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Study Belles!
Date of Scene: 17 April 2020
Location: Study Hall
Synopsis: David goes to help Rogue with coursework, and finds out that mutants in Chicago are in trouble!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, David Alleyne

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is technically a High School senior, but she's got a lot of testing and extra work to do to catch up on the official side of things. As such, she spends a lot of time in this room before-and-after dinner to finish various assignments given to her.

This is where she is now, a desk in the corner of the otherwise mostly quiet study hall. She's got her phone on the table beside her and its playing some quiet classic rock tunes that she's rocking one of her feet too. Dressed in a dark green tank top, some sandy hued denim pants that have slits up the sides of her ankles where here brown leather heeled boots disappear inside of, the Belle is humming to the tunes as she writes with a pen in one ungloved hand, while her other hand is wearing a black glove that goes all the way up to her elbow.

Her left gloved hand goes up to toss that white and dark brown hair back over her shoulder while she glances over to her phone to stare at the screen for just a moment before she goes back to her work, still humming along with the old time music.

David Alleyne has posed:
With his very recent return to the school, David had already signed up to be a tutor. It gave him somthing to do while he's not in class and he genuninely likes to help out. When he was made aware of a student needing help, he made his way down to the library to meet with them. He's currently dressed in a pair of jeans with a shirt that reads:

Before You Bother Me:
Is it plugged in?
is it turned on?
did you try turning it off and turning it back on again?

There's a pair of glasses of clear yellow set on his nose, and tennis shoes complete the look. Glancing around the study, as he notices Rogue, he heads over and offers a grin as he holds his laptop with one arm and offers the other hand to her. "Miss Carlyle? I'm David. Heard you needed a tutor."

Rogue has posed:
The Belle's green eyes are the first part of her to register David's arrival. She just averts them upward to stare at him before the rest of her head comes up and she tips her chin up just a bit, almost defiantly then as she adjusts her gaze to stare down her nose at him. After she gets a good look though she just flashes him a grin and levels her gaze to a more proper position.

She does note his offered hand and she raises her right and wiggles her bare fingers. "Apologies, sugah, but I can't shake your hand. Part'a my mutation is if'n I brush any'a my unclothed skin up against ya, it'll drop ya like a fly who just ran head first into a bug zapp'ah." She says all of this in her smoky sultry voice, laced with a deep south accent.

After a short pause her smile grows larger then. "I like your shirt though. Very 'nerd chic'." She adds as she uncrosses her legs. "But yes, I'm Marie Carlyle, though t'be honest, I ain't all that fond'a that name. Much prefer Rogue, if ya think that suits me good. It's a pleasure t'meet ya too, David. Ya think you can read over some'a what I've done here and give it a critique'n?"

She's trouble, that much is clear. She's a flirt, with a lot of personality.

David Alleyne has posed:
"Not sure you'd like my powers." David admits with a chuckle as he takes a seat across from her. "But I can understand the concept about yours. My own are similar. I can learn what someone knows as far as talents as skills just by sitting in proximity to them." he explains as he opens up his computer to log into the Mansion's wi-fi. There's a grin at the mention of the shirt. "Thanks. I work tech support as a profession to make sure I can afford school, so I like keeping it to on duty. You don't know how often I get asked to fix someone's computer."

Once he's logged in, he turns the screen to access the school public files. "Alright, what would you like to work on tonight?" he offers in friendly rejoiner. "I graduated from here last year, so I can give some advice on some of the teachers."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shakes her head lightly at his response about his powers. "One can never have enough options." She quips back at the older man as he sits down across from her. She flashes a grin before she sits up straighter in her chair and she turns the paper she was writing around so that she can push it across toward him, the notebook sliding over to him. "It ain't typed up yet, obviously, but it's a history report and I was hopin' someone could proof read it before I do type it up. Less you'd prefer it typed. I mean it's 2020 after all, who has time t'read handwritten stuff anymore?"

To be fair, her handwriting is exceptionally elegant and easy to read, as a proper Belle's should be.

Rogue folds her arms together by the forearms and looks over the table at him, then at his laptop. "I don't use mine a whole lot, I use my phone more. Course I haven't had either such luxuries till I moved here a few months back. This place is too damn good to us." She flashes another quick smile after saying that before she glances out the window on her right, then back over at him across the table.

"My worst subject is math. I wasn't ever really good at it t'begin with, and now I'm usin' a bunch'a different people's styles'a solvin' problems inside'a my head. See, when I touch someone, I take in all their memories'n such. It leads me t'havin' well... a messy thought process on some subjects."

David Alleyne has posed:
As he has spent a few moments with her, David has had a chance to start learning her skills - and where she's at in them. He sorts it out in his mind, thinking on it all as he takes her notebook. "No, need to type it. Actually, I have a pretty neat program on my campus file where I can scan what I write and it turns it into text. Be happy to help you with it." Then as he's reading her file, his brows tick an inch. "I didn't know you could fly fighter jets. Or is that what you were talking about?" he asks her as he chews on the inside of his cheek.

"I can imagine that if you're taking on people's thoughts and memories and such, yeah, it could become a convoluted right mess up there." he admits as he continues to read. He takes out a pen to only make a few small notes in the margains as he does so.

"You have a pretty good grasp on this subject." he offers to her encouragingly. "I think with just a couple of small changes, you have a passing grade on this, easily. So, the math thing..." he pauses and considers. "...I think I can guess the issue. You're a high school seinor, and someone has given you all these college courses, and you're having a disconnect between what you ratained and what they knew, right?"

Rogue has posed:
"Is it accurate?" Rogue asks about the scanner that sucks papers into computers. "Sounds like it might lead to a lotta typos." She shows a small grin before his other question makes her laugh softly and nod her head making the white bangs on the right side gently sway as she moves.

"If ya put me inta the cockpit of a SR-71 Blackbird, I could get it in the air, refuel it it's tanks t'full -- cause they can't take off with a full tank as they're too heavy -- then perform a 'Dipsy Doodle' t'get the damn thing up to it's crazy top speeds." She shakes her head side to side then. "And I ain't never even been inside'a one."

Of course there's the X-Men's Blackbird, but it's an SR-77 and it's own unique thing, if a bit similar... just much bigger and with alien tech.

"That's an interestin' ability you got there, pokin' around inside'a my head sorta like the Professah does." She holds a faint grin, then glances down to her papers. She leans over to reach for her backpack beside her chair and she fishes out another notebook. "My assignments for the terrible Math Lords." She states as she turns them around and offers it to David as well.

"But you're right. It's all gettin' jumbled up here." She states, motioning toward her head with the back of her black pen heled in her right hand between thumb and forefinger.

David Alleyne has posed:
"That's why I told you up front. Unlike the Professor, I can't turn it off." David admits, "Like right now, I'm wondering as if that blueberry pie your aunt makes is as good as the thought of making it sounds." he explains as he reaches up to rub at the side of his head. "It's not something I want to do. It just happens. I've finally gotten to a point with my control, that if I wanted, I could push down and supress some of the skills I don't really //need//."

"But my dad was a chef, so the culinary skills are strong, and that recipe just enticed." he admits before he turns his attention back to the subject at hand. "Let's try this. I'll log into the school's website and we'll try to scan it and see if it enjoys your gorgeous curves as much as I do. The handwriting curves, that is!" he's quick to correct with a darkening of his already dark cheeks.

"I can try to help with the sorting out thing. I go through something similar if someone with a better skill or a skill I already know comes along. It's like trying to untangle a tumbleweed while it's tumbling down the road."

Rogue has posed:
The Blueberry Pie part makes Rogue grin again, it's a slow grin that spreads over her lips. "Kind'a ya t'be upfront." She says quietly in response to that. "Sounds like we're in similar boats then, Mist'ah David. If'n ya maybe got a bit of a headstart on control than I do. And now that you've brought that pie up, I'm gonna have t'go get the stuff t'make one, otherwise I won't get the thought outta my head no matter /how/ hard a try." She holds her grin then.

The gorgeous curves comment makes Rogue sit up a little higher in her seat and look positively charmed, as she lightly laughs and nods her head slowly two times. "Oh, I'm sure that's what ya meant, nothin' else at all." She teases, shaking her head to accompany those words. "I appreciate that compliment too... about my handwritin'." She bites her bottom lip for a second before she glances down at her work again.

"So I don't suppose you'd be okay with me e-mailin' you some'a my assignments before I turn them in? Maybe you could shoot them back with any thoughts on'em? I find that that's the best way t'learn how t'improve, if someone actually critiques your work before ya get graded on it. Grades from a teacher just... I dunno, they bum me out more than the often help me feel like I'm genuinely improvin' on a subject."

David Alleyne has posed:
"I wouldn't mind some of that pie when you make it." David responds quickly, then chuckles. "Well... like you, I imagine, when you touch someone, you only have their powers a short time. I usually forget someone's skills after about thirty minutes. In order to maintain something, I have to keep in close contact for several months. So kind of like learning." he admits with a laugh.

Though when she brings up her curves, and sits up, David's gaze drops down. She's flirting, but she's way out of his league, and he knows it.

"I don't mind that at all! Give me one moment to log into my school's email, and I'll send you a message..." Reaching to his laptop, he moves to log into his college account -- when the Purity's message comes up on screen. "No..." he whispers, pausing and lifting his hands. "...oh no." he adds quietly as he reads it over.

His expression is one of horror and he shakes his head. "These are the same people that outted me when I was in high school..." he explains, closing his eyes, chuffing back an angry noise.

Rogue has posed:
"Consider a whole pie reserved for ya, just for helpin' me with all'a this." Rogue says back to the slightly older man across from her. "And you're right, but the longer I touch someone, the longer I have the powers'n'such that I absorb from'em. Carol Danvers, for instance... I held on to her for a good several minutes and I've had everythin' I took from her for two whole years now. Doctah McCoy said it's probably permanent. Which is... fine by me, admittedly, I hated it at first, but I've grown t'rely on it now. Truths be truths."

Rogue's gotta flirt, she does it with everyone, for various reasons. Mostly she likes to see people squirm or see if they'll flirt back, it says a lot about a person's nature -- to her anyway.

She's about to say something else to him when she sees his reaction to the screen that comes up on his computer. Sitting up and leaning forward to get a look at his laptop screen herself, she stares at it till she can read it all and then looks over at him. "That some kinda joke?" She asks. "You got some weird friends, Davey."

David Alleyne has posed:
"Not a joke. And not friends. They don't want to physically hurt mutants..." David explains as he minimizes the website and opens a second window to type in some information. "...they call themselves Purity. And what they do is that they somehow get information about who's a mutant on campus and then dox them to humiliate them, trying to catch them with compromising photos and such." he explains.

"In high school, I was really smart and did really well in things I did. I had already deduced that I could be a mutant, but there was no outward signs of what I was." Drawing in his breath, he pulls up his email through a backdoor channel to send the address to her. "Anyway, in my sophmore year, they posted my picture, my address, and what my parents' occupations were to an anti-mutant website. My parents started getting harassed constantly about harboring a freak. I made the decision to ask them to let me come here. They wanted to protect me and keep me at home." There's a shake of his head, "But everyone has a story like that."

Rogue has posed:
As David explains, Rogue leans back in her chair again and lets her hands press palms flat against the table. She glances at her phone when it beeps when his email pings it, but her eyes go back to him to listen to his story unfold further. After he explains it she reaches her gloved left hand out to place it on his nearest forearm and give it a soft squeeze. "I'm sorry they did that t'ya, sugah." She says in a calm voice.

She takes her hand back then and lets it rest once more at the center of the table. "If you can reverse... dox them... just gimme their addresses." She lets that linger for a second. "If they're local, maybe I'll go pay'em a visit. Lord knows I don't care if they 'expose' me on the internet. I ain't got nothing t'hide." Other than being wanted for questioning with regards to what happened to Carol Danvers in San Francisco, but hey!

"Seriously though. If I can help with it, lemme know. A-holes like that are gonna keep pushin' you around, till you push back."

David Alleyne has posed:
"Nice as that sounds, I'd rather show up with you and go 'you introduced me to that beautiful gal, thanks'." David offers with a chuckle, a counter-flirt finally as he shakes his head. "I don't operate like that. I know they hurt me, but I'd rather prove them wrong by being better than them. But doesn't mean I don't thank you for the offer." Smiling at her warmly, he sends the message to Rogue's Xavier's email with his contact information on it. If he can do that? It probably means he knows the infomration she asked about.

"But if this escalates, I'd be happy to have your help. I know there's another Chicagoian on site, I'll touch base with her and see what she comes up with." he decides. "But to answer your question. You want to make this a weekly thing or what have you? More than happy to help. I don't charge for my tutoring services, but I do expect to see your grades improve. Deal?

Rogue has posed:
That first bit gets a sincere smile and a little laugh from Rogue. She tilts her head and shrugs her shoulders. "I'd rather just smash'em til they bleed, but if your approach gets them good, well... maybe it's the righ tapproach t'take overall. Lord knows the Professah is tryin' t'convince me not to resort t'violence t'solve problems. It's just... I'm so damn good at it." She keeps a grin there-after on her lips for a few seconds before adding. "Besides 'beautiful' is the right kinda words I like hearin'."

She's incorrigible, this one.

"Let me know what your friend says though, cause I will help out if I can." She motions to his laptop. "Cause that there? That shit isn't nice. It needs t'stop, however possible." A bit ominous, but she's got a temper when it comes to anti-mutant types.

"And yeah, I'm down here most afternoons, so if you wanna stop by and help out here and there? I'm all for it. 'Sides, it's good t'meet new folks and hear how all my work is wrong and that I need t'do it all over again, right?" She grins again at him. "I'll send ya what I got though, just go easy on me, Mistah David... I'm fragile." She whispers those last two words all playfully.

David Alleyne has posed:
David would probably splutter if he had water. It's a good thing he doesn't. "I'm not that rough." he promises. "At least not until I've know you for a while." There's a smirk at that as he shuts down the hacked website and blows aout his breath. "I did want to visit home again, didn't realize it'd be so soon, though." He shakes his head, and picks up his laptop.

"I'll look forward to watching you work... I mean seeing you work." Great, Rogue has him flustered. Which means she has him right where she wants him. He chuckles however, and smiles warmly. "I'll make sure to come calling. And let me know when you plan to make taht pie. I'm pretty good in the kitchen, and can do some pretty amazing lattice work." With that, he's turning to leave.