12327/On Guard Doggos

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On Guard Doggos
Date of Scene: 06 August 2022
Location: Valeria's Room - Four Freedoms Plaza
Synopsis: Valeria and Nat discuss software demos to present to Vivian. Much doggos and the possibility that an AI cat will totally try and kill the meatbags.
Cast of Characters: Valeria Richards, Natasha Romanoff

Valeria Richards has posed:
Being all up in the GIRL life sometimes means Val is often working multiple projects and coordinating them between the labds there and her own at home.

One such project mostly in the software stage has generally been to offer help to her friend Vivian. Much like she's been with art projects. There has been mention of AI canine companions. And Val had been working on her own. Not to steal thunder but mostly to offer extra source code for differing breeds and temperament.

One type that she's offered an invite to Natasha about is up on a holographic display: Military and Police K9 units. The computer doggo is just a display of what would be an ordinary if still adorable Rottweiler sitting at heal in a paused state.

The blonde making the invite chilling in some knee length cutoffs and a Fantastic Four styled cropped football jersey styled top.

Security systems were instructed to let Nat make her way up into the living areas unfettered. Not like the Widow couldn't just break in but that'd just be rude on Val's part.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha, as the security director of GIRL, keeps an eye on everything giong on. So when anything changes, she's sweeping the area down over to the best that she possibly can. No matter how minute. No matter how little she might know of it. So when she's requested over by Valeria to come, she's there over right on time.

And the security permitting her access is amusing. She's the one in charge of it after all. And not that she has established numerous backdoors and emergency controls the likes of which only Nadia knew about after all.

She would arrive on time, somehow.

And right over behind Valeria, no matter the girl's sense of alertness or whatever security she had setup around her. Just silently with one hand over on her hip.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Eventually Val makes a turn about on her woirk and there's Nat right there being silent and stealthy and yet not looking stealthy at all. So skilled at acting casual it even makes the blonde jump.

"Gah, put a bell on or something!" she says and bursts into a laugh.

Val might be one of the smartest people on the planet. But she's still a nerd that really doesn't pay enough attention to her surroundings when she's in a safe environment.

"Okay, yes. Calm that heart rate." she commands herself with a yoga-ish exhale. "So umm, what do you know about working with dogs and stuff in the field. I'm working on sub typing for AI canines to help Vivian pick out a temperament for her Sparky project. But I can kinda see other uses for the AI. So was kinda looking to pick a brain of someone that has the frame of mind for the law and military kind of thing. Kinda figured you8'd be the direct thing cause it'd be faster than having to try and badger Janet and Steve and since this is also a GIRL thing. Keep it6 in house. Janet might be good for the adorable purse sized doggos next. But for this..." she starts kind of rambling.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff would shake her head, "No, where would be the fun in that?" She would go to fold her hands over together. Seemingly jus thaving on her normal equipment. "So what did you wish to see me for?" Her point over at making sure that Valeria knew what she was capable of done, now she was in a more relaxed state.

"So you're looking to make some sort of uplifted canine that can be a pet for Vivian? Or something over that can be weaponized over for her?" There was no reason it couldn't be both after all. "And I take it that you've taken her opinions and experiences into account? And is this being a simulation or are you looking to make some sort of final product for her? And very well. I can give you what input I can."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"I suppose even a cat can learn to hunt with a belll on." Val says with a shrug and chuckles as she moves back on to cyber pooches.

"Well I think she's working on a companion for herself. Synthezoid doggo." she explains with a nod of her head. "So I'm kinda sorta working on differing dog temperaments. The best pups for companionship are often cross breeds. So I figure put together a few software packages she can eventually look at and base her choices on. Like a demo. If she wants she can then incorporate the code into her own pooch." she suggests cheerfully. The holographic dog still unmoving in it's paused state.

"I could probably weaponize the software but I'd rather not. There's too much that can go wrong there. Says the lady with a Doombot doing her laundry." she points out. "But it's all up to her what goes into her final product slash puppers. But I figure short cut options for her would be appreciated. Even professional software engineers pick and copy other people's code. Why should it not extend to synthetic canine breeding." she states cheerfully.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff would nod at Valeria, "And yet none are identical. If you're looking for something along the lines of a pre-established one, you're moving in the direction of something that defeats the purpose. Not all breeds remotely behave the way that they're expected to nor even what they're bred for beyond instinct. I suggest if you're looking for vairous things you also incorporate some randomization algorithms into it. That way you can have a variety of options and also take itno account that nothign is ever quite as you expect." She would glance at Valeria.

"And you should not know hat some of the results are either. Nor should you attempt to tweak them to fit over what you feel she is looking for."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Oh totally. It's been my experience that a dog such as a Rottweiler..." She gestures towards the simulated animal on display. "Like pit bulls. They can be the cuddliest and most adorable dogs ever I've never met a pittie that wasn't all cuddles. The nastiest little thing I saw at a shelter was a bichon frise. But being working dogs are also super clever and intelligent as well. I could just as easily put the training algorithms in to any displayed breed." she points out and nods.

"There is a civillian, public potential for all this as well. But that'd more about making the display hardware cheap enough." she adds and hmmms. "But this is just mostly for Viv. Helping her decide how she wants to go with her own pet. I'm probably just the equivalent of someone offering her own dogs for breeding purposes. If you want I can maybe offer you a copy of this one. Maybe loan it to SHIELD for testing in the field. Personal Security software. I kinda just want to make sure even if I code up some little lap dog for snuggles I didn't just code murder dogs by accident. The randomness. That's always in the compile. I've copy pasted software enough to know even flawless code can go iffy in that process." she coughs. "Pierre" the Doombot in sequins in the laundry.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff would nod over at Valeria, "Perhaps. I have no need of such a thing but I'm sure someone in SHIELD could . File it as a report along with your data and IO'm sure that if there's a need someone will appreciate having access to your algorithms. I don't need any assistance ins uch a thing. And are you looking to let Vivian handle the training of the animal or do you feel like somethign pre-programmed over as well?" She would muse.

"I would suggest erring on the side of giving her freedom if only to try and discover her own way with things. That includes part of having issues with figuring out how to properly treat it and bond with it."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"I'm Sure Dad's got a set up for making stuff available to SHIELD. Hell, there's probably enough software assistants he'd coded up already in use." Val ponders with a grin.

"Being a supergenius even when you were a kid. You soon learn for all your discoveries. Odds are anything I come up with on my own. Dad probably beat me to it by decades." she states and chuckles. "I'll have both new puppy and trained adult options ready for her. Just in case. Older Dogs ned homes too. Just one more little worry. Doing everything for my friends and not letting them have the fun of figuring things out. Even when it's life or death." she states and chuckles again, though it's still more self deprecating.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff would nod over at Valeria, "Yes, but this is your personal work. THere's something different about giving it over yourself." She would nod over at Valeria. "And some things others have to discover on their own and they need to figure out." She would muse over. "And I'm sure that the puppy one will be better, if slightly more frustrating. And have you ever wanted to have one of your own then? Or has your lifestyle not permitted it?" She would iqnuire gently.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"A real, pup. It'd be amazing to raise one. But life and death stuff happens and I wouldn't want to risk a live critter. What happens if we or the family get stuck in another dimension. The HERBIE's and Pierre might be able to physically care for the dog. But it needs human affection." Valeria states as she offers Nat a spot on the couch while the blonde takes a seat of her own. "You want coffee of anything, One of the HERBIES does an amazing cappucino." she plays hostess finally remembering Nat's a guest.

"A software critter. Viv could conceivably bring it on missions and if she makes it with similar capabilities then it could be a reall asset. I expect she'll be able to compile an advanced enough AI it might not be human level but a smart doggo it will be and no doubt adorable and affectionate." There's definite expectations of green furred tummy rubs. "When she's got it done. I might try adapt my own for possible service animal purposes. Somepeople could always use a companion but can't for various reasons. Allergies, disabilities that prevent mobility and prevent them from the messier care the animal needs. No poop to scoop!"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff would nod over at Valeria, "That makes sense. And is smart of you. S ometimes being aware of what your limitations are and what you can feasibly do is the hardest thing of all otehrs. Knowing that you wouldn't give such a thing a good home is hard to acknowledge but is veyr mature." she would glance over.

"Perhaps you could make a software pet for yourself? Or even with your technology do those have a habit of going on a rampage under htier own cognizance?" It's hard to tell if she's teasing or not.

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's a swish of her wrist communicator and a HERBIE starts bringing out coffee. Val claiming a cup of foamy goodness and taking a siup like it sacved her life.

"The possibility it might rampage is pretty real. I've got this holoboi on soft light projection for now. But I'm also not my father or god father and totally fine with letting peer review be a thing. Cause if I just compiled and let a hard light poodle run amok biting ankles I'd have to explain things to Mom." she adds and chuckles.

The ire of a disappointed Susan Richards.

"It's also probably good I don't in case I don't go out. Which sometimes I don't do enough of as it is. A pet that doesn't actually need walkies outside might finally be what turns me into crazy hermit chick. Luckily I haven't coded up any cats."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff would glance at Valeria, "I wonder what it is that so many artificial intelligences are preidposed to such things. Is it perhaps a fact of life then that those whom are made in such a way seek to strongly assert thier independence over?" She would quip over.

"And no,you do not wish to do such a thing. It would end badly for you and your mother. It is not somethingyou want to have happen. I'm sure that your mother would be disappointed.. Even after she was done being a blood donor for it and your uncle had fled away from it>"

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Maaaaybe save the cats for Uncle Ben. His rocky butt can handle the claws. Anything less than Uncle Doom levels of evil just wouldn't be feline." Valeria states and chuckles over her own coffee.

The HERBIE staying poised to server Nat her choice if it's directed.

"Think a lot of the whole AI uprising thing is usually when you let themk learn enough to be self aware. That's how you end up with Doom bots thinking they're the real thing and wanting to take over the world. Of you get something like Brainiac. Way worse. Just ask the Genoshans what they think about that. Vivian's a blessing I think. No actual want for subjugation... yet."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff would go to listen over, "I'm sure that there are a great many things over htat can be done to ameliorate it. And to make sure they never go voer that gulf." She would listen over. "And let's not use something over liek that term. It will go quite badly for anyone that hears it. Even an articiial intelligence does not deserve such a fate possibly as what it might feel as slavery. It has if it comes into existence as much right to freedom as any other." She would gesture over at Herbie and shake her hea.d

Valeria Richards has posed:
"To be fair I'm sure Vivian enjoys the sight of humans on her knees." Val deadpans and pauses for a second. "That was a joke." she says and finally grins. "Yeah, if it happens it happens usually naturally. On it's own. I'm all for letting someone be free and able to self determine when it happens. Life finds a way. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings." the blonde states in an actual agreement with Natasha over that whole matter. "It's kinda why I maybe suggested Viv's companion be given sentience straight off the bat. Real animals can process and make choices. It's what the animal righst activists argue. But they refuse to see animals as family. Give love, get love."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff would smirk, "I'm sure that it was. Just the sort of joke you should leave over to Vivian. Where's the fun if she doesn't get to make it herself?" She would muse over. "And shouldn't it be sapience? SEntience is osmehting that comes merely from the ability to form thoughts and have instincts. An amoeba is not sentient. But an animal is." She would muse over.