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Boldly Gone
Date of Scene: 21 April 2020
Location: The Albany Convention Center, Upstate New York
Synopsis: A Star Trek Convention becomes all too real ...
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Roberto da Costa, Gothic Lolita, Kitty Pryde, Gabby Kinney, Shuri, Marie-Ange Colbert

Remy LeBeau has posed:
TrekMania '20!

The Albany Convention Center has been decked out for this prominent gathering of Star Trek fans from all walks of life. This year's main attractions include a perfect replica of the original NCC-1701 Enterprise's bridge, meet and greet opportunities with Brent Spiner (OMG!), and a best cosplay contest with first prize being a walk-on role in the next season of the latest Star Trek series!

Remy had borrowed one of the school's busses and loaded it up with everyone interested in coming, leaving in the early hours of the morning to get there just after breakfast o'clock. After finding a place in the parking lot, Remy leads the procession to the main concourse where people flitter around in cosplay and snap photographs of one another.

Remy himself is dressed like Wrath of Khan-era Kirk, wearing a red tunic and white corded turtleneck underneath. The costume itself is so detailed and accurate that it's hard to believe his insistence that he just pulled it together out of things he already had laying around in his wardrobe ...

Rogue has posed:
Rogue doesn't know a lot about Star Trek. Really she doesn't know anything about it. She has memories of it only becasue she absorbed people who'd seen it. BUT, because Remy likes it, she's gone out of her way to start to watch as much of it as she can! She's had it on in the background while doing homework and has gotten through most of the original series (though she needs to rewatch a few episodes cause of distractions!).

For this outting, she bought a red skirt uniform from the original series, and dolled her hair up so that its tied up and lovely curled bangs around her face. Dark stockings on her legs lead down to heeled shoes. She even has a few accessories with a plastic phaser and a scanner-thingie (her words)

Having to wear gloves on her hands, she's gone with a simple paire of dark red to match her Starfleet Dress and is happily posing for some pics as people ask to take them.

"I could get used t'this." She admits, as people fawn over her here and there!

Roberto da Costa has posed:
As it turns out Roberto da Costa is actually a Star Trek fan, well, the older stuff, the new CBS on demand shows are a sin against god and man (except Picard) and anyone who disagrees can fight him! Though what he loves more than Star Trek is trolling, so he rolls into the convention wearing a white shirt, a black vest, black pants with yellow stripes, and a DL-44 blaster on his hip.

Yep. He dressed as Han Solo.

Though he does add a DS9 era combadge pin to the wrong breast of the vest as a nod to the fandom he's surrounded by.

He grins as a group of fans boo him as they pass, and he gives them the Vulcan salute calling after them, "May the Force be with you!"

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Due to some recent difficulties, Gothic Lolita has found herself bereft of a proper outfit. On one hand, she's fully charged up. On the other, a hospital gown totally won't work, especailly when last seen escaping on camera from a convoy attack. Money, she can manage...ATMs, locally, are a bit easier to hack to cough up a good chunk of cash, and with all the con-goers, there's plenty being taken out as they converge on the vendor area. Enough she can manage to scrape together enough...but nooooot enough that she can afford her first choice of a possible costume change, a nice leather Klingon outfit. Or a variety of Star Fleet uniforms, which are priced way more than what are effectively bodysuits should be.

    On the other hand, the looks she's getting in her hospital gown at first inspire her to go for minimal costume she can afford.

    And she can change her skin tone to green.

    Thus, there is now a scantily clad Orion slave girl wandering the con, taking advantage of the free hotel wi-fi (as choked as it is by all the other peple doing the same), taking a moment to just relax, her hair done up in pigtails. Sure, it's not necessarily authentic, but she prefers it after all.

    She eyes Roberto a bit at the greeting, raising a brow at him as she approaches the group down the concourse.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The click of footfalls approaches behind Remy and Rogue as someone else from the trip walks up behind them. Kitty Pryde is walking with far more sway than she usually does. The Star Trek Enterprise uniform she wears works with the swaying, for not only is Kitty dressed up as T'Pol, she's dressed up like Evil Mirror Universe T'Pol!


A knife sits on one of Kitty's hips, while a tricorder and a phaser sit on the other side. The outfit leaves a lot of bare, toned midriff, and Kitty's dance background helps her sell the swaying walk to give it a slightly dangerous swagger. Pointed ears stick up through her brown hair that she's left down. "Live long. Until I kill you," the slightly evil T'Pol says. She looks over to Roberto Solo and just grins at him. "Beam me up, Corellian."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney was here as well tagging along with Remy Le Beau aka Kirk. She was still catching up on all of this television and movie things to get with current pop culture, but thankfully she knew this one. A little bit. She's dressed in a lovely shade of pale pink that fades into a earthy brown toward the shoulder. Head? It was really hard to tell because thiss was a rather round, shag dress that she wore with leggings and sneakers and a little furred cap atop her head. All in all she looked very round. VERY round.

Gabby the Tribble looks around with a bright beaming smile of excitement bouncing on the balls of her feet. "Where do we go first? This is great! Do they sell food here?"

Shuri has posed:
It wasn't for any other reason than for seeing it that Shuri was here. People told her about it, told her about how it was a show about advanced technology and how people liked it. There was a lot of info she had to go through fairly quickly and go through it she did. She didn't have time to properly watch the shows and movies but she had plenty of time to take in the various wikis on the subject. After all was said and done, she really did want to come.

Did she dress up? Well, no not exactly. She simply picked out the outfit that seemed to at least somewhat fit the theme. Could she have done more? Sure, but she felt that this worked.

The outsfit itself was somewhat simple and yet ornately designed. The black bodysuit that covered her from wrist to ankle was covered in ornate designs and rose up under her chin though did not seem to impede movement. Her face, painted in white designs and her hair is bunched up with two braids sticking out. Her waits is surrounded by a skirt of what could be leather with a belt buckle holding it in place. A set of pouches on either hip.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dey like de mini-skirt, cher," Remy says as an aside, putting on a big and cheesy grin as he poses for a photograph with someone dressed as an aluminium foil Borg. He's still got sunglasses on despite it going against the theme of his outfit, but he doesn't really want to explain the red-black eyes beneath them, "I like de mini-skirt."

Once he's done with the photo he can't help but grin, chuckling at Roberto's greeting and waving a hand to gesture at him in his costume: "Someone gonna linch you for sure, 'Berto. I t'ink dis qualifies as a Star Trek hate crime."

Free for the moment from people looking for photographs, the Cajun regards the concourse and the cosplayers. He tilts his glasses down his nose, peering over them at the approaching Orion slave girl and then at Evil T'Pol-Kitty.

"Givin' you all de chance to be de sexy ones for an afternoon. I'm a good guy like dat, non?"

Tribble-Gabby gets a hand ruffling the top of her head. He pulls out a pamphlet detailing the attractions and timetable for the convention, passing it off to the small snikt so she can look through it.

"I thought we might go to see de Enterprise bridge 'fore de crowds show up," he suggests to the group at large, "Dere's some stall sellin' 'genuine recreations of Trek food' but I dunno 'bout dat - sounds like e. Coli waitin' to happen ... "

He takes a moment to regard Shuri thoughtfully as she passes nearby, brow furrowing before turning to Rogue: "I t'ink we need to watch dat new series. I don't recognize some a' dese costumes."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue takes her pic with the people who call her out for it and then she rejoins the others and is grinning at Roberto and shaking her head at him. "Even I know that that attire is just askin' for trouble, Sugah." She tells him before her eyes go back to Remy and she nods her head at him once. "Which Enterprise is it?" She asks him. "Double D?" She asks before she reaches over with her right hand flick's Kitty's chest. She then looks to her friend and grins. "I dunno even know what character ya are, I just know that outfit is scandalously attractive and I see why all the boys love this series if /that/ is in it."

At Gabby Rogue just smiles to her. "Same for you, Round Wookiee. Too damn cute!"

The Belle gives another look around their immediate area, seeing the 'look' from the Orion given to Robert makes her grin, seeing Shuri too... "Goodness, people really put t'gether some nice getups for these things."

This is her first nerdy convention!

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto grins over at Remy and Rogue. "What?" he asks with his best Han Solo innocent face. "I like to stir the pot a little"

When Kitty makes her comments, he points, "See, Kitty gets it," he says with a smile. "And good pic on costume there, Kit," he grins. "Deep cut." Yep, watched Enterprise too. For a guy trolling the fans his knowledge seems to run deep.

He nods about the plan of attack. "Sounds good," he says to Remy, then grins to Tribble Gabby. "Shame we didn't bring Laura and your other sis, they could of hung back for a bit then came out later, y'know, the tribbles are multiplying!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gasps as Rogue flicks her boob. "AM!" she exclaims, then laughs. "Ok, maybe evil T'Pol is into that though," she considers. "So, I'm dressed like the first series. The episode where they go into an alternate universe where everyone good is evil. All the men have goatees and all the women show off their bellies. It's a law there I think," Kitty explains.

She grins to Gabby and says, "Can always pretend to be Chewbacca if anyone tries to turn in Han for the bounty." She's smiling to Roberto when she sees the green-skinned Orion dancing girl approach. "Great job with that, really even green," Kitty says to Orion Gothic Lolita, giving her a friendly grin.

"Ok, Enterprise bridge it is. Everyone needs to be ready to lean left and right to simulate the ship getting hit, in unison when we get there," she warns.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Lolita slows as the eclectic group draws abreast of her, pausing to smile. "Excellent choice..." she compliments Kitty. "The best part of that particular show, and you are adorably creative." she offers to Gabby shortly thereafter. Robert, she eyes. "You sir, are a space troll, but clever nonetheless." She grins a bit. "All excellent costumes." She perks as she catches part of Kitty's response to Remy. "There is an Enterprise bridge here? Which show?" she wonders.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney lifts her hands to give a raar before pausing, and rethinking. Head tipped upward with thought she reconsiders. "Nevermind... It's more like... PurrrRRtt?" She offers with a grin. "I figured I'm a bit too young to do the super sexy outfits without giving some people a heart attack so tribble it is! Besides they're adorable as hell." Lolita gets a grin, and she tips her head toward Remy who has the guide book. "Why not come with us and find out? More the merrier!" She offers. "I'm Gabby by the way."

Shuri has posed:
Coming to a pause as she overhears that, Shuri turns her gaze back to Remy and then at Gothic as she speaks about what she was wondering, "Oh yes, I would very much like to see this recreation." She nods her head as she seems to have paused her forward momentum and come back to this nearby group. She then blinks at Gothic and looks her over before considering, "That must have taken quite a while." She nods her head as she looks over at Gabby with a grin and then looking back to the others, "Oh, and I'm Shuri." She smiles and puts her hands to her hips.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie-Ange Colbert has never seen Star Trek before yesterday. Yes, it was broadcast in France, but it wasn't the kind of thing that entered the circles that the French girl lived in. So, she had to ask for some advice on the day. It could have gone two different ways.

She could have asked Jenny, almost certainly got called a NERD, and peer-pressured into not going in favor of some outrageous party or something.

As it turned out, she didn't ask Jenny this time.

Instead, she asked her friend Mary about it... and as such, not only is Marie here, but she's dressed in the spirit of the night, sporting a Deep Space Nine-era medical uniform. Which means, yes, for once, she's not wearing some variation of skirt. She feels weird about it too, but Mary seemed certain that this was how they were supposed to look.

...but, shortly after waiting through the ticket line, she had to take a powder. So she's a bit late catching up with the rest of the group, "Desole!" she calls, once in view of the group, before jog-dodging through the crowd to get back among the others. It was... an interesting day so far. So many people dressed strangely, but /so many people,/ too. Once properly in earshot for normal(ish) speech, she adds, "Did I miss much? Have the Roborgs attacked?" ...she's extremely new to all this.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"De mama of dem all, cher," Remy tells Orion-Lolita with a haughty little upward tilt of his chin, "De original series. I'm gonna sit in de Captain's chair and finally fulfill my true destiny. J'ai attendu longtemps!"

He gestures to Roberto then, "Dere's a rival captain, but. Maybe you sit on my lap, 'Berto, and we share." He tilts his head to wink over the top of the sunglasses, momentarily revealing his decidedly unearthly eyes. They certainly aren't part of his costume, even if they are very convincing contact lenses.

"No roborg attack yet," Remy answers Marie-Ange as she arrives, stepping up alongside Rogue to pat her on the butt as he does so, "But it's still early. We're just gonna check out de bridge."

When Gabby makes her offer of the more the merrier, Remy nods his head in agreement with a little point in the Tribble Girl's direction. As he begins to lead the way into the convention hall proper, there's a slight ruckus at the end of the concourse. Somewhere, someone yells: "Hab SoSlI' Quch!" Quickly followed by a loud clatter of something being knocked over.

Ah, the passion of the nerds.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grins at the whole lot of them, and smiles when Marie rejoins them. "Heya. God, ya'll are wearin' stuff that I still haven't caught up to yet. Cept Gabby here, I seen the Tribbles. They're kinda terrifyin' if I'm bein' honest."

She looks to Shuri then and grins at her. "Heya, Shuri. I'm Rogue and this is... my friends from our school. We go t'a boardin' school down south'a here and this guy..." She motions to Remy after her pats her butt. "Is the biggest nerd ya done ever will meet, an' he brought us all up here. But yeah, lets all go get some pics on this bridge before it fills up and we gotta wait in line for forever!"

The Belle turns around then and starts to follow the signs, nearly running in to a bunch of kids running past her, least she's got stockings on!

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto shakes his head at the play between Rogue and Kitty, though doesn't comment, he just walks into the bridge, "Gonna pass on that, Remy," he says of sitting in the other man's lap, before he turns and waves to the new arrivals. "Hey, I'm Roberto, good to meet you," he says a blanket greeting.

The noise and swearing in Klingon? That gets his attention. "Did someone start a fight?" he asks excitedly. "Please be over Kirk vs Picard, I'd love to see some nerds throwing hands over that."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde adds her greetings and introductions alongside Roberto. "I'm Kitty. Live long, and prosper," she offers first to Gothic Lolita, and then to Shuri as the other woman makes her own introduction. "Not sure which bridge it is, we were about to head over and find out. Want to tag along with us?" Kitty asks.

She pulls out her phone and snaps some pictures. "You need to trill all sweetly, Gabby. Until we get near a Klingon anyway!" Kitty grins and looks around. Quite a few of those to be had in the area. She fingers the knife she wears on her belt, as if expecting to have to use it. Maybe against one of those bat'lefs!

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Lolita considers and smiles at the offer. "That would be wonderful, I'm here by myself at the moment." She offers a hand to those interested, her grip suprisingly firm for someone who looks fairly petite. "My preferred designation is Lolita." she says with amusement, glancing over at burst of Klingon, then offering her hand to Shuri as well. "A pleasure to meet you all....and yes. Preferably you should sneak up on said Klingon before you trill, for versimilitude."

    She perks a bit. "Oh, the original bridge? Lovely, I've never been on a set for that one before."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney shakes her hand with no remark about the strength of said shake. Then she nods to Shuri as well as it is apparently a new person. Yay! She's quite pleased with the group in general. "Nice to meet you both!" She looks over to Berto though regarding his attire. "Who're you supposed to be though?" Apparently she hadn't seen Star Wars yet. Oops. Either that or she's attempting to troll him back. One or the other.

"I'll sneak up on them if I can, but this is kind of a heavy costume," she admits with a pat to the 'belly.' "It's made of cardboard and duct tape and fur lining. I may need cut out of here later," she admits with a solemn nod.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"Oh, tres bien! I have heard they are 'the best part', so it would be a shame to miss them." to Remy, and then to Rogue, "I... have only seen one episode, myself. This was yesterday." Marie admits, bowing her head as if this is some great shame -- almost as bad as not seeing any at all, among this crowd! Though, at least it was the tribble episode where the cast ends up going back into the Original Series era.

Then Roberto's introducing himself and, well, Marie's not exactly /well-known/ around the school... so she takes the opportunity to greet him properly. "Je m'appelle Marie, Monsieur da Costa. Enchante." ...and then a attempted curtsey to the people she doesn't recognize AT ALL and didn't come with them but are apparantly with them, now. But, it's a little tricker to perform in pants. She really, really is used to skirts.

Shuri has posed:
A look over at the others and then Shuri smiles, "I really do like all of your costumes." She shakes hands before nodding her head, "I had heard of this convention and wanted to see some of this in person. It seemed rather exciting and I had never been into Star Trek but I figured, here is a good chance to see some of it up close." She then starts following and looks over at the others, scanning over their costumes and hmming thoughtfully.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Before Remy can continue, a trio of people not in cosplay come bounding past the group. At first they look like maybe they're just in a hurry to get into the main hall, but when they pass close by it's clear they're running from something. The Cajun tilts his head to watch them go, eyebrows furrowed behind the sunglasses he wears.

Charging up the concourse behind them is someone in full Klingon makeup. Makeup done so well that it looks like they may have spent hours making it perfect and up to the standards of the show. He's holding a spiky batl'eth over his head, waving it threateningly as he charges up the concourse in pursuit of the three.

"HIghoS!" the Klingon demands, swinging the sword as he runs.

"I t'ink dey're gettin' a bit too excited 'round 'ere," Remy comments, leading away from the commotion and towards the door to the main hall. As he goes, a large lizard-like Gorn in a suit that ... that doesn't appear to have any sort of zipper walks past them. He leans in close to sniff at Rogue and Kitty, hissing through fanged teeth.

"Dis is gettin' weird."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue keeps looking back over her shoulder to make sure everyone is still with them and keeping up. They promised the faculty that they'd take care of the students (and the bus) and that they'd be back before dark, blah blah blah etc etc. So she's trying to be a good girl!

She gives a grin to Marie and shakes her head at her. "We should watch more of it some time, you're welcome t'join me for some'a the Next Generation when I start on it, if you'd like. But I think I should watch the Kirk movies before I move on t'the next series. That's the right order right?" Rogue asks this to Kitty, Remy and Solo since they seem wise on this stuff.

Ultimately her stare is sent back forward to the very intimidating Klingon and then she recoils a bit when the Lizard leans in to sniff at her! She has to be careful still after all since her face and neck are still exposed skin!

"Maybe just a little weird!" Rogue says with a grin still on her lips.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto's still exchanging greetings when the Gorn and Klingon come into sight. Their costumes are spot on, that's for sure.

"Very weird," he says, "But got to figure the guys that spend that kind of money on their costumes got to be really into this stuff, maybe someone pointed out something was off about their outfit or something?" he asks, guessing at what's got them so riled up.

"Definitely watch the Kirk movies," he says absently to Rogue, still watching the two cosplayers. "Or at least the even numbered ones."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde watches the Gorn as he leans in close to her, her hand going to the knife on her belt and her eyes narrowing a bit until the lizard cosplayer has moved on. "A primitive species, but dangerous nonetheless," she comments quietly, watching the person move on.

She turns back towards the bridge that is their destination. "I suggest we continue to the bridge and ascertain the state of the rest of the crew and convention delegates," she says, addressing herself to Remy, before her eye go to Gabby. "And... we can maybe pick up some corndogs or fried twinkies or something along the way? Sounds good?"

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Lolita gasps as the rampaging Klingon comes charging down the complex, swinging a batleth with intent to use! Annnnd just like that she's promptly pressed up against Roberto's back with an afeared squeal, peering over his shoulder. "They let Klingons in here? He'll kill someone for sure!"

Gabby Kinney has posed:

It's the most threatening tribble scream ever from Gabby when the Klingon comes near. She stands straight, arms at sides, rocking forward on her feet in a distressed manner as she tries to threaten it off. At least the Klingon leaves a moment later leaving her blinking fuzzy eyes as she considers. Or tries to consider. "Food. Yes," she agrees with a little happy rumbling trill. Food was definitely something that sounded good.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
There were clearly two 'brands' of costumes being shown off here. Fairly amateur stuff that could be bought in any store, and... /that./ Pulling her cellphone from one of the pockets of the uniform -- okay, so there was a plus to not being 100% show-accurate -- Marie quickly snaps a picture of the Gorn that gets way too close to the group. Because Mary will love that.

"It would be my pleasure," she adds to Rogue, "I... did not understand everything, but enjoyed what I saw so far. The troubles were most adorable!" Tribbles, that is. Speaking of... "Just like Mademoiselle Gabrielle's outfit! Tres chic!" ...at least it is at /this/ venue.

Shuri has posed:
Looking at the situation, Shuri tilts her head to the side. She stares at the Klingon coming by and she watches as he moves. She tilts her head to the side and considers what she is hearing and seeing before she looks over at the strange lizard alien thing. She looks it over next, peering at it before she idly places a hand on her hip. Her eyes go to Marie-Ange first and then she smiles at Gabby. She laughs a little before she shrugs, "I suppose this is all in good fun then?" She asks as no one else seems to be rushing off to deal with this situation, "Lead the way. I can't help but wonder about those two. I did not even notice any form of way for that one to take off or put on his suit. Not to mention that the Klingon was seemingly quite capable with his weapon."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Once the group enters the main hall, the chaos is behind them for the moment. Remy pays a little bit of an odd look back towards Gabby, before nodding his head approvingly in Kitty's direction: "Dat's de spirit, cher. Get into de mood a' things, hein?"

Though the floor is busy, it's not quite the crush of people it has the potential to be. There's still room to walk without bumping shoulders or needing to dodge one another, and the signage the leads to the bridge replica. He walks alongside Rogue, occasionally patting her butt as they go and leaning over to mutter things to her in his Cajun French patois.

Finally, they arrive at the replica of the bridge. It's a seemingly normal-looking black curtain which, once they pass through, puts them on a set identical to that of the Enterprise in the Original Series. Remy begins to look around with mouth agape, even going so far as to take his sunglasses off and reveal those strange red-black eyes of his.

"Dis is amazin'!" he cries, showing far more enthusiasm than he may have shown for anything else in his entire life.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has to grin at Kitty's role playing. "I'm not sure I'm good enough at this yet to be all in like you are, Prydeful." She tells her friend before glancing back to the others. "Gabby, you are the cutest thing that eve'ah did live, have I said that to you t'day?" She asks her after hearing the cooing chirping and other Tribble'ish from the girl. Rogue looks to Marie then and smiles her way too. "N?hésitez pas à demander des traductions, Sugah." She says to the other French speaker.

Remy's words to her ear draw her attention to him and she just grins at him and shakes her head at him. "You're all giddy cause ya get t'sit in the Captain's chair." She teases him, then leans at him and whispers hotly (and loudly) back at him. "Don't let it swell your head, Cajun." And gives him a big green eyed gaze before she helps part the curtain for their Team.

"Lets do this! Everyone pick their spots when they let us in. Who wants t'be the pilot??" She looks to Shuri and Lolita then with a big grin for them too.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto, blinks at the group and smiles, they were really, getting into their characters. As for Roberto? Well, when in Rome. He adds a bit more swagger to his step and when Lolita is jumping behind him for protection he grins, "Don't worry, your worshipfulness, I've got ya," he says, before guiding her towards the main hall and the bridge.

He shakes his head to Shuri. "Costumes are getting good these days, you know with 3D printing and stuff like that, they can make all sorts of crazy crap now." At least so he thinks.

When they reach the bridge, like Remy, he's stunned and when Rogue puts the call out for stations, Roberto takes his place at tactical. Okay maybe Han would have picked pilot, but hey shooting things is fun too! "Weapons ready, kiptain," he says in his best bad Russian accent.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Lolita stays right on Roberto the whole way there, not quite clinging, but definitely...well, on the verge of draping, her hips starting to put a definite bit of sashay into her walk as she pads along behind him. "A Federation starship...I've never seen the bridge of one before..." she purrs, leaning into Roberto a bit. "Mmm, I go to whatever station master does, of course...."

    And she promptly assumes the Conan throne pose, kneeling on the floor next to Roberto and leaning against his chair in a sultry fashion.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
As they step through onto the bridge set, Kitty follows close behind Remy. She looks around briefly and then she calls out in a firm voice, "Captain on the bridge."

A few people look her way, others just go on about what they are doing.

One of Kitty's eyebrows raises. Just one, and she walks over to the captain's chair where a 12 year old is sitting, eating a corn dog in one hand, and mashing on buttons on the chair's arm with the other.

"Empire regulations restrict food and beverages at duty stations," Kitty says, her hands going behind her back as she pierces the boy with a steady stare.

"Further, you have failed to relinquish the bridge to your commanding officer. Captain. I believe we may have a mutiny on our hands," Kitty says, raising an eyebrow again and looking over to Remy in his Kirk attire. One of Kitty's hands moves to rest on her phaser.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
As soon as they're on the bridge Gabby pauses, and then moves to one of the chairs to plop down next to the Captain. It's then that she tucks her legs up under her, and ducks her head down so she's just a bit furry lump as opposed to a girl wearing a suit. The happy little churring trills come again, and more.

Wait. Is that a second smaller tribble next to her on the floor?

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"Merci beaucoup! I will!" is offered to Rogue -- the offer's been made to her before, by one Harley Quinn no less, but this was someone she actually lived with, so it was going to be a lot easier to take advantage of the situation. "N'ayez pas peur de me corriger si je fais une erreur. Je suis toujours en train d'apprendre. C'est différent d'apprendre d'un livre que d'être entouré de locuteurs natifs, n'est-ce pas?" When Marie speaks French, there's none of the usual hesitation in her speech cadence. She'll happily babble, even. A lot more confidence with her native tongue, to be certain.

Either way, as nobody /else/ has, the redhead makes her way over to the pilot's seat and settles down. No, medical officers don't usually fly the ship, but Marie... is the clueless one among the bunch. Besides. Can't have an empty seat!

Shuri has posed:
Looking at all the seats being taken, Shuri is not sure where she belongs but then she figures that there's got to be a science station and so she walks around to look at the various consoles till she finds what she believes she is looking for. She nods her head, "I will be here." SHe states simply enough and smiles at the others. She then looks over at the 'tribble' and blinks a few times before looking to Lolita and blinking agian. She considers this whole situation and shakes her head.

"I do apologize. I have not seen much of Star Trek but I wished to see what was believed to be advanced and future technology." She nods her head with a smile even as she casually starts committing what is before her to memory. Maybe...she can sneak a scan in?

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Hey, uh, it's cool, Kitkat, it's cool," Remy says soothingly, darting quick to get between Kitty and the 'mutineer' and resting a hand on the hand reaching for the phaser, "Y'know, I never expected you all to get quite so into all dis. I'm flattered, y'know?"

The twelve year old with the corndog blinks owlishly up at the pair of them before Remy jerks his head to one side and the kid obligingly climbs out of the chair to hurry off in the direction of his parents. The Cajun then takes a look around, winks towards Rogue, and drops down into the chair. Both hands rest on the arms, one lifting to press buttons curiously.

"This is so cool," Remy gushes, pushing the buttons when -


The entire bridge jolts violently to one side, as though struck heavily by something from outside. The big black screen at the fore of the bridge suddenly springs to life, showing what looks like a Romulan warship cruising through the void of space and firing directly at them!

"Hey, Gabby," Remy calls out, a look of concern on his face as he searches around for the tiny Tribble girl, "Dat brochure say anythin' about the bridge replica movin'?"

He looks past her at the smaller tribble on the floor and points at it, looking towards Rogue with alarm.

"Did you buy her dat?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is wandering around the bridge looking at everything and glancing back to see Kitty giving the Corndog Kid a memory he'll never forget of a 'Hot Crazy Star Trek Girl' about to PHASE HIM! She ends up beside Marie when the Doctor sits at the Helm and just grins at her when they speak to one another in French. Rogue shakes her head at Marie, her white bangs waving at the sides of her face. "Tu t?en sors bien. Ne vous inquiétez pas un peu à ce sujet. Nous sommes juste ici pour nous amuser, chérie." She says back in a soothing and friendly sort've tone.

Rogue looks up and over to Shuri, she grins at her. "This how ya think the future will look, Sugah?" She asks the other teenager with them. But when the ship rocks, Rogue doesn't need to brace hsrself since she's sure-footed like a mountain goat... and them some, so she just glances down to the tribble on the floor.

"Gabby! You gave birth!" She announces then with a big grin.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Another blink from Roberto, and he looks slowly down at his chest frowning at the combadge. "What's this thing?" he asks and is about to toss it away before he bites the gold bit, then shrugs and tucks it in his pocket, before he looks over at Loli the Orion slave girl. "Master? Wait a minute sister, I don't keep slaves," but then she's draped like she is against his legs, "On the other hand, if you want to stay put I'm not going to argue."

He's about to look to Marie, and make some remark but the bridge shakes violently. "Whoa. That's not good," he turns to Marie tapping her on the shoulder. "Switch over, seems like this crate needs a real pilot," he stands looking to move seats, but finds Lolita up against his legs still. "Riight, you," he points, pausing a moment while he thinks, "You just stay put," he says before moving to trade with Marie if she'll let him.

Though there's a glance shot backwards. "Nobody's giving birth on /my/ ship," he grouses.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty the Vulcan's phaser-drawing hand is stayed by Remy resting his hand upon it. As he lets the 12 year old depart, Kitty's eyes follow him. "Report for mandatory lashings for failure to obey regulations," she tells the boy, before moving to stand at the side of the captain's chair as Remy takes a seat there, her hands resting behind her back as she eyes the view screen.

"Captain, under attack by ships of an unknown designation," she tells Remy, the Federation not having met the Romulans until much, much later from her standpoint.

"Raise shields," she calls like a good executive officer, "Red Alert," allowing Remy to focus on dealing with the enemy ship.

It's then that Kitty notices the Orion slave girl. She strides over to stand over her. "You are interfering with the bridge staff," Kitty says, and draws her phaser. She points it at Gothic Lolita and... fires! A beam of green light shoots out of the phaser at Gothic Lolita, after which Kitty thumps a fist to her chest and holds it straight out. "Long Live the Empire."

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Lolita simply transfers seats, but probably IS being more than a bit distracting to pilot Solo, that whole kittenish hanging off him thing! So it's probably fair that Kitty pulls her phaser on her, which takes her by suprise as she shrieks and tries to dive behind Roberto for cover! She...doesn't quite get there, twitching then falling over with a suprisingly loud *thud* as she hits the deck.

    Somehow, she manages to contrive to splay herself unconscious in the sexist way possible, her waist twisted to show her scantily clad chest off to great effect and where her loincloth juuuuuust manages to cover everything where it's tangled between her bare legs!

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The tribble that is... was... Gabby trills again. Everyone remain calm. Cute tribble is here. Cute, soothing tribble humming a pleasant little trilling song, soon backed up by her three mini-tribbles that are also there.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie's just enjoying herself, admiring all the work put into the set piece when... the set /shakes?/ There's a little gasp from Marie as she had been about to reply to Rogue, especially as the enemy ship shows up on the screen. "Mon Dieu! This... was not supposed to happen, was it?!"

Of course, Marie's never been the type to deny people things unless her cards tell her to do so, and in the moment of panick? Roberto's force of personality is more than enough to get the French girl to give up the seat. "S'il vous plait, Monsieur!" she replies, motioning towards the newly emptied station with both hands.

Shuri has posed:
A blink as she feels the whole thing shake. Then she is about to ask more when Kitty blasts Lolita with a phaser that appears to be an actual phaser. She shakes her haed, "None of this seems like something out of a convention." She reaches over and taps a bead on her wrist and a moment later a visor literaly appears over her face and she starts getting information fed to her in real time as the world around her is scanned as she looks. She then takes a step back from the console.

"So, Captain." She looks to Remy, "Just so you know, according to my readings we actually are in space, these two are no longer human and..." She stares at the 'tribble' beside him and points, "And that very well may be a real tribble." She states simply enough, "None of which makes the least amount of sense." She then takes a breath.

"And in case you are wondering, I am not play acting."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Okay, cher," Remy announces, looking at the mini-tribbles arrayed around Gabby and then casting a very concerned look towards Rogue, "Dat's not normal."

He reaches out towards the Gabby tribble, trying to tug at the space where the furry cap had been. The costume seems a whole lot more real than it did a few moments ago, and he quickly snatches the brochure up off the floor. He flips through the pages quickly, shaking his head.

"Yeah - dis definitely isn't normal ... "

His eyes widen as Kitty opens fire with the phaser. He scrambles back a little in the chair, drawing his legs up under him. When Shuri announces what's going on he peers around at the assembled crew that very much look less like people in costume and more like the actual things they're masquerading as.

"Merde. Uh - um - fly us out of de damn way, I don't know - "

Before he can finish, however, a bespectacled face appears on the view screen. They stand on what looks to be a perfect replica of a Romulan Bird of Prey's bridge, complete with Romulan crew working in the background. The only difference is the man seated in the Captain's chair looks human, is sporting a pair of thick-rimmed coke bottle glasses and a faded t-shirt that bears a picture of Jean-Luc Picard on the chest. He regards Remy and Rogue through the view screen and then scoffs audibly.

"Pfft. The Original Series? Puh-leeeeez."

Rogue has posed:
It doesn't really start to come together in Rogue's head what's going on until the phaser that Kitty-Vulcan-Hottie is holding actually fires a beam of light. That's when Rogue pauses and then points at the gun. "Pryde. Did you make a real laser weapon t'bring t'the convention. Cause... I wouldn't put it past ya---"

She cuts herself off as she looks to the others, and then just narrows her eyes. When the screen comes on with the nerd on the big picture, Rogue just flashes him a grin and waves at him...

Then gives him a middle finger.

She glances over to the back of the bridge and walks over to the communication's officer chair and sits down in it, subsequently showing off a TON Of thigh while doing so.

"Captain." Rogue says a second later. "We got a-holes tryin' t'talk t'us."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Man, Roberto is up and down like a jack-in-the-box today. He's no sooner settled into the pilot's chair before his head is whipping back to stare at Kit-Pol. "Empire?! Nobody told me this was an Imperial ship, but you're pretty cute for a stormtrooper," he says before he can stop himself and before Kitty shoots Loli.

It's always a tragedy when Han doesn't shoot first, and this case is no exception, but he stands lightning quick his hand drawing his blaster aiming Kitty and firing!

The Romulan War-Nerd on the screen? He'll just have to wait his turn.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The tribble starts it's hypnotic purring hum. The song of the easily lured to comfort. Peace. Relaxation. Soothing sounds that can calm even the angriest Klingon. Feed the Tribble. Love the Tribble. The Tribble will bring you peace of mind, dear geek on the screen.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde sees Roberto Solo going for his blaster and she darts to the side and forward as he fires. The blast goes just past her, nearly singing her hair it's so close. She closes the distance to him, calling out, "Captain, another mutineer! They may be in league with the enemy vessel. I will try to ascertain their identity."

Kitty closes on the scoundrel and gets her hand up onto his face. "My mind to your mind. My mind to your mind," she says to him while she places her fingers in specific places on his face, her other hand gripping his wrist to keep from pointing that blaster at her.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
In a moment, Marie's movements stiffen. Rather than her far more graceful self, she moves in a cool, crisp manner. Most notably, and probably quite shocking to those in attendance? There's a very /different/ accent when she speaks. French traded in for a more perfectly accent and spoken British. "You all are fortunate that I could have had my choice of stations in the fleet. A tactical officer who abandons his post while we're being attacked. Really."

With that annoyance, she walks briskly over towards the weapons station that Roberto had earlier abandoned, expertly pressing buttons to, if the controls are real, as well, return fire on their foe.

Commands entered, she spares a glance over towards Kitty-T'Pol.

"You know, I could get to like the past." ...definitely not very Marie-like, openly flirting.

Shuri has posed:
"This is definitely not normal." Shuri states simply enough and starts scanning around, her eyes going this way and that as she seeks out a reason. A purpose behind all this, "I am totally unclear if this is what is normal at your conventions but I am postiive that someone or something is using abilities or powers beyond the norm."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I like your cute tribble," the geek on the screen announces, pointing a hand, "I didn't think I'd get any. It's my lucky day!"

Then, in defiance of all physics and logic, he reaches towards the screen and ... his hand comes right through it! Impossibly gigantic as though the concept of scale is completely lost on it, he reaches past the fighting Hanberto and K'Itty and right for the Captain's chair. Oversized fingers scoop up the Gabby-Tribble in one palm, drawing it back and towards the screen from whence it came!

"Hey!" Remy announces loudly, realising that he's going to be responsible if a student gets kidnapped by a space-geek, "Hey! Stop that! Stop - hey, will one of you two shoot him!?"

He yells towards the pair fighting, pointing urgently up towards the giant hovering hand holding the oversized tribble that was Gabby. When Marie speaks, he turns around fully in the seat to peer over the back of it at her with wide eyes.

"Not you too! Rogue, cher, can you - I dunno - " he mimes laying his hands on an invisible person before rolling his eyes back in his head and letting his tongue sag out the side of his mouth. Then points at the giant hand.

He's already picking up on the fact that Shuri seems to at least have a vague idea about how all of this might work, and his eyes find her before he jabs a finger at the giant hand again.

"I t'ink dat might be de 'beyond de norm', mon ami!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is eyeballing the controls at her station when she raises a hand up to her ear and pretends like she's hearing something. "Fascinating." She mutters under her breath. She turns back to the others and SHOWS OFF A TON OF THIGH. Her eyes stare at the giant hand as it's stealing their Gabribble!

"Captain! Fire all photon torpedos before they steal our Round Wookiee friend!" If Rogue is still there? She's clearly lost inside of the fun and doesn't seem to really think, or understand that there might be some actual danger going on here!

Gabby Kinney has posed:
CHIRRR! That was not how a tribble expected to get picked up. Plus that was a really big hand for such a big tribble. The tribble continues to chirp and chur in protest at being picked up but it wasn't as if it had any defense mechanism other than fluffy, cute, and easily reproduced.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Hanberto, (no relation to Hambone!) would love to shoot the giant hand stealing Gabby, but his grip on his gun goes slack and drops to the deck. "My mind to your mind... my thoughts to your thoughts..." Han may be stubborn but he's no match for the Force, or Vulcan mind melds before long Kitty has full access to his mind full of adventures in a Galaxy far far away. It's not all fun though! She's got to look out for the Christmas Special and the Force Awakens in there!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty searches for signs of the traitorous mutiny. Having a good idea that engineer Trip is behind it, but not able to find anything in the scoundrel's mind. It's then that the hand comes from the view screen, somehow piercing the Enterprise's armored hull plating that Kitty believes to be protecting the ship.

Her mind is joined to Roberto's as she reacts, lifting her phaser and pointing it towards the giant hand and firing at it!

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Meanwhile, on the ground, Lolita comes to, groaning, sitting up as she rubs her head. Sees the Hand.




Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Well, that definitely feels like a threat beyond the normal sphere of things. So what does Marie do? What any example of custom-tailored, genetic perfection would. She draws her phaser and joins the onslaught of beams being directed at the offending limb. Because that's what ALWAYS happens in Trek, no matter the era!

Shuri has posed:
A blink and then she shakes her head, "I do not know what is going on but alright." She then just takes her hand and brushes back her skirt to reveal two device son either hip. ONe fires at the floor and the other at the hand to attempt to latch on to that hand, "That is ours."

Remy LeBeau has posed:

There's a nerdy cry of rage and indignation as the phaser scorches the giant hand, which immediately drops the Gabby-Tribble and begins to recoil out of the bridge. For a moment there's a shimmer, the bridge seeming less like a real starship bridge and more like a set made of plywood. Uniforms feel a bit more costumey. Sense creeps back into the brain for a few seconds.

When Shuri captures it with the strange device, the hand thrashes about a little bit to get free. There's another shimmer, and then instead of an oversized hand it's the same geek from the video screen. He's standing there in the middle of the bridge, arm snared and looking indignant.

"That's no fun," he whines, waving a hand irritably at the gathering, "You're not meant to shoot at me!"

Suddenly, just as quickly as it came, the changes begin to slip away. Costumes become costumes again. Personalities shift back to what they were. Outside the hum of the convention can be heard, the drone of many people milling about all over the place.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes remain on the big bad threat as others fire on it. "Oh shit, right!" She reaches for her hip and fumbles with the phaser in the little red cloth holster on her uniform. She draws it out and points it backwards at the evil Gabby-stealer, then realizes it before pushing the trigger. "Derp." She flashes a grin and spins the gun around, but by the time she sees he's given up and is whining like a nerd... she's too late to help out.

Her eyes start to scan around the bridge then at her friends as things go back to normal...

A moment later and her plastic phaser pistol is thrown at the nerdy kid's forehead. Rogue may not be able to fire a laser at him, but she can throw a plastic toy like a laser!

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Suddenly Kit-Pol is no longer in Roberto's mind and he's standing there with his prop blaster pointed at some kid with Kitty's hand on his face.

"Wow, that was a wild ride," he says with a glance to Kitty. "And hey, think I can have my face back?" he asks with a grin for the former Vulcan as he puts his blaster away.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby tribble thuds back to the floor. She just rolls around a moment... before thankfully stretching out to actual Gabby size. "What the hell," she utters staring up at the ceiling for a few long moments as she regains her senses. Pushing to her feet she rubs at the side of her head and glances over to the chair where the other tribbles were. Er. Had been? Apparently going back to normal meant that the additional tribbles vanished too. Thankfully. "Oh thank god I'm not a momma," she utters with relief. Now that THAT was sorted she looks toward the geek in question. Striding toward him quickly she lifts a fist up beneath his chin, one thick bone claw coming out to tickle against his neck threateningly.

"I normally don't do this sort of thing but I think all things considered that we're due some explanation here, or otherwise we get to take it out of your hide. My family's pretty good at taking things out of hides."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie stands there staring for several moments, almost frozen in time as she watches the events in front of her unfold. Lips open on a few different occasions as she debates whether or not she wants to hear her own voice. "....Suis-je encore moi? Oui! Je suis! J'avais peur que j'allais être ça pour toujours!" she babbles on excitedly. It appears that all is, indeed, becoming normal with the world once again.

Shuri has posed:
Realizing that this situation is over, Shuri simply pushes a button and the liquid wire that was on the kid is released. She then walks over to him and stares, "What exactly was this all about?" She asks and looks over at the others before looking back to the kid, "I am very unclear as to if this is an American tradition or what?" She looks to Rogue, "Is this normally a part of your conventions here?"

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    On the floor, Lolita suddenly opens her eyes, then sits up with almost uncanny precision, blinking as she looks around. "...was that a dream?" she says curiously after a moment. "That was much more fun than the pink bulldozer." She gracefully gets to her feet, studying the geek that several people are menacing at this point.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Hey, little tribble - ah!"

The geek goes into standard 'aren't you adorable' mode as Gabby approaches, only to suddenly recoil in horror as the bone claw is pointed up against the underside of his chin. He leans back, holding both his hands up in front of himself defensively. His eyes close for a moment as though trying to concentrate, but all that happens is the Trek Captain on his t-shirt changes from Picard to Lorca.

"Aw man," he whines, looking down at himself before sagging defeatedly, "It's not working anymore. I - sometimes I can make things real just by thinking about it hard enough."

"Dat is a lame excuse, cher," Remy pipes up, climbing out of the captain's chair and moving over to try and get between Gabby's claws and the kid.

He glances over his shoulder, back towards Rogue in time for her plastic phaser pistol to fly past and conk the kid in the forehead. His glasses break and he totters backwards in a slumped heap, unconscious.

"I t'ink maybe we ought to get goin' before we get in trouble, non?" he asks the group at large, "An' maybe de Professor will want to meet dis guy ... "

In no small part because Remy wants proof when he gets raked over the coals for letting one of the students turn into a tribble and have children.