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AIM of the Savage Land
Date of Scene: 15 July 2022
Location: Savage Land AIM Base
Synopsis: The sentinel dinodaurs are destroyed as is the base which produced them. Our heroes retirn home with pit any greivous wounds for once.
Cast of Characters: James Proudstar, Monet St. Croix, Tabitha Smith, Betsy Braddock, Ororo Munroe, Clarice Ferguson, Iara Dos Santos, Negasonic

James Proudstar has posed:
The coordinates X-Force supplied lead the various X-People to what appears to be a large tree house style village. Mixed in with the Swiss family Robinson vibe is an ultramodern science lab with a variety of high tech animal research facilities but rather than being under ground these are located in large pens in the forest and surrounding plains. There even appears to be a section devoted to coastal and marine biology.

     A small entourage of bee keeper scientists is waiting on the landing pad as the Blackbird arrives flanked by flying and porting X-ers. The entourage seems a bit flustered but the the BeeKeeper in charge is undeterred. "I am Moreau. This is a private facility pursuing a StormWatch Contract under the auspices of the UN Science treaty governing Antartica! You are not welcome or needed here!"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
What is it with the Savage Land and killer dinosaurs? Never mind, that's an oxymoron. Of course they go together. The land does have a reputation. Monet St. Croix is over with the group that's ready to go on in so they can finish things. She's going to cross her arms over at the beekeeper. "You don't want to push it very far with us. Don't press it." She would slowly hiss. "I know -exactly- how far your dental and health coverage goes and /what/ your premiums are and I have no qualms on leaving your family bankrupt for three generations paying for it."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
After so much fun up at the Yukon. That is, helping rescue Warpath from oversized cyborg bears with sentinel tech grafted onto them. So hearing about more plans with AIM doing stuff in the Savage Land Tabby happily piled into the Blackbird.

"So who wants to take bets. Are they making cyborgs out of the native dinosaur pupulation or..." Tabby sets her red framed cate eye glasses back on her nose. Yellow lenses taking care of any glare from the lighting.

"Being that it's the Savave Land where anyone not wearing a fur bikini or loin cloth is a dinosaur fetishist, making them from humans." she suggests with a grin though she does wince a little and slip a hand behind her back to rub her spine under hher red leather jacket.

The rest of her uniform more in black and yellow as a two piece top and pants affair. The top, shiny black synthetic leather with yellow padding ar her chest, shoulders and arms. The pants in more of that clingy shiny leatherish material in a five pocket jean style while the yellow is from her boots.

"Hopefully everyone still has their DNA samples left with the egg heads in the med labs?" Dinosaur X-men had been a problem a couple years back.

Arriving at the Ewok AIM Base, Tabby just frowns her head when Moreau introduces himself. "With that name. I'm taking bet on human dino cyborgs" she says very softly whiole pinching her nose. There is a quick swep of her eyes looking around for anything weird or at least the possibility of Moreau having a Mini Me near by.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Having claimed the pilot's chair ("My license covers X-Jets now!") Elizabeth 'Psylocke' Braddock is one of the last to exit the plane as she had to strap on her gear after they landed. And by gear she means her katana and wakizashi, all wrapped in black and purple bindings to match the black and purple bodysuit she's wearing that hugs her like a second skin.

"Easy, luv." She warns M, "They are out in semi-public wearing bee keeper suits. That's punishment enough, given the color."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Storm took 'above the plane' mode of travel, the interior of even the Blackbird a touch on the close side. As it taxi'ed to its spot and those within deplaned, the weather goddess lands easily, and takes a couple of steps towards the greeting committee. She's wearing her more punk style; black leather, chains and, of course, boots. Hair is loosely done in a braid down her back, though great bits of white do wisp from its tethers.

"I don't think you understand," Storm begins softly, "You may not want us, but I assure you, you will need us, Mister Moreau."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice strides out of the jet in her full, magenta glory - dressed in her green dress, with slits up the side of her legs. Sure, some people think it's a rather inconvenient outfit for combat, but she's always found it perfectly comfortable. She frowns as she studies the man who's addressed them, arms crossed overher chest and a quirk to her eyebrows. "Would anyone mind if was somehow teleported into the pen of the nearest carnavore?" she asks conversationall. "...asking for a friend."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara is practically giddy to be in the blackbird again, she'd been on missions with Warren but this? This feels like a real big-girl mission. Despite her having quite the body count already. This feels... "Official." Shark-Girl looms behind Tabitha, wearing her matching black and yellow trainee x-men outfit that ends at mid-bicep and mid-calf, bare from there down on the limbs and showing off her grey scales with white underbelly up the insides of the limbs. Trying to suppress her excitement and not sure what to do, she stays silent, crossing her arms... until the man says "Moreau." She makes a face at that, as if nonverbally saying "Really?" as she looks over this guy, and then puts her hands on her hips, the amazonian shark woman seemingly unimpressed by this scientist. Also she's already a human-shark hybrid.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie definitely was keen to go. She won't admit it, but she wanted to see real life dinosaurs not just danger room holograms. Not that the quiet teenager would admit to wanting to see something so 'dorky'.

    Tabby's comment about dinosair fetishist though does get her to crack a smile and smirk at her teammate. "Scalies huh." is her only comment there.

    She is wearing her field gear, stompy boots, protective leathers, yellow and gold theme, though she has on her leather jacket and hoodie over it all for the plane ride. Mostly so she can have her hood up and earbuds in and mess around on her phone to pass the travel time. I mean Antartica isn't next door to New York even if you have a sick kitted out plane.

    The beekeeper confrontation she leaves to the adults for the moment, looking around when they disembark.

    She is a bit surprised at how fast things pivot to threats of violence. She hasn't been on enough field missions yet. She doesn't say anything but, deep down under the sullen she takes notes.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar took the co pilot seat and handled navigation on the way down. He is thr last to deplane coming off with one arm in a cast and using a cane. Jim has taken a frw beating but at least thr bruises have cleared up. He still manages to tower over the group and hands Moreau a letter, "Stormwatch contract? We're the OSHA inspection team. Got some reports of irregularities in your Yukon facility... You need to give us a toiur, supply all trainig and employment documents."

     Everyone can feel Kotty's hand in this but the group is let in and given a tour. The living quarters, the labs, the holding pens. It doesn't take Hank to spotthe genteic manipulations, the sentinel and aloen tech destined to make these poor animals killing machine. They even show the group feeding stations, TRex, Stegosaurus, Mosasaur, Spinosaur, Variety of raptors. There is rven a diplodocus outfited as a command and control platform.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would go to fold her arms, doing her very best to look intimidating along with the group and just smile. "Just do remember what sortsof things your colleagues might decide to do with you if they feel that you're not being useful enough. And interfering in the efficiency of your colleagues operations certainly counts over as that now."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The pens get Tabby looking pretty concerned. Dinosaurs they may be. Whether they were once human is unknown to her but the blonde knows animal cruelty when she sees it. The telepaths can probably tell that Tabby is seething.

The fact that she's not joking at anything now probably a good hint for those not able to read minds.

Following the others on te tour. Boom-Bom just keeps quiet and frowny. And not punching anyone dressed like a bee keeper.

It's possibly one of her greater feets of restraint she might ever be capable of.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
For the most part, Betsy seems content to stay in the background while people threaten and lie and posture during the tour; All the easier for the telepath to keep a light mental probe open to any stray thoughts or emotions from their 'hosts' to indicate any deception or malice.

As a result, the British psi-ninja is uncharacteristically quiet.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Storm, for her part, has also taken notice how quickly the threats have risen, but who could blame the knee-jerk reaction? Sentinel technology. It's not good, it's never good, and it can come to no good. If nothing else, as one of the senior members along for the ride, she can at least impart some calm amongst her own, and it's done by example.

It wouldn't do for her to become angry.

Warpath's foray into the mix does gain the desired results, and when allowed in, the tour begins. She's quiet, though in those clear blue eyes, she's obviously feeling for those animals. Hints of her emotions blow in wisps outside, the temperature beginning a slow but inexorable drop as she continues to view the works of the facility.

Glancing at her charges, Storm takes the side steps to walk with Tabitha, and when she speaks, her voice is canted low, "Look first, then plan accordingly."
Tacit permission for later.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    As they stroll, a creature covered in black and white feathers, with 'wings' on both its arms and legs swoops down on Clarice, calling loudly, and snapping at her head. It's not a large creature, but the little dinosaur is about the size of a hawk, which is enough to do damage, causing Clarice to blink out of the way. "What the hell?" she mutters under her breath, watching the creature climb up the truck of the tree it landed against, getting high enough that it jump, and glide to the starting position where it had initially attacked Clarice from. Observant eyes will note the telltale signs of a nest.
    "Stupid... bird thing," she mutters under her breath, continuing her tour with the others, and frowning at the state the animals are in. They're not going to leave these creatures like this, are they? For one thing - Sentinel tech should not be allowed to continue to exist!

Negasonic has posed:
    Mission accomplished. Dinosaurs. Check. Achievement Unlocked.

    Not that it shows in her expression, she maintains one of sullen indifference as she stares into the pens and various things they are trudged along to see.

    "Geeze that is a lot of raptors. Someone definitely isn't watching enough classic cinema." she says snarkily at that point in the tour.

    She lingers back with Boom Boom, angry silence her old friend. Though she does manage to reach out and touch her friends arm briefly in a show of solidarity. Not that she is ghreat at the whole comforting thing.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Shark-Girl leans over Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Boom-Boom as they talk, stopping by a glass window with a raptor inside. Having an affinity for vilified, sharp-toothed predators the Shark-Girl puts a webbed hand on the glass, giving a wide smile under glossy black eyes at the creature. "Awwww." she says, "See? You're not a monster, just out here to survive, you could be a friendly little-" before her words are cut off by the dinosaur hissing at her, leaning down and extending its claws out wide in a threat display, Shark-Girl's expression souring at this, saying "Or not." in a defeated fashion, soon catching up behind Tabitha and Ellie as the tour continues.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
<< I'm picking up quite a bit of nerves. >> Psylocke projects to the group as a whole, even as she appears to be calmly in the background observing with a slightly bored expression on her face, << The aptly named Dr. Moreau is simmering with anger. The impression I'm getting is they are all concerned about the containment. Try not to agitate the creatures. The site isn't as secure as the good doctor and his bee keeper minions want us to believe. >>

The psi-ninja continues to look absolutely innocent and barely interested, even as she continues to absorb and process the various psychic impressions from the scientists. No covert telepathic spying here! No sir. She's just a pretty face.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar is making notes on a clipboard muttering under his breath aboit violations. Morwau is getting more and more agitated and his underlings are getting more stressed. They dump a feeding in the wrong pen pelting Raptors with vegetables.

     The animals haven been augmented beyond what anyone thought was possible as when they attack comesz it is coordinated. A turkey sized raptor springs from an upper tree limb to pounce on a full cow being deposited. It cuts throught harness which causes the crane to release and swivel into Triceratops enclosure smashing the lock as those animals charge the door. There is a squad of AIM troppers ready for this but the move from other positions. A TRex reaches passed the goat it was intended to eat and frags a berkeeper onto its pen.
     That Feathered miniraptor's action caused Clarice to vacate the space where a team of the small animals is not attacking to beekeepers and atealing card keys to gain access to the control room. Chaos ensues As Team AIM panics and the small raptors have opened every cage and are. now deactivating the safetiesz

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would focus over thoughtfully <<Fascinating. In a macabre sort of way. It's like they were butchered and sewed back together with random things taken from a junkyard. It's like someone tore apart some leftover toys from a bargain bin and threw pieces back on them. Why..>> Seh would stare over at what looked like a Triceratops that had a built in saddle on it and the horns had been replaced with what were clearly laser cannons and a flamethrower over on the lower mouth.
    Then there's yelling and shrieking and chaos starts to kick in. <<SPREAD OUT!>> That's sent as a telepathic warning to the rest of the group!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's a nod given to Ororo when advice is offered. Tabby might have a few ideas on how to turn this place into Jurassic Park post Newman intererence. and the touch of her arm via Ellie gets the shorter haired exploder a nod and an appreciatice smile.

"They're meant to be wild animals." Tabby says as Iara has a negative response from one of the dinosaurs behind glass. "If we have to put any down. Do it fast. It's not their fault." she whispers and eyes the Beekeepers around the place. "Blame them." she indicates the AIM folks Never the animal." she keeps under her own breath.

"Unless the animals were agents first. Then you can blame them and laugh at their own stupidity." she whispers. There's another wince and rub of the back of her own neck under her hair. Still wild and thick and struggling against her ponytail and hair ties.

Whatever ideas she did have. They might have gone out the window when the dinosaurs do get loose and start freeing more dinosaurs. <<If you have to kill anything. Do it fast!>> she reminds over the mind link and looks around while she starts channeling plasma into her hands. Guiding it as concentrated streams to the first batch of cyborg thunder lizards. <<The raptors are thinkers so be like extra careful!>> she adds while she works her streaming booms and balances the amount of force needed to put something down mercifully quick with risking collateral among people she likes.

Those being the team.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
With the acute reflexes born of her time in a stolen body, Betsy springs backwards from where she was standing with a little telekinetic boost to get her some height and hopefully land on a convenient branch. << I do believe, luvs, that the inmates are running the facility. >> Can a mind-voice be dry? Betsy's telepathic 'tone' is absolutely dry as she makes her witty observation, before the psi-ninja from her perch breaks off the conversation.

There's a flicker of purple energy in the shape of a stylized butterfly around her face as she focuses on the velociraptors opening cages, attempting to see if there's enough mental power in at least one of the dinosaurs for her to take control. Remote control cyborg dinosaur? Why not!

Ororo Munroe has posed:
There's a reason why Storm likes to watch, listen and learn before action. The information from Betsy is priceless, and it comes with good timing. To be prepared, at least to the best of one's ability, means a greater chance at success.

The comedy of errors is no laughing matter as the keepers find themselves to be overcome, and quickly. "Those feeding the animals didn't do it to them.." is murmured, and in the next moment, the windrider has her own breeze that lifts her from the ground and into the air, hands pushing forward to make something of a shield of air so the animals find it slightly more difficult to push through.

"Leave the area, quickly!" is called out, and the bit of a vacuum that is created from her seemingly solid wall should be helpful to pull some from their danger.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    As the chaos ensues, Clarice finds refuge in the branches of a tree, frowning down at everything happening below her. She can see the various augmented dinosaurs attacking their keepers - personally, she sees no reason to stop that - and she can see the mother in the little nest not far from her, a simple, small, wild dinosaur screetching in protest at the disruption happening so close to her home.
    <<"I mean. We could just... leave. I could open a portal - let the dinosaurs do the work for us," she remarks in a dry tone.

Negasonic has posed:
    The sarcasm at this point is extra biting and scalding like a third degree burn. "Oh. The dinosaurs broke out in an experimental science facility where improper safeguards were had. Who would have ever imagined this could happen." she deadpans.

    "Other than like every movie or book on the subject literally ever."

    Still she is definitely aware this is going to be ridiculous dangerous. "Jesus zombie christ who put a flamethrower ..." when that commotion starts up. She sticks close to BoomBoom <<Too bad we can't let them eat the AIM agents first then deal with this mess... like if we were about an hour later getting here due to turbulence or something.>> but alas that is not how the flight plan got them here. Too bad.

    She charges up a blast, not too big, for her, and throws it at something scaley and deadly. Thankfully her blasts are very quick and the poor smol dinosaur doesn't likely suffer at all.

    <<I like Blink's plan.>>

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara listens intently to Tabitha as she whispers to her, nodding softly before shouting "Puta merda!" in surprise as she sees the T-Rex absolutely gib one of the beekeepers, and chaos starts to erupt around them. "No, no, no no no no!" she says as she looks around, looking up just in time to see that little dinosaur that attacked Clarice earlier leaping at her face, catching the creature mid air. Her arm is immediately scratched up by the bloodthirsty creature, but she wastes no time in hurling it away into another pen, her arm bleeding a little but quickly the bleeding stops on its own. "I hate this." she mutters under her breath, "I hate everything about this." She moves to put herself in front of Negasonic and Boom-Boom, her eyes scanning all around before - on Tabitha's queue, a raptor with obvious cybernetic enhancements sticking out of its head and one arm replaced with a metal one charges at her.

     "Don't you dare!" Iara yells at this dinosaur, the hulking woman adopting a wrestling pose and stopping the dinosaur in its tracks... before the cybernetics in its head sparks, the beast yells, and it resumes charging at her. Iara catches its throat and its chest, holding it out so that it only gets a glancing blow with its sickle claw on her thigh and its jaws catch only air, though its hand-claws scratch her up further. "Desculpa." she bitterly grunts before she leans in and bites the back of the raptor's neck quickly, breaking it and causing the thrashing beast to fall limp. When she turns back around to the others she's an absolutely horror show, covered in her own blood and the raptor's, though it doesn't seem to effect her as she says with a voice full of sadness, "Let's get the hell out of here."

James Proudstar has posed:
The attacks are spreading as more animals are being set free and some of the dinos tech enhancements are coning online, The triceratops form a phalanx and open fire with mini guns and flame throwers at the beekeepers. The T Rex help at bay by Dtorm's shoeld eventually just ports around it. A barrage of missiles fired by the C&C diplodicous destroys tree houses and sets them on fire. The Dinos are focused on their AIM tormentors but they don't seem overly concerned with X-ers caught in the crossfire. Several saurians moving in the shsdows using that predator shielding move.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
<< Careful of the velociraptor with the flame thrower, Negasonic, luv. I have control over her. >> Oh, the joy of being an X-Man and the things you can say. Betsy's telepathic voice is a little strained, most of her attention caught up in remote control of the raptor. There's enough of a psyche for her to control, but it's still a bit of a struggle given the telepathic wave-length animals have.

But there's enough there for her to control from her tree-perch, and she uses the little turkey-sized dinosaur to defend the scientists as they beat a strategic retreat. It's especially effective when she figures out how to tap into the tech, and is able to utilize the flame thrower to create an effective cover. Especially when launched into Storm's wind-wall, creating a fire-storm.

Huzzah for mutant synergy!

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would mutter <<I fully agree on their disposal. However, we do need to ensure we have access to the information stored here and the records so that we can ensure to sweep up the rest of the program>> Monet is going to launch herself along, ready to backup any of the others that need it. If it's tugging Iara up and out of the path of danger, or being a backup to clarice if the girl couldn't port..

<<I might prefer not to kill them personally but I have no issues if we let whatever's left of them be consumed. We just want to make sure to properly torch the facilities after>>

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Those bastards feeding them are just as complicit as the scientists that did the work!" Tabby yells out over the sound of everyone fighting and dinosaurs shrieking.

<<The last thing we need is extra intelligent dinosaurs with cyborg tech running around the Savage Land with a possible grudge and a lot of pain and rage. >> she puts out opver the mind link.

The T-rex teleporting is enough of a threat. Then their's the big diplodicus. Tabitha <<I think sone of them can cloak and get kinda invisible!>> she broadcasts while she finds a good line of sight and charges up a larger sized blast, about the size of a beach ball before guiding it as fast as she can towards the giant long necked quadruped. aiming to take it's head off if she can.

There's enough neck that it might pose a challenge if it bobs and sways it's head but Tabby's power just means she can swing the bomb back around till she hits something with the blast. <<Oh I won't let this place stand when we're done. I got that covered. Gonna enjoy that soooooo much>> the feeling of anticipation. You think she was getting ready for a date.

Negasonic has posed:
    "Did... that T-Rex just teleport..." she actually has a bit of shock in her voice. "Who... hooks up teleportation technology to a T-Rex.. I just..."

    She pivots and hurls anothjer couple of blasts exploding some additional saurians. She is snapping them off fast the blasts and explosions. Not going for a big charge because the team is all here and she doesn't want to accidently blow up a friendly.

    AIM collateral she has less worry about notedly.


Ororo Munroe has posed:
Betsy's fine work in tandem to Storm's own wind-shield means that there are more than a few hoops that the attacking dinosaurs need to jump through. Walls here and there, the triceratops' mini-guns and flamethrowers not finding the purchase or the damage that perhaps was hoped for. Her hand keeps it up, and with her opposite hand, those creatures that fly will find it more than a little difficult to keep aloft. Great pushes of air strike as if it was a physical bash, causing some of those on the wing to roll backwards and slam into the walls with a touch more force than perhaps might have been warranted.

Just beyond the walls, there sounds the wailing of wind, the breeze pushing and banging on the doors of the facility, the ice cold beginning to seep in.

"It's not the keepers, it's the scientists. I want them." Storm's words sound above the din. "These creatures should be put from their misery."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    <<"I mean - if it's just a matter of intel, do we have anything I can use to download data off their server? I could get in and out," Clarice says dismissively, continuing to watch the battle unfold.
    She spots a dinosaurs aiming some of their flamethrowers at a building too close to Betsy's tree, and Clarice puts up a portal that blocks the flame, and protects Betsy's tree - while the exit portal is 'accidentally' placed near a group of AIM scientists, redirecting the fire towards them. <<"'Oops,'">> she remarks unconvincingly.
    <<"I could also port these guys to another habitat - an isolated island - so we don't have to- Aww, hell!">>
    This last is said as the T-Rex heavily slams into the tree where the nest of microraptors had been, upsetting it and sending it and the babies tumbling. She hastily tosses a javelin, managing to catch two of the little creatures, only partially feathered, as they end up in her hands. "Uhhh - hi, little dinosaur birds..."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     "We don't need any invisible dinosaurs showing up!" Shark-Girl yells over the chaos, apparently forgetting the mind-link, before something steps and makes a footprint in the mud a short distance away. She hits herself in the gills on her neck, saying "Come on, come on, frenzy!" before she sucks on the blood bleeding on her arm, inhaling deeply as she says "There we go..." before she picks up the dead raptor she had just killed and flings it at the invisible dinosaur to her left, splattering the creature with blood and giving it the unmistakeable horned outline of a Carnotaurus. She freezes up a bit at this, backing up against Monet as she says "Uh... Boom-Boom! I need... I need a boom, here!"

Betsy Braddock has posed:
<< Life... life finds a way. >> Betsy deadpans to Ellie, although there is a very real question on if the younger woman will even get the reference. It's a meme, though, so surely...?

Then again, in the general chaos of cyborg dinosaurs that may or may not teleport and be invisible with flamethrowers and machine guns does make it hard to keep up the witty banter. The psi-ninja frowns, though, and suggests over the mental link, << Ororo, luv, think you can raise a dust storm? Depending on the tech, it might at least give us outlines of the invisible ones. I'd try with telekinesis but I'm a little occupied with Veronica here... She's resisting my control. >> And Betsy is not the best multi-tasker when it comes to using telekinesis and telepathy both. Skilled as she is, she is no Jean Grey.

James Proudstar has posed:
The beekeepers have begun to beg for rescue. Moreau is openly weeping yelling at the Dinos. Jim knocks him unconscious. The dinos have started. to try to escape taking the tech with them. the X-Men's efforts have started to scare them off.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix goes to move to grab at Iara, moving to pull Shark-Girl along with her. <<Get to the computers and get the data, then we torch here and get away. And providing that they're physiologically stable, I see no reason why we need to euthanize the survivors if they're not in pain and are in good physical state>>
    She means the cyber-engineered killer dinosaurs, not the AIM Agents. She moves to put herself between the dinosaur that Boom-Boom may or may not be erupting into nuggets.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby has an increasingly lengthy to do list with her explosions. Currently it's the lengthy diplodocus with it's head landing on the ground and then the rest of it with a lot of mess where it was exploded mid neck. They average around one hundred and seventy feet. Or fifty meters for the metrically inclined. That's pretty big. And a lot of it is neck and tail. There's also the Teleporting T-Rex. And a carnotaurus.

<<I would like to point out I miss the giant bear!>> she seems to be getting her snark back as the situation becomes more life and death. Ahh that adrenaline pumping along side all the other hormones.

The Carnorsaurus, Tabby at least waits to have it's mouth open and about to bite then she sends a bomb it's way. There's a chomp and the spiciest last meal it'll ever get as Boom-Boom consciously detonates the plasma the critter just are.


<<Don't let any get away. Eco systems and stuff!>> she points out and starts tracking the teleporting Tyrannosaurus. With Monet getting up in front of her Tabby grins. <<Think you need to bust shit up more than we do after what happened to you!>> she states and is actually very haappy that Monet is on the job again with the team. <<The bigger dinos are starting to wear me down guys. I'm gonna be sleeping most of the flight home. Negasonic. You and me gonna have to tag team slagging this place after we done fighting!>> she says and actually seems to be asking for help booming.

The blonde is actually getting tired as she keeps her plasma streaming and scorching and booming.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
"Better," Ororo murmurs, but she's sure that Betsy can hear her, "Ice." Cold blooded mixed with visible ice and snow should take the fight out of at least some of them. "Clarice, get ones you can out to a hole and an island when the teleporter and the invisible one are isolated. I'll try to help push them back."

Storm rides the air, her Betsy-augmented shield working as best as could be hoped for at the moment. "Did you hear that, everyone? Try to push when Clarice has something open. It's time we worked together."

She'll go after the scientists once the ancient to modern weapons and super-killers are //somewhere else//.

Even as she'd suggested it, there is a cold blast that comes through, and the temperature drops in a matter of heartbeats. Dust and ice and some snow blow from the winds pushed by the Weather Witch, forcing a light but distinct ice coating. And if they're lucky, perhaps one with a flamethrower will shoot one of their kin in order to 'help'.

"I want at least one scientist," Ororo adds for the crew, "I want to know if there are more experiments." With genetics, with portions of the Sentinel Project. "I want one." Did she stress the word //one// for some reason?

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara goes flying with Monet as she takes off, the blood-soaked shark flipping the remaining AIM scientists the bird with both hands as Monet flies her to safety. <<Monte de merda...>> she says over the mind-link, finally remembering it exists as she calms down. <<What assholes...>> she then transmits, catching her breath as she looks over the savage land research facility from the air now, a little concerned for the remaining X-ers but assuming they know what they're doing, shaking her head as she looks at the carnage below.

Negasonic has posed:
    It is indeed a meme. If anything. The teen is fluent in memes. Also the actor in question is himself a meme.

    <<I'm pretty sure Life was not involved with this AIM Facility. Though it would be improved by a shirtless goldblum.>>

    She looks at the remaining beekeepers then offerrs <<I think James got the lead one knocked out so we have one.>> she tosses a smol boom to blast a smol veliceraptor that was about to eat the head beekeeper. He is covered in gore but alive still.

    She just keeps mopping up to be helpful, turning in a slow pivot there.

    Not going to lie. This is kind of how she expected a trip to the Savage Land to go.

    <<Man Dino-Nuggets are never going to be the same.>>

Betsy Braddock has posed:
With a twist of her mind, Betsy sends Veronica after the ice-coated dinosaurs with her flamethrower, torching the beasties as if they were overcooked Dino-Nuggets themselves, and chasing the ones that are trying to run away back towards Clarice and her portals to wherever. << Someone snatch him up before his experiments eat him? >> Betsy suggests dryly, << I'm a little occupied with my new friend here and herding her friends. I dare say the denizens of the Savage Lands might be quite cross if we leave cyborg dinosaurs in their back yard. >>

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    At Ororo's command, Clarice gives a nod remarking, <<"I can move them to a few remote islands, but they're small - and we're not going to want to leave them there for long.">> Because they're not anywhere near Antarctica, or the damned things would freeze to death outside of this strange place. She starts tossing silvery hued javelins, catching dinosaur after dinosaur as some of them start to retreat, causing them to blink out with a flash of purplish energy.
    The little microraptor chicks (do you call them chicks?) she'd managed to rescue get tucked into the neckline of her dress to free her hands as she continues to work. And if a wayward portal 'accidentally' shreds a fleeing AIM scientist? Well - oops.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar plays prey, injured lingering behind. He waits fo the predarors to gather and strikes. He takes down the T Rex in one blow. He kicks one cloaked dino into another and lets them finish. each otjer up. James smiles and nods as he places Moreau's hand on an access plate and auses him to activate the self destruct. "We may be getting a terse letter from Lord Pmunder." The automated voice begins the countdown. "Save who you can bit let's head back to the plane!"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Meanwhile, even as the teleporting Tyranosauri flee off onto the wild horizon, there is one streaked purple and green skipping away humming, "I love you, you love me, we're a MurderBot family.."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
With the fight taken out of just about everything. Tabby starts conserving her strength. Mostly so she can charge one last plasma bomb. It's about the diameter of Warpath stanbding arms over head. Eyes glowing as she puts everything she still has in the blast. And when it's left in roughly the senter of the whole Ewok Treehouse village.

Tabby has to move on wobbly tired legs. But once the Blackgird is up and high enough out of radius she grins from the back of the plane to the team.



Luckily there's still enough power sources and fuel and gas tanks everywhere that that the explosion can morte than easily carry and level the place. Any down dinosaurs caught in the blast left extra crispy. "Wanna throw down one of your own Negasonic?" she saks with a chuckle as Tabby tries to stay on her feet till it's far enough along she can go keel over in a seat.

At least she's not piloting.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
And after everything explodes, flames,e rupts, and burns over in a massive pyre.. Going through everything is one hideous abomination of a cybernetic Tyrannosaurus Rex, slowly pulling itself along with metal sheathed down it.
    Left to a fate so grim, locked in a cage by AIM and then let free to run through the fires that had let it loose into the Savage Land.
    It would let out a roar and a gust of flame up into the burning horizon, "ME SAY ME KING!"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice gets as many of the dinosaurs out as she can, before returning to the Blackbird, the two little microraptors tucked safely away. She was pretty sure their mom and nest mates were dead. The nest was certainly destroyed, anyways - and if she just left them behind- well. They would die.
    Once the Blackbird takes off Clarice remarks casually, "So... there are dinosaurs scattered around various uninhabitted islands in the Bahamas."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Shark-Girl starts bandaging up her wounds when she gets back to the blackbird, all her cuts already stopped bleeding long ago but they at least look nicer covered up than open. Unsure of her contributions tonight and not sure what could have been done differently, she starts to sing under her breath as her method of coping with the disaster and smell of fire and death on the horizon. "I wouldn't if I were you, I know what she can do, she's deadly man, she could really rip your world apart..." she very quietly sings, not trying to make a big show of it. Now moving to bandage her arm, she continues with "Mind over matter, the beauty is there but a beast is in the heart..."

     Sitting back in her seat she buckles her seatbelt, looking over the other X-ers and trying to gage how it all went down, but understanding that not every fight they walk away from is going to feel like a victory, even if every fight they walk away from is a victory in itself.