12267/A Stranger in Outsider Places

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A Stranger in Outsider Places
Date of Scene: 03 August 2022
Location: Gabby's Room - The Roost
Synopsis: Robbie is kicked out by Rien and reaches out to Gabby for a place to crash. She sets him up and keeps watch in spite of his protests.
Cast of Characters: Gabby Kinney, Robbie Reyes

Gabby Kinney has posed:
After the text message informing Gabby of the situation Robbie had been placed in she worked quickly. Permission was obtained from Red Robin to allow him into the Roost, and a team-wide memo was sent out to inform everyone of his presence. Even then the computer systems weren't quite satisfied though: As soon Robbie is brought into the Roost, the system goes off declaring in a computer-voice: "Unidentified individual present. Lockdown initiated."

Gabby had given Robbie directions to meet her at what appeared to be an old movie theater that had been bought out and revamped into... something. Some kind of private property that was under construction judging by the way it looked.

Hearing the computer go off she winces, but continues to gesture him inside. "Just ignore that. I knew it was going to happen... It's just locking up the secure areas I mentioned. Residential are still free and open. There's the rec room, the kitchen," Gabby waits until he's inside to shut the door behind him setting the locks. The penny tour continues with a sweeping gesture of her arm indicating the areas she states.

"Bunks are down that hall. Oh there's a movie theater still left open if you want to watch something on a REALLY big screen, too. Kitchen's usually pretty well stocked so feel free."

With a sigh she dusts her hands off on her hips and just pauses to stare at Robbie with eyebrows drawn together. "You okay?"

Robbie Reyes has posed:
He arrives in the Charger, of course; the thing sounds about as perpetually on edge as its owner. Visible in the back seat, a box or two and a small stack of belongings, mostly clothing. Robbie himself looks a little.. well, *something*. His tee shirt is stained heavily with blood, and there are a few smears of it on his shredded jeans. He's got his usual leather jacket thrown over top, and a particularly haggard look on his face as he climbs out, slams the door and pockets his keys.

"Movie theatre?" he questions as he ducks inside with her-- and then the alarms start blaring, and he's immediately on edge, despite Gabby's assurance that it's fine. "Uhh." He glances at the kitchen; the alarm's still going. "I ain't hungry, but thanks." As for whether he's okay? He rakes inked fingers through his dark hair, the motion conveying his agitation. "I don't-- I don't know. Not really."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney purses her lips tight as she nods. The alarm wasn't frantic, just continuing. At least until he gives his answer. Then even she gets tired of it and tips her head back with a sigh. "Computer, alarm acknowledged. Mute further instances regarding this individual." A little blip-blip noise comes followed by, "Affirmative." Then thankfully, blissfully, silence.

A wry grin is flashed toward him along with a shrug. "Movie theater has lots of room. It's in a decent part of town to give access to most of the city, too. Anyway, it wasn't my choice, but it's got it's upsides. Plenty of room for sure," she points out with a chuckle.

Reaching out she takes hold of his arm giving a light tug. "Come on. You look like you could use a shower. ... There is beer if that'd help. I heard someone mention a 'shower beer' before if that would help any...?" Probably not but she's stretching for ideas.

"Come on, I'll show you my room. You can crash there for now. There's room."

Robbie Reyes has posed:
He *is* a little tetchy at the moment, possibly due to the night he's had. And the night before that. Aaaaaand the one before that. It's been more like a bad week, at this point.

But the alarm being canceled draws a little of the tension out of his tall, lean frame; she can hear his breathing even out a touch, too. "Still a weird choice, but what the fuck do I know? The JLD hideout is a magical castle." He doesn't quite smile, but the sound he makes suggests he's trying to inject some levity at least.

"Okay, I'll bite." He allows himself to be tugged, and follows along obediently enough. "What the hell is a shower beer? Is it anything like a beer shower? Because I'm gonna go with no, in that case."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney starts down the hall to lead him to her room. The question about the shower beer though does cause her to grin as it was a suitable distraction at least. Glancing over her shoulder at him with a broad grin she gives a shake of her head.

"No, nothing like that. Apparently you're supposed to take a hot shower and once you get warmed up, crack open an ice cold beer to drink. Something like the temperature difference mixed with the alcohol is supposed to give like some kind of super relaxing feeling. And the humidity of the shower enhances the flavor of the beer or something too."

"I haven't tried it because... well, obvious reasons, but the idea sounds interesting." Plus it was the best thing she could think of to suggest at the moment, all things considered.

She pauses at a door which was similar to several other doors. Some were decorated, some not. Hers was with a little plackard that could be flipped either way. The side currently showing said 'Not Awesome.' Reaching up she flips it to 'Awesome' before opening the door.

Clearly the room was only awesome when SHE was in it.

"Don't laugh, okay? I decorated when I first got here and haven't really since." Decorated is a loose term. There's two posters up. Cats on one, and an old retro replica of one of Captain America's WWII propoganda posters. There was a desk with a computer, a chair. A bed with a fair bit of pillows though none that matched. The bedspread was just plain blue. Nothing to call home about. There's a lawn statue of a duck in one corner facing inward, and a plush stuffed badger laying on the bed itself. Otherwise there was just a closet with obvious gear present for her costume in half, and regular clothes in the other half. Most of it was still new with price tags on. One oddly out of place red evening gown. It was as if this place was just... here. Not really a home.

Robbie Reyes has posed:
Hands jammed into his jacket pockets, Robbie follows along at his usual prowl. Always that faintly predatory aspect to the way he moves, and how he takes up space. He stops outside the door to listen to Gabby explain the concept of a shower beer, but his expression's dubious. Like he thinks she must be playing him, somehow. "I think I'll pass." The flippable sign does make him smirk slightly, though.

And then he's ducking inside after a moment's hesitation. Though seems reluctant to go much further than the doorway, for now. "Guessing you don't spend much time here," he murmurs. The duck, though, gets a quizzical look. "I'd ask if you got a spare shirt, but.." It wouldn't fit him, most likely.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I got you covered," Gabby states simply while she walks over to the desk where there's a small box that she picks up. It was open on the top so what was held inside was easy to see. It looked like a pair of sweat pants, a t-shirt, and some other necessities. A new in-package toothbrush, toothpaste, a small bottle of mouth wash. Bar of soap. A large, fluffy towel. All the things one might need to clean up and change out of ruined clothes.

"I probably do have a few that would fit. I tend to like oversized ones to lounge in, but I got you covered. Casa de Outsiders provides all necessities. ... Conner's a bit bulkier than you but it'll fit I'm sure," she mumbles glancing aside.

"I spend enough time here. I've also got my room at the school. I swap around. I don't really have a 'home base' as it were."

Robbie Reyes has posed:
He's busy taking in the rest of the room while Gabby heads for the desk. His curiosity over the duck *almost* wins out; but she's on her way back with the box. "You.." He makes a sound somewhere between a sigh and a laugh. "You know, you don't have to do this. Take care of me." He watches her eyes, then the contents of the box. Then reaches for it uncertainly.

"Conner.. think I might've met him, that time you brought me by, right?" He sniffs at the soap, like it's a reflex ingrained in him, to make sure it isn't too strong for Rien. A twinge of something enters his expression, and he puts it back. Softer, though with a touch of grit in his voice, "Thanks, Gabby. Appreciate this a lot."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney blows a breath of air out from between her lips creating a very mature 'pfftt' noise at his remark. The box is offered over to him however when he reaches for it. "You asked me for help, why wouldn't I help? Don't worry about it, Robbie." There was enough stuff going on right now that helping him out was certainly the least she could do.

She rocks her weight back a few steps ending up with her rear resting on the side of the desk. Reaching back he rhands grasp the edge lightly in a relaxed manner. "You're welcome, Robbie. If there's anything I can do let me know, okay?" A nod is given in response to his question. "Yeah, Conner is Superboy. Tall guy, dark hair, easy smile, blue eyes, cute... Anyway. Yes you met him." With all the other distractions addressed, she just looks at him quietly a moment. It's only a small breath she takes before speaking again.

"You're wondering about the duck aren't you." Amusement tinging her tone she can't help but break a wide grin. "It's nothing special really. I was out with my sister-in-law at a market and there was this duck statue... Anyway we got it. And this is Jonathan," she 'introduces' when pushing away from the desk to step to the bed. The life-sized replica plush of a badger is held up to display. "Red Robin got him for my birthday last year. Sponsored an actual badger in a rescue for me and I get updates with his photo every now and then."

Grinning, she tucks the head of the plushie under her chin peering at Robbie over the top. "He's great to snuggl with while you sleep if you want to borrow him."

Robbie Reyes has posed:
Well, at least he's not in much of a state to argue about it. The box is pushed toward him, and he accepts it mutely, and tucks it under an arm. "I remember," he notes of Conner. "Real all American guy." He makes an amused huff, and returns her quiet look with his own.

"Your sister in law's Inez, right?" His mismatched gaze shifts from the duck statue, to 'Jonathan' with a raised brow. "Mmhm." Look, he's not a talker, all right? "I'll, uh. Pass. I don't, uh." He blows a breath out his nose. "I just want her back, you know?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"A clone, like me. Conner I mean," Gabby explains as she turns back to the bed to lay down the plush animal. Her hand lingers on it's back a moment giving it a little pet as if it weren't just a fake critter to her. Maybe having the connection to a real one was good enough for her.

"Yeah, that's her. She's good people." Even if she was a mercenary. Her whole family had some ill reputable jobs at times though.

"I know. I'm sorry. I can't help with that right now." Turning back toward him she offers a wan smile. For a moment she hesitates, and then she moves over toward him to just wrap her arms around him in a hug. Just from the side opposite where he held the box so it doesn't get knocked. "I can talk to her later, figure out what's wrong, maybe. For right now though? Let's just get you cleaned up and rested." A little squeeze is added into the hug, yet she lets it linger unless he stops her.

Robbie Reyes has posed:
Unexpected. The guy being a clone, that is. Robbie does not comment on it further, though. He does however note the tenderness with which she treats the stuffed animal, and almost manages a smile. Almost.

"I don't know if that's a good idea, Gabby," he tells her softly when she moves in for the hug. After a moment, he wraps his free arm around her shoulders, and gives her a squeeze. "She was-- is pretty mad. I-- I almost wonder if.." He makes a noise in his throat. "Fuck. Never mind."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney lifts her head to peer up at him with eyes narrowed slightly in a suspicious manner. She may be playing it up just a tad due to trying to distract him. Melodrama was something she knew how to do--Awful over acting was pretty easy after all. Still there's an honest curiosity there when she asks, "Wonder what?" A little bap is given to his back before she steps away letting him have his space again.

"Come on, Robbie, talk to me. There's a ton of stuff going on right now and we know that *thing* was targeting Rien and you." An eyebrow lifts pointedly. "Which is why I think this is gonna require some talking. This *isn't* like you two at all. The way she gushes about you is almost sickeningly sweet, not all this stuff you said. I'm sure it's messing with her head somehow."

Robbie Reyes has posed:
The hug is nice, but Robbie being Robbie doesn't *quite* allow himself to completely ease into it. He looks down at her when she gives him that comically suspicious look; and this time he does smile. Just a brief flash of dimples before it's gone.

"Nah, never mind. It's stupid." He jams his hand into his jacket pocket, once she withdraws. "I just.." He sighs. "I feel like something's off, but I just can't put my finger on *what*. You know? Like one of those find Waldo pictures." No, Robbie, that's a terrible analogy.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney lets out a small sigh as he tries to explain. "A feeling of being unsettled?" She hazards a guess watching his expression as she does. "As I said, something is off. And we'll figure it out. Because all those things she said, about you being inadequate? That's bull." Her eyes roll upward dismissively at the very thought of it being true.

"I mean hell you have two sisters that like you, that alone should tell you that remark is compleeete bullshit. Though given the situation," she lifts a hand to rest over her heart as if she were about to say the pledge of alliegence. "I promise not to make the moves on you. Now go take a shower," she suggests with a laugh, her hand dropping away to swing over to point to the only other door in the room. "It's thataway."

Robbie Reyes has posed:
His expression grows distant, like his mind had wandered off for a moment there. "No. I mean.. yeah. But no." Which.. doesn't really help communicate it any clearer.

He watches her for a little while when she tells him Rien was wrong, then drags his gaze away again for another idle once-over of the room. So the comment about not making the moves on him, catches him slightly off-guard. "Huh?" He snorts derisively. "You trying to tell me I stink?" Well, he is kind of rocking a heady cocktail of blood, brimstone and a layer of dirt. And, to Gabby's delicate nose, something else. Something pungent and metallic, almost kerosene-like.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Gotcha," Gabby remarks with a grin of sheer amusement at his response. The guess though has her nodding quickly in apparent agreement with his assessment. "Juuuust a bit." More seriously she tips her head at him with a little audible sniff of her own.

"Plus it seems like you haven't slept lately. Cocaine helping that?" It wasn't something she'd smelled in awhile. On some criminals, on occasion, but she had more intimate experience with drugs in spite of her apparent innocence on a LOT of other matters.

"Mostly though I know for a fact that being clean and warm can help someone feel better. When was the last time you ate?" Another raised eyebrow.

Robbie Reyes has posed:
Frowning, he lifts his shirt to take a sniff. Then his unencumbered arm, nose briefly shoved into his armpit. "Yeah, I guess I do, a bit." He *has* had a very interesting night. And he's got a handful of fading scars to show for it, briefly visible when his shirt exposes dark skin above the waistband of his jeans.

He's about to amble off for the bathroom, but Gabby's comment about the cocaine makes him pause. "Ain't like that," he tells her after a moment, watching her eyes curiously. "Someone needed a favour. Besides, what do you know about that?" He does not answer the question about when he ate last.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney sits on the edge of the bed with Jonathan in her lap a moment or two longer as he checks himself, then heads for the bathroom to clean up. She stands, intending to head for the door to grab some food and MAKE him eat if she had to, when he pauses to question her.

A hand lifts to lightly rest on the doorframe while she looks back to him grinning wryly. "I know several drugs. Cocaine, E, shrooms... Some stuff that I couldn't put a name to." A small shrug is given. "Julian was a rich boy. We hung out with his rich friends who liked to party. I'd test the drugs beforehand to make sure nothing was bad."

Robbie Reyes has posed:
Robbie makes a funny face at the talk of rich boys and their rich friends. A face like he's not sure whether he's more envious or dismissive of their means. He, after all, is about as far as one can get from a rich kid.

"More'n meets the eye to you, Gabby," he tells her with a chuckle. He seems almost about to say something else, but instead simply turns and vanishes into the bathroom. Half a minute later, the sound of the shower faucet being switched on.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I've got history. Up to me which I display at any given time," Gabby retorts with a grin. She does at least wait until she hears the water running before slipping out into the hall to head for the kitchen. It doesn't take too long. A tray of quick and easy snacks are grabbed. Some healthy, like carrot sticks and a dipping pack of hummus, some not-so-healthy like some cookies and a leftover slice of pizza from somewhere. Just to cover all the bases for the most part.

Yet, while he's in the shower... A hand stretches out to very gently tap a silver beer can down on the side before snakout away again. Just in case he wanted to try it.

Robbie Reyes has posed:
He's fairly perfunctory about getting clean. The blood's washed off, his hair shampooed clean, and a couple of healing wounds briefly inspected; the bullets he took to the gut seem not to have been expelled by his.. well, *un*natural healing abilities, and he grimaces slightly. Gonna have to dig those out later. His other injuries, fortunately, are all but a memory.

Gabby might or might not, then, catch a glimpse of bare ass (heaven forbid) and dark, inked skin. He's hardly shy about his nakedness, though does look briefly startled to see the beer can appear.

Well, no harm in trying it. The *pop* is followed by a quick guzzle, and a pause where he tries to assess whether it's 'working'.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Glimpse? That was beside the point. Gabby was totally not focusing on that right now at least as she listens to the can of beer get popped open which just earns a broad grin. At laest he was trying it. It wasn't much but it might be a little bit of a distraction.

Her current attention is focused on laying out a pile of blankets on the floor near the bed. A pillow follows after, and then she ends up stretching out on the newly created 'bed' herself. "There's food," she calls out with amusement as she pauses to twist her hair around a few times so it doesn't tangle in her face.

Robbie Reyes has posed:
Robbie looks like he's still not sure what the purpose of the shower beer *is*. But he finishes it off dutifully, cranks the water off, and climbs out. Once he's dried off and dressed, he emerges from the bathroom, waggling the empty can between his fingers. "Don't think it worked," he announces. "But thanks."

After a pause, "Who's sleepin' on the floor?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney sits cross legged on the pile of blankets on the floor only to turn toward him when he emerges. "Worth a shot," she reasons about the beer with a small shrug. The question though earns a lift of an eyebrow. "I am," she points out with a chuckle. After all she was already ON the floor. "This way I can guard you while YOU sleep," she points out matter-of-fact as she gestures to the bed for him. "You're the guest after all."

Robbie Reyes has posed:
"Guard ME?" Robbie snorts in amusement and pads in closer, tossing the empty can into the trash. "You gotta be fuckin' kidding me." His still-damp hair is given a vigorous scrub with the towel. "I don't need protecting. And what if you snore?" He eyes her suspiciously.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Yes," Gabby repeats, somewhat serious in her tone. She'd already picked up a hair tie which to start gathering her hair atop her head in a ponytail. Glancing askance at him with one green eye she offers up a grin at his scoffing. "You're the one having nightmares, remember? So I'm guarding you to make sure you can actually rest and get some sleep. That's what people do sometimes, you know. Rely on one another to help."

Her hand flops down from her hair to pat the edge of the bed a few times in a clear 'come here' sort of gesture. "I don't snore. I've had roommates before. Snoring is usually caused by a deviated septum or another health issue and with my healing factor that is not an issue. Even dad doesn't snore and he's a big smoker." Like Rien. She opts not to bring that name into it, though.

"Do you want some white noise on or a fan?"

Robbie Reyes has posed:
The unspoken name is filled in regardless, though, and Robbie looks lost for a few long moments as the remembrance of why he's here sinks in. Brows furrowing, he gives his growing-out curls one last scrub with the towel, then sinks down on the edge of the bed when it's patted. When he looks back at Gabby, the weariness is back. The tension in his shoulders and spine.

"Huh? Sorry, I--" Wasn't listening. "I really don't need you to protect me. Whatever came through that mirror, I think it's gotten what it wanted from me." His mismatched eyes shift back to Gabby's. "Ain't come after you yet, huh?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney purses her lips together as she listens and watches that tension come back to him. A breath is let out slow. Not quite a sigh, but close, as she mentally berates herself for touching on the topic she was trying so hard to get his mind OFF of.

Shifting to the side she leans in against his leg letting her head rest beside his knee trying to offer some comfort from the touch.

"Not so far. At least not that I remember." Her chin lifts to gesture toward the laptop on her desk. "I've been writing down when I go to sleep, and when I wake up, to try and keep track in case... I don't know. Something. So far nothing I can pick out. Maybe it's not going to come at me through dreams." A wry smile comes as she tips her head back to peer up at him. "Though I figure given I'm the least magically inclined or supernaturally touched that I'm not a 'high priority target' for them. Probably just a backup snack when they're desperate."

Robbie Reyes has posed:
The touch is tolerated for a short while in silence, and then he shifts, swinging both legs onto the bed and lobbing the towel at the chair across the room.

"Flat, reflective surfaces." He flops back, letting his head sink into the pillow. "That's what it seems to use, to get in. You might wanna remove any of those.. don't know if it'll help." His head turns against the pillow, and he regards Gabby with a dubious look. "I wouldn't bet on that."

His thoughts start to drift again, and he murmurs after a few moments, "I'm gonna get some sleep. Thanks again." He hesitates, then reaches over to squeeze her arm. "I owe you one."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney reaches up to pat his hand in turn. "None in here you notice," she points out. It was true she'd taken away most of the surfaces other than the one in the bathroom. That had been covered with a towel though. She was working on it. The laptop was the worst potential threat, but that's why she kept it shut.

"Yeah, well. You're welcome," she responds quietly before she shifts back to curl up on the bed she'd constructed on the floor. "Sleep tight."