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Date of Scene: 08 July 2022
Location: Somewhere in the Everglades, Florida
Synopsis: The finale of X-Force's inaugural missions. The team manages to fight off their doubles and save Neena's brother with only minimal physical and emotional trauma. One loose thread remains unravelled, but we'll have to see where that leads.
Cast of Characters: Wade Wilson, Tabitha Smith, Inez Temple, Gabby Kinney, Clarice Ferguson, Neena Thurman, James Proudstar

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade called a meeting to order at Sister Margaret's for X-Force. Again like last time the place is cleared out--on a Friday evening--poor Weasel and his PornHub Premium membership fee must be suffering (who are we kidding, you know he hacks that site like a pro). What isn't the same is Deadpool himself. He's seated and dressed in red and black.

    Apparently, minor alterations take less time than refurbishing an entire suit. That will teach him to go get himself blow up like he did the evening before. He's got a pair of headphones on and is bobbing his head to whatever song is on the walkman in front of him on the table.

    Behind him is the whiteboard. There is a single satelite image of some sort of building in the middle of a dense jungle-swamp.

    A set of coordinants are written in red marker next to the image and the word "EVERGLADES" under the numbers and underlined several times. There is also a hand drawn picture (very well done actually) of the man they believe is Stryfe or someone who looks a hell of a lot like Cable but evil. On the other side of the whiteboard is a list titled: "THREATS." Under that header are several bullet points. "EVIL DEADPOOL", "GOONS", "MAYBE STRYFE", "ADVANCED TECH", and after a number of empty bullet points another single word: "LAZARUS."

    As people file in he slides off the headphones, what is coming out sounds like heavy 90s era rap--perhaps Notorious BIG--set to the theme song for Thomas and Friends. Classic Wade. He doesn't stand up. "Come on in, grab a chair, we'll do the brief and then Aperture--by the way," he turns to Clarice, "your codename is 'Aperture,' I don't know if I've mentioned that to you. Even though I've used it a number of times already. Glad we got that out of the way." He returns his attention to the crew. "We'll do a mission brief... briefly and then Aperture can get us to the location. As you can see if you can read," he gestures to the whiteboard, "we're going to America's taint; South Florida."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha turned up. She even turned up in uniform. All that formfitting and mostly shiny black leather with hints of red and pink piping each doing a lap around the padding at her shoulders and chest. The belt in yellow with her jacket in red leather. Cause if you have to have pouches they should be hidden.

"Everglades? Great Florida Mans everywhere. At least we get to seem sane for a change!" she states and kicks back in one of the few chairs with a slump and a hand at the scrunchy atop her head to make sure her ponytail is relatively neat even if the front of her hair does not want to be.

"So should we be packing bikinis, cutoffs and cropped flannel shifts tied around our racks. Will there be fanboats?" she asks curiously though the smirk might have a little sarcasm creeping into her tone.

Inez Temple has posed:
Inez is already in Sister Margaret's, leaning against the bar and chatting idly with Weasel about how the Warthog handles and what could be done to tank it up a little more while sipping on a beer. She's once more eschewed the leather vest and skirt, this time for something more akin to a wetsuit done in black and white, a small armory laid out on the bar next to her, and that black Stetson with it's little X insignia is perched on her head as usual.

As others filter in, she straightens and gives a nod to Weasel to note they'll continue the conversation later. "Do we know what sorta compound we're lookin' fer? Or is this one takin' us underwater?" She glances to the map, then back to her arsenal, obviously considering the ramifications of trying to get all that hardware underwater.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney comes in dressed in her white and black suit that Wade had provided her with. No sense in not coming already all suited up! For once. She does have a small bag slung over her shoulder which she deposits at one of the booth/table/whatsis before striding over to the board. The plans lain out are examined, but then she reaches out to add a little picture. It's stuck to the frame, not the main plan board, but it's a picture of a lumpy faced individual whom she points at accusingly.

"Not a main target to anything but if anyone runs across Clayface and wants to blow him up, go for it. Guy is a major douche canoe. Killed me because I beat him at a casting call for an *extra*." Shaking her head, she steps away to cross her arms over her chest.

"Just. You know. Pissed me off. Anyway. What's in Florida, Oh Captain, my Captain?"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    The magenta-hued mutant arrives within in the bar itself - this time, actually magenta hued, but wearing the outfit Wade had sourced for her. She'd had to get a new pair of pants for it, since the others were ruined the day before - but that was manageable, and despite the fact that she has no advanced healing factor herself, she doesn't seem to have too much of a limp. Acceess to healers is a nice perk. "Yeah, I figured," she remarks to Wade in a dryly amused tone, gesturing to Weasel to get her a drink before the job starts, to get her in the mood.
    She studies the image of Clayface for a moment, eyebrows raised, and then gives the others a nod of greeting before turning her attention back to Wade. "How close you want me to drop us?"

Neena Thurman has posed:
    Neena's in her usual favorite black and white and blue suit that she wears for X-Force outings. She's oddly quiet, nursing a rum and coke despite the mission they're about to go on, eyeing the whiteboard from time to time. At Gabby's question, she touches something at her chest, frowning.

    Then she clears her throat and looks up, and says, "My brother's in Florida." She nods toward the whiteboard, toward the bottom bullet point. "Dunno about any of the rest of it, but he's eight, and he's a mutant, and the assholes we've been fighting have him. So." She shrugs and takes another drink.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "Since I'm covered in neosporin under this suit how about we keep the bikini's and flannel cutoffs to a minimum and focus on the op" Deadpool replies shifting in his seat. "Honestly, given what I could get from a few contacts down there... it's low enough to the ground and one story so it might go into the earth. Honestly, getting close without a teleporter seems impossible." He makes a gesture of a circle in the air. "Turrets, plural, along the walls of the facility. Automated. Likely motion activated. That'll be our first issue. Shouldn't be too hard given what we usually pack. Then we get in and... we're in the dark."

    He shrugs and looks at the picture Gabby offers. "Pretty sure he's stll in Jersey, but if we see him. Noted. Maybe something to do after we take care of this. Also, if you start quoting poetry at me, we're going to have words, young lady." To Clarice he points to the coordinates. "That's as close as we can get. And I expect once we're any closer you'll be limited to line of sight again. This fucker is working with tech shit from Cable's world. So expect dampening fields across the board and if you see something fancy, don't hesitate to blow it up..." he pauses and eyes Tabby. "Just don't bring the whole facility down on us."

     He nods to Domino. "There is the possibility of a hostage involved." He gestures to the "threats" side of the board. "Lazarus is Neena's kid brother. He might be there and if he is... we're going to need to ensure we do an extract. He looks like her... so hard to miss. Orders are disable, not kill, when it comes to him. Got it?" Seeming satisfied with his orders on that front he continues.

    "Like I said, we got nothing on what's inside the facility so expect the worst of the worst. Could be more cyborgs. Could be more clones. Could be full blown Sentinels... like we haven't had enough of that sort of shit from last night" he says with a shake of his head.

    "If there's no further questions" he rises, his slow on it but he's mobile which is more than most people can say after being blown into little pieces by Boom Boom. "Aperture, give us the pink stuff." He pauses. "I mean the portal. Not your... you know. Just do the portal thing."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Thermite grenade Gabby! Big rush of heat should fire him like a grade schoolers home made coffee mug that their folks never actually drink!" Tabby suggests with a grin to Gabby with a brief flash and flame of Plasma in her hand. "Also grats on getting a part!"

"If we are going under water and all, I do have a bikini."She pats down her jacket and her inner pockets. "It's always beach weather some where but anyone got some mosquito repellant? I will live with a stank ass in a catsuit in humid weather to avoid those buzzing little bastards." she adds.

Domino gets a nod of her head. "Need to make sure your brother gets to see you being extra badass. Kids need that kinda stuff from their older siblings on a rescue!" she points out sagely.

The rest of the briefing gets nods from the explosive blonde.

Aperture gets a giggle at Wade's phrasing. "That's more for after missions. I should be on a week long bender since Thursaday but a birthday is not a holiday the old folks all tell me!"

Inez Temple has posed:
Inez lifts a brow at the 'disable not kill' part, "Should we expect th' kid t' be hostile, then? Do I need t' bring th' tranq gun?" She's starting to gear up, tossing Neena her preferred guns as she gets her own guns in order. The minigun is given a longing look but is left behind for its limited use in this situation. She does, however, pack a heavy duty looking shotgun with an underbarrel launcher, slinging an AR across her back. Beloved revolvers are also reluctantly left behind, with a stare towards Weasel. Take care of them Or Else.

She adds a small array of grenades that can be used with the luancher and glances around, "I got tear gas if'n anyone wants a mask. C'n use it t' smoke hiders outta dark corners." Inez glances at the rest of the arsenal, then adds a loop of high-tensile steel composite cord to her hip. Just in case.

Gabby gets a long look, "We need t' talk bout yer choice in friends, Gabs. Yer hangin' out wit' a really nasty crowd an' it's startin' t' bite ya in th' ass. We're criminals," she motions to the group. "Those guys are legit villains. They're th' type o' people I would bring in fer money kinda bad."

Then she's moving up to hands Wade a few smoke bombs with a wink, "T' help until yer movin' at yer normal speed."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Oh." Neena's indication of what, or rather who, exactly was there causes Gabby to fall short. "I'm sorry. We'll get him out and bring him home safe," she assures solemnly and with far more seriousness than she had been dealing with anything so far tonight. This was, after all, imporant.

At Tabitha's remark she can only shrug a bit helplessly. "Didn't really get to--" She begins, only to look over to Inez with a sigh. "THAT guy is not my friend. He held a family hostage until I agreed to not accept the part. He was just some random disguised in the crowd trying out. I was there with Robbie," She explains a little indignantly. Just a little.

Then after a moment she adds, "I've got a gas mask already. But good to know they're available."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "I'm sure we can find a place for him in Genosha - if that's what you want - once he's safe and free," Clarice promises Neena in a solemn avoid, her expression a dangerously calm mask.
    "I could use the mask she remarks, holding out her hand to catch one, and then at Wade's words, turning her attention back to the coordinates and the satelite images. After a moment's concentration, she looks to the others and ass, "Ready? We go in hot, and fast," before she abruptly opens the doorway to the Everglades, as close to the facility as she can manage - switching on her image inducer as she does so, to replace her appearance with that of an asian woman.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    "He can be dangerous," Neena says in reply to Inez. "He's an empath, and a strong one. But he doesn't want to /hurt/ anyone. Just... yeah. Tranq might be the best option." She shifts a little, uncomfortably, and frowns.

    Then she shakes herself, downs the last of her drink, and stands. She unholsters a pair of pistols and nods to the others. She'll be through the portal shortly after Wade.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade takes the grenades and pockets them before placing a masked kiss to Inez's cheek. He unholsters his heavy Deagles and, as Aperture opens the portal, Deadpool jumps through guns ready. He arrives in an open field surrounding the low grey facility, barren of much beyond moss and dirt. Oh, and plenty of dead bodies. There's piles of dessicated corpses litering the field. Either unlucky trespassers or the rejects of training or tests.

    The emergence of a moving body on the grounds alerts three of the twelve--yes there are twelve of these motherfuckers--automated turrets to his location and they start releasing suppressing fire almost immediately. "Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck" is about all that's heard from the Merc with a Mouth as he streaks across the field.

    His legs are regrown but the thick (with a K! Keep your Dummy Thicc Deadpool fanart under your matresses) musculature of peak conditioning is still working its way back and it does slow him down. He's able to outpace the machine fire; dodging and weaving like a man used to being outmanned in firefights. But it's a near thing and eventually, unless someone helps him, he's going to go down hard. Lucky he brought his team with him, then.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Bring one if you haven't got a stash of tran rounds that'll fit a normal side arm?" Tabby suggests to Inez with a grin. "Bean bags maybe?" she adds and widens her expression to a more goofy look.

"I haven't been back to Genosha is like over a year or so. It's still raw for me." Tabitha admits and looks more than a little regretful. Or fearful maybe of going back there. "Miss a lot of people I knew there, not there now." she states as she gets up. There's a sniff.

"So hopefully we get close enough Aperture and I can take out the turrets same kinda trick we did for the bear." she suggests and bounces on the spot psyching herself up for the mission.

And through the portal she goes and sees Wade get peppered and pummeled and pulped by the turrets. She ducks and dashes for cover. Then starts launching a couple bowling ball sized plasma bombs towards the turrets as retaliation when she can safely peek to see where they are.

"We just had him put pack together!" she yells out with a roll of her eyes begind her glasses while telekinetically guiding her BOOMs.

Inez Temple has posed:
Nodding to Neena, Inez slings a tranq rifle over her back and makes sure to pack a set of darts filled with a heavy tranquilizer that should put Lazarus out for at least a few hours. There's a look to Gabby and a lifted brow, "Ain't th' first time ya've run into 'im, Gabs. Ain't even th' second. Ya knew who he was when -we- ran into 'im. Jes' sayin'.. should be careful who yer makin' friends wit'."

She looks back to Tabby and lifts a brow, "I ain't beanbaggin' a kid, jes' gonna tranq 'im so he ain't hurtin' noone while we get 'im outta there." Once the portal is open, she steps through and onto the field. Glancing around, she makes for Wade, using the AR to shoot at turrets that turn her way, "C'mon Dancin' Queen, lets get inside so we c'n kill th' bad guys an' save th' kid, then blow this place t' Hell." She'll help provide cover, since the bullets are less likely to penetrate her denser tissue.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney holds up a finger to point toward Inez simply, "With you, that WAS the second time. The part I mentioned was the first. Hasn't been a third." Yet. YET. This is why she was putting up the picture of the darn shape shifter. That was the hard part though--Shape shifter. Her nose was still not great at recognizing people but when they pretended to be people she knew, that was an entirely different matter.

Prattle not related to the mission aside, she pulls her mask on just in case. Which may be a good idea because the lenses of the goggled mask certainly help keep debris out of her eyes when those turrets pick up aiming at Wade.

A little yelp of her own is given as she leaps the opposite way attempting to avoid some fire, and angles herself toward one of them with claws slicing out the back of her hands. Guns didn't do a great job against turrets, but magical claws that are as tough as her dads? That might do the trick.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "I'll shortcut you!" Clarice calls to Honeybadger - opening a portal just in front of the teen. When the girl leaps through it, she'd find herself in a perfect position to slice and dice a turret (and anyone in it). She keeps half an eye on Gabby, to see when she's ready to be jumped to the next turret, as she provides Wade with some cover, via another of her portals intercepting the fire from the turrets, and redirecting it at one of them to try to destroy it - all while jogging towards the building herself.
    This was certainly one way to get the blood pumping.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    Neena gives Inez a thumbs up and a grateful smile. She doesn't bother with a mask, though maybe she should one of these days. But she's always been lucky enough to stay out of any real trouble.

    Fortunately for Wade, yes, he's got backup in the form of X-Force. Neena's through the portal just in time for the turrets to ignore her and go after Wade--naturally. So she specifically aims at the nearest turret that isn't being targeted by either Blink--Aperture--or Tabby. She doesn't even really bother looking as she fires, trusting her luck to the bullet happening to hit something and jam the thing.

James Proudstar has posed:
The big Apache takes it in with nods. His left arm is in a sling and he is a solid mass of bruises going from dusky purple to sickly yellow. But he's here, wearing the black and white body suit and stepping into the fray, well floating above it really. He moves towards the opposite side as Wade drawing fire from that turret and closing with it. He uses one hand to rip the rifle mount off the turret and launches it at the next turret in the line.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Deadpool was lucky--this time--the turrents didn't pulp him. He does get one shot though... right before Tabitha destroys the turrent it came from. It's a through a through on the side of his left calf. It bleeds for a moment before sealing shut and does little more than inconvenience him. With Inez's help he manages to make it to an overhang before the facility's main doors. He pulls out a small device from a pouch--one of Weasel's handiworks--and plugs it into the card reader next to the doors as he waits for it to grant them entrance.

    Two of the turrets are destroyed by Boom Boom's boom. Inez managed to take another with a lucky--actually, she's just that damn good with her AR--shot to the computer control at the machine's base. Gabby finds that the turrets are automated and that means wires. Lots of wires that are fun to cut and destroy with abandon another goes down under Honey Badger's NO FUCKS GIVEN attack. Aperture's expert dodgeball tactics (catch and return) destroys another two turrets. Domino's shot does exactly as the woman expected and it starts to rotate on its base. It spins faster and faster until it rips itself free of its mountings to crash in an explosive manner at the base of the wall its mounted on. Warpath's show of Omega level powers destroys two more.

    All of that leaves only one turret left and it doesn't seem inclined to operate as the members of X-Force have done their job and kept out of its motion field. At the door Wade lets out a sigh. "Alright. So, they know we're here. Remember, hardball except any kids. Even if it doesn't look like her" he points to Neena. "Just... incap them. Chances are they have the same tech as Aperture is using so looks can be masked." The device beeps and the lights on the panel go green before the doors slide open. "Let's go save a kid and fuck up this wannabe Omega Clone's day. Permenantly."

    Inside brings a bay of cameras on them that track them as they go through corridors and sloping hallways that all point to them going down. No immediate resistance though. "I don't like this..." Deadpool says stopping at a pair of double doors. "They know we're here and yet... nothing?" he says. "Just... stay on your toes. Here we go." He kicks open the doors (maybe his strength is better than he expected) and enters what looks like a deconstruction of two basketball courts. Just a wide open expanse of wood panelling and not much else.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    An audible click precedes a voice. The voice of the leader of this place. "Welcome, esteemed guests of X-Force. I've been patiently awaiting your arrival and you do not disappoint. Let me introduce you to... well... yourselves." There is a beep and one of the panels of the wall opens up to reveal... the X-Force team. Exact duplicates of Domino, Outlaw, Aperture, Warpath, Boom Boom, and Honey Badger, led by the disfigured and mismatched uniform of Evil Deadpool, complete with two right arms, instead of usual left and right.

    "Well... fuck me..." Wade mutters.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
<<Hand Dom the beanbags. He might be a little shit of a kid! She'll need it! Sorry. That's just my childhood peeking out>> Marty Smith dad didn't need no beanbag rounds to beat Tabby.

With one turret left Tabby just sends one last boom at it out of spite. That turret was probably two days away from retirement for all the blonde knew.

At least without the turrets there's less chance for getting semi randomly shot. It's mostly just deliberately shot.

Or blown up as there seems to be more clones. "So. Uhhh. At least she's wearing pants and knows how to do it!" she says with a wink and and blown kiss at her own duplicate. It might work. It is a duplicate of Boom-Boom. "Hey other me! You really putting up with anything they say. You know it'll be so boring with those guys, kill all the whatever. All blah blah blah. You wanna party you come hang out with Mama Boomie!" she yells out.

Robot, clone, whatever. Worth a shot to engage that sense of rebellion Tabby has and maybe make a duplicate switch sides.

Inez Temple has posed:

Inez is staring at her own double, head canting first one way then the other, looking herself over. "I'm impressed. Even got th' implants right. I pity whatever tailor they keep on payroll, though. It ain't easy makin' skin tight outfits t' fit these curves..." Then she's glancing at Wade and lifting a brow, "If'n we all take our own others, we'll be at this all day. Gotta say, I'm still kinda wantin' a piece o' yer evil twin." She looks along the lineup of clones, then shakes her head, "Someone else's gets Evil Domino, I ain't even goin' there. That's jes' askin' fer a wardrobe malfunction."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Thanks to the shortcuts, Gabby is able to come jogging along after the others having caught up rather quickly. Her claws are still out, though she keeps one hand hovering near the holster of a gun as well. If people only expected her to use the claws then the guns were always a surprise.

"What the what?" She asks as the others all stop short making remarks about their doubles. All those people taller than her. She ducks through, squeezing in just enough to be able to see... and she freezes.

"Oh no. No." A whirlwind of emotions assail her as she grasps for some way to comprehend this. A quick sniff leads her to staring uncertainly.

"Are you... you're not quite a clone, but..." Uncertain eyes glance to her teammates as if seeking some kind of answer that she couldn't quite fathom herself. Only to purse her lips tight together.

"If you're anything like me then we don't have to fight!" she calls out with a... pained hopefulness. Maybe. MAYBE there was some redeeming quality there in her own doppleganger that would mean this wasn't necessary.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice narrows her eyes at her own doppleganger, her jaw setting and a determined expression crossing her features. "Well. If mine is anything like me - there's almost no chance she won't jump at the chance for a good fight." She summons a pair of javelins to her hands, gripping them tightly, as she considers the line-up. Which of her team-mates does she think she could eliminate the quickest... hrm.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    "They're absolutely gonna be programmed to fight us," Neena says. "And I'm glad to give quarter if they ask, but..." She rolls her shoulders, eyeing the group. "They're not clones." A beat, and she gives Aperture's a /significant/ look. A clone of Blink would look like /Blink/, not like the cover identity she's wearing.

    A few things go through her head. Inez is right--they shouldn't pair off against themselves, although if they've actually managed to duplicate her luck whoever takes her on might be in for some trouble. Inez has called Evil Deadpool, which leaves her with Boom Boom--maybe, since she can dodge the booms. "Aperture"--maybe she can use the portals against the duplicate. Warpath--hah! She's not trying even /her/ luck, there.

    Honey Badger--well. Who else is going to want to go after a kid? A seeming kid, anyway. Not Wade, not his kid sister. Maybe Tabby or Clarice, and she doesn't know James well enough. And if anyone'll get lucky against Howlett-style regeneration...

    All of this is thought out in the space of about ten seconds, and then she's moving. "Sorry! This isn't personal!" She launches herself at the Honey Badger duplicate, emptying a clip in the direction of "Aperture" and another in the direction of "Boom Boom" as she goes. Then she drops the pistols and leaps at the copy of Gabby, trying to wrap her up in a choke hold.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar laughs long and hard, even injured it's a glorious unrepetant sound as Jim moves into a light jog. He can smell what this is and that's why he calls out in Apache, "You have forgotten the face of your Father, you are unworthy of wearing my name." Jim spent a month being beaten and battered by a hundred clones of his older brother. Being tortured by alien telepaths but he never broke. Facing the evil doppleganger of himself even in his current condition? Walk in the park. Jim drops low, shifting his weight moving like a Spartan or more appropriately a themysciran.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    At least a couple of you aren't stupid" Evil Deadpool says as Domino and James engage their targets. He presses something on his left (other right, it's on his left side okay?) hand and the copies move to action. For his part he draws a heavy pistol and fires a shot at Inez, marking her out as his. After I take her... I'll take your head, Wilson" he says before drawing one of the katanas from his back, Zatoichi style and rushing the blonde.

    Fake Boom Boom gives her orignal a grin before Domino fires her shots at the woman. A field of the exlosive plasma catches the bullets, melting them to powder before she flings it at Aperture. "This is fun, ins't it?" she asks in the same sarcastic, almost mocking tone.

    The Fake Aperture reverse the tactic, flinging one of her own javelins at Boom Boom, looking to lance through her and perhaps end the situation quickly and fatally.

    Domino wrestles with the Fake Honey Badger. But the scrappy Kinney copy is just as spry as her original, and she rolls and shifts with the choke, getting a hand up in time to prevent it from locking in. She flings herself back against the wall, hoping to dislodge Domino from her back. Her singular claws emerge from her hands but they are different. They're metal; a white-silver metal: exactly like Wolverine's own adamantium claws.

    The Inez clone lets out a scream of primal rage and bull rushes the true Honey Badger, looking like she wants to overpower the younger woman in a single stroke and from the look of it she might know just how to. James and his double square off, rounding each other slowly. In their native tounge the double replies, "I have no father. In that respect I am superior to you. How can one lose what he has never had?" Then without warning he moves in, a blur as he goes to deliver rapid pinpoint strikes mimicing James' own fighting style with the action.

    Which leaves Wade and the fake Domino. "Oh sure... I get you..." he says. "Aren't I the Lucky one..." he says drawing a gun and firing it at the pale duplicate. The woman does a cartwheel, and the bullet hammers into the wall behind her and Wade finds himself with a throwing knife in his shoulder for the trouble with the woman smirking at him with dark lips against her pale skin. "Yeah... so... fucking... lucky..." he says ripping the dagger from his shoulder and tossing it aside before drawing his own Swords and going in for a closer attack.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Fake Tabby can block bullets? Real Tabby is taking some notes. But she might also have some of her own problems as the duplicate Clarice moves to try and telefrag the blonde.

"Not cool!" she yells and does her best to dodge and keep out of the way. At least the javelins can be seen and maybe reacted to. Thankfully Tabby's known a LOT of teleporters in her life so she fights with a little experience on her side. Which is where laying down multiple bombs and splash damage comes in handy. Leading her shots so to speak so the imposter Aperture how much heat and flame the other duplicates can handle compared to herself is going to be the question.

And maybe while she's at it try and run around and past her own duplicate, flicking at her ear to distract her and maybe get one of those teleporting javelines to cut her up instead.

Inez Temple has posed:
"Awwwwwwwwww, darlin', that's so sweet... ya'll think yer gonna get past me. I know yer tricks now, yer not sucker-punchin' me a second time." Inez ducks to the left to avoid taking the bullet and starts towards the Evil Deadpool. Closing distance is exactly what she she wants. His mobility is his advantage. She needs to get him in close quarters to negate it.

The loop of flexible wire comes off her hip as she moves, a grin lighting up her features, "Did I ever tell ya what a second-rate copy ya are? My man outclasses ya in every way. It's gonna be a real please takin' ya apart piece by piece." She's got an eye on that katana, chances are good it's quite a bit sharper than the average blade. It takes a lot ot pierce Outlaw's hide, but there are some 'cheating' materials that can make up for the lack of force.

Glancing towards Wade, she grins and calls out, "Ya got this babe! Don't think, jes' act! Let th' chaos work fer ya!" If there's one thing that might counter Domino's luck... it's the sheer randomness and insanity of Deadpool. It's hard to counter moves that aren't expected, after all!

Inez grabs for EDP's katana-wielding hand even as she's bringing a knee up to be blocked and swinging a haymaker with the other hand that could well take his head off if he's not quick!

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Well shoot. Gabby was definitely not strong enough to go head to head with Inez, or even Copy-Inez. It was worth a shot trying to beseech her copy but another person entirely? Nope.

Yet she stands there, hands held up as she implors, "Look we can talk about this--" At least until she's hopefully convinced the charging Copy-Inez that she's not about to move or strike back immediately. At the last moment she dips down boxer-style to dodge to the right, allowing her left arm to swing out sending a claw strike straight up in a punch toward the clone's face.

The impact would hurt--if she could feel it. She's rather hoping a claw through the skull works though, if it can even get through the skull.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Welp. Now the fun starts.
    As little explosive plasmoids fly towards her (or perhaps not so little), Clarice simply blinks out - rather than trying to redirect the explosives, like she normally would. And when she reappears - it's directly behind the fake BoomBoom. Her foot kicks out, trying to buckle her foe's stance at her knees, while the javelin in her fist swings at the woman's side, trying to teleport away a part of her body. All the while, Clarice has grown quiet, determined, and cold.
    This sort of thing is what she was raised and trained for in the Mutate Program. It's a little unclear how much of her is Blink in this moment - and how much of her is Mutate #083.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    Neena grunts in pain as she's slammed against the wall, seeing stars for a moment as she reflexively lets go. It lets her roll away and gives her a chance to pull a knife--which she knows won't kill the Honey Badger copy, but will maybe help disable her in some way. She eyes the adamantium for a moment, and takes a deep breath. Lets it out.

    "You're /in my way/," she growls, and then darts in to try to shove the knife at the duplicate's shoulder, aiming for a point that'll disable that arm. Whether or not she feels the pain is beside the point--it's about severing tendons so she just can't /use/ the arm.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles easily, the battle is joined. Even in his battered condition Jim is every much a blur and he counters the attack but he yields some ground. Taking the beating, letting the android believe the hype or maybe he's just losing. One thing is for certain as the two men punch and counter punch faster than the human eye can follow as the shockwaves from their blows shatter concrete and rend metal, as they use flight to defy gravity to counter inpossibly and reverse in mid blow. Neither of them is holding back.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Tabitha's experience pays off and she's able to dodge most of the lances that fake Aperture sends her way. If she is hit it's barely a graze and leaves nothing more than a light scratch. Her toss to the fake version of herself is met with a mirror and the explosion is concussive and proves to be fake Aperture's downfall. She managed to avoid all the others that were thrown her way but the match blast from fake Boom Boom staggers her and she rolls. Diectly under one of the lights of the real Boom Boom's scatter bombs. The explosion engulfs the fake Aperture and sends her into the air before she falls to the ground in a charred and burned heap of motionless flesh.

    Gabby's feint is perfect and perhaps Stryfe-ish didn't account for Gabby's sister modifying her own claws to match Adamantium in all respects. THe punch probably wasn't much, Inez is hyper tough after all. But the claw through her brainpan makes the fake woman's eyes widen as dark blood drips from her eyes, nose, mouth, ears and the pair of puncture wounds from the singular claw. She struggles and manages a good swing on Gabby, but by then the damage is done and she goes limp face first in her own blood. Yeah, these things bleed.

    Clarice's attempt at a flanking attack is met with a turn and a leap to avoid the near clippling kick. What follows is a jump show. As Clarice teleports and fake Boom boom uses her own blasts the propel her about the room with almost perfect mangement of intensity. Calrice might have lost the fight, but Mutate #083 is something else entirely and that gives her an advantage. In a show of absolute control of her abilities she double teleports appearing before fake Tabitha before instantly appearing behind her. The javelin that cuts across the fake Boom Boom's midsection sends two halves of the woman exploding in two directions--with their own corresponding blood trails--with her prepared propulsion blast.

    Domino and fake Gabby trade dance moves for a while the super agility of Kinney physiology assiting fake Gabby as much as Domino's ultra fine reflexes help her. A series of acrobatic flips allows Dominos to get around what would've been a decapitating strike and the large knife goes into fake Badger's shoulder, the blade striking the bone as it tears through. The fake Honey Badger's arm goes limp. Only to have the other sucker punch the Lucky woman right in the side. The claw tears through spandex-leather and flesh alike, cutting a furrow across Domino's side that pours dark blood at their feet.

    James and his double continue to fight at speeds that are near impossible to follow, appearing for a moment before disappering in a flurry only to appear at the other side of the room to echange a flurry again and then repeating the process. Both seem to be enjoying the fight more than anything else. After all, not every day Omegas go up against each other.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Inez's swing connects, just as EDP manages to roll with it. Even so, when he comes back up his head is mishapen, a fist sized dent in the side of his skull and he seems a bit disoriented. The reverse gripped katana swipes at Inez whoozily and EDP slurs words out. "Stupid bitch... shud uf killed las time..." Another wide swing with his ohter blade misses, but there's more surety in the blow and he's already regaining coordination the healing factor he shares with Wade making him formidable even without superstrength.

    Actual Deadpool and Domino jump and exchange pistol shots and strikes with blades (katana vs knife shouldn't be even but Domino's luck makes it one). "Just like fighting Tasky..." Deadpool says out loud. "Just gotta find a way to confuse you." He fires another point blank shot at fake Domino's head and the gun jams. "FUCK!" he says, tossing it aside and taking a kick to nuts and a deep cut across his throat that bleeds like crazy for his troubles. He rolls away from what could be a finisher as Domino's heeled boot comes down right where his skull was moments ago.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby the actuall genuine article lets out a whoop of victory as the duplicate Aperture drops after Real!Tabby uses her own duplicate as a weapon to help bring it down. The distraction enough that Real!Clarice can in turn put an end to Boom-Boom's own clone. Though Tabby does add an extra pair of plasma streams to follow the separating halves. making sure that the fallen Bomblette is nothing but pulverised remains.

The real Tabby would have gone suicide nuclear if she was taken down that harsh. And she is not letting that happen. The clone might have the same heat and plasma resistance but neither is immune to that much blast force that the blonde is shoving down at those bodyparts. "Score two for the scorching hot X-Force!" she yells with a maniacal grin as the lights maybe get less bright eventually.

Inez Temple has posed:
Inez jumps back and grins, "Yeah, ya shoulda. Yer bad." She starts to twirl one end of the flexible wire with one hand, showing it to be, of all things, a lasso. Bitch brought a lasso to a gun fight! That first clumsy swing is ducked, the second sidestepped, but then she's ready for him. Tossing the lasso with expert precision, Inez loops it over the katana-holding hand and gives a quick tug to draw it tight. Now that she has a line on him, that grin widens.

Much like one would at a rodeo, Inez is fast, accurate, and quick. She darts this way and that, tugging him along with the lasso until he's facedown on the ground. Then she jumps in, moving to hog-tie the Evil Deadpool. With one knee between his shoulderblades, she leans forward, getting one arm around his throat, right under the chin, pulling up sharply in an attempt to pop his head right off his spinal column. Praying that the head won't regrow on this patchwork body. The other hand is groping around at the evil twin's waist, seeking... there! She unclasps that 'special belt' that the Evil Deadpool's been wearing and half-turns towards Wade, "Happy anniversary, darlin'! Better catch it!" Tossing the belt like one might a garter at a wedding. A Very Special Belt.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney takes the hit from Copy-Inez wincing as her shoulder bone cracks in the process. It didn't hurt--But it would take a bit to heal. Bones always did. As the body of her opponent sags to the floor her claw retracts to pull clealy free of the bloodied corpse--Robot? But it certainly LOOKED like a corpse. Like Inez at that.

It was a robot though. Right? Right. She pushes to her feet to press one booted foot down on the back of the duplicate holding steady as her still-good arm swings down slicing the head off of the robot. Please be a robot. PLEASE.

The task is done one way or another. There's only a moment before she reaches down to grab a handful of blonde hair.

"Domino, Heads Up!" Is yelled out as she flings the severed head toward Domino and her Copy-Badger. At the very least it'll serve as a very distracting distraction.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    There's very little pause as her foe goes down and Clarice- no. Not Clarice, not Blink, and not Aperture. Mutate #083's eyes fall on Deadpool in the middle of his fight with the not-Domino. How much luck can the woman have - versus two different foes, after all?
    She blinks out of her current position, reappearing in a flanking position, as she strokes out with a fierce kick towards her kidney. She blinks out again, reappearing to toss a javelin at the woman - while simultaneously creating a small portal where the woman is about to step, intending to snap it shut and remove her foot.
    The attack continues, with many, repeated jumps and strikes, all while trying to remain aware of Deadpool's movements and intentions.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    Neena screams in pain as Fake!Gabby's adamantium claw pierces her flesh, but she doesn't stop moving. Instead, she grabs up the limp arm, ignoring the claw in her own torso, and yanks it up to try to stab the Fake!Gabby with her own claw. What else might actually take her down, after all?

    Somehow, she manages not to slip on her own blood as she struggles, grunting. With her luck, Gabby's toss of the Not-Inez's head will arrive either just in time to distract the Honey Badger copy, or just in time to thunk into Neena herself and take her down. But she struggles with the duplicate almost grimly, determined to end this and find her brother.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar let's the synthetic beat on him, taking the pounding letting android focus on him on this battle focus on winning. While Jim focuses on setting up his teammates. Giving Tabby and Clarice the opening to talk the faux Warpath down.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Tabitha's explosions of her double are just the trick to stop the copy from going nuclear and eradicating the entire room. What falls to the ground is much less than nuclear material but even it starts to glow and pulse with the destructive force of her death throes. Clarice--no, Mutate #083--continues her assault. The kick connecting just enough to force the Lucky double to shift right into a severing portal. She screams and drops as her balance is ruined and Wade pops up catching the belt. He fastens it around his waist and smiles. "Hey, Apeture... let's dance" he says. The pair of them are a blur of motions and teleportation. Almost like a dancing pair on the ice. They move in tandem and while some of the hits aren't succesfull enough are and before long there's a pile of bloody pieces that used to be Real!Domino in a pool of blood.

    The actual Domino is having a time of it though. Copy-Badger is a strong and those adamantium claws are something terrible. Why did they even make this stuff? The head comes flying for the pair of them and the fake Gabby catches it on her active claw, giving Domino the opening she needs to jam the worthless arm directly into Real!Honey-Badger's face. There is a thrashing and twitching as the double of Gabby Kinney attempts to fight the unavoidable and she falls back in a mix of her own and Domino's blood. They're going to have to do something about her soon though, as that healing factor is going to kick in.

    EDP struggles as he is literally hogtied the one escape he had is taken from him and given to his most hated foe. His source. He doesn't have long to think on it though as the cord shears off his head moments later and the body goes limp. That leaves them with one foe left. The fight is intense but there is a sense to the fight that Warpath is waiting as he takes the beating of a lifetime. Suddeny, a sharp disengaging kick from Warpath sends the double towards the pile of glowing embers of Fake Boom Boom at just the right moment. If Tabitha can time it right, the coupled booms would be enough to probably disable him and may even destroy the double.

    At that moment there is a sound like some sort of field being lowered and machine powering down. Clarice can feel her full power coming back. At a look from Wade he points to the thrashing Gabby. "Space... I don't care where. Moon. Sun. Venus... just... anywhere but here."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The blasts needed to make sure that the dead Fake Boom-Boom doesn't suicide blast on the Real actual Tabby is a lot. When you only have blast wave physics to rely on you gotta do a bit more to get the effect you want and for no one in her actual team to get caught in it.

Of course when Warpath sends his doppleganger flying her way. Tabby can at least tgo for the two birds and one stone.

The blast is then turns and with maybe a little extra in it because really. James under normal circumstances is that damn tough she needs to pour it on with all the same amount of shoving of energy she used on the bear not much long ago.

Again, the blasts are loud and bright and hopefully enough to just leave her fake Ex-Boyfriend nothing but cinders. At least she's gonna find out what it takes to do the job and if she has it in her to kill someone that looks like her aforementioned ex.

Inez Temple has posed:
Inez hefts the Evil Deadpool's body up by the wire she hogtied him with, the head tucked under the other arm as she approaches what's left of what -was- the fakeDomino, and the twitching remaisn of the fakeGabby. That the head of fakeInez is there and skewered on fakeGabby's claw has her looking at it oddly for a moment, then dumping the boddy on top of fakeGabby and motioning to it, "Th' sun, an' send that too. No more evil twin." She leans in to press a kiss to Wade's masked cheek and holds the head out to him, "Ya wanna do a three pointer into th' portal Aperture opens up?"

It's only fair really. It's his evil twin, after all. He should get the fun of tossing the head into the portal. In the meantime, she looks around and back to Wade, "We still gotta find Lazarus, too. An' that Stryfe-maybe-sorta guy."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
That wasn't a robot. That WASN'T a ROBOT. THAT wasN'T a roBOT.

Gabby stands above the corpse of the 'programmable synthoid', human, clone, whatever the hell it was breathing deep while watching the chaos around her continue. Blood drips from her claws. Spatters adorn her white and black attire.

She watches Domino kill her with a claw through the head. Already she can see the other injuries begin to lessen their bleeding, not from lack of blood, but healing factor. Her chest clenches tight as she pushes herself forward toward her ... HER clone?

"Aperture." The name comes flat, emotionless, while staring down at her double. She KNEW how to kill someone with a healing factor, properly.

"Aperture," she repeats again in a throaty voice. "Portal to space."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "I can't do an //open portal// to space. I mean, I can't. But I shouldn't. And I can't reach the sun, sorry." Instead - if she wants to keep these two and their prodigious healing factors from saving them even after re-entry... she'll have to send them to the moon, which was at the outer edges of her range. It was a slightly daunting and exhausting concept but- the moon's gravity would keep them trapped.
    She takes a deep breath, then holds her hand out for the head, herself, tossing it onto the pile - before she sends both bodies away in a blink with a toss of one of her javelins. Her shoulders slump slightly after she does so, as she shakes off a momentary weariness.
    "Let's... keep going, and get this over with."

Neena Thurman has posed:
    Neena looks up as Gabby comes over, and nods. "I didn't... I didn't know what else..." She lets go of the struggling replicant(?) and staggers back, pressing a hand to her side.

    "Oh, God," she gasps. "Oh, that... does /not/ hurt as much as it should." She clenches her jaw. "W--Deadpool? Is this it? Is this... I mean..." She can't quite seem to get the words together.

    "Need to find Laz," she manages finally, and looks around, like she's trying to find the exit that will lead to wherever her brother's being kept.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Did he want to kick the head through a portal into vaccuum? Yes. Did he understand that would suffocate everyone in the room that needed to breath? Yes. So he's only mildly disappointed when Aperture blinks them into lunar orbit.

    He turns and frowns at Gabby and Neena. "Boom Boom, duct tape Dom so she's on her feet long enough to get to her brother. We'll do triage back at base. Outlaw, do what you can for Honey Badger. I don't think we're in danger anymore... but she needs to at least be mobile. Again, triage physical and emotional back at base..."

    He goes to the wall where the group emerged from and looks to Clarice. "I need a hole..." he says. "Right..." he removes a black marker from one of his pouches and draws a big circle on the wall. "Around here" he says gesturing at the circle he made.

    Once she obliges he steps into what is probably the heart of the facility. There are numberous machines, most powered down now and a single capsule. Inside the capsule is a sleeping figure, he young and the white skin, black hair, and black patch over one eye marks him as Domino's blood. "Get him out of there, he asks one of his friends before bending down and picking up a piece of paper. On it is a letter written in clear precise script.

"Mr. Wilson,

Congratulations on your successful operation. I hope that my pets proved a worthy fight. Know that our meeting is not meant to be here. We will see each other soon enough. Understand that my hope for you and the rest of your team was to provide a level of entertainment. After all, that's what the audience wants, right? To be entertaned. Until we do meet, promise me that you will continue to fight for your freedom and the freedoms of those who help you.


    The signature is left blank. Wade crumples the note and shoves it into one of his pouches. "Another successful op. We're a bit battered and bruised... mental, emotionally, physically... but I think... I think we can call this an origin story. And a pretty damn good one if I have any say about it." He crosses his arms before him. "X-Force?" he calls with ramped up enthusiasm.