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HFC Silver Party
Date of Scene: 15 July 2022
Location: The Grand Edward Ballroom - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: The Hellfire Club party is a success!
Cast of Characters: Silver Sablinova, Emma Frost, Alexander Aaron, April O'Neil, Betsy Braddock, Sebastian Shaw

Silver Sablinova has posed:
If there is one thing that draws a crowd amongst the upper crust of society it is a party. Especially when that party is paid for by someone else. For those are the moments that such individuals live for. It is a chance to see and be seen. To jockey for position amongst their peers in a social dance for dominance, though hidden under the facade of culture.

Even the pettiest of socialites enjoys meeting the new. Finding new people, greeting them, laughing and sharing a wondrous time. While facing them. The moment their back was turned, the claws and knives came out as they were verbally torn back down by those very same people. Such is the way of the wealthy elite at times, and tonight is likely no different.

An additional draw is when he entire to-do is for simple pleasure. No agendas. No annoying /charities/ that demand attention. No press seeking pictures. And what's more a rather indulgent dress code.

All of which is in evidence tonight at the Hellfire Club.

For tonight is the night to celebrate the arrival of a member from the Eastern European Chapter. Silvija Sablinova of Symkaria. A storied family, wealthy, prosperous. Perhaps not as decadent as some but who knows with those Eastern European nobles?

Tonight in the Grand Edward ballroom, where so many of the people of the Club are dressed up if they prefer, or down as the case may be for some of the more adventurous, it is a night to celebrate. There is food and liquor in abundance. Scantily clad servants and patrons. A string quartet plays nicely in the background all while there is the sound of the crowd and the clink of champagne.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is of course over at the Club. She might no longer be the White Queen, but she's there and dressed to impress. She's wearing something that's a bit outside her normal wear or even that of the club. A lovely Chinese style cheongsham with a depiction of Tiamat twisting around in a lighter blue about it. The white dress is slit up Emma's legs and she wears a shawl over her shoulders. Her long hair is let loose. Emma is dressed to impress.

And going to sweep the area casually while holding up a goblet of wine. She's not going to be so gauche as to read minds.. But it's always good to be here to scope out the competition.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Times change even for the immortal. Though, to be fair, this particular immortal is in his early twenties and does not exactly have a wide frame of reference. But he does know a good party from a bad, and this one shows such promise. Especially since he had heard of and had met the one known as Silver Sable in the past.
    Yet the Hellfire Club's main draw, for him at the least, is the people-watching. Seeing so many souls and curious individuals. Feeling that roiling burbling feeling of fear and anxiety that comes with any heightened social situation. It's mildly intoxicating at best, curious at worst.
    So for now he is in the crowd, moving about with a flute of champagne in hand. He stands out somewhat with that calm manner and casual way he has, though likely it's due to his curious eyes and the silhouette he cuts in such a fine suit. Sometimes he pauses and smiles, sharing greetings and handshakes, other times he's given to laughter when someone offers some joke or jibe. Yet the main thing is he is being seen assuredly, but he is enjoying looking upon this particular cross-section of humanity.

April O'Neil has posed:
April is wearing a backless yellow dress that ties behind her neck, offering a good glimpse of her arms, shoulders and the expansive of her back down to her waist line. She's got a intricate braided hairstyle with her dark auburn hair done up nicely for the evening. Silver jewelry adorns her form as well, accenting nicely against the pale yellow garment she's wearing.

With heels on, O'Neil strides in to the room, showing her invitation as addressed to one 'Harley Quinn' along with a note from Harley reading 'Let April in in my place, or I'll bash your faces in with a George Foreman Grill. Nobody cooks like George, and nobody smashes grills with Grills like Harley Quinn! Now let my grill in to the thingy! XOXOXO' This letter is of course accented with glitter, and a lovely perfume scented fragerence.

April smiles to the attendee who is tasked with reading said note, but when she's passed in, she just curtsies every so softly before proceeding.

Her blue eyes scan the interior of the ball room, as she takes in a breath and then slowly releases it.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Speaking of old, distinguished families...

Representing the Braddock family (traditionally members of the British chapter) is one Elizabeth 'Betsy' Braddock, supermodel and owner of Sion nightclub here in Manhattan. While she has never ascended to the Inner Circle, she's still something of a fixture in the nightlife with her distinctive purple hair.

She's embraced the theme of the night, silver, and is wearing a vintage Alexander McQueen gown in duo chrome silver/purple fabric draped across her tall, statuesque form in the intricate folds that the late designer was known for and heels that push her well past 6'. Her hair is caught up in an deceptive simple-looking updo with her jewelry being silver and amethyst and makeup a light dusting of silver across her eyes and a bold purple lip. The purple haired model most definitely knows her brand and is *not* deviating from it as she claims a flute of champagne and lightly presses it to her lips to take the smallest of sips as she glances around. Emma is given a quick smile, and a lift of her drink in silent salute to her fellow telepath, even as she tightens her psychic defenses.

Y'know... just in case.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
As always, if someone is going on within the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw is there. As is his right (and obligation) as owner. Dressed in the most luxurious of fineries, an elaborately tailored black top coat with silver filigree throughout is worn over a matching black vest. Beneath is a white shirt with lace spilling out from the collar and the wrists. He moves with a fluid grace, engaging in polite greetings with the various party goers. He does not need to engage with the staff - they know their roles well, and have no problems adhering with little instruction.

He has not fully made the acquaintance of the guest of honor yet, but as a good host Sebastian is allowing her to mingle with the closest of her guests. He himself makes his way over towards the bar, confirming that all is as it should be and chatting with a few members there as he watches the mingling, moving, and shaking of this set of cultural elite.

Silver Sablinova has posed:
Silver is making the rounds, moving from one small gathering of people to the next. Not rushing but making the required small talk, smiling at the appropriate times. One might even get the impression she was enjoying herself. It would be not entirely true. This was business for her. The Hellfire Club was a place to make contacts, gather information. All things that might benefit her in the future. In this, she was a bit self-serving.

She was dressed in silver, as befit her. Her hair was pulled up, a few strands loose around her face for accent. The gown was form fitting with a high collar. Small cutouts at the shoulders gave a little peek of the skin beneath. But the slit on the right side of the skirt gave far more than a peek at her shapely legs, the part running all the way to her hip. Simple pumps with a short heel on her feet. The only jewelry were earrings and a small bracelet of pearls on her right arm. Despite her being only 5'5", she carried hereself as someone far taller and supremely confident.

She moved away from the small group she'd been near and paused a moment to claim a flute of champagne from which she sipped, eyeing the crowd as she did so.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would take a moment as she would glance at Betsy back, giving a low nod. Whether or not Betsy is there as her 'Plus One' it's rather lovely to have backup. And it means that they're covering their bases. Emma isn't expecting anything to happen,b ut there's always the possibility of it. And Betsy is a member of the 'higher' ranked club, at least historically of the London branch.

Emma gives a polite nod in passing to Sebastian. This is his house. Silver Sable is given an assessment. emma has spent the day reviewing her profile, reading about Symkaria, of Sable's PMC.. And other things. Not to see what she's like in action.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Across the way, Alexander had caught sight of the Symkarian noble. Had taken some time to observe her as she wandered and wove her way into the social tapestry of the club. For his part if he caught her eye he would lift his drink in a distant salute but this was her time to shine. Her time to make friends and influence people...
    Which, thusly, leads toward the young Olympian wandering in the direction of the bar. Slipping past Emma he holds up his drink and says to her simply, "Ma'am," Though the echoes of his mind to such telepaths might be a curious thing.
    Then it's toward the bar where he takes up a seat and smiles to the tender, "Another glass, please."
    Sidelong he offers greetings, "Mr. Shaw."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Emma and Betsy do have a shared history of covering each other's bases... Although it's doubtful that this time that will mean making out poolside while wearing bikinis. Not quite that kind of party, folks. While she does keep her mind well shielded, just in case, she isn't so shielded that she can't at least sample the telepathic 'vibe' of the room.

The british model makes no move to greet the hosts, well aware that there's an certain order that Shaw at least likes to stick to when greeting guests and assuming her fellow noble will find her way to her when she has time. So instead she makes her way with the grace of a born (or at least bodyswapped-then-restored) killer to Emma's side. "Emma, luv, aren't you a vision." She murmurs to the other woman in her lilting British accent, "Lovely dress. I nearly wore something similar, but then found this old rag in the back of my closet." And she does a little twirl to show off the slinky flow of metallic fabric that can't decide if it wants to be silver or a pale lavender.

April O'Neil has posed:
April spends a few moments chatting with some people who recognize her from the Channel Six News gig, and then she starts toward the bar. She reaches it, and asks for a mug of beer. Once its delivered to her, she snatches it up by the handle and takes a big swig. Her free hand going to her yellow fabric covered stomach to lightly press there as she chugs. When she lowers the mug again, she sighs contentedly before she turns around to roam her eyes over the others at the bar. A quick smiles goes across her lips, as April just starts to do what she does, and listens to the conversations occurring around her. Why is she here? Maybe she doesn't know! Or maybe it has something to do with Vampires... who knows!

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Nodding briefly towards Alexander, Sebastian Shaw replies with his own. "Mr. Aaron, a pleasure as always." He inclines his head and then drifts away from the bar, continuing to make his rounds. The party does not specifically require his attention, but of course he is also hardly about to let an opportunity to mingle slip by. One cannot remain on top without spending a good amount of time with those below you.

Which brings him to Emma, and Sebastian tilts his head towards her. "Ms. Frost." There is something of a smile on his lips for his old colleague. Is there warmth there? Not so much. "And Ms. Braddock, always good to have you join us." The inclination of his head is a bit deeper for the old money.

Silver Sablinova has posed:
The nod from Alexander was seen and acknowledged with a small dip of her chin. Then Silver caught sight of the familiar faces. Betsy Braddock was a well known model. Emma Frost was in all the business magazines. And there was Sebastian Shaw, the man with the money. After all, it was his club. Though it was part of a larger entity, this branch was his.

She caught a glimpse of the woman in the yellow dress at the bar, giving her a quick once over. Most people at these sorts of parties wouldn't choose that color. Though it was lovely. That was face she felt she knew but was having to try to place. She'd work on that as she continued her social duties.

She made her way toward the trio, giving a polite smile to them. "Good evening. A pleasure to meet you all. Your reputations precede you." What reputations those might be? Good? Bad? A little bit of both?

"I'm Silver Sablinova. Silver Sable to some. Of Silver Sable International." Just in case they didn't know her, it was always polite to offer the information.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to give a curtsy over to Shaw, "A lovely turnout. The results are spectacular as always." Emma Grace Frsot gives the politeness it's due, then offering up her hand over to Shaw for a traditional exchange before giving a formal curtsy and shifting her attention over towards Silver Sable. Emma goes to think over to Betsy.
    <<She has a rather interesting background. Her homeland is right next door to Latveria. They have the most -interesting- geopolotical clashes with one another>>
     Then smiling over at Betsy to respond verbally, "Thank you. Always a pleasure to know that I'm upstaging one that's as vibratn as you are. This one's not a Van Dyne original. I can ask Janet sometime if you wish to see her."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Across the bar as people depart it clears up the line of sight for Alexander to espy April down the way. To whom he lifts his glass in greeting as a spark of recognition ignites, then a smile. "Oh hello. Miss... O'Neil."
    He turns to face her more directly even as he looks down the way, "We met a year and some ago I believe." Since she presented herself as a rather together reporter handling a very difficult situation. He turns around and tilts his head a little as he watches the gathering of worthies, the movers and shakers of the Hellfire Club with Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost there, then Silver and Betsy. A handsome group all told.
    He looks back, "Though you probably don't remember me, I imagine."

April O'Neil has posed:
April isn't a super hero. She has no 'powers'. But, she is perceptive.

When Alexander speaks up to her at the bar, she does a small double take, and at his words, a soft smile creeps across her face, as her chin just slightly lowers.

"Bank robbery. Green Arrow. I remember you." She tells the young man. "It's good to see you again, though hopefully this time we are not at the heart of a dangerous situation." She says in good humor back at him, as her ears pick up the introduction from Silver.

The name does ring some bells within April's mind, and her blue eyes go over to the woman to take her visage in.

But she looks back to Alexander a second later. "So you're with the Hellfire? Bank in the midsts of being robbed, Hellfire parties... Mm, you must live quite the life, Alexander, wasn't it?" She asks, as she raises her drink mug up for another sip from the frothy brew within it.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
With the game face trained in her by the finest (re: most expensive) finishing schools money and a noble title could buy, Emma's revelation about the 'host' is met with only a faint twitching at the corner of Betsy's purple eyes in amusement.

Her reply is set aside as Shaw makes his way over and greets her. The use of 'Ms.' instead of 'Lady' is accepted with good grace. After all, he's an American. They are a gauche people, even the ones wearing lacy shirts and tight pants. "Mr. Shaw. A lovely turnout. Thank you for the invitation... I always do love a good excuse to dress nice and drink other people's champagne." She lifts her glass to him, with a coy little smile of her dark-stained lips.

To Emma, she adds, "Mmm. I do love a good JvD; I keep meaning to ask her about a custom gown, but just haven't decided on a good occasion for it."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Oh, it is not me who should be thanked. I am merely the host," replies Sebastian, as he inclines his head almost in a bow and spreads his arms out. He indicates Silver Sable with a gesture of his hand. "She wished to bring together the truly elite, I simply suggested that your name would be an appropriate addition to the ranks." He glances over towards Emma, and considers her for a moment, offering a smile. "And of course, the turnout should always be spectacular. Who can resist an invitation to walk among the Hellfire Club, if presented to them?"

Silver Sablinova has posed:
Silver gives a little nod to Sebastian. "I appreciated your assistance as I'm not familiar with the members currently in New York City. Or, I was not," she added with a smile. Her accent is obviously Eastern European, though not horribly thick. "I truly am honored to be able to throw this little gathering for everyone."

Silver falls silent a moment as she takes another sip of her champagne. She scans the area, briefly as she sips. Not obviously so, just in that curiosity manner that some people exhibit.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile at Betsy, "Why, does one ever /need/a reason to get a Van Dyne original? That would imply there's any occasion they're not spectacular for, darling." Her own accenta lmost matching Betsy's. "Why but of course, Sebastian. Of course." Emma goes to dutifully agree with the man while going to sweep the area and then turn her attention up to Silver Sable.

<<What are your thoughts on her? You're the one with the combat experience>>

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "Ohh, you know how it is." Alexander's pale hazel eyes distance as he looks across the way toward Silver and the gathered nobility of the Hellfire Club. He tilts his head to the side as he worries his lower lip in thought and reflection as he answers her casually, "Sometimes the threads of Fate are wound tightly around us and it draws others in."
    The way he says that, for a moment, just perhaps a moment... it might seem like he actually believes it. But that would be impossible surely. He then looks down the way, "And why are you here, April?"
    A pause as he looks her down then up, eyebrow quirking as he's able to discern little as to her purpose from the glance, then ends meeting her gaze. "People watching?" Though he does not mention the whole 'reporter' aspect of her life.
    Then he lifts his chin, "Want to go meet the lady of the hour?"

April O'Neil has posed:
After another sip of her beer, April sets the mug down on the bar over the napkin that the tender left with her drink. She puts her eyes back upon Alexander, and flashes another faint smile. Her blue eyed stare shoots over to the lovely people that she assumes are the ones he refers to, Silver specifically, but then she regards him again.

After pursing her lips for a quick second, April just throws it out there, not concealing her voice level. "Actually, I'm here looking for Vampires." She just throws it out there.

"I've recently been speaking to quite a few people who are against such 'types' of people, and I'm looking to speak to the other side of the argument... so to speak." She further elaborates as she drums her fingers on the edge of the bar beside her, her other hand resting upon her yellow fabric covered hip.

"A co-worker said I should stop by this place, and as it happens... my roommate is a member, and pre-occupied tonight with her Taco Truck business.... So. Here I am."

Another smile is shown to Alexander. "But yes, I'd love to meet the star of the show, as it were..."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"Lovely to meet you, Ms. Sablinova." Betsy greets the woman, with a polite smile that makes her lavender eyes sparkle. Although that might be the metallic eyeshadow sparkling. It's subtle enough not to be obvious. "I'm Betsy Braddock. From one European to another, welcome to America." Pause, and a mischievous grin. "And try not to believe everything you've heard about this lovely little club. The real debauchery is only once a quarter."

Her eyes flicker to Emma, and she offers the other telepath a quick assessment telepathically, << I would say she's dangerous. Possibly a match for any I've encountered, given her reputation and how she moves, although civilized enough to know how to throw a party. >> There's a mental sigh, and Betsy admits telepathically, << She has strong defenses. Probably trained willpower, possibly gambutrol. I don't want to press too hard without cause. >> And out loud: "Oh, but my accountant would make the most pathetic face if I bought a custom JvD after the trip to Ibiza I took for my birthday." She says to Emma, and adds to Shaw, "The reputation of the Hellfire Club New York chapter is legendary, luv. No shame in basking in the praise for what you've done. We're all adult enough to stroke each other's egos without embarrassment, mmm?"

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
A soft chuckle slips forth from Sebastian. "Oh, do not listen to her, Ms. Sablinova," he replies with a broadening grin. "The debauchery can be had every night within the Hellfire Club, if you know where to look." He winks at Emma. "Or am I mistaken, Ms. Frost?" He issues a smile towards Betsy as if to indicate no offense is intended, but the record must be corrected. "I would be happy to give you a personal tour of all of the reaches of the Hellfire Club that would strike your interest, should you so desire."

His gaze returns to Btesy, and he again favors her with a smile. "If we were truly adult enough, we would not stop at our egos." He flashes a mischievous grin, and then looks up. "My apologies, I am afraid I must attend to some matters to insure this party continues without a hitch."

Turning back to Silver Sable, he inclines his head once more. "Do please be in touch regarding that tour - I would relish the opportunity to learn more of you, as well as share more of our club's more unique charms." And with that, he slips away.

Silver Sablinova has posed:
"I am still trying to get used to the United States," Silver admits to the comment by Betsy. "It is a very different from what I am most familiar with. Though, it is entertaining to learn."

Not really. But the words again seem heartfelt even though she is simply playing her role. This is what is expected of a CEO who happens to be a member of the HFC. When in truth, she'd like to be at home. Or her office. There was work piling up while she was here sipping champagne.

"I will take you up on that offer in the future, Mr. Shaw. Again, a pleasure meeting you." And she watched as he departed. Though in her mind, it was just more information gathering that she might gain through such a tour.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would take a moment of evaluation to consider what Elizabeth had sent to her, and then give the mental equivalent of a nod of agreement <<She has principles and ethics and her PMC adheres to rather specific contracts. I don't see her as the type to take action directly against any of our interests. But as you said.. Very, very dangerous and capable. We could always hire her ourselves for something>>

Because occasionally things needed to be handled professionally and discretely. And X-Force worked with Mister Wilson that was often not considered either of those things.

She would smile over to Betsy, "OF course. It does in quite a great many things. And isn't there always some mutual strokings going on?" Emma goes to play to her role and smiles ofr the cameras (and the Sebastian) while telepathically conversing with her fellow mutant. "I look forwards to seeing mre of you at the functions here. So what sorts of contracts are you intent on pursuing within the city, if I'm not so bold to inquire?"

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Eyebrow cocking with his own little hint of incredulity, Alexander turns more to directly face April as he echoes the word, "Vampires?" Yet the way he tilts his head and looks past her, as if forced to wander down a memory or two he heaves a small sigh, then adds. "You aren't the first, to be fair."
    Which has him rising up and offering his arm to her, still holding the champagne in his other hand. And if she is kind enough to accompany him he'll start to wander across the ball room floor, weaving a suitable path between hither and yon as he murmurs, "Curiously enough I have had some dealings with vampires."
    Which might be an interesting thing to overhear as he approaches the others as he sidles up to the suitable point to break into the conversational quartet as he clears his throat and then addresses Silver Sable with that easily offered smile of his, "Beg your pardon, Ms. Sablinova. I thought it might be a good moment to introduce an acquaintance of mine. Ms. April O'Neil. She might well be a fine source of information for you to gain your feet a touch, and in turn to get what message you might have out there."
    So terribly rude to bust in like that, but he looks over to the others and spares a smile for each, nodding to punctuate the silent 'Hello there' of his body language.

April O'Neil has posed:
Where Betsy and Emma see such grace, and ability to likely defend herself, in Silver's motions... April arrives on Alexander's arm and shoots him a look about the Vampires bit being so casually thrown out moments before they come to speak to others. She turns to look to Silver, Betsy, and Emma, and is about to reach out to offer her hand, when she steps on a napkin on the floor and nearly slips right down to face plant on the floor! But, some how, she manages to catch herself, and put her hand on the edge of the bar!

"God." April says, rising back up, then. Clearly she's just as much of a combat threat!

"Ahem. Hi." April says, flashing a big bright smile to the women.

"April O'Neil. C6 News. I'm.... well... Harley Quinn is my roommate. She got me in here."

April glances to Alexander then, before she clears her throat, and shoots her blue eyed stare back to Silver. "Welcome to the country. I'd be happy to help you setle in however you'd need. Reporter, podcaster, I was raised here, so ... I know the good, and the bad, all the bad really.... So much bad..."

April huffs then, and straightens out her dress on her hips with a brush of both her hands.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Whatever else Betsy is about to say in her telepathic conversation with Emma is interrupted by the new arrivals. April is given a pleasant enough smile that screams 'I know you're press, look at me being all presentable for you', while Alexander is given a curious once-over.

In a telepathic aside to Emma, << Something is off about him. I'm getting strange mental... echoes? Like he has more than one psyche? >>

Whatever else she's about to say is interrupted by the tripping of the reporter, and the need to bite back a giggle despite her years of deportment training. "Aaah.. Would you like me to get you a glass of champagne, Ms. O'Niel? Or are you at your limit for the night?" Somehow, Betsy makes the rather catty comment seem full of concern for the other woman.

Silver Sablinova has posed:
As April slips, there is a sudden shift of Silver. She is at the opposite elbow from where Alexander is standing, almost like she teleported there. Her hand was just below April's elbow, as though she was mid-catch. But the woman had managed to save herself so Silver drops her hand and steps back to the side again. She speed of that movement might back up the mental evaluation given by Betsy to Emma.

"Are you alright?" Once she was sure April was, Silver continued. Another smile was offered to April. "A pleasure to meet you. I would love to meet with you sometime to learn more about your city." A hint of respect since good reporters tended to have a lot of information.

Then she turned to the question from Emma. "I have several contracts in the works here. It will have me in New York often. I cannot speak outside generalities due to privacy of our clients but there are a number of jobs. From some personal security being provided, to property safety." She wasn't going to mention the bounties. So many bounties available to be collected.

Then that smile was turned to Alexander. "Mr. Aaron. Good to see you again." Establishing that she already knew him in some capacity.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma's curiousity shifts over to Alexander Aarson as she skims through the last few moments of Betsy's recollections to catch herself up. Then goes to follow along in fascination. <<Interesting. Do you feel like it's something that we should scan further on?>> She would be interested for just a moment while going to shift her position over to eye him somewhat more subtly. Still keeping her attention on Silver Sable..
    Right in time for April to pull a combat maneuver from the shrine to the Three Great Ones, taught in the combat styles of Moe-sama, Fine-chan, and Howard-san to do a spin. "I like that one, she has dignity." Emma would speak over casually while glancing at April on the ground and then to Silver. "I do think that you may get your quote for the evening." she would add over in ever so light amusement.
    Then back to Silver, "But of course. I merely inquire as I might have some use for an.. Organization of your caliber, but that's determined by the types of contracts you take, how booked you are.. All those sorts of specifics that I'd hve to view to ensure that you'd be a good fit for my needs."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    To his credit, Alexander is on the spot as well to make sure that she doesn't fully face plant. Perhaps a little smackity is fine, but nothing permanent as he eases over to rest a hand on her arm and if needed help her up. Yet he squares up within the group of five now, shifting a little to turn his shoulders in line with Sable's as he looks at Ms. Frost and Ms. Braddock. One he recognizes. The purple-haired model, he does not.
    "Good to see you," He returns the smile to Silver, then looks at the others, yet a glimpse is spared now and again for poor April in case she chooses to do another header.
    But when his attention shifts back to the telepaths there is a roil in power from him on those surface thoughts, that curiously echo as his thoughts reverberate with that mystical otherness. Not as if there were other voices, splintered personalities, or other manifestations of mental illness. More that he hears something else that does not register to their enhanced senses.

April O'Neil has posed:
April does use her right hand to grab Alexander's shoulder to help keep her stable in that near-blunder of a fall. But once she's back up, she's smiling to Silver, and casting a light laugh to what Betsy says. "Oh, I'm okay, I assure you. One beer is not gonna take me down. Two? Maybe... but hey, the night is young." She admits with a little following smirk at herself.

Following that, April quickly nods several small times to Silver's response for her. "Offer goes for all of you, as well. I run a pretty successful podcast too, so if you want to... you know... sell anything... it's a good way to get your voice out there in this wild world we all occupy." The reporter says, offering a glance back to Alex then on her right.

"Vampires as a topic is one of the upcoming shows, as a matter of fact..." She says with a LINGERING STARE... before she shoots her blue eyes back over to the three women. She looks them all over. "My god, you are all so beautiful." She says then with a light laugh following THOSE words next. "Thsi is quite a place." April then adds as she sends her eyes roaming around the hall's interior. "Yeah, I can see why people like it here... I guess. I mean... could use a little more liveliness... maybe a nice fight or two, but who could ask for such at such a high society place like this, right?"

April. Snort laugh.

"Champagne!" She states then, throwing her left hand up as she steps to the bar and reaches for a tray of glasses that were just placed down by one of the servers.

"Yoink." Is uttered by for the glass' edge is placed to her pink painted lips and she indulges in a bit of the bubbly!

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"I don't think we've met." That to Alexander, even as Betsy relaxes the press of her telepathic probe against his mind. She doesn't want to blow her cover, after all. "Betsy Braddock. And you are...?" She offers him a coy little smile and an once-over.

To April, she laughs in an aside at the compliment of her beauty. "Thank you, luv. I work professionally as a model, so it's sort of my job to clean up nice." Her expression and tone turn solemn. "I assure you I'm a right proper sight when I'm in a ratty tee and boxers eating barbeque ribs, as one does on occasion." The idea of the sleek, sensually beautiful British model with BBQ smeared across her fine features is surely enough to induce at least a giggle of amusement, and her lilac purple eyes are amused enough to suggest she's definitely willing to laugh at herself.

Silver Sablinova has posed:
"Of course. Discretion is a large part of our business," Silver assures Emma. "Reach out to my office. We are currently working out of the Symkarian Embassy but we have our own lines. I can leave a business card at the coat check when I leave. I left it in my wrap." Not quite the truth but it would do for now. "We can arrange a meeting then discuss terms. Once I know more about your needs, I can give you detailed information on how my company might be able to help. In a nutshell," Silver paused slightly, wanting to be sure she got that phrase correct before she continued. "We specialize in information, security and apprehension."

To April's compliment, she dips her head slightly. "Thank you. You blend in perfectly with the rest." Making sure that April recognizes that she too is a beauty. Though she had to already know, right?

Emma Frost has posed:
Watching April finish up from her tumble and adeptly recover gets a low round of applause from Emma, "Why thank you darling. So lovely to see a young woman that has the initiative to go out and take the world for herself. I'm sure that your roommate has by reputation incentivized you to do so." If only for April's own survival. Emma did hear that bit on Harley!
    Emma's only passively scanning things and not going over Alexander's mind. It's neither the time nor the place to follow up on it.
    "If only taxes and legal affairs were so simple to handle as vampires. Just stab one with a stake and it's over with. My legal debts will be piling up for generations to come." As April goes on about 'indulgence' Emma can only watch. "My, they're rather open with the venue now aren't they." A large smile on her face. "And yes dear, you do many things beyond 'clean up' well." Spoken to the woman with the very complicated body-ground.
    Emma would nod over at Silver Sablinova, "Please. I'll review it and schedule an appointment with you. Would you prefer I come inw ith any sort of documentation or notaries ahead of time to prepare?"

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "I don't think they have fights in here very often," Alexander confesses as he looks around at the others, eyes flitting from each person to the next before he offers. "Though, Ms. Frost I recall wasn't there a time when Mr. Shaw wrestled with one fellow who gave him insult?"
    Which had been interesting, considering they were wearing their period outfits and looking quite resplendent with their buckled shoes and leggings. Then he perks up, "Oh and that Roberto fellow, he and I had that fencing match. Though that was up in the VIP suite."
    Yet his rambling ends as he meets Psylocke's eyes and his lips part as he takes in a breath as if it had been rude he was so remiss. "Forgive me, I'm Alexander Aaron."
    Which really isn't that much help at all. Unless one were perhaps a construction worker in the union Local 427, they they might know his father. Who had a membership here for some reason. Though when Elizabeth mentions being a model curiously enough it has no impact on the youth at all. No double take, no second glance. Just that same calm smile.
    Perhaps he's simple.
    Then he abruptly looks to April and repeats, "Vampires!"

April O'Neil has posed:
Glug glug glug. April takes a long pull from the champagne glass, with her free hand resting on the back of her right hip. When she finally lowers the glass she looks back to the other women and smiles softly to them.

Alex's words have her laughing softly. "Ah.... buckled shoes..." She comments while shaking her head side to side.

Another little stare is given to the man though when he repeats the bit about Vampires, then she starts to look around the room again. "You're going to have to tell me more about that, Mister Aaron." She tells him as she looks, as she scours... looking for any cliche Vampire type people that might be attending the party tonight.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"A pleasure, Mr. Aaron." Betsy's lids lower slightly in a coy, coquette manner. "I do admit I missed the wrestling match. Pity. Nothing like watching two grown men in Victorian cosplay wrestle over insults to their 'honor' to really set the mood for a right proper party, mmm? Better than body shots."

At Alexander's comment about fencing, though, she gives him another once-over, this time one that suggests she's assessing his combat prowess with a critical eye. "Fencing? How lovely. Must be useful when finding vampires, as one apparently does."

Silver Sablinova has posed:
"Not necessary unless you have something unusual you might need. If you want an NDA perhaps have that prepared to your terms ahead of time. I have notaries on staff so that will be covered should we come to an agreement for a contract," Silver offers to Emma.

Then she looks over curiously as the conversation about vampires continue. Her country being close to a certain country known for the creatures of hte night, they are something she's familiar with historically at the very least. In other words, she isn't looking at April like she's lost her mind. Vampires are real. Or at least they were so she isn't surprised at them potentially being real now.

What is different is that no one in this small circle of people seems to be taking the idea of vampires as a joke. Which does add to the curiosity.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod at Silver, "Of course." She would twitch her lips upwards in a smile, "I'll ensure that I have the necessary information ahead of time before I arrange my appointment. I'll send a message to the embassy to request a time when I have a more thorough proposal." She would go to listen over and watch the discussion.

"Just do ensure that even if he can afford it you don't take any jobs from the owner of the Bugle. You'd be forced to spend your time chasing after the vigilante that the owner has a personal vendetta against for some reason."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    The response about fencing from Elizabeth causes the young man to gesture absently to the side, as if it were nothing. Self-deprecating perhaps though his thoughts wander.
    There's a moment as Alexander's eyes distance and he looks thoughtful, when he looks back at April his manner is subtly different. Still at ease, but not as flippant, not as bright. He cocks his head to the side and says calmly. "She was a lovely woman, Miss O'Neil. In love with a friend of mine who then abandoned her."
    He takes up his glass of champagne and looks to Silver, then Elizabeth, and then Emma. His curious ethereal eyes offering something akin to an apology as he murmurs, "I know it may seem strange, but with all that has passed in the last... ten years and some? Vampires seem hardly the wildest thing that has happened to us." A beat, "Around us?"
    He sets his flute down on the table nearby and then the wry smile returns, something of the fool back in his manner as he murmurs. "I am not one turned easily to anger. Yet I think... I am angry at my friend for abandoning her. Curious since she's a creature of the night and all that."

April O'Neil has posed:
Another sip of her drink is taken as April puts her eyes back upon Alexander, who gets a small smirk, and a nod. "Jilted lovers. Classic." She notes with a soft sigh. "Well. If your friend ever wants to talk to a reporter about all of it... you know where to find me now."

She sends her eyes over to Emma and motions toward her. "That guy. He owns C6 News also. Well, the Bugle does anyway..."

She draws in a deep breath. "In fact, my first day on the job was meeting with him, and him summarily putting me in to my one and only modeling job myself... In the form of a BIG HUGE BILBOARD AD in Times Square, where I was dressed up in a-- much too small --yellow jumpsuit, holding a microphone from the 80s, I think.... That picture still haunts me today, two years later?" She shakes her head side to side.

"You know how many people send me e-mails titled 'That Jumpsuit' or 'Hey, April, would you be willing to Attend Yadda Yadda In that Yellow Number!"

She looks down at herself, and motions to her dress. "Call it a compromise!"

It's possible the beer, and now the champagne are making her ramble incoherently.

"Ah ha!" April says then, spotting someone across the Hall. She looks back to the three women, and Alex. "I'll be back, you all enjoy each other..." And with that April is quickly walking across the distance toward the person in a slinky black dress. A Vampire? Or just someone she knows?

Betsy Braddock has posed:
At April's rant regarding modelling, the professional model in the room lets out a bark of laughter that is almost inelegant and undignified. Betsy grins at the other woman. "Oh, luv, I feel that. My early days, I booked an unfortunate photoshoot with live octopus and even my agent thought my career was over before it began!"

There's a pause, and Betsy's grin goes mischievous. "Although I admit the expression my brothers both pulled was worth it. I do believe my twin had the images scrubbed from the internet, the poor dear. But Brian was always a bit of a prude."

Silver Sablinova has posed:
There is a soft chuckle at the trials and tribulations both Betsy and April had suffered. Then a shake of Silver's head. Thankfully, such things had been avoided in her life. Mention of Jameson has her turning back to Emma then focusing on the group as she answered.

"He is not willing to part with the money necessary," she explained, implying that he'd already been in touch about hunting down a certain arachnid themed hero. "We are the best so our fees are equal to our worth." She gave a little shrug. "Mr. Jameson seems to believe that we should do it out of the goodness of our hearts." That gets a derisive snort. "I am not that 'good'."

Then she sees a face that she knows. The person is hovering at the door, scanning the crowd. Then they spotted her and she saw the urgency. "I do have to apologize. Duty calls. It was a pleasure meeting all of you." Then she turned and headed toward the door, putting her half empty flute on a serving tray as she passed a server.