11737/Abandoned Warehouse Investigation

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Abandoned Warehouse Investigation
Date of Scene: 24 June 2022
Location: Abandoned Warehouse
Synopsis: Hope Summers, Connor Kent and Emma Frost discover a warehouse containing MGH. However, they also find more than they were expecting.
Cast of Characters: Hope Summers, Emma Frost, Conner Kent

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope is waiting outside the abandoned warehouse while she waits for the rest of the group to arrive. She had reached out to Conner Kent from the Outsiders and Emma Frost, an ally of the X-Men. Hope wasn't sure what she would find inside the warehouse. However, Hope was convinced that she had seen someone carrying crates of mutant growth hormone into the warehouse.

Hope had already told Conner and Emma why she wanted to investigate the warehouse. Beliving that it would be best for everyone to be aware of the possible danger that would lie just behind the warehouse doors. Going in without any knowledge would be dangerous.

Conner Kent had been approached due to his physical prowess. Conner could handle most threats without difficulty if there is any danger lurking inside the warehouse. On the other hand, Emma Frost had been approached for her psychic abilities. She should be able to pick up on the minds of people inside the warehouse and easily locate people hiding within.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is there and wearing what passes for her normal X-Men field uniform on the times that she goes with the team out and about. She's been using her telepathy to conceal hereslf on the approach as she moves towards where the meeting was setup. Presuming the other two have indicated their comfort with it, she has made telepathic contact with them and is acting to blanket the area to hopefully keep them from notice.
    This is mostly aimed towards any exterior guards or curious civilians that might notice their approach. But, hopefully it simply lets her remove any sort of awareness of the trio's approach towards the location.

Conner Kent has posed:
Receiving a message from a team mate about a warehouse full of dangerous mutagenics is not too strange in Conner's line of work. Although to say the truth, the Outsiders tend to be pretty self-reliant nowadays. Hope in particular, she is worse than Tim at asking for assistance.

So, it must be important. And it is not awkward at all -unless- she didn't call anyone else. Which apparently she didn't. Weeeell... "Hope, nice to see you," he greets, attempting a friendly smile.

And then there is a telepathic contact. Which Conner has some experience dealing with thanks to a Martian girl he knows. But he is not as skilled at it like most X-Men, and Hope's presence is bad for his concentration. As if they had a history or something.

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope smiles when she sees Conner approach, but she puts a finger to her lips. Indicating that they should be quiet and not make too much noise. It would not do well to draw attention to themselves before they are ready. A moment later, she feels the telepathic presence of Emma Frost.

/"Hello, Emma,"/ Hope responds to Emma's psychic presence with her mind. /"I forget. Can Conner hear my thoughts as well?"/

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to think over at Hope as she would go along <<Greetings Hope. What are we dealing with?>> This is sent over to Hope for a moment. <<I will give him privacy unless he permits my scanning. I would also suggest..>> There would be the mental equivalent of a smile given <<That you not use that particular reference for him in conversation, he might not appreciate it. Would you care to have me link him to us?>>
    Emma is for now not looping him in to give him a degree of privacy, sensing the significant defenses in passing.

Conner Kent has posed:
Not to draw attention? Conner came flying. Maybe he misread the message... no he didn't. Oh well, no one looks up in New York anyway, he lands and nods to the redhead. "Want me to scan inside," he whispers.

Then he directs a glance to the tall blonde, nodding to her. Waiting for introductions. He is aware Hope knows quite a number of superhumans, particularly mutants. But so far Conner has met only a handful of them.

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope tilts her head and looks at Emma, /"You know, Cable told stories about you... well, the you from my universe and my Cable... in those stories, you were not so polite. Sometimes you... she... completely disregarded the wishes of the person whose mind you wanted to read. But, yes, it would be easier if you were to link all our minds together."/

Hope then turns to Conner, nods her head and then points at the warehouse.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would let out a sigh <<In my worse days, I would have proven them true. Also given my own experiences with Cable, I might say that his perceptions can be rather unique. But again, this is neither here nor now. I am here to help as best I can. If your friend permits it, I will engage him in the link. If not, do you have an alternate means for how we can stay in contact? If he does not trust me,I am more than content to let you use some of my own abilities.>>
    Emma goes tos tart to try and telepathically sweep the warehouse if at all possible. Focusing to see if she can pickup any particular minds.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner would permit telepathic contact if Emma pokes. He is familiar with the concepts of telepathic mind-links and coordination. He is a bit distracted by Hope and Emma's presence, but he focuses when Hope gestures to the warehouse.

Once he does, he moves very quickly to the wall side, and puts the palm of his hand against it. There is a second of red glow, and then his consciousness expands as his telekinesis 'maps' the warehouse, scanning walls, ceilings and floors and anything touching either. A 3D map appears in his head, open to the women if they want to peer.

He is also listening, and his enhanced senses might be able to pick up any sound inside louder than a heartbeat. Depending if the streets around and noisy or not.

Hope Summers has posed:
The night air is still and quiet, giving Conner a sense of what is happening in the warehouse. At first, Conner detects the outer walls of the warehouse. He picks up on the windows and doors that give multiple entry points to the warehouse. However, different sensors would be triggered if the doors and windows are opened.

Conner then starts to pick up on the contents of the warehouse. The warehouse is split into different sections. The section they are nearest to seems to be a loading area with a car waiting just behind the large door. Past that is a much larger section that takes up most of the warehouse's floor space. Then on the opposite side of this section are two smaller sections.

Several separate piles of boxes are scattered around the warehouse. The contents of which are hard to determine. Some of them could contain MGH.

However, Conner can also detect the presence of five different people inside the warehouse. Their hearts beat louder and faster than expected for an average human.

Hope lets out a chuckle, /"That may be. Anyway, why don't you help?"/

At that moment, Emma makes a connection with Conner, and Hope sees the model of the warehouse. "Something does not seem right about those men."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go start to sweep ahead over and then goes to start to try and dig up details on the individausl within if she can. She's moving to try and if possible mostly conceal her probing if they have significant defenses. She moves to if possible scan for surface thoughts. Emma goes to then try to get a general feel for the area. Not aware of traps or sensors but presuming there are, so not moving forwards from the group.
    Telepathically sweeping, trying to pick up minds, get information on them, and generally hopefully not reveal the presence of the group outside moving inwards to try and discern things.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner frowns <<quite a bit of security for an old warehouse>> he decides, projecting the idea and pointing at the alarms at doors and windows. He keeps the hand in the wall, since he might be able to dissemble one of the alarms (and window) if Hope wants to get in stealthy. Also checking if the five inside are moving. Turth is he has little to say about the five individuals. He knows they are there, but he can't hear them talking.

Hope Summers has posed:
That's because the five men inside are not talking. They are not doing much of anything. They just stand in the middle of the room, almost like soldiers waiting for a command.

Emma picks up on the surface thoughts of the men. However, they are confusing and erratic.

/"Do it,"/ Hope thinks turning to Conner.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would frown <<Their thoughts are erratic. They're on standby.. Waiting for orders or for something to happen. Something isn't right>> But Emma's not pushing too hard. She goes ready to support Superboy telepathically while he gets ready to go in. Emma's going to if at all possible with them try and maintain a passive veneer of 'nothing going on'. The sensation that nothing is around needing thier attention. They're waiting for orders or whatever it is. So long as the group goes in stealthily, Emma is attempting to make sure that the men don't notice it.

Conner Kent has posed:
<<Maybe they are sleeping>> offers Conner. It is weird for people to stay still without doing anything. Sure, soldiers on watch do it, but mostly they patrol, in part because standing still is much more uncomfortable.

Then again, they might be metahumans. Or cyborgs. He can't say with the tactile telekinesis, it is not X-Ray vision.

But with telekinesis he can focus in the closest window and slowly pull apart the alarm system, opening it quietly.

Hope Summers has posed:
Conner focuses on the sensor, a simple device without many components. He successfully removes the sensor from the window without setting off the alarm.


Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would close her eyes, moving to setup a network between her, Hope, and Conner and moving to give the locations if she can keep them updated on the five men in the middle of the room and their alert level.

Conner Kent has posed:
<<I am always ready>> replies Conner, a smirk in his lips. The window opens wide, and he goes first, offering Hope and Emma a hand if they need help. Hopefully they are outside the men's fields of vision for now, but it was hard to guess where they were looking from his TK-reading.

Hope Summers has posed:
Conner drops through the window and into the section with the car. It blocks the view of the three from the rest of the warehouse. Yet, with Emma's powers, it can be presumed that the cover is not really needed.

Yet, Hope moves over to crouch by the car. More out of instinct than a tactile manoeuvre. She peers over the front of the vehicle toward the five men. They all stand back to back in a circle. However, one man's face can be seen as he stands facing the car. His eyes are shut, and he looks calm, despite the fast beating pace of his heart.

/"This is this weird."/

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is going to keep up with the mental cloaking, pausing <<I'm not getting much from them. I'll defer to you on the matter. But might it be safer to fully incapacitate and neutralize them just in case?>> That's the call of Hope and Superboy. Emma's just aware she's not getting much if anything from them telepathically.

She's not pushing into them, just monitoring. Now she's trying to survey the rest of the warehouse looking for anyone or anything else thinking.

Conner Kent has posed:
<<No kidding. I can hear their hearts beating from here>> notes Conner. <<If they were exercising hard, it would make sense, but they are just standing there!>> He is crouching behind the car too, although the young man is not given to stealth. Comes from being almost indestructible. <<Want to take them out, or should we just check what is in the boxes?>>

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope looks from Conner to Emma. /"I think the must be on MGH. It's the only explanation."/ She then looks back at the five men. /"I think they might be in some trance, or something? But who could do something like that? Are they just under the influence of MGH or what?"/

She then stands up from behind the car. /"I think we should just focus on the crates and find what is them for sure. We might have to come back another time to deal with them."/ She then turns to Conner, /"I'm sure you could handle them, but we just don't know what to expect."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would frown <<Very well. I'll defer to you on this>> She's going to keep an eye over on the men in her mental landscape. Emma remains down and staying out of line of sight behind cover. Rememering wehre the security systems were pointed out, she tries tos tay out of their line of sensor.

For now, it's continuing to sweep the area and ensure there aren't other surprises and give an alert if the men come out of trance.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner nods, pointing to the closest pile of boxes. The men have their eyes closed, so it is just sneaking around without making noises, right? Wait. <<What does this drug do? Give them some kind of power? They... might be high, that would explain the accelerated hearts>> but not why they are standing still with their eyes closed instead of sprawled on couches.

Hope Summers has posed:
/"Well, yeah, that's precisely what it does. It enhances powers, and it can even grant them... or as far as I hear. Maggot was on it, and he was very aggressive. His slug swallowed Deadpool, and they usually are rather small."/ Hope explains. "I think that these men might also be aggressive if they were... I don't know... active? Their hearts are beating fast, right? Maybe it works like adrenaline? They could be surging with unknown powers."

Hope moves over to the nearest pile of boxes. However, it moves her a lot closer to the subdued men. However, fortunately, they don't seem to notice. /"Whatever you are doing, keep it up."

Hope begins opening boxes, and sure enough, in the boxes are smaller boxes marked MGH. /"Well, that was lucky. Do you think that they contain MGH?"/

Conner Kent has posed:
<<If it is not, that is false advertisement>> beat <<also, they are not very smart. It is like making packages with labels like 'heroin' and 'cocaine'. Labels should be something harmless-sounding, like candy or pencils.>> It is also a lot of boxes here. Conner is quite sure he would prefer not to have this much super-drug in the streets, but he will defer to Hope about the plan.

Hope Summers has posed:
/"So far, no one knows we've been here,"/ Hope replies. /"We come to see if this warehouse contains MGH; we've found that out. But those men concern me. Let's get out of here for now and return later./"