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BoP: Action Bark
Date of Scene: 19 August 2022
Location: Action Park - New Jersey
Synopsis: The Birds of Prey visit an old cursed park, and battle with some new foes that are quickly becoming arch nemesis levels!
Cast of Characters: Barbara Gordon, Zatanna Zatara, Harley Quinn, Bette Kane, Dinah Lance, Helena Bertinelli

Barbara Gordon has posed:
The situation was pretty straight forward tonight. A abandoned amusement park known as 'Action Park' has apparently been infiltrated by memvers of this strange Werewolf sect that has been plaguing the undercity of Gotham. As it turns out, this is the same park that the gas powered cars had been stolen from that the Birds helped stop the underground race from tearing apart the tunnels a few months back. This old park in New Jersey was filled with infamous exploits of park-goers being killed back in the 1980s and 1990s due to terrible lacking measures in place to force the park owners to hold standards toward, and instead... the place was just a mess of injuries, and death.

It sits on a massive amount of land, and has been closed off for a long time now, waiting for new ownership.

Tonight, a call has come out from Batgirl-Babs to come to the site, and help her sus out reports of young people who have infested the park ilegally.

Batgirl had arrived on her motorcycle, and parked it a little ways away. She'd taken to the skies moments later, and now rests atop a large sign denoting the various water slides, and wave pool that are featured in this closed-down park.

<"Birds. We got movement inside. Looks like a party is going on at the pond, or lake, or whatever it is they've built in the center of the park. There's lights, fires, and I can hear music. Not sure how many people we're dealing with, and if these really are the Wolves we're after... this could get messy once they realize we're here. But we need to make a presence known, see if we can't find a leader of this group. We gotta get more answers outta these people."> Comes Babs' voice over the team comms.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
    Offscreen, a purple line burns in the air and resolves into a doorway. Next, the toe of a black high top appears, followed by a slender leg in black jeans. Finally, Zatanna tugs on the hem of a chic black leather jacket and puts a finger to the comm in her ear.

    In a husky, contralto voice, she asks,<<Are we going to howl tonight, ladies? I'm incoming, Babs. See you shortly.">>

    Out from the cover of trees surrounding the periphery of the pond, a black silhouette appears, and the Mistress of Magic joins Barbara Gordon, the Mistress of Tech.

She lifts a slender hand in greeting and smiles, "How's it going? It looks like we are going to go in strong tonight. Should we split up or go in together?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
So it was that Harley Quinn had indeed answered the call in this fated night! Maybe turning a new leaf and she had even come early. She is taking this seriously apparently!

But why did she come in this open top truck that looks older than time? Sus. And why is it already half-full with salvage from within the amusement park? What is Harley up to?!

<< I am already inside. >> She reveals on comms. What the heck?! << Gettin' some salvage for my park. Say, if you guys find some good copper wire let me know. And oh yea, think I heard some music further down, but haven't explored much. >> She is just finishing loading another haul into her truck like the scavenger she is and brushes her hands together.

And now that the rest of the Birds are arriving it's time to get to work. So she opens the passenger door of her truck and brings out her good ol' grenade launcher. It worked last time! It will work now too. She hefts it over a shoulder, along with her little bag of tricks and a baseball bat. She was ready to kill!

<< Wait, answers?! I thought we were gonna be killing them! >> she looks at her grenade launcher and sighs, muttering. "Fine, non-lethal grenades it is..."

Zatanna appearing makes her grin, "I am all for howling!"

Bette Kane has posed:
Bette Kane was arriving a tiny bit late, as she had to get the family limo to drop her off a bit away. The last time she had used a 'disposable' motorcycle, but that seemed just bad in so many ways. Changing on a rooftop, she glided into the scene outside the fences and crept up to the group.

<Flamebird on site.> Bette announced to the comms.

A pause, Bette knows she has a showy suit, and that she would be considered the least ninja of 'the Bats' and likely the 'Birds' as well. Conversely, not overly durable or intimidating. She bit her lip,

<If you want a sighting to draw attention that is unlikely to really spook them into fleeing, I am likely a good choice Batgirl.>

Dinah Lance has posed:
Another motorcycle had provided transport for Dinah to the scene, though she was currently the Black Canary in appearance. The black body suit with a high neckline with a pair of fishnet leggings. Black boots that came up almost to the knee. A matching leather jacket and pair of gloves completing the look. She left the bike parked near Barbara's then made her way further into the park.

Though her passage kept her on the ground for now. Her gaze was off toward the lake area though she couldn't really see anything from her location.

<Canary here. I'm game for one-on-one or we could use Flamebird's suggetion. Herd them to us? Might be easier but it might be like herding cats. Dogs. Whatever.>

Helena Bertinelli has posed:
Helena Bertinelli-Huntress made her way to the park and arrived not long before the indicated meeting time. Parking her bike, she made her way inside the park.

<Huntress here. Inbound to your location now, Batgirl.>

A moment later, the sound of a grapple is heard and she soon drops onto the overlook near Batgirl and Zatanna. A serious nod is followed by a half smile. "Ladies." Pulling out her binoculars, she looks at the party in the distance as well. "... that's a lot of activity for an abandoned park, isn't it?"

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Babs watches Harley's approach with that truck loaded with salvage. It garners a big, enormous, frown, on the woman's lips. But she leaves it for the time being. Once everyone starts to gather up, Babs descends from the park sigh, with a whoosh of her cape, then comes to stand amongst everyone else.

The thumping of the music can be heard to the north, along with some shouts, laughs, and other noises of revelry carrying on the wind.

"I haven't called the Police about this yet. I want a chance to try and discover who might be the leader of this group. Not everyone here... might be... you know, of the wolfen persuasion. We might just be dealing with some stupid kids looking to enjoy their last weekend out from school. Or... maybe they're all.. Werewolves." She glances to the north, not liking to have to use that word in a serious conversation still.

The green eyed gal in the Bat-cowl looks back to those on her team here tonight. "I'd like to surround them, and make ourselves known. I think they'll be less inclined to riot if we announce ourselves, but---"

A woman can be heard screaming, followed by a gunshot, and then... a howl. All to the north.

"I guess you're right, Zatanna." Babs says, as she raises her grapple gun. "Change of plans. Lets rush them." And with that, the grapple gun is fired off, and Babs once more takes to the skies with the moon and stars providing twinkling light sources high, high, above!

A short distance to the north, the woman is continuing to scream, as the youthful people gathered around the lake are all watching her out on a wooden raft get stalked-toward by two large furry bipedal Wolves. The wolves are growling, snarling, and stalking toward the blonde woman who is wearing a swimsuit and crawling away from them toward the end of the raft, as they walk carefully down a wooden dock toward her.

On the shore, about 20 people all stand, and watch, with one of them standing up by a rope swing that goes out over the lake, he's holding a handgun in his left hand, his arms covered in tattoos. They're all just watching, and laughing, or cheering the wolves on.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
    Eyes flickering between the formidable women answering the call, Zatanna barely has time to nod to each one on their arrival. Harley gets a quick grinning flash of teeth, "Harley." Helena, a touch on the arm and a murmured hello. She gives a thumbs up to the Black Canary and Flamebird.

    A scream cuts off any other sign of camaraderie.

    With a snap of her fingers, Zee flashes out of existence and to the edge of the gathering of people watching 'the floating show'. She hovers in the air and announces in a spectral voice, booming over the heads of the spectators. "Can we play, too?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Hello everyone!" She greets the 'gang' when it's all gathered, waving one hand and having a big wide grin on her lips.

All until she notes Babs frowning at her, "Woah! Ya lookin' at me just like blonde-batgirl normally does!" Harley accuses with a frown herself back at Babs. Then she squints her eyes as if trying to discern something else on Barbara's expression. Bit of a suspicious look on the clownette and it seems like she won't stop staring until....


That gets the Birds into action, including Harley. Not that she has fancy grapple guns so she runs over to the edge of the clearing that gives a clear view of what's going on down there. "Holy smokes! I hope they ain't all wolves." wishful thinking maybe.

Harley finishes loading a grenade into the launcher and the points it .., to the sky. When she shoots there's a silvery sound, followed by confetti that explode into a bright explosion that lights up the sky momentarily. "Come and try mess with gals your own size, bitches!" she challenges the wolves. Better than the alternative of them eating up that poor girl!

Bette Kane has posed:
Selective bum-rush is something Bette can do too. She leaps up to the fence top with minimal effort and then jumps forward to get her grapple maximum distance and hit the top of a Ferris wheel. Flying, assisted gliding, is actually something Flamebird -is- really good at. From there it is a jump, and a glide within range before activating the 'Flaming' effect on her glider cape. A tap to her goggles to zoom in help her pick a target as she makes a circle.

What the hey, drop a few flashbangs in the middle for fun, if this is a show of force, Bette can at least contribute to the show part of it and make a bit of scatter and confusion, maybe expose the leader when it tries to recover from chaos. It will only amplify Harley's already dazzling display. And Bette can stay aloft for a little more to be selective.

Dinah Lance has posed:
The next part of the circle around those gathered was Dinah. Though she might not seem as intimidating, there was something about her demeanor and the coldness in her blue eyes that took away any chance of dismissing her as just some gal in fishnets.

She had pulled as staff out of her jacket and pushed the button on it, extending it out to full sized and spinning it lightly. Though she had gone a step further, knowing what they were up against. There were silver 'caps' over both ends of the staff, each about three inches long. Not to mention she had a few other silver items she'd brought along in case they were needed.

Helena Bertinelli has posed:
Helena Bertinelli nods to Zatanna, "...hey." the acknowledgement quiet. But then her attention is pulled away and she frowns as the situation becomes even more fluid. The scream and gunshot are not good signs.

<Lock and load, Birds. These things move really freaking fast. Don't under estimate them and try not to get cornered.>

She fires off a grapple line and is following Batgirl's approach. <This is a good time to switch to those silver rounds Carrie made for us..>

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Zatanna just appears in the sky over the barrel-fire-lit lake, which garners everyone's eyes going right up to her! It's Harley's display there-after that gets even more reactions, as some of the young women in the group start to shout in surprise. With Bette adding to the chaos as she comes flaming in across the nightscape above.

The tattooed man shouts something, before he raises his gun up and just starts to fire at Zatanna first, four shots rapidly being squeezed out of the pistol, before he aims two more in Bette's direction!

The flashbangs that go off really cause the chaos to spike up then, with screams from the various anxiety-proned people here to party, while more start to writhe and change in to their Wolven forms. Those who start to change now, are different from the two that had been stalking across that dock toward the blonde woman on the wooden raft. Those two are silver and white furred, looking very Wolf-like still. While those changing on the shoreline, are darker of skin tone, with less hair, and more of a mutant-monster appearance! They're massive too, and start to run rapidly around the perimeter of the lake, headed toward those on the ground, Harley and Dinah naimely.

<"If you armed up with Silver weapons, now is the time."> Babs says over the comms, glancing back to Helena to give her a thumbs up before she drops out of the sky on to the wooden raft, to cut the two Werewolves off from the blonde girl. <"Someone get the damsel in distress outta here?"> Babs asks as she produces two silver spikes in either hands, as the two werewolves bare down on her!

As more of the party goers start to run away, some engines can be heard starting up, more gas-powered-go-carts with their headlights coming on, driving toward Harley and Dinah!

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
    Confetti exploding in the background thanks to Harley completes the look Zee was hoping for, the flashbangs add spice to the cauldron. <Will go for the damsel! But first....>

    Golden shields spin into existence in front of each Bird, opaque at first, then resolving into translucent circles etched with runes that won't obstruct the view. Shotgun pellets clatter against them like heavy hail on a roof.

    Zee swoops over the crowds heads and over the pond toward the woman and touches down on the raft. It teeters precariously for a moment as Zee approaches the woman, one hand held out to calm her.

    "We are heading out of here. No one is using you as the fox in their hunt tonight!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
<<"Silver weapons?">> Clearly Harley didn't get the memo about using silver to counter the creatures. Ah well! But maybe explosives will do the job. And then there are wolves running at them. "Now I'd really like to have those grapple guns..." she mutters at Dinah who seems to be a land lubber like her.

<<"We got wolves and some road rage headin' oouh way, gonna be hard to get the damsel out!">> then a wicked grin coming to her lips. <<"We can make a hell of a distraction though...">> And she points the launcher towards one of the cars coming their way. She shoots right to the front of it. Which will almost certainly make it run off course!

Yep, explosives make one heck of a distraction! Harley isn't here for stealth tonight, that's for sure.

And now she looks all golden with the shields! "Thanks Zee!" she shouts to the flying sorceress.

Bette Kane has posed:
-GUNS- werewolves using guns was well, not really fair. Bette was zooming pretty fast, so she yanked up and did a roll. The whole while wincing in pain. Her shoulder had been clipped by the first show. Luckily, because of the glider cape connection, this was the point where her ballistic weave was the thickest on her suit.

<Hit.. I am .. Fine.>

Never-the-less, the light-up affect is cancelled quickly, and she loses a good bit of altitude before recovering with uplift just before she would have crashed. For second blinded by her new shield as she uses the last of her momentum to plant both feet into the gun wielder and launch him backwards as she bounces back on her butt.

Being afraid it might actually kill them, Bette opted not to use silver. She did have one special popper grenade that she planned on saving, loaded with aconitum, AKA wolvesbane. She had been careful to go for a yield that most likely would just nauseate non-wolves and hoped it would do the same to the wolfmen. That was kept back for now though, instead, she goes for taking out the gun, and relieving that problem with a series of kicks and darts and weaves.

Dinah Lance has posed:
The shield is a welcome surprise because, when all is said and done, most of them are very squishy. At least when hit with a vehicle moving at speed. Thus better avoided. Though the vehicles are her priority since they will arrive before the charging werewolves.

She is preparing to dodge when Harley just fires a launcher at one of the vehicles, causing Dinah to blink in surprise. She can't hide the smirk thereafter.

"Well, since we are going loud..."

Dinah lets the last word trail off, pausing to draw in air. And when she opens it again, she lets out a powerful ultrasonic scream, her Canary Cry, that should be enough to destroy the approaching vehicle. The person inside should be somewhat protected but it likely will knock them out, not kill them.

Helena Bertinelli has posed:
Helena Bertinelli drops down with some distance between herself and Batgirl, switching grapple ammo for the silver bolts now in both crossbows. Drawing them up she looks around, "This got exciting quickly, didn't it?" she asides to the redhead.

When Zatanna is in position to whisk the girl away, Huntress relaxes - a little.

As the shield manifests in front of her Huntress breathes a thanks to Zee - one of the Were's had just leaped at her and rebounded off it. Having no idea how long it'll last she isn't about to let it go to waste. She fires off two bolts at the Were.

"Here they come!" She has to roll away as one tries to flank the shield to get at her.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
With Helena, and Zatanna landing on the wooden raft with her, babs feels well supported by backup this time, as opposed to the first night she ran in to these Werewolves out in the wilds of Gotham's Narrows. "It would seem so." Babs says back to Helena through gritted teeth as the two very Wolf-like enemies start to rush down the dock toward them, both using their forepaws to better propell themselves now! Helena's first shot is dodged, but the second one pops the first Wolf right in its shoulder, causing it to thrash and sway on the dock before it lunges for Helena, trying to pounce her on the rather unstable raft! The second then leap-frogs over the first toward Babs who lunges toward IT with her silver spikes pushed out toward its shoulders!

Zatanna gets the blue eyes of the blonde woman who seems stunned by this mage's appearance. "Who... who are you?" She asks, before she just starts shaking her head and sitting up to stand. Her head continues to shake, rapidly, as the bones in her skull start to break and extend. Sickening sounds of this transformation begin to emit from her body as she starts to grow, her suit popping free as her naked form is now just a grotestque dark skinned monster, that is snarling, and clawing toward Zatanna!

Across the lake, Harley's grenade does indeed cause one of the gas carts to flip over, its front left tower completely ripped apart, as it collides with a rock wall, smashing through it and ending up sliding across the grass and old stone pathway...

The next cart suffers a similar fate, though this one is completely rocked by Canary's cry! The driver of the vehicle has to abandon it, leaving the cart itself to just wildly drive out of control right in to the back of an old beer dispensory! The resulting crash is quite impressive, with a fire soon breaking out after the crumbling building starts coming apart!

All while up on the hill Bette's kick knocks the tattoo'd man backward several steps before disarming him of that handgun. He fights back for a moment, before he too starts to change right before Bette's eyes. His tanned muscled body turning obsidian black, and his muscles grow three times the size, as he just releases a powerful roar at the Flamebird, before trying to pounce her, to devour her!

On the shore, some of the partiers are just fleeing, while others have also turned in to their 'lycan' form, to now rush toward Harley and Dinah!

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
    Two sets of blue eyes widen in surprise. Zee rocks backward off balance on the raft; the magician shakes her head at the nauseating crackling of bone and cartilage. The overwhelming uncanniness and smell of wolf in the area had camouflaged the Lycan from the magician.

    She takes a swift, deep breath and reflexsively rises above the raft, out of range of the claws slicing the air.

    "Not the bait, I thought you were, darling. Time for you to take a powder. The magician points at the woman and commands, ""!peelS"

Bette Kane has posed:
At least the gun is out of play. Bette works with what she has. What she doesn't think she has is the skill to match versus the brawn of the wolfman. On the other hand, the -Magnificent Zatanna- gave her another option. She waits till the leap has her foe in the air to shift her position to plant the magical barrier in his way. Just encase, she did curl up her knees to kick him on over if the shield failed, but it didn't. A spin roll and kip up. She makes the most of getting behind the creature by jumping on its back and tossing the wolvesbane popper into his chest when he starts to get up. A purple dyed marker cloud showing off the area of the gas.

Situational awareness check, and a bird-a-rang to any that might be taking advantage of her back as she just had to the shooter turn wolf. She was too far in the middle of the fray, and that was never good,

<Zatanna, can you pop to the edge, please?>

Dinah Lance has posed:
At least there aren't any hot rod little vehicles coming her way for the moment. Instead it was rather large, hostile, and fuzzy creatures that looked like they wanted to eat her for dinner.

"My what big teeth you have," she murmured as she prepared for the first one that was about to get within range. She was nimble, quick to move and dodge as needed. Avoiding a claw coming her way, sidestepping a bite.

"They make such pretty targets!" And she /slammed/ the silver capped end of her staff in the direction of the beast's head. This wasn't a gentle, holding back sort of blow. This was meant to be painful and, if lucky, perhaps knock the creature out so she could focus on the next one. If nothing else, maybe it would lose some teeth.

Helena Bertinelli has posed:
Helena Bertinelli is hit by that charging lycan even when she tried to roll out of the way. The damned tunnel of love boat just wasn't large enough to really move around easily. For her sake, the huge wolf is above her snarling. She grimaces, "You -ever- brush your teeth? my god..." Her crossbow however is pointed at soft lycan belly and she fires off three bolts point blank.

Using the recoil of pain from the silver, she shoves with her feet, "And I don't do missionary on the second date!" she snarls, firing two bolts from her other wepaon into the stricken lycan. She dives away, using the moment to slap in new clips into each crossbow.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Babs and that actual Werewolf collide, with her silver spikes sinking in to his shoulders. The wolf roars at the redhead, her strength-enhancing Bat-suit allowing her to go toe-to-toe with the creature as they both land back down on the dock now, his huge paws coming up to try and rip her off of him, as his giant mouth tries to take off her forearm! But Babs just takes one of the spikes, and jams it in to his mouth, sending the spike up through his nose and out through the top of his head. The creature drops to the ground then in front of her, as Babs falls to one knee and spins around to look toward Zatanna and Helena!

Zatanna's elegant spell casting has the Lycan-girl staggering, taking wobbling steps on huge pawed feet now, as she starts to get drousey, and yet still somehow fights it. Her left clawed hand coming up, she tries to swipe it at Zatanna, but then a yawning snarl leads her to just falling right over, and rolling off of the raft with a loud splash in the dark water of the park's pond!

Helena's crossbow discharges rapidly, right in to the belly of that other pure Werwolf! It roars in pain, its jaws snapping at Helena's face before it swipes its right arm at her midscection, only to get a spike in the back from the arriving Batgirl! "Shoot it in the head!" Babs says to Helena through gritted teeth. "This isn't a person anymore..." She'd learned that first hand recently...

On the shore to the south, Dinah finds her silver staff to be pretty effective, at least in regards to hitting the creature, and causing the dark skinned Lycan to get pushed aside toward the base of a park sign, where it turns and charges at her again, the resilience of the creature on display! As it charges, it rips down a sign post and swings it at Dinah, using its own weapon, showcasing just how intelligently different the Lycans are from their brethern the Werewolf! Meanwhile, Harley is dealing with the vehicles, another blast going off, as two of them race toward Harley's truck, with one going up in flames, leaving the driver to run toward her truck's open driver door!

And on the northern shore, the biggest of the Lycans is still after Bette, howling when its deflected by that magical shield of protection cast over the woman. It staggers back, lowering down on to all fours, as it tenses its muscles up and rushes her again, intending to shove her right off the 5 foot ledge in to the dark waters of the pond also!

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
    Below her, the action is hot and heavy. Silver spikes flash in the ambient light. Claws barely miss their intended target. Helena's, 'missionary on the second date,' wrings a laugh out of Zatanna, completely inappropriate for the moment. She whirls in place, still hovering above the raft. <Launch your weapon, I'm out of the way.> she returns to Flamebird.

    A familiar herbal smell wafts through the air, a high note of green above the copper of blood and the musk of lycan. Someone has used aconitum in place of silver. <Who used the aconitum? That's brilliant.> No matter the situation, the magician pays too high a price if she kills.

"Drat! No you don't!" she exclaims when the tipsy Lycan goes overboard and points to the shore. "!pU !erohS"

Bette Kane has posed:
There is still hope, but for now the purple power popper of wolvesbane does not seem to do the job. Flamebird sees the charge, and deploys her the glider affect on her cape again, as a rear shield. Then she dives forward low to the ground to let momentum of the Lycan carry him over. If he, and he likely might hit the cape, the ballistic weave and the friction reducing coating would hopefully just make the claws slip off without sinking considering the crisscross.

A flip and a roll and she launches off after her wolfman as he crashes into the water. She had expected to be 'poofed' somewhere, but Zee was likely busy or Bette hadn't explained herself well. Again both feet in the creature's back and her metal covered fists just start to beat on the back of its head, trying to keep the snout under the water and remain on that sweet spot of the large back where hand/claws couldn't reach.

Dinah Lance has posed:
That...didn't go quite as she hoped. Good news, it got hurt by the staff enough that it missed her entirely. Bad news, it didn't get hurt enough that it stopped coming. Thankfully Harley was keeping the vehicles off her but there were more lycans on the way toward them! Not to mention one about to take Harley's truck and all her ill-begotten gains in the back of it.

Dinah almost felt sorry for that one. Almost. Because Harley was not going to be happy.

As the sign was swung at her, she quickly jumped back out of the way then used the staff to block another blow. She could feel the vibration from the impact going up her arms to her shoulders and gritted her teeth tightly. "You are starting to piss me off," she snarled at the creature.

This time she wasn't even playing. A block and then she went for multiple blows at various pressure points on the body of the beast. Pinpoint strikes meant to cause extreme pain, then the final thrust of the tip toward the beast's belly in the hopes of breaking through the skin.

Helena Bertinelli has posed:
Helena Bertinelli growls back at the big lycan. And then Batgirl is stabbing at it and telling her her aim is off.

"Dammit." Slapping home the second clip of bolts, she has to dive away again. THe lycan is swiping dangerously at her, snapping his jaws, while Batgirl is riding atop him hanging on to her spikes. "Keep your head down Batgirl!!"

Hitting the ground with a pained sound, she ignores her shoulder and fires off four shots at the head and throat of the lycan. One of them looks like it may fly true - right for the slatthering creature's left eye.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Batgirl is indeed riding on the back of that furry werewolf! She's got both of her silver spikes embedded inside its back now as it tries to thrash around and toss her off. but the redhead just grips the spikes, and ducks her head as Helena fires at the beast's skull! Plunk, plunk! The bolts sink right in, and with a gutteral growl, the Werewolf starts to drop down to the ground with a thud in the middle of the wooden raft...

On the shore, the Lycan that Bette was fighting was still snuffling from the Wolfsbane that had been burst against its chest, but it was still trying to fight while the Flamebird tries to drown him in the water, his powerful arms attempting to push himself up out of the water!

The Lycan-girl that Zatanna felled in to the drink, is sent up to the shore just beside Bette, still just snoring as the limp Lycan body is still blissfully asleep!

Dinah is locked in a pretty fierce duel with her Lycan attacker, but the big creature is not as skilled as she is, not nearly as well exercised in fighting, and soon that silver tip of her weapon is stabbed in to the stomach of the creature! It roars in agonizing pain before it clutches its stomach, and turns to flee! It's soon leaping over a stone fence and running toward the waterslides, that have long since dried up in to memories of what once was here...

And down near the Go-karts, Harley can be heard shouting as she's fighting with the person stealing her truck! The truck has started up, and the Clownette is riding on the back of it as it roars toward the park exit!

Harley is off on her own Harley adventure now.... good luck, Clown Princess of Gotham!

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
    Sleep doesn't seem to be the answer. Freezing them would just put off the problem till later. The magician, heart racing, flips through options while the battle rages below her. Lycans fall while she dithers.

The herbal green of aconitum drifts through the air and she snaps her fingers. Old lore from reading years ago returns. Aconitum can be a potent poison. The question remains: how do you poison a werewolf and not kill its host or other people around it. Aconitum can be a potent poison.

<Batgirl, brainstorm with me. Poison darts to transform them back to human? I just need a spell. Or...a bomb?"

    Hands templed against her forehead in concentration, Zee marshals lore and magic based on the seeds sown by other Birds and Harley's confetti bomb.

    She holds out a hand, palm up and a nebulous golden ball begins to form. As it enlarges, the green aroma of Aconitum drifts over the raft. When it expands to a circumference larger than the raft, she tosses it into the air and murmurs a command for it to burst over the pond and the surrounding shore.

Bette Kane has posed:
Bette was still struggling with her one, always a source of disappointment. She was certain the other Birds of Prey were taking out multiple opponents, just because that was always a safe bet. She didn't have attention to divert from her wolfman. The female crashed into the water beside her one on one with the huge werewolf. She was aware it was gigantic, but had no idea it was the biggest.

When it extended a burst of energy to launch them both up and out of the water, Flamebird kicked off and flipped backwards. Now things would get interesting, she specialized in fighting one on one, boxing being her best form. Still four hundred pounds to one hundred-twenty was not a fair fight. "Come at me, Pooch!" She shouted in a goading manner, raising her fists in an old fashion pugilist stance. As soon as he would though she threw a flash pellet with her left hand and drew her right back to claim her taser bola, spinning them at the creature to at least hopefully keep his mouth muzzled and avoid the bite. This was most likely still going to hurt, but that was the dues for the crimefighter club.

Dinah Lance has posed:
"That is not Big Bad Wolf behavior!" Dinah said as the lycan turned to try to run away. Which had her leaping for the back of the beast, attempting to wrap her staff around it's neck.

If that succeeded, she would lock her legs around it's torso and then use the staff to try to cut off it's airflow, an attempt to choke it and knock it out. She was still trying to go for a non killing method but should a bit or claw come too close, she would surrender her position and drop away to get clear. Since she wasn't sure if the lycanthropy could be spread by a scratch.

Helena Bertinelli has posed:
Helena Bertinelli rises to her feet, wincing at the pain in her shoulder "... I'm getting to old for this." she mutters. It isn't exactly true but it isn't exactly wrong.

She takes a quick glance around to see who needs help. A glance to Batgirl, "You good?" The look in her eyes carries a bit more weight than usual. Seeing the lycan they were dealing with has gone down, she turns toward Bette. A frown, "Dammit, hang on flame bird!"

A flick of a lever and she fires off a grapple to pull her across the water to close in and help a teammate out.

As she lifts herself closer and Flamebird fires off her flash pellet and shock-bola, Huntress unloads her second crossbow at the head of the lycan. She can't tell the difference in the moment between the insane ones or the just really pissed off ones. They all get headshots.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Zatanna's spell goes up in the air, and surrounds the small park pond. What happens next is the sudden reverting of bones, re-snapping, and reforming again, leaving all the remaining Lycans... back in their human forms. This ends with Dinah with a naked hairy man ontop of her on his back. Trying to get away from her, while he flails his feet around in the wet grass! Soon she'll choke him out though, if she isn't stunned by the sudden change!

Bette is facing down with that massive Lycan, which stalks toward her like it's ready to devour its smaller prey. Only he too goes through the grotesque reversion, and suddenly is just a huge naked man with tats all over his arms and back... he looks down at his hands, then up at Bette...

And then his head is caved through by one of Helena's silver crossbow bolts! The man slumps forward and lands with a thud on the grass, face first, naked ass up.

Batgirl swoops across the water and lands on the north shore also, only she comes to a rest near the naked girl who is still slumbering on the muddy shoreline. Batgirl exhales heavily, the light from the still flaming barrels flickering off the landscape. She looks at the body that Helena has left on the ground now. "Take the bolt out. I'll call the Police..." She exhales, and looks over her shoulder to the wooden raft.

"We'll burn the furry ones. A friend... gave me something to melt them in to ash and gunk."

Babs gives a thumbs up to Zatanna, offering a quick, faint smile, before she turns to the south.

<"Canary. Are you and Harley okay over there?"> She asks, before she motions to the naked girl. "Lets clothe her up, and take her back to the tower interrogation cells. WE'll just.. hope she knows what we need."

Bette Kane has posed:
Bette is ready to get squished this time; but it doesn't happen. She actually still dodges even as the wolfman is held in place by his reversion. Did she win? The bolt sticking out of his head as he crashes at her feet says, team victory. Which is so much better than personal squished. "Thanks, Huntress." The blonde recovers her special bola. Then she pulls out some cuffs and clamps them on the naked girl. If someone has something to cover her with, good, but Bette doesn't and is less worried about the woman's dignity than getting out of here.

<Ready to clear out.. If somebody can transport her?>

Bette launches her grapple at the same Ferris wheel and then glides off into the night.