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Junkyard Dawgs
Date of Scene: 04 June 2022
Location: Damage Control Junkyard disposal area.
Synopsis: Strangeness at the Junkyard. Villains talking it out after a brief scuffle. Totally confusing.
Cast of Characters: Thomas Blake, Valerie Killmore, Heather Danielson

Thomas Blake has posed:
The Hammerdingle Salvage yard is set on one several small islands near Hell's Gate. The establishment is frequented by a select few customers, Damage Control is one, for Hammerdingle deals with the storage and eventual disposal of the giant robots brutally battered by superheroes.

Superheroes are very bad at cleaning up after themselves. This is a fact.

Thomas Blake had jumped the 12 foot high fence and avoided the other couple feet of razor wire though his cape was the worse for wear. He managed to open a side door to let Rasputin in and the great tiger was padding along beside him. Under his cape, Catman wore a shoulder bag and he removed a part and slip of paper from it.

"This is what we're after -an Alludium modulator. If you could sniff out another I'd appreciate it. Otherwise we have to track down this heap -FX-1. Apparently went on a rampage and was stopped by the Challengers of the Unknown. You can't make this up."

The tiger huffs and looks bored. Thomas looks at the metal bodies towering over him and rubs his brow. He'd better get to it. Even the rent-a-cops here walk patrol sometimes.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
CLACKCLACKCLACK. Booommmmbbshshkkk. Razor wire and fence, and ground, and much of anything else nearby is exploded inward to the yard with far more force than was likely necessary. Holding a large pistol looking weapon with a big diameter barrel, covered in graffiti, along with an uzi over her shoulder similarly hot pink graffiti'd up, is a bluehaired woman with some tattoos running up along her side. She looks dressed more for yoga than for invading anything but she's also got some steampunk meets mad max level grenades on her sides that have 'jaws' and hot pink yarn coiled up against them.

Walking forward she points her pistol off in the direction of an incoming droid robot thing, and pulls the trigger. Was it a defensive drone, was it something trying to just pick up the junk? It doesn't matter, a small glowing ball flies out of the gun at a quicker-than-it-should speed and when it collides with the drone it explodes, showering the ground with metal and plastic burning bits.

Raising up her arm, and leaning the gun against her shoulder, Hex says, "Alright George, we came for a very important piece of tech. Let's get to it." Meanwhile, the patrols are getting alerted to the sudden, and rather robust entrance of one... pigtailed bluehaired young woman, and a point to converge.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    It's the Blueberry. That's what Heather has nicknamed her rental car. She's in town for a charity gig, and was just taking a shortcut. Okay, so she was trying to find that local BBQ place that was recommended to her. After all, she needs about twenty thousand calories a day to fuel her powers.

    But the explosion off to the left made her wince and -almost- lose control of the car. ... okay look, she's never had combat driving courses. She's not much of a driver. So when she flinches, the whole damned car flinches. This could also be due to the fact that it's a tiny little electric rental that might weigh as much as a BBQ grill, maybe a few pounds heavier.

    But after that, she pulls to the curb, puts it in park and steps out. "the fu..?" she mutters half silently. But she is already on the trot, heading in the direction of the pew pew. Maybe fifty yards distance from it. In street clothes, not her Titans costume / uniform. Yeah, because everyone takes a teen blonde model seriously without the spandex...

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake gets a tiger's head shoved into his butt. the tiger weighs 600 lbs. Even that cute tiger in Aladdin was huge and intimidating. rasputin is not kid friendly in the least. His shove knocks Thomas out of the way as the explodotonation shakes the yard and a robot arm falls where he and tiger were.

Thomas rolls to his feet. "Good, Rasputin! You saved me."

Screw that, you were in my way. But glad you're not mashed. Rasputin accepts a head rub.

As the echoes fade, his relief at not being a piece of sidewalk art fades.

"What. The. Fuck?" He snaps a catarang out of his belt and motions to the tiger to follow stealthily. It's probably those dweebs from AIM.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Phhhhshoooooow. Another small globular explosive device goes from the mini grenade launcher off in the direction of some tower of packed large metal pieces. Kkrrrrssshhhhkkkkk, the metal starts to buckle and lean, and starting to 'come down' on anyone or anything nearby. Hex isn't looking after she shot, she's turning in another direction, walking, wandering, not really with purpose. She comes up against some of the wreckage she's created, picking up a few pieces, looking at them, and then tossing them to the side, "Nope, no, no, nope, not this one. George... I'm beginning to think our information was bad."

There's a rent-a-cop running up to Hex to try and take her down with a taser baton. While others are coming around corners, and she side steps a swipe, then spins, on one foot, reaching down to grab her phone that's dangling from her side on a chain. A pretty quick motion, and she's dodging another strike, looking through, "Jeez, hold on. I didn't have combat music going." And she's hopping back, dodging, whipping her long blue braided pigtails around with the motion of an untrained but quite experienced hand to hand combatant. If one could judge such a thing.

"Ah, hah!" A big grin on her face, and she holds up a hand at the last motion to catch the hand of the guard who's been swinging a baton at her. "One second, okay." Pressing play, there's a solo guitar twanging out of her phone, and she is starting to bob her head with it, then a quick couple drum beats, and it repeats a moment, before the lyrics start. <<When I'm out walkin' I strut my stuff, man, I'm so strung out...>> "Yeah... this is the ticket." As Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes start playing.

Then she lets go of the hands, and starts dodging swings to the beats she's playing, while mouthing the words to the song. Rolling over the first cop after kicking him in the stomach, to put up her 'dukes' and crack a second in the jaw, "Let me go wiiiiiiiiiild, like a twister in the sun..." Her own voice duetting with the song.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Approaching the gates, Heather hears more pew pew going on inside. She figures she'll pay for the damage and so.. she simply kicks the gate open. Yeah, the kid who weighs under 120 just kicked a gate that weighs several hundred pounds open like it was made of Styrofoam.

    And then she is running towards the source of the music... cresting a small rise of junk. And of course, she spots security tangling with someone... rolls her eyes, and begins stalking in that direction. "Hey! Try something with less vocals! It's less distracting." she calls out as she moves closer.

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake comes around the side of a steel foot. He sees the very one sided brawl, steels his resolve... and slips back behind the robot. The tiger peeks around for a second and looks quizzically before he fades back. Blake scales a robot running up an arm. The tiger jumps and lands ahead of him. The two begin leaping from robot to robot. They run along a brown and yellow Lincoln and Blake pauses for a moment. He always wondered what happened to the Catmobile. It was a good car. Bad name choice. It was just bad branding.

He's visible for a moment as he crests a wrecked AIM bot. "There it is!!" Well that should be it. "Come on while that demented blue haired wrecking ball is keeping them busy... we'll pull that motivator and be out of here and back at the power boat... Godammit. I'm talking exposition again. Myst be the nostalgia here. I'll be monologuing next." He spares a glance back... takes another to take in Heather. Has he seen her somewhere?

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Spinning down to be nearly kneeling, continuing to spin with the momentum of a strength not befitting her size, braids whirling around her, she comes to a stop when she cracks her fist into some guard's knee. Then she's rolling back, quickly away from from one of the last members of security. "Hey! The song is over. Hold the fuck on, mister." When she gets no purchase with her words, she is about to do something bad to this person when another voice is heard.

"Oh, huh, goooohgggdddhhhdhdhdddhzhzh." Her and the guard are just as shocked, him surprised he hit, and her literally, shocked.

Falling to her knees, twitching a bit, she's still being shocked, but shakily reaches down, could she be going for her uzi, as she's dropped her grenade launcher device, no. She grabs her phone, her eyes are visibly twitching as she pulls up the screen, and a heavier beat starts, quicker, as she slumps over some. The electric shock stops, <<Do you want to meet all my monsters? Think you're tough, I know they'll drive you bonkers>> a quick woman's voice starts singing, and she is breathing heavily, on her knees, limp-ish, as the new song gets rolling.

The security guard, to his credit, starts to do the right thing. Trying to work out cuffs, and telling the bluehaired assailant to stay where she is, that he's approaching, and that law enforcement will be called. He radios over, "I have the aggressor, she's down."

"Get... away, from ME!" Screams Hex, her eyes wide as she bolts forward with crazy speed. Nearly a blur for most people as she finds her gun, turns, gripping it with both hands, she shoots, then shoots again, then again, without reloading, 3 mini grenades go flying out. The security guard standing there, just radio'ing that he had the assailant down, one is going in his direction, the other two? At other, unseen targets... strays that will cause unknown havoc.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Okay, so Heather has spent time as a cheerleader. So she's got some gymnastic skills. She ends up taking the hits for the guard. "GET DOWN!" she calls out as she leaps in the way. The blasts strike her, and her body has that odd effect where it is no tougher than the average unaugmented human. But she heals so fast, it -looks- like she is tougher than the norm.

    So as she gets hit, and holes blast through her clothes (and flesh).. she ends up striking the ground like a bag of wet cement. No bouncing, just SPLAT.... with blood spraying out everywhere. Odds are this stuns the guard and hopefully the assailant. But then she does a quick pushup, blood spewing from her lips as she coughs.

    She gets to her feet, her shirt now being functionally a midriff baring top. But the skin of her midriff is pristine and even still tanned. The same is true of her left thigh.

    She wipes a hand over her face and says, "Great. Your musical taste has gone from bad to worse." as she starts stalking towards Valerie. Yep, the man with the tiger seems to have not been noticed yet.

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake sees the tiger turn to look behind him. His tunnel vision, centered on FX-1 widens and he looks over his shoulder to see the grenade sailing into the robot he coveted. FX-1 takes the brunt of it and collapses. The tiger flees for the entrance Thomas made for him.

Fuck it, he seems to say. Tigers do not like explosions. The blast of the grenade sends Catman rolling down the metal slope to land in the battle zone. Where any experienced villain would want no part of.

He does land on his feet.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
The gymnastic blonde is not ... unexpected, I mean, blondes ARE cheerleaders. So, it makes sense that she is able to jump, skip, run, right into some of the grenades' path. And she gets them, her body taking the hit, holes, explosions, all that happens, but the guard is just sent backwards a bit from the force of the energy and the blonde is well, healed, already. Just with less clothing on?

Sliding to a halt, Hex is sitting on the ground, having used the force of her movement and the shots, to slide against the ground and is still sitting, "Well, George. I'll be ... no, no, I'm SURE she is not interested in a triple decker gun sandwich! Oh my..." Facepalming, and shaking her head, Hex looks up, "Sorry toots. He's got a mouth on him, I can't take him anywhere, can you imagine?" Rolling her eyes, Hex is pushing the barrel of the gun into the ground and using that to help her get up to her feet. "Your here to stop me then? Who let you know what I was after?" Questioning, and squinting, bringing up a hand to rub her chin, "Was it Fredericka!?!" Pointing at Heather, with a menacing shake, like some tv interrogator.

The last bomb that takes out the one nearby Thomas Blake explodes appropriately and cinematically at this point in time, lighting up the background. "Is that a tiger?" Her attention is distracted, looking over Heather's shoulder, and then hitting her palm to the side of her head, shaking it, "No, no, no, tigers DO NOT come to junkyards. No, out, whatever you are doing to my mind, stop it!" Other hand coming up so she can squeeze at her temples. Or maybe she's trying to do one of those, 'Look over there' tricks to Heather, in a weird, sort of mental breakdown kind of way?

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "I'll be honest, I really don't -care- what it is that you -are- doing that I might be wanting to stop. You were attacking these guys who are just doing their job. I am assuming that if the guards were trying to stop you from doing something illegal here." says Heather. She blows a loose strand of hair from her face before shaking her head.

    Then she starts trudging towards Hex as the woman pushes herself to her feet. "So I tell you what. My name is Knockout of the Titans. I just happened to have been off duty in the area. What say you just drop that weapon and I'll get you some ibuprofen for the headache." Nope. Not looking at the Tiger. MISTAKE!

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake gets up, muscles rippling. He adjusts his cape and cracks his neck. The guard looks at him uncertain then says, "You didn't pay for this."

"Why the fuck would I pay for this adolescent fantasy? All they need is a tub of jello. Ladies! LADIES! Women! Girls! Whatever! Chill!!!" He reaches in a compartment on his belt and pulls out a wad of bills. "I van take care of all this... don't kill each other! And no more Violent Femmes for now!" He waits for the reactions, twirling the catarang in his other hand.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
"I said, get... AWAY!" Hex keeps one hand on her face, her head tilting, eyes looking at Heather, then to something else, and then another thing, moving her gun wildly to the left and right as she starts to back up. "Stay away!" Wiggling, and waving her gun, Hex stops shaking it, could she be about to pull the trigger again?

No, her face gets a quizzical look on it. "Wait. THE Titans?" She questions, pausing enough time for this Knockout to get in a word of affirmation and then she holds her hand off to the side, limp at the wrist so her gun just positions itself pointing off in a random direction, quickly muttering, "Is that some kind of joke? You just ... aren't very big."

That's when A man shows up in this teen woman fight, "Are you..." She's using the gun, named George, as a pointing stick, "with this knockout? of the Titans, well, small Titans. I guess? You all are very confusing. Did you see a Tiger come round these parts mister? Or was that just me?" And looking to her gun, which she points at herself, she chuckles and shakes her head, "This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about, George. You didn't say a thing about him, but her?" Pointing back at Heather, then herself again, "Ohhhh, you had such things to say."

With a quick shake of her head she says, "I'm here for a part. Then I'll head away. You can't buy me off. No sir, no way!"

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "Okay. So I don't care what you are here for. You started by shooting your weapon off at people and -then- assaulting security when they investigated." says Heather. But then she rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Titans is the name of a Superteam. They are not -THE- Titans from Greek mythology. Though, we do have a couple super powerful Amazons on the team." she admits.

    Then she hears the man's voice behind her and she turns to regard him.... a thought passing through her mind. "Now... did someone say Tiger?" she asks. Then she shakes her head like she just got punched in the face and she's trying to shake it off. Then she looks back to Hex and narrows her eyes, "Firearms are -not- a shopping aid. Trust me, I am almost a professional shopper."

Thomas Blake has posed:
There is a coughing and liquid, lazy growl and the tiger, once absent appears at Catman's side. The guards shrink back. He glares at Hex. "Pay you off? You... you blew up the part I was looking for. I'm talking to the security dudes, not you. And you point that gun anywhere near me and this tiger will tear you apart. Security dude, is this enough for damages and to buy us twenty minutes to look fo what we want...and you suffering of course?" The man looks at the roll of bills, nods and pockets it. "Ten minutes."

"Twenty or you can argue with the tiger." Rasputin growls again.

Thomas looks at Knockout, "Sorry to put you out. I'd love to make it up to you sometime. You're in that jean commercial right?"

Well maybe he just smoozed this over.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Letting her jaw drop, Hex folds her arms up, "I did NOT, I started by shooting my weapon off at a fence, then a drone. It wasn't at people until the third or fourth shot. You really don't have me pegged." Her eyes twitch, looking over at the Tiger, and then, clearly this person with paper money sees the Tiger as well. "Whew." She starts to chuckle, looking to Heather, "I definitely thought that Tiger was in my head. You know... a hallucination, or something." And she takes in a deep breath, shaking her head, like this has been one big relief, finding humor in it though.

When Thomas negotiates time, clearly for him not the rest of them, she holds up her hands and then slides the gun she's carrying slowly into it's thigh holster, "Looooook, Kay Oh, that guy, right there. He may be part of a big world destroying conspiracy that I'm building a weapon to stop. Do you understand? You could be aiding world domination if you don't let me get my part and go."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "You frequently hallucinate exotic animals, and you are walking around with a gun capable of blowing up buildings?" asks Heather of Hex, "And I didn't say what you shot at first, merely that you started by shooting. I tell you what.." she says, turning to regard Thomas and then looking back to Hex.

    "Long as the guards don't want to press charges for assault, then do whatever you want." she remarks. She looks down at her clothing and shakes her head, "I -liked- this outfit." she mutters.

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake squints at Hex. "I said 'us'. You and I, though really stay away from 'us'... me and the tiger. You have twenty minutes. After that, be out of here, or suffer the consequences. I'm not doing this because I like you or approve of your methods. I figure it's expedient. You won't draw the cops. When you get done here, seek professional help." With that he turns and leaves, the tiger following him after a single wither backward glance.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Immediate response to the question about hallucinating? "Sure, sure, doesn't everyone? I mean, how would I know how often though, it isn't like hallucinations walk up to you and say - I'm not real. Plus, that'd defeat the whole purpose of their job. And my gun? He HAS a name." Hex shakes her head, and pats the gun on her thigh. Though she looks over at the guards, surprisingly, to her, none of them are dead. That last one would've died but instead blonde lady took the killing blow and seemed NOT to die. Hex looks over to Thomas and then back to Heather, and she waits a moment.

She's given 20 minutes? She's part of 'us'? No one is coming after her with a stun baton, no one is trying to stop her, so she tippy toes over to a pile of broken robot parts. And there, she pulls out a bolt. It's somewhat big, sure, and wouldn't be easy to find in a normal store, but it's not... some kind of special power source or anything. "Ah hah! I found you."

Turning back to Thomas she points with the bolt, "I don't know what kind of game you are playing, but mark my words. You and the cows will NOT take my lab when you come for this world." Serious, all serious on her face. And unless someone's going to stop her, with that, she leaves with the large bolt she came here for.