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X-Ren Faire
Date of Scene: 01 August 2022
Location: Westchester Rennaisance Festival Grounds
Synopsis: X-folk and T'Challa show up at the Ren Faire and there are some learning and teaching.
Cast of Characters: Hope Summers, Emma Frost, Betsy Braddock, Ororo Munroe, Rogue, Tabitha Smith, T'Challa

Hope Summers has posed:
    The trip to Oregon for some relaxation and team building exersices went off without a hitch. For the most part. Some secrets were exposed, some lifes ruined, but generally a good time was had by all. So once they got back the team kind of fell into a normal summer lull, allowing the freetime to linger and waste away before someone came up with the silly idea to go to the local Renissance faire.

    Hope had no idea what this was, so of course she was voluntold she was going on the trip and someone told her to wear a corset. So she did. Is. The red head frowns and not long after arriving was lathering herself and her skin with sunscreen over her arms, shoulders and chest with a frown as she's now worried about burning again. "Now that /that/ is squared away... what do we DO here?" Hope asks, turning her head this way and that to find the people she came with, expecting them to answer, but she is already walking towards a stall that's selling custom leather bracers. Oooo!

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost has been doing something else in the general area rather than going on the full on trip. She's never been hte outdoorsy type unless somewhere is being strip mined and she's watching things being broadcast on a satellite after all. Why those want to go out and 'rough it' for whtever reason is beyond her. So as the group is gathering, for whatever reason they're arriving at the Renaissance Faire.. Well, there's Emma Frost.
    In her everyday wear. Which no doubt strangely enough fits right in without being on the obscene end of things. The barbed whip at her side as well, of course.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
To say Elizabeth Braddock was on board with the idea of visiting the Ren Faire is an understatement. When your twin brother is a mystical knight-protector of a fairy kingdom, and you've met Merlin (yes, that one) and his daughter, you tend to gravitate a certain way. While everyone knows she's a bit of a weeb, not many know she's a ren faire junkie too.

That number includes the present company, who get to experience the sight of the deadly Psylocke gluing elf ears on while dressed in a leather and bunny fur bikini outfit. Once they're on, she straightens and grins over at Hope. "Have fun, luv. People watch like Emma, drink some mead and eat some turkey legs off the bone." She suggests, "Maybe even get your face painted."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
A RenFaire is one of those places where one simply //is//. Music is constantly playing in the background, whether by live performers or Memorex is always a toss-up, depending upon where one is in camp. There is the mix of those who 'live and breathe' the life and those who are simply coming for the day, for the weekend, to live it up, pretending they know more than they actually do.

Stalls selling leather goods, wooden goods, pretty stones, and glass blowers line the market concourses, and a steady stream of customers walk the paths.

Bright tents with streamers hold productions, whether strictly theatrical or demonstrations of daily life of artisans lend to the 'Fair' portion of 'Renaissance Fair'.

Dressed in pirate finery, and yes, she'll admit to consulting with Kurt prior to the trip, Ororo has the frilly blouse, the black leggings and knee-high boots. The outfit is finished with a light but long button-festooned great coat and a tricorn upon her carefully braided head. She's walking slowly, taking in the sights, and keeping an eye on her charges.. not that she really needs to, mind, but it's habit. The Weather Goddess is protective, after all.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is following behind everyone with a ice cream Blizzard in her hands, sunglasses over her eyes. She's scooping out the ice cream with cookie dough in it while she just listens to the others chatter.

The Belle is dressed in a blue and black Star Trek Starfleet Uniform from the Original Series. Something she had stowed in Remy's closet from the Star Trek conventions he makes her go to.

Complete with black heeled boots that go up to her knees over her dark stocking covered legs, the short skirt attire stands out amongst the more themely ones others are wearing. With her hair up in a bun on the back of her head, and her snow-white bangs framing her face, Rogue just walks casually, while spooning tasty treat between her dark red hued lips.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha only had mostly old video games and dungeons and dragons for reference on costuming for these things. So when she heard Ren Faire she maybe kind of had to improvise a costume. Luckily she also had an ex-girlfriend that was once queen of limbo and sometimes that place does weird things to clothes if you stay their long enough. Which meant she could bust out some old red and worn leather pants they aren't that old but they do fasten via laces instead of a zipper and buttons. A matching red corseted bustier with buckles and straps could possibly serve as like leather chest armor as does a collar around her neck to match. The buckles and other metall all in brass. The cinching is probably a little tighter. With some brass plated spats on her boots she looks like she's about to roll a twenty on stealing the party's loot. The fact that she's wearing that much leather on a day with very warm summer is probably more about enjoying the benefits of her secondary powers.

That and she probably looks more like she belongs on a heavy metal cover from the mid nineteen eighties.

"Sooo, ugh. Sooo many really loud skeevy brains." she says and pinches her nose bridge with a chuckle at her own expense. Unlike Betsy and Emma. Tabby still has to willfully shut out every stray thought around her. But she's still gotta work at it, no danger room for this. At least she looks FAB and totally managed to get the smell of brimstome out of all that tight red leather.

T'Challa has posed:
It was a bit of an unexpected invitation, really.

'Come to the faire!' 'The state fair?' 'No, the Ren Faire!' 'What is that?' 'You'll see. It will be fun.'

Imagine a conversation between T'Challa and Ororo going something like that, and one might have the gist of it.

While the King of Wakanda hardly had anything suitable for the occasion, he did have an alter ego: that of American Luke Charles, including an accent to fit. He had the look of a teacher, complete with a pair of eyeglasses to go with a suit and tie.

After arriving on his own to the midnight gathering, he sought to catch up with Ororo after sending her a text, explaining she was free to let her friends know who he really was, provided they kept the secret. Upon seeing her, he put on some feigned excitement - or is it? - in calling over, "Yoo-hoo, Ororo! This is a very charming place, and you look dressed like you're expecting to make someone walk the plank!" He pushes his glasses back in place with a finger.

Compared to the others, both he and Rogue might just stand out the most as being out of place, given their 'garb.'

Hope Summers has posed:
    Hope actively grumbles as she stands in line watching the leather workers cut and sew and handle the brown, black, and tan leathers roughly, forming them around the points on anvils and so many specialty tools. It smells and feels like a place she could be really comfortable in. And she half is. The top she wears however makes her feel beyond exposed and way more than a little vulnerable.

    "Remind me to beat up Hambone." Says Hope to no one in particular as she picks up a pre-made bracer made of brown leather with a few green gems along the top set into silver pieces and the whole thing is framed with black fur on the ends. She puts her hand through one and her knees buckle. "Oh... Oh I like these!" She says loudly to herself.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would walk along and glance at Hope, "Oh, Ms. Summers? Are we considering going into high fashion from that era? I do have to tell you that these outfits are lacking in something which I'm reasonably sure from numerous life experiences is an essential part of the era." Emma would note while tkaing a bite out of an apple.
    "None of them have spikes on them or pauldrons. From the sheer number o ftime travelers to and fro those sorts of eras, one would hope that our misapprehensions of that period would have been corrected."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Twisting around at the hail, Ororo's smile brightens at the recognition, and in understanding. It can be difficult when one is as august a figure as a king to go and do things freely, but the handsome form and figure of T'Challa manages it with grace and a touch of humor. "If you're not careful, you'll feel the point of my steel.." is returned playfully, but from the looks of it, there is no steel on her! Unarmed!

Waiting for him to draw closer, her tones remain easily conversational, even if they do drop a little lower, "We may need an entirely new room to house all the things they may purchase."

Looking up and around once more, Ororo is taking quick stock and inventory of those with her. Brows rise at Tabitha's subtle display, fingers on the bridge of her nose, and her expression expresses a little concern, but more, sympathy. "We may have to rescue her later," and she nods in the girl's direction.

Rogue, fine. Emma, will need to be watched. Hope?

"Hope, are you okay there?" Just like a mother hen!

Walking on, Ororo glances back to her newly arrived companion, "I think, Mr Charles, that we should find a more suitable outfit for this evening."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue seems mostly lost in her ice cream, though she is keeping occular observations on the team as they start to spread out some, which makes it harder. She ends up following Hope though, and glances over to Storm, and the King, which has her smiling for a moment before she looks back to see what Hope is gushing over.

Rogue appears beside her, holding out her phaser gun, aimed backwards, and moves it up and down.

"My scans tell me that it is marked up somewhere around four times its actual value." She says, not really realizing that she's holding a gun, aimed at herself. Remy coached her on this stuff, but she was not paying a lot of attention...

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Emma's got a point. Not that me and her are much better." Tabby says and grins. They probably go to the same place for all their usual stuff. Limbo magic modifications aside. She does look like she's trying to hide a headache. But it's more she just hears a lot of noise.

It's not Tabitha that might need resuing.

"So Ororo, stepping out on your man with Mister Charles? Sneaky sneaky!" she says with a giggle. Tabitha has actually met the King himself at a few of the dignitary type things going on that had the Xavier Institute fronting up. "Make Ororo's heart break and you know her vengeance with be like mad reaking yo!" she half jokes. There's an elbow to Rogoe's side and a giggle as a dozen or so differing eras of Starfleet History keep earning amix or ire and amusement from everyone in Rennaisance gear. "Shoulda gone for the Tee En Gee onesie! Put Remy in the go go dress!"

T'Challa has posed:
'Luke' gives Tabitha a wide, winning smile. "Who, me? Oh, Ororo and I go back a while. We met during some of my classes, and we've kept in touch from time to time. I couldn't /dream/ of trying to compete with an actual King!" For a brief moment, he gives her a knowing glance, ensuring she's in on the secret.

He takes a moment to peer through the glasses - no prescription, of course - at Rogue and Hope, but also lifts a brow at the sight of Emma, as if he's never seen her before. "Oh my."

It's a few seconds later that he catches the last bit of what Ororo herself says. Again, his response is the same: "Oh my."

Hope Summers has posed:
    Hope was looking down at her wrist, forgetting she's wearing a corset for the moment and clenches her fist and punches the air a quick three times before she stops and is looking at Rogue, almost dumbfounded, and canting her head to the side, "Scans? What scans? Isn't that a tv remote?"

    Hope looks very confused. Is her imagination that stunted, that she has trouble with the idea of pretend. It's obvious she's not familiar with Star Trek, or the Ren Faires, but she's trying to fit in, but showing off that she's definitely more function over form. At least with the bracer.

    "Oh. Why's this so expensive?!" She asks, taking it off and holding it above her head. Looking back over to Ororo with a shrug and a nod at the same time. "I think I'm okay. But someone's about to get a beating for gouging." Then a glance to Emma and back to the guy doing the sales portion of the shop and not the crafting part.

    "We do charge quite a bit more than most of our competitors, but that's because we think our products not only beat the competitions, but they surpass expectations in quality and comfort." The man shoots Rogue a glance and rolls his eyes, f**kin' trekkie jokesters, "Here, here's what I'll do since your a first timmer and all. I'll sell you this and the matching one, two-for-one." The man says to Hope, holding out a matching bracer and then she takes it and smiles so big towards Rogue, then Emma, and finally Ororo, but not her date, Luke or Tabitha. Asking.

    She has no money.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance over at Ororo and then shrug, "Very well, I'm more than happy to buy you a few things if you would like." She would offer to hope. A quick look however is given over to ORoro. Hope is Ororo's charge and the Institute's student. If Ororo feels that it's more appropriate for the Institute to cover the cost for ethical reasons or to set a limit on what could be given, Emma could respect it.
    "It's expensive as the point is for them to make a living performing it and ensuring that they can maintain thier lifestyle, and a sufficient profit to permit a margin of error."
    As the bargaining goes on, Emma would look over at the man for a few moments over before with a 'well'? Then turning to Hope.
    "Make a counter offer dear. You can't possibly let him try and charge you so exorbidantly for this." If the man wished to haggle, then Emma could haggle. If he was going to be offering a bargain, she might as well add to the festivities.
    It was in many markets considered rude to -not- do so.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
The look Tabitha gains from Ororo is one of theatric disapproval, followed quickly by an amused, 'Shhh.'. "What happens at Renaissance Faires stay at the faires." A quick glance is again given towards 'Luke', her lips forming that line of a suppressed smile. "I'm sorry."

It's back to the others again as she walks slowly with her companion, coming up to the leather sales booth and the poor, confused Hope.

Ororo is more than happy to swoop in, using this as a 'teaching' moment. "Emma is correct. Those who work with their hands do demand a higher cost, and they should be supported. Workmanship by the skilled is always better than factory."

Soon after her statement, Ororo is digging under her great coat to pull out a pouch to pay for the leather bracers. They can't hurt, and it will be a memento. "Hope, my best advice for this evening is to walk the entire market, see what there is, and come back to those stalls you noticed before. But, if your heart is set upon the bracers, we shall buy them for you."

'Luke' certainly isn't forgotten, and her explanation goes double for him. "We shall hit the costuming stalls and see which period suits you, Mr Charles." So formal, but it's easy and obviously fond. She does underscore his explanation as to their 'friendship', "Always keeping in touch. It's always a delight when he visits."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is left to stare down at the phaser replica in her left hand. "Remote?" She asks quietly. "I thought it was a glue gun for puttin bedazzlin on your jeans..." She mutters before just slipping it back in to the holster on the side of the little black satchel she has slung over her torso. She offers a smirk to Tabi and a shake of her head. "Maybe next time." She replies.

With her hands going back to her melty ice cream, the Belle steps out of the way to let the wealthy types pay for Hope's big shopping trip to the medieval ages.

She takes one last spoonful of the treat before dropping it in a Ye Olden Wastebin.

Her hand goes up to her shades then, and she peers over it at the muscley armed blacksmith that is hammering away at some project for onlookers to observe. "Mmm. Curious..." She says as she starts to venture in that direction with her heeled boots impacting upon the dirt pathway.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby hmmms at the answer and then with an eyebrow arched at the man grins and maybe encourages a little extra truth via some of that. "So why do you wanna really charge so much?" she says and grins.

Nerds will sometimes take a gouging cause they think they're getting authenticity. Just look at all the swords around that would never stand up to a fight. That leather bracer might actually be slightly more durable than the weapons.

"You know we should totally enter one of us in some of the knightly competions. Just no jousting. This isn't like with sentient critters like the Themyscirans and their Kangas. But sword fighting and archery we could proibably clean up. The hand to hand stuff we'd probably get busted for being ringers." she points out. "Except Mister Charles. Bet he'd get wiped in the first round" she considers and manages to make herself sound sarcastic and genuine at the same time.

Clearly the secret identity thing is amusing as hell to her. Plus the odds they'd get and then clean up when he actually won would probably mean getaway music and a high speed chase in the Van.

T'Challa has posed:
The man in the suit clears his throat as he tells Ororo and her friends, "You know, teaching takes up so much of my time, and with the school system what it is these days, there just isn't enough time to give every child the time he or she needs. It's only during the summer when I can even catch my breath." Can't say he doesn't have a story down to go with the look.

"Some of these look quite well-made, if I'm being honest. You can tell poor quality with a little attention, but the better stuff should stand out in comparison," the man offers.

Then, Luke adjusts his tie, feigning discomfort with the prospect of Ororo dragging him off to get himself all did up in period costume. Looking from her to the others is unlikely to gain him much sympathy, now is it? His eyes appeal to Hope, then Rogue, then Tabitha, even Emma, as if he doesn't know who she is at all. "..help?" he squeaks out.

She's got him trapped. Doesn't she?

He merely raises a brow behind his glasses at Tabby's questioning of how well he'd do in any competition. "Ah, you never know what surprises someone might have up his sleeve."

Hope Summers has posed:
    Hope listens to the advice from Emma, and then the acknowledgement from Ororo, and finally, Tabby's idea of trying to be knights and ladies in contests of strength and skill. This causes, Hope to feel overwhelmed quite quickly and she takes a breath. "Th-thank you." She tells the shop owner who seems to be quite patient and grins at all the ladies with all the outrageous and varried ideas.

    "We'll take them." Hope says towards the shop keep, a look back to Emma, "He's already given us a good deal with the buy one get one thing. No?" She asks, blushing feeling like she's not doing this right as the shop keep takes Ororo's money.

    Rogue however is nearing a man wearing a formerly white t-shirt that is too tight and now grey more than anything else with a thick leather apron over his chest, showing off his broad shoulders and thick arms and barrel like chest. He's huge and hammering away at some orange hot glowing steel on an anvil with a pair of tongs in his other leather clad hand. Sweat glistens off his black eyebrows and he pauses, mallet still in hand to wipe at the sweat with the back of his wrist. "'Lo fair ... Uhura?" He is playing along while still being wrong, on purpose in case anyone heard him.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
What exactly has Betsy been doing during all this?

The elven barbarian psi ninja supermodel has found Hope and her group, wearing a cat-and-canary grin while bouncing an orange in her hand well-pierced with cloves and several places where it looks as if cloves have been removed. She's also somehow acquired gauzy fairy wings strapped to her back via elastic, in shades of purple and gold that compliment her hair and the bunny fur. Walking over to the group, Betsy grins a bit broader. "'Ello, luvs. Havin' a good time, are we?" And out of her bra comes a black card, which she hands over so they're spending *her* money instead of Ororo's.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance over at Hope, "For the future, the point is to engage in some form of negotiations. If only for the atmosphere. But your teacher.." She would gesture ovver at Ororo, "Has the right of the matter." Emma would allow over.
    "So do listen to what her thoughts are on anything." Emma meanwhile goes to glance over at the smith, moving to take a few thoughts from around the area and let them roll through her mind. The joy of being a teleapth in a place populated by those focused on as ubject.
    All those references in the short term that one might need to make use of.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo is paying the man, but already she's looking for the various costumers.. costumer's row? "It is fine, Betsy. It gives me a chance to see what they purchase." Not a bad thing, all in all.

As for clothing, the medieval Macy's all manner of dresses are on display, from the expensive Elizabethan corseted ones to the plainer but still fine longer single robes with belts and jewelry to fine-tune. A light but well made cloak with volumnous hood is chosen, with a single frog-catch at the throat, and handed to Hope. "Put this on, child," is given gently. "It's well made, and suits you, I think."

Men's clothing seems to be more of the pirate kind, though sprinkling of doublets and tighter fitting breeches are definitely on display, as well as the occasional bejeweled codpiece. Each are looked at and rejected in turn while bluest of blue eyes keep an eye on the form and figure of 'Luke', perhaps sizing him up for his fitting.

It's that next booth, however, that she stops and draws a breath. Roman, Byzantine, Greek... and Ororo's eyes move to the Byzantine. Ornate, bejeweled.. even if they're not 'real' cabochon jewels that are sewed into the fabric, the choice of those fakes are perfect. As are the faux pearls. Upon a short tunic, elaborate embroidery in geometric patterns grace the shoulder areas, the bottom of the long sleeves, and fancy trim adorns the bottom hem.

"This." It's an announcement and a statement all in one. She casts her eyes back to Luke, and beyond; she's got her eyes on the others, just making sure. A hint of a shake of her head comes at the idea of combat, "No fighting today. It's a day of rest. I'm certain Mr Charles hadn't considered it either tonight."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had smiled toward Luke, but just left him to what fate was his.

She spent a few moments with that older, muscled, Blacksmith, just sharing some back and forth dialogue with him, a bit of questioning of his art, and so forth. When she is walking away, she's holding a little metal ring that he'd made to hand out to someone. That someone was her, apparently. She slips it on, and then just goes to catch up with the shoppers.

Rogue passes by where Ororo is deeply investigating the clothing, pausing at the little wooden stand with the sheer flowy head-dresses. She picks one up that has green fabric, with a wooden braided headband, and just lays it down over her head, pushing the sheer fabric back over her shoulddrs.

"Gotta Princess it up, while people are payin' for ya, Hopers." Rogue calls out to the Time-displaced Summers kid.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby probably wishes she didn't leave her sunglasses in the van. So her expression is like wide eyed and trying to encourage 'Luke' to run with the subterfuge. "Dude, trying to rip off rich white kids with more entitlement than their moms." she says under her breath and probably looks more like a teenage girl being embarrassed by her parents. She hasn't been a teenager since at least three weeks despite probably being the actual biologically youngest of the women here. Time travel doesn't count.

"Betsy, how're y'all with a broadsword instead of a katana?" she asks and hmmms. "Bet Hope could line up a long bow. Dress her like Maid Marian. Watch her coveniently out shoot. I still won't suggest the rest of us fight unless they wanna. I mean. We've got at least a minimum equivalent of a single black belt each. We're built like fitness models turned pro wrestlers. Dress better though." Debateable since this is Tabitha.

That embarrassed lok goes right back as Ororo puts a stop at Tabitha's clearly criminal enterprise.

She does however totally pick out a pretty austentatious looking Tiara and Necklace combo. Fake sapphires all through both match her eyes and she grins as she blings out and shows off to the group. "I need a sash that now says Miss Westchester and or Limbo! Second place! Ten bucks!" which is the prize money. The costume jewelry actually costs thirty for each piece.

Rogue getting work done. "Did someone pop the question and we missed it?" the blonde southerner asks to the other Belle.

T'Challa has posed:
Some time is spent over with the costumers, before Ororo's talked Luke into something for him to wear as a way of fitting in better. His suit clothes are bagged up, and once they return he's decked out in those Byzantine-inspired fabrics. Perhaps as a nod to the truth, there are elements of purple in it as well.

"You know, I didn't come here expecting this, but while it's not something I can see myself in often, it might be fun as an occasional thing." He's still got the glasses on, of course. Also, he's tugging at the material, adjusting the fit here and there. It wasn't tailored to his exact specifications, and that's something he's very much /not/ accustomed to.

"So, are we all having a good time so far? We've got to get some food before we go," he suggests, making a show of rubbing his stomach as he stands beside the dark-skinned pirate woman.

Hope Summers has posed:
    The gaggle of mutants and kings, Avengers and goddesses, meander through the faire for quite a while, enjoying the smells, sounds, and sights, and even a fight or two with prizes that would leave a carnie blushing.

    It was a good day, and a greater night. There was laughing, crying, arguing, and consoling. It was a night to remember...