11898/Preparing for the worst

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Preparing for the worst
Date of Scene: 06 July 2022
Location: Lobby - GIRL Headquarters
Synopsis: Following the encounter at Titans Tower the synthezoid teen Vivian Vision retreats to GIRL fearing she's next on the hit list after M! Valeria and Irie help come up with solutions to the situation.
Cast of Characters: Vivian Vision, Valeria Richards, Irie West

Vivian Vision has posed:
Having recently had a second (admittedly quite indirect) encounter with the new and 'Improved' Supergirl the synthezoid superhero known as Vivian Vision has made a tactical retreat back to a place she feels comfortable and in control.

GIRL is closer to most of her non-Titan friends and allies. Besides if you've upset a Kryptonian it's best to not be in the same place when they decide to come back....

Security systems are on alert. Viv is watching global data feeds and weather patterns for hints regarding potential disasters. And she's also pacing back and forth a lot.

Valeria Richards has posed:
The ping for the alarms at GIRL reaches even Valeria's ears or at least her wrist computer. Which gets her hauling from Manhattan to Bludhaven pretty fast via Fantasticar.

Luckily she also manages to not set off any further alarms. She's still a young blonde woman with a penchant for wearing blue most days but luckily turns up with her Val suit. What she calls her modified Fantastic Four Uniform packing extra forcefields and Thing Suit strength enhancing tech in white. The only blue coming from her boots and the piping around the padding on shoulders and arms. And the numeral 4 on her chest.

"Hey, got a peep from the GIRL network." Val calls out worriedly as she looks about sprying the pacing Vivian.

"Why we battening down the hatches?" she asks the synthetic young woman.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Did you get the message I sent a few days ago?" Vivian wonders, her attention mostly still fixed on global news feeds. Many of which are also showing in holographic projections around her. "About Kara? She's... acting really strangely. She was talking to me like I was an object. Using unusual phrases that made me check for a doppelganger."

She frowns, then adds "Also she was standing /differently/."

She shakes her head. "Anyway I was at Titans Tower earlier today and she was being weird again. The Flash was trying to calm her down but it wasn't really working. And then Ms. America appeared from one of her portals and it got really tense. And she kind of let slip I was there and Kara did not look happy. She could probably tell I was turning on the security systems..."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Oh god, she didn't actually flip out?" Val says and looks extra worried. Like pale as a freshly laundered sheet. The differences in stance and movement on the holo displays getting soem notice.

"I figured she was just like having a mood or something. I hadn't really dealt with her much myself. The de-anthropomorphisizing is a bitchy thing to do though.

The blonde in her current state lifts up her wrist computer to start scanning Vivian's body for any damage. A little holodisplay showing while lines of light move up and down the synthezoid.

"So like are we dealing with mind control, duplicates, super menstruation? Cause obviously we have planning to do about how to deal." she further asks getting extra inquisitive.

Irie West has posed:
    Having to take mass transit to get anywhere and not just, you know, running there totally /sucks,/ Iris grumbles to herself as she gets out of the Uber in front of GIRL headquarters. She's got her backpack slung over one shoulder, and no less than three donut boxes piled high in her hands. Just because she isn't supposed to use the Speed Force it doesn't mean that her metabolism hasn't slowed down any.

    She was on her way here to see if she could help out with any of the research on her condition. Donate more blood... skin samples... /anything/ to help move things along when her phone lights up with Vivan's alert. "What's going on?" She asks, coming in at around the same time Val does, and then listens to Viv's explanation.

    "That's not good," she says, settling down into a nearby seat. She takes one of the boxes and slides it over to Val, while taking another for herself. The other she'll leave for whoever comes in next. "Does Superman know? Power Girl? If Kara goes rogue.... they're going to be our first line of defense until we can find some Kryptonite."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision shakes her head. "She wasn't physically violent," she confirms. She looks physically fine. Just a little on edge. "But she found out someone had warned the Titans she was acting weird and had a look. Like she was about to find them and hurt them." She sighs. "And that means I'm probably next on the list. Just not the top because you know. She doesn't think I'm a person."

She paces back and forth some more. At the rate she's going it'll probably wear a rut into the floor.

"I.. don't think she's a duplicate. She knew all the right access codes for GIRL. I don't really know if Kryptonian biology has that.. issue. They're physically close to Human externally but far beyond in other ways. Which leaves possible mind control or some other external influence."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Kryptonians have a few more weaknesses than just Kryptonite." Valeria reminds as the scan comes up clear on the surface. But that doesn't curtail her worry. "Hypersonics and loud enough noises can stun her. I'm sure I can wangle a few mystical doo-hickies off my Uncle Doom." Doctor Doom can be a great source of knowdledge if one knows how to sweet talk that ego. Val smiles reassuringly while she offers as suggested directions.

"Goal's gonna be restraint, not a beat down after all. That's for street level morons think a mugging is high crime." she states and  sits with the box Irie slips her way. "We're not gonna be able to stop her in a straight fight. So we gotta be sneaky. So that means traps and environmental hazards."

Irie West has posed:
    Irie pulls out her first donut: Chocolate. "Is she under the influence of other colored kryptonite?" she asks taking a huge hunk out of the donut. "There was this time when Su-" she stops herself and shakes her head. "That hasn't happened yet. Uh. Green makes them weak, but other colors do other things to them. I... I don't remember which does what though."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision nods as Valeria talks about mystical restraints and hypersonics. "I can generate sound pulses too," she muses. "I don't think it'll cause lasting damage but it might distract her a moment. And yeah I don't want to hurt her just.. stop her being so mean."

And maybe until she gets an apology.

Irie gets her full attention when she mentions Kryptonite. "She /was/ asking me all kinds of questions about Kryptonite. Where it was kept. Who had access. I thought it was just about getting rid of potential weapons people could use against her."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"I swear anything other than green is a roll of the dice sometimes." Val says with a chuckle and finally claims a donut out from the box. Pink frosting and sprinkles. Plenty of sugar and carbs to keep the brain running.

The seat nice and comfy while Val remembers to dial down the strength on the Thing Suit tech permeating her uniform. "I suppose if she's flipped out for whatever reason it's a valid concern. If we keep it it's precicely because of stuff like this. And these are almost up there with that place Uncle Ben gets his from on Yancy Street Irie!" she beams with a raise of the donut in a toast to the baker.

"If you need to, yeah. Bring the noise. Anyone the Titans know that can throw sound about as welll." she puts forwards.

"After that, then you get the mystical restraints and stuff. Floaty forcefields. I could build a forcefield that might do it. I upgraded the Tershkova's shields with kinetic and energy absorbtion. But those are for when it's going FTL and can push the energy to systems that need it. On a static spot. I don't know how much our current capacitors and batteries can stand up to it." she adds and flickers the visibility of her own shields to flash blue and yellow before going invisible once more. "I can't fight her either."

Irie West has posed:
    "Maybe she's looking for a cure?" She asks Viv. "Like, maybe she knows that she's being influenced and one of the kryptonites will offset that?" She shakes her head as she finishes off her donut and reaches into the box for another.

    "Thanks!" she chirps at Val. "It's this little shop out on 12th Ave in downtown Metropolis. It usually isn't a big deal to go grab some there since I .. you know .. go fast, but it was a bit out of the way when I have to /walk/."

    "Do we know a telepath that can poke around in her head? Maybe she's being psychically affected by something?" She shakes her head. "I don't know. Whenever a Kryptonian goes bad it always bad news for everybody."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"The thing is my sound generation isn't really suited for anything more than holding a medium sized concert," Vivian explains. Not that Valeria needs much of a primer on her powerset. Having had access to poke around in Vivs brain at least once. "I guess it'll give me a moment to phase through the ground though."

She gestures around the Lobby. "Great Aunt Nadia said Natasha designed the building to be extremely secure. Enough to cope with threats like Thor or Hulk. Especially after N.O.W.H.E.R.E broke in and we re-enforced the place even further. Could we rig the ships force fields up to the building?"

She frowns and looks over to Irie. "Maybe? But if she was trying to fix herself why not ask for help?" There's a shake of her head. "There is one telepath I know of. One of Great Aunt Nadia's friends in Gotham. I think we could try ask her for help."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Unlike a speedsters near bottomless appetite, Val doesn't have the stomach capacity to scarf down so many so she is stuck working on her first in steady small bites.

"If it gives you a few extra seconds to escape. I'll loan you some of my forecefield tech too. But again it'll not be something to rely on. Even if you can hit back at max density after taking a punch you might as well break your own arm still. How do you think your absorbsion will stack up against heat vision?" she ponders and punches a few notes and ideas into her wrist computer.

"Only telepaths I know of besides my brother wherever the hell he is right now are all Mutants or Martians."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"The telepath I'm thinking of might be a Martian," Vivian admits. "She was on the missions to help save Great Aunt Nadia the last time she was kidnapped. By N.O.W.H.E.R.E that is. Not any of the more recent adventures she's been on." Which may or may not have been voluntary. Viv has just had to become accustomed to not being around to keep her family out of trouble all the time.

To do that she'd need a dozen bodies working in shifts. But that's a project for another day!

"I'm almost tempted to ask Janet if I can stay at the Avengers Mansion for a bit. I certainly can't risk going back to school while there is even a remote chance a Kryptonian could view me as a threat. Even if Happy Harbor has plenty of powered students there is waaaaaaaay too much risk."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"So. Ultrasonics will stun her. We know that much. Maybe, just maybe we possibly ring my forcefield rto channel heat vision to power up your solar gem." Val ponders and starts doing math on power transfers versus the gem's capacity versus what she knows of Vivian's durability.

"Okay, so if she comes at you again. I figure phase and dodge anything else she throws at you. The heat vision is your best bet of draining her it's still focused UV heat and light. Pipe the forcefield into the gem when she gets glowy eye. Absorb and discharge into the sky so you don't risk overload. Slim chance and risks collateral but maybe doable." Valeria considers.

"I loan you one of my suits as part of the process, you also get an extra twenty or so tonnes of lifting strength and durability in case she punches faster than you can phase." she adds and nods her head.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"She didn't come at me as such," Vivian corrects. "The first time she asked questions but was very mean about it. And earlier today I was in Titans Tower but hidden using phasing. And I was controlling the security systems in case she did start a fight. I had been totally hidden until Ms America told me to stand down. Letting Kara know I was there."

She finally stops pacing.

"I don't think suits will help. They're not really designed to work with my phasing ability. So wearing one on a day to day basis will be tricky. Asking me to not phase for flight and motion would be like asking you to walk around without using your knees. It's very much a part of me. Still a forcefield to direct energy away would give me time to evade ranged attacks and would be small enough to carry around..."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Vivian. I'm wearing unstable molecules. In most cases that means the clothes take on the properties of their wearer. It's why Uncle Johnny or that girl with the X-Men that can phase doesn't end up naked. You're as close to human as a synthetic life form can get. They'll work for you and your powers." Val reassures with a big goofy grin.

"We're talking like major synergy! We can test it sure but I am very confident dressing you up like me will be a boost to your powers!" she points out and finally starts chomping on another or the donuts Irie brought.

"I can put in that damn flight tech I keep meaning to as well. Get you some faster speeds!" she adds with a point of her finger skywards.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision blinks a few times. "Oh I see what you mean," she says after a moment. "I thought your combat suit would be bulky like the Thing for some reason. Big orange muscles. That sort of thing."

She nods to herself. "Perhaps we could run some preliminary tests to confirm compatability?" She muses. "If nothing else doing some research and testing will keep my mind off the potential dangers.."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"I'm wearing one now! I applied the tech into my own. The original Thing suits were meant to mimic Uncle Ben's look as much as the strength so people wouldn't know it was a suit. I just designed it to look like motorcycle gear so it doesn't scream power armor. And I can change the color and logos." she states.

The demonstration is as easy as a simple flick of a spot on her wrist comp's haptic holo display and her bodysuit switches from white to blue, to pink, an dthen black and back to the white. The numeral 4 on the front is also turned into a V, and then again to the GIRL logo on the walls before returning to the Family's number. One more play turns her invisible a moment.

"We sync the suit to your thought processes and control and you can probably do more with it than what I can. X-ray vision will probably bypass the invisibility and stealth fields but that's not gonna be what gives you the edge!"

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision nods. "Yes, I already have inbuilt stealth functions but they just don't stand up to Kryptonian super senses. The only thing which really seems to work is being utterly out of phase with reality. But I can't just hide outside of the dimension forever."

There's a pause and then she adds "If you have time we could head to one of the labs and begin testing?"

A portion of her mind has already scanned every available space and located the safest in the event of an attack. As well as setting up decoy lab bookings in several other locations which will play audio that simulates their testing. Just in case.