11443/Shark Mama Said Knock You Out

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Shark Mama Said Knock You Out
Date of Scene: 02 June 2022
Location: Monkey Heaven Records
Synopsis: A Cardinals fan and a shark in disguise show up at Monkey Heaven, where baseball loyalties are unjudged and species are free to remain undisclosed. Unless you're an angel, because angels aren't welcome in Monkey Heaven.
Cast of Characters: Kim Hayes, Heather Danielson, Iara Dos Santos

Kim Hayes has posed:
o/~ 'Shake your hair, have some fun
    Forget our mothers and past lovers, forget everyone
    Oh, I'm so lucky, you are my best friend
    Oh, there's no one, there's no one who knows me like you do' o/~'

    'Bros' by Wolf Alice plays over the speakers of Monkey Heaven Records at the moment, the sound of light guitars driving the upbeat track. It's early evening, and it's yet another one of Kim's shifts. A slow one, she's currently alone in the shop, leaning back in a chair behind the counter and staring blankly at the screen of her work computer as it plays some video or other.

    <<Is this sleeping, but with your eyes open?>>

    "Nah, this is listening to music," the lone brunette murmurs to seeming no-one in particular.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    While the music may not be Heather's chosen style that she listens to.. that style was shaped by her father, whose taste was shaped by -his- father. Classic rock would be the genre of the blonde who finds herself striding in through the front door. She has a bright red baseball cap on her head, with a black brim and bright white STL letters embroidered on the front of said hat. A pair of sunglasses are pulled from her face... it was a classic quickie mockup of a 'please don't notice me' look that she used to get away from some paparazzi.

    Paparazzi... the most heinous of all breeds of humans. But Heather goes so far as to lean on the wall beside the door, as if waiting to see if someone chasing her is gone yet.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     The next one to arrive is a brown skinned, wavy haired girl of a south american ethnicity, clad in what looks like a school uniform, black blazer and white blouse with a black tie and black pleated skirt, a small black leather purse on one shoulder and heeled mary janes on her feet. She stands about five foot two, looking around as she walks through the aisles, and then she looks over the counter to the woman assumedly managing the store.

     "Excuse me." the woman says in accented english, "Do you have uh... Nelly Furtado or uh..." she looks at a phone before looking back up, saying "Hall and Oates?"

Kim Hayes has posed:
    There's a little bell chime that plays whenever someone steps into the shop. It's very chirpy and reasonably inviting as those kinds of things go. As far as Kim is concerned, though, it's the worst noise in the world. She doesn't look up when Heather comes in, pretending that she hasn't heard the sound and perhaps forgetting she doesn't have the excuse of wearing headphones to fall back on at the moment.

    <<Fresh meat, Hayes. You should be interacting.>>

    "Ugh, you sound just like Franz during training," Kim mutters almost entirely under her breath.

    The bell goes off again, and Kim draws in a deep breath, clicks the 'pause' button on the video, turns the monitor so that customers definitely won't see it and is up on her feet, leaning over the counter with her hoodie-clad elbows propped up on the surface in a motion smooth enough to suggest she's done it a thousand times or more.

    "Welcome to Monkey Heaven Records, we hate angels as much as you do," she greets the customers in a general fashion. The tone of her voice suggests that while she might not be high on something right now, she was probably high on something recently, and probably will be again soon.

    "Lookin' for somethin' about maneaters?" she asks Iara, eyebrows arching slightly with the question as her heavy-lidded grey eyes turn her way, then toward the blonde who'd come in before. "It's okay, Cardinals fans are allowed in here," she calls over. "We're an equal opportunity store. Except angels, 'cause fugg'em."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Taking a breath and peering back out the window, Heather turns back when she hears Kim speaking. Then her face breaks into a genuine smile.. rare for her these days, and she reaches up to adjust her ball cap. "Glad to know you are so inclusive. Now.. baseball trivia note. Survey was done across the country, asking what their least favorite teams were. You know who were numbers one and two most hated? Yankees and my Cards. Now... take a wild guess which teams are numbers one and two in world series championships." she adds with a smirk.

    Then she turns and approaches the records before asking, "You guys got any Satriani in stock? Old vinyl preferably..."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara blinks at Kim, a little wide-eyed as she wasn't expecting to be that transparent about what she was after, saying "Ahhhh... Yes." before looking to the side a little suspiciously, saying "It's for a... party. A shark-themed party. For... the girls." She doesn't sound believable at all, as though she's struggling to make up excuses on the spot, but looks a bit lost when the other two start talking about Baseball teams.

Kim Hayes has posed:
    As the track ends, the next one comes on, this one much more bass driven until the guitars kick in before pulling back to let the bass take the lead again while the lyrics come in:

    'Don't you want take time and get to love me?
     We could build a perfect world'

    "Yeah, man - I don't even know if people in New York like the Yankees, but most of the people I know here are hipsters," Kim remarks as she quirks a half-expression at the information shared by Heather. "But the ones who do usually talk smack about the Cardinals."

    She considers Heather's request for a moment, lips pursing. "Joe Satriani the guitarist, right? I don't know his stuff, but I'm pretty sure we've got some. The covers are trippy. Probably in the Instrumental section under J - I can look it up if you want, or you can browse - right there."

    She nods toward a section devoted to instrumental music.

    To Iara, she half-smiles and says "Sorry, those just came off the top of my head - we'll definitely have Nelly Furtado on CD in pop, might have a vinyl, too. I can pull up which album has the song on the catalogue if you want. Or the Hall and Oates version..."

    Her attention back to the computer, she closes the video that was playing and starts typing some keywords into the system.

    "Harvey Danger did a cover of Maneater too, but it's not as good as the Hall and Oates version. Sucks, 'cause I wish it was; they're underrated, but they're not Boyce Avenue."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Grinning, Heather shrugs, "People who talk smack about my team just prove to me that I picked the right team. Besides... I grew up there. So I kinda have to be a loyal fan."

    She glances back over her shoulder and makes a mental note of the appearance of Iara.

    Then she hears the talk about classic 80's artists and grins, "Hall and Oates were awesome. On a related note, I also love Toto, Meat Loaf, Boston... okay, I'll hush now." She adds as she reaches the instrumental section and begins fingering her way through the records.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara seems to type 'Harvey Danger' into her phone for later, and then squints as Kim points out the pop section, heading over there. "Any other songs about sharks would be appreciated!" she calls out as she picks up "Loose" from the racks, and then heads over to the classic rock section to try to find the Hall and Oates version. She then blinks, saying "Meat loaf sounds good..." as though judging the artist entirely on the name alone.

Kim Hayes has posed:
    There are used vinyl copies of 'Surfing With The Alien' and 'Not of This Earth' in the rack, while the CD rack seems to have several more recent ones - including Satriani Live! double-CD and the Live in San Francisco album.

    "I don't smack talk as a rule. To each their own. I grew up in Portland, so I don't really have a team," Kim carries on as she types into the PC. "We should have the Best Of for Hall and Oates on vinyl, or the original's on H2O, which we should also have - that'd be the cheaper option. Talk about bands you like as much as you like, dude. It's a music shop. That's all I do all day."

    With the grunge-revival 'Your Love's Wh**e' winding down, 'You're a Germ' comes on, a slightly more sinister, pulled-back sound.

    'Georgie rides a bike
     To pick her up from school
     He likes her 'cause she's pure
     She likes him 'cause she's heard he's cool'

    "Let me know if you want me to put anything on before you buy," Kim offers to the customer potentials as she pulls a Snickers bar from behind the counter and starts unwrapping it before taking a bite. "You know that Baby Shark song? That one's pretty big with parents and masochists. I mean, people who like camping. Blindside's got a song with a line about sharks, too, and Alexisonfire has Sharks and Danger, but that one doesn't really actually mention sharks, off the top of my head..."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "Meat Loaf. Classic artist. One of the few whose vocals I don't mind." suggests Heather with a chuckle. "But... back home, I listen to KSHE. Oldest rock station in the country that's still active. Every day at five pm, they do what they call.. Get the Led out. Led Zepplin. But yeah... I could do a whole commercial for the classic artists if -you- wanted that done. I'd do it with a smile too."

    She keeps fingering through and grins, "Oh hey, Eric Johnson... Cliffs of Dover. I gotta get this one." she adds.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara winces at the mention of the baby shark song, but seems to type "Blindside" into her phone, saying "I'll have to look them up." She hmms, saying "Jaws theme is out. Will definitely look up the Blindside. Any other predatory sounding songs are good too, but I only know the famous ones. Comes off as... what's the word..." before she types something into her phone, saying "Ah, trite. Yes, comes off as trite..."

Kim Hayes has posed:
    With a little more perusing, Kim starts firing off a couple more suggestions. "Oh, here - Mister Jaws and Other Fables, Dickie Goodman. I remember hearing that one a while back. It's not like, just a song, exactly. There's The Shark Fighter by the Aquabats - that's on Hi-Five Soup, which we've got on CD... oh, and Blondie's a Shark in Jets Clothing - that's probably from that one musical, though. Powerman Five Thousand's Blood-Splat Rating System's got one too - I haven't listened to that one, but I like When Worlds Collide."

    Emerging from the distraction of cross-referencing the shop's stock with a search engine, while mostly mentally engrossed by the buzz of feeding chocolate to her passenger, Kim looks back up at the customers.

    'You're a Germ' finishes its angry ranting through the shop's speakers, leading into a more relaxed softer-rock vibe of Lisbon:

    'You're gonna look at me twice, it's eventual
     You're there when you're not 'cause I'm smoking your menthols
     Smoking your menthols'

    "It's King of the Closet, by the way - that one's more about vampires. Off 'A Thought Crushed My Mind," Kim tells Iara, before peering at what Heather's found. "Oh, nice. Guessing he's another guitarist," she says. "My roommate's really into Santana."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara writes down as many as she can in her phone, and then says "Definitely gotta look some of these up, I really needed more songs for Karaoke night..." which is definitely a different and more truthful sounding reason than what she gave earlier, "I assume shark fighter is against sharks rather than with them though, hmm..." A short clip of Blondie's "A shark in jets clothing" plays from her phone before she embarrassingly turns it off quickly, sighing as she says "I should have known more of these songs to begin with..."

Kim Hayes has posed:
    The chocolate bar is already gone; apparently Kim has had a wicked case of the munchies.

    <<This 'Snickers' is not as satisfying as the 'Hershey.'>>

    "Maybe you should start a chocolate blog," Kim says to herself, rolling her eyes as she tosses the wrapper into the garbage. There's a faint sound like a rocket or plane engine taking off before the instruments kick in as 'Silk' starts to play over the sound system.

    'Your broad shoulders, my wet tears
     You're alive and I'm still here
     As some half-human creature thing
     Can you bring life to anything? Ooh'

    Kim turns her focus back on Iara, tilting her head a little to one side. "So, you're looking for songs about being a sharky predator thing for karaoke? I dig it."

    <<We should listen to more songs about being a sharky predator. Perhaps it will put us in the mood to eat humans.>>

    Kim pulls a scowly face at her internal dialogue.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara nods at that, saying "Yeah, it's ah, thematic for a thing we have going back at school." Perhaps slightly telling, but obscure enough to not really tell too much. "We've been doing more and more Karaoke lately since we got a machine for the rec room, and I need to know more songs and practice in general." She looks around then at her phone, saying "Thanks for the advice, this gives me a lot to work with!"

Kim Hayes has posed:
    "Right on," Kim says with a nod to Iara as she leans against the countertop once more, leaving the computer in peace for now. "Karaoke is the best. Unless you're sober and the other people singing aren't."

    Which usually isn't the case for Kim, but she doesn't point that out.

    "You probably don't have to worry too much about it, though, if your karaoke friends are cool. So, like, what school do you go to?"

    The brunette tilts her head a little to one side, looking curious - and more awake than before. Of course, she did just eat a candy bar. "And, anytime on the advice. Brainstorming music stuff is fun."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
Iara nods, saying "School's upstate, across the Hudson, I just transferred there from Brazil. Recife, if you've ever heard of it. And yeah, drunk karaoke is something else. Not a whole lot else like it. Drinking age is higher here though, so less opportunities in town." The south american, human looking woman smirks, and gives a knowing shrug. "You got a machine here? I take it you put your heart into a few songs too."

Kim Hayes has posed:
    'Long were the days
     Where the window held the deepest of my
     Thoughts, it's okay, I found my place'

    Kim's eyes narrow a little - not so much in suspicion as vague bemusement - at the description of the school's location, mostly because she's not familiar with it.

    "Never heard of it, tee bee ach," she says of Recife. "Is it around like, Bahia, or more southeast, or northwest, or something? I only know where Bahia and Rio are," she admits.

    "We don't have a karaoke machine in here. The closest thing I have is Rock Band Two at home. Tobes and me look for karaoke nights at bars and stuff sometimes, though. I suck at singing, though. Tobes is way better. Good luck with your karaoke, though. Bet you'll nail it."

    She offers a half-smile.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara shakes her head, saying "You know how Brazil comes to a point, sort of almost a right angle? It's at the most easternmost point, right at the sorta elbow of the curve of the coast. Kind of a distinct spot." She swipes a visa gift card that has a remaining balance of 2000 dollars minus the cost of the two albums, also kinda weird and suspicious, taking the Nelly and Hall and Oates albums with her, saying "Thanks for the advice!" as she heads out.

Kim Hayes has posed:
    "Oh, yeah. Totally."

    Kim has no idea about right angles on the Brazilian map, but it's enough to at least consider looking it up later. The card is swiped, the albums exchanged - "Have a nice day, shop with us again" - before Kim slumps back into her chair, making sure that the shop's empty again before opening the video she was watching earlier once more, eyes glazing as she settles back into idle mode.

    'zz Oh, baby... zz'

    <<Humans are strange...>>

    "Shut up," Kim mutters distractedly.