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A New Stoodent
Date of Scene: 19 April 2020
Location: Rogue's Room
Synopsis: Rogue and Mystique's latest alias to get close to her, i.e. Charlotte the young teenage Xavier's School student, eat snacks and watch tv in Rogue's room!
Cast of Characters: Raven Darkholme, Rogue

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    It's not a late night but it's not early evening either, but it's late enough that some people are falling asleep lately and as such, the newest student in the school has decided to sneak about and go around introducing herself. On her second night, the girl being called Charlotte finds herself outside of Rogue's door. Mystique knows it's Rogue's door, but she will be acting the novice and the newbie. There's a rasping on the door frame, not the actual door. Something new and unique she's putting into the persona. She knocks twice and waits a moment to see if anyone is even inside.

Rogue has posed:
Well. There's been dinosaurs around the school...

So Rogue had spent the past day down in the X-Men base, but had slipped up to the bedroom floors via the hidden lift, and she'd slipped into her bedroom and shut the door behind her. But when 'Charlotte' knocks on her door she'll hear music muffled beyond it.

It takes a few seconds before the door opens and the girl with the white bangs is peaking around the door to see who it is who knocked on her door!

"Uh, hey there." Rogue says, she doesn't know the girl by her face. "You new here?" She asks. Rogue then pulls the door open, wearing a green tanktop, and loose black sleeping pants. She puts one hand on the door frame and the other on the door, then peers out into the hallway. "There any dinosaurs out here?" She quietly asks the girl.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "Y-yeah." Charlotte says in a mousy voice as she looks up towards Rogue, being nearly a head shorter than the southern woman. The young mutant stands there in blue pajamas that look like Andy's wallpaper with sky blue and clouds in a repeating pattern. "I'm new and ... um, no, no dinosaurs but I think I hear them once in a while." The young brunette girl softly speaks. "I was told I should go around introducing myself." She says, looking down and lifting her right hand up to her hair and brushes the strands back behind her ear, the streak of blue highlights showing off as she does this. "But there's dinosaurs about so I figured... I better make some friends fast." Charlotte says with a chuckle.

Rogue has posed:
With the coast clear, Rogue just leans against the door frame and folds her arms together over her stomach as she stares at the 'girl' before her. "Well, ya might wanna just stay in your room and hunker down for the weekend, with all the weirdness goin' on. But I admire your tenacity t'get t'know folks." She states. "I'd offer t'shake your hand too, but I ain't wearin' gloves and my mutation doesn't like it when I shake people's hands without'em--" She pauses, considers that. "Or, it's arguable it likes it way too much if I do." She shows a smirk then before she nudges her door open fully with her toe then motions inside her room. "Come on in." She tells the younger girl. "I'm Rogue, and this is my chamber of quietness. Take a seat, if ya like. I got some drinks and snacks if you'd like them too?"

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "Touch huh... I can ... I can I don't feel great about it yet it's still so new." Charlotte explains as she slowly enters Rogue's room and openly looks around as if she's seeing it the first time. "I figure if I can make friends while danger is going on, then they'll be friends for life. That's how it works in those books right?" Charlotte smirks as she looks up to Rogue and stands awkwardly in the middle of the room.

Rogue has posed:
Since the girl doesn't take an offered seat anywhere, or takes her up on a drink or snack food, Rogue just walks to one of the two chairs in her room and sits down in one to reach over and unmute the television with a push of her tv remote. The tv is on an episode of some urban exploration video being played on the tv from Youtube. Rogue looks over to the girl and just smirks at her. "Well. You're an Xavier's School student now. So that means you gotta get used t'weird stuff goin' on around you all the time. This place can teach a lot, but you gotta stay on your toes. That's what I've learned since I got here." She tips her chin toward the door. "The home is beautiful, it's fun t'just walk around inside'a and it feels like a treat t'get t'live in such a nice place, but..." She looks back to Charlotte. "Watch yourself around here, lots a strange things goin' on."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "Like dinosaurs?" Charlotte teases as she watches Rogue sit down and moves to sit on the floor near Rogue and she looks up towards the tv once before looking back at Rogue curiously and then to the TV again. The young mutant pretender takes a soft breath as she sits on her bottom and crosses her pj covered legs. "Whatre you watching, and ... um... you mentioned snacks, like, popcorn?" Mystique asks softly and with a look towards the door, still kind of afraid of the idea of dinosaurs.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over to the girl who settles in to the floor as a chair. "It's called The Proper People." She replies to the question of what's on the tv. "They're these cute young guys who have been exploring abandoned urban locations for the past like ... I dunno how long. I saw one'a their videos in my feed a few months ago and I've been just kinda... watchin' tons of'em. It reminds me of my past two years where I was on my own, havin' t'find places t'sleep that were run down and creepy, like where they go."

Rogue smirks then and she stands up and strides across her room to her clothes cabinet. She opens it up and it doesn't have clothes in it, it's loaded with food, snacks, beverages and the like. She pulls out a bag of popcorn and grabs them both a couple bottles of red liquid. She offers one to Charlotte with the popcorn. "Here ya go, Sugah. IT's a berry drink, very sweet, but all natural stuff. It's sooo good!""

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "Is this wine? I don't think I'm old enough..." The girl says but she does slowly take it calmly and with a hint of a devious grin. "I don't think you are either." She says with a smile. "You had to sleep on your own in creepy places like that?!" Charlotte asks with a lift of her eyebrows as she looks to Rogue with awe and amazement. "I bet that was scary." She says, curling her legs to her chest and holding them as she looks forward, imagining living on her own and tears start to well up. "That's awful."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smirks at the younger girl as she settles back in to her own chair and tucks one leg up underneath her. "No, it's not wine." She tells her. "Wine doesn't come in individual bottles marked with 'Berry Plosion' on the label." She quips back at the kid, before she shakes her own bottle up. "Do this." She tells the girl, having NO IDEA THAT THIS IS MYSTIQUE WHO IS REALLY CRUEL TO DO THIS KIND OF THING TO PEOPLE!

"Then pop it open and sip it." She does as she says so the girl can see hwo she does it. Once opened, Rogue raises it up for a sip. Then exhales. "Ah... juicy fruity bits'n'red drink. It's the bee's knees, doll face." Rogue tells the younger one then with a grin. "So what brings you to Mutant High?" She then asks.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    Charlotte opens the bottle and takes a moment to lift the opening to her nose and she takes a long deep sniff. "Oooh, okay..." She says and then with the back of her hand she wipes the tear from her eyes and then takes a cautious sip. "That's delicious!" She says with a smile as she sits and looks up to Rogue and points.

    "You pop the popcorn and I'll tell you." She smirks. "I'm a mutant, my parents were embarrassed and couldn't have a mutant daughter at home." Charlotte says with spit and bile in her tone as she doesn't want to sound happy about her parents sending her away for being different.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue snorts a laugh at the girl and reaches over to snatch the popcorn bag from her. "They're already popped, ya numbskull." She says as she opens the bag and then hands it back to the girl. "Look et." She smirks then and points to the chair across from her. "Ya don't gotta sit on the floor either."

The Belle settles back in to her chair and motions to the tv. "You want to watch something else? I know this stuff weirds people out. What's your name anyway, kiddo?"

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "Oh." Mystique says as she takes the popcorn bag back and sticks her hand into the bag to take a handful and eat from her hand slowly and each individual popped corn in her hand until its empty. She looks up to Rogue with a sad kind of look before she looks back to the tv and swallows.

    "Um, no, it's your room, you can watch whatever you want." Charlotte explains as she looks down towards her seat on the floor and rocks back and forth. "No, the floor is good, and oh, right. Sorry Rogue. I'm Charlotte... or however you wanna change that." Mystique explains.