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Welcome to the club.
Date of Scene: 29 July 2022
Location: Asgardian Embassy
Synopsis: Psylocke is introduced into he madness of Resonants, greeted by Sif and Zatanna.
Cast of Characters: Jimmy Hudson, Betsy Braddock, Sif, Zatanna Zatara
Tinyplot: Resonants

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    It was a quick phone call, just a ring that got Sif's attention to let her know that he was making his way back to the Embassy and he was bringing along a passenger who had expressed some interest in helping their current cause. Considering there had been some noise made about needing a telepath or someone to aid in mental defense, one Elizabeth Braddock might well serve the in the role admirably.
    Which led to the drive into the city, not too terribly long though there likely was some degree of bickering over satellite radio stations considering that the two had somewhat differing tastes. It likely was a hard fought battle that didn't end until the car stopped at the nearby parking building. After that it was a short stroll to the Villard Houses that had become the Asgardian Embassy. The neighborhood was quiet, the walk was uneventful though the night was warm. Once they got near enough the Asgardian guards up the steps and at the front double doors paid notice.
    "Hey Gunnar, was droppin' in ta see Sif. Lady Elizabeth Braddock is accompanying me?"
    "Aye, follow me then, good James. I shall bring you to the study where she resides." And with that they're shown in.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
To be fair, Lady Elizabeth Braddock looks the part of British young hipster nobility. Black Rolling Stones concert tee with a Union Jack tongue under a dark purple leather jacket, a pair of tailored high waisted plaid jeans and strappy boots. Her purple hair is done up in a messy bun with a butterfly clip of jet beads and she has a pair of round purple tinted glass on. There's no obvious weapons, but when you're a psychic ninja, you kind of *are* the weapon, right?

Betsy lets the glasses slip down her nose, giving Gunnar a friendly smile. "Oh, don't worry there. I'm not nearly as pretentious as the introduction suggets. Cheers." And then they're waved in, and she nods approvingly. "Fancy."

Sif has posed:
The study has probably seen better days. The room was quite comfortable. A table set in with several opulent chairs. Though currently that table seems to be covered in books. The books ranged from old tomes that seemed they probably should be in a museum to the more familiar 'For Dummies' series. There was even a box with a few more modern books on the floor near where Sif was sitting. There was a glass of some sort of amber liquid in front of her.

As Gunnar knocked then opened and announced the arrivals, she glanced up and gave a brief nod to the guard then rose to her feet as the duo were left to enter.

"James, good to see you as always." She was wearing Asgardian clothing. Breeches, tunic, a belt at the waist. No sign of her sword for once. Her black hair was a bit short, just a few inches, but was growing quickly at least. Before long it would be back to her norm. She turned to Betsy. "Miss Braddock. Thank you for joining us. Would either of you like a drink? Something to eat?" Since ever the duty of host first.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    Sidelong toward Elizabeth as they're walking along being led, Jimmy takes the moment to confide in a whisper. "To them everyone is lord this or lady that, think it's just how they talk." Then they're turning left and heading along the hall, walking past such a curious eclectic conglomeration of Asgardian artifacts, but also antiques from Villard House's history.
    Then he adds with a slight smirk, "So what I'm sayin' is, you ain't special."
    Which is, of course, when the door opens upon the study, held open by Gunnar who gives them a salute with his spear and then sort of smirks at James, which might hint the fellow has experienced Jimmy's sense of 'humor' before. Such as it is.
    Then that is the moment that Gunnar makes the announcement of their arrival.
    Once there James Hudson's expression eases to something warm, unmindful of the moment or why they're there for a brief time as he espies Sif. Even though it had been... not too long since they last saw each other. He just seems to brighten as he says, "Hey, Sif."
    Just two small syllables as he closes that distance and takes her hand for a moment, then leans in for a brief European-ish kiss to the cheek in greeting. Everyone's in their take it easy clothes, and Jimmy's no different. Black leather shoes, a pair of blue jeans, and a black t-shirt covered by a blue over-shirt complete him.
    He steps to the side and motions, "This is Elizabeth, she works with me at the school and was thinkin' about helpin' us with your all's project."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"Oh, it isn't the title that makes me special, mate." Betsy teases Jimmy right back, even as she takes her coat off and tucks it over one shoulder to reveal the tee as sleeveless because good god new york summers are not meant for layering. "Some of us don't have to ride coat-tails to be worth anything, Junior." The casual teasing brings a grin that translates to a polite smile as the door opens and she's presented to Sif.

"A pleasure, Lady Sif. And please, Elizabeth or Betsy is fine." Betsy replies smoothly, thanks in part to a succession of deportment and manners tutors that wielded a mean meter stick. "I would love to share a drink while we get to know each other. Jimmy's mentioned you several times, and only in the most polite and truthful of manners." She taps her forehead. "And I'd know. As Jimmy said; I work with him at the school. I'm a fully trained telepath and telekinetic. My specialities are counter-warfare, assassination, and stealth, as well as close-quarters combat."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
    So much for Chanel, there are days when it just does not suit her mood. Zee had been out in the herb garden doing what the earnest sorcerer does, tending to her witchy herbs when the call from Sif came. After brushing the dirt off her knees, the magician pulls off her gloves and traces a line in the air. No longer standing on ceremony, she opens a portal directly into the Embassy, choosing the hallway leading to the study.

    Brushing a leaf out of her shoulder-length hair, she announces herself to Sif through the open door. The guard giving her a taciturn frown.

With an apologetic shrug she gestures to the room, murmuring, Lady Sif by way of explanation.

    "I'm back." Entering the room, she stops taking in the other arrivals with a nod and a half-smile. "I came as soon as I got your message, I don't always pay attention to my phone when I'm outside. How are you today, Lady Sif? Hello, everyone."

Sif has posed:
"Elizabeth," is the name that Sif chooses to use. She gives Jimmy a squeeze of the hand and a little kiss on the cheek, ever mindful that he tends to be rather shy about things. "Gunnar, please ask if Helda can have something to eat sent up for our guests as well? I am expecting Za..."

And at that very moment, there is the magic user in question. "...tanna any moment. Welcome, Zatanna."

She motions to the table, offering them all to join around the mess of books. "Zatanna, we found this old scroll." And she moves to pick up something that looks like it might just disintegrate. "I thought the information in it might help with your research. Thus the call back so soon."

Then she looks to Betsy. "That is quite the list of very specific skills. We are in the process of creating a ...hub?" She looks at them to be certain the word translated properly through the All-Speak. "For those that might be traveling to this realm from others. So that those who are traveling for non-nefarious reasons have a place of safety and to help lessen misunderstandings. It has turned out to be quite the task. I apologize that Thor is not here to explain but he was called away a few minutes ago."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    Smiling sidelong toward Elizabeth, Jimmy seems amused but he gives a nod in recognition of her kindness. "I'll get the drinks?" He asks as he shoots a glance at Sif and then takes up the bottle of caramel liquor. Usually it's some kind of rather good brandy and serves well for such polite company.
    As he does so he says, "I haven't told her about what it's all about, I figured might be better for one of you guys who knows the ins and outs to give her the brief."
    Then when Zatanna appears she'll likely see a few people she doesn't know. Jimmy at the least as he smiles and lifts a glass in her direction, "Ma'am. Do you care to imbibe?" He asks as he sets Sif's refilled glass before her. Then he wanders over and sets another glass down where he imagines he or Elizabeth might well take a seat. Only finally for him to bring another over toward Zatanna, waiting for her to decide where to sit.
    Once everyone's set for drinks he'll slightly turn one of the large over-stuffed chairs near that conversational alcove where they are even as he leans in to consider some of the books on the table.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
The british telepath slips into a seat, offering a murmured 'cheers, thanks, mate' to Jimmy even as she grins over at Sif. "Mmm. Little ambitious, but us Brits do tend to prefer going a little extreme sometimes." She acknowledges, and takes a sip of the whiskey drink. "Mmm. Delicious."

She then nods at Jimmy. "As Jimmy said, he's only given me vague information. I understand you need a telepath, or someone capable of psychic defenses?"

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
With an open, curious expression lighting her face, the magician crosses the room to Sif. Stopping next to the delicate parchment, she nods graciously to Jimmy and takes a seat in one of the nearby ornately carved chairs, leaning forward to look at it.

Then, looking up from the fascinating document, drink in hand, she says, gaze moving from Jimmy to Betsy, "I'm sorry, I don't know everyone. I'm Zatanna Zatarra. I understand you will be traveling with us, too."

Sif has posed:
"I am sorry, I have been remiss."

Sif had taken her seat after, settling in without the hesitation she usually shows with Midgardian furniture. "James Hudson, Elizabeth Braddock. This is Zatanna Zatarra. Magic user. She has agreed to help us find a suitable location for this center."

Then she looks to the group and fills in the blanks for the newcomers. "In order to create this hub, we need artifacts for the various realms that resonate with the power of both that realm and Midgard. It is proving challenging but enjoyable. At times there has been diplomacy. Others it is traveling to an obscure location to find the items in ancient temples. And others yet will...likely require stealth or combat. Or perhaps both."

She gave a slight shrug. "During a recent situation, the help of a telepath would have been invaluable. In the future, particularly during situations needing diplomacy, it would be helpful to have that skill set."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "A pleasure, Miss Zatarra." James settles in his seat and takes up a place near at hand, though he doesn't seem to feel the need to interject since Sif has a better grasp of things than himself. So he crosses a boot over his knee and rests his glass on his thigh as he looks from one person to the next.
    Sif gets a smile at the end of the words she offers then he looks to Psylocke and nods as it's clear the Asgardians could use someone with her particular specialty.
    After a moment he adds, "Our particular mission, however, was investigating an old relic site. Some of your other talents mighta helped then too."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"My apologies, Zatanna." Betsy offers with a wry twist of her lips, "Yes, I'm Lady Elizabeth Braddock, from Essex. I think our fathers might have been acquainted over issues regarding Avalon and Otherworld? And please, Elizabeth or Betsy works."

She sits demurely, knees at the Duchess tilt even as she slouches slightly in the chair as if she weren't being prim and proper. A study in personal branding, eh? "Again, I'm happy to offer my services however they might help." She smiles slightly, "Especially if I can meet one of the splendid Asgardian mounts I've heard so much about. Or your other beasts. I've been wanting to buy a horse for here in the states." She looks wistfully down at her drink. "I do miss riding."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
    "Pleased to meet you both," Zatanna replies, dipping her head in greeting.

    "Telepathy is a lovely skill set to add to the group. And, how nice! My father mentioned you, Betsy."

    Her gaze rests momentarily on Jimmy as she wonders what hides behind his normal exterior. The word telepath kindles more interest in Betsy than a familial connection who she nods to again. It is a skill they share but she makes no attempt to speak to her mind to mind.

"Dowsing comes in handy at times," she agrees with a faint smile to Jimmy.

Sif has posed:
Though she could, Sif is careful not to mention what James is able to do. If she does so, she might be sharing information he does not wish to have shared. Thus she is being cautious. Betsy was open about her skillset. Though Sif is fully aware of what Jimmy can do--well, now she is after a few surprises on their last mission--she doesn't want to reveal secrets that are not hers to share.

She nods at James. "I believe the talents of both would have been helpful." Then she focuses on the pair who were not there. "For the Vanaheim artifact, we had to travel to the Republic of Sariname in South America. To a temple there, where a Vanaheim hero had once visited. It was like an Indiana Jones." Since that was how her companions had summed it up, she figured it would make sense to the Midgardians. "Along with a bit of magic. As we begin to branch to potentially more dangerous missions, we want to be sure we have...All bases covered?" She thought that was the phrase.

She looked to Betsy and there was a smile on her face. A peek at Jimmy but then her focus went back to Betsy. "That is a simple arrangement. You are welcome to come ride at any time at my ranch. I have a love for horses. When I learned about those here on Midgard, a bit of a passion project was born. I am curious if I might be able to breed them with Asgardian stock, to bring out the best traits of both. It is in upstate New York, not a long trek from the school where you teach. Perhaps I could even introduce you to the winged stallions of the valkyries." Then she looked to Zatanna. "The invitation is open to you as well, if you have an interest in such things."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    At a glance Jimmy does look like just some fella. Handsome and scruffy with sandy hair and a few days worth of stubble. He definitely looks like his accent sounds, that hint of Texas and something else to him that might make some words sound a little long in pronunciation. Though the way he shares looks now and again with Sif it's clear there's something there between them.
    Him and Betsy also seem to share a companionable vibe considering the way he turns to her and says, "You never told me that was somethin' you were anglin' for." A hint of accusation in that tone, but good-natured, as if surprised and amused at the same time. He shoots a glance at Sif then adds in his defense, "I didn' know."
    Though Zatanna's comment about dowsing comes up and his eyebrows climb, "My adopted dad, he used to dowse. Was a hobby of his, though not sure if he did it to tease us some. We'd always be like, 'oh pop, that stuff don't work.' and then he'd show us." His lips twist at the good memory as his eyes distance for a moment, then return. "Ah man."
    Those last two words murmured with with a hint of wistfulness.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"I can both implant shields, as well as teach techniques for people of sufficient willpower. As I'm sure the lovely Zatanna can tell you, a strong and trained will can accomplish quite a bit even with no particular aptitude or innate ability." Betsy offers to Sif, sipping delicately at her drink. "I do have certain... duties... at the school that I cannot in good conscious ignore to go adventuring, as lovely as it may be. But I can guarantee some measure of protection even if I am not there."

Jimmy is given a grin and a light kick in the shin. It's very big brother-little sister vibe, no surprise given Betsy is the youngest and only daughter in her family. "Why would I tell you when I can tell her and get a better deal?" She asks Jimmy, and clicks her tongue at him, before turning to Sif. "That would be lovely. Growing up, I was a bit of a hoodlum and a harridan. About the only 'proper' activity I enjoyed was equestrian. My family has an estate in Essex, and I have a lovely breeding program a friend manages for me, but it would be nice to see Asgardian stock." Especially the flying horses.

She grins at Zatanna. "He's more familiar with my brother. Tall blond chap, big golden retriever energy about him, calls himself 'Captain Britain, the Knight of Avalon' or some such, the silly prat."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
"I like to ride and seldom get to do it, Sif. I hope I can take you up on that," Zatanna responds with decided pleasure.

Her eyes wander back to the parchment as she listens to the others. Jimmy's accent is exotic for an American raised between two continents. She is more used to the Gotham and New York twang now.

A half-smile plays on her lips as Jimmy recounts his step-father's hobby, "Some people have the hand naturally and pass it down through the generations. Hedge witches had the knack, too." Finally, she decides that as odd a couple as Sif and Jimmy appear superficially, she likes them both.

Smiling with delight, the magician exclaims, "That is the connection! I'm daft. -You- are the little sister that they both mentioned. I always wanted to meet you but my father's engagements were always when you were at school."

Sif has posed:
A little laugh is earned by Jimmy. "That was more for me," Sif told Betsy. "Because he knew that I was wondering why he had not already invited you to the ranch. He's making sure I know it isn't his fault." She gave him a fond smile then looked back to the ladies.

"Just be sure to reach out to Jimmy or myself ahead of time and we'll make sure the main house is in order for guests. There have been a lot of renovations going on. The place was in disrepair when I purchased it, thus the price being low. But we have it mostly fixed up at this point, though it has been a labor of love."

She then focused back on the reason they came together. "I am certain anything either of you can provide will be helpful. And as always, Asgard appreciates your assistance. It helps build ties between our peoples."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    The answer Elizabeth Braddock gets from James Hudson is a simple and precise, "Sheh." Just a single syllable and so entirely dismissive that one could imagine it being accompanied by an eyeroll. But he's still smiling and gives a small shrug. "Well heck, horses."
    Then he looks sidelong at Sif and raises his eyebrows as if to say, 'who woulda thunk it?'
    A moment later he is smiling across the way toward Zatanna and salutes her with his glass a little, just a small tip of it. "Then mebbe he wasn't just playin' around. He would find things now and again. Though one time..."
    A look is spared briefly around the table to see if he'd be interrupting if he tells his story, "We buried a ton of things in the woods in the back, all sorts of crazy gewgaws we'd picked up from around town. And he went out there... didn't find a single one."
    The way he says that, sounds as if he felt that somehow disproved the whole concept.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"Please, my dear, consider this as much a tie between the Braddock family and Asgard as it is the Mutant Race and Asgard." Betsy replies to Sif earnestly, leaning forward. "As the conversation with the lovely Zatanna reminded me, I am as much a member of the Braddocks as I am any other team. And I look forward to your hospitality on the Ranch."

Jimmy gets an eyeroll. She had told him she loved horses that first meeting! He even mentioned his girlfriend and the ranch down south. He doesn't get off that easy. "And you show why you're just gardener." She clicks her tongue at him, and turns to Zatanna with a grin. "Yes, that's me. I'd be the black sheep of the family, but my oldest brother decided to set the bar dreadfully high."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
    Zatanna returns the salute, lifting her glass with a smile, "I bet he was having you all on, too." Solidarity for magic users, whether real or aspired to, everywhere.

    "The invitation is very kind, Sif. Jimmy. Though I don't currently have horses in the stables at Shadowcrest, you are all invited to visit." One eyebrows quirks at the lovely Zatanna, which makes her feel like a maiden aunt. She includes Betsy in the invitation with a sweep of her hand and two small encouraging nods.

    "The house has rooms in Tuscany, as you know, and on the Bosporus, which are very nice in spring and autumn. The Alps, too, near Chamonix, if you prefer higher altitudes."

Sif has posed:
"Shadowcrest is truly a wonder. That is a very kind invitation," Sif said with a nod to Zatanna. Though she had only been there once, it was impossible not to be impressed with a building that housed--well, everything! Somehow.

And it was that moment, several people came in the door with trays of food. Everything imaginable. From a little plate of fruit and cheeses. To some sort of roast beast. "Ah. Time for us to put aside all this work." Not that it had been a lot of work, more casual conversation. But it was tied to work. Sort of. Kind of.

"Let us eat and enjoy company before we continue plans for the future."