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A Wider World
Date of Scene: 02 June 2022
Location: Fred's Diner
Synopsis: Iara, Sam, and Warren head into Mutant Town for breakfast to show Iara the wider world of mutant life in New York. They get more exposure than they bargained for when cyborgs attack!
Cast of Characters: Warren Worthington, Samuel Guthrie, Iara Dos Santos
Tinyplot: The Reavers

Warren Worthington has posed:
The Brazilian mutant had been on Warren's mind, and with him being around the mansion again, he made the effort to invite her to breakfast to show her a bit more of her new home. Warren told Iara a bit about Mutant Town so she would know what to expect. He also asked Sam, who was certainly known in Brazil, to join them. So that morning, Warren showed up at the mansion driving a new Navigator to pick up Iara and Sam; more low-profile than a limo.

The trio cruises through early morning sunshine and traffic. The homes of the wealthy near Xavier's melt away and in the city, the backdrop ages and becomes less well-cared for as they enter Brooklyn, and then further still as they enter Bushwick.

The people walking the streets change as well, becoming less affluent, and then more strange. They wait at an intersection while an otherwise human shaped man with a frog's head crosses. Further along, two teenagers are getting on a school bus. One has pronounced cat ears and the other has a fish-like fin on top her head, the scales fading into skin across her bare scalp. Her intricate tattoos are almost as eye-catching.

Eventually, Warren pulls up in front of Fred's Diner. "We're here. Thank god, I'm hungry," Warren says. He slides out of the SUV and stretches his wings. The wings are the only thing that make him look in place; the designer jeans and t-shirt, and custom sneakers, do not fit the vibe. He holds the door for Iara and Sam and settles into a free booth. A few others there take note of the new comers. A couple wave to either Sam or Warren.

Warren looks at Iara, smiles a bit and tilts his head. "So? What're you thinking?" he asks. A young... cat woman is the only real description... greets the trio cheerily, offers menus and drinks, and walks away again.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie has been out here a bit, not as much recently as a few months back. He looks over to Warren and Iara and says "You may see a big guy walking around with some spray paint on him. He is a golem a lady made to help watch over the area. Ah have seen him in action with patrolling the area, is handy to have about." He will smile and says to the cat girl "Sweet tea to start with." He looks to the others letting them order.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara's dressed in a standard Xavier school uniform - one of the first outfits she has not meant for combat and truly cut and sized to fit her, a black skirt with a white blouse, black blazer and black tie, an X on one pocket of the blazer. Iara's black shark eyes are wider than usual as she takes in the sights, the giant rather frightening looking shark woman enthusiastic but comically a bit nervous when talking to Sam on the car ride over, saying "Yeah I had no idea that you stayed at the Xavier school - or maybe I did, but like... I didn't realize it was the same Xavier school or..." but grateful for Warren's announcement that they're there.

     She looks over all the other mutants, that wide carcharodon maw curling into a triangular-toothed grin as she scans the area. "This is awesome." she whispers to Warren, looking over a menu, licking her lips as she looks over everything available. "Everything does kinda taste different to me now." she comments to Warren, "I wonder if there's like a... breakfast seafood platter? Hmm..." When it comes to her turn to order, she gives one last look to make sure she's not missing anything, and then says "I'll have the pancake combo with hash browns substituted for extra bacon, an extra side of sausage, a coffee and a..." as she looks at a particular part of the menu, then looks at Warren and Sam, saying "What sort of smoothie do you usually have for breakfast?"

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren smiles to see Iara's reaction as she takes in their surroundings. "I'm glad, I thought you'd like it," he says. Warren banters a little with the server, who puts up with it good-naturedly, before Iara orders.

"Smoothies? Strawberry-pineapple with... You know, I don't know everything they put it in for me. I'll ask. But just ask and they might have it here. They're used to unusual tastes, too, if you really want something with seafood in it. There are a few things not on the menu they can do for you," Warren explains. He lets Iara and Sam order then asks for coffee and farmer's breakfast.

"I haven't been here in... Maybe... Were you with us at that club night last year? We came here for hashbrowns or something after? I barely remember that night," Warren says to Sam, then looks to Iara. "There's a great, mutant friendly club here."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie shakes his head and says "Na, was not with you talking about Betsty's club? Ah maybe picking up a few shifts there." He tells them. He orders steak and eggs, and hashbrowns extra crispy. He nods a bit to Warren's words and says "They have a lot of unique diets around here, so never hurts to ask." He smiles and says "So, finding it a lot different than back home Ah take it?"

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     "Well, yeah, the signs are different, language is different obviously, and you can't just walk to places, pretty isolated at the school without a car but that might be by design..." as she looks at her drink when they bring it, tasting the coffee right away, making a face, and then starting to pour both creams and then a packet of sugar into the coffee before stirring until it's more of a light tan than a black, sipping it again and seeming to approve. "I mean yeah, this is a united states breakfast but it's not that different, cake and fruit and ham, it sounds a bit similar." though the way she says it certainly implies there's some differences too. "I would like to see this mutant club you have here, though I definitely need to go shopping for... some club clothes before I go, unless I'm wearing this. And uh... Speaking of, I'm not sure how money works at the school either, I mean I have some cash but like... Uh..." Iara raises her palms upwards, her long mouth pursed before she looks at Sam and says "Are you going to work at that club for spending money or just because you want to? Everything seems... provided at the school, I haven't had word if people are going to start charging me for things..."

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Don't worry about that," Warren says as the food is brought to the table. He thanks the server. "Everyone comes to the school from different places, we make sure everyone at least has the basics to do their studies."

That seems to remind Warren of something. He fishes out his wallet, pulls out a card and slips it across the table to Iara. It is a prepaid VISA card with $2000 written on the back in neat, probably woman's handwriting. "A house-warming present, help you get set up, buy a few clothes, whatever. Not every day you move to the US," Warren says with a grin.

"Working at the club?" Warren says to Sam with a too wide-grin. "Staff there? You're going to do so well there you should almost be paying them," he jokes.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie smirks, and says "Ah have been tending bar at Harry's and looking for something to fill my time." To Warren. To Iara he will say "Generally all the basics are covered there are chores you can volunteer for to get some extra cash. Ah ended up delivered pizzas for a while for spending cash and to send some home to help Ma, with bills and stuff for the little ones. If your wanting a car we can help ya find a cheap one and learn to work on it yourself. And yea a diverse group. Ah grew up on a farm, and was working in a coal mine not a week before Ah came up here, and once here, ended up making best friends with Roberto De Costa, who Ah am sure you have heard of his family."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara blinks at the dollar amount, doing some quick math in her head and then looking more shocked as she says "Ah, obrigada! Err, thank you! Uh..." before she blinks, saying "Wait, am I a citizen now? I ah..." She looks around, and then shakes her head, saying "I should probably stop asking questions..." The shark mutant scarfs down the bacon and sausage, as if unable to help herself, but far from the frenzy Angel was witness to the other day she seems to be lost in the bliss of carnivorous feasting, even muttering "Rnngh, meat..." as her eyes roll back in her head a little, but then she eats the pancakes slower, muttering "Oh good, it doesn't taste bad..." before she blinks, and looks to the other two, explaining "Uh, because shark tongue, not that I thought the diner wouldn't... y'know..." At Sam's comment the shark nods her long, pointed head, saying "Yeah, the De Costas... Dang, I uh, never expected to be talking to all these uh... important people..." before she looks to Angel, saying "You're uh... important too right? I swear I've seen you on the news before, the wings and hair are hard to forget."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren eats while they talk, and suppresses a bit of a smile at the sharkgasmic meat feast going on across the table.

"Hope it works out, Betsy won't say no," Warren says. "Sam... You should have seen Betsy's performance at the Hellfire Club last night."

Warren shakes his head.

"She won, no surprise. Hey, you ever met Colleen Wing? She showed off some of her sword work. It was incredible. A little too incredible but apparently she's friends with some of the others," he says and shrugs.

"Staff at the school will make sure you get a student VISA," Warren explains to Iara. "Citizenship... That's a different thing. That's up to you to go after I think, but I don't deal with that stuff. Jean Grey or someone will know for sure. But ask all the questions, we all get it. Don't be shy," Warren says to Iara once the feast is complete. He laughs at the mention of him in the news. "I'm not important, just guy born with a silver spoon up his ass," he explains with a wink. Warren pays the bill when they all finish, and before long the group are back in the luxury SUV and heading back toward the mansion.

"Some of the others at the school are actually famous, like Roberto, Dr. Xavier, Dr. McCoy," Warren explains conversationally.

Warren slows for a red light towards the edge of Mutant Town. An older man with a wide, brimmed, grey hat and no obvious mutation starts to cross the street. There is a screech of tires and a matte black van comes out of an alley fast enough to fish-tail, expertly, and screeches to a halt at in the intersection. The older man barely gets two steps from the curb and is just realizing the van is there when two men and a women in black military-style gear and balaclavas pile out at a run. One of the men has a syringe in hand, the woman sights a tazer on the older man, and the second man has an assault rifle.

"This doesn't look good at all," Warren says to Sam, and climbs out of the SUV. He jumps and flaps his wings, shouts and starts climbing into the air above the intersection.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to Iara and says "Trust me, Ah know how ya feel, but remember they put their pants on one leg at a time, except maybe the telekinetics. They may float in the air and bring their pants to them, Ah don't know." He jokes with her, at the braking and the people he frowns and he looks over to Iara and says "Stay here." He knows she probably won't none of the Xavier crowd does, but he is one of the adults so is supposed to try. He steps out and looks over to Warren "Ah got the car." He says and two steps forward and then he does a light leap and engages his blasting. He flies through the air aiming to take out the engine area of the bad guys car to keep them here.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Shark-Girl smirks at Sam's joke, but when the black van pops out of nowhere she blinks at this development, hesitating a moment as she mutters to herself "Que porra e essa?" under her breath. Soon the aquatic mutant is also popping open the door and getting a better view, though partially shielded by the door. At Cannonball's flight she blinks again, saying "Whoa!" aloud and then... does at least hang back as Cannonball requested, heading to the driver's seat to put the car back in neutral, either for a quick getaway or... to use the car in another way if she needs to, watching how Angel and Cannonball handle this situation, those glossy black eyes assessing the situation, though in particular the man with the assault rifle. Iara figures her new body is tough, but thirty bullets is thirty bullets, and she doesn't figure she's bulletproof.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Cannonball rockets forward. The driver sees him light up, and credit to his reflexes the engine starts to rev before the impact. But it is too late. Cannonball careens into the van at the front passenger wheel. There is a metal crunch and shriek. The van spins sideways under the impact and slams into a traffic light pole on the other side of the intersection. The engine compartment is half sheered off. The airbag goes off, and barely moves the driver. His door is wedged against the pole so he starts to climb out of his seat toward the back of the van. He is dressed the same as the others.

Angel tucks his wings and drops out of the air. He does a wing over to avoid a rising spray of bullets from the man with the assault rifle, then hits him with a flying sidekick as he lands. The man is surprisingly heavy, but is knocked off his feet and thrown back, and drops the assault rifle. Warren runs towards the downed assailant and kicks the assault rifle out of reach on the way. He drops a knee onto the man's chest and rains a few blows down on his head.

The older man is fully alarmed now. He stumbles backwards towards the SUV and Iara reflexively as the man with the syringe closes and tries to grab for him. The woman with the tazer is distracted by the sudden eruption of chaos and destruction of their ride. Her tazer is still pointed towards their target, but she is staring in Cannonball's direction.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will make a turn much sharper than he could have when he was younger. He takes a moment getting the look of the area as he comes in again. Seeing the man still up after Angel's attack, he comes in at the woman. He plans on hitting her with a clothes line, but does slow down not wanting to kill her, and not knowing she is tougher than normal. He is not worried about the item she has as we all know while blasting Sam is Neigh Invulnerable.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara sets the SUV back in park and nearly tears off the door to the driver's seat, not knowing what's in that syringe but guessing it's less deadly than the gun, and the other two are out of reach. She darts around the door, arms outstretched as she runs with heavy footsteps to the old man to grab him, and almost use him as a pole to swing and drop kick the one with the syringe, aiming for the gut, hopefully keeping that needle well away from herself despite having to get in physical contact with that foe, taking herself and the old man to the ground in one motion.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Oh shit," the woman with the tazer has time to say. She starts to turn and raise one arm defensively to block, too fast for normal human reflexes. Cannonball goes right through her defenses though. She goes flying about half the distance she should have, hits the ground rolling and comes up in a crouch. Her balaclava his ripped and shredded. Where the skin on her face is also abraded away from the pavement, Cannonball can see glistening blue-grey metal instead of blood. The woman pushes off the ground just hard enough to leave a slight crack in the concrete and launches herself back at Sam with a snarl. She cocks back her arm for a power-punch.

The staccato sound of gunfire breaks out from the van. The driver is in the open passenger side sliding door in a crouching firing an assault rifle at Cannonball.

The man on the ground under Warren shrugs off the blows to the head and grabs Warren's right arm. Warren reacts immediately. He grabs the man's shoulders and launches himself into a forward roll with a huge flap of his wings. The momentum is enough to peel the man off the ground with Warren and toss him into the side of an empty shop on the corner. The attacker crumples to the ground, alive but his limbs are twitching strangely and one of his eyes have turned a sinister blue glow.

Iara gets to the older man just ahead of the man with the syringe. When she spins she knocks aside the outstretched arm and lands her kick from inside his reach. It is like kick a human sized punching bag. He doubles over from the impact and is thrown backward a foot or two onto his back. The syringe bounces away on the concrete. The man only glances at it for a second then snarls. "Mutie bitch, that'll cost ya," he says raspily, and starts to reach for a knife in a leg holster while also trying to get his feet under him. He winces in pain when he tries to twist and it slows him down.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie frowns a bit as bullets start to bounce off his blastfield. He will move to hover in front of the woman, and motions his hand for her to come at him. As the woman does, Sam puts some of his training from the danger room, and hand to hand combatants to use. He may have seemed to be going to take the punch from the woman, but he dodges to the side, and uses her momentum to put her in between himself and the guy with the gun. Once she is in between then two of them, he will bring his feet up and blasts her with enough force to knock her into the other man, and not holding back as much since he knows at least two of them are cyborgs or some such.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara's grin only goes wider as she stands up and towers over the man, six foot seven amazonian shark looming with hands outstretched in a general wrestling pose, unable to help herself as she says "You're gonna need a bigger knife..." before she tackles the man... and they both go down to the ground. The man is certainly stronger than Iara was expecting, but her weight and size make him outmatched, the whirring of cybernetics grinding as they can't overpower the strength of The Shark-Girl until she's able to get the man into an arm-bar, dangerously grabbing the arm still holding the knife and drawing it closer to her stomach, though with a good enough grip that keeps the blade turned to the side.. for now. "Stop it or the arm's coming off." she commands, planting a fin-like foot on the man's side. As he keeps trying to stab her with that knife dangerously close to her clothed body, she shakes her head, saying "You asked for this!" as she plants the other foot on his shoulder and pulls, tearing the arm out of his socket and splashing her legs and the ground with that blue-grey metallic blood. She soon tosses the detached arm away before crossing to the wounded, crying man's other side, again commanding "Submit or you're losing the other one too!" But really, she doesn't have to, and while the man still doesn't submit, she's able to get his remaining arm behind his back and on the ground, pinning him, though this doesn't let her attend to the older man, Iara looking up to make sure nobody's aiming a gun at her yet...

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren only half-glimpses Cannonball's movements as Warren tosses his attacker, but it is enough to know what his teammate is doing. Warren jumps and flaps into a backflip. The cyborg woman goes sailing past underneath him, into the cyborg in the van door way, carries them both inside. The van lurches and twists some more. The two cyborgs go still inside. Warren lands not far from Cannonball and shoots him a grin.

"Been a while, but we still got it," he says. Warren looks in Iara's direction in time to see her rip the arm off her cyborg. "All the ladies like that in Brazil?" Warren asks Sam.

The fight goes out of the cyborg Iara has grappled. The expression on his face is all pain and enraged frustration. Then sudden his eyes go far away and he looks terrified. "No, no, wait, we...."

Whatever he was going to say is cut off. Blue eletricity crackles across his body, and the bodies of the other cyborgs. They jerk and go still. An acrid smell of burnt circuits and flesh hangs in the air.

In the distance, sirens start up and a few people are looking out from where they took cover.

"We should go," Warren says as he jogs over to Iara. "Grab that," he says and points to the syringe.

"Come on, we'll take you somewhere safer than right here," Warren says to the older man and guides him to the SUV. Warren waits for the others before peeling out.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to Warren, and says "Well last girl Ah met in Brazil makes volcanos so Ah would say yea, don't mess with them." He offers with a smile. He looks over at the arm, and says "Be right back." He grabs said arm and takes it up onto a rooftop, where they can bring one of the science types back to later and have them check it out. Once he finishes he lands back down and says to the others "Would have brought it with us, but might have tracers in it."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara blinks again as the cyborg under her goes still, again confused, frustrated, and she hits the cyborg, saying "Hey!" before almost instinctively biting the cyborg's head, not enough to pop it, just trying to get some kind of clue as to what's going on, before feeling a little dumb for biting it. She leaves it, grabbing the syringe and keeping it gingerly pointed away from any and all flesh as she heads back to the car, trying to wipe the blood off her legs a bit with an "Ugh." The shark-woman gets back in the back seat of the car, trying to get as little of the metallic blood on the fancy interior as she can as she buckles back up, saying "Just so we're clear I wouldn't have started pulling limbs off if they weren't robots." as she looks to the older man being put in the back seat next to her, thumbing towards herself and saying "Shark-Girl." as an introduction. Yeah, she's getting the hang of this.