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Blood and Borgs
Date of Scene: 06 July 2022
Location: Abandoned Apartments
Synopsis: Beroe, Gabby, Iara, and Warren investigate an apartment linked to mutant kidnappings by cyborgs. They find cyborgs, a kidnap victim, and a whole lot more than they bargained for.
Cast of Characters: Warren Worthington, Beroe Kazinski, Iara Dos Santos, Gabby Kinney
Tinyplot: The Reavers

Warren Worthington has posed:
Being back at the mansion and involved again meant things came to Warren's attention and demanded action. Being one of the original X-Men meant there was often nobody else to turn to, and also a duty to develop others who might be willing to fight for Xavier's dream. This was not traditionally where Warren put his time, but things were different lately.

The kidnappings and attempted kidnappings in Bushwick continued after Warren's last encounter with the cyborgs, and finally a tip came in. A ex-girlfriend of sorts from Next Level, a skate shop in Bushwick, saw some people with glowing blue eyes drag an older, homeless mutant she had seen around into one of the abandoned apartment buildings. She called Warren and that set the ball rolling.

The veteran X'er spoke with some of the others and the names of Iara and Gabby came up for people to take with him on this mission. It was dangerous, they were always dangerous, but he was assured these two could handle it. So he invited them to join him.

It is overcast and muggy in Bushwick, which was not necessarily a bad thing. Warren crouched in the alley behind the building behind a pile of old furniture a few feet from the back door, dressed in his blue and white uniform. The last time he wore it was in Brazil while going to meet a certain shark mutant, and he had to admit, it felt good to be in it again.

The approach had been easy, and unguarded. A black van was parked up the alley, but nobody was around it.

"This building has been abandoned for years. People squat in the apartments sometimes, I've heard floors even get taken over sometimes and turned into some group's turf before it gets abandoned again," Warren explains. "A lot of these people have nowhere else to go, or mutations even other mutants feel uneasy about. So... Be gentle. Don't need to make their lives worse. And watch out for the animals."

Beroe Kazinski has posed:
Missing persons. Such a great activity to start off her heroing with. Well, it wouldn't be the first thing she's done, but the first really important thing outside of a few muggings and rescues. The alleyway was vacant and then, not as stealthily as Warren was, Beroe comes walking in past the abandoned van. She is looking around, and looking up, she is looking back at her phone.

"Seems to be the place." She says to herself, but aloud, and smiles. "Alright, Beroe, you've got this, some people may be counting on you in there." Giving herself a pep talk, they her eyes light up and she turns her selfie camera on, she says to the phone, "This is it everyone. Wish me luck. I'm all powered up on" Her arm reaches out, as if she was going to grab something, but it disappears up to her elbow, then she pulls from no where a can of something, "Spritz. The only energy drink made of 100% green tea and carbonated water." She takes a sip then puts it away, adding, "I think this place is where some kidnapped people have been taken. It took days to piece it together from other posts, but now I'm here." And she moves around so the camera gets some shots of the building, before she stops, "I'll hit you all up in another 10 or so minutes. Alright. Beroe out."

Clicking send, she's just streamed her location and everything. But she puts her Phone away into another 'pocket' of nothingness as she straightens up and starts looking for a door. Yes. Amateur, for sure.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara's dressed in the black and yellow trainee outfit that Boom-Boom gave her, made of durable unstable molecules... but not as all-covering as the ones on some others, ending with short sleeves high on the biceps and high on the thighs, the skintight material mostly just covering her torso. She cracks her knuckles in anticipation before tilting her head from side to side to pop her neck, soon stretching an arm and then the other as she says "So pull more arms off more robots, got it, no sweat." She grins that flesh-tearing, triangular-toothed smile at Warren, her portugese-brazillian accent continuing "And don't worry, I'm not going to make things any harder for my fellow freak, if anything I'm gonna make some assholes pay..."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
It had been awhile since Gabby had been tagged to do anything from the school. But... Things were going well enough in Gotham right now, and her other gig with the JLD wasn't really needing her at the moment. Helping out in Mutant Town was something she could always be happy to do.

Her own attire wasn't blatantly XMen or even XForce oriented as she'd opted to use her Outsider garb. She wasn't well known as it was, so the armored bodysuit and facemask was quite suitable for work out here. The mask is currently pushed to the side as she takes a chomp off a sausage stick while listening to the intel that was gathered.

"Oh yeah, I checked out an apartment here the other day. Total shit hole. The slum lords could use a good whack upside the head if you ask me. Barely liveable, that isn't right."

Her gaze shifts over to the girl that has appeared in the alley with a selfie stick and camera. "Uh." The sausage is tilted toward her to bring her to the attention of the others. "Speaking of civvies..."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren smirks a bit at Iara's comment and nods to Gabby. "The guy who owns the building just refuses to sell it. I've tried to buy it a couple times, but he's not having it. And just lets it rot," Warren says.

He looks down the alley as Beroe approaches and winces a little at the product spot and rescue-content creation. "We should have a chat with her, see what she knows and head her off before..."

Warren is interrupted by the back door to the apartment building screeching open on rusted hinges. The noise is obscenely loud in the otherwise silent alley way.

The sickly yellow light from above the door on the building puts the features of the man who walks out in strange relief. He walks down the few steps to the alley. He is athletic, in his mid-30's, with short dark hair and a nondescript black tactical uniform with no markings.

"This is so fucking boring," he grumbles. His foot falls are heavy, too heavy for his size.

"Cost of doing business, you want to give the upgrades back?" says a woman, about the same age, who follows behind him. She is dressed the same, with blonde hair cut just below her ears. The man who came out first does not seem to notice Beroe and just starts to walk past her. The woman looks Beroe up and down. She seems confused and suspicious.

"You lost? The club's four blocks down," she points and walks a little closer. "You don't want to be out here."

"Before that happens..." Warren sighs and nods to Iara and Gabby.

Beroe Kazinski has posed:
Pausing as the door opens up and some people come out. Great! Beroe perks up and smiles a them, putting her hands at her side and keeping an upright stance. Completely ignored by the man, the woman gets a cheerful little wave, "Hello. Um, no, I'm not going clubbing today. Well, maybe after this, but I was wondering if you could help me out?" She starts walking with the pair, off to the side a bit, to try and keep pace as she has her phone back in her hand from nowhere, and is flipping through some images.

Holding the phone up she wonders, "Have you seen this person? They're missing and I have pieced together they may be at this building. You two look like you know what's what down here. Love the look by the way, with the hair" SHe smiles to the woman, "I should try that length again. It's really stylish. Anyhow. Yes, this person right here, do you know where they are? Or have seen them? By chance? I'm planning a rescue." Yep, just, right out, spilling out of her mouth completely into the hands of these two why she's here.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara pauses by Warren as the complaining man walks into the alleyway with the influencer, her shark face surprisingly expressive as that brow above her glossy black doll-eyes raises at an angle to express concern. "Uh..." she whispers as she leans her conical snout over the rich boy's shoulder, "Should we... wait and see how this goes? You're the boss..." She then leans back to just... resume stretching, first her back, and then one leg and then the other as she looks up towards the alleyway and overhearing the... conversation taking place down that way.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Okay, my sniffer isn't as good as my relatives, but those people do not smell entirely... people." Gabby narrows her eyes a bit at that, as well as her head tilting to the side. "Really heavy footsteps too. They weigh as much as dad, easy. And he weighs a ton for a small guy." Did Warren even know who her dad was? She forgets sometimes who knew and who didn't.

The little sausage stick is tucked into her mouth quickly, and the wrapper crumpled up to shove into a pocket. No littering here! That leaves evidence. Her attention fixes on Warren as he was the 'boss' here at the moment waiting to see what might occur. It only takes her a moment to realize HE was hesitating too.

"We might want to pincher off the alleyway. I can get to the far side quick to block escape. Angel, you got the upward angle down pat, right? And..." She pauses pointing to Iara. "I don't know what your codename is yet, sorry, but you look *awesome* by the way and you can get the other alleyway exit covered and we'll be golden. May need a distraction if they make a move on the newbie." She'd gone from civvie to newbie with that declaration of 'planning a rescue.'

"Sound good?" She looks between the two a single moment before taking off to do her part. "Keep in mind those guys are heavies and dressed in tactical gear which is sus this side of town."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren watches Beroe and seems a little caught off-guard, just watching in vague disbelief. He vaguely hears Iara and shakes his head. When Gabby has to step in and take charge, it snaps him out of it and Warren mentally kicks himself. Scott was not here to give orders, and he was doing such a bad job of it the students were taking over. He winces slightly at the memory of a raid he 'led' with the X-Men, but without Scott. History repeats.

"Good plan," Warren says, getting his wits together.

"These guys won't talk much, they will fight quick when they see us. They're cyborgs, expect strong and they take a lot to keep down, you have to hit them /hard/. From what we can tell, they'll live as long as you don't crush their skulls. Their friends shot at Iara and I with automatic weapons, and tried to use some kind of sedative, too. So take them out fast, then cut off the alley like you suggested. Iara, the dude, then the far side of our friend there. Gabby the woman is yours with the near side. I'll be your distraction and cover the tourist. We'll need to move inside pretty quick after this starts."

Warren smiles, crouches and then jumps into the air. He shakes his head at himself once again.

The woman's eyes narrow as Beroe speaks. Her eyes flick in the direction of her companion. He stops and turns, then starts walking back slowly.

"No, haven't seen anyone like that," the woman says, shifting to stand close beside Beroe so she can see better. She clasps her hands behind her back. "Why would they be here, I wonder?" she asks Beroe conversationally. Behind her back, visible to the X'ers, the woman slowly pulls an injector from a pocket on the far side of Beroe, transfers it to her other hand behind her back, and starts to reach up behind Beroe.

There is the sound of heavy footfalls, then Beroe has a clear view as the back door to the apartment opens again. Another man, who looks eerily similar to the first, pushes through with a semi-automatic pistol in one hand.

"Trust me, the hair's fake. So's the rest," Warren says loudly from above. All three of the cyborgs freeze in surprise and look up at the flying mutant, caught off guard.

Beroe Kazinski has posed:
Could Beroe BE more oblivious to the threat she's currently in front of? Probably, but not by much. The cyborg woman with the injector may have been able to pull it off too if it were for these damned kids ... er, these damned heroes. And Beroe is taken aback just like the cyborg people, "Wow, look, a guy with wings!" She says, astonished, her eyes going up quick and she turns to the cyborg woman, "Quick!" And she pulls up her phone, getting up close next to the cyborg lady and trying to get her, the winged guy and herself all in a selfie shot with a V for victory hand sign up, click.

"That's a good one." And then off the phone goes again, and she calls up to the winged man, "It is called accessorizing. It can be considered rude to call out someone else's wig, or other changes they may have gone through." It's here she is nodding, sympathetically to the woman, and then - a person with a gun!

Stepping in front of the cyborg woman nearest to her, Beroe says over her shoulder, "Stay behind me. I've got you!" Still, unsure of what's going on. There's a winged man, a person with a pistol, and her - trying to put her smallish frame between that of the potential threats and the nearest two cyborg folks. "You'll take no one else!" Proclaims the dolled up woman loudly, to, no one specifically she's still trying to figure out who the bad people are versus good.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara smirks and thumbs at herself in front of Gabby, saying "Shark-Girl. Easy to remember." before the team breaks to take their positions. Iara runs for the far end as instructed, grabbing a metal trash can on the way and keeping the lid pressed onto it as she rounds the corner, chucking the trash can as hard as she can at the cyborg man with his back to her, running close behind the thrown object. Spotting the second man with the pistol as the first cyborg goes down her eyes widen, momentarily wondering why her side aren't given guns, but with the distance between the second cyborg man and her... she's fast, she's got momentum, but she already threw the trash can at the first guy she's still closing in on. Hopefully she's fast enough to tackle the guy, grab his arm or the shock of Angel and the sight of her is enough to make his shot go wide or not hit anything vital... or maybe Gabby, being closer, can save the day with the pincer attack...

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney might not have a lot of brute strength behind her (though she was stronger than she looked for her size), but she was fast, and agile. Enough so that when Angel offers up the distraction she's already coming running toward the guy with the gun from behind.

Parkouring off the wall she yells out as one must, "Parkour!" Before launching herself into the air at the man with one arm swinging wide. It's brought down just a her glowing claw slices out the back of her hand to try and literally slice off the arm of the man weilding the gun. Can't shoot it if you can't hold it!

To Beroe she calls out, "Calvary arriving!"

Warren Worthington has posed:
One of the quickly snapped selfies is blurry, and may have been missed in the action, but it shows Beroe posing, the woman looking up into the air surprised with the injector raised to stab Beroe, and a winged mutant hovering in the air.

Iara's garbage can sails through the air hard enough it does not even arc. It catches the first man full in the torso and lifts him off his feet. The man goes back a few feet and skids into the pavement. He flails as rusty garbage comes apart and covers him in filth that may be older than he is. His arm movements are a little jerky, he is not out but he is having some trouble.

Gabby's attack is timely. The third man starts to raise his weapon towards Warren. He moves fast, too fast for a normal person, but not as fast as Gabby. Gabby's claws hit the outstretched arm and sink. The impact is a lot hard than she expect as the man is so much denser than flesh and bone. But even so, Gabby claws right through the arm and it falls to the ground. Even in the mediocre light, it is plain to see there was just a thin covering of what looked like flesh over an advanced looking metal limb, now cut in two. The man snarls, seems to feel no pain, and tries to grab Gabby with his good arm.

The woman recovers quickly. When Beroe moves to shield her, she smirks and moves to strike with the injector. Warren catches her in the side of the head with a flying (falling?) sidekick, given added momentum by a few judicious pumps of his wings. The woman is levered over by the force and hits the ground head first. There is an ugly cracking sounds and the woman's limbs jerk. Warren lands on top of her, kneeling one of her arms.

"These people /are/ the kidnappers," Warren says to Beroe, sounding uncharacteristically exasperated. "You're going to get yourself killed!"

Warren scans the battlefield quickly and smiles. Iara and Gabby's cyborgs are in a /lot/ of trouble and will not last another minute.

"Where are you keeping them?" Warren demands from the woman, turning his attention back to her. She does not answer. Her eyes flash a brilliant blue, then her body goes limp. Warren sighs and gets up. He rushes past Beroe to the door and looks in, but sees the coast is clear. He glances back to the new hero. "There are probably more, and these people play for keeps," Warren cautions Beroe. "This isn't a good place for making videos."

Warren scans again, sees his teammates finishing off their targets, and waves them inside. "Gabby, think you can sniff them out?"

Beroe Kazinski has posed:
There is a lot happening all of a sudden. Beroe turns, there's a Shark woman, some street performer doing Parkour, with CLAWS, and a winged man?! Her eyes are wide but she's uncertain who's on what side, just the guy with the gun. Guns are bad, so, oh, his arm is gone. "Wait, are these cyborgs?!" She questions her mouth gaping, "That's -amazing-!" Looking to the person next to her, then the man, and then the person next to her again, she still is stunned, "Are you BOTH cyborgs?! You must LOVE not having to worry about joint pain. I have SO many questions."

But then the man to her left just gets HIT by a trash can and goes flying back and away from Beroe. There she is standing in the middle of the coordinated chaos and still isn't dead, she must be lucky or blessed or something, but then she's posting... wait, what? She's taking a moment to put a comment out on the picture, "Hey! These are..." She is about to say, bad guys, when Warren says kidnappers, and she smiles, "We, see, yep." Pointing to her head, then back and forth like they are on the 'same wavelength'. And wooooosh, crash, kzzt, the woman is -out-, "More? Got it!" And then a pocket portal just appears under the feet of the cyborg man, and he starts to fall suddenly, and then you can hear from up above Eehhhhhyyyyyyyaaaaaaah, as he comes crashing back down to the ground where he was, just a few moments ago. Ideally enough distance to hurt his cybernetics, but she's not trying to kill anyone here. A moment, to clench her hand into a fist, and side swipe it in front of her body, "Yes! Got one." So, cheerfully, and when the man is groaning from the fall, she winces, "Oh, I'm so sorry!" Is she rushing over to him?

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara starts dragging the one she hit with the trash can by the ankle before she gives a mighty pull, swinging the cyborg against a dumpster and decapitating the metal man against the edge of it as the side of the dumpster stops the head's momentum but the rest of the cyborg keeps going, the eyes flickering their blue color before fading in death. The shark-girl looks over at Warren as she watches Gabby finish the last of them, saying "Hey Angel, you wanna take the head of one of these guys back this time, see if Beast can like... retrieve data from them or something?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The sudden appearance of a portal to suck the guy into, and then bodily slam him down, is taken in stride by Gabby who comes up short. "Well that's effective," she has to admit with a thoughtful nod. Right as Beroe starts to go check on the guy though she reaches out trying to grasp her arm.

"No, don't! He could still hurt you," she advises with a worried tone. "Good job on the portal, by the way," she adds in her usual distraction method of talking. Partially her, partially in the hopes it'll distract the girl as well.

Glancing back over toward Warren she gives a nod. "I can give it a shot. Mostly following that woman's perfume though," she adds with a scrunch of her nose. "But it might work." Lifting her head she gives a little sniff of the air as she stalks toward the door the others had come out of. "Though they know we're here by now."

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Nice work everyone," Warren says, and shoots Iara a particularly big grin. "Sure, good idea. We could use the intel."

You're right, Gabby," Warren replies. "Not much we can do about that... Wait."

Warren glances down the hall again to make sure they are still clear. Everything is quiet. In a normal apartment building, even one full of squatters, commotion would draw attention. The people living here know better. They have all gone to ground.

Warren looks at the young woman in their midst. "They've seen you now, these guys can probably communicate wirelessly. At this point, you might as well come with us, and we can talk about keeping you safe after. If we get you outside a room, can you do that portal trick to get us all inside it?" Warren asks her.

Warren waits for her answer and nods. "We'd better get moving. Gabby, lead the way, Iara, cover our rear, you.... What's your name? Behind me. And remember, these guys want to kill you."

With that, Warren nods to Gabby and follows her lead.

Beroe Kazinski has posed:
When the shark lady grabs the cyborg and then smashes him down and his head comes rolling off, Beroe is shocked. She covers her mouth with her eyes wide even, "You ARE strong. Good thing he's a cyborg, or you may have accidently killed him." She offers with a smile to the shark woman, and then is immediately turning to Gabby as she comes up.

"Oh? You think so? Yeah. Thanks!" She offers, putting her hands behind her back and clasping her wrist with one of her hands as she rocks back and forth side to side, seeing everything happening. She's now fully on board with this 'team', and it's a good thing Gabby grabbed her arm to prevent her from investigating the cyborg, as she was headed right in that direction.

A pause as she's addressed by the man with wings and she stands upright, "Oh, right. I'm... Beroe." She offers to everyone, and then grins, "It's like Bear" And she brings up her hands and tries to make them into little cute claw hands and scratches at the air, and then she brings them up to her face in an expression like that of a surprised child, eyes spiking wide open, "Oh. See, Bear-Oh." She then ohs, again, with a soft chuckle, and starts to follow in the group, "Nice to see there's other heroes on patrol. You are all very coordinated. And I like this ... is it an animal theme? You have going on. Claws, and shark, and a bird man... it's cute."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney gives a quick, affirmative nod before going quiet. She lifts two fingers in the air and swings inward before she disapears. Not something really taught at the school but she HAD been working with other groups. And trained by other groups before even joining the school. Really, she had a lot more experience than one might expect for her age.

Within the building she makes a quick path, sniffing now and again to get her bearings on the lingering scent of the cyborgs perfume. Up the stairs, around the corner, and she pauses. Not directly in front of the door, oh heck no, that's asking for trouble. She crouches down though and gestures forward giving a quick count on her fingers of how many she can hear moving around inside.

Quietly to Warren she assures, "I'll take up the back so we don't get snagged from behind." A glance is cast toward Beroe pointedly though she gives the gal a thumbs up along with a 'shh' finger to her lips. Then she's off!

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Shark-Girl furrows her brow at Beroe as she says "accidentally" before she rolls the cyborg's head onto her webbed foot and expertly kicks it up onto her knee, then bounces it up again like a soccer ball into her hand. Not addressing the influencer and instead following Gabby and Warren's lead, she heads up on point to let Gabby get the back like the shorter student said. She then stacks up next to the door on point, and that shark toothed grin returns, unable to resist the opportunity as she knocks on the door and says "Candygram." in a sing-song, sweet, accented voice that's very unlike the tough girl demeanor she usually puts on. With Gabby heading around the back, the lady inside is either going to cooperate, stand her ground, or get flushed into Gabby's claws.

     Iara then gets an idea and looks past Warren at Beroe, saying in a more hushed voice, "Can you teleport in, grab her and bring her out?" before she looks to Warren, asking "Or should I go around the side and break down a wall to flank her?"

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren creeps along behind Gabby. At one pause, he looks over his shoulder to Beroe. "Keep them out of your content," he cautions her quietly, and gestures to Gabby and Iara. "It would only put them in danger. Understood? Heroes don't put heroes in danger."

Then Gabby is moving and Warren follows along. There are some strange noises coming from behind different closed doors they pass. It plays on the imagination in an unpleasant way. Some of the smells they come across do not help. But not the floor Gabby takes them to. Everything is quiet there.

"Good work and good call, Gabby," Warren whispers when she suggests going back out to the alley to cover them.

And then it's candygram time.

Warren blinks at Iara. "It's a little late for that now, move!" Warren says. He crowds past the shark woman and boots the door, then drops into a roll. It was a good thing, because three rounds from a semi-automatic rifle rip through the air where he was and pass just past Iara.

The door opens into the main room of a small apartment. There is no furniture aside from a hospital bed, a rolling tray table beside the bed and a few chairs. Garbage and debris of previous occupants has been swept into a corner by the boarded in one corner.

Iara and Warren recognize the man in the bed immediately, he is the same one they stopped cyborgs from kidnapping before. A young looking man in the black tactical clothes is crouched in the middle of the floor. He swears when the rounds from his carbine miss Warren, who comes onto his feet a little ways into the room. He grobs a chair by a leg, spins and whips it at the cyborg with the gun.

"They're here!" he shouts.

"No shit!" answers an equally young woman. She looks exactly like one of the cyborgs Iara fought before. She drops her shoulder and charges past Warren, through the wall and into the hallway. Bits of wallboard and 2x4 clatter into wall across the hall and the woman tries taking a swing at Iara. Through the hole in the wall, Beroe can see the man with the gun deflect the chair with one arm and raise his gun to shoot at Warren.

Beroe Kazinski has posed:
And Gabby is going away, getting a quick side to side wave that's fast, and a bit excited, from the Social Media Beroe. She does actually have her phone in her hand about to speak at normal volume, but now more quiet, "I have just been shhoooshed, expertly by one of these amazing heroes. You can't believe it, everyone. Even the collar SuzieQ76 sent me from her Etsy shop? Still in perfect condition, all of these heroes are amazing." The camera is only on her right now, real close to her face. "We're about to ..."

Pausing she looks up to Iara and smiles, "Oh? Maybe. How far inside do you think it is?" Questions Beroe, and then looks around, "It might be easier for me to just, send you in?"

And then bullets clip some of her hair as Warren goes busting in, and action starts again. Her hear races suddenly and she's waving her arms, losing balance, and steps backwards a few steps right against a wall in the hallway. Her hand goes up to her chest as she's breathing fast, "This is amazing! You all do this everyday?!" And then she's turning to peek inside, there's a person who needs help in a bed and then there's the winged man. Bullets start coming out of the gun that is behind Warren, but ... they don't hit him. Instead they go into a pocket and shoot the man who shot the bullets in his BACK. Squealing and stomping on the ground, Beroe clamps both of her hands together and pulls down with her arms, excited to no end, "Just in time!" Though she's still in the hallway somewhere around where a likely new fight is about to start between two strong folks - Iara ... VERSUS ... Cyborg lady.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara's eyes go wide again, but this time it's accompanied by a broad, toothy, grin, the shark-woman shouting "YES!" right before the cyborg's blow connects and punches her right in the mouth, going through and breaking several teeth as the fist sinks into that maw... and then the shark bites down with her several, several remaining teeth in that bloody maw, squeezing and bending the metal until the cyborg starts to scream. The cyborg's hand goes for a syringe, but Iara's on the look out for that, keeping the first arm in her mouth as her right hand goes to grab that arm holding the syringe and her left goes under the Cyborg's armpit to try to lift her...

     She seems to breathe heavily for a moment, tasting the blood in her mouth, her own blood... and then her eyes seem to dull as she frenzies, moving uncannily fast to slam that cyborg into the wall, cracking and shaking it across the wooden frame before she puts a foot against the cyborg and tears the mechanized human's arm off at the elbow, spraying her face with blood and oil. Unsatisfied with this, the crazed hunger of the shark goes for the cyborg's neck and tears out flesh and cabling, the screaming minion's voice cut off before the mutant tears further into her with her mouth and the syringe drops as the body in her arms goes limp. The shark then looks at Beroe, tensing up as if barely recognizing her as not the enemy, before she tears off after Warren into the room, adrenaline overriding all sense and mercy as she becomes a melee terror in the confined space of the apartment...

Warren Worthington has posed:
The cyborg shooting at Warren takes the rounds in the back. He does not seem to understand what happened and whirls around, spraying bullets at what he thinks is an armed attacker behind him. When his back is turned to her, Beroe can see the carbine rounds did some damage, but were mostly stopped by the supple metal structures underneath.

It is carnage in hall. The mangled mess of the cyborg's body shows there had still been a few biological organs left in there, but now... It was difficult to look at. Warren's eyes narrow when he catches a glimpse of Iara on top of the cyborg woman, and he starts backing toward the hospital bed while the shooter is distracted by Beroe's well-timed move.

When Iara charges in, Warren puts his hands up and keeps backing up until he bumps into the bed. There is a groan from behind him.

"Iara... Are you still with me?" Warren asks, keeping his voice even.

Beroe Kazinski has posed:
The carnage in the hallway is there, while Beroe is, and she sees it happen. Her eyes are wider, and wider, and wider. And then she's looking right at Iara, and then the cyborg parts and pieces, all the blood, and she mentions, "White vinegar, we're going to need a lot, a lot of white vinegar." She offers, and then smiles to the shark lady, "Are you oka-" Trailing off as that woman goes into the room where Warren is and then she's looking back into the room.

It's, amazing, really, she doesn't have any blood splattered on her, she's still safe, and still smiling. "You get'em, though be careful. It seems like this one... maybe got hurt a bit more, they aren't dying right?" She questions still, taking it in stride, "Passionate though, you have a lot of passion! Shark, lady!" And she starts walking into the room, taking steps over the gibbed parts, trying not to look at them as she goes.

Then she's in the room with the others and looking around for the person who needs rescuing. "Hey, Bird man! I can get the injured person to the hospital. Probably! Which one do I take?" She calls out, drawing probably more attention than she realizes from the guy with the gun who shot at Warren.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara hesitates when Angel calls out her name, tensing and cluing the remaining cyborg that she's nearby, as if her heavy footsteps weren't enough... but when he turns and she sees those glowing eyes, the last thing he sees is that bloody shark maw biting into his head, the metal caving in as the shark woman grabs both his arms, the gun firing off into the ceiling... until that one too falls limp, his head crushed in like an aluminum can. Iara takes a moment to respond to Angel at last as she stares at him with those black, soulless eyes, her mouth opening and drooling a surprising amount of blood out of it from between broken teeth as she says "Yeah..." It's really hard to judge what kind of state she's in right now, but she looks around, appearing to calm down as she simply asks "...Done?"

Warren Worthington has posed:
"A hospital for the guy in the bed might be a good.... Shark Girl... no!" Warren shouts when he sees what is about to happen. But it is too late for that. The cyborg dies and the room goes quiet.

"Done... They're all gone," Warren says replies to Iara, a reassuring smile pushed onto his face. "We rescued him. Remember this guy? Same as last time."

Warren turns a bit so Iara can see the elderly looking man on the bed. He is in bland, dirty brown suit pants. A matching jacket, stained grey wide-brimmed hat and torn white collared shirt are on the floor nearby. Warren watches Iara in case she reacts. "We did well."

There is another groan from the bed. The man's eyes flicker open. The expression on his face is pure misery. He looks almost disappointed to see the world again. The apathy and depression around him is almost palpable. "What happened?"

Warren looks over, keeping Iara in his peripheral vision. "Hey... You were kidnapped, we're here to help you. Are you hurt? If you can move we should get you to a hospital," Warren says. "What's your name? I'm Angel."

The man looks side to side. He frowns and slowly pushes himself up. The tray table beside the bed draws his attention. There is a row of blood-filled vials on it. "What. Happened." he growls at Warren. "What did you do?!"

"It's okay," Warren says reassuringly. "We didn't do anything, the cyborgs kidnapped you, we came here and... stopped them. Just in time. Looks like they were taking your blood?"

Warren holds a hand out to the man, an offer to help him up. "Here, let me help you. What's your name?" Warren says reasurringly.

"Absolon," is the growled reply.

Warren freezes mid-reach and his face goes absolutely white. The man in the bed sits all the way up, then just keeps rising into the air, standing, and then floating above the bed. His face is contorted in... Anger? Grief? Fear? Warren starts backpedalling. On the tray, the vials of blood just come apart, they disintegrate into black ash, and then the tray, and the bed. The floor shakes. Absolon's eyes fall on the mauled mess of a cyborg in the room. It combusts, throwing off incredible heat, then also disintegrates.

"Go!" Warren shouts at Iara and Beroe. "Right now!"

Warren backs out into the hallway. "Beroe, if you can open a portal to get us out of here do it right now!"

Beroe Kazinski has posed:
The cyborg is getting eaten, and although he's probably a bad Cyborg, poor Beroe feels compelled to help. She squints and looks, trying to see through all the blood but, can't ... the head gets crushed and she can only hope it is still alive.

A softer smile as she looks around then, finds the the man on the bed and starts to walk over, "Hello. Wow, that's a lot of vials." She squints and then backs up a bit, still looking around. Then there's, heat, lots of heat, and ash, and what's going on? Turning her head she ohs, "Right now right now?!" She questions, to Warren, and assumes she gets some kind of nod or yes in quick frustration. And then portals start popping up. Looking around portals just keep opening, one for the lady in the hall, one for the shark lady, one for bird man, if Gabby is near enough, one for her, and last - yes, last, is for her.

Diving into hers, she'll end up in the bathroom stall at a coffee shop a few blocks away. All of the portals go there, into the same stall. It's clean, and the woman's bathroom, so at least it is a stall, and thankfully no one is currently in here. "Whew." Says Beroe as she finds herself in a corner of the stall scrunched up a bit, waiting, multiple portals still opened from the building she says loudly, "I was thinking a coffee might be nice after all of that. Yeah?"

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara gives a noise that can best be described as a gurgle as she spits out more blood and oil, coming back out of her frenzy completely as the sight of the floating man fills her vision. "Merde!" she shouts as she listens to the other two and heads through the portal... colliding with Beroe in the tiny stall and giving her a face full of the shark's ample chest as the mutant comes in like a linebacker, pressing poor Beroe against the stall door before both of them collide through it and snap the pitiful lock through the particleboard of the stall wall, the blood and oil covered shark amazon landing on the poor influencer. "Fuckin... hell... grah..." the shark mutters as she pushes herself off the ground and looks at the girl under her, saying "You okay?"

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren waits until Beroe and Iara have gone into their portals then dives through head first without so much as looking over his shoulder.

"Leave me alone!" is the last that is heard from Absolon before the portals close.

Warren comes through the portal just as the stall gives out. He falls straight down from his portal. He manages a tiny flutter to slow himself a bit but ends up landing on Iara. His wings droop to the floor over the pile of limbs and broken bathroom stall.

"You know, this happens to me more than you would expect," Warren says as he looks down at the two women on the bathroom floor with him. "But portals.. That's a first."

The winged mutant extricates himself from his teammate and their new companion and gets up. He exhales, runs a hand through his hair and smiles. "Coffee sounds great."

Beroe Kazinski has posed:
In the stall, and already thinking about the coffee order she was going to make and then ... well, then there's a large heavy shark woman crashing into her. "Eeyyyyghgh!" Screams Beroe as she's crushed up against the door, then her voice is more cut off as she's mostly squashed from the weight differences and then the door gives. Crashing into the ground, broken door all about the floor, and the full weight of Iara plus her motion collapsing on the poor blonde. Blood, some of the guts, from her most recent feast almost certainly getting on the bright bubbly pink, and she groans, "Nnnnh, fine. I'm fine." She lets out in a strained voice, and a weak smile, "You should play football. Nnnnnnnh..." And it seems her luck has finally ran out for the day but not her smiles.

With a few coughs, and a wheez she stays there on the ground, "I haven't... checked in... on my followers... in a while." She strains out, and pops her phone out of nowhere, taking a quick selfy with a super pouty face, the background the broken up stall door, and then she adds a caption. <<This is what a hero looks like, in victory>> and sends it off.