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Do Androids Need Dating Advice
Date of Scene: 20 August 2022
Location: 6A - Janet's Condo
Synopsis: Viv Vision comes to her favorite mother figure for some relationship advice. Still reeling from her breakup, Janet's more than willing to set her own problems aside and help Vivian get ready for her big first date! (Special guest appearance by Val Richards!)
Cast of Characters: Janet van Dyne, Vivian Vision, Valeria Richards

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Dating advice?

There is a lot of advice that Janet's very good at. Business, fashion, maneuvering through high society, and how to vet your drug dealers.

But dating is her bread and butter, and despite the... complex nature of her legal relationship with Vivian, Janet's maternal instincts kick in hard the second she gets the text from Viv: 'I have a date Monday. How do I get ready?'

So Viv and Janet have staked out a spot on the living room sofa, with drinks and food and a nifty bit of software that helps Vivian emulate a little comfortable intoxication. Janet's in loose-fitting yoga pants and a faded blue babydoll tee. From the bottles and paraphernelia laying around it looks like she's been hitting the sauce pretty hard, but her staff is at least keeping her from wallowing in her owm muck as much as possible.

"Okay. First step-- we gotta paint your nails," Janet tells Vivian, and holds up a craft storage box with enough colors in it to make an Avon lady jealous. "I'm thinking either goldenrod or canary yellow. We'll match it with some cute blue heels, yeah?" she suggests, and holds both colors out for Viv to pick from.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Do we really?" Vivian wonders, looking at her hands. Each of her nails are perfectly neat and resilent enough she could probably break concrete without damging them. "I can just project the imagine of colour over them and no-one would know the difference."

That being said she holds both bottles up to her hands. "Canary yellow is a little too close to my usual pants. So I guess goldenrod?"

She is indeed wearing her typical canary yellow cargo pants and a green sweater. Sat legs crossed by the table. Although in the name of being casual she's left her shoes and socks by the door.

"Blue heels seems nice. I'm unsure if I should be.. you know. Dressed to conform to the masculine gender stereotype as I'm the one who suggested the date. Or if I should just try look cute and forget about what people expect."

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"Look cute," Janet says, immediately. "And a mani/pedi is, like traditional for this sort of talk," she tells Viv, laying out the little ritual supplies. She starts scrubbing Viv's fingers with a clean cloth. "I'm sure it's got some like, psychological thing, about grooming and socialization, but I do it mostly because it's fun and you'll look cute. I did Emma's nails when she wanted to talk about the birds and the bees, because Lisa Obenhorst did mine when I asked out Helina Grosekreutz in my seconds forms at school."

"Anyway-- just dress cute for the first date," Janet suggests, circling back around. "You want to look neat and clean, not grungy. Then you can do something that's a little, um, more 'casual', like going fruit picking or something, and if she likes you in coveralls and a baseball cap, she'll tell you so."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"We're not actually strangers," Vivian points out with a giggle. "We met a while ago. She goes to Happy Harbor. And she's seen me dressed.. well like I always dress." She pauses and blinks a few times. "I don't think I even own coveralls.."

Given Viv's clothing is largely made from the same materials as her skin to allow phasing and costs a small fortune per sock it's no surprise she has a limited wardrobe.

"I /do/ want her to think I'm cute though. Kamala came round so I could draw her for my art project and at first she was saying she didn't think she'd ever date. After a while of chatting we got on so well it felt like we were.. you know.. connecting. So I asked her out and she said yes."

The synthezoid teen blushes.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"I've used worse lines," Janet admits to Vivian. "I'd go up to the soccer players at uni and ask them to pose naked for me. Never failed. Even the girls went for it." She looks up and grins, winking once at Vivian in reassurance.

"The most important thing for the first date is to have reasonable expectations," Janet suggests to Vivian, and starts carefully working over Viv's nails with a small plastic pick. At least there's no cracked skin to trim. "I mean if you want to get laid-- that is 'the plan'. I don't recommend putting out the first night with someone you actually 'like' like, though," she clarifies. "Tease them a bit. String them along, make them work for it. And that's not being selfish or manipulative, that's just making sure that they're willing to work for what they want, y'know?"

She reaches over to a plastic sports bottle full of ice and clear liquid and takes a swig. Vivian wouldn't miss a whiff of high-proof vodka and gin in the big tumbler.

"Kamala. What kinda name is that, where's she from?" Janet inquires, glancing up from her work to look at Viv.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I've drawn a few people naked," Vivian says matter-of-factly. "Not Kamala though. She dressed up in a Wonder Woman costume. Mostly it seems to be the aliens who were most comfortable posing like that. Non-Human ideas about what is culturally normal I guess. Also it helps that so many aliens look like goddesses."

She holds inhumanly still for Janet to work on her nails. There's barely even any dirt to clean too. Phasing means Viv rarely gets dirty for more than a very short period of time.

"Putting out was not on the cards. Yet anyway. I don't think she's the sort of girl who would want to rush into things." She blinks a few times. "I'm not sure I am either. I would only get involved with people I like even if it was simply for recreational fun."

There's a shy smile. "She's from Jersey but I think her family came from Pakistan originally. Which is why I was going to bring her some white jasmines. They look pretty and smell nice. Plus are the national flower of Pakistan."

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"Wow," Janet says, brows going up. "That is-- that is a /solid/ move," she tells Vivian, craning her neck back over her work. With the cleaning done she starts the careful application of nail polish, applying it in precise little daubs around the permieter of Viv's nails before swiping a single, bold stroke over the nail so it will create a perfectly even coat of paint.

"Pakistani.... I'm guessing they aren't *too* conservative, but be careful," Janet tells Viv. "I've got factories in that part of the world. If they're the sort who wants their girl to date only boys, then the android thing is almost certainly off the table," she remarks wryly. "So just... play it careful. And don't get between her and her family, at least not at first. Let her make that call."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"The flowers?" Viv asks, frowning. "The solid move that is. Or do you mean asking her to model for me? She's a huge Captain Marvel fan so I think the /ultimate/ move would be just getting Carol to casually stop by somewhere buuuuuuut I don't know if I want to... You know. Introduce her hero too soon and make myself jealus."

She sighs.

"As for her family... that's certainly a possible concern. They're supposedly strict enough she can't stay out very late. I'd like to hope they'll be open minded about her dating me but.. if they're not I can always be like the cool rebel?"

Except then she'd have to be cool and rebel against something.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Sometimes Val does wear stuff that's not in the Fatastic Clan's colours. But considering that the familr alternates between blue, black, and white it also makes it really easy to coordinate.

So black jeans, a red 4 logo more befitting her biological uncle. And some red chucks finish the outfit. A pair of rings on her middle fingers. Just in case.

But you don't need super strength to hit a door buzzer to be let into the place. Just a smile and a cheery demeanor despite worrying which projects she might have left running back home.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
A light *clicks* on and a camera pans around, examining Valeria's face.

<Valeria Richards is at the door, Miss van Dyne,> it announces in a loud, androgynous monotone.

"IT'S OPEN!" Janet yells over her shoulder-- and sure enough, the door *clicks* open to admit Valerie to the landing inside. The carpeted stairs in front of hear lead directly into Janet's apartment, and it'd be impossible to miss Viv and Janet sitting on her sofa doing a little home spa self-care session. "Hey, Val! Haven't see you in a while. C'mon inside, help yourself. Liquor, some edibles-- if you're hungry, say the word and they'll bring something up."

"And no, you wouldn't be the rebel," she tells Viv, returning her focus to the android. "That'd make her the rebel. So you're enabling her rebellion. Which is fine. When I was thirteen I got arrested on a minor consumption charge in Little Havana. Told my daddy I was going out with some girlfriends, instead I jumped on my boyfriend's motorcycle and went to get some authentic burritos."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision pouts a little. "I think I could make a leather jacket work," she assures. "Along with some shades and I could holographically make it seem like I'm smoking." She frowns. "I don't know if she'd actually like that though..."

She looks up when Val arrives and holographically projects an image of herself waving. So as not to risk disturbing what Janet is doing to her nails. "Hey Val, how's things?"

There's a little pause before she adds. "Won't the nail polish just fall off the next time I phase?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
"With or without the boyfriend though Aunt Jan? Nothing has exploded or tried to conquer the world so so far, so good, Viv!" Valeria asks playfuilly as she makes her way in to spot the women on the sofa. "I'll grab something in a bit. Wasn't that far ago since I last had something. At least the fantasticar I parked outside has auto pilot." she states with a grin and a wink.

It's not flying under the influence when the onboard AI does it. And Val makes sure to take extra care of the car for that reason.

Viv's concerns get a smile as sthe blonde parks herself down in close range to thep air already pampering.

"If I recall smoking is pretty much fine in a lot of cultures. It's just a matter of what you're smoking." she addss. "So who do you wanna be a bad girl for?" she asks with more playfulness.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet narrows her eyes at Valeria over a tolerant smile. "I'm temporarily choosing to overlook my own situation because Viv is family and she needs Mom-Vice," she explains to Valeria, and looks back to Viv. "And if you phase and ruin my expertly done work here, I will be *very* cross. So, figure something out," she suggests to the synthezoid, and goes back to her work.

She finishes the fingertip and sets the bottle of polish back down in a spill-proof caddy. Valeria's in the way of her sports bottle and Janet snaps her fingers at Val twice and points at the large tumbler. It smells strongly of vodka and gin.

"Viv asked a girl out yesterday," Janet tells Val to bring her up to speed. "And thank god for it, I was worried I was going to show up at GIRL again and get waylaid by a bunch of former child soldiers asking me for dating advice," she says with a dimple-cheeked grin of amusement.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I guess I am opening doors like a boring regular person for a while then," Vivian laments. "It was actually a few days ago. I just didn't know if I should tell anyone about it for a little while. I wasn't really /planning/ on asking her out it just. You know. We really hit it off."

She blushes again.

"Anyway it's not a super big deal or anything. We're going to the zoo because I don't eat food so a meal isn't really an option. And because of the way my eyes process visual information a movie is just like watching a slide show for me. So Central Park Zoo became the venue of choice because we can take a walk in the park and they have Red Pandas and Snow Leopards."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Wouldn't adding unstable molecules into polish or makeup help survive powers like phasing like they do out clothes?" Val ponders and considers more science though it's quickly put in the back burner of her brain

The snap poibnt gets a grin and Val twists and turns to find what Jan wants and makes sure the tumbler is in the woman's hands.

"You did, that's great!" she explaims very encouragingly to Vivian, bright smile on Val's features. "So she said yes! The Central Park Zoo is awesome. You wanna be a rebel you could fly her to the Bronx Zoo as well!" she suggests in totally not a supervillainess manner.

Jan gets another smirk "And if you want an army of child soldiers asking about how to date. Or avoid one. That's probably Westchester!" she adds with the half joke about the X-Men and their recruiting methods

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet clearly gets where Valeria's referring to, and rolls her eyes sympathetically. "God, never again. I seriously don't know how Emma works there. When I was there with Ste-- with You-Know-Who," she says, with a deep, deliberately calming breath, "it was like a sea of raging hormones. God knows I've embarassed myself a time or two as a young and thirsty teenager, but like, have some self-/respect/, girls," she declares, chivvying a theoretical audience.

Janet accepts the bottle and takes a few chugs from it and hands it back to Val, offering a sip with a gesture of her wrist. "The Zoo is a solid choice. If she's into arts or anything, I've got tickets to every major art show, museum, gallery, and sporting event in New York," Janet reminds Viv. "In fact if you want I'll just give you my Ticketmaster logins and you can help yourself," she offers.

Janet scoots back and lifts one of Viv's feet onto her thigh, and starts prepping it also for the nail treatment.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I'm pretty good at booking things," Vivian admits. "And if I'm getting tickets for something.. I'm trying to do it all myself and with my own money. It seems like it would mean more that way? I dunno."

It's not like Vivian has expensive living costs. And given her level of computing power mining cryptocurrency with what she isn't using is more than enough to provide a comfortable income.

"Also I could probably hack Ticketmaster in the time it'd take you to tell me the login info. Not that I would given the Avengers monitor my online activity. But hypothetically speaking."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"This is what happens when you have a whole school full of teenagers with bodies built like goddesses. And then you see the teachers." Val points out and giggles.

"Bet it terrified that guy." Val long got the hint to not name names. "To be fair. Happy Harbor and Titans Tower aren't much better but this is not actually a bad thing for those kids!" she states and accepts the bottle back and takes a sip of it's contents herself.

"Between us we can probably wangle you a guest pass for like behind the fence access at the zoo. Go into the enclosures with the keepers. Tummy rub a leopard." she posits as a possibility. "Lot of the carnivores they raise turn out to just be massive cuddlers as long as they're fed well."

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet snickers and pulls a face at Val. "You're 18 now hun, you're not allowed to notice the teenagers anymore," she informs the blonde girl.

Janet looks back at Viv's feet and resumes the task at hand. "Vivian, you can't *buy* my box seats," Janet says, trying to correct her relatively gently. "I use Ticketmaster-- well, my assistant does," she amends, "just to coordinate show times and whatnot. They have a VIP scheduling service. I don't need to log in there and go 'hmm gosh I hope I can get the last seat for the 4 O'clock showing'. I tell my assistant 'I'm going to the Opera tonight', and she calls ahead, makes sure my box is clear, and schedules catering services. If necessary she'll hand out bribes to steal someone else's tickets, too. And she'll let the director know the show starts when *I* get there."

She pauses on the work to shake her hand out-- that kind of precision painting is hard on the hands-- and takes another sip of her vesper martini-in-a-bottle.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Animals tend to react /strangely/ around me," Vivian points out earnestly. "I don't smell right to them and they never really know what to make of me. And while I want to make the trip special I don't want to seem too eager by getting special access. Aren't I supposed to play a little bit hard to get at first?"

She glances to Janet. Clearly the source of the advice.

"She already got a little bit starstruck I knew your Mom Val. It was almost as extreme as when she figured out I knew most of the Avengers."

She keeps her foot still and glances back over at Valeria. "Unless they're eighteen or nineteen. Then you should be fine." Janet gets a little smile. "I can holographically project a perfect likeness of you and replicate your voice pitch perfectly. Not to mention I have numerous sarcastic put downs on file. It's not quite the same as you being there, but I imagine I could get most venues to /think/ that you were."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"I'm twenty. And those poor eighteen and nineteen year olds." Val says with a giggle. "Luckily I kinda usually prefer older women. But mom does want me associating more with girls my own age-range." Val reminds

Viv, you at least get to do things like proms and formals and stuff. Frilly dresses and corsages. It's a whole experience!" she encourages with a nod.

"I doubt you'd have to impersonate Jan for a zoo visit. We can name drop. Say a friend is bringing another friend. Avenger slash Four stuff. We drop some money to help research. You get the goldent ticket!" Val impromptu plans.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet's head lifts sharply and she sits upright with that perfect posture, holding a finger up peremptorily and moving it between Val and Vivian. "I don't mind if you drop my name, threaten people with me, or use my tickets, but if I catch anyone using *my face* and there's not some kind of world-ending catastrophe, then believe me-- there _will be_ a world ending catastrophe. Okay?"

She holds an arch brow up at the girls, then rolls her shoulders forward to complete the task at hand.

"And your mom's got no business talking shit about dating outside her age range," she mumbles sotto voce-- but there's an amused glimmer out the corner of her eye for Val.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision laughs. "Do not worry Janet. I have an extremely well developed common sense subroutine." She smiles. "I am aware that just because I /can/ do something like that I know that it would not be respectful towards you. And I promise that I would never do anything to intentionally upset my family."

There's a slight pause. "Is it hypothetically acceptable if I was holographically projecting your image to distract someone trying to kill you? Not that there are many situations where I expect a villain could put you in serious danger without you being aware of the situation and able to shrink.."

She shrugs, but in a slightly odd way in which the rest of her remains totally still to avoid disrupting Janet.

"I am probably over thinking things. Actually I'm certain I am. Because I am wondering what I will do if a supervillain attacks the Zoo. Is a hero off duty if on a date? Or should I raise this as a topic and agree a level of peril at which the date gets paused?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
"I'd probably some stinky ass shut in if Mom didn't drag me to GIRL or 'The Club'. she refers to the Hellfire Club. "Though maybe I should start calling myself White Princess. No that just sounds awful." She points out.

"Viv, defensive tactics are fine and if someone comes at you trying to get at someone else. You fight as dirty as you need. Projecting someone else's face might well give you the distraction you need." she ponders and hmms

"Though a villain attack on a date between heroes might be includable as part of the date. Spontanaety is spice in romance I've been told." Val might have had boy friends herself but she's probably about as clueless as Vivian in some cases.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"Viv, don't ask dumb questions," Janet bids the android, and finishes up her work on her right foot. She sits back, stretches again, and beckons for other other set of toes.

"Val, I tell you what, *I'll* take you to the Club, and then you can't complain about being shut-in anymore," she tells the blonde teen. "I used to tear it up there back in the day, especially after my divorce. I stopped going since, uh..." she gestures vaguely, eyes ducking to the side. ".../you know/," she says, finally, "but I'm down to clown again. God, Emma and I have gotten so shitfaced in that place..." she shakes her head, marvelling.

"My feelings about like, superheroing though, is that my personal life comes first, and I really get pissed off if it gets interrupted. So I really hate it when someone cancels plans to go deal with whatever 'imminent disaster' got dumped in the Hudson this week. On the other hand-- a good public fight is great for the endorphins. Bring all that adrenaline home afterwards, take it out on your lover, leave some fresh dents in the drywall. Mmph. Good stuff," she sighs with a wistful sigh.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Yes," Viv agrees. "Yes it does sound awful. In the same way that I realised one of my gamer handles would not make a good superhero codename. And have never allowed anyone at all to refer to me as the 'Vivid Vessel'. Actually White Princess might be even worse. Best case people assume you are a snow themed supervillain."

She blinks at Val. "Oh she's a friend from school not a superhero." Which is a lie but it'd be a pretty awful start to just blab out someones secret identity!

She does a quick foot switcheroo when requested.

"Also I'm staying in a shared dorm room. I do not think I should be making dents in drywall. Especially as I could cause structural damage with frightening ease. I think I might respond to immediate threats but turn off my communications array so I don't get drawn into any city level events. I am sure the Titans can manage without me for a few hours."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"I go plenty!" Val pouts at Janet. Once in a blue moon is not plenty. "Honestly I like working over at GIRL way more. Dancing and drinking and the other fun. I still kinda like science more and at least Nadia was able to creeate a place I can talk shop the whole time!" Val points out.

"Beats either watching giirls get bored when I should be um..." she trails off. "Or watching someone light up and talk about how theyt're working their for college and I suddenly end up paying their tuition. And no I don't do it cash. I check to make sure they are STEM enrolled before I drop the money electronically." she states and chhuckles.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"I don't wanna hear about the dancing and drinking because I don't like having to lie to the insurance guys when they ask about 'who lives here' and 'what's allowed on campus'," Janet says, focusing on the last few digits. "I mean, I do want to hear about it, but like, I need some plausible deniability. Oh who am I kidding," she says a beat later. "I wanna hear about, get in on it, and do stupid and reckless shit. It's not like it's the first insurance estimator I've bribed," she confesses.

Janet finishes up and picks up a little fan/UV light to help rapidly cure the polish on Viv's nails and toes. "Listen, Viv-- your first date, you need to be charming," she explains to the synthetic girl. "Think about all the ways you like to be engaged by someone. Ask smart questions, make her feel... special. /Unique/. And if you can make her laugh, that's--" she sits up, looking to Valerie for confirmation, then back at Val. "Well that's the ultimate aphrodesiac. You'll do fine, honey," she promises, and gives the android's calves a reassuring squeeze. "At least I don't have to buy you contraception," she says a beat later. "That's always an awkward discussion. I'm pretty sure you've seen enough on the internet to figure out how to mash all the relevant bits together."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision gives a bit of a blank look as Val and Janet discuss the HFC. She's only got a very barebones idea what the club is about. And isn't entirely convinced she wants her search history to include attempts to find out more...

Who knows if Vision checks up on her? Best not to risk it!

"Charming, take an interest and make her laugh. I'm sure that will be... easy? As for the.. uh... talks. I believe I am aware of all the important elements in that specific subject. No talks are required. Besides you said earlier not to seem too eager in that regard. Which seems like extremely good advice."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Jan earns another grin from the blonde. "I didn't say you couldn't take me! We'll try and one up anything mom could get up to and she's like practically running it!" Val accepts the invitation. "You need more wild partying. Like a victory lap. Why stop at the club. We take the Jan is Single tour global. Hell, we borrow the Tereshkova we can go inter galactic!" she points out. "Fill a ship full of our friends and see if we can cause and then cover up a possible war" she states and plans.

"If your dates go well and you have yourself a girlfriend, then bring her along with us. Maybe just see how well she might react to super hero ladies flirting with her while she has a girlfriend. We're all pretty good at respecting boundaries like monogamy though! I hope." what goes for Val does not always go for others.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet holds a palm up at Val, trying /very hard/ not to laugh. "Val you need to stop doing coke in my bathroom. Or at least leave some for the rest of us. God, you're worse than your uncle," she tells the blonde woman, shoulders shaking with suppressed mirth. "Johnny Storm has an *amazing* talent for being perfectly charming, then running his mouth two more sentences past his stopping point."

Janet starts gathering up the supplies and repacking them in her cosmetics kit. Some people have craft boxes; Janet owns a share in Ben Nye. "But for real Viv-- you're gonna crush it," Janet says, and gives Vivian her most reassuring smile. "You know how to be all of those things. Just stay loose, don't get needy, and... roll with it, y'know?" she says, with a diffident shrug.

After all it's literally just that easy for Janet, apparently.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Val this plan seems like it would be best carried out with Jen with you," Vivian notes solemnly. It's hard to tell if she means because she'd enjoy coming along or if she thinks it'd be a good idea for them both to have a lawyer on hand. Perhaps it's both! "I'm not sure going into space and hooking up with aliens is wise. That sounds like a way to discover space herpes."

"So should I go with a blue dress to match the shoes? Or is that too much blue?"

She blinks a few times at Val. "I have to get past the first date first. Thinking about what I will do several dates down the line seems very presumptuous."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"We teach Aunt Jen to fly the ship and land it. Her metabolism and you can forget about getting her wasted. Designated druver she is!" she points out and grins witha snap point.

"Plus maybe if we get arrested she can get us out where bribes and stuff fail. The currency in space is called Units right so like we just need to figure out the exhange rate between it and the Dollar." she ponders and starts putting that super intelligence to work on plotting a course through the party planets of the known universe.

And how much drugs and alcohol can be brought for use and maybe further trade.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet picks up her phone and aims it at Viv, then takes a picture. She runs it through an app, considering what it suggests, then makes some masterful adjustments and turns it back around.

"I think you should go with a yellow sundress, the same color as your nails," Janet tells Vivian, and gestures at the image superimposed over Vivian's avatar there. "Sandal kitten heels, you want to look confident but not intimidatingly tall. That's Carol and Diana's shtick," she explains. "And you can pair it with a cute scarf or headband or something. It's a conservative look but it sends a statement, you know? 'I want to look pretty for you but I'm not tarting it up." She kicks Val's foot, winks at the blonde, and stands up to transfer her craft box to the kitchen (and pop some pills in a suspiciously un-labelled orange bottle).

"Val I've got too much trouble to do on Earth yet," she informs Sue's daughter. "But it sounds like you -desperately- need to go clubbing, if you're thinking about /space/ because Earth's boring you."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Yellow sundress I can do," Vivian says, nodding along at the advice. It's one of the things she already owns after all. "And I do not normally wear heels but I have confirmed I can walk in them without issues for my capability to balance correctly."

She glances at Val and shrugs. "Space is interesting though. There's a huge cloud of alcohol that scientists think tastles like raspberrys. Only it would make you go blind as it's mostly the wrong kind of alcohol." She smiles. "Anyway I should probably get myself home and prepare. I need to allow plenty of time to prepare and travel to my destination in a good time. Given I will be travelling via the hyperloop to prevent flight from ruffling my dress..."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"They're tall enough. And I've already five eight!" Which makes wearing boots and shoes with heels awkward enough. It's not so automatic for Valeria. They make it look easy but they also fly. So remember they might be deliberately swinging their hips when they totally float and not walk on the ground.

"You wan you can prep at my place before you go proper. Change there then date. Less risk to dress and shoes!" she points out.

This is New Jersey that Viv will be possibly be dealing with. On top of New York.

"More clubbing is fine but outer space is always awesome. I'll have some logistics and plans ready later on so it can be a more any time type deal." Val offers as she takes one last sip of the drink and may possibly be buzzed already before she makes her own exit.

"Gonna call it the Single-ish Ladies Universal Tour!" she names it before she slips out to science up a party.