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Job Fair!
Date of Scene: 29 August 2022
Location: Jacob Javits Center, NYC
Synopsis: With tens of thousands in attendance, the only hiccup was taken care of by a little robot that should feel pretty good about himself.
Cast of Characters: Pepper Potts, Emma Frost, Ted Kord, Joan Wright, Caitlin Fairchild, Tony Stark, Hyperion

Pepper Potts has posed:
The Javits Center. It's a spot in NYC where thousands can congregate for shows, for games, for conventions and this time, for a job fair. Each of the floors is festooned with employers from all around the country, searching for best and brightest to fill their ranks. One floor is tech, another, science. Yet another, medical. Each area has its own specialty, from trades to politics, and everything in between. Even those bastions of higher learning have representation here.

So many companies are present; some are household names from the tech world, manufacturing world. New cars are on the ground floor to entice those fledgeling engineers, or those who simply want a good job in a factory.

Large glass elevators are in use constantly, and music is piped in, the sounds coming from yet another section of the Center. That area that is looking for performers, for stage crew of all sorts.. for models, for designers..

Thousands of people have heard the clarion call and are present and searching. Some carry briefcases; easier to carry resumes and portfolios than just in hand, and others carry Notebooks or Macbooks for the more technologically savvy positions sought. Today, each side hopes to connect with the other, and in the middle of it all, on the tech floor, is a small group of what appears to be businessmen and -women gathered in a small cluster, each watching the crowds as they move. It's well attended, and if nothing else, it should give the local environs something of a tax boost soon.

In that cluster one might recognize the red headed Pepper Potts, and she's speaking to the slightly shorter Justin Hammer within the confines of that small gathering. She doesn't look all that happy, but she's wearing it well, keeping her manner and mien civil for the moment, answering obvious questions with a thin-lipped smile and the occasional nod where appropriate.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is here, and Frost Enterprises has a display. Emma's hpoing to get soem possible hires for more reasonable amounts of money than getting some individuals with more experience. The younger ones are often go getters while more experienced workers can sometimes coast. So Emma is there in person wearing somethign just a little less than appropriate. It does get more attention.
    The middle aged Frost daughter is over at a booth that has some examples laid out of current projects that Frost Industries is working on and a holographic display cycling through things in three dimensional images. Emma has a large cup of wine with her and is casually sipping it, nomatter what the exact rules might be.

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord has set up a booth for Kord Co. Actually his bots did that before he sent all but one away. It floats behind the both, despite its bulk and hands out flyers to the curious. The reactions to the bot vary, including one not too bright onlooker who decides to ban on the machine's torso to see if it's hollow.

Ted shoos him away as the bot takes the abuse stoically. "It's okay, Bobo. People are going to be... people." The bot returns to building a Lego model of the Blue Beetle's Bug. Ted hands out a few more flyers as people watch.

Joan Wright has posed:
While the size of the job fair is impressive to the outside observer there is one major flaw to it. At least in Joan's eyes. While Ted is setup amongst the more technological groups, Joan's table has been confined to the government area.

As one can only spend so much time around government agent types for so long before needing a break. Joan is taking one now, leaving her table to be manned by her work partner. Who had just finished a sizable one of his own.

Dressed in her office attire sans satchel, she feels quite naked. She's only got four pockets on these pants and two are only deep enough to store two quarters combined. But, on the bright side, the front two pockets are still somewhat functional enough to carry stuff. The green dress shirt appears comfortable though.

This being her first time to Ted's assigned floor, she takes a moment near the entry way to consult the program. Wow, there are a lot of people here.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin's manning the Stark booth, greeting people with a smile and talking to them about employment. Her charcoal-grey skirtsuit is clearly tailored for her, paired with a magenta blouse, sensible low-heeled slippers, and her red hair ironed out and pinned back in a neat ponytail. Her nametag reads 'Stark Industries', with 'Caitlin Fairchild' over PEng. and PhD in smaller script next to it.

A flock of drones flies around the fair, carrying fliers and pamphlets to people and returning to the booth to re-arm and recharge as needed.

She's not there as a celebrity superheroine, nor as an empty-headed booth babe. But it never hurts to put someone with a killer smile and charming disposition in a forward-facing public role.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Emma's attire certainly does gain attention. There is a line of people milling past, looking at brochures, dropping resumes in. Some of the hopeful even attempt to engage Ms Frost in brief conversation. Words here and there regarding positions available possibly in R&D, in accounting.. their thoughts are an easy read, words plucked from the aether around them. Not only are people looking for jobs, but careers.

Around the tech floor and Ted Kord's area, some of the job seekers not only have their resumes but also schematics of their projects. One or two actually have their own 'bots with them. In the corner, near Ted's spot, an impromptu 'battle bot' battle begins, sparks flying as *crash* sounds in the confines of a small but growing circle.

Caitlin.. the keeper of the Stark robots. By her side is the ever faithful DUM-E, the three-fingered robot that almost seems to understand. 'He' too, holds out brochures, offers up small showings of his basic capabilities.

As Pepper talks, or rather, nods and listens, it's becoming more obvious to those who know the redhead that this is a place she'd rather not be; next to and playing nice with Justin Hammer of Hammer Industries. His table is not too far from Stark Industries, though his robots and drones are a touch more clunky. To his credit, however, there is also a stack of resumes on his company table as well.

The 'battle bot' battle wages, and as the circle grows, it begins to take over more and more of the floor. Two robots become three, become four.. and the robot with the table saw blade lifts it to bring it down again, but spins around as the connection between the controller and the robot is broken. The trajectory is such that it is headed with a great deal of speed towards where Joan is standing. If there had been connection, the direction and rate of travel wouldn't have been a problem. Now?

Emma Frost has posed:
That's the way she's shown up this way. It's given her a hook to get attention and some interest that ordinarily would have gone the way of Kord Industries, Stark Enterprises.. Or any of the numberous high tech companies here that she couldn't hope to match for projects, budget, and reputation. So she takes what she can get. If the world is going to notice her this way..
    Then Emma is going t parlay it for every advantage she can get. She moves to listen through the back and forth and lets her mind skirt it's way through the convention center.
    Going to focus it through someof those that are up and out over manning the booths. Executives, project managers, technicians.. One plays up every advantage they can.
    And telepathy is quite a good one.

Ted Kord has posed:
Bobo or Beetle Operations Bot 01, looks away from his Legos. Then he's off like a bot errr shot. Humans endangered. He flies at the mostly flailing bot and expertly rips some cables from it till it winds down. The blade scuffs his casing, but has little effect on the flying and silent bot. Bobo rotates about scanning the other bots and quietly floats back to Ted's side.

Ted yells, "You people should find something constructive to do with your creations... make a sandwich or something! Wha..." A much smaller bot flies over to Ted's side, flame decals standing out and offers the engineer a sandwich in a baggie.

"No... I break for lunch in an hour. But thank you, Bailey." He pats the little bot and Bailey flies back to her hidey hole.

Tony Stark has posed:
"More killer robots, Pep? I thought you learned your lesson." Not that it was her lesson. Nor his. But it was someone's lesson. Tony Stark must have been taking lessons from other genius billionaire playboy philanthropists because he slips up behind Ms. Potts somehow without attracting attention. Oh, it must be that he was going the full Steve Rogers - a Mets ballcap on his head. He leans forward and brushes a kiss against the side of Pepper's neck. "Do we need to do something about those?"

Joan Wright has posed:
Fortunately for Joan the program is well organized. With a simple check of the table for the coordinates, she is able to properly locate the location of the Kord Industries table. She starts to fold the program back up when the easily identifiable sounds of a saw running in a non ear-protection wearing zone brings her back to the moment. To make matters worse, the sound is getting closer.

Turning her head, Joan's eyes widen as the highly inappropriate use of power tools comes barreling her way. "Move!" She shouts, already doing as she instructed by getting out of its perceived path. She doesn't look behind her, instead making sure that the saw doesn't somehow veer its way towards her.

Seeing Bobo come save the day, she gives a sigh of relief as the unattended sawbot dies away. "Thank you Bobo." Joan says to the departing bot.

The sigh of relief fades as her eyes narrow, looking over to the likely bot owner who is still fiddling with his controller. "Is this yours?!" Joan's voice booms, bringing a hint of the construction yard with it.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin's busy doing the meet and greet thing. She doesn't spot the incipient robot-related disaster until it's already been prevented, and joins a smattering of applause for Kord Co.'s quick intervention. It certainly could have gone very bad very quickly.

But her focus does land on Justin Hammer, and how he's got Pepper bracketed in some kind of discussion. The redhead smiles to herself when Tony steps over to save Justin from himself, but Caitlin's working on her own devious little strategy. She picks up a drone controller and takes over direct control of one of the smaller dragonfly units that is providing mobile and discreet security. It flits towards Pepper, angles around, and then divebombs right into Justin's hair, where it immediately gets entangled and starts violently flapping to free itself!

Hyperion has posed:
    For the most part, Mark Milton (aka Hyperion) has been basically hanging out off to one side. Kind of out of the mainstream limelight. He's been here representing the Daily Bugle. In the modern world, many people seem disinterested in newsprint and old school type journalism. Everyone wants their news through an app and some digital medium.

    In order to seem more interesting at the very least, the Bugle asked Mark to show up and showcase his artistic skills in a cartoon capacity. He's been drawing caricatures of passers by for the last hour or so. And as things have been developing in the last few minutes, there is... on his sketch pad, an oversized head, and silly looking caricature of Justin Hammer being drawn by his hand. It's something of an absent sketch, his eyes focused on the goings on down the way.

    He even has something of a comic book styled caption below it reading: HAMMER TIME?

Pepper Potts has posed:
Telepathy is a step up on one's competitors, absolutely. And even moreso if one can distinguish individuals in a field of several thousand. Tens of thousands across the center, really. It's packed like Madison Square Garden, with each floor filled to the brim with those eager applicants searching for their dream job or those angels that will fund their dreams.

Certainly the young man holding, clutching the controller to his table saw battle bot is yelling, even if he isn't. Confusion, consternation, a touch of fear as he calls out, 'Watch out!' and even goes so far as to drop his controller before he takes a couple of steps. This is a young man who is willing to deal with his own mess.

And there, just a whiff of satisfaction as the second controller fails, and a hammer-based battle bot breaks from its fetters and heads in the direction of the first. That bit of pleasure comes from the direction of a couple other high profile tech companies...

While Bobo may not have flame decals, he's certainly the hero of the moment, taking on that rogue robot. The young robotics engineers may have wanted to do a quick demonstration of their abilities, to be seen above and beyond their CVs, it's a different sort of battle that they got.

Tony's ball-capped appearance gains a bright smile from Pepper, and brows rise at the play at anonymity. This is a change; two for two.. but she doesn't make comment. Instead, Pepper's brows crease and she looks puzzled. She hadn't notice before, "Oh god.. oh no. No.. not here. Not now..". Not a happy Pepper.

Joan is saved by the knight in shining ar- Oh, no. Just Bobo.. though as he dispatches the one warrior 'bot, applause rings out before the other hammer robot makes its appearance. It's not hard to vanquish. Just concerning.

Joan's booming question has one of the robotics engineers taking a couple of steps back in the brunt of the question. "It's not my fault! It's not. It really isn't."

It's true. Justin Hammer has a thing for Pepper. Always had, or rather, when he realized that the redheaded Personal Assistant actually had brains in that body of hers. Doubly desirable! (Ew?) It's all for nought, however, in a two-fold. Hard to look cool when Tony Stark arrives, even in his attempt to not be noticed, and when one is s9:02 PM 8/29/2022ced to do the 'something is in my hair' dance and grab?

Sure enough, the representative for The Daily Bugle may actually have material to work with. It certainly is Hammer time!

Emma Frost has posed:
It's so lovely to pull all these things together then. Someone saving the day, how lovely! Emma smiles, even as Justin Hammer goes in for the maneuver and then gets grabbed at and has to do the 'run and screaming' routine. She smiles cheerfully over while she watches.

Speaking to some of the ones going up to her booth then wandering over towards where Ted Kord was. "My, it does seem like there's some actual action on the floor that's not related to someone trying to steal everythign in sight."

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord looks up and looks again. Emma Frost has that effect on most people. "They can try to steal my bots, The bots know their way home. Oh hey Ms. Frost, please excuse me a moment." Ted gives a yank on his suit, which breaks away. Luckily he is wearing his other working clothes underneath. H dons his goggles and steps forward. "Shut that crap down right now or you can forget getting a job with me. This is senseless abuse of machinery. It is not... ack!" Ted gets yanked back by Bobo as the hammer falls. The bot hammer. Not Justin. Bobo steps up, blood in his photo receptors. Luckily not Ted's.

Back at Ted's table, Emma may notice, the little bot with the flame decals peaking from under the table as her big brother mixes it up. Bailey waves a hand at Emma, with press on nails... no they have little magnets.

Tony Stark has posed:
"Oh, don't mind me," offers Tony, slipping away from Pepper's back to move among the crowd. "I am quite certain that someone else is capable of taking on the murderbots tonight. I need to see if I can get a job!" And with that somehow the billionaire dissolves into the sea of people watching, doing his best to not be seen.

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan strides towards the makeshift arena area. She looks over to the one that protested. She holds up two fingers. "Two mistakes." She lowers one digit, "FIRST...Remote controlled battle bots are to be set up to where if the remote cuts off or signal is lost, the bot AND weapons are to shut down. That. Did not happen."

She shakes her head, lifting up the second finger again, "The second is this is NOT a proper arena. You have no retraining wall to prevent escapees into a crowded room. If you had just factored in for ONE of those, you wouldn't be having to listen to me right now."

When the hammer bot attacks Ted, Joan's head turns, looking for whoever is controlling a bot now. "Turn. That. Off. If you can't be bothered building in failsafes for your demonstration pieces, what hope are you going to have with these industries?"

Hyperion has posed:
    Dangerous robo activity? Mark pauses in his sketching to narrow his eyes and study the room. His senses speed up to hyper-levels, and he does a study that might normally take several minutes, but he does it in a second or two.

    Robots going haywire? His eyes narrow and he prepares for a pinprick pulse of nuclear fusion heat should the need arise. I mean, he doesn't want to just give up his identity, but if people are going to be hurt, he needs to help. It's who... what he is. The rampaging robot -does- get a quick pulse of heat zeroed in on its power source. The plan is to shut it down, or at least disable it, without having to go running across the room or endangering any other bystanders. Surgical precision is the goal here.

    Then it is back to the sketching he goes. Doing his level best to appear to be a bystander in the crowd.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Pepper's Hammer problem has been temporarily addressed, but there is a larger issue of rampaging robots to be handled. Caitlin walks over to the hammer-wielding robot and arrives just in time to see the battery pack abruptly start melting and the robot's movements becoming janky and uncoordinated. The redhead kicks off her shoes so they don't get ruined and plants one foot on the robot to hold it down. Two deft twists of her bare fingers disable the drive mechanism and the gearbox for the hammer. The redhead picks the heavy robot up in one hand and carries it over to where Joan's berating the operator, and tosses it negligently near his feet.

"I'm pretty sure you've got a guardian angel, mister," Caitlin says with her best attempt at a scowl. "If someone hadn't intervened, that could have really hurt someone!" She points an accusing finger at the still-twitching machine. "What company are you here with?" she demands.

Pepper Potts has posed:
The young men have little to no chance of being hired by anyone on this floor, at least this year. Names haven't been put to faces to CVs so maybe they have a chance when everything is blown over. For the moment, how are they going to explain this to their parents, assuming they have to tell their parents. Or, conversely, if the police do.

Luckily there's a telepath around? Maybe?

There's no bringing Bobo's now inflated ego down; robots are the worst for feeling full of themselves, aren't they? Who even programmed that? One of the two men who could also build and program those battle bots...

Tony's attempt at remaining anonymous may or may not work, but at least he's trying not to hold on to all of the attention for the evening. She kisses him on the cheek, and murmurs in his ear, "I'll see you later," before he slips away. It's a step in the right direction, and Pepper watches his withdrawing with a fond smile. She's proud of him, and rightly so! Pepper takes a step back from the flailing Justin Hammer, and finds herself freed in order to approach the Stark Industries table. She'd missed the battle bots, missed the one that had gone off its programming.

Even as Pepper approaches, Caitlin departs with purpose.

Hyperion does, indeed, melt the robot, leaving very little in the way of electrical components to salvage. Actually, nothing can be salvaged after Caitlin gives off the coup de grace.

One of the young men is effectively nailed to the floor under Joan's interrogation. He's more answering 'Yes ma'am' and 'no ma'am' to each of her castigations, following it up with a resigned shoulder slump and an attempt to regain the robot's corpse. The parts cost money, and they're not independantly wealthy!

Of course, with the contraption finally out of Justin Hammer's hair, he's lost Pepper and so now approaches those 'good roboticists' to offer introductions and potential jobs.

Hyperion has posed:
    In the end, Mark, aka Hyperion, finishes his caricature, and stands up to tear off the sketch. He turns and approaches pepper.

    "Interesting night. Please accept this on behalf of all of us at the Bugle." he says, handing over the sketch.

    The sketch... yeah, it makes Justin Hammer look like he is half man, half bulky malfunctioning robot, in a pose like Bobby Brown's HAMMER dance. A speech bubble rises up from him as he smashes a hammer over his own head. Yelling.. IT'S HAMMER TIME!

    "I thought this might amuse you at least." he says.

Tony Stark has posed:
Somewhere, within that job fair, Tony Stark came upon a poorly informed intern, who will have to explain to his boss later on that he turned down the job application from a Mr. Anthony Stark, on account of the man appearing too old for the demographic that they were cultivating.

That's ok, Hammer Industries would not know what to do with a genius such as him, anyway.