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Trickster and Telepath
Date of Scene: 28 August 2022
Location: Frost Enterprises - Emma's Penthouse
Synopsis: Emma catches up with Loki and has a drink.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Loki

Emma Frost has posed:
The candle was still in her office. Emma had put in a reques tthrough it for 'at your convenience' to drop on by. Emma had racked her brain for something to offer; it was only polite after all. So after some time she had purchased some carvings of Anasazi (sp), the trickster spider god, and of Raven. These might come across as a sign of appreciation, or perhaps one of wanton baiting. Either way, hopefully enough to get some reaction of amusement.

Loki has posed:
The candle has been almost entirely dead, ever since Professor Xavier's exit from the elemental attached to it. The flame has been out, and the thing was entirely non-responsive.

However, Emma was able to revive it only briefly, by using a match, enough for a sort of puzzled little fuzz of elemental before it fully died again. There may be a question of if any message was sent at all, much less one with or without baiting.

But then, alight on one of the balconies, comes a beautiful, very large raven. It lands, with a flex of body and wings. It has some considerable weight, so the impact of the landing made sound!

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to pause over and cluck her tongue, "Greetings, Laufeyson. Thank you for your arrival. I merely wished to. . Catchup on the state of things, I considered it polite to follow up and thank you properly for your aid. Might you care for something to be brought up? I'd have had something prepared but I didn't wish to presume to knwo what you would enjoy. That seemd rather presumptuous of me to assume."

Shew ould smile over as the doors would slide open fully with a flick of a palm.

Loki has posed:
The raven is, in fact, Loki -- how embarrassing it might have been if it were just a messenger! ... Still, better to lead with polite respect, which always covers more cases. Such as this one.

Much like a Goblin King out of a Labyrinth movie coming out of owl form, in a swirl of broad wings and movement of black and shimmer of green magic, Loki shifts out of the Raven shape as he crosses the threshold into the room. He does it with a calm nonchalance, as he performs the little magical 'show.' Her sliding doors led well into that.

"Hello, Emma," Loki answers, choosing a more casual address. If she wants him to correct it, she'll have to speak up.

Loki's dressed entirely in a modern manner; sleek black suit, a higher mandarin collar to it. His hair is back and partially braided up one side, leaning into a very 'now' style. Still, he's obviously an Asgardian, as he's using his own appearance, as they lean somewhat otherwordly when taken up close.

With hands neatly relaxed at his pockets, he seems very amiable, though green eyes are sharp, aware. "Thanks, while not required as I volunteered to assist, are still welcome," Loki says, seeming lightly flattered.

"What were your options to prepare?" Loki wonders, with an amused half-smile.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile, "Thank you Laufeyson, a pleasure to invite you to my residence." Rising up over in a curtsy. Emma had little specific knowledge of what Loki's preferences were in greeting; actual etiquette while meeting a god formally was somewhat beyond her ken. She would not correct him. Some things one left to the guest after all.
    "I had a few varieties. Wine some chocolates.. Some exotic fruits and snacks. I realized that it would be rather rude for me to presume what my guest would wish to have so I had a variety prepared in advance so you could decide what, if any of them you might prefer. And if not then I would ensure to have some proper ones readied for the next time." Dangling over that she was so assured for there -to- be a next time to see if that particular exchange did get his interest. The point was after all give and take here. Just enough to keep his interest piqued.

Loki has posed:
"What, no young mutants around to feed energy into the flames?" Loki teases, as if mock-insulted. He isn't, of course. Still, that statement may rather specifically remind that Loki was the one they were talking with through the flame elemental ... the WHOLE TIME.

Mentioning it could be just to tease her, or it could be to adjust the terms to more friendly ones -- in that they have, in fact, spoken at length in that way. It's just like having texted with someone for a while, then realizing they were famous?

"Well, seeing as I /do/ want those things, but am impatient..." Loki trails off, but then fans both hands up and out sideways. A quick little golden flutter of magic, and he's pulled wine -- three various bottles without labels-- and a variety of interesting little handmade looking finger-foods on a large long carved wood platter. There's wine glasses, two, already full. An easy guess would be that these were Asgardian in origin, as they lack the marks of capitalism's sales.

Loki's entertaining himself, maybe, and selects one of the glasses... and also a seat. He drapes himself into it with a style akin to owning all of his environment, much like a big cat.

"As visitor I bring offerings, this time, then," Loki decides elusively. The wine, Asgardian, is very strong.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile, "Thank you Laufeyson. I must say, I do hope that I can handle it." Ah well, if she were here she'd sure that Janet would be thrilled to have some. But rather rude to even tangent over to that. "Thank you very kindly, you are a most gracious guest. And Tabitha sends her best wishes, admittedly in a somewhat more appropriate manner for herself. I'ms ure that she would appreciate if you ever wished to drop in on her. She did enjoy her interactions."

Emma would go to hold out a hand to take the glass, moving to raise it up to take a sniff of it. "I don't believe I've ever ha danything like this. I do look forwards to it." Presuming she would not be knocked flat of it, she would have teh smalelst, ever so smallest taste. She was not Janet nor did she have the otherw oman's tolerances. Perhaps ina nother lifetime dominated by vice, hedonism, and cynicism.
    "We've had no more signs over of It since we last arrived. The Professor has made a full recovery and there's been no further displays of any intrusions amongst the students."

Loki has posed:
Loki watches her and her cautious sip -- but that she was willing to at least take that much means he takes no offense. Had she rejected or faked it, the 'game' would have shifted. But Loki's fine, at least by all obvious body language and expression.

"Eh. I'm not interested in the mess that a 'dropin' at where she resides would create. As appreciative as your Charles no doubt IS, I'm not everyone's favorite vintage."

Loki gives a sly little smile over his own wine, with a curl of several long piano fingers against the surface of the glass. "Has everyone in your little psychic team there recovered?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would fold her hands together, "Yes. No one has had permanent injuries, at least htat we've been able to detect. And after this much time, if there were any discrepancies would have noticed them." She seems more relaxed on that. But, something to be said for having had a half dozen telepaths able to rapidly review and analyse one another.

"I would consider you from my own experiences unexpected and prone to mischief, and perhpas looking for some level of relief from the tedium." She doesn't say 'boredom' or 'entertainment'. That would be entirely gauche.
    "I don't presume to speak for her, but I do think she would appreciate the chance to get ot know you better." Emma would grin.

Loki has posed:
"Well, I don't travel around purely to bestow upon random people the blessing that is my presence. I am not strictly for the entertainment of others," Loki snorts, a smirk showing a bit of teeth on one side. "Nearly exclusively my own. Selfish of me," Loki tuts. It's a joke, but it isn't, at the same time. Loki's a lot of things in a lot of directions, like a bag of cats. Some are insulted, others are enjoying the bag.

"Primarily I wanted to punish Shadow King for stealing my mages, and obviously, we did that," Loki laughs. "But yes, that I helped so many afterwards was purely altruistic on my part. It lacks heroism when I start accepting repayment for it. Or so I understand."

Emma Frost has posed:
In the end it's all about the enjoyment of the cats. Whether one gives blood, gets tripped down the stairs, or used as an object of reclining and a mobile throne of pettiness. Loki quite does fit in. She would smile over at him, getting the joke. "Fair enough. I can certainly understand that." Emma would allow back.
    She would nod while letting out a sigh, "And while I hope we've finished with that Thing fully, one can never be sure with such wretched things. But the humiliation will last awhile. And I suppose that one must presume under the default perspectives of altruism one cannot accept accolades.. But you don't seem the type to play things the way that they're expected now, do you?"

Loki has posed:
"Hah. Accolades can be accepted. It just makes you an /arrogant/ hero. But if Thor is any demonstration of that -- still a hero all the same," Loki says, with a pointed sort of disgust around speaking of Thor's arrogance.

"I would say I enjoy transactions. Not so much in the form of say, Lucifer, or a demon that is contractually obligated to get payment," Loki says, lifting a hand in a 'no no' motion. "But when it is a question of /respect/, I do like to be paid back."

There's a pause.

"If you were wondering, I do not consider anything owed either way, from the Astral situation," Loki says, clearing the air with a manner he probably feels is generous of him. Sometimes confusion is fun too, people worrying about it!

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to tap her hand over at her side and lets out a low chortle, "Fair enough. I've been told that I'm quite arrogant and I tend to often fail to see why such things must be ignored and pushed aside. It makes it ever so the more difficult to justify them sometimes. Humanity does not act purely out of generosity. Small bits of selish indulgence do make things worthwhile."

She would nod over at Loki, "Then very well. You have my respect and appreciation. And those from everyone in the school that you aided, though they may not know it directly." An offer of sincerity.
    "And very well, thank you." The real meat of the matter dealt with. But no move to dismiss. "A rather strong vintage. One that I don't think ordinarily I could handle." Honesty on the wine.

Loki has posed:
"I don't generally condone accepting limits," Loki answers of the wine topic, but seems to consider, and very obviously casts a sort of odd, pulsating spell on the drink in her hand, and also that on the counter, still in the bottles.

Loki didn't change his own. He sits back a little, polishing off a good drink of his own, with an expectant look.

It's a far more tame adjustment to the wine flavor, possibly a bit TOO easy to imbibe. "It's a personal creation, that," Loki brags lightly. "A bit direct on the pallete, perhaps a bit too /sweet/, but with echoes of what gave the Asgardian wines their impact, as the fruit's a cousin." Loki's chatty, but not in a very passionate way. He made a thing, old news.

"While I was here, I recharged the candle a little, it was just about dead magic. Lighting it will garner my attention, though I won't promise I won't be busy. I am often very busy." Loki starts to ease to his feet, finishing his wine glass and making the whole thing disappear.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to take a small sniff of it, "The limitations of being merely human, I'm afraid. Some of us can only appreciate fine things in limited amounts. I do appreciate it. And thank you very much, good sir Laufeyson. And know that no matter the circumstances, you shall have my respect. And even my interest. Which may be a far worse thing given my reputation." She would take another smile and sip of the wine.
    "Quite good. you have an exquisite talent. Thank you very much for the visit." Finishing a small bit of the wine then and letting him get ready to depart. "Until next time, I hope then." She would dip her head at him. "And pleasant chaos."