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Doggo Demo
Date of Scene: 11 September 2022
Location: Living Quarters - Four Freedoms Plaza
Synopsis: Val and Viv discuss artifical animal simulations, dating, and how food can help dating.
Cast of Characters: Valeria Richards, Vivian Vision

Valeria Richards has posed:
When a girl's brain is one of the smartest fleshy brains out there and she actually has friends there's the desire to want to help them out with their own projects in between the work on your own.

There'd been no real secret that Vivian had been working on a Synthezoid canine companion. Which have valeria the idea to work on code for something similar. And them uploading most of the code to the GIRL servers equivalent of GitHub.

But there is also civillian benefits to having an actual realistic simulation of a canine comapnion.

For now though Val had invited Viv over to check out the blonde's own progress. And let Viv swipe any code she might find interesting like any coder might. If anyone asks it's software dog breeding.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian's own work has been underway for several months now. And while her progress has been limited (who would have thought creating a synthetic replica of life would be tricky?) she has been getting closer to those key break throughs.

Motor functions and co-ordination. Canine behavioral protocols. Making sure there's no latent desire to take over the world and force Humans to build a huge fire hydrant...

"The next time GIRL does an Expo we could have an entire robotic dog show," Vivian muses as she's scanning through code. "Show off our work. Maybe get other GIRLs who are interested in robotics to make some projects of their own.."

She's dressed in her typical yellow and green. And, to be a good house guest, has brought a selection of cupcakes from a popular local bakery.

Valeria Richards has posed:
With almost all of her family off doing Fntastic Four stuff, it's left Vleria mostly on her own so it's just been her, the HERBIEs and Pierre the DOOMBot.

Vivian's long been put on the come and go list so as soon as security indentifies her she can pretty much come up to the main living area of the plaza wheneveer.

Which is handy cause when she's arrives Val might be a bit hungry and she doesn't know how to cook. the girl in her own usual mix of blues and whites. The jeans in white and a ringer stile tee with the same whire and blue an the collar, short sleeves and hem. Bare feet and loose hair showing she's been pretty comfortable.

"Viv, heeeey! Oooh, I should really buy that bakery that place is awesome. How's Kamala? Girlfriend life treating you good?" she beams and might have had a bit too much coffee.

Actually coffee, she needs to catch up with Jan some time too.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Or you could just learn to cook and make your own?" Vivian teases. "It's really not at all difficult. Like chemistry only the end results are edible."

She blushes a little.

"Things are.. going well I think? We had a date at the Zoo but were too busy flirting to see all the animals. It has been a good thing I can portion my mind into subdivisions or else I'd struggle to make progress on any of my projects."

She frowns. "At some point I will need to introduce her to everyone formally. I'm a little worried Janet might be... you know... a lot."

Valeria Richards has posed:
There is a chuckle and a grin. Val has not really been allowed to go near the kitchen for anything other than what can be microwaved in a couple minute. "There have been... attempts. I'm rich so really I can just send a HERBIE. Get a take out order from like any of the most expensive places. Though I kinda miss that one Big Belly Burger in Gotham when I was still seeing Jason." she laments the burgers more than the break up.

"Zoo date. If you spent that much time flirting and there will be a second date then that means it was a good date!" she declares it a victory for Vivian slash Kamala shippers everywhere.

"Jan'll be fine with her. She still gotta be all inspirational to folks expecially if they don't know her. I can't guarantee that though. But you probably wanna at least see how Kamala reacts to the idea of recreation drug use. It's legal in New York and Jersey." she explains with a grin.

"I'm not suggesting you buy her an ounce yet, but maybe bring it up casually. So less shock if she sees lines of cocaine on any flat surface, And superheroines railing them." this could include Valeria herself.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision blinks a few times. "I'm sure Janet would be discreet. At least the first few times," she points out. "And there have been other dates. Of sorts. Meeting up at school and things. Watching shows together. That kind of stuff. It turns out our birthdays are very close together. So we talked about a joint party."

There's a pause.

"As in a party held for us both. Not a party with joints."

"Attempts at cooking? I suppose you must take after Mister Richards then. Exceptional at complex things but when you try do simple things like cooking you overcomplicate it and mess up?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
"You don't really have to worry there. Jan will totallly be all role model mode for the most part. But you should at least suggest birthday parties for the two of you. It might be drug free for the most part. But she does know how to plan one. Nadia might be one to ask too!" she points out and snags a cupcake and takes a big bite like maybe she hadn't eaten in a while.

The activities that constitute hanging out get a big grin. "Hanging out is not really a date. It's still good stuff though but maybe go have a meal somewhere that might want you two wearing dresses. Classy stuff. Not things like barely legal hemlines or very deep cleavage. She's Islamic? So ankle length, highnecked, no skin. Flattering but not slinky sexy or poofy or frilly." she suggests and ponders what could work for Vivian in her usual colors.

"If you need a place to go. I can name drop a few. Name drop me and you'll eat for free. Well she will. But you know what I mean." she says playfully.

"And yeah, there's things that people will just not be good at. For me it's cooking." she admits and shrugs her shoulders with a goofy expression. "I'm better with actual science than art stuff. Architecture and Schematics than aesthetics. Mostly. I mean I can still makes something look good at least. Aunt Jan's influence is more than just drugs and partying."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"We talked about it a little," Vivian muses. "But it'd have to be something low key as her friends and family wouldn't be used to... you know. Janet and Nadia can both get carried away in different but very /extra/ ways. And a party on another world or with wall to wall supermodels and superheros might be overwhelming."

Her head tilts to one side. "Janet already said I could use her connections to book things remember? And a meal is awkward because I do not eat. So I'd just be sitting around watching her eat and that's rather.. weird?"

"That being said I do always ensure I have home made snacks available for when we go out places."

Valeria Richards has posed:
The party consultants get a nod as the idea might backfire spectacularly. sure it'd bve fun but yeah. Civillians complicate things. "So maybe just something simple. Maybe a bouncy castle. Those are still fun even when you're an adult." she ponders.

"Oh yeah. Okay, so you can actually hold food internally in what passes for a stomach right? You can parse flavors with sensors in your tongue? You don't have to eatm you definitely don't have to worry about gaining weight. You ever think about eating food, simply to enjoy the food itself. The sensory stimuli of scents and flavors?" she suggests. "Doing that with her can help further things along. As much with the relationship as it is your own development as a sentient being!" she goes on.

"And you could totally just cook her a good home cooked meal!" she adds and nods. "If you met her folks yet? You could ask them what her favourite stuff is."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Oh I can /eat/ I just don't need to do it. And my stomach is more effective than a Humans. It doesn't just pass for one it exceeds it in every way," Vivian explains. "It's all those processes which come after eating which I am not really interested in experiencing. They seem rather.. you know.. gross."

"Most of the sense of taste is smell anyway. So I simply use the aroma when cooking to know if something is done correctly. That and a combination of sight and tactile feedback. For example you can test how springy bread or cakes are to know how well cooked they are."

She shakes her head. "I have yet to formally meet her parents," she admits. "I think the plan is I will first visit as a friend and give them time to get used to my being.. inorganic."

"A home cooked meal is no trouble. I cook for my room-mate all the time." Not to mention occasionally for the Titans and providing a constant supply of snacks for GIRL.

Valeria Richards has posed:
The blonde heads for the nearest couch and drops her butt down onto it and offers Viv a place as well. "Well, if you care about someone enough, you sometimes put up with things you aren't always a fan of. In your case gross pooping." Valeria may be a grown woman and super intelligent but she still has a brother and uncles that might have had an influence on her sense of humor.

"Butt, heh. You can probably at least minimalise that with the processing of nutrients to energy. Think of it as going a that little extra step."

She goes on. "Sharing the expertience with her. There's more than just smell. Plating the food can make a meal look appetising. Badly plating, like just slopping it on a plate can make even the most delicious meal look nasty.

"There's mouth feel and texture. That can go a long way. That sort of thing. There's a lot that goes into enjoying food than how it smells. There's cheeses that just damn stink but you get it in your mouth and suddenly it tastes like love." she adds. "So yeah cook for her, but actually eat with her. The good will outweigh the gross." she encourages.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Well... Maybe I could have a salad or something light," Vivian considers. "And simply break it entirely down for the chemical energy. You do have a point that a relationship should have compromises. And I should be willing to try new things for her."

"To be honest when I have needed confirmation of how something feels in the mouth I just enlist someone at school to taste test for me. There are generally plenty of willing candidates when there is an offer of a free meal. Especially if it's a cake."

"Speaking of trying new things. Have you been working on anything exciting lately? I do not wish us to only talk about me and my love life."

Valeria Richards has posed:
With the reminder of why Vivian is here Valeria lets out a nod. "They can describe it but unless you try it, It'll only be second hand information and you won't really know." she ays and lets that go before moving on.

"And yeah, that's right!" she swishes her finhers over the haptic holodisplay on her wrist comp. Some of the room's holoprojectors activating and suddenly there is a holographic golden retriever trotting into existance and coming to sit at Vivian's knees.

"Been working on canine simulation software. Mostly so you've got something to compare Sparky's AI against and make use of code snippets if need be. Real dog breeders seek each other out to reduce inbreeding. I figure the luck we have with artificial intelligences turning against their creators often enough. Last thing we want is Sparky going online and we have it going on a rampage. Teenage rebellion and wanting to do your own thing counts and thankfully you turned out awesome for it!" she points out to her friend.

It's still a valid worry.

"Plus there's the civillian possibilities for a synthetic animal companion." she adds and reaches over to scritch the holopooch. Hardlight projections making the fur react tey way it should.

Vivian Vision has posed:
While Vivian might not have the same creative brilliance as Valeria or Nadia she does exceed them in some regards. Like her ability to read all the work Val has made available while they were chatting about foods and dating. So she's already got a pretty good grasp on the various lines of code she might wish to make use of.

"I can certainly use some of the behavior work you've been doing," she agrees. "I've still been finding it tricky getting the physical walking motions to work. Spatial awareness and motion is far more complex when Sparky has to be able to walk, run and low his density to fly."

Her head tilts a little. "You are aware I could in theory decide to be evil at any point? Not that I find the idea appealing but I can't rule out some kind of alien software virus. Supergirl was turned evil easy enough. And if a Kryptonian can be influenced like that it could happen to /anyone/."

"I don't think synthezoid animal companions should become common simply because of the expense and danger they pose. A robot dog is one thing but a phasing dog that can fetch valuable items from inside bank vaults is anoher matter entirely."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Everyone is terrified of me turning evil more than you or Supergirl. Because I can conceive of things like how to easily turn you evil against your will. Or Supergirl." she reminds. "The Joker in some news report ages ago one said all it takes is one bad day. And I've heard people say I've threatened to destroy the planet because I had a bad period." she state and shrugs. This is absolutely true.

"It's a choice for us, sort of not because we don't like the idea and it makes our brains, organic and synthetic feel bad doing bad things. But we can still be messed with." she sometimes has been accused of being a little too clinical. It's why she joined groups like GIRL.

back to the real subject at hand. "This is just holowork and software inverse kinematics. Beg!" she commands the doggo and it raises it's front paws up like it wants a cupcake.

"These versions won't have your level of physical tech. They'll be tied to emitters that don't phase through objects. Cheaper models could just be straight robotic exoskeletons with holo coverings or something a bit more toyetic." she pets the begging dog and gestures with a hand to sit down once more.

"Mine will pretty much be dog shaped service mecha if it makes it to production."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"It would be easier to make yourself something to prevent a bad period than to dominate the world," Vivian notes helpfully. "And having Supergirl wanting to kill me was rather scary. I certainly do not recommend being on a Kryptonians bad side!"

"Dog shaped service animals would be /extremely/ useful for people with health conditions. It's a lot of work to train an organic service animal. Being able to mass produce mechanical versions cheaply so everyone who needs one can have one. That'd be a pretty wonderful thing."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Dealing with her monthly visitor versus conquering or destroying the workd gets a handwaggle out of Valeria. "Destroy, becoming a global autocrat would be boring. Burocracy is not for me." she admits and chuckles.

"Yeah, that's the first thing that came to mind when you told me about your project. How can this help man kind. service companions. Hypoallergenic pets. I haven't tried programming a cat though. That probaboly would turn evil. Well it's a cat. Some would consider in the default." she states and grins. The holodog climing up on the sofa between the girls and curls up to not actually doze off.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"From what I have gathered about cats and cameras they are prone to showing their butts to them. And if it has cameras for eyes..." Vivian says with a giggle. Making a holographic cat image that chases it's own tail. "The one concern with service companions that're based on AI is you don't want to accidentally obtain large amounts of personal information."

"Presumably they'd need to be remotely networked so you could pass on software updates and security fixes. But that means you'd have the ability to see and hear about peoples lives without concent."

She glances at the box of cakes. "Destroying the world seems short sighted. Who would bake you cupcakes if all the bakeries were gone?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's a nod of her head. "Yeah the security stuff needs work. I'm just getting behavioral settings working now. How to work as a service dog for various purposes." she states. There is a giggle at the image of a holocat chacing it's own butt.

"It'd probably be video and audio taken. But making sure passwords, PINs and the like. shouldn't be too hard to excise from memory. Connecting to a network can be a manual request thing. Only connects to our network once online. Pulls software and firmware updates. Then disconnects. Nothing else is collected on our end."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I suppose having the Fantastic Four backing the project would reduce the security and safety concerns that people would have," Vivian muses. "Your family already does a lot of non-profit work and certainly has the infrastructure in place to get such a project up and running. And I guess if you intentionally design the synthetic service animals to only be as physically capable as they need to be to guide people and fetch light objects... Then there shouldn't be much risk from people trying to weaponize them."

She hrmms thoughtfully. "Have you also considered versions for search and rescue work? Something like a ferret for searching collapsed buildings or a bird for searching for missing hikers?"

There's a little shrug and she adds "If you need any help with checking for security flaws or bugs in the code I'd be happy to help in whatever ways I can!"

Valeria Richards has posed:
"The name recognition would help with things. We do have a marketing department that is pretty handy." Valeria agrees on using the Family Business as an endorsement.

"Totally a matter of making things as capable as they need. Search and rescue is on the drawing board. Law Enforcement as well. Drug sniffing and anything you don't want to put an animal in danger with. Guard dogs with a bite that's actually a cuff and no fangs to harm someone. Smaller critters for collapsed mines. Like moles." Valeria agrees.

The help with the code does go both ways. "That's why I'd uploaded a copy to the GIRL servers already. If you're looking at it anyway for Sparky I figured you'd be proof reading it anyway!" she points out.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Bees make better sniffers than dogs," Vivian notes with a shrug. "Bombs, drugs and people can all be located by their sense of smell much easier than with a dogs." Bee and wasp related research is something of a GIRL favorite after all. "But I can't see robot bees being very easy to make."

Then again with Val and Nadia working together who knows.

She nods in agreement when Valeria mentions she'd be checking the code anyway. "I don't think I'll be taking quite as much of the basic motion coding. Because the requirements of controlling a synthezoid body have to be able to function at variable density. So Sparky will need to be able to run at a fraction of his mass or when he's dramatically heavier."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Well yes. But you also need to factor in phobias. Many people would be scared of any insect, let alone a swarm of them flying around looking for contraband or dangerous materials." Valeria points out. "And since these are mecha, they'll gave the same sensor capabilities anyway!" she states.

The mobility of the Sparky project gets a nod. "You could adapt your own code for mobility, adapt it for quadurpedal. Use mine as a reference for the inverse kinematics. How it looks, more than how it functions." she suggests and gives the not really sleeping holodoggo some scritches. Even she's not immune to the need to pet cute critters and she might have nails the visible and tactile part.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"They're already used in airports," Vivian explains cheerfully. "They're kept inside containers rather than flying around freely. When they sense the explosives or drugs they do a little wiggle and the mechanism picks the motion up. It's probably not all that pleasant for the bees to be honest. But it's better than someone blowing up a plane so..."

"That's been what I was doing in general although it's very different moving on two legs to four. And my own mobility code is extremely specific to my dimensions. Still it's only a matter of time and effort before I work things out."

After all it's a problem which has been solved for two legs. So updating the concept for four is all down to processing power and time.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Honestly, that could probably be done by a drone, heh. non animal designed Mini-UAV. Not everything needs representation." she points out and chuckles.

"So mobility just means more time and research. Especially with what afe you want to present Sparky as. A puppy is going to have that clumdy ye sooooo cute!" she's still a young woman. She can't not be affected by the dreaded Kawaii.

"That'll get dialed in soon enough. And you should be able to do it faster than me. I was just stupid finicky about making it look natural. There's all kinds of little micro movements. Even simulated breathing had to be taken into account!"

Vivian Vision has posed:
"The tricky part isn't the motion," Vivian points out. "It's the sensory input to pick up the explosives and drugs. Mechnical means of locating such things are tough to build cheaply and efficiently. But you can train bees with sugar water. It's a really elegant approach to the solution when you think about it."

She giggles.

"Well Sparky is just going to be a small bred dog rather than a puppy. But yes I'm just going to have to put in the research hours for the project. It's not like I have to rush. Functionally speaking I'll live far longer than a Human. I could spend a decade just planning the project and still have plenty of time to see it through to it's conclusion."

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's a hand waggle. It's possible that hand animating is just a pain cause it's tedious and she's sometimes a perfectionist. She's also only human. "Scanning tech's really not that difficult. For us at least." she states. "We have enough stuff around here that won't take me much to make cheaper for large scale production. Molecular levels. Lot of stuff Dad has he hasn't released. At any time I come up with something on my own it's a fifty percent chance dad or Uncle Doom has already come up with it but haven't done anything with it cause it was just all about coming up with the stuff. Anything more can sometimes be boring or won't get Uncle Doom a planet to rule she explains and giggles.

"C'Mon, I'll take you down to the manufacturing floor. I've got some floating drone emitters I'm working on to make things more portable. What good is a service dog if you can't go out of the house with it when you need it after all!" she states and beams a big smile to the synthezoid as they head to the elevator and downstairs.