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Shark Week More Like Snark Week
Date of Scene: 28 July 2022
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: It's Shark Week on Discovery Channel! But, finding out that it's not exactly the Macy's Day Parade she was expecting, Iara Dos Santos heads down to the Danger Room to blow off some steam. But, Jubilation Lee is already down there working out her own vampire bloodlust. Iara shares her recent bad luck with men, which sets Jubes off on a path to find a way to bring some love into Iara's fish tank. TO BE CONTINUED!
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Iara Dos Santos

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Buried deep down in the secret sub-basements of Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters, the Danger Room offers the X-Men a chance to flex their skills, train new recruits, and work through complex mission plans in a semi-safe environment. It's not common knowledge among the students at Xavier's, as its use is only for X-Men training exercises. There are, however, always exceptions to every rule. Instead of the elaborate holographic jungles or militant compounds full of would-be adversaries that normally fill this impressive space, today the Danger Room has been programmed to look like ... A shopping mall. Anyone who enters the Danger Room now would come face-to-face with people going about their innocent business, oggling at merchandise, buying overpriced pretzels, and so on. It's not at all a standard X-Men program.

    Suddenly, the peaceful murmur of capitalism turns into panicked screams as violence breaks out! People begin to scatter from the Orange Julius stand in the food court, trying to put distance between themselves and the horror unfolding.

    A young woman who appears to be eighteen -- perpetually eighteen -- is straddling another young woman whose back is pressed to the hard, tile floor. The dominant one clutches a handful of the victim's hair in a pale fist and is slamming her head against the white tile floor. Again and again and again and again...

    People associated with Xavier's would recognize the pair. It's Jubilation Lee murdering a former graduate... Tracy Fleeb!

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
    The door to the danger room appears in the middle of a wall, Iara walking in dressed in her school uniform, a black blazer with white blouse and pleated black skirt, along with probably the only time you'd find her wearing socks and shoes. "HEY JUBES!" she calls out, a frustrated tone to her voice, "You got room for two in here!?" She seems to single out a buff man wearing a Jersey Beach tank top and picks him up by the back of the neck, causing him to scream, and she carries him over to where Jubilee is sitting on Tracy Fleeb's chest, saying "This guy's a hologram, right?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    SLAM. SLAM. SLAM. SLAM. Tracy Fleeb isn't responding anymore but Jubilee isn't stopping. Blood splatters into the air again and again and again as poor Fleeb's head is quickly turned into modern art. Danger Room constructs are not long-lived these days. Or nights.

    Player Two Has Entered The Game.

    Vampires are predators, through and through. Popular culture might have attached itself to the transient romance of the condition, a prime fuel for young adult fiction, but they are monsters like any other. So, when Iara -- another predator -- comes in, Jubilee's inner beast grows uneasy. Uneasy, but manageable. She's been like this for a while now. Still, it's usually that beast that gets the first response in situations like this. So...

    Jubilee suddenly slams Fleeb's head down for the last time, a moist crunch confirming that the deed is done. She turns towards Iara, mouth open, razor sharp fangs on display! She hisses, snarls even, muscles tensed. Is she going to...

    "Hey, 'yara..." Jubilation manages, quiet, even purposefully timid. She lets Fleeb's hair go. Thud. Jubes curls her lips over her fangs to try and hide them a little. Unlike most vampires, she doesn't know how to retract them.

    "Yeah, yeah, he's a hologram," Jubes confirms, eyes darting upward to look at the poor guy in Iara's clutches. Her tone suggests that she's not actually sure. She might not even care. Jubes brushes both hands off and slowly rises. "What's up?" she manages before reaching down to the waistband of her spandex shorts to retrieve her sunglasses. Maintaining eye-contact with Iara might be challenging, so there's little risk of accidentally glamouring her, but Jubilation still slips those Ray Bans over her eyes. Can't be too careful.

    "You okay?" Jubes asks, remembering that tone she has rehearsed. The inflection of concern she remembers from life.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     "I will be." the giant shark responds, the guy screaming as the shark experimentally puts her clawed thumb through his bicep just to be sure he's a hologram... and then she grins, saying "Just us in here then?" as she licks this guy's face, saying "Aw man, this is even better than I thought, this kinda thrill is intoxicating..." as she exhales on the poor guy's fake tanned cheek, and then wraps her jaws around his skull.

     The guy's head crushes and splits like a watermelon as he's held in the amazonian shark's jaws, blood spraying over her white blouse and staining the formerly pristine material as he falls limp, and then with a jerk the rest of his head and skull is torn off of his spine, the shark rather impressively crushing and "eating" the rest of it, though as it's a construct she gets no nourishment or fullness from it. She then walks closer to Jubilee, holding the rest of the guy by his arm, saying "Hey Jubes, wanna see me eat this guy!?" before she lifts him up and opens her jaws again.

     In what seems to be an intentionally sick parody of the Cookie Monster, Iara makes an absolute mess of the beach stud as she bites down and tears him apart through several bites, some of the man's mass disappearing as she "eats" him while the rest falls on the floor... and just to make this an actual black comedy skit, she's even making "OHM NOM NOM NOM NOM" noises over the sound of flesh and fabric tearing, bones crunching, and blood splattering over the ground, at least until the stud is but a pair of legs connected at the waist. Perhaps feeling a bit self conscious about putting her mouth on him further, the shark tosses the ass and legs aside, walking over to Jubilee and holding out her hand, saying "Come on. Let's fucking eat some stupid normies."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    If Iara's frenzy was going to turn some heads, one of them wouldn't belong to Jubilee. She just stands there, one hip sticking out, arms crossed over her chest, mouth closed, staring emotionless through her dark sunglasses. Her only reaction is to reach up and wipe away some of Jersey Shore's remains that have splattered onto her Ray Bans.

    Stare. "You want to... " The word doesn't come easily. How does one describe what's going to happen? Kill? Murder? Eat?


    "...with me?" she finishes. Jubes didn't use any of the possible verbs and instead just let a brief interruption suggest that she's omitting a word. She seems surprised. Instead of wallowing in that emotional explosion, going on and on about how nice it is to finally have someone that isn't turned away by this, someone who /understands/ without being told, Jubilee just smiles. A fangy smile that isn't even a threat.

    "Sure," is her answer. "Let's go sickhouse on these dweebs." Her eyebrows waggle up and down, just barely cresting the top rim of her Ray Bans, before Jubilation launches herself at a nearby Karen demanding to speak to some poor teen's manager because some of Jersey Shore's blood got on her shoe. Where Iara's style might be informed by her sheer strength, Jubilation moves like a social predator. Slippery. Elusive. Sensual. Her movements broadcast charm, grace, and allude to sex to anyone who might catch them in the right light. Before the Karen has a chance to understand what's happening to her, Jubilation is behind her, breathing against her neck, palm flat against the front of her sweater. For the Karen, it's a fantastic way to go out.

    "I'm normally doing this alone," Jubilee admits, briefly lifting her bloodied mouth from the woman's neck. By now, her head has lol'd to one side, shopping bags down at her feet. Her expression is equal parts horror and pleasure. Jubes looks over her sunglasses at Iara, frowning just a touch. Suspicious. "What's going on with you?" she demands before closing her eyes and dragging the tips of her fangs against the Karen's neck wound...

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     The equally blood-spattered shark frowns when she's asked what's going on, rolling her glossy black eyes as she picks up a guy quivering against a display stand, saying "Lotta stuff that I dunno if I can give the right context for. It's shark week, for one, which I thought was gonna be a cool little celebration of myself, but I've mostly been watching things alone and listening to the discovery channel tell me shit I already know. So I thought I'd go down to the beach. Shark week is when people want to know more about sharks right?" She picks up the guy and tears his arm off with her teeth almost casually before it drops to the ground.

     "Nope. Same as last time. Screaming, name calling, some monte de busta threw a rock, couldn't even get a... a water ice I think the sign said. So I came back here. Was hanging out with the other students. Fuck it, you know?" She bites into the screaming twerp's neck and he stops interrupting her, falling limp as she rips out a chunk of his neck and almost seems disappointed when it disappears in her mouth, saying "Shit this is making me hungry. Where was I? Oh yeah. So there was this hot guy, didn't get his name, one of the blondes, I think shit, I've had 'snu-snu' explained to me twice here, guys apparently like my huge body type I have now right? I mean look at this shit!" She holds the corpse sideways by an arm and a leg and pulls, tearing the leg off before tossing both the leg and the rest of the body to the sides and then flexes, covered in blood, saying "I'm like in the top five strongest at this school, behind Colossus and maybe Beast and them, and then look at THIS!" as she crouches a little, pointing both index fingers at her chest, saying "X-Gene gave me melons bigger than fuckin' Emma Frost!"

     She lets this point hang for a second, blood-drenched uniform and all, and then sighs, saying "But nah, apparently, despite all this going for me, the shark face is too much. And to me my face is cute! I got glossy little doll eyes and a big sensitive nose and, well, okay, I got weird gaps in my teeth but come on, sharp teeth are cool! And I brush 'em even though I grow a whole new set every two weeks! So it's like... just come the fuck on, I should be drowning in guys, right?"

    She seems to lose track of where this is going, and then she says "Right but so I was, y'know, flirting with this guy, leaning in all dominant amazon like, see if he'd take and all that... when this guy butts in, prim and pressed uniform with sunglasses and absolutely perfect bleach-tipped hair and fucking cuts down my comments with snide little... what's the word, dehumanizing? He talked about me like a fish rather than a person, talking to the guy about me without addressing me, cutting me down and referring to me as... stuff involving dead sharks rather than my name or anything. Shark fin soup, wall trophy, bait for a speedboat motor, just nasty shit. I tried to not let it get to me but he fucking ruined the mood and he was SO. FUCKING. SMARMY. I just wanted to tear his fucking head off of his shoulders, nothing you could do would make him flinch, I just... Augh!" She pushes over a display of knockoff toys in frustration before she sighs, saying "I DON'T. GET IT." angrily.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    While Iara recounts the horrors of the beachgoing public's reaction to Discovery Channel's yearly celebration of sharks, Jubilation remains busy with the holographic mallgoer who has fallen into her clutches. She remains behind the woman, the Karen, with her hand gently draped across her stomach, bloody fangs flirting with the pulsing arteries peeking from underneath the skin. It's not that Jubes isn't listening... She just has her hands full. The Karen, meanwhile, seems to have made peace with her fate. Her expressions of fear and pain have been washed over with a lazy smile, an eagerness, a desire for more even though it would be the end of her. Relax folks, she's a hologram.

    Jubilee gives the Karen's head a tug to the side, causing a brief flex of the muscles in her neck. She drags the back of her hand down the woman's jaw, slowly, softly, down her arm, before it finds a home on her hip. The Karen doesn't move, doesn't run, and instead leaves her neck exposed and open. She has the chance to get away but won't take it.

    Instead of immediately going in for more, Jubilation looks up at Iara from her place behind the Karen, her attention spurred by the shark-girl's comparison of her body to that of other mutants. Frown. 'Fuck that' she seems to broadcast without even opening her mouth. Jubilation gives the Karen a shove, sending her weak, tired body to the ground with a thud. Moments earlier, she was treated to a most sensual treat. Now, she's tossed aside like a bag of fast food wrappers. Jubes reaches up and wipes away the holographic blood from her mouth.

    "Fuck that, Iara!" she announces. When the toys go flying, the vampire makes a motion as though she's about to walk over, but instead seems to appear slightly behind Iara. She walked, of course, but... did she? "Fuck that!" she repeats, now just over the shark's shoulder.

    "You know what it is... /They/ think that they're the default. The ones who belong. /My/ people were here just as long as them. Hell, /your/ people have been here for, what, like, millions of years?" The spooky-sexy vampire attitude from a few moments ago is beginning to show bits of Valley Girl poking through. The vocal fry. The unmistakable tone of voice.

    Jubes falls silent for a moment, arms crossed in front of her chest. She could logic this issue all day. Talk about how they're the superior beings. How everyone else is just lucky to get a chance to look at them. To point out that Emma's boobs aren't that great. But, Jubilee doesn't do any of that. She understands, all too well, the sinking feeling of wanting acceptance from... her food.

    "I'll tell you what we're going to do, Iara," Jubilee says, turning away from the pile of busted toys. "I'm gonna help you get a boy'f." She tilts her head forward and looks up at Iara from behind her sunglasses. No glamouring. No tricks. Just Jubes.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara blinks, to the concept of her people being here for millions of years she says "Uh, sorta? Kinda depends on how native you think... or wait, you mean sharks? Uh..." She looks to the corpses and then back, saying "Well, most sharks aren't really *people* but y'know..." before she makes that offer, and Iara seems taken aback as a piece of the more recent guy falls out of her mouth, saying "Uh... I mean, that's cool? But uh, I don't think I need any help I just... I mean, do you have someone in mind? Gotta say the mouth and the skin are both dealbreakers beyond just looks for some guys, if I can like, brush against them in bed and take their skin off..."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah, sharks aren't people," Jubilee agrees, her tone flooded with sarcasm. She even rolls her eyes. "That's just /their/ bullshit, Iara!" For once in a long while, Jubes is fired up about something, emotionally compromised by the other girl's plight. It's a problem so many mutants have experienced -- even the more 'human-like' ones. Both of Jubilee's hands find their way to rest on her hips, both curled into angry fists.

    Her demonstrative annoyance turns into a smile -- perhaps a devious one -- when Iara sounds like she's on board. "Oh, it's not who /I/ have in mind... It's who /you/ have in mind. Maybe, uh, stay away from the surfer guys..." Jubilee shifts her weight to begin walking towards the Danger Room's exit. "...There are limits, I think." She grins a little and shrugs one shoulder good-naturedly.

    Jubes stops at the heavy door that keeps the Danger Room holograms from turning evil and escaping -- surely that's just a joke, right? -- and leans against it. It's like she needed to take a break and be seen looking cool one last time. "...And don't worry about the teeth thing. By the time we're done, guys'll be lining up to get into your bed. Or tank. Or... /Whatever/!" The vampiress reaches up and rakes her fingers through her long, dark hair, leaving behind a faint pattern of holographic blood splatter. "I mean... Nori sleeps in a coffin now. That's not an easy sell, Iara. So, I think we'll be able to get this worked out. I'm sure of it. You're going to be, like, so tired. All the time!" With that settled, Jubes gives the hologram-proof door a shove and slips out of the pretend mall and into the nightmares of whoever might be lingering in the sub-basement.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara's big shark mouth frowns as she follows Jubilee, saying "Well alright... Uh... no judging, right?" as she looks through the hall to make sure nobody else is listening, and then thinks, saying "I'm cool with whatever you have in mind but as far as guys I have in mind... uh... I haven't met a ton of guys that are real boyfriend material but uh... So... How old is Wade, exactly?" as she presses her index fingers together a bit sheepishly, the blood all over her disappearing with the other holograms. "I mean he has the whole skin thing going on but he's the most... fun monster type like I am as far as guys I've met go..."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    In life, Jubilee was like a social wrecking ball. Enthusiastic, fearless, and potentially unstoppable. In death, well, some things never change, do they? As soon as she crosses the threshold and leaves the virtual mall cobbled together by the Danger Room's emitters, the holographic blood and gore fades away, leaving Jubilee looking just as she did when she came down here. "No idea! Aging's weird!" she calls out, shaking her hair out a bit before collecting it with her hands and pulling it back into a ponytail. She's been eighteen for more than a whole year.

    Jubilee waits just outside the door, grinning with her fangs and teeth proudly on display, waiting to send that smile in Iara's direction when she comes out, too.

    "Wade, huh? Oh! Is he the one with all the..." Jubilee makes a vague swirling gesture towards her face, a general reminder of Wade Wilson's skin condition -- whatever the heck it is. Jubilation doesn't bother saying the rest.

    "Well, look, you can have whoever... or /whatever/ you want, Iara. And if he's the one, he's the one. We'll work it out. I'll teach you some things." Brow waggle. Mischievous. As the door to the Danger Room sloooowly closes, the faint cries of the holographic Karen can be heard. She's in there bleeding out, dying, and yet calling out for more. For Jubilation Lee. What will she teach Iara...?

    "C'mon... Let's force everyone in the Rec Room to watch Shark Week," Jubilation loudly announces before moving with conviction towards the elevators that will take them up to the surface... She won't take 'no' for an answer!