121/Welcome to Heaven's Gate!

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Welcome to Heaven's Gate!
Date of Scene: 25 February 2020
Location: Rogue's Room
Synopsis: Rogue and Remy have a chat after he returned to the Mansion with some of his belognings. Like, Whiskey and Star Trek and Donuts... and Klennex too. Its an interesting Loot Bag that the Cajun has, to say the least!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
Later in the evening, most of the school was preparing for bed. Some were still wandering the halls, on their way to their rooms most likely. But the place was growing darker and quieter.

Rogue's bedroom door is still partially ajar as she had just recently gone to bed herself. Winding up in the embrace of one of the leather chairs in front of the fireplace, she had her tv on but its volume was low, it was set to a rerun episode of an old show from the 90s. King of Queens. Doug Heffernan running away from his wife down a street, trying to hide from her since he'd been lying to her about skipping work.

Rogue's eyes, however, are down on her phone as she's sitting cross legged in the chair, tapping away on the device, wearing a black night shirt buttoned up with some black silk sleeping pants.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Knock knock," comes Remy's laconic Cajun drawl from the doorway, having somehow managed to push the door open and taken his place leaning up against the frame without making a single sound, "I bought you somethin', cher."

He steps into the room, jutting out a foot behind him to kick the door shut behind him. In one hand he carries a plastic grocery bag in one hand, moving towards the bed and upends the contents. There are all sorts of things. A box of donuts. A bottle of whiskey. A box of tissues.

Then he reaches into his jacket, producing a blu-ray box and waggling it in Rogue's direction. It's one of the Eighties Star Trek movies - Wrath of Khan.

"Y'wanna watch it?"

Rogue has posed:
They'd been texting each other, so she knew he was on his way up and she was very happy that he was back. So when he slips into the room she looks over to grin at him. As she rises, he walks to the bed, and she watches him dump those items out on to it and it makes her just grin ear to ear as she walks toward him and brushes her white hair back behind her ears. She watches and listens to him display that movie and though she's never been much of a sci fi person she laughs softly at seeing it and nods. "I'll watch it." She says to him. "Can't say I'll have /any/ idea whats goin' on though."

Her right gloved hand snatches out to grab the whiskey. "This looks pretty good too." She says as she holds it between them and walks to hover toward him to look up at him with her head tilted just a little toward her left shoulder, smiling at him, but making sure not to risk his safety by touching past her clothes or his.

"I'm glad ya decided t'stick around here. I thought ya might not like the place. But since... since ya didn't seem t'have anywhere else, I mean... this place is better than nothin' yeah?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Seems okay," Remy tells her honestly, grinning as she takes the whiskey away, "I mean, I stay in worse places dan dis, non? A mansion wit a full bedroom an' all de trimmin's? I could do worse."

He sinks down onto the end of the bed, resting back on the palms of his hands and nodding his head towards Rogue, "An' de company ain't bad, neither."

"I dunno how long I stay," he admits, the smile vanishing as quickly as it came, "I always been wanderin' here n' dere, but for now it seem okay. Maybe I soothe dem itchy legs by goin' on a roadtrip - you ever been to Disneyworld, mon catin?"

Rogue has posed:
As he settles down on the bed she just stands in front of him so that their knees are touching and she's holding the bottle of whiskey between her gloved hands, rolling it over. "Disneworld?" She asks "Florida?" She shakes her head then at the question making her smoothly brushed white bangs sway back and forth against her face and shoulders. "Nuh uh. I mostly went west after skippin' out on my aunt's place. Throughthe midwest, inta Colorado... down to the south west. Then inta Cali and allll the way up t'Canada, now I'm here." She says with a continued grin as she tosses the whiskey bottle back down onto the bed and leans down over him to grab at the box of tissues.

"Runny nose?" She asks him with a grin then as she pulls one of the tissues out and places it's corner between her lips so that it drapes down her chin. She does a little pose and flutters her eyelashes at him then! But her hand shoots up and she snaps the tissue back out of her lips!

"Want some company on this Disney road trip?" She asks. "I got classes t'do here, but... maybe I just skip'em all! Go with you instead?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dat's what I mean," Remy says with a broad smile, reaching up to pluck the tissue back and beginning to fold it in his hands, "You an' me. Go down to Disneyworld. See dat big silver ball dey got dere. Go on some rides. Wrestle some gators in de swamp."

He doesn't speak to the tissues, simply continuing to work the tissue in his hands. After a moment he holds it back up, having folded and shredded it in such a way so as to make it look like an approximation of a rose. He grins, reaching out to lay it gingerly in her lap.

"Pour vous, mon catin."

Rogue has posed:
When he offers that tissue rose, she settles down onto the bed to sit beside him on the corner of it. She takes hold it and cups in between her gloved hands to look down at it, then over and up at him. "Vous êtes bien trop gentil, Monsieur." She says to him in her flawless French, different from his Cajun flavored French, but close enough that they can intermingle well enough! She raises it up to her pert nose to sniff at it then she lowers it and has a big honest smile on her lips making the muscles in her cheeks dimple. "It smells like a Klennex." She then admits, before snickering and looking back down at it.

"Sounds like a plan though." She says again before turning her head to stare over at him sidelong. "I do like this place though, so I don't wanna skip out on'em. They've given me a second chance, ya know? They're all bein' so damn nice t'me..." She exhales then as she stands up again and moves to set the tissue rose on to her nightstand beside the head of her bed.

When she turns around this time she moves to pick up the Star Trek movies. "You're gonna have t'help me understand whats goin' on in this, ya know?" She looks up again at him, her pale green eyes locked on to his mystery-gaze. "I'm very movie-daft. Most I know about them I learned by stealin' the memories outta other people's heads... as weird as that sounds."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"We ain't gotta skip out," Remy promises, shaking his head slowly, "I know you like dese people, cher. I think dey seem okay, de ones of 'em I spoke to. But you got a whole life t' live - can't be too shackled down by what they 'spect you to do here. You're smart already."

As he turns to look at the screen, he moves a little to sit comfortable alongside her. His leg, clad in his jeans, resting up against hers. No issues of fear or recoiling from her. He's totally comfortable.

"I seen it a t'ousand times," he laughs, "I can tell you 'bout it in my sleep."