12182/That Itchy Feeling

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That Itchy Feeling
Date of Scene: 27 July 2022
Location: Laundry Room
Synopsis: Psylocke and Jimmy catch up and he tells her all about South America.
Cast of Characters: Jimmy Hudson, Betsy Braddock

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    It had been something else.
    That's for sure.
    When Jimmy Hudson finally got back Sunday night and rolled on into the mansion most folks had been asleep. It was late enough that even the midnight snackers had been and gone and that left just a quiet hallway for James Hudson to make his way down. First off was securing his gear which he did with minimal hassle. The rifle and equipment harness were put into the armory along with some of the camping equipment he had taken along. Then he had grabbed his backpack and carried it down the hall toward the servant's stairs that led down to the basement. Which is where the laundry room was. And that... he needed.
    For Jimmy Hudson smelled like magnolias. A lot of them. Something else too, beyond the bit of sweat and blood and effort off the man. But mainly magnolias and a hint of ether? Something chemical that he had to deal with during the adventure. But that was a bit ago.
    Well the laundry is churning away behind him, making that wubba-wubba-wubba-woosh sound as he leaned back against it. His cellphone was in hand as he swiped through some of his messages and the occasional bit of news. No longer in his safari gear, he had just loose basketball shorts of red on and a white t-shirt that proclaimed proudly, 'Property of Xavier's School for the Gifted Athletic Department.'

Betsy Braddock has posed:
And into the laundry room wanders a purple-haired telepath, a laundry bag slung over one shoulder. Not perhaps the most obvious place one expects to find a psi-ninja, but even they run out of clean clothes and it can be such a bother to just buy new.

She pauses on the threshold, wrinkling her nose at the reek of magnolia in the air. "You smell like Emma's underwear drawer, mate." She informs him dryly, as she goes to an unclaimed washing machine. She's likewise dressed down, in a pair of short mesh pants and a crop top for 'Fashion Week 2019'. Into the washing machine tumbles what looks exclusively like underwear.

She'd found out he was gone when she'd gone to his room to offer a run through her training program, even if not the where he'd gone or why or any more than that. Tossing laundry detergent into the machine, she then pulls a bottle of whiskey out of her back pocket and takes a generous gulp.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "I'll be sure ta treasure that bitta trivia." Jimmy says as he doesn't look up from the cellphone, though his smile slips toward the wry moments before he finally looks up with that smirk.
    Then he bothers to explain by saying, "I figured I'd get these taken care of and /then/ take a shower since the smell clings ta the fabric somethin' fierce." Though he does stop and lift an arm to sniff under it and makes a small face. Very flowery, not quite perfumey. And tinged with a hint of loam almost, or some sort of underground plant-life.
    Then he looks back to her, "Believe me, of the two of us I know ah stink." Since super powered nostrils is sorta his thing.
    Then he asks sidelong, "What'd I miss while I was gone?" Since he had been out for four days roughly.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"I don't know, Jimmy, mate." Betsy looks dubious, even as he offer the flask of whiskey to him, while her unmentionables chuga-chunga away in their bath. "After a while, you stop smelling yourself. Whereas the people around you..." She wrinkles her nose, and looks around for a surface to perch on while she talks.

"Nothing particularly exciting, truth be told. Katherine took a bunch of us white water rafting for her birthday last weekend." Betsy makes a face, expression slightly clouded as she takes her flask back if it was accepted and knocks back a gulp as smoothly as if it were water. "Nearly got decapitated in the Danger Room, though, running a Sentinel program by myself."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    Companionably the Canadian mutant accepts the bottle and takes a pull, tilting it back and then offering it back to her with no hesitation. He gives a nod as he accepts the truth of what she says, "Well if it's too much I'll mosey so long as you promise not to throw a pink sock in with my load."
    At that offer he smirks then slips his cellphone into the deep pocket of his basketball shorts, then folds his arms over his chest as he eyeballs her sidelong. "Oh that was this week? Crap." His brow furrows as he looks off into the distance for a time, then shakes his head. "I shoulda wrote that down."
    Then she mentions that risky Danger Room scenario and he says, "If yer gonna take the safety locks off you shouldn't do it by yourself." But Betsy is gonna be Betsy.
    "I've been workin' a bit with some of the Asgardians. They're workin' on this project. A gal I've been seein', she's handling parts of it. So I thought I'd lend a hand. Turned out to mean a trip to South America and a few days in the jungle."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"Maybe I'll throw a pair of red panties and let your girlfriend find them." Betsy teases with a laugh that doesn't quite reach her eyes. "I have a raunchy set in here I wore last time I went clubbing." Because of course she does.

"So that's why you reek of magnolia!" She says, when he mentions South America, and her expression grows a touch longing. "Once everything is squared away with Charles, it's going to get even duller around here. Perhaps your girlfriend would like some extra help? I haven't done much with the Asgardians, but I hear they are a very boisterous people that do love a good thrill."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    There's a sidelong look that Betsy gets from the easy-going X-man, it's coupled with a smirk and a quirked eyebrow that tells her simply, 'don't you dare.' Though it's the slight hip check to the side that likely sells it as he adds, "That'd be a mistake, darlin'. Fer both of us."
    Since Sif, she gots herself a temper.
    But then she mentions the possibility of lending a hand and his eyebrows rise, "That's a possibility. Actually..." His eyes distance as he looks to the side and if she's touching his surface thoughts she might see a flicker of him in some fancy building talking to a bunch of rather tall strong looking individuals, and a few words flit through his mind. That he then speaks, "There was some talk about needing a telepath, or someone for mental defense in some ways considerin' some of the people they're lookin' ta talk to."
    He shifts his posture to the side to more directly face her, "I could introduce you guys, see if it's a possibility?"

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Could Betsy take on an angry Asgardian warrior? Maybe. Is Jimmy worth checking to see? Apparently not because she chuckles at him, lifting her hands soothingly to calm his fears. "Oh, don't worry. I'm not *that* bored with everyday life that I'm going to break up couples." She grins, cat-like mischief as she hip checks him back. "I haven't done that since I was sixteen and my twin tried to get me to introduce him to Princess Beatrice, the skank."

She glances at the laundry, consideringly. "Well, what say you contact your girlfriend, and we can meet up somewhere in... mmm... hour or so? I'll change into something less ratty, you can shower off the stench of magnolia, and we can be good proper hosts." She perks, "I'll make a good British tea."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Sure thing," Jimmy gives a nod and looks toward the door, "Though might be best to head inta town, the Embassy since she's got somethin' goin' on." He takes a deep breath and looks thoughtful then smirks, "You go and make yerself presentable, and I'll go get settled up and get grab the car and bring it around. I'll drop her a line."
    That said he pushes off of the laundry machine and starts to walk across the way. Over his shoulder he says, "Catch ya soon."
    And with that he heads on out.