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Date of Scene: 12 July 2022
Location: Labs - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: The Titans save the day! The nasty microdart is removed, and Kara will be able to start recovering.
Cast of Characters: Kara Danvers, Vivian Vision, Valeria Richards, Donna Troy, Heather Danielson, America Chavez, Victor Stone, Kaida Connolly, Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Caitlin Fairchild

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Everyone's gathered up in the Titans Tower Lab. Kara remains in the Containment Room, having had her powers suppressed with red solar radiation. The introduction of a sedative gas into the room has put her down, and allowed the Titans more medically-trained members, Caitlin and Kaida, to handle getting her prepped for what's going to be a very unusual surgery.

    Valeria has brought by some special EV suits for the members of the team. They're going to be in bloodstreams and tissue; not exactly an environment most could breathe in. Thankfully, Valeria's tech is pretty darn high. With the suits, it just remains for the team to suit up, so that Nadia can handle the shrinking, and they can be injected as close to the site as is safe.

Vivian Vision has posed:
With such a difficult mission it's important the team maintains good communications links. Both with each other and the outside world. So Vivian Vision is doing some last minute checks. Dialing in to everyones T-Comms to make sure the connection is clear. Checking her data links to the Tower itself.

Once those are all tested she moves on to connecting to a variety of navigation beacons which have been set up. Simple surgical tape securing them to various locations as part of the preparation process.

Normally she'd consider her natural synthezoid state protection enough from a hostile environment. But who knows what they might encounter in one of the most deadly alien species known to Earth?

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val had an idea that maybe if need be, the inside of a Kryptonian might be a pretty hazardous and inhospitable environment. The lack of breathable air on top of everything. Possibly crush depth level pressures impacts for anything floating around. So on top of being designed to with stand as much punishment as possible she even included forcefields. The same energy absorbing ones she installs normally on her suit. Good for some hig hits or energy blasts but not quite taking a shot from a Kryptonian directly. Hopefully kara doesn't have cramps

Plus since Val has had some influence applied via the slightly elder Van Dyne. They all fit nice and snug and flattering for theor figures with options in the suits for setting their own costume coloring.

"Okay, everyone set and zipped up. No low necklines please!" she says and remembers to double check her own suit.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna is not convinced by this plan. Surely there's some more conventional surgical procedure that could be tried? Or nanomachines? Nevertheless this seems to be the plan the science team has come up with, so she's not voicing her thoughts. If it had been just Nadia she might have wondered if the mini-Genius was going into full mad scientist mode, but it seems like Cait, Vic and Kaida agree this is the way to do it.

    Though she has been known to leap through airlocks without a space suit, Donna's not planning to test how long she can hold her breath in Kara's bloodstream, and suits up with the rest. Surgical cleanliness is important, and Donna gets her sword and lassoo blasted with sanitizing germicidal UV radiation too.

    "Question. Why don't we take the T-Sub?" Donna asks. "That's what they did in the film, right? They had a mini sub. We've got a T-sub and Pym particles. We could take the T-sub." She may be joking, but she's saying it with a straight face.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Now Heather is no scientist. She is no expert on biology or Pym particles. What she does have going for her is her ability to recover from almost anything, and her enthusiasm for helping her team... her friends... family.

    She managed to fit herself into one of the EV suits. But she was complaining about the fit. It was too bulky in places, too loose in others, too tight here and there. Basically, she thought it was decidedly ugly and unfashionable. To her, it's possible to be functional -and- look good. So why not take the time to make them right?

    "This isn't a movie. But I -do- agree, it would be nice if we could all be working -together- and not split up, free to flow off away from everyone else."

America Chavez has posed:
    America, of course choosing red, white, and blue has found a setting to add star motifs on the suit. "These are pretty badass" she says after a moment, looking at the sleeves apprciatively to make sure the stars at the back of her palms, and up the arm from elbow to shoulder are satisfactory. She seems content of the cosmetics and zips it up before placing on the helmet.

    "To be honest, given the blood, a submarine might be better suited especially if we're worried about pressue" she adds. After all, the pressure worry was the only thing keeping her from going without a suit. Space wasn't an issue for her natural form, though it does restrict talking, and while's she's walked on the surface of worlds with similar atmosphere to Venus, she's never been inside of a Kryptonian--safety first.

Victor Stone has posed:
    "How do we get the sub in here, to get it inside of her? And we'd probably have to get /out/ of the sub at some point. I mean, we can grab the sub," Vic notes, "but it'll be kind of a hassle." He makes sure the suit's all zipped up and sealed up. He takes a quick glance around at the others, making sure nobody's missed a seal or anything--cyber senses are handy for noticing airflow and things like that.

    Then he shrugs. "It's just like any other mission. Don't go off alone, keep in touch with everyone else, remember that we're inside our friend and don't accidentally nick an artery or something. I'll give you all the emissions signature of the chunk of material we're looking for." And he does, indeed, send the weird not-quite-Kryptonite energy signature to everyone's T-comms. Just in case.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Of course she has a suit. Why wouldn't Kaida? She is after all a part of GIRL and while her suit is custom made for her tail and ears, it's still similar to everyone else's with one additional exception. She has a wrist computer monitoring the vital signs of everyone else on the team. She smiles as she makes sure everything is working properly before she nods.

"Don't worry about a thing! We are monitoring everyone!" She nods her head, "I know a lot about the body and Nadia knows a lot about, well, a lot!" She nods her head.

"Not to mention Vic has all that tech stuff on lock so we are good to go. Just get ready to get even tinier than I am and lets help our friend!" Kaida gives a thumbs up and then goes right back to using her little computer.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    Nadia is dressed in her own red and black Waspette armor. This is for a variety of reasons. First, it is already fully environmental, it had to be for some of the space adventures, but more importantly it has a lot of technology for the manipulation and monitoring of Pym Particles.

    After she has finished securing the fittings on her helmet, the faceplate slides up revealing her face as she fishes through the near invisible storage pockets of her suit, Janet's designs keeping a premium on style at the same time as function.

    "This!" She says triumphantly coming out with what looks like a toy. "Is the HemogloGo! I didn't have a whole lot of time to throw something together, but it should be able to get us through the blood stream at much higher speeds than swimming. You might be amazed how much distance there actually is inside of the human body at that size. Or well some might. It should fool the white blood cells into thinking we're friendly, too." She corrects herself because there are cutting edge biologists present.

    Pointing one of her wrist mounted size beam emitters at the toy it quickly expands into a full sized small submarine capable of accomodating the entire team for the voyage. "Ok, all aboard! Then we'll shrink with the HemogloGo, and it will be inserted into Kara. I didn't have time for weapons so we'll have to get out at the other end and deal with the blockage, but that's why we have suits, right?"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin hooks her helmet into place and stands up, ensuring her atmo suit is properly assembled then leaning over to double-check whomever is closest to her. "Getting in won't be too hard, but exfiltration is going to depend on where we are when we find the shard in her back. We've mapped out the major arteries; we may have to get out via the kidneys or the tear ducts. Cross that bridge when we come to it," she says, with a thin-lipped irritation. Caitlin doesn't like uncertain strategies.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I am less concerned about pressure," VIvian starts. "And more concerned about Kara's immune system. Which will likely react far more quickly and efficiently than a Human body would." But then she's been to a deep sea trench before (one filled with horrible monsters). So pressure clearly not a huge concern for the synthetic girl who can make herself super dense with a thought.

"If people would like I can tap into the suit HUD systems and create an overlay showing where we all are? I expect visibility will be poor at the best of times. And getting lost and accidentally hitting each other will be serious concerns."

"In an emergency I can always phase people out. Providing Kara is still sedated enough to not be superspeeding." Also they'd probably need to be away from the mystery radiation. Just in case it has some unknown interaction with her phasing ability. Better safe than sorry!

Kara Danvers has posed:
    And with that, they can Pym up! Or is it, Pym down? But the squad, shrunken down, gets injected into the spinal arteries, to get them as close as they can. The "current" is stronger than might be expected, as they get heading onward. The red blood cells aren't an issue. And Nadia's attempt to fool the white blood cells looks like it at least helps...some do pass, without accosting them. However, some of the neutrophils seem to be convinced that the energy readings coming off them are too similar to bacteria. Several of them start towards the sub and the team, like translucent white blobs, approaching them all. If they're going to make it to the muscle tissue they need to reach, they're going to have to deal with this first threat.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Just before putting on the helmet... Heather had her hair done up in a way that it wasn't hanging loose, for like the first time in months. Anyway, before any of that, she hurriedly chows down on one of those military ration bars. You know, the ones that contain like two thousand four hundred calories of -dense- nutrition... anyhow, she is chewing the last bite of that as she pulls her helmet down over her head and seals it in place.

    That done, she moves aboard the craft with the others. Of course her suit is a bright royal blue, just like her normal uniform. The EV suit is just a bit less awesome looking. "I am an open book for whomever. Just tell me where to go, what to do, and I'm there." she says as she moves aboard.

    Once they are under way, and about to come under attack, she grimaces and asks, "Um, is that something we expected?" with a gesture towards the viewscreen.

America Chavez has posed:
    Once inside America keeps herslef close to the exit port for the vessel to be ready to go on short notice. When the alarms start going off she's right there and ready. "Alright. Let's go fight some alien white blood cells" she says. Not the strangest of sayings she's heard from her own mouth, given what she does. She doesn't wait long before heading through the locking system and into the Kryptonian's blood stream. Once out the Starling lights up with an aura of blue energy that adds more to the forcefield that Valeria has supplied.

    "Alright... for what it's worth" she says over the comms. "Let's not try to compromise Kara's immune system in the process, subdue and deter only, long enough for the sub to get by and we can catch up." She pauses and winces, giving an eye to Donna and Caitlin with an apologetic look. "Sorry. Habit" she adds in hopes to molify her overstep.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Hit the second button from the right. That will make sure the suits fit snug. You might have to adjust but they'll get comfy." Val states and shows off the buttons on how to set things on the suits everyone is equipped with while Heather struggles with hers. Val kept her own normal Val Suit, complete with the same features, extra strength enhancing. Scanning and processing. Plus many a concealed pouch. Forcefields doing for helmets in her case. She also sets her coloring to Family Blue but with the GIRL logo on her back in a solid white with blue in the background. It's built for most inhospitable environments. When you have portals into weird planes of existance all over your home you kind of want to be prepped. "Anyone with powers that might risk the suit should be fine. Unstable molecules are built in." she adds as everyone starts piling into the HemogloGo.

"Hopefully we should be able to take a beating with all this stuff. Nadia's had enough access to my shield tech to increase the ship's survivability. But we probably want to be as stealthy as possible. We'll be sailing on sensors and headlights the whole way. She might absorb sunlight but that doesn't mean we'll get any." she adds.

Once the Voyage is off and it's almost plain sailing till the Kryptonian's immune syustem wakes up and decided to do it's thing.

"Well that happened faster than I expected." she says and goes to keep an eye on monitoring vitals with others not going outside to fight. "I'd probably avoid fighting. They are still Kryptonian. Re-direct. We should probably start working on giving off signals that make us look friendlier." she offers as suggestions.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "We go to the sub bay, shrink it there, carry it up here Vic," Donna replies. "Easy. Sterilize it with the UV lamp, then we shrink down and climb into it. Barely an inconvenience. America gets it." She winks in America's direction. The pair of them had explored suit customization options together, and Donna's own arrangement of stars lines up on her black suit on either side, a pretty good approximation of the design on her armor.

    Heather gets a frown from Donna. "Heather, it's designed for utility, not fashion. Valeria went to the effort of putting thought into the looks without compromising the performance. She even went to the effort of providing you one with your own color scheme. " It's a bit terse by Donna's standards. She may have got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.

    She's clearly not too grumpy though, because when Nadia provides a mini-sub of her own, Donna actually sticks her tongue out at Vic.

    "That's a good idea, Vivian," Donna says. "In fact, can you include a full copy of Caitlin's map with that, in case anyone gets separated and we have signal problems?"

    Donna doesn't have much to say during the shrinking process and the injection -- it's all rather a curious experience, and she's lost in experiencing it until the leukocytes put in an appearance. She raises an eyebrow to Caitlin. "Uh. Did we bring along some deactivated virus or something we could use to tempt those things away from us? Like steaks with guard dogs? Or are we going to go out and punch them with America?"

Kaida Connolly has posed:
There's an unfortunate problem. Nothing that's completely going to halt the mission but it's certainly an unexpected turn of events. Everyone was in the vessel, Kaida included, when the same shrink tech shrank everything on board. Kaida blinked a little as things felt, well, different. Very different. She moved to the back of the vessel, shivering as they shrank and having to closer eyes, focusing on the shrinking and what was going on. As everyone focuses on what is going on, Kaida is feeling off.

She nearly faints from the strange feeling an exertion. She ends up slumping down behind a console and a chair. Once they are inside, everyone will hear a loud groan as Kaida pushes herself up to her feet slowly and makes a louder than usual by far sound of.

"Oof!" And a small bonk. If people look, instead of a tiny Kaida ready to scamper between their feet, an easily nine foot tall Kaida is bent over slightly and looking up at the ceiling in annoyance and then around at the others in surprise.

"Uh..." And then they are under attack and she's blinking in surprise and looking toward the monitors that are...very tiny.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"In order to cause lasting damage to Kara's immune system at this scale," Vivian muses as she consults some data readouts. "We'd likely revert to normal size before getting close to causing harm. A unit of a Humans blood has between seventeen and forty million white blood cells per teaspoon of blood. A Kryponian has a more advanced immune system." She pauses. "This means we would need to kill more than twice the population of New York to remove the white blood cells from said teaspoon. And that's assuming Kryptonians don't produce more cells or replace them faster."

Which is Viv speak for 'We're probably fine defending ourselves if we need to'.

She glances at Donna. "I'll ensure everyone has fully updated maps and if they're within range holographic waypoint markers."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    Nadia is sitting at the con driving the submarine, apparently submarines were one of the many vehicles included in Red Room extracurricular driving school. "Okay, get in position and I will punch the airlock!"

    The mini-sub banks hard to the left as it attempts to shake off the immune defenses closing in from the rear and all the spare power she can scrape together is diverted to Val's shields, although with more up ahead fancy steering alone likely isn't going to get them out of this one. "Air Lock is ready when you guys are, just beware of the currents and the heat out there!"

Victor Stone has posed:
    "Oh, /excellent/, Nadia. See? My main concern was getting it in here." Vic sticks his tongue out at Donna in return, then climbs into the sub and prepares to be... off! This is kind of ridiculously fun.

    He goes ahead and heads over to the airlock, to maybe (gently) use sonic deterrent on the white blood cells. "Cait, you're the medical expert here, better to punch these things, or you have a distraction?"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"We don't know much about how Kryptonian biology reacts to foreign invaders," Caitlin admits from the helmsman's seat. She's one of the few Titans actually trained to operate their deep-see vehicles. "The chemical composition of their blood is different than ours. Different than most mammals," she clarifies. "But I'm willing to bet they have the same defenses we do, if a bunch of leukocytes start dying, more will show up. So we want to use non-destructive means to drive as many of them off as possible. Your suits are equipped with short-range sonic weapons. They should disrupt and stun the cells without destroying them. I'll be deploying some chemical markers to try and make us look less... invader-y," she says, for lack of a better word. "It'll at least deter an active immunological response so we don't provoke a massive infectious reaction from her immune system. But the more we fight and destroy, the more are going to show up, and if we get walled into a capillary we are going to be in serious troubles. So don't start ripping open cell walls if it's at all possible to steer them away chemically or with the sonic weapons."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    With the chemical markers dropped in, that'll at least help deter still more of the cells. So far, the team is doing well at avoiding the fight. At least for most. Since America went out, she's drawn some attention, especially with the energy surrounding her. Kryptonian cells like to soak up energy. Only a pair of the neutrophils begin to come over, focusing in on the two Titans outside, who are both giving their own energy signatures as well as being outside the sub. The sub can move on through the blood stream, mostly unaccosted. They're approaching the area of the foreign object, which is embedded in the muscle tissue. They'll have to make their way up to it, but the sub (as well as anyone with the senses to do it) would be picking up the radiation signature Vic noted earlier, a strange mixture of gamma and cosmic radiation, along with the normal frequencies of Kryptonite.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Just to be on the safe side. Val maybe also doublechecks the ships shields. They can take a lot, litrerally but in the case of Kryptonian physiology they do start straining. What white blood cells and other things that fight infection do aren't just like treating them like asteroids. The cells do their own kinds of damage.

"At least the cells aren't using heat vision. Or wearing capes." she says.

The energy pings on scanners gets Val looking excited as they start getting in range. "Okay, so wow, that's a pretty nasty cocktail. If anyone goes back outside. Let the suit and the ship's shields work. That stuff glowing out there is all the really fun..." she puts some sarcasm in there. "Stuff that can potentially ruin all our days and not just Supergirl's. That said. We bringing it on board for extraction or towing it. I don't think destroying is a good idea in case this mess spreads!" she offrs ideas but she's just tech support than labor at this point.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
After standing there for a bit to get her bearings, the much larger (though also much smaller) Kaida blinks a few times as she walks over carefully toward the others and looks at the various happenings. She doesn't dare go outside and instead just looks at the situation before looking to Nadia.

"I know you said no weapons but does this thing have any chemicals or lab equipment on board?" Kaida tilts her head, one ear brushing the ceiling as she does and she immediately ducks down a little more, glancing up with some surprise.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "Well, since everyone else is deploying to fight the attackers, I figure we should keep a tactical reserve." offers Heather. She'd pressed the controls to adjust the suit and make it more comfortable, but did not argue with Donna about priorities. She just accepted the criticism with a nod of her head.


    But she turns to regard Kaida and grins, "Lookin' good girl. I like you tall." she adds before she approaches Valeria.

    When it comes to talking about the shard or fragment of whatever the -non- Kryptonite is, she inclines her head, "I should be able to handle the object itself without side effects to me. If that helps out." she offers.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision frowns at the data. Given the way energy readings seem to draw attention she's having to limit her uplink connections with the outside world. Not /entirely/ cutting them off. Just you know. Not sending a constant stream of data and generating a bunch of energy signals that scream 'this seems like something you should attack'.

"We can't just leave it in her body," she muses. "Now that we have some more data is phasing it going to be an option? I could just get a grip and.. you know. Fall through to the floor." Radiation of various forms isn't going to bother her synthetic form much. At least not in the short term with a shielded suit on.

She seems to be directing her questions towards the science team. Mostly Val and Nadia but Vic, Kaida and Caitlin get curious glances too.

America Chavez has posed:
    Ms. America is going to do what Ms. America does best... and that's punch. The sonic blasts are just an added oomph to her natural mode of defense. "Good to know, thanks, Viv!" she adds, as she wrangles one of the neutrophils around and kicks off of it propelling herself away from the defensive organisms. Vic's sonic waves keep the other from accosting her as she manages to get back to the sub and hangs on to the outter hull. "-Gracias-!" she says to the big man, giving him a thumbs up for support and assist.

    She turns to look as the energy of the object draws her attention. "Oof... hate that..." she says narrowing her eyes to get a better look at whatever it is that worked its way into her friend and caused all sorts of negative effects.

Victor Stone has posed:
    Vic has his own sonic weapons, but uses the ones on the suit anyway. He very carefully aims at the various white blood cells coming at them, making sure he's not causing damage to the interior of the blood vessels.

    Spotting the energy signature as he and America travel along outside the sub, he says, "We might want to get some more people to help with extraction, unless the sub's got some kind of nifty arm attachment, Nadia?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Can we shrink it down?" Donna asks. "That would make it easier to extract. We want to take this thing out with us, complete and with as little disruption as possible. Remember the primary task here is to get Kara better, but we want to find out as much information as we can about this thing. Anything that gives us a clue where it came from.

    "There's a significant possibility this was an attack on Kara. I want to know if it was... and if so, who I'm going to punch into orbit."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    Nadia trades out at the Helm with Caitlin, letting the older Titan take over the controls as the ship shakes under an impact. With Valeria already working on the shields, she goes instead to see if she can get some more power out of the miniaturized reactor powering the vessel and grabbing a toolbox from one of her pockets begins flitting this way and that about the interior making emergency repairs and reinforcing key systems. A day's notice or so is plenty of time for Nadia to 'throw something together' but haste has its drawbacks and now she is attempting to iron out as many of those as possible as they crop up.

    Nadia pauses mid-repair to give Kaida a sort of surprised look, "It wasn't designed as a research vessel, just a submarine to get us through Kara's bloodstream. So not unless you brought them. I mean there's always my lab in a pinch but that requires getting even smaller, and I'm now sure how that would affect you at the moment."

    "Mechanical arms on the other hand we do have!" She grins at Vic, because seriously who builds a mini-sub without a pair of mechanical arms? "That sub-station next to the main helm controls."

    Vivian gets a thoughtful look from Nadia, "You know that might work..." She muses before looking to Caitlin, the resident expert on Kryptonian biology. "Do you think that would work?"

    "Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure I could do that!" Nadia perks up at Donna's suggestion from where she is now soldering a panel back on to one of the walls. "Unless Kryptonite has a weird reaction to Pym Particles. We can certainly try!"

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Cosmic Radiation can be as dangerously transformative as Gamma. Those forcefields in your suit will make it as safe as possible. Whoever set this up." The dart used as a delivery system making that much clear. "Wanted to see what the same energy's that made the Hulk, changed my family. Would do to a Kryptonian. Use the Kryptonite to weaken her. Let the other radiations do their thing. My bet is a red She-Hulk if it goes on long enough. Doctor Ross would be pissed." she states and grins goofily. "It would be a good look but not worth the hangover for any of us!" she adds. And gets back on monitoring shields and the ships power reserves. That her tech should have no problems coping with.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"No systems on the object I can interact with," Vivian muses almost to herself. "Which means there is no onboard shielding I can trigger remotely. I'm taking detailed scans for any sort of maker or tool marks that could give a clue of the origin."

She frowns.

"I'm also going to try route some of my signal emissions through the marker beacons in the hope it'll draw immune responses to locations futher away from us."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"Nadia no offense, but I really wish we had your dad here," Caitlin tells the Waspette. She sighs and tries to rub the bridge of her nose, forgetting she has a helmet on. Caitlin grumbles at her lapse as she slaps herself right in the helmet's faceplate and screws her eyes shut while she thinks through it. "Okay. Green Kryptonite emits Curie-Higgs Bosons, which... does something to Kryptonians that makes them sick. Ionic radiation bombardment reduces their energy levels through a similar mechanism. My concern is that Kryptonite is a lot like a Stark Reactor. If we start bombarding it with Pym Particles we could create an energy cascade and make the current situation a *lot* worse."

"OK so this is the plan guys," Caitlin says over the group comm net. "We're gonna have to push it out. America, I need you to find the tip of the injector and start pushing it backwards. Vic, you go with her and watch her back. Viv, I need you to head up towards the epidermis and figure out how far we have to push this thing to start doing an extraction. Donna, you go with her and give me the lay of the land. I can operate the surgical waldos from the sub if I have to."

"Everyone else, set your sonic emitters to the following frequencies, and start cutting away the tissue filaments where they've bonded to the syringe walls. We need to loosen everything up to reduce the drag and push it back out."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Looking to Heather, Kaida smiles and nods to her, "Uh, thanks." She states and then proceeds to try to think about the situation. Of course, then Nadia speaks and she looks over at her with a serious face.

"I kinda agree. I don't know why I'm so big at all but...anyway. Something happened." She then looks to Caitlin for instructions. SHe nods her head as she listens and then she adjusts her wrist m onitor to focus on Kara's vitals before setting her sonic emmittor to the right frequency.

"Wish I had stayed out." She nods her head, "Might have been better."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Nodding to Caitlin, Heather heads for the airlock. Before leaving however she says to Kaida, "Woulda coulda shoulda doesn't change what is. We are here now. Let's do what we can to make this work, eh Mighty Mouse?" she asks with a smile. Then she sets her emitter to the frequency indicated and slips into the lock. "Okay. Cycling. Coming outside." she says just before she vents herself out into the bloodstream. She takes hold of the outside of the sub and says, "I'll focus on cutting away the edges of the dart as you said Cait." she comments.

    "Okay. I am in position outside." she adds.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Using the various points of navigation data, signal analysis and a little math Vivian can come up with a pretty fine estimate of distance without moving. But it doesn't hurt to be extra thorough given the situation.

"I'll phase out to the surface. Get an exact measurement and focus on remote co-ordination." Her phasing ability means she's pretty much safe from any immune system responses. And if she's close to the surface she can simply phase out and revert to normal size somewhere in the room when the shrinking effect wears off.

"Don't damage the dart Heather. That's vital evidence. Plus you could leave irradiated metal shards floating off into Kara's bloodstream. Where they could do no end of damage"

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna nods her head at Caitlin. "You heard Cait, Vivian, let's go," she says, joining the general move to the airlock. "If you can handle the pathfinding, I'll follow along and relay imagery back to Cait while watching your back. Don't go too far ahead, remember I can't phase. We're going to want to find the shortest path by rate and direction of bloodflow rather than the shortest physical distance, and you're probably going to have to integrate timing into that because we're getting variable current depending on the diastolic or systolic phases."

    She leaves her lasso on her hip for now, but draws her sword -- in the fluid medium, a lasso isn't the greatest of weapons, but it's still useful if things need to be tied up.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    A team effort is able to start working well. Vivian can play spotter, as Heather starts to cut away at the dart, and Vic and America can start to move the dart. Unfortunately, with the efforts, there's a muscle spasm. Small one...but then, so are they! It's like an earthquake, combined with the pressure wave through the blood.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    While the others sortie, Nadia remains behind in the submarine continuing with repairs from their close encounters with Kara's immune system. Besides, someone needs to mind the boat just in case.

Valeria Richards has posed:
The abilities the suits provide allow for a little extra protection against the oomph that is the muscle spasms that Val totally accounted for. But she's on the ship mostly watching shield levels and adjusting as needed for each active person outside the ship for now. Most of the energy is re-routable to power the suit itself but upper limits against kryptonite, cosmic, and gamma radiation." are as real a worry as much taking a hit from Kara herself. Internallly as mit might. Or outside if she walks up with a hangover from the remaining energy in her system. But between the ships and the suits. Those shields should act as a sponge for all that energy radiating from the dart.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    It is a good thing for Heather that she had one hand holding on to a handhold on the exterior of the craft. The spasm sends a wave through the bloodstream. Her hand tightens on the grip and she flails about. She -does- manage to avoid setting off the sonic emitter as she bounces around like a fishing bobbin in rapids.

    The pain as her shoulder dislocates is intense. But pain is an everyday companion for her. It makes sure she knows she is still alive and kicking. She tightens her muscles and even as they tear from the force of hauling her back to the craft... she reaches her other hand to hold on and then leans in.

    Over the comms comes a grunt of pain as she slams her left shoulder into the hull... popping it back into place. There might be a small dent there after that, but then she says, "Knockout here. Still in action. Focusing on the tissue, -not- the crystal. Good copy." And she takes a breath before going back to work with her cutter.

America Chavez has posed:
    America was hefting the dart when the pressure wave comes through, between her mean strength and a pracised ability on physical control in dangerous environments, she braces herself for the worst. All her muscles tighten in an attempt to make herself obdurate as stone. Even so the shaking does jostle her a bit against the (relatively) oversized microdart and it's radioactive shard of ionized Krpton.

    "Getting a bit of turbulence out here..." she mutters over the comms. "Any body topside able to increase the sedative dose... we need her still otherwise this dart is going into her spine instead of out." Her tone goes sardonic. "I mean, sure that solves the problem... but not in any way we want. I'd rather like my friend to survive and be ambulatory when we're through."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin grunts in surprise as the submersible is thrown around. The muscle spasm is nothing to sneeze at; even depowered, it's a sudden and violent motion from the Kryptonian that rattles Cait's teeth together. She's working at the controls when America voices her complaint. "Yeah, yeah, I'm on it," she grumbles. "Increasing sedative drip rate. Can we--"

Alarms start whooping and Caitlin startles in her seat, whipping her head around awkwardly in the confines of her helmet to try and identify the source of the noise. "Nadia? Nadia!" It takes Caitlin a moment to realize the Waspette's gone to tend to something in the sub, and she jams a finger against the internal intercom button.

"Nadia, are you near the reactors? I'm getting an alarm that there's some kind of coolant leak and the matter stabilizer shields are having power fluctuations. If the Pym field collapses, we're all gonna be in a lot of trouble!"

She switches to the team 'vox net. "Everyone, work faster. We're having some issues with the sub's Pym Field reactor. We might not have time to make a graceful exit if things go critical."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Thankfully, Vivian can communicate with the computer systems outside, electronically. Size is no factor with Bluetooth. The sedative dose increases, and the muscle spasm subsides. At this point, with the team working together, the microdart is eased back out of Kara's body. Donna's sword can be employed to help cut the original wound back open, it having healed since that time. Heather can cut loose the fibers that are bonding the dart, while Vic and America can exert the raw force to make it happen. Nadia and Caitlin are going to be busy with the reactor. But it looks like they're going to get the dart out.

Donna Troy has posed:
    <<Getting some increased activity,>> Donna reports back on comms. <<Her body may be reacting to what you guys are doing back there. Not sure we can afford to slow things down, but try not causing too much irritation if possible.>>

    <<Cait, I'm sending some imagery over to you. Looks like this should be the fastest path, but this arterial branch looks kind of... what do you think? You'd have to cross on the diastole or we'd risk getting way off track. But it looks like if you time it right we get straight to the entry wound location and can do a quick exit there. I'm gonna do just a leeeeetle bit of cutting here to make more room. And I gotta say, this is the first time I've ever used a sword for surgery. I'm glad I disinfected it on the way in."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    The submarine was built with Kara's immune system in mind and in a very short time on top of that. Muscle spasms were not in the calculus and so as the sub is buffeted about all kinds of things happen as Nadia flits here and there with a multi-tool in one hand and a blowtorch in the other holding the HemogloGo together as best she can.

    <<I"m not far.>> She calls back across the comms to Caitlin. <<Oh no...>> Is followed moments later by some very loud noises from the part of the vessel where where the reactor is housed. At the very least nothing explodes. Anyone patching in to the cameras that normally monitor the reactor for signs of distress might witness Nadia going full MacGuyver on the thing in over to hold it together. Some of it is downright unconventional to say the least, but it will hold ...for now and the ship's temperature and energy levels begin to return to normal.

Valeria Richards has posed:
<<Once we're done and outside with the dart. We get Kara some sunshine and fresh air and recovery should take care of itself right. That should include actual infections but we can dose her up on antibiotics like made if need be I hope.>> Val points out over comms as she monitors radiation levels. Not everyone has an innate resistance to the various energies so keeping their forecfields online along with the ships is paramount.

<<As long as we can get as much radiation out of her with the dart it should all start just getting back top normal.>>

With what's going on with the reactor though. Val jumps out of her seat and dashes to go help Nadia and Cait work on making sure the power source and by extension their ride out is going to get them all out. <<Note to self. Work on increasing energy capacity to account for scale.>>

America Chavez has posed:
    America groans as she pushes up at the shard with her prodigous strength. Vic's assistance and the cutters onboard the ship all help and she feels the dark start to wiggle free. "What you're saying is we have to get it out quick, right?" she asks. "Once it's free, I can portal it and myself out. As long as you promise you can make me regular size again" she offers.

    If it's not the super strength and punching things it's making reality her playtoy. This is America Chavez, after all. "Just tell me where and I'll get it there..." she adds. "I know the Tower inside and out."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    After all of that, Heather finishes the cutting. When things wrap up, she climbs back into the craft and slumps onto the deck. "God I'm hungry." she mutters as she lies there.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin looks at the images Donna sends over. "Uh... yeah, that'll work, but I'll need you upstream of it just in case her heart rate spikes. If this thing shunts into her major vessels it'll kill her before we can find it. Let's not portal it anywhere if we can just manually extract it, I really don't want to risk introducing any more energy here. Nadia, take the helm, I gotta get on the daVinci remote."

Once Nadia arrives to spell her, Caitlin swings over to the remote operation station for the surgical waldos she'd installed in the containment room. With careful concentration on her features she brings the arms down and powers up a high-power surgical laser, and starts cutting into Kara's skin over the scar on the entry site. "If you see a way clear, get clear," she warns the others. "Fly out and land in the collection dish, or get back to the sub until we can all be extracted."

Donna Troy has posed:
    <<Cait, at this point maybe best we lasso the thing, I hit out ahead, then on the cycle America pushes and I pull. We can swing it out to the exit wound in one pass that way. And yeah, let's not mess with portals right now, we don't want to provoke an energetic reaction from that thing.>>

    When America gets to the junction, Donna's waiting and meets her with the lasso. The dart is tied, and Donna rushes ahead across the current as the two wait for the heartbeat pulse. The lasso bows out in the heartbeat tide, Donna holding on one end, America holding onto the dart on the other. Then the pressure reduces and the pair guide it across the junction. With the last obstacle out of the way, the dart moves quickly now to the exit wound, where the surgical laser has finished opening and cauterizing a clean exit, just large enough for the dart.

    The dangerous projectile is carefully squeezed out, lasso still wrapped around it to make sure it doesn't get lost once they exit Kara's body, and it's time for the team to make a quick exit themselves, before the submarine's power plant explodes, which would be messy.

    Or something grows to full size when it shouldn't, which would be messier.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Sometimes the biggest-scale heroics can be the smallest scale. The Titans, working together, have managed to save the day. Or at least, save their teammate. The wound is reopened, and the dart is slid out. The team can extract, and Nadia can get everyone back to size before more serious issues arise. Things may not have gone completely as planned, but at the end of the day it's a win, and that's what counts.