tell him you said that," she notes. Probably just to get Wade in trouble, more than anything else. She's wearing her black-and-white outfit with the light blue piping--her X-Force outfit, even if it has no red--and carrying a /bunch/ of guns. You never know, with AIM. Or the woods. There could be bears.

    "Yeah, I'd worry. If he hasn't been in contact, that's... bad." She frowns as she scans the forest and the grounds as they come upon the place. "Diplomacy," she mutters. "Right. Sure."

Inez Temple has posed:
"Or when there's large boobs involved. Then suddenly he's all 'diplomacy'... by which I mean he tries t' get 'em t' play strip poker," Inez lets out a small chuckle across the comms before sucking in a swift breath. "Holy fuckballs it's colder'n a witches tit in a brass bra out here! Th' fuck would anyone wanna be in this kinda weather?" Yep, she's stepped through the portal and into the wilderness. The wilderness part doesn't bother her, but the cold does! The Texan woman isn't used to this sort of cold.

She's not exactly the stealthy sort ot begin with, even if she's traded in her usual leather skirt and vest for a black and white catsuit that is supposed to be providing some thermal protection. Supposedly. It might help if she zipped it up. If she can. There's a reason Outlaw has most of her things tailored or custom made!

She may also be bristling with guns. Not including the mini that she's toting in one hand like it weighs no more than the AR or shotgun. "Shoulda brough th' Warthog, least it's got heat. An' lights. An' a mount fer th' mini."

James Proudstar has posed:
The woods are silent without the sound of beast or bird. This is unusual. But there is something there at the edges pacing the group. Moving silently keeping to the shadows. Dom catches a glimpse of something, grey fur that shimmers into invisibility as the thing moves off into the shadows but it isn't alone.
     The AIM camp has a few guards and a big fire in the center, everyone is staying in the light, even in the daylight which the woods turn to twilight. They are visibly releived to see X-Force, "Did Warpath send you? Have you heard from him? The fire keeps the alphas away. But he went after Ursula. We haven't heard. Didn't know if it was good or bad?"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Oh, com'on, this is //July.// This is the best it gets," Clarice remarks in an amused tone. As the team seems to settle on diplomacy, she starts to move forward in her asian guise, her black duster moving around her legs with each step. "We were sent looking for him. Who's Ursula? Which way did he go?" she asks bluntly, and without pre-amble.
    She turns back towards the eerily-silent woods - it wasn't the Yukon she was used to, especially at this time of the year, and it bothers her.
    "What do you mean, 'alphas'?"

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Deadpool opts to let others do some of the talking here. After all, Aperture seems to cover all the bases in minutes what he himself would've asked in probably ten times as much time. Though he does offer a moment to test the air a bit more. "Still colder than New York" he mutters as he acclimates a bit to the cold. "Really not -terrible- but close to 90 to 50s does a hit to the boys something fierce. He says, grabbing at his crotch briefly.

    At the mention of alphas from both Clarice and the AIM management he arches a brow. "I'm going to venture a guess that you're talking about wolves. You guys have been using the wildlife around here?" he asks the employee. "Did Dr. Moreau teach you guys nothing?" He scans the woods for a moment to see if his Mercenary eyes have any similarities to Elf Eyes. Probably not, even if Ryan Reynolds is hotter than Orlando Bloom by leaps and bounds.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha looks down at her own chest. Then Inez, then Neena's, and Clarice's. "I'm not playing poker. And at least there isn't a pain of glass that could stop us now!" she adds with a chuckle trying to sound less worried about the man she used to shack up with.

"If this thing that can knock Warpath around is around. Umm. You might be glad you didn't bring the 'Hog Outlaw. Think even a gat is gonna ding his ski... Crap. I'm fighting it arern't I?" Tabby states with a quiet chuckle at her own expense.

"The repair costs would suck and I doubt insurance covers battle damage." she adds and shrugs.

To the aim folks Tabby nods her head. "Yeah Ursula? Umm, who that? Hopefully not a thick older lady with tentacles and spiked up hair that's wasted on a Karen. We did tentacles not long ago so little help?" she asks curiously before looking to the others with a wordless request for a clue.

There's a nod to Wade and she shudders. "Wolves? It's like a flashback of my biggest hits." a very large Direwolf did try tearing a new one out of her a couple months back.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    "If you two are going to keep bitching about the cold I'm making you spend Christmas in Chicago," Neena notes idly. "See how you like cold /and/ wind." She glances off to the side, frowning faintly as she sees the movement in the shadows. Lucky enough to spot the thing--of course.

    She murmurs into comms, "Spotted something in the shadows. Grey fur... sort of shimmered and became invisible. I think there's more than one." It's said so the AIM people can't hear.

    She focuses on the AIM people. "We came looking for Warpath," she says bluntly. "What's going on?"

Inez Temple has posed:
"Jes' because it ain't freezin' don't mean it ain't -cold-." Inez's snapback is immediate and grumbling. "It's summer, shouldn't be this damn cold in summer."

Neena gets a droll look from the Texan, "I'd love t' see ya try, darlin'." Then she's glancing out into the woods, pursing up her lips. "How much ppi do th' alphas got in a bite? Are we talkin' pitbull? Great white? African croc?" Like she's already trying to calculate if she can just walk out there and try to draw them out.

James Proudstar has posed:
A man still in full beekeeper gear marking him as some sort of AIM hardliner comes over, "That's enough Jameson! Ursula and the Alphas are AIM proprietary technology. Moreau isn't even working on this anymore! He got sent down to the southern base to over see the Creatceous modifications. The indigenous fauna here proved... untenable even before the the breakout. If you're here to render aid, we would accept but like I told you indegenous friend. The tech is ours and it's proprietary!"
    This is of course when things go pear shaped. A tech working on one of the anti teleport field inhibitors accidentally shuts it off. Clarice can feel yje field drop over a certain area and so can the alphas. A wolf blinks into existence pouncing and mauling the tech anf three others follow. They appear like dire wolves massive beasts twice as big as a normal wolf but as soon as they move they start to shimmet in that way we all associate with 'Predators'. The first grabs his prize and starts to drag his still screaming prize away another follows suit grabbing a guard as the final two head deeper into the camp.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Oh for the love of-" Without her powers, Clarice stalks towards the beligerant man, intent on clocking him in the head to tossing him towards her team-mates. Look, if he isn't going to cooperate-
    But her aggressive stalk is stopped when the field shuts down, and she summons one of her silvery javelins to her hand instead. She's about to toss it towards the man when, over his shoulder, she sees one of the other technicians attacked by a thing that's both there and not there. Her aim shifts, and she tosses it at the creature, intent on blinking about //half// of its mass away into the woods, if her javelin makes contact.
    "Talk fast - what are these things?!"

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "Not the one I was talking about but good to know you guys are on brand for the mad science schtick" Deadpool comments before the chaos starts up. He watches as one of the dire wolves materialize, maul, and drag complete with invisibility. "Well... fuck..." he mutters. "Big puppies..." he says as he slides the sword into place on his back, no use using it here. If one of those is close enough for his sword to be effective, he'd already be in its stomach before he got a chance to do any damage.

    He slips the other Deagle from its holster and starts for where the last two 'Alphas' trotted. <<Aperture, keep the scientist safe and learn what you can about what we're up against>> he says as he starts off, his mind shifting from comedic effect to action oriented business casual on a dime. <<Outlaw, Boom Boom, keep your eyes on the woods. I have a feeling the 'Ursu' in Ursula is a hint at what they've done and you two might be the only ones able to slow it down enough if it shows up. Dom you're with me, we're going Lanister on these direwolves,>> he says firing a pair of high caliber, hollow point .50 AE bullets where he can only guess the last two dire wolves might be, invisible as they are.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's a grin and a nod given to Neena. "Seriously. This is like perfect weather right now. Says the girl that grew up in a mountain town trailer park and was homeless in New York!" Tabitha recalls many a winter night with no access to heat sources that didn't explode.

With the warning from Domino and maybe picking up on the idea that fire wards things off she lets her plasma spark and a number of glowing balls of super heated ionized gas float around her and eventually the group. The lighting goes up as a result of the psionically orbiting globes of future BOOM.

The talk about cretaceous modifications. That makes Tabby wince and rub her spine. More memories. Dinosaurs this time.

The bombs soon come in handy when the Direwolves appear and disappear and start taking AIM beekeepers.

They frigging teleport and or turn invisible? God dammit!" she yells and starts tring to track the creatures. "Watch for splash damage. Much big booms to make sure they hit!" she warns her team.

And she's not slouching on the explosions either. The only problem is in making sure something big and furry is caught in it and then put down fast.

"Like I say, blame the owners, never the animals." she says and sadly accepts they'll have to kill creatures that didn't deserve any of it.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    <<Ewww, Deadpool, 'going Lannister' has /entirely/ other connotations, you know that, right?>> Of course he knows that. That's probably why he said it. Neena shakes her head; she's already unholstering a gun when the wolves appear out of nowhere.

    "God, don't you people ever /learn/?" This over her shoulder to the AIM scientists. Back to the others: "We actually have to keep these idiots alive, right? Uggggh. You'd better be /damn/ grateful!"

    She's got fewer qualms about shooting animals than the others seem to, so she aims for slightly ahead of the last place the wolves were and fires her guns at the spot.

James Proudstar has posed:
The way it shimmers makes aim difficult but Clarice's bolt strikes true and a solud third of the beast is shifted away. But the trap is sprung and when the beast howls in agony, three more clearly waiting to ambush whoever came after the technician charge in now centered on the threat as the blink in and out closing the distance in moments. One of them grabs the beekeeper mauling him as another attacks Clarice the third moves towards the group.
     Jameson growls and pulls an energy rifle. Firing in the general direction of the wolves now ravishing the camp. "They-yes, they were wolves. Guard dogs more orkess. With the spaceport starting up, all the airns old fears got opened up and Stormwatch put out a bid for alternate technology. Sentinels were a PR nightware. They opened up the vault for our gene mods. Bigger faster, augmented, short range teleports, cloaking, skeletal reiforcement, subdermal ballistic implants and their natiral weaponry and instincts. The bear incorporates Sentinel tech." Tabby catches one in ablast and it yelps as it falls. Which only makes the others more cautious. The beekeeper is dragged away along with anotherheading back towards the woods. Wade's hollow points blow chunks from the subdermal gel packs opening them up for more controlled fire. Dom's luck holds as she manages to wound one of the big wolves.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "SH-IIIT!" Clarice exclaims as she suddenly has a shimmering, nearly invisible beast in front of her, slashing at her. She cartwheels away, but the creature scores a long scratch down her leg that instantly starts dripping blood. "You bloody idiots!" she exclaims at the Aim scientists - tossing another javelin to where she thinks the creature that attacked her might still be standing.
    "God I didn't think I would say this but- TURN IT BACK ON! Someone get that anti-teleport thing back up!"
    Still, she stays near the scientists like she was ordered, limping on one leg, and flinging as many javelins as she can in close succession, whenever she has cause to think she's spotted one of the creatures, each time trying to cut the creatures in half.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Deadpool notices the gel packs dripping as the creature fades from view and he smirks. "First rule of camoflague boser..." he says tracking the beast with relative ease. "Don't get wet." More hollow point, massive caliber rounds are pumped into the beast. "Just go down and it'll be easier for both of us."

    Clarice is spared a glance. <<You still good Aperture?>> he asks over the comms. <<Boom Boom, give her some backup if you can!>> he commands... no not commands. He's not that sort of leader. He suggests. That's better.

    The momentary lapse of focus allows the invisiwolf to get close and suddenly he's buried under the invisble weight. "Shit! Shit! Shit!" he calls, his hand, forarm, and a gun doing what they can to hold the beast's teeth from tearing out his throat. I mean sure, it won't kill him... not permenantly, but it'll delay their inevitable win if he's taken out and the time it takes to grow back a voicebox is tedious and annoying as hell. Sign language just doesn't have the same oomph when it comes to swearing.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The gag about Game of Thrones gets a chuckle. But she 's more focused on trying to track any and all invisible critters that might shimmer into her field of view.

"You jackasses can't just leave it well enough alone. A frigging Sentinel Bear!" she states and keeps bombs lighting up an dropping when she can on wolves and their immediate areas. Trees and other surroundings being blasted and thrown about while she does her best to not blast any humans cause someone like Jameson might have information and beans to spill!

"What's next. You make the bear Sentient? Sentient Sentinal Bears?" she asks loudly while watching out for said bear. That's gonna need some focussed firepower

Smarter than the average bear is just what X-Force needs.

"At least tell us you got tracking tech?" she asks while trying to follow Deadpool's directive to help Aperture and fling and direct the ocasional bomb to blast a wolf if it's there into Clarice's javelins while the any teleport field is still down. Benefits of the blasts allowing for some creative crowd control where possible.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    On occassion, Domino does stupid stuff. Like running right into the front door of an enemy compound, carrying a flare so Inez can target a machine gun through smoke. Or letting Inez throw her at enemies. Or--look, a lot of the stupid stuff she does is with Inez. It's the nature of friendship in their world. The stupid comes about because if her luck fails, she'll get hurt, and badly. But she does it anyway. And then berates herself.

    So when she throws herself at the wolf on top of Wade, she's internally berating herself. (This is stupid, Neena. Why are you...)

    But, see, here's the idea: if she's lucky (and she usually is), she'll manage to complete a manuever that goes like this: grab the distracted wolf, roll with it into /another/ wolf, hopefully start a chain reaction that will get the whole pack roiling or at least visible so everyone else can more easily target them. If nothing else, flinging Deadpool's blood around might make the camoflage less useful.

    Or it could all go sideways and turn out to be spectacularly stupid. But she /really/ doesn't want these damn wolves around still when the bear shows up.

James Proudstar has posed:
The wolf that scores a hit on Aperture is caught full on by the javelin and rent asunder as the others blink out more cautious between timebombs and javelins. The AIM folks have fallen back from the edges of the field evacuating the space where it fell. Wade is busy not being made into wolf chow so the situational awareness ness falls to Dom. The fear the screams, the blood. the wolves have triggered primal feelings of fear and distress, causing the humans to react as prey and that draws in the predator. The bear then comes smashing in from the opposite side driving the scientists towards the wolves and the edges of what remains of the anti-tp field. "Found it." says Jameson, "Ffffffuuuuuuccccckkkk us." The bear is the size of a school bus, reinforced with titanium and the pair of miniguns on its back whir to life firing depketed uranium 50 cal shells. One of the bears paws it crushed, it's left ear is gone and the subdermal implant on that side is leaking badly.
     Well, Dom knocks the wolf from Wade and they all three role further inside existing anti-tp field but that sungular wolf is damn fine cover when the bear opens up with it mini guns. Her luck holds as the barage leaves her without a scratch and wade mostly unscathed.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    <<"Good. I'm good,">> Clarice insists, a wince on her features. <<"We always go the most interesting places, don't we? OH! I got the Lannister thing, by the way. Game of Thrones!">> Look, having grown up without access to any media, she was always impressed with herself when she gets a reference - most of them go right over heer head.
    As the bear charges, she whirls towards it - wincing at the size of the thing. "If I try to port it - I won't be able to send it far!" she remarks. It looks like it ways //tons// - especially with all that hardware implanted.
    Instead, Clarice tries one of the 'oldest tricks in the book' (for her anyways). She opens a portal in the path of the bullets the bear was firing, and opens an exit portal that aims them right back at the bear itself.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Deadpool draws in close to Domino as they hide from the rain of minigun bullets that tear into the mass of the direwolf they are using for cover. <<Hey, don't blame me for this one... this is purely on Jim. Who knows maybe this is foreplay for him. I don't know anything about Apache customs>> he says as jerks as a piece of shrapnel from the wolf's armor is torn away by a bullet and grazes along his hood tearing a small cut in his scalp. It bleeds for a moment and then seals.

    <<So... how we wanna play this... Aperture, keep doing what your doing... safety first. Boom Boom... I know Smokey the Bear would frown on you but go Eddie Van Halen on the thing.>> That's an Eruption reference. If you don't know it, look it up, <<Don't worry about the forest.>> He turns to Domino.

    << As for you and I. classic bait and switch? If I can get close enough, pretty sure this>> he taps the hilt of the right katana, <<For those of you who can't see me, I'm tapping the right hilt of my katanas... Anyway, I'm pretty sure it can get under the armor. I've had Logan call this one sharp and he's an expert. I just need to get close enough to do it and then drive it through the brain pan.>>

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The whirr of big honking miniguns on the the giant ass bear gets Tabby yelling loudly. "It's a big frigging sentinel bear of death. You cockbags suck!" she aims at the asshole apiologists.

There's a scramble for something that could work as cover against at least the guns.

"Okay. Like breath. You train on fake simulated sentinels all the time Boomie!" she says to herself and then looks to the rest of the team. <<Trust me, it's not foreplay for Jim!>> she adds over comms.

<<So. This is new. Maybe, maybe I can put it down but I need room to not get shot or chewed on and time to charge Wade. But I also like you guys too much. Soo umm please don't go being all drawing fire and claws on my account! WADE!>> she reiterates the man about to go stab bears over the comms piped in through her ear pieces.

There's another peek out at the bear and then a frown.

Then she dashes while Aprerture is playing catch and return with the gatling bullets. In her hands she's already charging more and more and more plasma ready to go while she moves behind any trees not splintered and anything else that might be cover to try and get a good wide shot at the cybernetic bear.

All so she can line up a huge whopper of a plasma stream instead of just a bomb and push and slag her way through it's insides and out.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    Domino's plan didn't /quite/ work out like she'd intended, but it worked out well enough. She didn't get made into mincemeat, Wade didn't get made into mincemeat, so that's... something, right? "I am DEFINITELY telling him you said that!" she shouts at Wade.

    After a moment, "Yeah. Yeah, that works." She takes in a breath, eyeing the bear while Clarice has it vaguely distracted.

    <<Okay, Boom Boom, I'm gonna grab its attention. Blow it the fuck up, and if that doesn't work, Deadpool can get in close. Don't worry about me too much. I can dodge bullets, I'm pretty sure I can dodge your explosions.>>

    Then she charges out toward the bear, shooting at it and yelling, "Stupid motherfucking idiots giving a BEAR a MACHINE GUN! Aaaaaaaaaah!!" She does her best to get the bear's attention and then pull it away from the others. While dodging the bullets.

James Proudstar has posed:
The bear seems able to withstand it's own firepower but it pulls back the miniguns deploying a set of six long tendril like arms from its back. The tentcles end in knife like tips. There is also an ultrasonic whine as the beast deploys it's sentinel tech, the sound makes concentration difficult. Then it drops low into infrasonic frequencies designed to induce nausea. And while it's doing all this itt's still a honking huge bear! With claws and teeth and razor sharptentecles that may even be sparking. They can't be razor tasers can they? How sadistic are these... they may just deserve what they get. The tendrils incease his already prodigous range not to the extent that he can threaten Aperture or Tabby. And while Dominos luck mahanages to keep the claws and tendrils away. Her bullets are fighting a war of attrition and Wade is taking cuts and slices but he keeps coming.
     That's when the wolf charges the bear, surprising everyone, The gravelly painstricken voice of Warpath <<Aww, you came.>> The bear takes the bait concentrating on the larger threat ripping the wolf away from Jim. Who drops to his knees left arm hanging limply at his side. <<Tabs, it's all about placement... aperture can you drop the bomb behind the armor? >> Wade should have the opening he needs to get at the bear's head..

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Ugh," Clarice protests at the sounds the bear emits. She'd trained for years with Genosha's mutate program to be able to withstand these sorts of assaults - but it's still disorienting. <<"I- yeah. Got it, if we can keep the bear still for a minute...">>
    Irregardless of what the others do to help keep the bear occupied, she dropps the large portal which is no longer doing them any good to create a smaller one, one side of it just in front of Tabby, and the other just at the edge of the creature's armor.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Aside from near immortality, most of what Deadpool is is human. Peak human, on account of not having muscle inhibitors, but still human. THe infrasoic waves do a number on his eardrums as he approaches and they burst. The cuts and slices of the tendrils are a nuisance but he's been up against Omega Red a few times and come out on top--this is only 3 times as bad. Within standard parameters for margin of error.

    <<Don't worry about me. As soon as I jam this thing in...>> he says, wishing for all the world he had a pair of bomber glasses and the opening them to Who Are You nearby, <<I'm pulling out.>> He grabs hold of one of the tendrils. The elctric field sending a jolt through his body. Ow. He manages to let go at the right moment to end up on the massive creature's back.

    His nerves returning to baseline in moments allows him to orient on the creature's head and he draws the right katana. A hightly advanced blend of adamantium, diamond, and carbonadium makes the weapon something of a novel piece, but it's his favorite sword and it's survived buildings being dropped on it, being tossed into lava and acid, and a small nuclear explosion in the high reaches of Russia that he doesn't like to talk about too much. Boom Boom is good. But his sword will survive whatever she puts it through here.

    Another series of swipes, cuts, and strikes from the bear cause him to stumble as he makes his approach. But he's undeterred, his willpower to get the job done pushing him far more than this bear's desire to kill. Finally, he finds himself at the base of the creature's head. "Good night, my dear" he says and readies himself to drive the sword home.

    At that moment a tentacle impales him, going through his torso. He looks down at the bloody appendage protruding through his gut and mutters. "Fucking bears... rarely take no for an answer before they give you a nice poke..." he says before running the hyper-solid, hyper-sharp blade into the base of the creature's brain. <<Don't hesitate... just take it out...>> he mutters before he goes limp.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
<<To be fair. If it wasn't trying to kill us and dear crap it better not have eaten Jim, A Giant Cyborg Bear with Gats is pretty badass! And I've fought Demon Bears!>> Tabby begrudgingly accepts the concept on paper.

Tabby is charging a lot of energy by now, putting a whole lot into the stream and it may just be an all or nothing. Sentinels tend to take a lot of punishment normally to put down and this is like super upgraded stuff.

Way more than the bear necessities.

The Bear and it's tentacles get a brief smirk. Because of course she guessed Ursula had tentacles. The noise hits her brain just enough to start hurting but as for concentration. Tabby is probably infamous for not concentrating and just pushes more and more energy towards her blast, taking a stance like she's about to throw out a couple quarter circles towards the bear.

<<Eyes and ears folks. Gonna get louder and brighter!>> she warns. <<Gonna kill me a bear. Ooh Jim where you at! Imma yell out you later! Just say where and I can stream this blast wherever! Up it's ass? Also cover your damn ears!>> she yells back and when everyone is lined up Boom-Boom gonna earn that name.

And she does, the blast is a wide but concentrated flow of plasma like a dragon breathed fire. Only from Tabitha's hands, engulfed in energy and being shoved through the portal to emerge on the other side where Aperture directed it.

Even if the bear moves, Tabby can still psionically direct all that burning hot energy and redirect it so it'll hit something when it gets in contact with the Seninel Enhanced Cybear.

It's just odd watching the blast start and flow a distance from her instead of in front of the woman. The energy poured on till either the bear is down and crispy fur and slagged metal or Tabby runs out of energy.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    The nausea is enough to make Domino decide it's time to cut off her attempt to draw the bear's attention. She flings herself away from the bear, backflipping away from the thing and then running away as fast as she can manage in the thick underbrush of the forest.

    <<Good luck!>> she shouts to the others--and she means that in the sense of hopefully they'll get some of /her/ luck in the process of executing the plan.

James Proudstar has posed:
As the blade slips in, thr first thing that happens is the bear goes still. Unnaturally so, but still enough for Aperture's portal to bring all that plasma past any armor slagging the bear from the inside out. Reducing it to a pile of molten metal fat and muscle. The bear freezes unable to even bellow it's outrage at this ingnominious end.
    James manages to scramble back and following this display or raw power the wolves have disappeared back into the woods, the few that were left. The AIM scientists are all shell shocked at having survived but also disappointed you managed to defeat their masterpiece. None of them will say it but you can feel it. They are thankful for being saved and there is a veritable pile of humint as they are willing to tell their saviors everything and anything.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "I didn't hate fucking bears before but I'm considering it now!" Clarice says with obvious frustration - before she starts stalking towards the surviving scientists, her limp only slightly marring the threat that approach poses. "I swear, you guys better make yourselves damned interesting and useful if you want to survive this encounter. Sentinels destroyed my homeland, so I get pretty fucking pissed when I see that sort of tech put to use." She clenches a javelin in each hand as she talks - both of them charging with a glowing, purple-ish energy.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    There are bits and pieces of Deadpool all over the place. A leg here. A portion of his thigh there. His pelvis there. And over there, buried under a piece of the bear is hand. And then more. An arm are it starts dragging itself from the carcass. The arm gives way to a head that pulls itself out and another arm.

    "So we did it?" he says amidst the wreckage of the bear and his own body. "Looks like I'm going to need a bit of time to regrow the better part of my body. But I'll be okay for our next op. Promise. Just... can one of you collect my things... and me. The guns, the sword, and the belt should be fine."

    He drags his bloody upper torso over the cold ground... and stops next to Tabby. "Good work everyone... celebratory drinks at Sister Margaret's after this. While I... well... yeah..." He looks at the smear of blood he's leaving in his wake and winces.

    "Oh! Also..." he jabs a finger at the beekeepers of AIM. "If I get word of any of you AIM fucks using pieces of me for your work I will personally castrate each and every one of you with a rusted spoon I keep in my cookware drawer. You hear me, every single one."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
It's only when the bear is down, dead and a mess of scorched meat and metal that Tabby stops the Plasma and then yanks her hands back out of the portal before it's closed and she risks losing those hands and their red painted finger nails.

Once done. And Tabby can see James finally and gives the man a very, very weak shove. "You jackass! You go off and fight giant cyborg bears and don't bring us along to start!" she has no energy in the tank. Not like she could shove the Apache around even if she wasn't exhausted and trying to not look like she was out of breath.

"Well I'd be less pissed at you if you were gonna do something cool like protect people but you lost us on the giant cyborg bear with machine guns deal when it tried to kill us." she declares with a frown at the beekeepers. "Such a waste of awesome. Son, I am dissapoint."

Wade gets a look down from Tabby only because he's mostly all on the ground. "Umm. I'd pick you up but I may kinda have bear chunks stinking up my hands. Plus I can kinda bearly walk after that. So bear with me." she states and clearly on;y has the energy for bad bear puns.

"It was a grizzly situation!"

Neena Thurman has posed:
    Domino shakes her head. "One of these days, you idiots will stop... being idiots," she grumbles in the general direction of the AIM scientists. "Aperture, think you can help me with our feckless leader?" Because if nobody else is going to, she'll pick up the chunks of Wade, to throw them through a portal to wherever Clarice can offer to send them.

    "Let's get these guys questioned and turned over to someone so they can't go back to /putting machine guns on bears/." She groans at Tabitha's pun. "...Just for that, I'd be tempted to shoot these guys."