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At the Emmy's, 2022
Date of Scene: 13 September 2022
Location: Los Angeles, California
Synopsis: Swept out under the nose of reporters and photographers, the Widows Black have their prey.
Cast of Characters: Yelena Belova, Natasha Romanoff

Yelena Belova has posed:
When the sun goes down, the stars come out over Los Angeles. Only a couple of times a year do the stars truly land upon the firmament, and the red carpet is there to catch them all. Flashbulbs still burn brightly; some traditions simply don't change over the years, over the decades.

The 'beautiful people' are emerging from their various convenyances; from convertables to horse and carriage, to on the back of motorcyles. There is even one, two helicopter arrivals, which gains the attention (and lenses) of the photographers (and paparazzi). From the more well known to the lesser, all singles and couples navigate their way through the gauntlet to arrive on the other side, a cavernous room with waiters and waitresses moving through the crowds with food and drink.

The base assumption, thanks to high security is 'If you are there, you are meant to be there'.

Yelena Belova is there. She is dressed, or rather, more draped in wide black lace with it looking like both a dress and a cape. High heeled black pumps give her a little more height, and her hair is pulled back, coiffed to seeming perfection, with earrings and ear-cuffs hanging, blending in with blonde hair. Her make-up, impeccable.. and the way she moves easily marks her as 'belonging'. She moves through the crowd with practiced, experienced ease, holding a flute of champagne in hand, a little 'wrapped hot dog' in the other. Green eyes are watching the crowd, seemingly bored beneath perfectly plucked brows.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff is there in a flowing red dress. Her hair is done up blonde and curled short. She's adjusted her posture and teh way she carries herself to be one of 'the pretty people'. Her persona could be anything - an actress there looking to make it big, someone's arm candy for the evening, or just someone tehre to have lots of pictures taken of them that no one was quite sure how she go tin, but she gave lots of smiles over so no one really minded.

Going to pass by someone or other, Natasha would smile and gush on about some sort of movie or spectacle that someone did that she really loved. She would pucker up her lips, some liner making them seem a bit puffier. False cheeks giving a different shape to her jawline. Contact lenses making her eyes seem a far more usual color. Her having that American 'If I work the hard way I can go up to the top' sort of naive about her in this big world wiht all these important, powerful people in it.

As for her own reasons for being here.. Well.. That's a bit ahead of ourselves in this story, isn't it? Don't be so presumptuous..

Yelena Belova has posed:
Yelena moves through the crowd, chatting, laughing lightly at words, stories, whathaveyou, as she does. With every move, every direction, the blonde is very aware of Natasha and her placement in the crowd. With each rounding of the room, only the two can see, can know instinctively that the net is closing inexorably on their target.

And why wouldn't there be a target? Would there be any other reason the Russians would be present at such a gathering? Really, who would have gotten them tickets, much less a pass on the FLOOR?

Yet, there they are.

Yelena eats the little hotdog, and refrains from licking her fingers. Instead, she surreptitiously cleans them on the tails of one of the actors up for 'best actor in a drama'. As she passes, a quick but genuine looking smile is given in his direction, complete with a wave of the glass still in hand.

The target is settled in a touch more, and it's time to keep him from filing in with everyone else jockeying for a visible spot in line as 'The theatre will be opening in 10 minutes' is announced.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha is well aware of where her target is located. Is her target Yelena? watching what the other woman is up to? Is her target the same man for the same reasons? Is she up to something entirely different here?

Find out, dear readers. We do enjoy the suspense. Natasha's making sure to be in a position where she can keep an eye to the side to track Yelena. She's just looking over at the coming announcements and trying to crane her neck up and over with the 'I hoep my guy wins' sort of dance to her hips over and trying to not openly sway from toe to toe over like she's some sort of teenager.

She's not -quite- managing it as she does the litlte hops back and forth. The sorts of things she does over for her cover roles. Still making sure to keep the target in line of sight.. Playing to her role after all even as Yelena goes to cut someone off.

Yelena Belova has posed:
Yelena goes in for the interception, her features expressing what words she must be gushing at the man. It's all there, the classic moves. Attentive, her painted lips forming that slight 'oh' that gives a glimpse of both pearly whites AND the potential sweetness of a kiss from them. While film and television executives have women at their left and right, the days of them falling before them, figuratively, has gone. The days of yore, from the willing to the casting couches have no place in today's world; in fact, there's been a ground swell against it. (It's still done, though in darkened room whispers rather than bragging at the water cooler.)

The blonde bombshell snakes her arm up and under her targets, all while laughing, and smiling at the others as they begin to pass the pair by. Her head cants, and licking her lips, she move to rise to her toes a little to whisper in the man's ear, all while pressing thin-fabricked breasts against his upper arm.

Whatever it is she said has an instant reaction, complete with that furtive glance around; whatever it was Yelena said, it must not have been a threat. Instead, the man seems almost eager to look for another room, away from the public, and the ever watchful eye of the press.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Yelena does good work. The man going alongw ith her will not be missed by the crowd anytime soon. It looks like he's about to get his jollies in right as the ceremony comes to a commercial break with the winner going on a quick speach, then some sort of skit over or quick pre-arranged intermission right before the commercial break.

Natasha's eyes go downcast as the winner is going to speak. Whomever she was 'supporting' clearly did not win as she goes to join in the polite round of applause that quiets before the speach starts. Then she's getting up, murmuring something to someone near her while offering them the chair she had to the side that wasn't quite in view of the cameras. Now.. Now was where the fun would begin.

She goes to leave the room, her figure going a little more slumped. She's disappointed, she's been dumped, and whatever she was hoping for in the night as far as accolades or recognition went has gone up in a puff of smoke.

Now time to keep track of Yelena and how well her end of things was going. Because there were times where you did get to mix business and pleasure.

And it was good to see 'Leetle Seester' getting engaged in something and eager about it.

Yelena Belova has posed:
It's so much better when the target can walk; there's no dragging involved. The whispers certainly do a great deal to lure the man away, and the hint of a sway in Yelena's step keeps the man's attention firmly where it belongs.

Out of the corner of her eye, Yelena does catch sight of Natasha again, and there is a hint of the other Widow's humor that shines through in the subtlest smile before she continues her work.

It's not until they reach another room, an antechamber really, where an access to the front is doable, but not without its difficulties. There's only so much that the blonde can take, however; the leering and attempts at a grope here and there are getting tiresome, even in their parrying. Finally, in a very low, sotto voice, that telltale Russian accent sounds her warning,

"I have weapon ready to puncture your lung, or heart. It depends if you listen to me and do as I say. You have choice. I love choices. Walk with me, and I may let you live."

These words seem to not have quite the effect, at least not immediately. There's a nervous laugh, but then, he looks into those deadly serious green eyes of hers, and the man pales.. and begins to shake.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha's going along with Yelena. She's just observing the younger Widow tonight. Yelena is expected to be able to fully handle this assignment on her own. Natasha's there not for backup, but for grading. After all, someone needs to be able to ensure that she's keeping up with her studies.

Natasha circles around the area, watching in rapt amusement. It's rather good to see how well techniques have been honed throughout the generations. She gives a quick approving smile over to Yelena as the other Widow takes notice of her. When does Natasha smile? Ever so rarely.

Her little protege is growing up.

Yelena Belova has posed:
Yelena's hand doesn't slip at all from the man's, and nothing seems apparent from anyone that might be looking at the couple. There's nothing obvious held by the blonde in the black lace, other than that champagne flute, which she does eventually set aside for the cleaners. Why break it?

It's in the last few moments, as the reporters have all cycled into the theatre that Yelena finds her path out. Glancing around, there aren't any reporters or photographers that she can see immediately. If anything comes up in the news, well... she'll attend to that when and if it happens. For the time, however, Yelena tones down her laughing; she doesn't want to seem as if she's enjoying it more than her companion. That'd only bring attention, after all.

Out the door, and to a waiting car, the man is remarkably compliant. Perhaps it was for other things whispered, or perhaps he did feel a press of something very sharp and very deadly against the hollow of a rib? The promise of life over a certain death certainly is encouragement enough.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
And then Yelena has gone off with hte prey. Natasha just flashes that smile that goes from approval to that of a predator. As the man is guided into the car, Natasha goes to just fold her hands togehter and goes to blow a kiss off in their direction. She would move to wiggle her fingers over at the duo and then go along towards it, and heads towards the passenger seat and goes to slide on in to it.

Lucky man! Having two women at once heading back somewhere with him. It's the way some would want to go out.

With a scream. After all, isn't that what a black widow spider does when it's done with it's prey?