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Birthday Party in SPACE!
Date of Scene: 17 June 2022
Location: Asteroid near Jupiter
Synopsis: There ain't no party like a Space Party! Janet and Nadia have a very happy birthday party with many of their friends on an asteroid near Jupiter!
Cast of Characters: Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Valeria Richards, Vivian Vision, Kaida Connolly, America Chavez, Bart Allen, Terry O'Neil, Steve Rogers, Kian, Donna Troy, Janet van Dyne, Karen Starr

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    Space, where no one can hear you scream. Which is what makes it the perfect place for a wild party organized by a group of girl genius teenagers. GIRL has come a long way in the past year from just a dream of brilliant young women changing the future to a widely respected organization doing just that. One with the means to stage a birthday party on an asteroid.

    Because that is where this evening's party is taking place. It wasn't the easiest setup. First, they had to get the Zeta transit point they'd made from the Expo set up in GIRL's lobby for the other guests. Then they had to fly the Tereshkova out to an asteroid, so its own onboard Zeta beam facility could receive the guests from Earth. The asteroid in question had been scouted weeks in advance; Nadia had an entire list of criteria from the composition to the view. After all it had to be able to support landing and setting up Val's forcefield tech to create the party dome, and what's the point of partying on an asteroid without an amazing view?

    The view definitely does not disappoint, the asteroid has a magnificent view of Jupiter and its moons, with a much smaller Saturn and its rings further in the distance. The Tereshkova has been parked in the middle of a long flat plane. Arcing over the ship and a sizable space for partying is a shimmering forcefield produced by high tech looking crystalline emitters evenly spaced around the perimeter and linked back to the Tereshkova's miniturized fusion reactor. In this space are the members of GIRL setting up tables, bringing out food, and even putting together a stage! Though one of them, the birthday girl is conspicuously absent.

Valeria Richards has posed:
To help make this party rock and be extra safe. Val had been working on upgrading the shields. Adding some swiped DOOMtech similar to her personal forcefields. The kinetic absorbers reinforcing the shields when all those tiny particulates and small rocks and debris you fly through in space are around to bump and risk putting holes in the ship at the higher speeds.

A preview of what it might look like at the landing site. Of couyrse once there Val got to work on making sure extra emmiters where set up right. Each emitter set and placed and rigged to work in concert with the others so that when they all went up and covered the party zone, the fieelds would all glow and change colors at first like a swirling trippy rainbow but a few tests also showed a nice kaliedoscope display as well.

She even linked it to the sound system like all those visualisers in peoples media players from when her Uncle Johnny was younger and people didn't all have phones to play music and had to steal it all off the internet.

Of course once done and she can party she switched her Val suit to something ab it more casual. A jacket in Fantastic Blue but with a Numeral 4 on one side of her chest, a V in the same style as the 4, and the GIRL logo on her back. Very tight fitting jeans in very daded blue on her legs while boots in the same Fantastic Blue on her feet cover the, Knee high, several inches of wedgeheel and laced in white from toe to top where her jeans tuck in finish the outfit along with a matching belt in blue leather.

"Alright! Now lets see if a party can be considered an act of war!" she whoops out.

Valeria might have already started pregaming the moment she finished with set up of the light show

Vivian Vision has posed:
A party in space demands a space themed party frock. And Vivian has tried to bring her A-game for the party. A charcoal black summer dress and some plain black shoes suited for dancing. But wait, that's not all! The synthezoid teen is holographically projecting a real time model of the entire solar system around herself. It even has a little marker to show where the party is.

So as she floats around the party venue it looks like a tiny replica of Sol is extremely concerned with the catering.

Her main contribution, other than doing a vast majority of the boring things like paperwork, has been a selection of hand made party nibbles. Not to mention tiny cakes, chocolates and confections. All things she knows Nadia or Janet love.

With clear dietry markings (and calorie information). So no guests will, for example, run afoul of unwanted fowl.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Crawling out of a panel on a machine, Kaida lets out a sigh and shakes her head as she wipes some sweat from her brow. She looks down at the coveralls she is wearing and then looks over at the wrench before dropping it and glaring at no one in particular.

"People are so gonna comment." She states even as she finishes doing the last bit of connecting of tiny wires and such behind the scenes. With Nadia not being as involved in this, someone has to go do the tiny stuff and that fell directly to her. So, she did. She finally undoes the coveralls and steps out of them, wiping her feet on them as she gets out to reveal a pair of loose fitting pants that are tight at her ankles but left loose along her legs for the mobility of her far more animalistic legs. Her top wouldn't look out of place on a musketeer with a matching cape that unfurls once the coveralls come off. It looks almost like a cloak.

"Alright, everything is fully complete on the inside." And then she shifts the scarf she has that almost looks kinda out of place but she likes it and that's that. Despite what this is, her sword still sits at her hip. A thing she would not be without unless absolutely necessary. After all, she's a swordsman. She doesn't go very far from her blade even if this is a celebration.

America Chavez has posed:
    It'd been a long time since America had last spent time with her old friend Nadia. But Ms. Chavez has a good memory--keeping track of multiple versions of the people you meet tends to require it--and that means remembering when certain important days fall on the calendar. Nadia's birthday party reached her radar and after finding out where it was being held, she made a point to make an appearance.

    The five pointed star that falls in on itself revelaing a blue shimmering light is enough of a marker for her entrance as is the following emergence of the woman from the portal. She's dressed lightly. No jacket today, it's been pretty hot in New York recently. But the red and gold star patterned over her crop top is enough to make up for her trademarked style. The blue bandana over her head keeps the drak curls from going everywhere as well. Her black hotpants are stretched tight over powerfully muscled thighs and the bright red high tops on her feet complete the look.

    She has a small wrapped gift in red and silver sparkly paper under an arm and looks about the party field before noticing the massive celestials above head. "Oh... wow..." she says softly in awe. "I remember views like this from home." After taking it in, she starts for the crowds about to mingle and be friendly and to find the birthday girl(s) for congratulations on another trip around the solar system.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen actually tries to help with the party. He had found a place that had amazing pastries he and Kaida enjoyed. So when he beams up he has a few dozen boxes with him to help add to the party food. They are the fancier ones that he hopes will go well with the others. He himself is wearing a Bart Allen original he made for an embassy event. He does have on his mask, but his costume has been replaced with a well made white tux with gold and red lightning bolts all over it. He is still wearing comfortable tennis shoes with it though.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
There is a humorous Music Hall song called 'What Can You Get A Nudist For His Birthday?' and the chorus goes something like this:

What can you give a nudist for a present?
I'm sure a bowler hat would be all wrong.
And he's not the kind of fella who would need an umbrella.
Oh, what can you give a nudist when his birthday comes along?
I've been in holy terror that I may make an error.
I did think of a camera, but snapshots are taboo.
A bicycle sounds stupid when you're dressed up like cupid.
I must send somethin' soon, and oh, that's why I'm askin' you.

This expresses the spirit, if not the letter, of Vorpal's dilemma. What could he get for a friend who has everything? It's not an easy thing, and there was a great deal of agonizing, despairing and bargaining. And then, comes the party.

Vorpal brings Kian along via Rabbit Hole, as the Akiar is not too fond of riding in claustrophobic vehicles much. Gar, having relinquished the Cheshire, is not able to come due to familial obligations- and Vorpal didn't inquire much, unsure of how Steve Dayton saw the absolute chaotic mess dayting his adoptive son... and perhaps not much wanting to find out. But Gar had promised there would be more partying for Nadia, because he owed her.

As he steps in, he has his gift carefully wrapped next to Kian's. Kian thought of the perfect gift for Janet, at least. Bloody bird.

Dressed up to the nines in an iridescent jacket and slacks that seem to be covered entirely by glitter that slowly changed color in waves, he at least is ready to make a splash. "Ahoy, space pirates! The party has arrived and we may all commence!" he calls out after he steps through the Rabbit Hole, gesturing for Kian to follow him.

Steve Rogers has posed:
    Steve's already at the party, still dressed in his tux from earlier in the day, although he's undone the tie and top button on the shirt. This is the afterparty, in a way, after all. He's brought presents, which he's set aside, and has alternated between watching GIRL set things up--or offering to help set things up--and staring at the view. They just didn't have views like this when he was a kid. It's amazing how far humanity's come in less than a century.

    At the moment, that's what he's doing. Staring at Jupiter like he wishes he'd brought his sketch pad. Not that Janet would let him sit in the corner and draw, but it's a nice thought. He peers around as Terry arrives and blinks, for a moment, at the outfit. Well. That's... colorful.

Kian has posed:
    Kian steps through the Rabbit Hole, and is immediately impressed by the view.  To be sure, space travel isn't really anything new to him, but this is a different planetary system than his home.  And the dome is a brilliant touch, makes the place feel almost open to space.
    Terry is, of course, quite right about claustrophobic birdmen.
    Kian has brought two gifts -- one for each of the celebrants, even if birthdays seem a strange thing to celebrate.  Neither is wrapped.  What's the point of wrapping things on a planet of telepaths?  In any case, the one labeled 'Janet' is a bottle with a hand-written (in no Earthly language) label, and the one labeled 'Nadia' is a small box.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna arrives via Zeta platform, not wearing a party frock. However, at least Donna arrives. Since returning to existence a week ago, she hasn't been around much at all. She had reappeared at Titans Tower, hanging around just long enough to exchange a few short words with a few people and a few longer ones with Raven before taking off to parts unknown, leaving behind the mysterious orb brought from Alpha Draconis that unlike it's twin has not vanished, and remains floating forlornly in the Titans' main room, doing nothing and continuing to largely resist analysis. Apart from a brief appearance at a battle in North Africa where Kaida and America had been in attendance, she just hasn't been around.

    She's not missing Nadia's party though.

    But she's not wearing a party frock. Instead she's wearing armor. This has been very unusual of late -- since her signature armor got destroyed during the battle against the Warzoon, Donna has not been wearing armor into battle, let alone to a party. However this is not the same kind of armor she used to wear. It does not resemble the almost traditionally classical style of Themysciran armor she used to wear, though it bears hallmarks of Themysciran craftsmanship. In style it's superficially more like the armored bodysuits worn by many superheroes, though it looks thicker and heavier than those normally are, with blended interlocking plates and articulation. A hybrid of styles -- lighter and more flexible than Themysciran armoring practices, but considerably heavier looking than typical superhero costumes.

    What makes it not entirely inappropriate for the venue is that this new armor follows the design theme of her old armored cuirass. It's a very deep and slightly shiny black, like a particularly dark anodized finish, decorated at the sides with rows of silver stars. It fits the theme -- though it's probably a good sign that her hair no longer seems to have stars in it to match.

    Donna also comes baring gifts! Two heavy wooden crates, one held in each hand. The first contains a gift for Nadia, but the second she quickly deposits on a drinks table, and opens top reveal a dozen hand-blown wine bottles with waxed seals, containing some truly excellent -- and rather strong -- Themysciran wine. Donna has been home to do some shopping, apparently.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Your attention, please!"

There is a flash of light and a synthesizer chord (E flat major, second inversion for the music nerds among you), and suddenly a stage shimmers into view, having been previously hidden by an energy field. On that stage is none other than Alison Blaire, the Dazzler, herself, and her band. A corona of multicolor light surrounds her and a veritable storm of colorful particles explodes from the stage as the instrumental introduction of her first hit, 'A Little Girl's Dream', takes off.

~All that she's left with ..Are a little girls dreams
..She'd love to go back..
..for a day, an hour.. even for a minute
..but life's too fast
and love's too hard~

"Hello, denizens of Nadia's Asteroid!" Dazzler speaks into her mic during a prolonged musical interlude after the first chorus, "It's lovely to be out here in, well, outer space. I think I can see my home from here." Her guitarist rolls his eyes and she gives him a playful shove, "You're a lovely audience, but listen- I want you to welcome two very special ladies:" she gestures, her figure expelling beams of light that point in one direction, "The birthday girls: Nadia and Janet Van Dyne. Put your hands together!" And that's when the chorus kicks off again...

Janet van Dyne has posed:
The floor lights dim and spots flare to life, directing people's focus at the vast cosmic emptiness beyond the controlled atmosphere. The flickering bubble of energy that keeps the breathing air in place sparks and crackles as something interdicts it. It's just for a moment; the air *pops* and surges around people, sending streamers and glitter around in a dazzling display, before fluttering back to the ground again as the pressure immediately stabilizes. Just enough to make sure EVERYONE is looking in the right direction after Dazzler's explosive debut!

A hover-platform floats to the ground, gilded with light and decorations, and bearing just two people: Janet van Dyne and Nadia Pym-van Dyne, smiling and waving at the audience while the platform slowly descends to the crowd's applause. But it might take a beat to sort them out-- Nadia's the one clad in yellow and black, in one of Janet's many costume variations! A neckless dress that leads to a brief bell-skirt hem, with black and yellow stripes that give her lean curves a little boost of emphasis. Black armsleeves disappear into an exquisite pair of yellow gloves, and her black leggings are tucked into a kicky pair of booties in that same shade of Danger Yellow, with a chunk heel and aggressive tread.

The Waspette's black-and-red attire is usually highly functional armor. Janet's taken it quite the opposite direction, ditching the shoulder pads for armsleeves and turning the upper garment into a midriff-baring crop top. A brief black skirt rides low on her hips, and red-trimmed thigh-high stiletto boots serve to help bump the outfit out of 'functionally dangerous' to 'dangerously provocative'.

The lander alights on an elevated platform and Janet holds a hand out to Nadia to invite her to step forward, and joins the cheers and applause as Dazzler closes out her first song. The blonde performer crosses the stage to give Janet her microphone and receives a quick hug in return.

"I'm not gonna give a second boring-ass speech today!" she declares, to cheers and applause. "As a thank-you, for the people who showed up to rub shoulders at the Met Gallery. -This- is the real party," Janet declares, gesturing expansively at everyone with her free hand. "With the people we love most in the world. I love you all," she declares, and hands the microphone to Nadia.

Nadia bounces once on her toes and waves with a cheery grin and only just a *very* little adolescent uncertainty. "I had to shake hands with a bunch of really old people and listen to the Mayor tell me about all the tax incentives he's offering GIRL," she announces, to laughter from the crowd. Their reaction bolsters her and she grins again. "So I'd much rather be here, too! I just want to say I have the best mom in the world, and I'm so thrilled you could all be here."

Janet accepts the microphone from Nadia, hugs her fiercely, and turns back to the crowd. "Everyone make sure you pick up your gift bag-- and enjoy the party! Dazzler, baby-- bump those BEATS!!" The microphone is returned to Dazzler. Janet squeezes Nadia's hand as they lift their arms overhead in cheer, beaming to beat the band. Dazzler's act starts up again while the van Dynes descend the stairs to join their friends on the floor below.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    After Nadia has passed the microphone back to Janet, her gaze just sort of remains locked on Dazzler with eyes like saucers. It is a fair guess that she wasn't actually told /Dazzler/ was going to be here. Dazzler, she of the only non-ballet related CD in the Red Room, the one they weren't even really supposed to listen to except for pop culture acclimation. That one sweet taste of things that weren't Soviet jumpsuits, gruel and Assassin training. Her brain might be melting a little bit at the moment, even as she manages her best smiling party face. Things Janet and the Red Room have in common, lessons on how to maintain an appropriate party face at all times, though the shocked and elated surprise is still evident in those saucer sized eyes.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will listen to the music and the speeches even if they are short. He has picked up two gifts for the ladies, and they are placed where ever the other are. He looks around people watching for now, making a quick stop at t he food but only a small dent in it. He smiles a bit though happy to see his friends happy.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Oh my god it's Dazzler!" Terry says, briefly forgetting himself and reaching out to grab Kian by the shoulder, "This. Is. Awesome!"

Poor bird, he doesn't get much of a choice as he is pulled into an impromptu dance. The Cheshire cat hasn't noticed Donna's arrival, or much of anything else after Dazzler took the stage. So now he is dancing, arms waving in the air, tail lashing out, and glitter positively sparkling as Dazzler sings in the background:

~We still fear, we don't know-
A whole universe, a wall apart,
Where the shadows fall, we go
and take a chance as we depart,
Stepping through stars in the night.
Kicking clear through stars in the night!~

He'll see Nadia and Janet in just a bit. But sometimes, you've just gotta dance.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"If people don't comment. Then it was not a fun party Kaida. I wanna see that dome be seen from Earth and Hala and Probably other realities. No I did not turn the Zeta Beam into a transreality portral while no one was looking. I was getting myself ready for the party!" she reassures and gestures her hands up and down her body to point out the outfit even though she can turn her Val suit's apperance off and on with a word and a clink of the rings on her middle finger.

The appearance of Dazzler making the shield light show mostly a backup cause the woman always brings her own. But Alison can't and shouldfn't have to perform all night. So the next best thing is ready when the woman needs a break. But Val happily gets her hips bumping and swaying and abusing her jeans like they were a blonde mutant girl in a trailer park. A pick of one of the Pastries backed gets a huge mmm, and a finger gun at Vivian while the woman moves about the party. She hasn't had anything to drink as the party started but the glaze in her eyes might hint she's definitely not sober and maybe a little extra energetic.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian hasn't got a physical gift for the birthday girls this year. Picking out something suitable takes a knack she just doesn't have yet. But there is one thing she can do. Scheduling. Sounds boring! But with access to both Janets schedule and her Great Aunt Nadia's the synthezoid teenager is able to locate the perfect time for them both to take a spa break.

The kind of spa that isn't built inside a size changers handbag.

The key of course is also scheduling superhero coverage so that nothing can interupt it. So long as an alien civilisation doesn't have a full scale invasion booked for the same day the vacation will go ahead.

She returns Vals finger guns with a little wave. Putting together a selection of the snacks to take back for the musicians to enjoy on their break.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen smiles and has a fun time with the others dancing a bit to the classic music they have playing and enjoying himself in the evening.

America Chavez has posed:
    America makes her way towards Nadia and Janet. Shit, forgot to get Janet a gift. She tries to think of anything in her various stashes that could be a suitable gift for the multi-millionaire businesswoman and stops. Her eyes drift to the stage and the woman singing there. There is a nostalgic smile that lurks on her lips for a moment as she listens to a song about her. After a soft snort she goes back to thinking.

    Her mind settles on something and small star portal opens at a quick punch of her fist. She reaches in and removes a small red box unadorned and unmarked save two gold latches at the front. It'll have to do. A bit fancy for a gift for her friend's mom but... improvisation sometimes comes with with consequences like strange stares and gossip. Oh well.

Kian has posed:
    Kian laughs, scoops up Terry and kicks into the air.  "If you're going to dance, use *all* the dimensions, not just two of them!"
    The music is unfamiliar -- sorry, Dazzler -- but Kian swirls the cat into the upper reaches of the dome with a happy chirp.
    Even carrying the extra mass of a Cheshire with him, the birdman's quite graceful up there, skydancing.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry laughs, enjoying the lift as flying is one of the few things he can't do under his own power. Unless he enchanted a construct to carry him. But that wasn't nearly as fun. {We're being rude- we should be mingling, but first we should say hello to the birthday ladies. Let's fly Nadia-ward and then ... Janet./} No joke, Janet Van Dyne low-key terrified Terry. People who were richer than god tended to unnerve him- and his experiences with Bruce Wayne hadn't exactly done much to change his assumptions. But, at least, Kian's gift of alien hooch should put a twinkle in her eye. Maybe. {/Let's drop by Nadia and see if we can surprise her! Full steam ahead!/}

Vivian Vision has posed:
With so many things to keep going on a space ship, never mind one hooked up to a giant force field dome, there was bound to be cause for one of the GIRLs to pop behind stage at one point or another. And with her ability to directly tap into the systems Viv is on troubleshooting duty.

She sends out a silent notification to the other, non birthday girl, members letting everyone know she's got it covered.

And hey multi-tasking. She can drop off the food for the green room at the same time. Efficiency her favorite thing.

Karen Starr has posed:
    It's been... A long day.

    Not that Power Girl is necessarily the closest of friends with... /Anyone,/ really, but occasionally an all-call will go out to the Avengers or the League or into one of the other channels she has access to, and it's somewhat important for her to attend. Janet and Nadia's celebration is one of those occasions.

    Of course, that was before two bank robberies, Metallo, and the Earth trying to shake itself apart a little bit ago. To have arrived on time, Karen would have had to be here some time before she arrives, certainly before the two being celebrated arrived. That would have been punctual.

    Instead, as all of the festivities have already begun, through the teleporter walks the impossible frame of Power Girl. She doesn't /look/ all the worse for wear, but that's just the power of being really fast at changing into a spare uniform and cleaning up properly. Super Speed is a helluva drug.

    She hasn't brought large gifts- and for some reason doesn't seem all too interested in the swag bags. The only thing that for the moment has caught her eye is the table with all of the food on it. She'll get to that later.

    For now, the woman strides her way through the crowd to make her way to Janet and Nadia, though she doesn't necessarily push anyone out of the way.

    When she finally arrives, taller than more or less everyone present, the blonde presents each of them with... Something.

    Nadia gets a box. Janet, gets an envelope.

    Within the box is one of rarest things in the universe. A singular crystal, pulsing with a soft electrical glow at the core. A Kryptonian computer. Something Nadia hopefully hasn't taken apart yet- and a piece of some of the most advanced technology the universe has ever seen.

    Within the envelope is a single, golden ticket, entitling One Punch to whomever Janet wants. A single, on demand, at any time, voucher for Power Girl to show up, and /deck/ any one person.

    "Took me a while to get here, but happy birthday, you two."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Janet and Nadia get some hugs each in Valeria round of congratulating the birthday girls. Though she does whisper something in Janet's ear. Nadia's gift being the upgrades to the ship's shields. "One more thing for the newly MInted adult. And remember space is like internationalk waters. Getting blitzed is fine, but no making Kree and Skrulls knife fight in the cargo hold."

A flick of Val's wrist computer setting the emitters to show the GIRL emblem on the dome above everyone behind Dazzler's performance while Vivian makes sure other things don't go all on the fritz because the Fantastic One is goofing off with the tech A little nibble of her lower lip and a a bounce on the spot as it works as expected. Benefits of friends to double and triple check your work.

Once past she heads back to mingling with evceryone else and even she's not immune to the power of Amercia's Hotpants. The transreality girl. Steve could fill a pair nice though.

Back to dancing and Val gets back into the beat of the star on stage and works off all that energy she's built up leading to tonight.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    First Janet gets a great big hug. That is important, really what better birthday present is there than getting to actually meet /Dazzler/. Truly her Mom is a miracle worker of epic proportions, not that she wouldn't put it past Janet to somehow have something else up her sleeve, but Nadia's mind is already blown. "You are the best mom ever!"

    For now, Dazzler remains safe from super fan, after all the last thing that Nadia would ever do is interrupt her performance. Instead she pulls out a pair of multicolored glow sticks, where she got those is anyone's guess but her suits always seem to have all sorts of tools stashed away in them and apparently concert glow sticks too!

America is also treated to a hug when she approaches. "America! Glad you made it! And Donna! And Terry and Kian! And Bart!" There are waves and hugs aplenty as Nadia bounds between her friends. "Janet got DAZZLER, can you believe it, that's really DAZZLER!" Because this is the part that blows Nadia's mind, being in the presence of Dazzler, not partying on an Asteroid in the shadow of Jupiter.

And there are presents, so many presents. First from Bart a collection of discs on which he recorded all the languages he knows, even ones from the /future/ and then she stares at the crystal in Karen's box. "Is this what I think it is?!" She has /seen/ these before, she is friends with Kara Zor-El after all, but has never been allowed to actually play with one. This is just a day full of wide eyed surprises. "This is the best birthday ever!" And she's only two presents in, granted she only has one other birthday to really compare against.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia gives Valeria a big hug, too. She seems a bit lost on the whole newly minted adult thing but she is happy to get hugs and have Val further improving the shields nonetheless. Really Val gives her presents all the time being one of her best friends and partner in crime on their many adventures!

Kian has posed:
    It is the barest flick of a wing that sends the cat and the bird spiraling towards the celebrants.  A meter above the floor, Kian releases Terry and counts on the cat landing on his feet, like felines are supposed to.  "/Kie/!  I could get used to celebrating birth days if we can keep using places like this!  Uh, congratulations?  I'm not sure what the proper phrase is."
    He bows slightly to Janet.  "I brought you a bottle of my dad's home-made brandy, I hope you like it."  Then Nadia gets a bow... and a little smirk.  "And I'm not going to tell you what I brought you, that would take all the fun out of figuring out what it is.  All I'll say is that it's a bit of technology from my world."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna nods her head in greeting to Captain America, then redirects her nod in the direction of Jupiter. "Magnificent, isn't it? Last time I was here I was too busy lassoing space ships to really take a proper look. I've been toying with the notion of opening a branch of the Titans in New York by the way -- but I'll talk it over with you before doing anything. Don't want to tread on anyone's toes."

    And then it's gift giving time! Out of the crate Donna's carrying come a pair of packages, one rather larger than the other. For Janet there's a piece of jewelry, a pin in the form of some kind of heavily stylize hymenoptera, in some silvery metal with yellow gemstone inlays. The craftsmanship (craftswomanship! It's Themysciran!) is exquisite, and it looks like it's very old.

    Nadia's gift is kind of the exact opposite of Power Girl's -- it too is a computer, but one that's far less advanced. A box of cherrywood and brass, which if not an actual replica of the Antikythera device, is certainly made from very similar plans. "Happy birthday you two," she tells the pair of van Dynes. And "/kehpahzh vos vahdhah regrhahso, vahdhah uwe/" to Power Girl. 'We had the same idea but different', or words to that effect.

America Chavez has posed:
    America accepts and returns the hug from Nadia with a spin. "I noticed Nadia. I did. She's even singing a song... about me I think" she replies with a grin. "Happy birthday" she says offering Nadia the blue and silver wrapped box and Janet the red unadorned box. "Sorry for the lack of wrapping, Ms. van Dyne" she offers to the older of the two.

    Inside Nadia's box is another crystal. But this one isn't a Kryptonian supercomputer, although it is something almost as rare. Looking into the crystal's interior shows particles of some kind floaiting in a suspended state. "It's a part of my home, Utopia Parallel. Or well, what's left of it. I wanted you to have it. Maybe you can find a use for it other than something to look at and say, pretty." She shrugs and turns to the older van Dyne.

    Inside Janet's box is a necklace a simple chain with a bauble that shimmers and shines in the center. Upon closer inspection, the bauble pulses with light of it own. Something is inside the bauble. Looking even closer reveals a swirling spiral of lights. A galaxy inside the gem of the necklace. "It's Earth-1928, I think. I've been there once and getting out was hard so I wouldn't recomend it. But I figure what else do you get a woman who has everything... a galaxy seemed like a good answer to me." She smiles. "I hope you like it."

Janet van Dyne has posed:
It's a whirlwind of greetings, and Janet welcomes all them in turn. She's an adroit hostess even as the birthday girl; no one's left feeling diminished or pushed aside. Some gifts are opened on the spot when requested, and others are taken carefully away to be opened elsewhere. The socialite has a definite gift for picking up on the people who prefer their gifts to remain somewhat secretive, and who wants to be there to share the pleasure with the gift-receiver!

Janet gets an envelope; she lifts a brow at Karen, then flicks the envelope open with a perfectly manicured fingertip and glances at the contents. Janet breaks out laughing immediately, holding the envelope close to her chest. "Oh my god, that is *perfect*, I want you to go punch Mustafu in his fat face but not right this second, I'll tell you when," she promises Karen. Janet steps forward to give the Kryptonian a hug, with her usual disregard for the autonomy of The Stoics in her life. And she manages to not give Karen's biceps an appreciative squeeze in the process. Or at least not an overt one. "This is perfect. I'm glad you could make it," she reassures the Kryptonian. At Nadia's reaction to her gift, Janet's smile returns and she flashes that grateful expression at Karen once more for her thoughtfulness towards Nadia.

The huge from Val is returned automatically. She leans her ear into Valerie's whisper and breaks out with peals of laughter at what was said. "Slow road home, right," she says, eyes dancing merrily. "I'll make sure to keep an eye out for her." She smacks Val's hip with the fluttering weight of the thin envelope in her hand as the blonde heads towards the dance floor, and then gives the ticket over to her ever-present secretary to put in a safe place.

When Kian and Terry approach, she lifts up a hand at Terry with a 'stop' gesture. "Trey," she says. "No. Wait. Trenton. Terrance? -Terry-," she says. "Terry O'Neill. I know you. You're Lois' sidekick. And April's... cousin? Tell Lois she owes me a glowing writeup in the Fashion column or I'll cut off her shoe supply," she informs him.

Kian's there with his wine, and Janet accepts it with a ceremonial grace into both her hands. "That's very thoughtful of you, mister Kian," she tells the bird.

More gifts still! Janet gives Donna a brilliant smile and murmurs a sincere 'thank you' to the dark-haired woman, with a certain tone that conveys a deep respect for Donna's gesture as a representative of Themyscira.

Some might call Janet a vapid party clown, but then again, only a fool underestimates someone like Janet. Her touch for diplomacy is quite accomplished.

America's gift is welcomed with a bit of surprise-- then confusion-- and Janet falls back on pasting on a smile and looking gracious. "Wow. I can tell you that is like *nothing* I've ever seen," she promises America. ".... it's not radioactive or anything, right?" she inquires with a halting unease.

Steve Rogers has posed:
    Steve watches Dazzler's performance and the birthday girls' entrance with a smile, then turns to Donna as she speaks to him. He nods, and says, "We should talk about that, for sure. Give me a call!" The smile breaks into a grin, briefly, and then people are giving gifts, so he lets them do so, hanging back a bit and fiddling with his own.

    Finally he sighs and steps forward and offers the gifts, both of similar size, one wrapped in red and black and the other in yellow and black. Color coordinated, see. Janet gets a hug and a kiss. Nadia gets a hug, too, and a grin. "You both look great," he says.

    Janet's gift, when opened, is a framed series of sketches: in the center, Janet in her Wasp outfit, in the middle of some kind of aerial manuever. Around the central sketch are several others--Janet working, lounging by the pool, a little cartoon of her 50 feet tall and leaning on a building with a grin. The sort of thing a besotted boyfriend sketches when she's not looking and then frames. What else do you get a woman who can buy herself just about anything money could get her? Well, you know, besides a /galaxy/.

    Nadia's is a framed drawing of the Tereshkova, this one colored, set against an imagined nebula. He grins a little sheepishly and says, "I haven't seen it close-up much so I hope I got the proportions right."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
By this point Dazzler has switched to a cover, to add variety to the set.

~Well her face is a map of the world
Is a map of the world
You can see she's a beautiful girl
She's a beautiful girl
And everything around her is a silver pool of light
The people who surround her feel the benefit of it
It makes you calm
She holds you captivated in her palm~

"Nadia!" Terry calls, dropping in like death from above, although infinitely less lethal and more glittery. "Happy birthday!" There are hugs. Miraculously, none of the glitter actually gets on Nadia, so it is either illusion... or Terry has been practicing his magic. Both are desirable outcomes. "I didn't know what to get you," after all, he is not an exotic alien from a world with advanced technology, or a billionaire, "So I went back to Wonderland and asked Queen Amy if I could poke around in Uffish's study from before he walked off, and she was happy to let me!" Apparently, monarchy was an easier institution to interact with once bereft of a monarch with a fetish for decapitation. Imagine that. "And look!"

He takes the gift out of the wrapper. It is a little Alice. Or, rather, a little Automated Alice. Clearly a small clockwork draft of the enormous version Nadia fought. "And she works, too! I thought if anyone should have her, it should be you."

And Janet gets a nervous little smile "Y-yes Ms. Van Dyne, I'll make sure to tell Miss Lane." Terry has seen Lois' closet. You could get lost in all the Van Dyne outfits. What /do/ you get a woman who could buy /you/? Well, one thing that was priceless: Art. "This is something a friend of mine makes... happy birthday, Ms. Van Dyne!" It is an exquisite crystal figurine of Janet in her heroic persona. The detail is astonishing. The crystal figurine is set on a base with the artist's signature, and the name of his gallery: Empire Glassworx.

He deftly steps to the side to allow people to continue the stream of gifts.

{/That's Donna- I'm going to get us some food-/} Terry says to Kian, taking his hand to avoid speaking out loud. Donna had left with so few words to a few, and then there had been silence. Maybe she was processing. Maybe she was mad because Wonderland had played /some/ part in what happened. Or maybe she just needed space. Far be it from him to intrude upon someone's space.

The air shimmers briefly and the Cheshire is gone, faded into the background in his invisiblity as he sneaks off to the food table, where he becomes visible and starts collecting canapes Ones that don't have egg as an ingredient. Admittedly, he was also strangely uneasy by the presence of Captain America and Power Girl. He felt like a knockoff Dollar Tree lamp that somehow got smuggled onto a Tiffany store window. He glances over his shoulder to watch Dazzler's performance, and chomps on a deviled egg before Kian arrives. Guiltily.

Valeria Richards has posed:
What do you get the girl that has everything? More of it and since Nadia is as far as she knows eighteen, means that there's more to share later on and in other colors.

The adventures will never stop!

Hip bunps from Janet were met with a wink and a bump back. Val was taught to party by the eminant Mistress of the Nightlife.

Valeria might actually be safer to have on a dance floor than in a lab. Way better than stinking up a lab making Doomsday weapons for idle funsies and seeing how they work.

And Valeria is how you mix Professor Farnsworth with a Kardashian.

There's finally a drink claimed and the flute of bubbly is held in her fingers as she sips slowly and lets the alchohol mix with food and... stuff in her system.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    Really there are few safer bets when getting Nadia a present than alien tech she hasn't seen before. She looks in the box from Kian, noting his smirk in her peripheral vision, "Yay! I love figuring out new technologies!" Kian gets a hug too, mindful of the wings.

    And then from Donna there is /another/ computer! "This is just like some of the ones I saw on Themyscira!" Donna gets a hug too. Somewhere in the back of Nadia's mind she is probably trying to figure out if she can create an interface between the Kryptonian Computer and the Themysciran one and the Quantum Computer at the heart of GIRL's mainframe that houses QUINN. "Thank you Donna!"

    And what could possibly top awesome alien tech and cool computers and cool computers that are also awesome alien tech? Well America would apparently like everyone to hold her beer as Nadia receives a fragment of her destroyed homeworld. Nadia's expression is a strange one though as she peers down at the crystal, on the one hand there is burning curiosity in her eyes, on the other she gives voice to her doubts, "Is it really okay for me to have this?" Fully realizing how much something like this might mean to America. Once assurances have been given though that this is indeed okay, America gets the /biggest/ bear hug from Nadia, a big hug even for the hugssassin.

    Steve of course gets a big hug, how could she not hug Captain Step-Dad? He may not actually be her step-dad, but close enough, especially with Hank's tendency to disappear into his own lab experiments for weeks and even months on end. "It's beautiful! I love it! And we can fix that! Just say when, we can go joy riding around the galaxy!" She clearly loves the drawing though, having a deep appreciation for simple heartfelt gestures. The sort of affection she never really experienced until recently.

    Terry's gift also strikes a different chord and she clearly loves it too. "This is ...wonderful!" Yes, she just said that. "It looks like me! But is Alice! But is also part of our adventure! I bet the Church would say this is a holy relic! I love it!" Terry too gets a hug, Nadia has no qualms about contact with glitter, becoming sparkly after a hug is just an added bonus!

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet takes a minute to go through the sketchbook, and for a second her body language closes her off to everyone in the world but Steve. She lingers on each page, hesitating to stop drinking it in but eager to see the next. While the others laugh and cavort she goes through the whole book, then looks up at Steve with wide, damp eyes and an adoring expression. "I love it," she whispers, and hugs the book to herself. Though she doesn't want to give it up, she reluctantly hands it off for safekeeping after a few moments. A finger crooks in Steve's direction, prompting him to lean down, and Janet grabs his face with both hands to lock lips with a total disregard for propriety.

Steve Rogers has posed:
    Steve, too, focuses only on Janet as she looks through the sketchbook, watching her with a guardedly eager expression. Does she like it? She does! And he gets a kiss for his trouble, which he returns as if nobody's watching. At least at first.

    Then he blushes a bit as they part, realizing that yes, they're in /public/, and coughs. "Well. Happy birthday. Glad you like it." He glances around at the other people gathered and coughs. "Annnyway... soooo... it's a party. We should party!" He's /not/ grinning like a fool because his girlfriend really liked his present. Really.

    He even gathers himself enough to give Nadia a thumbs-up. "I'd love that! But yeah. Right now, we should party. Who wants to dance, huh?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    It's a party, and Donna is smiling along in proper party style. But she's really not feeling it.

    There is some socializing and circulating. A quiet chat with Iris, who has aged another decade since Donna last saw her, and is now /older than Donna/, which is highly confusing. A stop by Val to exchange a few quick words: "I hear you helped Nadia bring a bunch of Titans on a trip to Alpha Draconis on my behalf. Just wanted to thank you for that. I owe you."

    A little bit of talking shop with Power Girl and Captain America. A hug for Nadia. A brief and not very serious discussion with Janet about how Diana needs to be advised to go for slightly shorter heels because she's /tall enough already/.

    For Kian, there's the information that there is once more Themysciran brandy at the tower. With Viv, a check-in that she's okay as she hasn't been visiting the Titans for a while, and a question about whether there will soon once more be Synthezoid at the Tower. With America, Donna talks a little about the worm they beat up, mainly checking that she and Kaida came out of it unharmed.

    Vorpal, who was trying not to intrude on someone's space finds that Donna has a different idea, and he gets his hair ruffled. Probably means she's not mad at him.

    She's there, and if she's not her normal ebullient self, at least she's socializing, and make sure to spend a little time with everyone before finding a quiet moment to slip away through the zeta portal back to Earth.

America Chavez has posed:
    America shakes her head at Janet. "As long as it's inside the bauble it seems to just be normal background levels... nothing dangerous. Outside..." she pauses. "Best to keep it inside the bauble." Nadia's hug is smiled at. "Hey... if I didn't want you to have it I wouldn't have given it to you. Truly keep it." She smiles and then mingles a bit away from the gathering to get some food, drink, and a spot on the dancefloor.

    Maybe it's the superhuman physiology, maybe it's the carefree attitude, maybe it's a combination but America Chavez knows how to -dance.- She moves with the beat in ways that are probably a bit indecent to anyone not familiar with Latin American roots but she seems unconcerned with any looks she receives and continues to move with Dazzler's sensational lyrics and backup band.