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Starport: Spidery Stopover
Date of Scene: 12 September 2022
Location: Atlantic Starport
Synopsis: Ghost Spider gets a brief tour of the Starport from one of the people responsible for its creation: King T'Challa
Cast of Characters: T'Challa, Gwen Stacy, Harley Quinn

T'Challa has posed:
It feels like there is always something happening at the Starport out in the Atlantic Ocean. Headed up by joint representation from Themyscira, Wakanda, and Atlantis, a number of people from various recognized hero groups have also signed on for involvement. This includes having a presence on site, along with being tied in with any necessary alerts and information there may be to share.

The platform for arrivals and departures is not always busy, but vessels come and go as needed. There is one stationed toward a side of the area, of Wakandan design. Near it is King T'Challa, dressed in clothing typical of his home nation. Blacks, purples, silvers make up the primary designs that can be seen. Nearby, two of the Dora Milaje. Instead of a datapad in hand, a holographic image of one thing or another is displayed from the Kimoyo Beads worn at his left wrist. With his other hand, he cycles through information, consulting with his guard.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Ghost Spider has never been here. In fact she wasn't even *sure* she should be here! She has had her adventures with the Titans but she wasn't sure where she stood now with them. Yet she was part of GIRL. That should count right? Right?! And if it doesn't ..., well... Spiders will be spiders and ..., be curious?

So it is that one vessel arrives with none other than Ghost Spider inside, the black and white of her outfit marking this as the spidery girl indeed. The girl steps out of the shuttle and looks around and even if the mask is covering her face there is some wonder that is noticeable in the way she is just looking up at the ceiling, then around her and ....

Is that King T'Challa?

Surprise, followed by a midge of daring and then Ghost Spider is wandering over to close in with the man and his escort. She makes sure to at least be visible to the Dora Milaje. No need to get skewered by a lance or two.

T'Challa has posed:
And they do have spears, the two women. Bald, with matching costumes of a primarily red base, with fine detail in the leatherworking and metallic guards. One difference in detail is the accents of one member's attire is gold, while the other's is silver. The former's also shows slightly different coloring in places. "Yes, Okoye," T'Challa says to that one, answering a question she has posed to him. "That is a good idea." Whatever it is.

The one with the silver accents is the first to pick out the approach of the costumed Ghost Spider, at which she clears her throat to get the attention of the others, nodding Gwen's way. "Hmm? What is it, Yama? Ah." By now, T'Challa and Okoye have turned to look on, the holo-display shut off as he clasps his hands in back of him, the guardswomen flanking him on both sides. His expression reveals one of patience and curiosity.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Here Gwen Stacy is, approaching a King and member of the freakin' AVENGERS. She is doing so slowly which it really should give her time to think on what to say right? Because how hard is it to greet a superhero like the Black Panther? And she is Ghost Spider. She knows Janet Van Dyne. An Avenger too!

"Errr..., hello, sir King uh..."

Turns out it can be real hard at times. But she clears her throat and takes in a breath. Get a hold of yourself, Gwen! "I mean, greetings, King T'Challa." her voice young under the hood. She even manages a little curtsey.

"I am Ghost Spider." she introducing herself.

T'Challa has posed:
Whether in the Panther suit or not, T'Challa has a manner about him that exemplifies the way he carries himself: with dignity and courtesy. This is a man used to being respected, but also earning it rather than merely expecting it. At least, that is what it appears.

"You may simply call me T'Challa if it puts you at ease," the man replies, looking down on her not out of a sense of superiority, but rather necessity given the difference in height. "And I know who you are. I have heard of you through my sister, though she did not have many details to share. Welcome to the Atlantic Starport."

He does not offer anything yet beyond that, instead waiting to see where she wishes to go with the conversation starting up. Both Okoye and Yama look her over with greater scrutiny than the King does.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Gwen isn't too sure about calling him just T'Challa will put her at ease but she smiles from under her mask nonetheless. "Of course, Your Grace." darn it, she did it again. ".... T'Challa." hands go to her hips and she lets out a sigh. "I am usually better than this, I swear.." where is that fabled Spider wit?! She can't just use them against villains ..., or with Spider-man.

But it's King T'Challa!

"Shuri." There's another smile that comes to her lips and that familiarity, that something in common she appears to have with the King does put her at ease. "She has helped us greatly with GIRL." a look around.

"This is a magnificent place.." she admits, "I ..., wasn't sure about coming up here but curiosity won over. I know it was a great effort between various groups to bring it to be here. I was wondering if .., you could tell me more?" a pause. "If I am not disturbing anything that is.."

T'Challa has posed:
"I am not much for unnecessary formalities. We are speaking casually, instead of at something that requires more decorum and etiquette," T'Challa explains, making for a juxtaposition in the sense that he still /sounds/ more formal than not even as he suggests otherwise. "And I am used to others fumbling over their words. The awkwardness will pass with time."

Stepping away from his own ship, Okoye and Yama follow behind him, by just a step. "Shuri benefits from having others she can interact with that are closer to her own age. It is not easy being sister to a King, and I understand GIRL has done good work in a variety of ways."

As for the Starport, he nods his agreement. "It is a great collaboration of different cultures and skills. We have a variety of stations set up that will answer many of your questions in better detail, but I suppose I could answer a few since we are here. What would you like to know?" As he walks, even amid the general hustle and bustle of the place, his footfalls are absolutely silent. He must walk lightly, or there is something else to it.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Hopefully you mean time as in a few minutes instead of a few years..." Youth. So worried about time! But maybe Gwen is a bit too worried that this awkwardness won't pass that fast. Ah well, she can only try and be more herself. But at least she doesn't seem to be fumbling that much anymore. Even when she shifts her eyes to look at Okoye and Yama and waves one hand gently their way. "Hello." a beat, "I love those ..." the outfits she most likely means.

"Well, I am sure it isn't easy being a King and having a sister too.." This said in a sympathetic manner. She knows Shuri can be a handful after all! As all young sisters should be.

"Mostly on how it all came to be. On who joined together originally to create.." and she gestures with her hand. "... this."

T'Challa has posed:
Both Okoye and Yama act with a sense of seriousness. Protecting the King is their life, no matter what else comes up, no matter how capable he is. In spite of their rigid demeanor, Okoye is the one to grace Gwen with a passing smile, a hint of warmth in her eyes along with a brief, "Thank you."

"No, it is not," T'Challa agrees. "We have a sibling rivalry, and we are both stubborn in our own ways. However, we do what we believe is necessary in the end." He does not say that they are always in agreement, if Gwen is paying attention to what is specifically said.

With Ghost Spider's question of how this all came to exist, the Wakandan King offers, "Discussions primarily between myself and representatives of Themyscira such as Queen Hippolyta and Wonder Woman, along with involvement from Atlantis mainly through Aquaman. We determined there were things we as a group could do to help defend Earth against outside threats, along with creating a place that can serve as a way of first contact for those who have more peaceful intentions. The Starport was constructed entirely through our own resources, without the involvement of other nations. It is independent of outside influences."

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Gwen is certainly paying attention. And the nod she gives is one that seems of understanding. Not that Gwen has brothers or sisters but ..., she is smart enough. She even ventures a faint smile under her mask.

She listens to how it came to be. The talk about all those great heroes. She grins, "It's not often that all these great heroes can get to agree on something as grand as this." she knows it. Everyone has their way of looking at things. Their way on how things should be. Assertiveness but also stubborness are often hallmarks of great heroes.

And also villains.

"I am imagining it must have been quite the diplomatic undertaking to get everyone to agree.." a nod of recognition to the King's efforts.

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa's path brings him toward the central area of the Starport, where the gardens are and where other sections of the place are easier to reach. Along the way, a few Wakandans at work pause to salute crisply. He returns it slightly less so, giving each of them a nod of acknowledgement as he continues.

"Our nations are all aware that we have gifts the world at large knows very little of. To create something such as this is sure to raise questions around that, but we believe the benefits of what we can offer to the world outweigh the risks. However, we are still choosing the cautious approach where matters of our own secrets are concerned. The attention this will bring will cause change for our people one way or another, whether we like it or not. This is understood as a consequence of doing what we believe is the right thing," explains the King.

He adds, "It has taken much planning to bring everything to this point, and it is a testament to those who have worked on it. Have you seen the rest before, or is this your first visit?"

Gwen Stacy has posed:
There is a shake of her head and Ghost Spider admits. "It's my first visit." a look around. "I wasn't even sure I would be allowed up here? Well, now I -know- I would after what you told me but.." she opens her arms to her sides and in a small shrug.

And finally she leans in and asks in a low voice that she is sort of attempting but not really managing to keep out of earing distance from the two guardians.

"Don't suppose you could give me an autograph?"

T'Challa has posed:
"Anyone is welcome to visit here. As a friend to any of the groups that have agreed to offer their support, you are especially welcome. I am the first to understand that not everyone functions best as part of a larger group, and people like you prove that it does not require that to be a hero to someone," T'Challa explains as they reach one of the connecting walkways.

He gestures on ahead, adding, "Gardens make up most of the central area, with various forms of artwork from our nations that can be viewed. An autograph? I suppose that could be arranged. Would you like a photo to share with your friends as well?" the man wonders, a hint of a smile passing. "And with me, with Black Panther, or both?"

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Yeaaaa....." It's that kind of tone that tells Gwen knows well what T'Challa is talking about. She was never that big of a team player either. Sure, she has tagged along with a few of the Spiders, and some others in different groups. But never really as a part of a big group. She's always been more a protector of the little people. Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Spider! "And thank you, really." and she sounds like she means it..

As T'Challa then speaks of pictures for the autograph that seems to go right up her alley. She is all about social media. "Oooh, I got an idea.." a grin. "How about we go to the gardens and take a selfie. Better than an autograph! And we can put some of that artwork you mentioned on the background behind us."

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa waves the thanks and appreciation off, casually. "People like you can form a closer connection with the people you help, because you are..hmm. I do not say this to place myself above anyone else, but except for your abilities, people like you and Spider-Man, you are much the same as the people you look after, am I correct? I understand I am a King, and I was born with this as my destiny, but I am still a Wakandan just the same as the people I protect. The issues I must deal with are on a larger scale, but I have always sought to build ties with everyone I can." There are always reasons for this, and they can be many, varied.

The hand continues to gesture for Ghost Spider to have a look at the area, showing the works of three different cultures most of the outside world has little to no idea about beyond rumor. The hero community? A different story, to an extent. "If you like, but you did not answer the last part of my question," he answers, amusement creeping in.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Right." There's a nod coming from Gwen, "Different heroes for different situations. Everyone deserves being protected, that's always been my motto. Be it fighting an outer space menace or on a alleyway saving someone from being stabbed."

Gwen seems to be considering good works that could serve as a background. But then she just chooses to encompass them all in a wider selfie shot. She's good at this, she will make it work!

"Well, as someone wise once said. Por que no los dos?" she fishes out a slim smartphone from the folds of her suit.

T'Challa has posed:
"Correct. In certain ways, the responsibilities you give yourself are equally as important as mine. There are different levels to this," T'Challa agrees. He may take to the streets at times to get a feel for a neighborhood and its people, but he returns to luxuries and status most others do not get to experience. There are ways he can aid others, but much of that comes from being in a position of power.

That is something for another time.

Seeing what Ghost Spider is trying to set up, he nods once. "You may also take closer photos of things that catch your eye." Nearby, there are signs and such that indicate directions to each part of the place, much like an airport might have, and a few drones also buzz about overhead with more information, arrows, and so on. His first pose is a more subdued one, a hand at her shoulder and a cordial smile that keeps the mouth closed, but after that is done he taps the beads at his wrist.

The Panther Habit takes shape along with the rest of the suit, a creation of technology and science that results in the Black Panther now before her. "A more heroic pose, this time?" he wonders, his voice carrying with a bit more oomph to it.

Okoye and Yama watch all of this silently, sharing a glance with each other that says little.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Yes, but that will come later.." Gwen announces with a grin about taking pics of the other monuments. Because right now she takes her time getting those darn selfies! One with her doing the V sign to the camera. Another with her arms open. All near T'Challa, or Black Panther as he prefers to be on each of the selfies!

"Now no duck face.." She advises the King. Though a few seconds laters she realizes he may not know what duck face so she goes, "Err...., yea, just look stoic."

Foot in mouth.

"This is going to be wild when I get these pics up on insta. Thank you, Sir!"

T'Challa has posed:
Black Panther has a younger sister who is more 'hip' to pop culture. Good chance he's heard of or seen 'duck face.' Not that Ghost Spider would ever know if he's doing it or not when the mask is in place. "I do not think you need to worry about that," he tells her. One pose with his arms crossed, back straight. Another in a crouch, claws out, one hand closer to the phone, the other behind him.

"You are most welcome." The costume goes away again after this is finished, and he indicates the Hall of Heroes. "I have matters I must see to shortly, but there is enough time to show you this area and you may feel free to look around the Starport afterward. The Public Rotunda features more information you can watch and read," T'Challa explains.

Harley Quinn has posed:
No duck face is good. But is Gwen doing it beneath her mask! No one will ever know! All the advantages of using these masks. She takes a few more pics with T'Challa not wearing the costume but then moves to follow in towards the Hall of Heroes alongside the King.

"It's already a lot more than you should, Sir.." She tells T'Challa. Her eyes peek curiously at the hall when they go in. Then gaze strays to the various rotundas leading to the teams.

"I think that's my rotunda." She fingerguns towards the Titans one.

T'Challa has posed:
The domed building that makes up the Hall of Heroes is a large one, dominating this wing of the Starport. Branching off from the central area are individual sections for multiple groups and organizations. Gwen has already found one of them. T'Challa says, "Yes. As you can see, these serve as meeting areas for the different teams that have agreed to help with their support. We anticipate you will find others here from time to time."

It is clear to see the level of attention that's been paid to making this place exist. The small details all seem to have been accounted for, and while the overall designs are primarily Themysciran in origin, there are various technological additions - for a start - that must come from Wakanda or Atlantis, or both.

He indicates the entrance to the Avengers wing of the Hall, explaining, "I have a meeting I must finish preparing for, but you are cleared for normal access. Do not forget to visit the Rotunda. I believe you will find it quite informative. When you are ready to leave, just take one of the shuttles back to land. I am sure we will meet again."

With farewells made, he leads the way into the area marked for the Avengers, with Okoye and Yama close behind.