1206/Shiny Secret Base

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Shiny Secret Base
Date of Scene: 17 April 2020
Location: Sub-Basement
Synopsis: Hank tells Rogue about the Dinosaur Virus and... well... Rogue wants to social distance for the rest of her life! Or at least until she's told it's not happening anymore. One of those two things.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Henry McCoy

Rogue has posed:
Rogue wasn't aware of what was going on in the Mansion today, because she'd been down in the X-Men base all day, mostly isolated and by herself. She had an affection for the SR-77 Blackbird since she'd absorbed Carol. They hadn't let her fly it yet though, and she was nearly drooling over getting the chance to. But she /was/ helping Forge maintain it quite often, and because of her shown proficiency with the Jet she's been mostly let alone to maintain and work on it.

Rogue had also just recently gotten her new uniform for the X-Men and she was quite fond of it. Green and gold bodysuit, tall knee-high boots to match it and her leather jacket worn over her shoulders. She liked how it felt to wear it and she was told to wear it often to fit it perfectly the more she does so.

So out of the hangar doors, Rogue strides, her hands in her jacket pockets and her wedge heeled boots clicking quietly on the metal floor as she walks. The young 18 year old Belle's lips form into a whistle as she quietly blows a tune to whatever classic rock song she'd just been listening to inside of the Jet whilst working on it.

She moves at a casual stride through the corridors of the base now, her eyes scanning around the still-mildly-creepy bunker.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Sometimes, the Beast needed to get away from the chaos that was the life at the mansion. The sub-basement was perfect - for the most part, the students did not try to press their luck and gain access. Padding through the hallway, rubbing a hand absently over a freshly wrapped forearm, Henry was just... really wandering. His thoughts had gotten the best of him, trying to sort out the myriad of problems running amok at the moment. Dinosaurs, reversing genetic tampering, the angry ache of his arm - it all added up.

The clicking of her heels, then the whistle of her tune gets Hank's attention. He offers a wan smile to the cheerful young woman. "Afternoon, Rogue. How are you doing?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's hands were ungloved still, the gloves were in her jacket pockets where her hands are stuffed currently though and when she comes around the corner and spies Hank who greets her, she pulls her hands out of said pockets and starts to pull one yellow glove on after another. A grin spreads across her lips, as it often does, when she sees someone she likes and is happy to see them. "Heya, Beastie Boy. I'm good as good can get." She tells the older man in a saucy sort've way, as per her normal.

With her right gloved pulled on, Rogue steps over to him and notes his medically wrapped arm. She reaches out her gloved hand now toward it, but doesn't touch, only lingers fingers near to it. "What happened?" She asks, her eyes going from his arm up to his own. "Did ya get in a fight with a weed whacker or somethin'?

She then goes on to wiggling her left hand into her other glove, to make sure she's not horribly dangerous to those around her.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry seems less concerned, truth be told, he knows how cautious she is - how concerned she is for others safety around her. "No, not quite. That might have hurt less." An amused chuckle. "Have you been following the news? Apparently there is something causing people to painfully transform into prehistoric creatures." Sounds... not too unusual for the life of an X-Member.

The arm is raised a bit. "Laura was one of those affected, as was Jean." A slight frown. "Jean had... a less emotional response. Understandably, with all she's been through, Laura was a bit more shook up. I wasn't sure what was happening - it seemed as if she were having a seizure. I attempted to brace her - she turned to a raptor and bit me." A sigh. "Stitches, but no acutal arterial cuts, so..."

Rogue has posed:
With both of her glove son now, Rogue's hands go down to her hips where she rests them against the leather belt that is cinched around her waistline. Hank's words, his explanation, make her eyes widen slowly in surprise as to the... revelation of what's going on upstairs. "Whaaat?" She asks in a disbelieving voice. Her stare darts down the corridor toward the bunker exit, then back to look at Hank. "Like a virus or somethin'? Magical? There was a magic guy here a week or so ago, Doctor Strange. He came t'see Illyana." She has no idea if that's related, but it's the first thought that springs to her head.

Another glance is paid to Hank's wound before she looks back to his fuzzy face. "Are Jean an' Laura okay?" She asks before she turns to stand beside Hank. "Ya need help with the dressin'? I can field dress a wound like ya wouldn't belive." She learned that from Carol Danvers too.

But ultimately she glances back toward the lift. "I ain't goin' up there if there's a dinosaur virus goin' around." And with that said she raises her right hand up to her forehead to shade her eyes, then mutters. "That's the dumbest sentence I've ever said..."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Her reaction earns a chuckle from Henry. "That is a sensible reaction, Rogue. However, as is oft the case, we heroes tend to get in the way of danger." A slight shrug. "The dressing could likely use a change, yes. I'd be glad for your assistance. I can do it, but it's better for another to properly bind it." A glance around, perhaps looking as to where the medical bay is.

"As to the origin of the transformation, I am not yet certain. Magical is more than possible, but that would be outside my realm of expertise. I will see if I can convince Jean or Laura to allow me to examine them, perhaps some blood or tissue samples." A sigh. "Trying to talk to Laura is difficult - Jean still maintains her power, so she would be the better choice." He thinks aloud. A nod. "They both seem relatively all right, once Laura calmed down - I am sure there are some mental and emotional hurdles they have to go through. The body is quite the anchor of one's self - any drastic changes can create an enormous amount of stress." He speaks from experience, of course.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue learned the layout of the base the first day she'd come down here, it'd been too unique of a place not to be instantly enthralled with it. As such when the good Doctor says he could use an update to the dressing she nods and turns with him to take a right at the corridor junction and walks with him to the med lab doors.

"So Jean can still talk telemindedly?" She asks, or confirms, as they stride through the doors when they open up. "Well that's a bonus. I'd... yeah, she'd be the easier of the two t'get down here for exams, I'd wager. Laura is a wild one, but in these circumstances I'd figure she'd want answers too. I can't imagine she's resolvin' herself to a life'a Jurassic Park jokes."

All of that is said in a calm and good humored tone, even if she's still processing the sheer oddity of all of this. "Wraps are here, right?" She asks, concirm as she opens up one of the medical storage cabinets. She sees them inside and starts to get what she needs out of said cabinet.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The two move to the bay, Henry chuckling. "I imagine with what she's been through, she hardly wants to sit through any medical examinations. Her... she tends to drop into a feral state of defending herself, understandably." He motions to his injured arm. Hopping up onto one of the tables, he nods to her. Carefully, the wrap is slowly unwound, revealing a series of perforations - raptor bite! All are stitched, though it looks as if he did it himself.

"Yes, Jean still speaks telepathically. She still has her telekenetic powers as well - when it happened everyone was shoved back. And when she wanted to leave, she blasted out one of the kitchen walls." A sigh. "It's been sealed, though we'll need to do some permanent repairs."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gets the items on to a tray and she walks it over to the beside where Hank settles in. She listens to his summary of what happened in the kitchen and it just makes her sigh softly. "This is so weird." She mutters. "How can people just... turn inta dinosaurs?" She asks, glancing over to Hank before back to the supplies she'd gotten. She has to do this with gloves on, which is admittedly a bit more challenging but... she likes a good challenge.

"Okay." Rogue turns to him then and looks at the wound. She'll move to start to run some cleaner over it to get it nice and sanitized. "As if Laura wasn't deadly enough, right?" Rogue asks with a grin up to Hank. She'll dab at the wound with the sanitizing swabs. "We're gonna have t'shave ya bald if ya get more injuries like this." She says then in a pure moment of teasing.

With a bit more sorting, Rogue starts to prepare to wrap the wound. "This would be easier without gloves, but, well... then you'd have a really bad day. Dinosaur bite and a coma." The southern girl smiles again at him. She glances down at her work though and shakes her head. "I'm not goin' upstairs if this stuff is goin' on. I'm stayin' down here, I don't wanna be a dinosaur."

Henry McCoy has posed:
A glance around the bay, the blue-furred man motions to one of the cabinets. "I believe there are latex gloves in there if that would be easier." All in all, he looks unconcern about her ability - he trusts her.

There's a slight growl at the burn of the anticeptic, but he does not flinch or move from it. "There is no way, you or anyone else, is shaving me. I cannot imagine how much it would itch coming back." He laughs, shaking his head. "Yes, quite the addition to her lethality. And she still has her metal retractable claws." A chuckle. "And I imagine her healing factor." A sigh. "Thankfully, she retains her mind."

"I don't know how comfortable it will be just staying down here..." A wry grin. "I also don't know the cause, so... I don't know that it would save you from such a fate. I haven't changed, though... so that may be promising."

Rogue has posed:
There comes a quiet huff from the Belle then. "I even looked at the box and internally thought 'I'm already wearin gloves'." She snickers and starts to pull hers off and slips them back in to her jacket as she strides across the room again to get a pair of the much nicer medical gloves. With a snap from each, she gets them on and comes back to him, her boots clicking on the metal floors in here. "She's got her metal claws? Good god, what happens if Logan catches whatever is causin' it? His metal is all over his bones, yeah? Like... human shaped unbreakable metal, with a body underneath it tryin' t'turn inta a dinosaur? That sounds like a horror movie, Beast."

With the new gloves on, she's much more precise with what she can do and she starts to wrap the arm up now much more easily. "There we go." She mutters quietly before disposing of what he took off. "Well, I don't wanna take any chances. I'll put up a hammock in the Blackbird if I gotta." She shows a grin then over to him. "The locker rooms got extra clothes and showers, the rec room's got plenty'a entertainment. This will become my new home."

Rogue smiles at him then as she turns to face him. "Least until you smart folks figure this out. But if it turns out t'be magical? I mean, that means someone's doin' this to us... which means, ya'll need t'tell me who, so I can punch'em in to next week."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Hank relaxes on the table, waiting for her to don the new gloves. "I don't know. If it is magical, it may just shift everything to the correct position without trouble. The transformation seemed painful. More drawn out for Laura than for Jean, so perhaps her healing factor fought it." A tap of a claw against his chin. "And I don't think... well, I'd hate to envision Logan getting any more grumpy or dangerous." The man admits.

"It seems like as good a plan as any. I will likely sequester myself in the lab, working on understanding what happened and how we can counter and reverse the changes." A nod, the man looking determined.

"If it is being caused by a someone, I am certain that we'll all be together in removing the problem."

Rogue has posed:
With the wound redressed in fresh wraps, Rogue just stands there with one hand on her hip and the other resting on the edge of the medical tray beside the bed that Hank is seated on. She gently nods her head to what he says. "Well... this is quite a thing, isn't it?" She asks with a slight grin. She gives a glance toward the exit. "I'm gonna go hit the showers, change in t'some normal clothes... just in-case I do change inta something nasty, I don't wanna ruin this awesome suit." She glances down at herself then and pats her stomach with one hand.

"I'll be down here for awhile anyway, less someone desperately needs my help up there. That kinda guilt usually is enough t'make me rush inta any horrible situation." She carries the medical tray back over to the counter and tosses out the used materials into the proper disposal. The latex gloves are peeled off inside-out like her stolen medical training taught her to do and she rolls them up and drops them in too.

"If'n ya need anything from me, Beasty, just give me a hollar, since I'll be close by." She tells him then before turning toward the doorway. "If ya turn inta a dinosaur and start chasin' me around down here? Lets film it an' try'ta sell it t'Hollywood, yeah?" She adds a grin on her way out.

Henry McCoy has posed:
He moves his arm, testing out the wrapping. "Well done, Rogue. Thank you." He offers, a genuine look of appreciation. "And no, don't ruin the suit. You just got it." He teases.

"I'll be sure to set up cameras, and a go-pro around my neck for the chase scene. Just don't hit me too hard." He winks. "Rest well, be safe Rogue." A wave, the man hopping down from the table.