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Deep Dish Purity
Date of Scene: 17 April 2020
Location: Quadrangle - University of Chicago
Synopsis: A group of Xers save the University of Chicago's mutant populations from some anti-mutant jerks. Rogue does her 'Breakfast Club' impersonation.
Cast of Characters: David Alleyne, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Stepford Cuckoos, Joshua Foley

David Alleyne has posed:
Comprised of 215 acres of green space, the Main Quadrangles of the University of Chicago have been officially designated a Botanic Garden by the American Public Garden Association since 1997. Aided by more than a dozen donor-sponsored gardens, this green expanse at the heart of campus has been an integral part of the University experience since its founding, whether it be the site of quiet contemplation and study or pick-up Frisbee games.

However, today, there's something else going in. In the middle of Spring Fling, when the various soroities and fraternities of the school are trying to recruit students, a protest has broken out. Carrying signs and chanting, "Muties Go Home!", the ground-swell anti-mutant group 'Purity' is staging a protest on campus as they march through the quadrangle towards the Dean's office. "Make the freaks go home!" Another one cries out. "No free rides for mutants!"

But it's what they promised that may be the scariest thing - that is by 5 o'clock, if the Dean doesn't not expel all the mutants from the school, they will out every mutant in the student body and staff at the University.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The Blackbird had to set down a distance out from the university, and other transportation acquired. A pair of rental cars. On the flight out, Kitty had shared what intel she'd been able to pull up on Purity, the ones who had hacked the U of Chicago servers to get medical information on which students had been shown to have the X gene.

"Here are their leadership," Kitty had said, passing around tablets that had the particular on those most likely to be in possession of the list. "Our primary goal is to stop the release of the lease, preferably removing any possibility of it happening in the future," she says. "But keeping peace is just as important. We've got some computers burrowing into their network seeking out any signs of the list. But we should try to figure out how they plan to release it. Who all have copies of it, and any other copies that exist," Kitty had said.

"It's not clear how many copies there might be yet. I don't think there are going to be many. These guys can be kind of rabid. I wouldn't imagine their leadership would trust all of them with a copy. They'd start acting on it too early before they can pressure the Dean like they are trying." She looks around the group and focuses on the Stepford girls. "Think you'd be up for doing a lot of our recon and figure out who has the list and what their plans are? Rogue can be security for her. Josh and I can try to mingle with the other students and see what we can find out, but be ready to be voices in the crowd."

She also distributes earbud units to keep them in touch, but says, "Can you keep us all in telepathic link?" to the Stepford blonds.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had elected to wear civilian clothes for this run. She has her leather bomber jacket n with the red X's on the shoulders, but otherwise's she's jsut wearing a green tshirt, some blue jeans with a leather belt and some heeled bootes that go up to her knees, her jeans tucked in to them. With her hair loose around her shoulders, and a pair of leather gloves on that hve mesh covering her fingers to let them breath a bit.

Kitty's briefing is listened too and a glance is given to the Cuckoos. "Ya'll even need security?" She asks them with a sly grin before looking back to Kitty. "We should've just disrupt all wifi in the area somehow, or disable electronics outright. These pampered college kids won't know what t'do without their iPhones. They'll probably all run home outta terror'an anxiety over it."

Stepford Cuckoos has posed:
The Cuckoos are dressed in identical clothes, neatly pressed blouses, smart navy blazers, matching pleated tartan skirts. They've had their blonde hair pulled bakck into identical French buns - a little messy, but with all of it to a clear purpose. The girls are here to impress- someone.

While the quintuplets are identical they do seem to look to their left most sister for leadership. She carries herself with perfect posture and a solemn dignity that the others don't quite match. People who know them would recognize this girl as 'Sophie'.

The girls look among themselves for a moment, communicating silently as they stare into one another's icy blue eyes for a moment before speaking. "We can maintain a telepathic link for the entire group across the campus, ma'am," Sophie confirms in a crisp, posh upper state accent. "If you like we can split up and one of us can go with each of you to cover as much ground as possible?"

"It would be a lot more discrete than trying to scan the entire campus," adds another of the girls. She sits in the center with her hands folded in her lap, eyes cast a little closer to the floor. "But it shouldn't be a problem either way. I was assuming we were here to talk to a school recruiter before the--- chaos."

Rogue's question just earns a self-satisfied grin from the telepaths. It's a bit uncanny how they all manage that little, amused smirk in unison.

David Alleyne has posed:
With the plans set in motion, and Kitty in charge, David has opted to stay back at the Blackbird. He can keep a watch on things and call out threats if they come up, because there's no telling what may happen as he glances between the women and Joshua. "Be careful out there." he offers to the group.

At the quarangle, the protest continues. Many of the students, not wanting to make a statement in the matter, are avoiding the group of anti-mutant protestors. The only problem with this is that they are slowly moving on the scaffolding where the stage was set up for the bands that were providing entertainment for the Fling. Large screens flank either side of the stage, each the size of a small billboard, with camera links and computers.

That seems to be the Purity's target.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde waggles a finger at Rogue. "That's an excellent idea. Why don't you seven get a start towards campus and start searching for who and how they plan to release the info? That plan of splitting up to cover the area sounds good. Check the Purity members, even some of the faculty or security on hand, they might have ideas of what's going on," Kitty suggests.

She turns to look towards the Blackbird. "If I pull out some of the communications gear, I can probably rig up a jammer. Take it up to somewhere up high in the are to increase the range. We can trigger it if it looks like they are planning a release. Unless they brought paper copies, that should at least buy us time," she says.

Kitty gets to work, getting tools and unscrewing one of the panels on the Blackbird's instruments. "Hank's going to grumble when he sees this," she says with a soft grin.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue nods softly to what th Cuckoos say. She pulls her gloved right hand out of her jacket pocket and unrwaps a piece of minty gum that she places on her tongue and pulls in to her mouth to start to chew on it whilst hearing the rest of the rundown for this little party. "Not even graduated High School yet, and already punkin' college students. This is what I call fun, Kitty. Why don't ya ask me out t'places more often, hmm?" The Belle says on her way past Kitty as she starts to work on the Blackbird. "Careful with the plane. She's got feelin's like the rest've us."

The southern gal looks back to the Cuckoos then. "Come on ladies. Lets go do some minglin'. If ya sense any nare-do-wells, ya let me know, yeah? I'll make'em think twice about causin' any fusses around here."

Stepford Cuckoos has posed:
"Yes, I'll make sure to warn yo uabout... 'Ne'er-do-wells'?" The Cuckoos have a quizzical expression , as if they aren't familiar with the trm, but they seem to catch on at once. They slide out of the vehicle and follow after Rogue, smoothing their skirts lightly with their palms as they walk. It's quite the procession, especially as the girls fan out to present a united front. Keeping from being noticed is impossible when you travel in quintuplicate. They settle for looking good.

Mingling, at least, isn't so hard. Immediately one of the blondes peels off to strike up a conversation with a flustered but rather pleased looking young man. The rest of them are staring at the school as a whole. "You're right," the girls murmur in unison, projecting their thoughts and voices so that the whole group can hear them speak as one. "This should be interesting. Let us know if you see someone suspicious. We can take it from there."

Joshua Foley has posed:
Josh doesn't own anything but civilian clothes. Thankfully he does own a variety of teenager appropriate clothes at this point though that aren't branded with Xavier's all over every inch of them though. Which is critical.

He is sitting on the Blackbird. "I still can't get over the fact there is a Blackbird plane." yeah this is his first trip on it and he is frankly very distracted. Enough that for the moment he isn't dwelling on how close this whole field trip is to the reason he ended up at the school in the first place. Little close to home here.

Still the fact that Rogue probably called him medkit earlier did make him squint. That said he does kind of know why he would be brought along. He looks the tablet and information over. "I can definitely mingle and do what I can to get info.. if it turnds ugly I can provide medical assist." he pauses and grins over to Rogue. "That.. is a good idea but none of us can manipulate electronics can we?" he isn't really sure if anyone at the school can. Looking thoughtful.

He heads out with the others though following Rogue and the Stepford's out into the field. Keeping his eyes and ears open as he walks through. "So this is what college s like..." he murmurs to himself and other the mindweb. "Oh hey cool they have a bunch of bands that are going to play... look at the size of those screens." not connecting it himself yet.

David Alleyne has posed:
When Rogue and the Stepfords start off, one of the girls is already picking up on someone. But there's a problem with things. After all, the girls draw a lot of attention, even dressed normally, because there's frat houses that are catcalling to them to come over so they can invite the girls to the house parties after, and more than one soroity is making an offer to them to try to convince them that Alpha Kappa Alpha is the /perfect/ sorority for them.

At the Blackbird, David shoots Kitty a quick grin, borrowing her skill so that the pair of them can make light work of the situation. "I'll tell him it was my idea." he offers to Kitty. "Then you won't be in trouble?" he suggests.

In the mix of the crowd, one of the Stepfords has managed to make small talk with a member of Purity. Not just any member. "Just watch..." he offers to the pretty blonde. "...if they haven't given in by five, this campus is going to be mutant free for sure." he shows her a thumb drive. "We're plugging one of these into the computer running the screens, and we're broadcasting the name and face of every mutant on campus. They'll have to leave! So... after we're done here...? Do you like Orun Host Club?" What, she looks sorta like a schoolgirl type.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty moves over to make room for David. She explains what she's intending, knowing he can pick up on her skills but this will get them on the same page. "And then once it's done I'll take it up to the top of a building overlooking the quad where it should be able to cover the area pretty well. Remote trigger it if we need," she says.

She's pulling bits out of the Blackbird's circuitry to build it. "Comms will be affected so good thing we have the telepaths," she comments as they assemble the device. "Oh, he won't be upset really," she says, waving a hand. "Not like it's the first time we've had to do something like this," she tells him.

After a bit they get the device together. "Ok, I'll head off to get it in place and then join the others. THanks for the help! Lockheed will keep you company," she says. "Probably best to not have him in the crowd, even with the image inducer."

Rogue has posed:
On the way to the event, Rogue glanced over to Josh to grin at his musings. She lingers her stare on him for a moment before saying to him. "Oh, Joshy. You're sweeter than a jug'a Grandma's Lemonade. No wonder Jubilee's taken a shine t'ya."

As they all make the walk through the Sorority recruitment minefield, Rogue gives plenty of those older girls the stink-eye, walking right past any fliers offered to her. Not her scene, not ever. Thankfully the Cuckoos seem to take most of that flak.

By the time they get to the event and start to mingle, Rogue isn't too far away from one of the blondes, but she's gotten a bit distracted as she's now talking to three members of the College's football team who are all inviting her toa party later after the big 'reveal'. Rogue is just grinning at the athletic men and doing her part to mingle, not at all distracted by their youthful good looks!

The Belle does look over now and then to try to spot one of the Cuckoos or Josh if he kept close!

Joshua Foley has posed:
Honestly Josh isn't entirely sure if Rogue is doing that southern Bless His Heart thing or she actually means he is sweet and Jubilee took a shine on him for a reason. His eyes narrow just the smallest amount like the Futurama Meme.

He is meandering not going to far, a bit overly impressed like a high school student at a college party. Bands. Big Screens. College girls wearing very little to celebrate Spring Fling. "Dang." he mutters and then blinks and keeps walking. ~So. Anyone had any luck yet... I mean I think they might use the band screens or something but I haven't seen or heard anything yet. Lot of protesters... maybe I should go mingle with them and pump them for info.~ all of that was said telepathic through the mind web.

Stepford Cuckoos has posed:
"Ouran Host Club?" The blonde in question offers her new companion a perfect wide-eyed stare, those blue eyes perfectly catching his as she looks upward slightly to study his face. "I love Ouran Host Club." Her voice is like a purr. More than the others, it seems this girl is enjoying the attention, and she lets herself be led away from the group ever so slightly.

/THIS idiot says he has the list right here and wants to show me all about it. I'll look into it,// the girl reports telepathically as she departs.

"So. You really think you get rido f all of them? I was a little scared to come when I heard about all of the mutants around here, but your group is doing *so* much to protect the University..."

The reaction among the sisters varies. Sophie twitches. One of them (Phoebe, you may realize) actually grimaces in disgust. But the girls as a group are mingling with the crowd looking for potential... Victims. One of them stays dutifully cloe to Rogue for now. SHe doesn't seem inclined to do much talking.

So they are different. ...When apart, at least. When Rogue looks around the Cuckoo will wave to get her attention.

David Alleyne has posed:
"With that scrambler we put together, could completely ruin the image inducer. Good luck, Kitty." David offers to the girl, before he glances aside at Lockheed. "Best if I don't go out there." he admits. "With that many people... and skills out there..." he's worried about being overwhelmed in a large group.

"You do? Whose your favorite character? Mine's Kyoya." the Purity IT guy offers to the Cuckoo. "I'm Tony, by the way. What's your name?" But as he's talking, he's leading her towards the front, where the IT equipment is set up for the bands. "We're just gonna plug this in and download it..."

//Kitty, think you can get that list of Purity members we made to her?// David asks when he heards the mental chatter. The idea is obvious. If the Stepford can switch the lists...

In the meantime, the three footballers are trying to convince Rogue to let them benchpress her, as one of them looks over at Joshua. "Didn't realize you brought your little brother with you. He can go away while we have some fun." one of the players offers to Rogue, dangerously!

One of the Purity members, however, has noticed Kitty. This isn't the first time they've come across that paticular girl! The last time was when Kitty was in a class on campus that was headed up by a mutant. Spying her, the girl, dressed in a No-X shirt, is turning to try to follow after Kitty and get close to the leadership of the group to warn them!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty sends her thoughts out to the group, <<David, you can load it onto a thumb drive there in the plane and have Lockheed bring it up to me atop the building. Or arrange delivery with one of the others somewhere else,>> she suggests. <<Or, just take it to her yourself. It's there on the Blackbird's computer, in the operation folder.>>

Kitty makes her way towards one of the buildings, a dorm hall. Most of the people are heading to the rally, so as she's going in the door, a glance back catches sight of the girl who is also heading her way. And wearing that hateful shirt.

She's not quite sure yet if the girl might have something to do with Kitty in mind. Before she enrolled at Oxford, she'd taken a class here, having considered for a time attending the University of Chicago. Kitty spies the interior of the dorm hall and moves over to the elevator, hitting the button to ride it up while discretely keeping an eye out for the other girl.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grins at the bench press conversation. She reaches out a gloved hand to give a firmness test to the biggest armed man and shakes her head at him. "Ah, nah, even if I barely weigh a thing, those lil' pipe cleaners probably can't pick up more than a Big Mac meal." She replies to the jock before glancing over to Josh when one of the other ones insults him. She smirks and looks back to the guy. "He's dating a hot asian girl, how about you?" She asks back, just joking around of course!

Rogue can overhear the telepathic communications, she's not really reacting to them, just listening and waiting to see if she can provide anything more than she is.

When she catches a look from one of the Cuckoos though, Rogue separates herself from the jocks and takes a flier from them with info about the party they're hosting later. She glances down at it and then stuffs it into her jacket pocket in a crumpled up state.

She moves toward the Cuckoo who'd called her over, and when she sidles up beside her she glances around the area. "Quite a party." She softly announces to anyone and everyone next to her.

Joshua Foley has posed:
Josh looks over and squints, full on Futurama meme this time at the football players. Did they just say he was Rogue's little brother. The hell man. I mean yes he isn't the oldest but he is going to be a Junior in High School next year. Not like he is ten or something.

Then Rogue to the rescue, defending his honor. At the comment about Jubilee he grins and gives Rogue a nod then looks around again. ~Wait already found the list... are they going to put it on the screens?~ he starts to head in the general direction of those screens and the IT setup. Trying to spot the Cuckoo who is trying to get more out of one of the Purity guys. Once spotted he starts to head that way in case she needs backup. He isn't quite sure what she can do besides telepathy after all.

Josh means well.

Stepford Cuckoos has posed:
"It's a little bit loud, don't you think?" the blonde replies loftily without actually looking up. She does flash a small, private smile, however. It's clear that having Rogue close is easing whatever apprehension this girl had. Usually, the Cuckoos usually project an air of confidence. Not always, apparently.

Meanwhile, Esme continues to chat up the Purity IT guy. "I am a big fan of Haruhi, honestly. I like the way she ends up being the only sane one in the room half the time. Tameki's adorable, though!" Esma manages a giggle, shifting her attention to the tech equipment as the guy points it out. "Oh, wow. Can you show me how all of this works...? It looks complicated!" He gets an adoring smile.

The rest of the group hears, //Someone gag me. This guy is completely clueless. Please tell me we have something worked up? I have him cornered near their IT rig. And next time, Celeste, it's YOUR job to deal with the loser.//

//Don't put this on me! Besides, Ouran sounds like it would be kind of fun. Give it a chance.//

//I read three episdes out of his head. Hard pass. Anyway, if you guys want to hand something off give it to one of us and we'll switch places.//

David Alleyne has posed:
Don't make him go out. No, apparently he's going to have to go out. David turns, breaking out a thumb drive to download the data on the Purity members. As he does so, he's responding to the link.

//Esme, I can be there in a couple of minutes... you don't have a way to dull things so I'm not hit with god only knows how many skills at once?// he asks in mild concern in his thoughts. //I've never had my powers with a crowd this size.//

As Kitty is entering the dorms, the girl is following after her. And she's taking out her phone, clearly planning to send a text to someone about this. When the elevator pings, she moves to get in as well, as she's not looking up, thumbs dancing over the phone as she prepares the message.

"Why date Asian, when we have a sweet thing like you here?" the jock asks, and makes a shooing noise at Josh. "Go on, man, we don't need a wingman." Of course they assume that Rogue is not exactly the brightest, not knowing about all that USAF/NASA stuff up in her brainmeats.

"Alright, I just need to get things booted up, and wait for the president to come up on the stage, he's going to make a totally awesome speech before the big reveal!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde doesn't give any sign she thinks anything is up with the girl getting on the elevator as well. Kitty notes where the second elevator is as she gets in, then checks to see the building is 7 stories tall. She hits the button for the fourth floor and then waits for the doors to start closing.

The moment they do, Kitty darts for them saying "Shoot, forgot my phone!" Kitty phases as she does. She doesn't look any different, isn't transparent or ghostly. It just looks like she runs out of the doors before they close. But unlike anyone else, doing so while phased means the sensor that would spot someone in the way of the doors is never tripped, so the doors finish closing with the Purity member still in the elevator.

Kitty glances around and not spotting anyone, waits a few seconds for the elevator to have moved up and then phases and steps through the doors. She airwalks upwards, following the elevator, expecting it to stop before long. Maybe sooner than the fourth floor, as she expects the girl to bail and head down the stairs. Kitty meanwhile will move over to the other elevator shaft as needed to airwalk her way on up, avoiding going through either elevator.

Rogue has posed:
For Rogue, she's playing the part of secret service agent to the Cuckoos--though she's still not sure exactly what all that those 5 girls are capable of as far as protecting themselves! So she's just happy to nod and smile and be closer by after sensing some discomfort in the blond gal who'd called her over. Rogue does glance back to the college men who she heard teasing Josh a bit more, as well as her, and she just smirks at them and raises a gloved hand up to blow them a kiss from her fingertips... mostly juset to mess with them a little bit further while she waits for her team to figure out the nitty gritty of what's going down here. "How do we know that the list is legit?" She asks anyone within ear shot of her. "I mean seriously, it could just be a random list of names and then we're all gonna what? Raise pitch forks and torches t'go string'em up? Seems kinda stupid if ya ask me..."

Is she asking for someone to get angry? Probably, She likes a good fight.

Joshua Foley has posed:
Josh pauses on his way towards the IT setup. ~I can meet you and take it the rest of the way to one of the girls if you want David?~ he really just wants to be helpful and not screw this all up. It kind of bleeds into the mindweb probably.

Lot to make up for, though man he is not trying to think about how he met Rogue the first time. The whole anti-mutant rally reminds him of his crappy life decisions.

He starts to head back the way towards the plane in case David does need help. ~By the Beta Kapa Frapachuino booth headed back~

Stepford Cuckoos has posed:
"I am not sure we can know until we see more," the girl who is standing with Rogue replies bluntly .She frowns faintly, apparently discomfited by the suggestion as well. "But we definitely can't let him post a list of names.Real or not. He's going to cause us a lot of... Trouble."

//Actually,// Esme begins in a cocksure tone. //This guy I'm talking to farmed the list himself. It's legit. He's not going to post it until their boss makes some kind of speech... I'll keep an eye out for you, David.//

So saying, Esme flashes the IT guy another of those smiles and begins to distract him by asking seemingly deep questions designed to make him feel smart. A clueless girl interested in tech? Time to exercise those nerd muscles and keep her on the hook. Right?

It seems the other Cuckoos are talking to some of the Sorority Sisters. They might have a place on campus if they were actually highschool grads.

David Alleyne has posed:
When the doors close, and Kitty phases out, the girl cusses. She's quickly pressing buttons to try to stop the elevator, and it comes to a halt on the third floor. She's moving quickly to hightail it to the other elevator -- because the first elevator is stuck going 'Up' and tries to summon the other one to go down. Kitty has successfully shook her tailfeather.

Back at the quad, David catches the conversation. //Stay with your contact, Esme. I'll get the drive to Josh, he can bring it to you...// And there's a hard wince, and across the mental web, hundreds of skills are just suddenly there for David as he closes his eyes, fighting off the incoming headache as he tries to dismiss or sort it all out. "Crap." he hisses.

But he is near enough that Johsua can see him, with his golden shades on as he puts his hand to the side of his head and winces in pain.

"Oh, you think this all made up, huh?" he jock asks, and them smirks. "I got your made up." With that, he's turning his back on Rogue and the Stepford and starts to move towards the stage, climbing up to grab the microphone. "Alright, everyone! It's five o'clock! Dean Stockwell hasn't responded to our demands, so we're here to make this campus free of the oppression of those with powers! They don't need a higher education! They already have a skill, an ability. Their kind don't need to be taking jobs from us!" he yells out over the microphone, causing the Purity crowd to yell and cheer, raising their signs. "Us pure humans deserve a campus free of genetic abominations and freaks! And since we can't get our Dean to see this, we'll tell them to leave ourselves!"

He gestures over to Esme and the IT guy and calls out. "She's out of your league, load the damn list!"

The IT guy looks rebutted, and lowers his head. "It's going to take a couple of minutes..."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty continues on up. Air walking up is a little easier than climbing stairs since she can go straight up, but it's still a workout. Thankfully the teen has been a hero since she was thirteen, and is in excellent shape!

She makes it to the top floor and quickly finds the door up to the roof, phasing through it. //Ok, jammer is in place,// she lets them know through the telepathic link. //Sounds like they are getting close to revealing it? Stop them from putting it up there, I'm on my way down. Triggering the jammer now.//

Kitty hits the button to kill all the wifi and cell service in the area, and then heads on down again, using the elevator shafts and avoiding the cars on her way down.

Joshua Foley has posed:
Crap time is running out, pretty fast.

Josh hustles spotting David and will take the drive with the list of Purity members on it. "Dude... go back and get out of this mess." he sounds like he is worried not dismissive of David. He gives him a pat on the arm then turns and books it heading towards the girl and the IT area.

~Can one of you intercept me and take it the rest of the way to Esme, not sure if I won't just get pounded running up to the equipment ... but I bet they will let the cute girl's sister get close with it.~ he does keep moving that way trying to close now as fast as he can.

He will angle though to hand off to one of the Cuckoos if one volunteers and meets him on the way though. The goal of course just for someone to get it to Esme to whammie and load or such.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smirks at the jock and when she watches the event begin and the man at the mic start to talk she starts to shoulder her way between people toward the stage. She works her way around the stage and starts to eye the setup that they have...

She's looking for power cables and / or the mountings for the screens. When someone passes her by she just offers them a light smile and a little laugh and explanation about how she has a fetish for tech stuff and is just curious about it, then goes on searching.

Truth is she barely knows what any of this is.... But she does assume she's found some power cables though so she walks toward them and simply puts her foot up to where they're connected and tries to just give them a good solid shin kick to knock them out of their outlets, hoping to take down the screens so the lists can't be shown to the audience.

David Alleyne has posed:
//Don't unplug it all.// David says quickly to Rogue via the Stepford-net.

There's a rumbling of people as cell-phone and wi-fi service goes down, and people are utterly confused as to what's going on at the sudden information blackout.

Joshua reaches Esme, and the swap happens - Esme somehow manages to slip the USB drive in place of the one from the IT guy. Maybe he thinks it looks just the same?

It doesn't matter, the IT guy gives the thumbs up as one of the screens goes down, and on the other, the first name and picture appears.

Except it is the jock president of the Purity group. And his name and address.

"Wait! That's not right!" the jock decries the situation. "I'm not one of them!"

The next name and picture up is the IT guy.

The switch is /on/.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde makes her way down to the ground floor finally, keeping an eye out for the girl who'd seemed to be following her as she makes her way back outside but through a different door than the one she'd entered the building by.

While the wifi might be out, people's phones still function even if they can't transmit or receive. Kitty takes a video of the names appearing on the screen. Not sure if she will post it, but good to have just in case.

//Nice job everyone. Do we have the copies of it so they can't correct the mistake? Hopefully the worm is into their network and destroying any copies by now though I can't check with the jammer on.//

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just whistling a tune through her teeth, her dark red painted lips are pushed out ever so slightly while she does the little song. She can hear the show going awry on the stage and it just makes her grin as she decides to stop pulling cables.

Seeing a set of steps up onto the stage, Rogue decides 'What the hell' and starts to walk up them with her hands in her leather jacket pockets. At two people at the top of the stairs looking at her, Rogue says to them both. "Don't worry, I know what's goin' on." She smiles at them and just slips right past them as one tries to grab her arm and is completely unable to stop her from moving right past him.

Rogue just walks out on to the stage and toward the man who'd just been labeled a mutant by his own big show. She raises one hand up and waves to the spectators then approaches the man at the mic. "Hey." she says to him. "Ya mind?" She asks, before leaning over to speak into the mic. "Hi!" Rogue's voice booms over the audience. "How ya'll doin?" She asks to a spattering of varying responses from the crowd.

"I just wanted t'tell ya'll that my name is 'Rogue' and I'm a mutant. I also wanted t'tell ya that if you support what this here dick-little just tried t'do, that you're a literal walkin' piece'a filth and you should be ashamed of yourself. I don't go t'this school mind ya, so don't bother wonderin' who I am around here. I'm from outta town. But I'm more than happy t'stand here and tell ya'll... I'm MUTANT AND PROUD!"

Rogue lifts one gloved fist up in the air and holds it there clenched.... for about five seconds, then raises her middle finger and flips the crowd off.

Joshua Foley has posed:
Josh catches his breath and moves away from the IT setup. He is a bit nervous. There are good odds the Purity crowd may turn violent or something still in his mind. Then again he is used to a very violent anti-mutant crowd and not really use to these college jerks.

~I... am amazed that worked. What do we do now?~ he mmmms ~Do you think they have copies like the zipdrive with any of the rest of them or just the dork?~

Which ...well is about when Rogue takes the stage and gives her speech. Josh is just stupified there and stares at her. Even though the risk just went up since several of that crowd thought he was Rogue's 'little brother'. ~Damn... that was cool.~ he notes.

Rogue may not be the best role model, but Josh finds her inspiring.

David Alleyne has posed:
The worm is working as David and Kitty intended, the virus reformatting drives, logging into the Purity system through the very backdoor they created -- erasing their files, and as an extra bonus, it's sending a list of names to the Dean for the administration to administer justice to. The crowd is incensed by the jeering of Rogue, and some of them throw stuff on the stage.

However, there are others. The sororities and fraternities. They have mutant members, and that's showing just a little, because they start booing down Purity, hard. There's cries for them to leave, get off the campus. They're embolden by the sassy Southern belle!

//We have all the bases covered? And has someone recovered the girls yet?//

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty eyes the crowd. //Probably best to not egg them on too much at this point. We don't want it to break out into fights or anything,// Kitty sends her thoughts out to the group. //Let's get out of the quad, meet back up. I'll go get the jammer and meet you guys there,// Kitty thinks to them.

She takes a last look back, sighing sadly at the people over on the Purity side of things. Even after Genosha, people still behave like that. It should be enough to damage some of the Jewish girl's faith. Yet she tries to not let it as she heads back for the side entrance to the dorm.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's right hand reaches up to catch a half empty Gatorade bottle thrown at her. She just drops it at her feet then and watches a few other things just fly off to the sides, much more poorly aimed than that bottle had been. Rogue just grins then and glances over at the Jock. "Sorry about your big reveal. It was a stupid idea anyway. That's not even slightly how justice works." She tells him before she hops down off of the stage.

//Josh, round up the Beauties an' start t'head back toward the Bird.// Rogue thinks over their telepathy link.

Now down in the crowd, she just walks and eyes everyone eyeing her, almost like she's taunting any of them to make a move on her. Her 'Sevent Sense' warns her of another thrown item from behind, so she just steps to the side and lets it splatter across the ground.

//Their hatred is mostly all focused on me now anyway. Though we got a few angry supporters here too, as it so happens... Cause life is diverse and varied, imagine that.//

Joshua Foley has posed:
Josh perks when given an assignment ~On it. I mean pretty sure they can handle themselves but I'll help fly interference.~ pause "Metaphorically since you know.. you are the one who flies..~

He will start to wander around letting any of the SC's guide him to them if any of them need any assistance. You know. Polite excuses "Hey we got to go." type butting in and such. I mean he figuresd they have it under control though.

Hopfully headed towards the BlackBird soon.

Still floored there is a special camoflaged plane under the school.

David Alleyne has posed:
Once everyone is back on board and situated, David settles into his seat again.

"Thanks, everyone." he offers quietly to the group.

And then he's gonna totally nap for the short flight home.