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Mad Science Yo
Date of Scene: 21 April 2020
Location: Hank's Lab
Synopsis: Warren shows up at Hank's lab to bring donuts and talk of parties! Rogue was helping Hank with his Dino-Research! Chattin' was had, fun was rumored!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Henry McCoy, Warren Worthington

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been helping Beast down in the lab with the research on the dinosaur stuff... Remy had even turned in to one and she'd had to narrowly avoid that mess. So now she was back down in the X-Men base and helping sort the lab and retrieve stuff to get research done on the dino situation. As such, Rogue is in the process of pushing some furniture around the lab and sorting some of the things she'd already taken to Hank, back to where it belongs.

She's wearing her green and gold uniform, her leather jacket is hung over the corner of one of the tables and she's standing by one of the cabinets.

"This goes up here, right?" Rogue asks to Hank, putting a blue bin back inside it's proper placement on it's shelf.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Looking more than a little flustered, Henry nods to Rogue. "Right there, yes." He offers over, with a grin. He's still got a bandaged arm, the man wearing his X-Man uniform while down in the basement. He was busy dusting off his workbench, fastidious to a tee. "I think that should take care of that, the equipment should check out for multiple tests." He comments, finally taking a seat and looking back to her. "You're not feeling like a raptor, are you?" He half-teases.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren makes one of his rare appearances in Doc's lab and while normally he would have questions or be seeking the advice of a wise elder, this day finds him carrying a pink box in both hands and there's a white bag atop it. He's wearing a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt that has the following in white letters:

noun. innocent until proven guilty

As soon as he enters he catches sight of Rogue and nods, "Oh hey Rogue, good, glad someone else is down here keeping the Doc company." He looks over at the Doc and smiles, "Hey Doc. I brought you a little something. Well, actually I bought a bunch of donuts for the school, but since you're down here doing stuff and things, I figured I'd swing by and drop some off. Knowing people around here, the kitchen will be cleared out before you have a chance to grab any."

He puts the box down on a counter near the two and grabs the white bag. "These two I got specially for myself since flying is hungry work and all that. Anyway, what's this about feeling like a raptor? Like a bird of prey? Like moi?"

Rogue has posed:
Once Rogue has that blue bin back where it belong she turned and saw Warren stride in through the open lab door. She walks toward him at a slow pace and a grin slides across her pink hued lips. Her gloved hands are down around her waist with her thumbs hooked under the brown leather belt cinched around her hips. "Heya, Warren. Happy t'pester the good Doctah here, keepin' him on his toes. He needs a nurse after all, right? Who better for that role than me, I say." She says in a sassy and sultry voice, always flirting, that Belle.

Her eyes go between the two men and she shakes her head. "I don't know what Raptors feel like, but I definitely don't feel like one." She states then, a grin still present on her lips. She looks to what Warren had brought in and she nods softly, moving over to look the donuts over.

"These sorta things get eaten up within seconds'a bein' put out." She adds then.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Hank's eyes go wide at the flirting, the man chuckling after. "Raptor as in dinosaur. Rogue has been keeping secluded down here to avoid, hopefully, the dino-crisis." The man explains, looking to the doughnuts. "Thank you, Warren - I could use a snack. Been working up an appetite down here today." The man moves over to the box, peering inside. "Nurse Rogue, did you need something sweet?" He motions to the selection of fried goods, letting her pick first.

He grins back to Warren. "How have things been for you, Warren? It was a coincidence seeing you and Dani at that Burger Place." He comments.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Uhh huh." Warren says, eying Rogue for a minute. "I'd ask questions about naughty nurses, but I'm trying to behave myself these days." He gestures towards the boss. "Please feel free to help yourself though, Nurse Rogue." He visibly struggles to maintain his composure at that, putting a hand up to cover his mouth.

"Things have been going well, Hank. Dani wanted to get out of the mansion for a little bit, so figured what better way to stretch one's legs than to go to a nearby food joint and get a meal. Your friend was very nice and if you want to arrange a meeting with her at the Hellfire Club, please let me know! I can use my membership there to get you reservations at the steakhouse there or something." He nods, gives Rogue another glance.

"Anyway, yeah I guess I was kind of curious about this stuff with people turning into dinosaurs and gorillas. Have any other students been affected?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just flashes a grin at the both of them and as she chooses a sprinkle donut for hserself she takes her gloves off and leans back against the counter. She hooks her gloves over her belt in front of her lap and just picks the donut apart piece by piece. "I'm a lady, ya know? Naughty is only if you're lucky." She grins coyly then before she pops a pice of donut in to her mouth.

After chewing it up she speaks up again. "What is this 'Hellfire' place that I keep hearin' about, anyhow? Is it one'a those places that I need to scrum up a fake ID just t'get a look around inside'a or can I get in cause'a my winnin' personality and my unyieldin' good looks?" the Belle asks this while smiling ear to ear.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Hank selects a bear claw for himself, sitting on his lab stool near the bench. "She is an interesting young woman, yes. I think she is a member of the club as well, as she got me into the VIP meeting for the Genosha charity gala." The man grins, chuckling. "That's why I said I owed her lunch." A bite is taken from the sugary treat.

"I believe that is where Jubilee works, as well." He mentions, meaning the Burger Place. "As for who has changed, I know of Laura and Jean so far." He says. "And unfortunately I am no closer to sorting out the reason, though I am looking into it." A look to Rogue, and a grin. "Fake ID? Rogue, I am shocked."

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Oh, every one here is either a lady or a gentleman, and I would never think otherwise. Except for me, I'd call myself more of a rapscallion, I think that's the word for it. A reformed rapscallion that is. I am trying to be better." Warren nods very sagely at this, flashes Rogue a quick grin and then looks to Hank and nods, "I didn't see her there, maybe it was her day off. Maybe I should buy the restaurant and give her a big raise, I'm sure she's an excellent employee."

At Rogue's mention of Fake IDs, he laughs, "I thought you were a lady? Anyway, if you come along with me or Emma some time, we can get you in. Plenty of events where underage people can come, hang, get some food and chill. It's the Hellfire Club in the City, and it has a lot of stuff in it. A steakhouse, a night club, an ale house, it's quite impressive."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has to flash both of them a big smile at the fake ID thing. "Hey. I got all kindsa people up inside'a my head who lived t'21 and they're always pushin' me t'go and do things revolvin' around that sorta fun. You try tellin' an army'a influencers inside'a your head 'no, I'm underage.'" She shakes her head and looks away from them both back to her donut. "It doesn't work so well."

She does then nod though. "Jubilee works at the Burger Joint. She's one'a the best workers they have but... she's not traditional, by any means." She grins after saying that. "She needs t'have a different job though, one that feeds inta her creativity and explosive personality."

The stuff about the Hellfire Club just makes the donut-distracted Belle raise her eyebrows after putting part of it in her mouth to chews on it. She puts her right fingers up over her lips. "Soundsf likfe fffunf!" She says with a full mouth!

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast chuckles. "Reformed, indeed. Perhaps I will take up the role of rapscallion, then? Be more rakish and such?" He looks to Warren, then Rogue. "Let the more aggressive side of myself out?" A smile, followed by a deep laugh. Either he's very amused by himself, or Rogue speaking around a mouthful of sprinkle doughnut.

A slightly more serious look to Rogue. "Do they talk to you often?" He asks, wanting to know, but trying not to be too nosey.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"I've dealt with some influencers on social media, so I think I might be able to get what you're saying, but only just a little. The social media people -are- pretty demanding though." Warren tells Rogue with a small nod, "I haven't paid attention much, but what is Jubilee studying? Maybe I can reach out to some people and get a few career opportunities thrown her way. We all gotta look out for one another, right?"

He looks over Hank then and nods, "Maybe you should every once in a while. We all gotta let loose now and again, let the stress melt away." He blinks. "Damn, you know what? I should organize a day trip for all of us fellas, Hank. We'll all go and get some new duds, a nice lunch, some massages and maybe some pedicures, and follow that up with a nice steak dinner."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's green eyed gaze goes up to Hank when he speaks and when he says what he does about the voices in her head she just shows a smile a few seconds later and looks down to the half eaten donut. She shakes her head lightly and waits for her palette to be cleared. "Not exactly voices. It's more like... urges. Feelins. Like a buncha people nudgin' me in different directions. It's better now that I'm here, cause'a the Professah, I think." She looks back up then, her eyes flickering between the both of them. "But still, they're always there, starin' at me. Or that's how it feels anyway."

She focuses her gaze on Warren then. She smiles at him. "Jubilee is a stage performer, through'n'through, though I dunno if she knows it yet. She plays a wicked Ukulele and just makes up hilarious songs on the fly. They're savage, but funny." She has to smirk then too as she grabs a napkin and sets her donut on it on the counter then walks over across the lab to her jacket. "That does not sound like a men's day. Men should go... I dunno, t'baseball, and then out to the woods t'light things on fire. Or shoot at stuff with a shotgun." She picks up her jacket and fishes around inside it for her phone.

Henry McCoy has posed:
He thinks on that. "I'd be interested, though... most of those places you speak of tend to avoid folks like me, Warren." He grins. "Even if they act polite, I can tell they generally don't want to deal with me, let alone try to pretty up my claws." He chuckles, resigned. "I am up for any of those - though shooting hurts my ears something awful." The treat is finished, the man grinning to both.

"Urges, that I can get. I tend to get... well, when I get overwhelmed, I drop back to instinctual behavior." He murmurs.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Ah, well I'm glad the Professor is helping, Rogue. That man has done so much for so many of us. And speaking of him, I need to speak to him about a few things, so I should probably drop him a message or two to see if he has any free time coming up." Warren taps his chin with a finger and grins, "What if she worked with Dazzler, er, Alison? Maybe she can help put on some of her shows or something? Could be cool!"

To Hank he shakes his head, "Hank, if any place gives you grief, I'll give them grief over it. You're one of the best people I know, so if some ignorant fools can't get past a few superficial differences, that's on them, but it's also why I think mutant rights need to be such a major issue in this presidential race. There's plenty of other mutants out there being treated terribly because of their mutations, and..." He catches himself, shakes his head and sighs, "Sorry, probably shouldn't get too worked up over this right now."

"Maybe I should just throw a party at my place in the city for the coming graduation. I've already got one thing planned for those who are graduating, but maybe a night to just dance and have fun and forget about the outside world might do many some good."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue pulls her phone out of her jacket pocket and starts to skim through the messages on it, somehow it works down here in the X-Men Base even with all this sub-level and 70s sci aesthetic going on. She glances up at Hank and offers him a sly grin before she looks over to Warren. "Stick up for him if ya do go out t'gether." She tells Warren. "If I can't be there t'punch bigots, then ya'll better do it for me."

Rogue starts to turn to head back over to the donuts then, while staring at her phone. "Ya'd have t'pitch those ideas t'Jubes, see what she thinks. I would think she'd love that though, but she's a bit've a firework, ya know?" She looks up and smirks at that pun.

Back at her unfinished donut she turns to lean back on the counter. "Ya'll better post pics and videos of your Urges Filled Man Party, if'n ya go through with it, and... I'd totally be up for a party at your fancy place Warren. I've heard so much about it!"

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry nods, waving off the comments. "I am fairly certain I can fend for myself, you two." He laughs, winking. "But I don't want to force people to face their fears. I would rather they do so on their own terms, if that makes sense? Come about it after thought, not being presented with a situation they are stuck in." Always thinking of the other people.

"I think photos would be amazing. So long as they don't get out to all the children. We must maintain some decorum." He puffs up, grinning. "And I think a night at the club, or a party would be excellent. Let loose, and relax with friends and family."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren looks at Hank and shakes his head, "You're right, Hank. You're right. That is the better way to handle things, but ugh, it's so hard not to want to drag some of the bigots up into the sky and toss them around for a while to scare the hate out of them." He clenches and unclenches one fist. "The Pro Humana people are the worst, and then to top things off, Lorna tried to get a comment from Stark about mutants and he blew her off and acted like he didn't know who she was. And he's running for President."

He sucks in a breath and lets it out slowly. "Anyway, yeah, we can get you photos Rogue, and we can focus on friends and family instead of haters." He takes a step over to Hank and wraps an arm and a wing around the fuzzy doc. "This is the smartest guy I've ever known, and you know what? I trust him to find out what's going on with this dinosaur stuff more than every other science person on this planet. I think it's awesome that we get to hang with him."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is holding her mostly finished donut in her left hand now while she stares at her phone like a proper 18 year old girl in 2020 should be doing. She taps a few things with her thumb and sends a message with a little 'bloop' noise and then lowers the device down to look at the two as they're standing close to one another and Warren is talking him up.

Rogue grins and walks over to the two of them. She slips her phone into a pouch on her belt and puts her left hand on Warren's right shoulder and her right han don Beast's left... oh god... her hands have no gloves on them! Thank goodness they two men are clothed!

"You two are adorable." She tells them both before giving them both a big beaming smile and then turning to walk to pick up her jacket. "And I'm gonna go get ready for a fight in the Danger Room, I think. I feel like punchin' some robot faces in, if ya catch my drift." It's pretty straight forward, her drift there.

Henry McCoy has posed:
A smile and the hug is returned on both sides - to Rogue and Warren. "Thank you both, you are amazing people." He assures. "And some people do get dragged out back and beaten, Warren. Some people do not want to heal or get better." He assures. "And even I have my limits for patience." A wink. "Let me know when you want to get out for a men's night, or let me know if you need help setting up the graduation celebration." He looks around the room, pausing for a moment as he spots his workbench. "I should clean up here, and then go shower and hit the hay. I cannot miss my beauty sleep." He grins to both.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"I'm glad that we could give you such a wholesome moment, Rogue." Warren says, laughing as she puts her hands on their shoulders. "And yeah, I should go and find Illyana, and see what she is scheming. Anyway, it has been good to see you both and Hank? Please take the rest of those donuts, otherwise I'm going to have to drop them off at Alison's room and she'll be annoyed with me for a while. Who knows, maybe I'll go fetch her a box of donuts just for giggles." He gives them both a little wave, "You two take care."