11473/A Robbery in Happy Harbor

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A Robbery in Happy Harbor
Date of Scene: 05 June 2022
Location: Pop's Groceries
Synopsis: Belinda, Clover, and Morgan foil a robbery. Morgan introduces two of his favorite friends from Happy Harbor to one another!
Cast of Characters: Morgan Finn, Clover Sharp, Belinda Gutierrez

Morgan Finn has posed:
It's a gorgeous spring day in Happy Harbor. Local residents and Happy Harbor High students are all over today enjoying what his quaint town has to offer. Couples are enjoying some hand-in-hand walking time. Kids are throwing balls and frisbees all over the darned place. Ice cream is being eaten in heroic amounts! All seems well on this idyllic, peaceful day.

Until it's not...

Clover Sharp finds herself inside Pop's Groceries buying some cold, sweet treats. She stands quietly in line waiting to purchase when some poor sod announces "This is a robbery! Everyone on the floor with your wallets and purses out in front of you." The man with a stocking over his head points a revolver at the cash register. "And you open that drawer if you know what's good for ya, sweetheart!" Who robs a small, local grocery store anyway?

Outside, Morgan is just strolling by himself nearby. He has no idea that a robbery just started. It's summer break for Happy Harbor High School, but Morgan was on campus helping to organize some of the summer's charity events. Taking a break, he went for a slow stroll to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. He's just walking along at a slow pace, hands in his pockets, and an expression on his face like he's a million miles away somewhere.

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover pretends to be scared letting out a little scream and throwing her bag up in the air saying "Take the back and the money please don't hurt anyone. if you leave now no one will get hurt." Looks at the Robber he doesn't look like he's playing. He said I said get down. Clover gets down as her shadow takes out one of the nearest lights just in case things get worse. " Okays I don't want trouble" Clover says.

Belinda Gutierrez has posed:
Belinda Gutierrez wants only one thing-- to revel in the happiness that is vanilla ice cream! Especially with the finals so recently done with-- happy with her solid "B" grading scores. Happiness!

Less so with the robbery.

"But I just got this!" she complains in hot, huffing breaths. Cannot truly shift either.

SO. Many. Cameras. Steam!

Morgan Finn has posed:
Pulled from his daydreaming by some sudden activity inside Pop's Grocery, Morgan lets out a heavy sigh. He walks in the front door and his first instinct is to get attention *on* him. That robber and that gun will not hurt him, so it's best of the robber thinks of him as the biggest problem to deal with.

"Hey, dude, what's your problem?" Morgan asks as he walks into the store. "There can't be a hundred bucks in this place right now."

The robber wheels around and points the gun directly at the teenage demigod. "Get on the fucking floor, hero!" the dude screams.

Morgan puts his hands up. "Whoa, dude, why you pointing a gun at me?" He does *not* get down on the floor, however. 'Keep the dude's attention on you, Morgan!' he thinks to himself.

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover uses her power over shadows to take out the other lights and camera. Clover hears Morgan's voice and know she needs to calm down and control her powers before someone gets hurt. She begins to focus pulling the shadows back to herself.

Clover is so covered in shadows that you cant recognize her. Clover waits ready but unsure what to do.

Belinda Gutierrez has posed:
Lights flash out, sharp ears listening-- power gone? No matter-- time to move!

Holding her breath, Belinda slips forward, ducking down to slip between the aisles. "Sorry, 'scuse' pardon--" she murmurs, whispers, stealing up on the robber. Panty hose over the robber's head-- comical and original! She stifles a snerk as she steals forward, eyes on the pistol in his hand. Get close, smack his arm down, throw off aim, just like frisbee....!

Morgan Finn has posed:
Taken by surprise, the armed robber fires the gun. But rather than hitting Morgan in the chest -- where he was aiming just a moment ago -- the bullet goes wide and takes out the plate glass storefront window. People scream. Morgan notices that it's Belinda. The constant jokester actually smile. "Oh, hey, Belinda! How's it going? You here for some groceries?"

Backing away from Belinda, the now-panicked robber screams "GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND NOW BEFORE I BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF!"

Stepping forward, Morgan says, "How rude!" He punches the dude right in the chest, which launches him through the air at least a full fifteen feet, directly into some of the shadows that Clover previously summoned...

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover see the robber in the air coming toward her shadows. Clover draws on her magic and the shadow comes alive and grabs the robber into its hands. the chest opens to retain the man further the shadow lands on the ground. it looks like a corpse made form shadows. the man tries to escape but is having a hard time. The robber see the gun and reaches for it. The man grabs the gun...

Belinda Gutierrez has posed:
"Watch language!" Belinda snaps off in protest, wrestling the discharged weapon as the shadows loop around the robber, clasping and seizing and dragging him back! Quick wrenching of hand and wrist, one and two and--!

The girl positively howls in elation as she wrenches the would-be-attacker's gun free from his hand, beaming triumphantly. "No gunslinging for you, cabron!" Belinda sings. "Now turn on the lights and where is the vanilla ice creams?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan walks up to Belinda. "Hey, nice work. You disarmed him." It's calm and collected like nothing untoward at all is happening. But for Wonder Boy, a simple grocery store robbery is a bit tame. Amidst all of the excitement of the civilians, he is an island of calm. He looks over at the figure that appears to be a mass of shadows. "Hey, you," he says in a tone that suggests this isn't the first time he has encountered this strange figure. "I thought I recognized your handy work."

There is a siren approaching. Someone called 911. People are starting to calm down and collect their wits. Store employees are attempting to figure out what's wrong with the lights.

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover stands up and picks up her bag. she puts $600 on the counter for the store guy. Clover says "This is for the lights, the camara, and this ice cream. thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

lover turns to Morgan and says "Hey Morgan It's me Indigo. should we just tie him up and leave or waits?" Clover pulls on the shadow near her making a long sturdy rope. Clover looks over and says "Hey nice moves to the new girl".

Belinda Gutierrez has posed:
"Heyla, Morgan, New Girl I Totally Do Not Know!" she replies cheerfully-- glancing at the pistol in hand with a strange expression. "For the policia," she addds, handing it over to one of the cashiers.

She slips over to Morgan, offering a quick hug before she steps back. "Probably could watch him...." she begins, glancing down at the beleaguered robber, his own eyes darting about helplessly. "But it is after vicious no-good evil Finals Week, and there are much better things to do than--"

Further comment ends-- the police arrive! Moving quickly through the front door, they descend on the hapless thief with eager gusto.

"...caramba. Do we stay and answer questions now?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
The teen demigod grins and hugs Belinda back. Morgan is definitely a hugger, and one of the more social people on campus.

As a public figure with no secret identity, Morgan walks over to the arriving police. Although he is NOWHERE NEAR as famous as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, he is known near his customary haunts, such as Happy Harbor. He gives a statement to them, and they do not question a single thing he says. The honor and honesty of the Themyscirans and their allies are legendary and well-known.

Morgan returns to his two friends. "Well I think we can get out of..." He gets interrupted.

"Wonder Boy, can I get a selfie? My daughter will NEVER forgive me if I don't," asks a woman. Morgan smiles broadly. "Of course, ma'am!" he says cheerfully as he puts an arm around her shoulder and waits for the self to get snapped. And at the last moment just before the picture is taken, he gives a chaste kiss on the woman's cheek. She blushes deeply and says "Oh my. Thank you, Wonder Boy. My daughter will be thrilled." And she rushes off.

He turns back to Belinda and Clover. "You two okay?"

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover flicks her hand the shadow lumbers to the cops and opens up letting the robber go into police hands. The shadow the returns from where it came walking into the earth and becoming just another shadow. Clover says "I'll be just over there". She points and disapears into a nearby shadow appearing behind the crowd. Leaning on a tree against the tree. Clover is no longer covered in shadows and you can see her clearly if you walk across the street. Clover waves and " yells out can I get a selfie too, In the fan girl way.

Belinda Gutierrez has posed:
Belinda smiles, waving her tiny yogurt cup with eager joy. And a grimace! "Sorry about him almost shooting you," she says, lips twitching with mirth. "And thank you for fielding the officers' questions. After finals week, this was a rather good way to blow off steam! Rather not ruin it by filling out even more sheets with questions on them. I'd rather be running around the Park." She glances around for new girl-- Indigo --blinking in quick surprise!

"How do people do that?!" she exclaims in a quiet hiss, shaking her head in wonder. "Sneak away from me? From ME? I can hear--" She pauses, glancing askance. "Well, hear really good. Most times!"

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan gives a light elbow nudge to Belinda's shoulder as the two of them walk out of the store to the tree across the street where Clover is waiting. He leans and whispers, "Don't feel bad. She teleports."

The two arrive to where Clover is waiting. "A selfie?" Morgan says playfully to Clover. "Sure think, ya nerd!" He throws an arm around Clover's shoulder and puts up a peace sign for the selfie.

Aftward the picture is taken, Morgan slips his hands into his front jean pockets. "So, Belinda, this is Clover. Clover, this is Belinda. Now two of my favorite people at Happy Harbor know each other." His cinnamon eyes glisten with life and energy.

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover says "Sorry about leaving you guys there. my dad doesn't want me using my powers with out being covered. My powers were a little out of control there thanks for the save. For a second there I thought they would hurt someone.

Clover holds up her vanilla ice cream and says anyone know where we can score some good root beers? we gotta have floats now! Clover giggles and looks at her friends.

Belinda Gutierrez has posed:
Belinda quirks an ear as she walks alongside Morgan, blinking in surprise before she nods to the explanation. "That totally makes sense," she says, crossing her arms as she broods. Briefly. For about three seconds. "Still darn tricksy though. Like El Zorro!"

She waves again to Indigo, walking over to offering her hand. "Definitely nice!," she exclaims, exhaling a pursed breath as she shivers. "Nice moves with the Shadows-things-whatevers!" she adds, voice a quieting. "I haven't seen that trick before. You are new to the school? Just in time for Finals Week, at that!" She nudges Morgan back, elbow teasing at the ribs. "No chance to practice any of my 'Sudden Death: Physics Trivia!' moves with you!"

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan holds his hand up in the air. "Whoa, if you two brainiacs start talking physics, I'm gonna fall asleep. I'm just a dumb jock with a pretty face." He winks playfully.

"Actually, you've been at the school for a couple years, haven't you, Clover? Just been laying low?" Then he face brightens immediately. "In the shadows?" Awww, Morgan make a lil joke. He glances over in time to see the cops putting the handcuffed would-be robber into the back of a police squad car.

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover laughs at Morgan's joke. She then says "Ya I've been here pretending to be normal and hiding in my dorm. However when I cant sleep or bored of studying I go on walks sometimes finding trouble people started calling me my secret name cause of my hair. I can't seem to be able to hide my hair.

"Wait Morgan didnt Dianna say we could practice i could really use it" looks at Morgan and Belinda.

Belinda Gutierrez has posed:
Belinda pffts, sticking out her tongue at Morgan before she shakes her head. "Hardly so! Rather a dumb jock with very handsome face, muchas gracias to you, and if you disparage it again, I shall be forced to torment by pouncing and utilizing tickling tortures until one squeals for mercy!" She winks teasingly before giving her focus over the Indigo, listening with rapt attention.

"Ah, dios! No wonder I never saw you; I am very new-- well, mostly new to Happy Harbor myself." She quirks to the comment, glancing back over at Morgan. "Oooh, practice? Something that isn't running laps around the Park or beating up old car hoods in the junkyard?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
"Yeah, for sure," Morgan says. "That goes for both of you. We can go chill at the Hall of Justice. They have a SICK holo training room. It's crazy. I've been doing some training there lately. Diana said it was cool."

When Belinda threatens tickles, Morgan takes a step back. "You better not! I will *literally* throw you across the park. I happen to know for a fact you'll survive the landing."

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover is surprised by what Morgan says and states "Morgan I could help her you know tag team tickles by the way I have a feeling you haven't been studying. I shall personally give you one minute tickle time for each course you fail... I might do it anyways but at least I'd have a reason" Clover says joking.

Now that my names kinda out I can go all out once I know I wont hurt people. Clover whispers plus there's that power I got from my mom you know the raising things up thing. its been building up inside me. I need to release it." Clover glances over at Belinda and thinks she might have heard and turns red faced...

Belinda Gutierrez has posed:
Belinda stifles a giggle, quivering as she bites her first. "The Hall of Justice...." she murmurs, eyes wide-- gaze totally lost a million miles away. "You'ld totally have to show us around first," she adds, glancing at Morgan-- giving Clover a quiet wink. Looking back at Morgan with a frown. "It is that large building with the arches?" she asks, tilting her head as she thinks. "I heard that it was actually a floating island out in the Sargasso Sea...."