11746/Fly Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease

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Fly Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease
Date of Scene: 25 June 2022
Location: Sweet Water Lake: Salem Center
Synopsis: Bobby gets surprised with hang gliding in Apple Park.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Bobby Drake

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Though the hills at the park aren't exactly the tallest in all the land, Kitty knows someone who guaranteed the winds would be stronger than forecast at the right time. At the right time... for HANG GLIDING!

When Bobby arrives to meet her, Kitty already has the hang gliders set up. There's a truck with a trailer that is just pulling off as she waves to them, the name on the trailer indicating a company that she rented the gliders from.

Kitty has on sunglasses and a pair of spandex shorts and a tank top. The girl has been getting a lot of sun, having lounged about on a sailboat just the day before on Breakstone Lake. Though now they are looking out over another lake down below here in Apple Park.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby is understandably skeptical of this entire operation, but has shown up as requested. He has no hat today, blonde hair free to dance a little bit in the breeze. He has shorts although a bit roomier, and a tank top as well. The shoulder where he was bitten is looking mostly healed by now although it's been a slow process - either he is comfortable enough with the way it looks now or he is not self-conscious about it around Kitty.

He glances down towards the bottom. "Promise me you aren't going to phase and then start taking videos of me screaming my head off alone out there."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty gives a soft cackle. "That would be kind of fun," she tells him. "But no, I'm looking forward to this too. It's not like I get to soar if I'm up in the air. It's not much different than standing on the ground. Other than a nice view, it kind of lacks all the fun of flying," she says.

Kitty pulls on her sunglasses and makes sure they are in place. "So, you just get in the harness here," she says, moving over to help Bobby in. "And you'll shift your weight forward to tip the nose down and dive, tip it back to climb. To the right will tip your wings to the right and turn you. Just try to find the air currents to soar on," she says.

She checks her watch and then wets a finger and holds it up. "Shouldn't be long now," she says, then goes over to get into her hang glider. She double checks that she's strapped in. The wind begins to pick up, blowing right towards them, coincidentally from the direction of the school. "Ok. Don't try to climb too fast, just let it carrying you up. Tip too far back and you'll stall out. Kind of like one of the sailboats on the lake, let the hang glider be at an angle to the wind and let it flit you," she says. She starts forward at a run to the edge and jumps off. The hang glider drops about ten feet at most before she's gradually pitching up upwards slightly and starting to climb on the winds.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby tries to listen to Kitty's instructions. Really he does. But they are long and full of details he cannot execute immediately. And so they go in one ear and out the other.

Nonetheless, he has little choice in the matter. Kitty is going out there and the wind is picking up and so he jumps out there as well!

He immediately starts to wobble and shift, and then he manages to right himself a bit. Establishing some equilibrium, he turns slightly to follow along with Kitty. "Ok, this is kind of fun, I admit."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty soars over to the right and then back towards Bobby to help him to catch up. She calls over to him, "I know, isn't it! Nice and quiet, no engine roaring!" she calls.

The warm winds continue to blow steadily, making it pretty easy to stay aloft. They'll have to really mess up bad to not be able to climb back higher whenever they want.

Kitty's done this a few times, though isn't exactly an expert. But then she's pretty good at picking up things, whether of the learned or physical variety.

She steers her glider out over the lake. Down below, people are swimming along a beach, and further out over the water are sailboats, canoes, some paddle boats and others.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby is not nearly as good at learning things as Kitty is, but he's very good at watching Kitty and following what she does. He makes little adjustments as he goes, and starts to get the feel for it. In some respects it is like trying to balance on his toboggan slides, and those he is a master of.

He also has his eye out for the inevitable prank - is it something that's going to jump up at him? Or something falling from the sky?

Kitty Pryde has posed:
When the prank comes it turns out to have nothing to do with Kitty. A drone rises higher and higher into the sky. A little one with four helicopter-like blades, one on each corner. It begins buzzing around behind them, zooming past then arcing around.

Down below on the beach, a woman looks up and yells, "Bobby Simmons! If you don't get that drone away from those people your father is going to tan your hide with his belt when we get home! Don't you know that you could make them crash!"

Kitty grins a bit and drifts out further over the lake. She draws a deep breath, pulling in the fresh air and letting it out. "Thanks for coming out with me," she calls over to Bobby.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Amused by the arrival of the drone, Bobby pays careful attention to make sure it doesn't fly anywhere near Kitty. Once that threat has passed, he arcs over towards her, trying to catch up.

"Anytime Kitty. You know that." He smiles warm towards her as he follows along further over the lake. He glances down at their reflections in the water.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Lockheed wanted to come," she calls over to him as they soar above the sparkling blue waters of the lake. "Though I figured there'd be a lot of people out here at this time of day, and the weather so nice. Not worth having to hack everyone's cameras and accounts to scrub video and photos of him," she calls with a soft laugh.

Despite her earlier comments, she leans back and climbs upwards, soon coming to a stop and hanging there in the sky, just for a few moments. Before the hang glider tips over and falls back down nose first. She quickly picks up speed again and turns into the wind to let it soar her back up to Bobby's altitude gradually. "That one was scary the first time I tried it. I mean, I know, I wouldn't have gotten hurt, but still! It's a rush."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Probably for the best," Bobby sighs about Lockheed. "Maybe we can take him out to the mountains somewhere and let him fly free."

Bobby is not nearly so daring as Kitty although he turns to make a beeline towards her as she does it before he realizes that it was by design.

"Yeah, that's all you, Kitty. That would be the end of me, knowing my luck, and you all would laugh at me."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The Jewish young woman laughs, and ducks down to cross over beneath Bobby, before more gradually regaining height on the other side of him. Though she leaves him plenty of room to not cause any fear of colliding.

"You'd be fine if you did fall. You'd just make a big vertical slide, and knowing you probably put a loop the loop in it to make use of all that speed," she says with a laugh as they float on the wind.

"The place I rented them from are going to be waiting for us there on the far shore. From there figured we could grab something to eat and then hike back to school overland," she says, pointing to the gradually approaching far shore where there's a parking lot along a grassy stretch.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Well of course," replies Bobby with a grin. "While you may be able to float, I can fall _with style_."

He laughs as he watches her execute far more control over the gliders, but then aims his in the direction she intends. "This wasn't really so bad," he calls to her. "Thanks for convincing me to do this!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The young woman flashes a warm smile over to Bobby Drake. "Anytime. Love that you came out here with me. Especially when you maybe a little apprehension over it. A tiny bit," she says, grinning to him warmly.

She leads Bobby down, gently burning off altitude. As they do, she calls over, "So we'll just glide down near to the ground, and then gradually tilt back to slow yourself. Just try to kind of come to a stop when your feet are practically on the ground," she calls over. "watch me first."

She glides down at a shallow angle, slowing herself, until she hits that spot that she can kill most of her speed and almost be stopped, much like she did higher in the air. Only now her feet are just a foot or two from the ground, so it's like a light jump as she lands.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"You know that as much as I can't trust you at all, I've always got your back and I'll always be there when you call." Bobby watches Kitty's progress towards the ground with skepticism.

He comes in a bit hot, and it looks for a moment like he might not be able to keep pace with the speed of the glider.

Before Kitty can be alarmed by the fear of him breaking both legs with a slam to the ground, he suddenly smoothes out his entire landing. But maintaining his speed.

He speeds past her on a thin layer of ice, gliding along with a grin on his face. After getting a healthy distance ahead he banks into a upturn and starts heading back to her.

Is he going collide with her? Or pull up at the last minute in a spray of snow?

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde starts for Bobby, and it wouldn't be unlike her to jump and grab him to phase him out of it so he doesn't have a hard landing. But then she sees what he's doing and pulls up, laughing as he slides on past.

She sees him come back around towards her. "There's a saying Piotr and Illyana have about poking a bear!" she says, crossing her arms and not moving. If he's going to do something to her, he's got a stationary target!

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Is that what they call it there?" Bobby replies as he bares down on Kitty, a grin on his face.

His oath deviates at the last moment, an arm reaching out to try to snag her. If she doesn't phase he'll drag her up and along on a brief wind enhanced ice sailing run before ending with a breathing spin and they finally come to a stop.

If she phases - well she gets to look on with envy as does it.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The arm grabs hold of Kitty, who stood her ground, and without phasing. She gets dragged along, laughing as she's spun about on the ice, her arms about Bobby to keep from falling by the time they finally stop.