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Michael Jackson Thriller Pinball
Date of Scene: 05 September 2022
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: Explosive Mutants trying to figure out a purpose beyond explosions.
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Rogue, Negasonic, Tabitha Smith, Maxwell Wave, Samuel Guthrie

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    It's late, but that doesn't mean the Recreation Room is empty. Several groups have dispersed among the amenities. Hambone is currently holding court near the video games and just sprouted a new freckle in celebration of his recent win at Super Smash Brothers. Others are fighting over who gets to use the pool table, while Wendy Fleeb is putting the finishing touches on the brown bag textbook covers for her classes this year.

    Notably, a poker game has started up on one of the tables near the snacks. Four players, though there's a clear winner. The three guys at the table are all down to their last handful of chips, though they don't seem to mind. They seem fixated on the fourth player at the table, perhaps even... hypnotized... unable to look away from the clear chip leader, Jubilation Lee. She's relaxing on a makeshift seat created from a stack of beanbags, one leg crossed over the other and stuck out into the open air, bobbing up and down.

    "Read em and weep, boys," she announces, laying flat her hand of cards. Seven of clubs. Two of spades. Nine of diamonds. Five of hearts. Jack of clubs. Nothing.

    The other three players groan and toss their cards away.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue arrives from the foyer, wearing a button-up blue sweater shirt with the sleeves pushed up to her elbows, the sky blue material looking soft and brightly fresh, and new, likely part of her super cool teacher wardrobe! She's wearing blue jeans and some sneakers, her hair loose around her shoulders as she carries some grocery bags in to the rec room toward the kitchenette area. Her green eyes look around at whomever is gathered within the room, seeing things mostly as they should be.

The bags are deposited on the counter, the Belle pulling out a bottle of lemonade from within. She twists the cap, takes a sip, leans against the counter, and then smiles over at the card players. "Better not be ditchin' articles a clothin over there on lost hands." She jests with them as she sees some potential drama crossing the players faces.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie comes meandering in on her phone, because what else would she be doing. Of course she is on her phone. She pauses to look up from the door at Rogue and then back into the room and kids, and then the bags she set on the counter. That gets a thoughtful look. Lemonade came from a bag.

    She slowly walks that direction. "How bad were those other hands ...." she says in disbelief. "Also we need a field trip stat before I die of boredom Rogue." didn't school just start back up this week. She made it what one whole week.

    She probably means a specific kind of field trip to be fair. Her hands still flying on the phone as she types away to someone not in the room presumably.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Carb loading is pretty much a requirement for overactive metabolisms and effective booming. This is made easy when you live in a school. There is always tater-tots and or mac and cheese. It's mac and cheese this time. And maybe some of the excess bacon chopped up in the metal saucepan cradled in Tabby's bare hands. The benefits of heat immunity coming with plasma generation. The hard part is notoverheating and burning the cheese pasta goodness in her hands while she stirs with a wooden spoon.

With fall soon to be a thing, the weather is still hot enough that it dictates lighter clothes. And being Tabby this still means loud colors. Pink corduroy jeans, a yellow cropped XAVIER'S hoodie showing abs with minimal scarring after way too may visits with some of the Shi'ar dermal regenerators in the med lab. Red chucks go with the matching belt and colar in red leather and eyelets. The lenses on her cat eye frames in yellow to give a very jaundiced view of the world.

The poker game going on gets a giglle as she peeks over the winner's. "You know, between us we could probably haul down to Atlantic City and clean up. " she states as she takes big spoonfuls of pasta.

The warning from Rogue gets a grin and a chuckle to Jubilee. "These kids need more mind defense training." she whispers. "We'll try strip poker when they all crash." she challenges playfully.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
For the few acquainted with Max, he's been a non-entity lately, keeping his head down with civil engineering contracts. Today, he's decided to 'chill out' for the first day in months. He's wearing comfy jean, a light purple tank-top, and a pair of black converses. His eyes radiate a faint aura of cerulean and his brown hair is a tussled mess.

Giving the recreation room a quick scan, he raises an eyebrow at the poker table then wanders over to the mahogany bar in the corner. He opens one of the refrigerators and rummages around for a canned coffee drink. Finding his prize, he finds a bare patch of wall and cracks open the can. Tilting his head back, he chugs mocha goodness and gets his caffeine fix, Adam's apple bobbing.

Seeing Rogue's grocery bags, he slides over and peeks inside a bag out of pure curiosity and an urge to jump on any fancy new snacks.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie comes into the room, he has a text book under one arm, and is rubbing fingers across the bridge of his nose and eyes. He looks about as he walks in and heads over towards where Rogue, and Negasonic are. He looks over to Rogue, "Any tea in the minifridge?" He will ask her, not wanting to crowd her in the little kitchen area. He sets the book on the bar, and the title of Criminal Justice can be seen on the front and spine of it.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Ellie's question about the state of the hands causes a collective sigh among the losing players at the poker game. "Terrible. I only had a pair of Kings," one of the players complains.

    "Three of a kind," the second one mutters.

    "Two pair," the third answers with a sigh.

    Jubilation leans forward and sweeps the central pile of chips towards herself and begins to haphazardly stack them. No organization, no counting (as if!), just... different colored chips stacked as high as she can get them. "Tabby. When are you gonna realize that it's not gonna happen?" Jubilee replies, perhaps louder than necessary to get her point across, and even turns a little to make sure she can get a proper glare out. As soon as she turns away, the three losing poker players snap out of whatever trance they were just in. Their eyes come to life again and their brains begin to fill with their own thoughts.

    "How many apples did you get today, Rogue?" Jubilee teases, grinning from ear to ear. Rogue's first semester as a teacher. Dogs and cats living together. She hops off her stack of bean bags and makes her way over to the snacks area. "Hey, Ellraiser, who's that?" Jubilee whispers, making a vague gesture towards Maxwell after giving Negasonic a little bump of the fist.

    Wait. Hold up. Tea in the mini-fridge? Stranger chugging coffee? Are people /already/ pulling all night study sessions on a weekend?!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue whips out a bottle of tea for Sam, as he draws near. She offers it to him before she leans over to read the title of his book. "What ya got there? Studyin' Bird Law?" She asks him with a light grin before she looks then to Ellie who gets a gloved hand on the back of her neck to pat pat softly. "Here." She says, whipping out a bag of chocolate pretzels for Ellie.

The Belle picks up the bag of snack packs, and walks past Maxwell then, giving him a grin. "Heya, Stranger." She says to the man in the casual attire. She starts to put the bags of snack food in to the cupboard while leaving two other bags of bananas, apples, and other, healthier, snacks and drinks there on the polished granite island counter.

"I'm drownin' in apples, Jubes." Rogue says with her back to the Vampire gal. "Like, ya wouldn't believe it. I'm gonna start havin' t'make pies, and such. At least it's that time'a year, right?" She says while stuffing up the grab bags of chips, and less healthy snacks, in to their proper places.

"What's goin' on in here?" She asks, eyeing Tabitha now. "What are you up to over there?" She asks the notorious Agent Smith...

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie pauses in her scoping out of grocery bags and drinks there. "Wait ... a second.." at the poker players and Jubilee's hand. Also the use of mind powers on fellow students as she watches them. There is a distinct snort.

    Then she goes back to texting on her phone after getting a tea for herself from the spoils Rogue brought. Her fist is raised. There is a bump without looking up from her text convo. Until the whispered question.

    She looks up and squints at Maxwell. "I .. have no idea Jubes." she admits. She doesn't like to not know things.

    "Though more importantly..." ack pretzels, she catches them dropping the unopened bottle of tea. She then gets it and the pretzels. "This doesn't substitute for my birthday present in two weeks Rogue." she notes amused.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"What, you're on a watch list for the casinos?" Tabby states with a grin and spoons more macaroni to chomp and swallow. "It's not like blackjack. We'd need like Monet for that so she can count cards for us." she points out deliberately missing the point for comedy sake.

"Applesauce beeyoooooctch!" she adds and with wooden spoon in hand points and makes a gunshot sound at Rogue and Maxwell while stuff iis rummaged and put away. "Sam Guthrie. Now you gonna be taking bribes and stuff if we get arrested? We may need it when Ellie hits eighteen." she points out. The blonde stil working on stirring her bot and devouring an unhealthy amount of carbs and probably a plan to burn all the calories off in the danger room later.

She does make a shush gesture to Negasonic when she sees the disparity of poker hands versus the 'winner'.

It's only cheating if you get caught.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Maxwell catches the vague gesture in his direction from Jubilee and salutes her with his empty can. Rogue gets a sheepish smile at the stranger comment, "Heya, Rogue. What's happening?"

Giving the coffee can an accurate toss into a nearby recycling bin, he assists with the remaining groceries, stacking fruit in a somewhat aesthetically pleasing way. In the process, he pilfers an apple for himself. Sinking his teeth into the fruit, he keeps it clutched in his mouth to leave his hands free while he helps out.

He gives Ellie a side eye then looks over toward Rogue, pulling his apple out of his mouth. "Hmm, I need to stop hanging out in the lab so often, or take more substitute teaching gigs. I feel like a cryptid today."

Eyes glowing just a touch brighter, he takes a big bite out of his apple. He clutches his heart at the gunshot sound from Tabitha and falls into a bean bag to lounge.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks to Rogue and says "Thanks." when she hands him the tea. "They covered the basics with the academy training last yea, figured Ah would at least minor in it, while Ah decide what Ah want to major in." He admits. He looks over to Tabby, and says "Hey, I have already dealt with one incident you were involved in, and doubt you even realized it." He tells the girl. He does find a stool to sit and chat, now half paying attention to the poker game.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "I know you heard me, Tabby," Jubilee fires back sternly. Her frown softens a little as she shakes her head in Rogue's direction, giving her one of those 'can you believe this?' kind of looks. Jubilation approaches Rogue and the incoming snacks and begins looting around in there like she's right at home. Items are pulled, re-arranged, inspected, and there's only a brief pause so Jubilee can nod a little in Ellie's direction. Eventually, Jubilee stops rooting through the snacks, realizing there's nothing in that bag for her.

    Maxwell's mock salute paired with no introduction, no name, gets a little shrug from one of Jubilee's shoulders before she decides Sam Guthrie is more interesting. "Have any possibilities in mind, Sammy? I mean, what are the top three in the running?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue offers a little 'thanks' to Max for helping her put stuff away, before she just turns and leans back against the counter behind her. She crosses her right arm over her stomach, holding her drink in her left hand. After another sip, she glances toward the bean bag chair bound man. "That's Max, ya'll. He's one'a our Science guys. Been with us like... almost two years now?" She asks, glancing toward him for confirmation of that. "Guess ya need t'come outta the basement a bit more, huh?" She chides him with a grin.

Her eyes go back then toward Sam and Jubilee, another sip of her lemonade bottle is enjoyed before the Belle just sets it aside, and takes off her gloves. "Ellie. I saw a horror convention comin' up that I thought ya might like t'go too for your birthday. Get ya some sweet swag from that. Remy seemed down for it too. I mean, he drags me to his Star Trek Cons. Might as well drag him to a Horror one too, right?" She asks of the young Phone Addict.

A grin is sent over to Jubilee then. "We don't keep your snacks in here, silly." She notes of the Vampire rooting through the stuff on the counter still. "Last thing we need is some'a them gamer geeks over there gettin' in to your stuff..."

A glance is given to Tabitha then, and she upnods at her. "You seem Betsy, or STorm around lately?" She asks of the Boom Boom.

Negasonic has posed:
    "I mean. He looks vaguely familiar. I guess." about Max being a science guy around the place. Maybe she just couldn't put a name with the face and all that.

    "Actually.. a horror convention for my 18th sounds reasonable." she considers. Then glances at her phone. "Evidently Gabs went to an abandoned nuclear reactor on her eighteenth that was in no way a secret black ops site or military operation." she tucks her phone away for the moment so she can focus on getting the choco pretzels open.

    She probably would like a horror convention and the various swag and dealers room.

    "We may need good bail or a lawyer though as Tabby said..."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"I think most of the things I get up to count as incidents Sammy!" Tabby points out and air drums an unladen wooden spoon. "At minimum. Iss like normally unmitigated disaster normally. Sliding scale." she points out and chuckles.

Jubilee gets a grin and a slight nod, the blonde totally knew. But it's fun sometimes being both supportive and annoying.

"Max, they call the smell you get working in there too long; Lab Funk." she points out and pinches her nose at Amplitude.

"You could go partying with Jubilee's minions. Why party with kids pretending to be undead when you can probably hang out with the real thing. And yeah. Ending up destroying black ops sites is pretty common for us. I'm on my like third in the last six months alone. Or is it fourth of fifts. Wow. I los count!" she admits and really does look lost as she tries to remember whhat does and doesn't count.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max mouths a silent oops at Jubilee's shoulder shrug, realizing he might have been a little rude. He's about to offer his name when Rogue tosses his name out. Nodding affirmation to Rogue's claim of about two years, he raises his apple in another salute and takes another bite, chewing thoughtfully.

Swallowing the introduction, he adds. "Dr. McCoy and Kitty brought me in from Bushwick when Brainiac decided to uh... steal it?"

He frowns thoughtfully thinking back to that time and realizes that number of consecutive following disasters probably leaves it far in other's minds.

"Minus the glowing eyes, I'm pretty forgettable.. and given or penchant for novel appearances here, even more so." Max admits to Ellie.

Amplitude offers a little frown toward Tabitha then casually leans forward, grabbing a handful of his own shirt and taking a smell. "I smell like soap, deodorant, and... Perchlorates? Maybe just a hint of rubber? It's not THAT bad. Ahem..."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks to Jubes, and says "Well, Ah have considered a few sciences, Astronomy, or maybe Astrophysics, just cause you know we get to go out there and see the stuff, so could test some stuff others couldn't. Have considered an English degree, Ah do enjoy writing." He admits, those who know him well knows his letters back to Ma, could almost be novelettes at times, but with his speech patterns English?" He hmmmms and says "Even did consider teaching to help out around here some, but Ah think Rogue has that one covered," He says lifting his tea in salute to the woman.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee nods at Rogue's point about the snacks. The school has been pretty supportive over the past year, but leaving free bags from the Red Cross in the fridge is where they drew the line. "So, like, you're signing up... for more school... that you don't have to go to if you don't want to," Jubes slowly confirms, staring at Sam. She turns to look at everyone else to gauge their reactions to what might be the craziest thing she's ever heard. Her gaze lingers on Maxwell for the moment -- the science guy -- and then Rogue in her new I'm-A-Teacher sweater.

    "Holy shit," she whispers to herself. "I'm the stupidest person in the room."


    Thankfully, Tabby's suggestion to borrow her quote-unquote minions is enough of a distraction. "My... minions. Yeah. They totally listen to me," Jubilee mutters, nodding her head along with that totally-not-crazy idea. Totally respected, she is, honest! Jubilation crosses her arms over her chest, shoulders tensed. It's a rare moment where she's not completely at ease. It doesn't last long.

    "Wait, so, Neggles... You're looking for some kind of Charles Lee Ray Friday The Thirteenth The Series Salem's Lot Party Bus?" Jubes, an unusual smile forming, with just a hint of fangs.

    "I know a place..."

Rogue has posed:
A smirk crosses Rogue's features as she listens to Maxwell describe his smell. "Don't let them get in your head, Max." She warns him, good naturedly, of course!

Another sip of the sweet tangy lemonade is taken by the southern gal before she tucks her gloves in to her right front jeans pocket. "I'm a bonified teacher now, yep. Of the most important course in all the curiculum. 'Poetry'." She says with a grin. "Truth be told, I'm just glad people signed up for it. I was worried there for a bit this summah..." She states while stepping out of the kitchen area to walk toward one of the two pinball machines pushed up against the south wall. Setting her bottle down upon its glass surface, she leans over the machine to see if she can get it to work.

"No turnin' Ellie inta a Vampire." Rogue warns Jubilee then, without looking as she flips the machine on to get it going, lights flashing, and noises starting up.

"Michael Jackson 'Thriller' Pinball lives!

Negasonic has posed:
    "I mean it would fit with my aesthetic, but no lets not do that." the whole vampire thing. "Party bus and a horror convention sounds fantastic though." she smirks at Jubes. "You could come too and be ironic... buncha cosplayers and you."

    She doesn't mean it mean though, she actually would be very fine with Jubes at her birthday whatever. Which is better than her opinions of like 95 percent of the school denizens honestly.

    Another pretzel popped in her mouth and she looks at Tabby "You too." she notes. Ah yes part of the five percent she doesn't want to blow up on any given day.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Made ya look!" Tabby states with a grin while she herself mostly smells like cheese. At least it's not mouldy cheese. "Glowie eyes does tend to be pretty common. But spend enough time out and about the school and you'll have folks remembering you!" she reassures. "And uh, I haven't seen Betsy or Ororo in a bit. Think Dani and Rahne have taken off again as well. I'll miss them but I'm sure they'll be back and we'll get another shot!" she ponders. "Gotta lead your aim a bit better!" she points out and makes more shooting noises with the spoon.

Jubes gets herself a more reassuring smile. "Sam's crazier than we are. We're totally the smartest people in the room deciding we're done with school. Minions also respect intimidation. And you can like explode them at a distance. That'll keep Elly safe. Explosions are very useful. Trust me on that!" she adds and raises an index finger and makes a little pebble of a plasmoid float and flicker before she snatches it out of the air to reabsorb.

"How much LARP they expect? I'd rather go as a werewolf. But That's mostly cause Rahne's influence!" she ponders and makes an air clawing motion with half her spoon hand's fingers.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max's eyebrows raise again, a light frown curling on his lips, as he catches just a little of Jubilee's self-deprecation. He doesn't seem to approve of the word 'stupid' nor someone applying it to themselves. He crunches into his apple and doesn't say anything of it. It wasn't his place.

His eyes narrow into a pair of cerulean slits as he squints at Rogue then offers a single nod at her coaching. His apple reduced to its core, he tilts his head in the direction of the nearest trashcan. Bobbing the core like its a dart, he launches it across the room. It travels in a perfect hyperbolic curve that seems uncanny and physics defying to the eye, plopping into the compostable bin.

With all the talk of spooky things, he applies just a little of his force manipulation power to do his best 'raise from the dead' motion to rock to his heels while keeping his spine straight. He then extends his arms forward in cheesy horror movie fashion and starts shambling toward the door, "Must socialize. Must mingle."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over, and says "Hey Ah, have always been planning to go to college, Ah had folks talking to me about a sports scholarship back home." A slight pained look passes in his eyes, but it has been years, and though he misses his pa, he has learned to live with it. "Besides, if either one of you wanted to go to college, Ah am sure you could and blow it out of the water, and not just with time bombs and fireworks.." He seems sincerely confident that the girls could do it. And if you don't want to go, well Ah know a whole heck of a lot of folks ah respect who didn't, heck half of them didn't finish high school."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Oh, come on..." Jubilee rolls her eyes at Rogue, though it remains good-natured. "We're not hiring. Besides..." Jubes lowers her voice and looks from Rogue, to Ellie, to Tabby, to Sam, and even towards the New Guy Who's Been Around For Two Years.

    "I don't know how," she admits.

    ... "Yet!" Jubilee declares, nodding her head with no small amount of undeserved confidence. She'll figure it out one way or another, right?

    "Not an /actual/ party bus. It's this bar," Jubes begins. "Full of wannabe's and Hot Topic assistant managers." She grins a little and shrugs both shoulders. "But, uh, it's not how it seems...." That's ominous!

    Woah, woah, woah. Tabby said something horrible, even for her. Werewolf?! Jubilation turns and stares at Tabby for a few seconds. It's a long time to be in the Duchess' gaze. But, instead of there being some kind of incident, Jubilee keeps it tapered down to just an incredulous glare. "...Why are you the way that you are?" she asks quietly, pretending like the exchange is causing her actual pain. After a second or two, she breaks and grins, shaking her head a little at the ridiculous idea of going as a werewolf.

    "Can't get in, Sammy," Jubilee answers. "Turns out, a death certificate is sort of a problem." She might elaborate and might even go on about the ruthless notaries down at the UPS Store, but instead... Jubilation stares at Maxwell and his insensitive impression of a non-specific supernatural creature.

    "And just what is that?" Jubilee demands, shifting her weight to one hip so she can look properly annoyed.

Rogue has posed:
Ding ding ding ding, cling cling, bweeee bweeeeeeooop!

Rogue taps the white buttons on the sides of the pinball machine, doing her best not to let the silver balls drop down between the little arms. But, she's not very good at this. IT's hard! Plus, Michael Jackson voice sound bites are distracting!

'Eeeey-heee-whoooo!' Michael says when Rogue loses another ball.

She grumbles before the machine goes dark, and she just turns around to see the others, Max in his zombie-walk. Jubilee judging himk. Sam studying Bird Law. Tabitha eating mac and cheese.

"Careful with the Zombie stuff. If Jeepers sees ya, he'll attack. He hates the Undead." Rogue warns, of her dog, who is 'out there somewhere' roaming the grounds, like a Jason Vorhes for the Undead!

She sips her lemonade again, and starts to walk toward the counter again where she'd left her phone near to where Ellie is. "Party bus, horror convention... I like it. This sounds like a good 18th to me." She says with a little grin. "And good swag, I promise that part too."

Negasonic has posed:
    "I'm positive we have someone who can create fake IDs and paperwork and undeath certificate someone..." she notes skeptically. "We have like everything else crazy around here."

    She heads over to a chair and flops in it unceremoniously. Tea. Pretzels. There now that she has a hand free with bag of pretzels in her lap the phone is back out.

    "What else is the bar. Front for wizards. Sasquatches. Faeries. Murder larpers?"

    Oh right the question on the larping. "I mean.. no idea Tabby on cosplay, the con was Rogues idea and I'm just looking up the deets now.... also Rahne is a sweet furry angel and I will broke with no insulting werewolves lest I blow you up."

    To Rogue "I'll hold you to it." an actual crack of a smile.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The Shambling Engineer gets a chuckle. "I think we created a monster!" she jokes. "Not our first. All the cool kids are doing it!" Tabby comments.

"Wait you're legally dead? You know that can like be reversed. Lotta folks go missing get pronounced dead, get that control-zee'd when they turn up." she explains You're walking and talking. That's like important enough to like not be considered dead. Actual dead. I mean un-dead is still a thing but that's gotta be more down low cause TRACY!" Tabby states and glares over at Wendy. "Is gonna just cause more crap for mutants with her crap." she adds and scoops more pasta past her lips.

"I've got ears and a tail and some caps for canine teeth." School Dental Plan. And Tabby has been punched. Alot! "I'm too blonde to make vamp play work without looking like Joss Whedon wrote me." she adds and shrugs while looking down at herself.

"No clue what the hell I can study anyway. Half the time I don't know what I'm doing around here. Well I got a a cool uniform, so living that dream. And I don't mean Harry's. Nice as it is! But what I can study that I don't already know and won't drive me nuts and is something I can bring back to the school. I have nooooo idea!" and there's her own lack of self esteem or at least lack of direction.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
The New... But Not New guy just tilts his head toward Jubilee with a dead look in his eye. Pausing for a few uncomfortable seconds, he mumurs, 'Lab Zombie' then turns his head back toward the doorway and continues his shambles.

"The Lab. We return to... The Lab." Max makes a point of bumping back and forth between the door frames before shuffling out into the hall.

Some random student in the hall groans and yells, "God. What a dork."

Hearing the tale end of Tabby's comments about what to sturdy, Max pokes his head back in, perpendicular with the door frame. "You know.. We do all kinds of Explosive Ordinance Engineering. Mostly non-military applications like demolitions or building more sturdy structures. Maybe you should take a crack of sturdying the 'Science of Boom'."

Max makes the universal exploding hands gesture, "Look me up or Doctor McCoy if that tickles the brain cells."

The glowing eyed mutant's head then slowly retreats behind the door frame before he heads on.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie nods and points towards Max, as he says "Ah was thinking structual engineering, that way you could get the most bang for your boom, maybe start a demo company, pretty sure, you could save a bundle on explosives, and maybe even find someone to stand in for your wrecking ball occasionally if you need it. Heck might be able to get a contract with Damage Inc, and make bank."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "I dunno," Jubilee replies to Ellie with a shrug of one shoulder. Tabby, too. They're both kind of trying to sell the same product here. "It sort of feels... weird. I mean, like, you have birth certificates and that's normal. I have a death certificate. That's normal, too." Her inflection is that of a statement, not a question, as though her mind is already made up on that and she just said it to explain.

    "Plus, I kinda have to set an example, I think."

    Not that any of her alleged subordinates would care.

    "It's just this hangout, like, but everyone thinks it's some tourist trap for wannabe's and fangbangers," Jubes explains, just tossing out that little bit of slang like it ain't-no-thang. "...But, like, isn't that just the perfect place for the real deal?"

Rogue has posed:
A glance is given to Rogue's phone, as she says 'Buh bye' to Max on his way back to his lab in the great down under, never to be seen again, again.

When she looks up she stuffs her phone in to her back pocket and eyes the others still in the kitchen area, specifically Jubilee.

"You're doin' way better than most dead girls, Missy. So just keep it up." She says with a faint smirk before shoulder bumping Ellie. "We'll get the birthday plans laid out. I'll let Jean know the details. Nobody is a bigger closet Horror movie fan than that one. It's totally weird, just wait an' see."

Rogue snatches one of the bananas off the counter, along with her lemonade bottle and turns toward the doors out of the rec room.

"It's almost bedtime, ya'll, start wrappin' up the video games and whatever else nefarious shit is goin' on in here!" She says to everyone in the room on her way out.

"Night, Fangbangers!" She adds as she passes out toward the Foyer area, Jeepers appearing out of the dark to run ahead of her toward the stairs, almost like he was watching from the shadows out in the hallway....

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"I worked some Demo stuff while I was on Genosha. Clearing stuff after Magneto took over. I got a whole lot of all I am is my power vibes." Tabby moves to claim the beanbag the not actually undead Max had landed into swhen the blonde 'Shot' him.

"I just hate that human society puts too much emphasis on like colleges and degrees and stuff. Just to justify the stupid huge debts people end up with and might not always get them the job they want.

"My powers make a mess of me as much as the environment. At least wearing the tights I can put them to use. But I still kinda want to do something that doesn't put me back into 'crazy explosive skank'. I just don't know what else. Thieving doesn't add much. But I'll still teach Urban Survival." she adds at her own expenses.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to Jubes, and says "Just cause you die does not mean you have to do the whole death certificate, Ah died, but came back quick enough only a few people freaked out over it." He tells her, some of the others may not have heard he had died, and seems to be immortal. If you want to keep it and be officially dead, that is your choice, Jubes, but remember just as being a mutant does not define all we are being a vampire aint going to define all you are, your still Jubilation Lee, and you can choose to be what you want to be, remember that."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Gotta keep score somehow, right?" Jubes suggests to Tabby with a shrug. Degrees. Rogue gets a little wave from the vampiress, who quickly retracts it once Jeepers makes himself known. She frowns at the dog. These two have been entangled in a battle-of-the-fates for the past year and it's very unlikely to be ending tonight.

    "Sam, I get what you're doing, but... You remember when you found out that you're a mutant? And there were probably, like, people trying to convince you that you could be 'normal' or be 'cured' or whatever the hell people say?" Jubilation shrugs a little and rakes her fingers through her hair. "This is what I am, so, deal with it, I guess." She grins a little and starts to walk towards the door.

    "I'm heading back. I have a speedster waiting up for me and it's really mean to keep her waiting," Jubes explains. Despite not having any biological reason to blush, just the mention of Noriko brings some color to Jubilee's cheeks for some reason, even after all this time. With that settled, Jubes heads for the door.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith nods ner head. "Got a point. We are what we are. But maybe still wanna be more than what we do with what we are!"

Negasonic has posed:
    At some point in that she got distracted on her phone, though she looked up and nodded to Rogue at the shoulder bump. "Cool. Also. Not sure how Jean can be a closet horror buff but okay." she glances back at her phone and frowns.

    She has the look of someone who is telling someone on the internet they are wrong with the speed she is typing and tapping away at her smartphone. Probably scorching some dudebro.

    She looks up and blinks "Cya Jubes, stay frosty." then looks to Tabitha and Sam. "We need a blowing up and blasting into the air session soon."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie chuckles a bit and says "Well we three could put one heck of a dent in something." He admits to Negasonic's comment, and to Tabby, he will add "Exactly if you want to do something go for it, I mean you could be a personal shopper, a scientist, would say Librarian, but think Xian might kick your butt, if you tried to go that path."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Take some cards and go play poker with Nori!" Tabby yells down the hall. The disappearing Rogue and Jeepers gets a waggle beore they're out of sight and soon the kids around maybe linger and not quite seem so fast to head to lights out.

"Think we all got something that brings out nerd sides out." Tabby explains. "But being headmistress Jean's gotta kinda seem above it all. She's totally not." she states and grins as she works through her pasta a little more slowly. Maybe getting full.

"I don't have the math for proper science. Like all caps SCIENCE! That you see Hank and Forge and the guys doing. Personal shopping kinda seems like a nice idea but you gotta really know what some folks tastes are and like just cause you know what might look good on them, it's not always gonna feel right and the sort of people that hire a shopper tend to be yellers and who needs that stress right. I dabble in design though custom uniforms via the Shi'ar replicators. Unstable molecules included." she ponders. "But that's mostly funsies. Last uniform I did was for Iara, Based on the ones Rahne has." wow she can ramble.

Negasonic has posed:
    "All Caps Science is wild. I don't think most of us have the math or chops to be on the hypersmart mutants level in that regard. I mean Hank and Forge and shit... woof."

    She does think about it. "I could use a new battle costume I think." thanks for reminding her Tabby. "I feel like more armor and some bulletproofing would be very good. Not needing shapeshifting but if I am caught between charging and blast shields... fuck me. Need to work on that since dodging is harder when I am charging up too..."

    Her phone badoops and she glances back to it and angrily types.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie nods, and says "YEa, just don't go to padded, my graduation costume, well lets just say it is good Ah did not keep it for long." He offers a smile "Mind you I aint the best with costumes, but do like my current look."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"There's motorcycle worthy padding and and then there's Micheline Man sumo suits. Sam, least it wasn't as bad as some of the stuff Doug wore. Says the girl that can and does fight in minidresses." Tabby states and chuckles.

"We'll work on stuff. Takes a bit to punch a design into the replicators. Working in like three dee. Gotta take any accessries into account as well. Still got my old wrist launchers on a shelf in my wardrobe. I have to make sure my glasses are prescription too!" the blonde takes those frames off to show them off. "Too much bright flashes take their toll. I'm amazed I'm not deaf either." she adds and puts the specs back on her nose to blink her vision back into working as best it can.

Negasonic has posed:
    "Probably due to the med tech we have around here I imagine Tabitha... you go boom more than anyone but maybe me.... and you been doing it longer than I have." about the whole going deaf business.

    "I imagine when we are old like Rogue we will be deaf." which is a burn considering how little older Rogue actually is. Alas. Ancient.

    "Can you help me with the replicator work Tabs?"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over and says "Rogue is not old." He defends the other southern who just happens to be less than three weeks older than him. "He then nods to Tabby, and says "With the med bay maybe help that or maybe like your ok with heat, your own booms don't mess with you."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"You're on for replicator time Ellie my dear. And Rogue and Sam here are only like weeks apart. And about a year and a half on me." Tabby explains and grins at the 'old man'. There's a chuckle as she sets the pot, still has plenty macaroni ion it but she seems done for now.

<<Well my powers have kinda grown.>> she broadcasts to the pair telepathically. "That or something else going on? I can still be blown about by my own blasts. Part of how I can fake either of your fields but it does hurt. I'm not immune to electricity and that's what I use to generate a BOOM as well. Nori actually drains me just standing too close. Faster if we touch." she says and makes a zap sound and yanks her hand back as if she was jolted. "My booms mess with me plenty in otherways beside blast wave shock."

Negasonic has posed:
    "I'm glad I seem to have a field when I blow the hell up or launch mininukes..." she thinks about it. "Would probably have never lived past my early years on genosha if I got hit by my own blasts.. they would have burned me out in the mines right away or just used me as a disposable weapon."

    She crumples the empty bag the pretzels came in and tosses it over into a trash can.

    "Also you are way younger than those antiques at heart Tabs." then she whispers "Or god as old as Jean."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over and says "Not sure, I would want to use your powers in the mines, no offence, but my own was bad enough blowing through the side of a mountain when it kicked in." He says of his own experience in minds, not truly forced to but in some ways he was. "Well glad your with us now, " He tells Ellie.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Not everyone on Genosha lost that atitude in the regime change. And this is to someone that lived with the now Queen." Tabby says with a shrug. "But kinda wish I had that blast field shield thing. But I guess being able to dial the blasts up or down or focus them to a point where maybe, maybe I could melt even Colossus makes up for it.

"He's right on the glad to have you. We all might have overlap. And that includes with Amara, 'Beto, and Rictor." she says with a warm tone. "But we've all got stuff we bring to the table beyond our powers. What I can do as an X-Man more so than the school itself but you get the idea."

Negasonic has posed:
    "I mean this is home. It isn't like Genosha was ever really home considering how I was treated there when I was little." she shrugs.

    She wiggles her phone "My blistering critique of capitlism and the patriarchy?" she inquires, as to what she brings to the table beyond her explody powers. "I mean we also seem to all apply the boom in incredibly different ways... evne if to the lay person it is stuff blow up." she smirks.

    "As for the mines Sam it was strip mining and demolitions... not like blasting tunnels. God could you imagine my blasts in tunnels when ..." she shakes her head. "I'd be fine but no one else would be."

    There is a slow stretch and she gets to her feet. "I'ma bounce. Flying practice later Sam. Tabs we have a date with the replicator." she tucks her phone away and grabs another drink though before heading out.