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This Goes Here
Date of Scene: 21 June 2022
Location: Rogue's Room
Synopsis: Rogue and Remy have a chat in her cleared out bedroom. There's a mouse in the house, and someoen's gonna pay! Probably the mouse, or Jean, for an exterminator.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
There's a bunch of ruckuss in Rogue's hallway outside her room. Some of the people that live near her have checked in on her, but they've all gone on their own way!

Out in the hallway, Rogue has most of her furniture pushed. It's lining the hallway... Her dresser, her desk, her bookshelves, her two chairs. Inside the room, which is shockingly empty now, Rogue is just sitting on the floor cross legged, and Jeepers is laying on the ground beside her panting happily.

Rogue has a book on her lap, and is flipping through it with her head down. Dressed in shorts, a tanktop and her hair tied back in a ponytail, she looks casual like she's going to the gym soon...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
People came to check on Rogue, and when they couldn't figure out what the hell was going on, they called up Remy. Who, it should be noted, is not a lizard person. He's just been out of town on what he called 'business'. It probably means he was trying his hand at the World series of poker or something, though.

His familiar personage comes clip-clopping down the hall in a pair of bright pink crocs, jean-shorts, and a t-shirt with a wolf on the front. His hair, which is getting pretty long by now, is all tied up in the douchiest of manbuns... and over all this is his trench coat of holding.

Head peeking around the open doorway to peer in at Rogue and Jeepers in the otherwise empty room, "Is dis a mental breakdown? Cus I can go get some weed..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has her back to him and the door. She's got a black and white crop top on so her lower back is visible to him after he peaks in like that. Rogue raises her hand up after hearing the voice, then Jeepers stands up, his tail starts to go a mile a second as his whole butt shakes while he walks toward Remy eagerly awaiting love from the man!

Rogue turns around to look at him and she smiles, her white bangs framing her face.

"No, but I do want some weed." She tells him before she just 'floats up' to her feet, and closes the book before sauntering toward him in the cleaned-out room. "There was a mouse..." She explains with a saucy look on her face. "It chewed a hole in some'a my stuff. I was gonna smash it... but couldn't find it..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is crouched down before Jeepers even gets halfway and ruffles both sides of his face once he's closed the rest of the distance. His black/red eyes are flicked up to look at Rogue though, "What? How a mouse get... you know what? Everybody got dese pets, Scott wit his pussy cat who don't chase mice, you sure it not somebody pet or somet'ing?" He lets Jeepers get some good face licks before pushing up.

So that Rogue can get her own.

Not licks, but at least a kiss of her forehead.

"Okay, well you in luck cus I brought back da good shit." Which he produces from inside his pocket. A brick of the firest purple fibered bud this side of Coobaaa. "I was going to pass it out to all da minors, but I suppose we can just smoke it ourselves."

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers picks up a shoe toy he had beside the door and just does a couple laps around Remy's legs while Rogue just smiles as she gets a forehead kiss. "Welcome back." She says quietly before poking at his chest. When he produces that lovely smokey substance, she looks down at it and her eyes sparkle. "Wow, jeezus." She tells him, laughing some more while she reaches up to touch it gently with her hands.

Squeeze squeeze. "That's a lotta weed." She tells him with a grin showing up to him. "Looks like we'll have a good time on the rooftop tonight. Let's hope Ororo is in the mood for some second hand smoke...." She states with a grin.

Her eyes look back to her empty room. She sighs. "I think he's after Jeeps food. The mouse, that is... I'm gonna have t'put it in a different container. Stupid mouse ate a hole in one'a my fancy purses in my closet..." The Belle laments.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I have it on high authority that Ororo would gladly roll us a fatty if we ask her." Remy tosses the brick over in his palm and holds it out to Rogue with a smirk, "Dis aint really dat much, prolly last a month or two." With it taken, his hands go into the pockets of his coat where he's likely got rolling papers and a lighter for their upstairs antics.

"T'ank you. Sorry it took me so long to get back, but you know how t'ings get when I at a card table, ses pa?" He sucks at his teeth and shakes his head, "Dey got some pretty fancy technology to keep you from cheating too... which is a shame dat dey never met nobody like me, oi? I make dere fancy tech look pretty silly wit dese fast hands."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue holds the baggy and just stares at it until he speaks of his fast hands, and the card tournament. She looks up at him, and just smiles as she leans up against him. "Such, fast, hands." She quietly says before leaning up to kiss his chin. She grins at him. "Just so long as ya won the big bucks. Ya know how expensive mah tastes are." She teases him some before she offers the bag back.

"I'll start movin' this stuff back inta the room, so nobody comes by and yells at me, like Scott... Or Jean."

She walks past him with Jeepers following her, squeaking his toy out to the hallway, her white sneakers barely making a noise on the floor as she goes...

"I bet this mouse is just hidin' somewhere laughin' at me!"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Oh, yes, all the big bucks." That is absolutely not true, Remy did not win. Mostly because he didn't want to win, otherwise he would have won. It's one thing to cheat at the world series of poker, but it's a whole other thing to WIN the world series of poker by cheating.

His morals are sound.

With hands in his pocket he strolls along beside her glancing hither and thither at the corners of the room. "Maybe, but I don't t'ink mice are particularly humorous lot. Dey mostly just poop on t'ings from my limited expertise on da animal kingdom."

He would offer to help her move stuff, but she's super freaking strong.

Which means he'll help, but mostly by grabbing the annoyingly unheavy stuff.