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Risks of Gotham Nights
Date of Scene: 10 June 2022
Location: Midtown - Founders Island
Synopsis: Misfit comes to the rescue of someone who distinctly didn't need her help. Emma acted grateful though.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe

Emma Frost has posed:
It's a dark night in Gotham. Emma Frost is finishing up business in the city district. A stpo by some of the remote offices, checking in on some things.. Now, the blonde is on her way out of the city. She rather dislikes this place, but she doesn'ts how it. Emma's wearing a rather high end business suit, with a purse slung over her shoulder. She's paying strict attention to her surroundings though it might not seem like it as she's walking a ways to meet her limosine which was redirected due to blocked traffic.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
    Being alert to the city around you, especially in Gotham, is very important. Especially if you look like you are rich or an easy mark. Which as a business woman in a high end suit Emma certainly is.

    The thoughts from three touch looking individuals walking along ahead of Emma are along the lines of ((Oh, easy mark.. bet she has money on her... we just got to bum rush her into the alleyway.)) accompanied by a head up nod from the one thinking those thoughts in the middle of the trio that his companions dont miss. Their thoughts echo things like ((Go time)) ... ((Okay don't see no cops)) accompanied with a glance.

    A clear intent from the Alley ((Frank's moving on that lady... )) and someone signals others in the alley.

    Up on a nearby roof sitting with her legs hanging over the edge is Misfit, aka Charlie Gage, in her full not quite Batgirl-askew gear. The goggles let her easily scan the environment and route it through the Oracle-Array for threat intel. Which helpfully highlights the situation unfolding below on her HUD with a callout. "Ahh yiss... baddies to punch." she pushes up to stand on the edge of the tall building and gauge where the best insertion point is going to be.

    Then she just leaps off the building and vanishes in a cloud of smoke right as the lead gang member starts to step forward towards Emma.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is used to Gotham. She's been in worse places and lived in them. She's contributed to them and to their existence. Human misery, suffering, and loathing is always a lovely thing to take advantage of. But even as Gotham has somehow managed to self perpetuate it's own misery is impressive to some degree. Even by Emma's normal standards. She's well aware of having to be alert. So she's casually sweeping the area around her.
    Even if she wasn't telepathic, she's well aware of the signs of the group that's moving to flank her and cut her off. Emma goes to play her role over carefully, moving to not react to them positioning htemselves around her. How cute.
    That entity up and over she's picking up.. Now that gets her attention. Emma keeps her expression neutral, revealing nothing about her awareness or her powers.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
    The would be robbers have no idea what lions den they are walking towards. They all think they are the lions. They most certainly are not. Maybe wild dogs sans the cute ears and adorable faces.

    No apex predators on the street but one Emma Frost.

    "Don't scream and we won't hurt you none!" growls the guy reaching to for Emma aggressively as his two buddies fan outwards.

    There is a splash of smoke above and behind him as Misfit appears a fraction of a second after she vanished far above. "DARK Vengeance!!" she battlecries as she still has a good deal of momentum from her initial fall and hooks herself around the lead robber, twists, and uses it to hurl him bodily into glass front of an office building (FCK..OW...) is his thoughts.

    That smoke is too pink for Kurt's but it absolutely was some form of thin air teleport to a trained eye, unusual for Gotham.

    The others have a lot of ALARM going on and one of them verbalizes "Shit one of the bats!..." the other "Which one!?" ..... but are reaching for weapons.

    The backup in the alley has the same panic, but hey its like at least seven or eight to one so the spotter steps out gesturing to those still in the alley.

    Charlie is having fun, though definitely teenage offense at not being recognized. "It's Misfit!" she snaps back at them moving for the one that didn't recognize her first.

Emma Frost has posed:
And Emma Frost is intent on doing nothing to disspell that. She has her own persona to play and she doesn't particularly wish to reveal her cards over at once. So she's simply waiting, playing the role over of someone that's not aware of the trouble that's coming. Evaluating the position as the men come out towards her. She goes to put a look of surprise and then terror over on her face befor eit smooths out.
    She's about to speak something over when there's smoke going off around her. oO(What the devil?) she thinks, irony intended over as the thugs suddenly go on the alert and scramble. Thoughtful. This doesn't seem like one of the locals. Emam's read at least what public files there are on them and what ones she has access to.
    Interesting. She goes to stay quiet over, moving to keep up her persona over of someone that's caught by surprise and disoirented!

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
    Chaos probably best describes the teenagers style.

    It totally looked like she was going right at the bad guy who had pulled a flex baton out and snapped it into place. Then she was gone and he was whiffing through the pink smoke. Nothing but a heartbeat later she up a bit in the air behind the robber cracking down at the base of his skull with a armored elbow dropping him even as she uses him to shield her from his buddy who has pulled out a gun.

    As her feet touch down a small flash of metal flies from her hands. It ... does look like a batarang, but it is a bit more M-ish like the symbol on her chest. The gun though goes flying and would be shooter is holding his very lacerated hand to his chest bleeding all over himself..

    There are the four rough looking dudes barreling out of the alley still.

    The redheads thoughts are basically the lyrics to the Taylor Swift song Bad Blood o/Now we got problems...And I don't think we can solve 'em ... You made a really deep cut...And baby, now we got bad blood.. o/~ as she enjoys this .. too much then ((Ohhhh bet that guy needs a hand now... ouch lol))

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost keeps her mind oriented and focused. The attacker definitely d oesn't fit the profile of anyone local that she's aware of. Emma gets the sense of the dual conversation giong on in the head, the chaos rampant over in him.. Then she watches thoughtfully over as the men go to charge out o fthe alleyway. Emma Frost goes to just smile acidly over as she moves to try and cloak herself over from their thoughts as she moves to try and simply make herself vanish. As far as anyone might be concerned she ran away over in the midst of things. Emma doesn't upt it up for Misfit, merely if she can the thugs.
    Emma takes the time to scramble ou tof the way of the alley, playing up her role over as someone going to cover while something was going on and a melee. She's not bothering to call for the police or 911, or scream in confusion. Neithe'rs going ot help. It will just attract more predators. It's time to be quiet and let things play out here.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
    Charlie is actually paying attention, somewhat, to the would be robbery victim she is rescuing. She glances to make sure Emma is getting out of the way and then at the armed thugs charging right at the batling. "Wow... lot of you jerkfaces for one robbery. Is this cause you'reeee scarrrrred" she taunts them.

    She is gone as two of them actually shoot at her though, another slash of pinkish-purple smoke where she was that the bullets pass through harmlessly.

    Even before they can spin around in a panic the short older teenage crime fighter is behind all four of them and slams her hands out with two metal discs in them. Which almost literally light the two robbers up as they start to flail and jerk spasmatically like they are being tased, which they are, as they hit the ground. "Da Da Dum... and then... there were two unlucky evildoers."

    Seriously who talks like this. Misfit does duck as they both turn to try to punch and stab her respectively.

Emma Frost has posed:
Definitely someone that's taken some permanent doses of alteration to the consciousness. Whether it's due to some sort of inherent mental instability due to whatever the.. Gestalt is of the two? Or their mental association. Sometimes merging does bring about instability and chaos. Perhaps something inherent to the 'other' within her?
    The men are down or taken care of, and Emma Frost is to the side, letting them run away or hre rescuer deal with them. Emma's not bothering to plumb the minds of Misfit. She's just letting the girl talk to herself(herselves?) while Emma just monitors and lets Misfit go through the melee seemingly effortlessly.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
    Honestly, Charlie is just about as ADHD as a ferret on meth. It is probably due to the source of her powers. Still. She just likes to have a running narration of her life in her head. Which is often connected to her mouth.

    Not plumping into her head is probably a good idea though. It is completely chaotic and there are spikes of jarring noise each time she teleports. Pure chaos.

    She twists around not bothering to teleport though as she grabs the guy trying to stab her by the arm, then uses some sort of aikido move, though a very unusual variant, as she helps him stab his friend in the arm. "Oof... why did you stab your friend?" she asks, sarcasm dripping. Then she breaks the guys nose with that weighted glove before helping him down to her knee which causes his head to snap back violently as he is knocked out.

    Finally teleporting one more time behind the guy pulling the knife out of his arm to kick him in the back of his knees and then step forward to help bounce his head off the sidewalk.

    "And ...then there were none..." she grins proud of herself before waving over at Emma "All safe now Ma'am."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would 'ah', "Thank you, ah.. I don't know what to call you." Emma's keeping up her persona of being scared and disoriented, like someone who hasn't had the brazenness of several armed men coming out of an alleyway to try and rob her from ambush. All things considered, the borderline psychotic CEO and former White Queen o fthe Hellfire Club hasn't even taken so much as dust on her jacket. Emma however is not showing her calmness, only radiating her sense of disorientation.
    "Thank you, I was just going to get my ride but they had to move on me. Construction." Not mentioning her ride is a limo. One didn't have to brag to the duo that had taken the time to come and save her.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
    "Oh... " a glance at the limo and then a nod. "They probably figured you had lots of money. Nice suit and all." bright smile. "Glad I was here to help." she is pulling zipties out efficiently as she talks, ducking down to secure the dudes on the ground.

    Taser Discs retrieved and tucked in a yellow utility belt. Managing cleanup and conversation at teh same time.

    "The town isn't the safest after dark still... though gosh we are sure trying out best to clean it up.. but there always seems to be more bad guys... it's kinda nuts." trucking over to the next group to get her bat-a-rang. "I'll make sure the cops pick these baddies up though... oh if this was traumatic there are a lot of crisis lines you can call or text in Gotham... they have billboards.. or I guess a google search..." she is painfully helpful. "None of them hurtcha right?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile over at Misfit, "Yes, thank you. I'm on my way out of town. You're doing an excellent job here of helping people. Do keep it up." Emma's not expecting the beaten thugs to be taken in over by the police. But hopefully a few broken bones will at least give them a reminder to stop next time or put them in for a long healing period.
    "Thank you for your assistance. I think that I should get out of here and go home before this happens again. And I'm fine."

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
    Misfit snaps a smart little salute. "Sure thing Mrs. Frost." which may be startling, though the reality is the HUD in her goggles and the Oracle Array identified the rich business lady, she is a CEO after all.

    She finishes ziptieing the bad guys up and then mutters "Call the cops Oracle." giving the signal that the cops should be called.

    She also keeps an eye until Emma is safely at her limo before vanishing in another slash of smoke.

    Strange kid.