12557/Drinking At The River

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Drinking At The River
Date of Scene: 24 July 2022
Location: Rogue River, Oregon
Synopsis: Kitty and Bobby drink and catch up on her birthday.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Bobby Drake

Kitty Pryde has posed:
It is the last week of July, and a group mostly from Xavier's School but augmented with a few of Kitty Pryde's other friends, have accompanied the Jewish girl to Oregon to celebrate her 21st birthday with several days of rafting on the Rogue River. The day was hot, but the river was perfect, and there were plenty of slow stretches of river where one could dunk themselves into the water to cool off.

The rafts were returned and the crew made their way back to the private campsite set along a beautiful stretch of river. Meals were started over campfires as light died in the west and the night came of age.

Sitting over on a rock looking out over the river is Kitty. The sounds of music being played and people laughing back at the campsite make her smile. Though at the moment she's gone off by herself for a few moments of solitude and reflection. A bottle containing spiced rum and coke dangles from one hand. She's wearing some cutoff jean shorts and has a longer sleeve shirt that hangs open, revealing the bikini top beneath. One leg pulled up, her knee provides a resting spot for her chin as Kitty watches the river slowly rolling past. She takes a sip from the bottle and lets out a happy sigh at having so many people she cares about there to celebrate with her.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Nice party, huh?" The words that float over to Kitty's ears are spoken by one Bobby Drake, one who has the honor of being both from Xavier's School and one of Kitty's friends.

Despite lacking former invitation, he makes his way over towards the rock perch adopted by Kitty and slides into a seat. He is wearing shorts and a tank top, with a ballcap on facing backwards today. He lets his feet dangle over the side, not seeming to care that his flip flop sandals are perched perilously, and an errant move could send them falling down below.

He leans over to nudge Kitty gently in the shoulder. "So. How do you feel, being all old and stuff now?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's smile is that of someone who has had a little bit to drink, enough to have her in a happy buzz, while not being out of control. She flashes it over at Bobby as he comes over to sit with her. "It's wonderful. I mean, having to use a walker has its downside, but being able to go have a drink in my own home country just like they let me do in college is kind of nice," she says with a chuckle.

She leans back over to give Bobby a shoulder bump back. "The river was great. First time I've done rafting like that. The rapids were a lot of fun. And we didn't even lose anyone," she says.

She takes a drink from the bottle then offers it to Bobby. "Really glad having everyone here," she says, glancing over at the main campsite in the distance. People laughing around the fires can be heard, though at enough distance what they are laughing at can't really be made out. "Nice to just get away for a few days too," she says to Bobby with a smile.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"I know, I know," replies Bobby. "In mother Russia, drinks take you!" he says in a horrible Russian accent. "Or something like that. You got teased, what can I say? But now you're all legal and..." He chuckles. "Well, you know what I mean."

He turns his gaze back out towards the river, nodding. "It was fun - although I still think we should have all built custom rafts and raced to see who could get there first." Not that he was planning to use his powers to cheat, of course. No one could see any evidence of ice in a river.

He accepts the bottle and takes a swig or two of his own. "It's good to get people out and away from the school. Forgetting the pressures of classes, and the insanity of the world we live in. Just to relax, and enjoy..." He glances over at Kitty, smiling. "Each other's company, and nature, and all of that." He hands the bottle back to her. "We should come out here more often."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty takes back the offered bottle. She tips it back, getting a swallow or two of the spiced rum and letting out a sigh after. "Oh that's a great idea. We could maybe do that tomorrow," she says of making their own rafts.

She turns to look over at the woods behind them that the group are camping in, and then back out to the river. "You can sure say that again. We have our own stealth jet. And friends who can teleport us just about anywhere. We really should get out more than we do," she agrees. Not that they never have such outings, but not as much as one might think.

Kitty takes another sip then offers the bottle back to Bobby Drake as she turns her attention back to him, eyes on his face as if studying him. "And where would you want to go to, Mr. Drake?" she asks him. Kitty turns sideways and then lies on her back and rests the back of her head on Bobby's thigh as she looks up at the stars. "Can't see this many stars near New York," she says with a soft sigh.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"We really should take greater advantage of the fact that we're superheroes, you know?" Bobby laughs. "And not just cheating at races. You're right, we don't we do cooler things like this."

He takes the offered bottle and takes another long swig, and then places it to rest on his thigh, opposite the one where Kitty lays her head. "Oh, I don't know," murmurs Bobby, thinking for a moment. He turns and looks down at Kitty as she gazes up at the stars. "I have had a fondness for the idea of a dessert oasis for a time recently..."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The corners of Kitty's lips turn up just the slightest bit. "Oh really? There's something to be said for that motif," she tells him before her eyes drift over from the stargazing to refocus on Bobby's face again.

Kitty doesn't say anything for a few seconds, just smiles at him. "I wouldn't mind a trip back to Genosha. Can spend some time helping, though by now I think they have rebuilt enough we could probably take some time off on the tropical beach. Surf and swim in the ocean," she says.

Her eyes dart over to the side for a moment as people are prone to do when thinking of something. "Who knows, maybe even there's even some kind of... native dance that they have," she says before looking back. Her eyes have a very merry twinkle in them when they do.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby takes another swig from the bottle and waggles his finger at Kitty. "It's a nice motif, yes, and I'm not going to argue about that." He grins for a moment, and then leans back to place the bottle down just within reach, but on a steady perch. He straightens and reaches out with his fingers to brush back some of Kitty's brown curls from her face.

"I haven't been there, if you can believe it." He chuckles. "Maybe some day, but just never the occasion, you know?"

He sighs softly to himself, and then he grins, shaking his head. "All copies of that were destroyed, I thought."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Warm laughter results from the Jewish girl. "They were. Though I can't say I haven't had a few moments that I regretted not being able to hit play on it," she tells Bobby.

Kitty sits up so she can pick up the bottle and take another sip of it. She hops off the rock, which is about waist-high. Allowing her, once standing, to lean over it with elbows resting on it. "So," she says, tipping back the bottle one more time before passing it back to Bobby. "Made a birthday wish when I blew out the candles." she says. She pauses, smiling at him coyly, and then straightens and turns back towards the camp. "Will have to see if it comes tree," she says as she starts walking back towards the campsite, glancing over her shoulder at Bobby to grin again as she goes.