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Joker vs ACME
Date of Scene: 21 September 2022
Location: Abandoned Ace Chemicals Warehouse
Synopsis: In which the Joker goes clowning around, since the ACME Corporation has come to town! Be here next bat time, same bat channel!
Cast of Characters: Talia al Ghul, Detective Chimp, Stephanie Brown, Joan Wright, Barbara Gordon, Harley Quinn, Tim Drake, Phoebe Beacon, The Joker

Talia al Ghul has posed:
Some things were just a train wreck in the waiting. At the abandoned ACE Chemical Factory, according to legend where the man who would become the Joker was transformed, a large neon flashing M would be laying over next to a crane. Standing up around a haphazardly raised platform would be an old looking man wearing a tweed suit with a bow tie. The latest CEO of the infamous ACME Corporation.
    "Hello everyone, thank you, thank you. It's a great pleasure to have the ACME Corporation back in Gotham. We were having a look at a map and going, oh, hey, the local property values are too high, so what can we do to remedy that?"
    A few other men are on the stage - including three men. One fat and bald, one with a bowl cut, a third with very crazed red hair on either side of his head.
    There are likely few members of the citizenry present - those that may or may not be definitely aren't clapping. Something about a walking doom sense even by Gotham standards.

Detective Chimp has posed:
Detective Chimp decided to stop by and keep an eye on this. It might be that he is just wanting to see the train wreck, or he maybe hoping to help keep safe. Either way the detective is in the shadows of the little crowd watching.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Not that long a time ago, atop a building not far away, a costumed figure can be seen pacing back and forth atop the back of one of the gargoyle-shaped figures that adorn Gotham's gothic skyline architecture. It's not a particularly huge gargoyle which means they are short paces. Just a step or two before having to turn.

<< ... but really it makes sense if you think about it. If you're looking for a Sith Lord, the LAST person you'd suspect would be this bumbling Jar Jar Binks. And yet he's there when everything happens. Making all these amazing shots with laser rifles caught on his ankle that are improbable without the Force. And it would be a total double con with Sidious hiding as the Senator behind Dooku, while really Jar Jar is Plagius and hiding behind Sidious. It's evil genious! >>

Having finished her treatise on the subject, Stephanie checks the feeds from the Batcomputer for signs of anything that needs her attention.

Joan Wright has posed:
Amongst those present at the presentation of sorts was one Joan Wright. As the possibility of a train wreck in the making is definitely underway, it seemed imperative to have a few members of Damage Control pop in early to make sure said wreck does not occur.

Or at least control the amount of wreckage that will inevitably happen due to this being in GOTHAM. Either way, Damage Control is not taking the risk.

Annnnnd considering this building's history, a certain person of the Kord variety may have had a hand in the design of the outfit Joan chose to wear tonight. It's...highly visible made of bright green and yellow colors. Perfect for easily locating the bod- err person should a calamity occur. But corpse location capabilities aside, the materials made in this Kord brand suit has some protective properties too.

And a helmet. She brought a helmet.

Hopefully it won't be needed.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Seated on a black motorcycle, Barbara Gordon is wearing a black hoodie with it half zipped up her chest, and a pair of black denim jeans, some simple boots, and a pair of fingerless gloves. She's got a Gotham Knights ballcap on her head, and a pair of sunglasses over her eyes.

"I refuse to acknowledge this fan crap." She says in to her earpiece. "I refuse Sith Jar Jar, just as I refuse to believe Darth Maul survived The Phantom Menace. I don't care if they brought him back in a cartoon either. Darth Maul got his butt and weiner cut off. That's it, he's done, he's out, make a new character up for God's sake."

She adjusts her gloves as her shaded eyes roam around the crowds gathered here. She's wearing a backpack and reaches back to adjust the strap on her shoulders with one of her gloved hands.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Give it to Harley to derail a SERIOUS conversation about Star Wars. << I wonder what Darth Maul calls his new metal weiner now! >> Harley, asking the important questions here. And wait, she is in the group talk?! Harley is in the Birds, baby! << Heavy Metal? Dark Metal? Mr. Steel? Lil Obi? >>

<< And he's also on that Solo movie. He's Daenerys's boss! >>

As for Jar Jar? No comment from the clownette. Everyone knows it's her favorite char. He's just so funny!

She nears the presentation going on at the place. It's a place that brings memories so Harley -does- go quiet on comms, looking around somewhat uncomfortable but she remains somewhat hidden for now. As much hidden as a clownette with differing hair colors and dressed brightly as she does can be. But you get the idea!

Tim Drake has posed:
    On another rooftop within eyesight of the one currently occupied by the pacing figure, another costumed vigilante is crouched on yet ANOTHER gargoyle. Tim's not pacing, though, instead he's pinching the bridge of his nose through the thin material of his domino mask. "<< All I said was that Star Trek was a more philosophical franchise. I don't know how we got here. >>"

    He brings a pair of binoculars up to peer through them, down towards the ground and in the general direction of where his HUD is telling him Barbara should be. Then in a slow pan towards a busted-in window that gave him a fairly decent line-of-sight towards the gathering inside. A second or two of adjusting some dials leads to the audio from within the building being identified and filtered out from the other ambient Gotham sounds, fed into his own earpiece.

    "<< Sounds like we've got-- >>" insert brief pause here for muffled choking as Harley lists off name suggestions, "<< --some actual villainous hijinks. Though I think they might just be having some kind of, uh, planning meeting right now? >>"

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Text comes over the available comms from Phoebe's domino as the latest addition to the BatFam keeps watch, on her own gargoyle on another building, as she reclines, hood up and over her hair though she's back-to-back with the spout and pursing her lips..

    <Affrm. JarJar=TerribleChar. More Witches of Dathormir/Nightsisters plz. But disagree: Maul survived on Hate. Can confirm that is a thing.> comes her counter argument, pleased just to be part of the party, but at the mention of what Maul calls the little Maul?

    She just gives a Wet Cat expression.

    Sometimes she questioned if it was worth the participation points. She would never have had to contemplate Darth Maul's Steel Hammer if she didn't want the extra credit for writing about the event for class..

    I am in physical pain at this conversation. she adds.

Talia al Ghul has posed:
It's a scenario so obvious that even the local Gothamites can tell something is going to go amock, even if there is no duck. There's a few scattered noises from anyone present in the area (or just the background of the city itself letting out a groan). Something is about to go down.
    The CEO up on the stage goes to call out, "It's great to be back in Gotham, back in Gotham, back in.." Behind him, one of the three men in an ill fitting suit would rapidly whack a vinyl player that would squawk and keep on track.
    "ACME has a reputation for putting our mitts in a little bit of everything! Pay phones, exploding whoopie cushions, the military.. But our pride and joy is still our mail order catalogue. Even to this day, delivery is guaranteed, satisfaction isn't!" That would definitely get a groan over.

    Then there's a flash over in the lights they dim. Then there's a bright flash over as on the top of a nearby rooftop. "Ach-HEM. If anyone's going to be bringing down the house on you hooligans, it's going to be me. Because this place is mine and I don't do well with out of town clowns."
    IT's the clown prince of crime himself with a set of spotlights blazing over on him! Wearing what looks like more of a slick backed cheap looking purple and green business suit as oppoesd to some of the more threadbare ones he occasionally would do. And itw ould almost look like from a distance he had a bit of a.. Mustache? No, just a trick of the light on his face.

Detective Chimp has posed:
Detective Chimp looks up at the lights and the man appearing in them. He hmmms a bit to this and while the Joker does like to make an entrance there is just something a bit odd here. HE looks back to the men on the stage and watches their reaction to this for a moment. "Curious," He does notice the cotton candy headed lady and hmmms, he has heard she has been more on the goodish side of things of late.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
In reply to Balm, the boisterous Batgirl just replies, << The pain is how you know you're part of the team! >>

The spotlights come on though before anything more can be said about Sith petnames. Batgirl grumbles and pulls out a pair of binoculars from her utility belt that have a better range than her suit's optics. She's on one of the farthest buildings away from where the Joker just appeared.

After surveying his location, she turns and scans other building rooftops and the streets around the chemical plant. She zooms in on what she sees before going back on comms.

<< There's a bunch of clowns around the chemical factory. Clown suits. Expressions like they might have been gassed, as opposed to henchmen. Also... well they look like 5 feet tall bundles of dynamite. Going out on a limb but they might be explosives.)] >>

Joan Wright has posed:
Being Joan's not in on the commlink conversation, she does miss out on the discussion about Star Wars. Sad. But she also misses out on the alternative names for the little Darth Maul. Not so sad. Although, from past experience with commlink conversations she's been on, she's usually be subjected to the Star Trek side of things instead.

But currently Joan is being subjected to discussion of quite possibly the worst business model ever. How are they still in business?

Oh right. Complete disregard for safety. And probably a lot of lawyers for the eventual lawsuits.

When the flashes of light occur, Joan and her fellow Damage Control coworkers turn their heads looking to the Clown prince making an entrance with by far a better speech than ACME guy.

Without a word, the brightly dressed Joan puts her helmet on.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Babs has a visible grin on her visage at the conversation at-hand. "Oh no, not you too..." She says to Phoebe. "Okay fine, if Maul survived, then so did Dooku. He's just a head rolling around somewhere out there in a galaxy far far away."

Of course she has words for Tim about Bore Trek too, but that'll have to be another time, as the reveal comes up and over the comms.

"Got it." Babs says to Steph's response. "I'll bring in my drones, see if we can't get a closer look at what we're dealing with."

Seated on her bike still, Barbara uses her wrist computer to call up three of her Bat-drones high in the sky, seeking to bring them down and survey the area around the factory... "If we can disable whatever this nutcracker has setup out here, we can try and force him out, maybe converge on him all at once...."

The softly humming Bat-drones sweep in out of the sky and start to find the areas around the factory, scanning and reporting on any possible weaknesses.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Poor Phoebe. Thinking she wasn't participating on the DECISION of what Maul calls lil Mauly. << The Hate Machine! >> it's settled now.

Of course it's said a bit louder than Harley wanted to so she covers her mouth with her hands and .., uh. Is that a chimp? She blinks once.

"Holy Jungle, Batman!" This said in a sort of a whisper to Detective Chimp, "Say .., you don't know some of my friends, Croc and King Shark, do ya? I mean you--"

It's when she hears -that- voice. Joker's. She could recognize it anywhere. It gets her to freeze, baby blue eyes going wide as she just -stares- at the stage and the entrance.

It's also when her signal disappears from comms and one of Batgirl's drones (or even one of those sharp Bats on Overwatch!) may catch sight of the clownette just bursting out of the place, stumbling before she begins going off down a random street. Away from it!

Tim Drake has posed:
    "<< So, you all know that thing we were really hoping wasn't going to happen? >>" Tim leads, voice gone flat over the comms. "<< Well, it happened. Joker is on the premises. >>" Just about everyone on the team has had their own terrible encounter with Gotham's Clown Prince of Crime, and even level-headed Red Robin can't help but let some of his trepidation filter though. At least within the relative safety of their shared (and highly encrypted) frequency. He steps down off the gargoyle and...

    ...his foot goes straight through the roof and into the ceiling of the not-abandoned (though currently empty, given the hour) factory he's taken watch atop. "Holey improperly cured roof tar, Batman," he grouses to himself before he shakes his leg free and unlatches his grapple gun from his hip.

    As he fires off a line that will eventually get him down to street level, Tim adds, "<< Just saw Harley sprinting away on foot down Sorkin street. Further evidence beyond the whole PhD thing that she's the smartest one out of all of us. >>" Keyword was eventually, as he first hits the roof of another building at speed, tumbling down into a roll that preserves his momentum without, you know, snapping his shins. Then he's leaping across a gap between that building and the next, running astride the AC(M)E building's facade while tagging hostiles in his HUD.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    The text response comes up: Physical. Pain. And Plethora Batgirl! comes Phoebe's return comment to Stephanie.

    It means a lot.

    But the alert from below makes Balm turn to business mode -- which includes not laying on her back watching the goings-on upside-down as she rolls to her stomach, pushes up off the proper gargoyle as it hangs out over the air. She secures her hood, and hops to a crouch, watching as the Clown Prince of Crime makes his appearance, and she holds her breath a moment.

    This was the first time she's encountered the Man Himself, and there is a bit of a drop in her stomach.

    She looks across the way to Red Robin, who might see the high levels of concern in her face before she grips her hands, lets out a breath -- because anyone, ANYONE who can name Darth Maul's hatestick on accident can handle this. Right? Right.

    She takes her own route down, hopping from fire escape to fire escape, then dives and fires off a grapple to take her to the roof, feeling her heart pound on her ears as she follows Tim's lead.

Talia al Ghul has posed:
There are lots and lots of Joker goons. Joker goons with smiling faces. Joker goons in tuxedos. Joker goons wearing mime suits. At least one that's dressed up as a gorilla wearing a smile mask and a set of massive rubber feet with a big red nose on. Why, exactly? Who knew.
    The Joker goes to do a running bat-flip off the side of the building he was on, landing by Barbara. "Oh come on. What's with you kids these days? Spending all your time on your phone. Get off the computer and go outside! It won't be the death of you!"
    He moves to draw out a large, oversized gun. "But I will!"
    Moving to launch through the air towards Tim Drake would be a group of a couple dozen or so teenagers wearing Joker masks, advancing over on him while they would.. Snap thier fingers and be quick stepping. One group of them wearing a 'shark' symbol, the other a small rocket ship. Snapping their fingers while they would be singing.

    Yes, apparently the latest gang in Gotham had a West Side Story kick to it.
    Meanwhile, Phoebe has what looks like a man in a horrid rabbit suit approaching her. Admittedly with a chainsaw in one hand, large pie in the other. Wait, which was the more dangerous one?

    Detective Chimp has a man in a UPS uniform coming towards him wearing a clown mask. "Delivery for you! Please sign here. From a Tim E. Bahmb." Wait, why was the package ticking? He would have a notepad given over to him to sign for delivery receipt.

Detective Chimp has posed:
Detective Chimp looks tot he man and frowns at this. He does take the package, but does not sign for it, instead moving to the closest dumpster to chuck the bomb in it. He as going to check on Miss Quinn, but the whole dealing with a bomb has to take priority. He moves rather quickly to stay out of the UPS guys reach in case he goes postal. He sees the Joker heading to the lady on the bike and frowns ready to head that way if he can loose Pete the pissed off postal worker.

Joan Wright has posed:
The architect frowns at the incoming tsunami of clown. Oh...Fudge. This is way above Joan's paygrade. But being it seems like there are clowns flooding the place, the likely hood of just leaving to let the authorities deal with this without coming into conflict is slim to none.

Giving a shake of the head, she reaches over to a pouch to tug out a pair of safety glasses, putting those on. Then from another pocket, gloves. And-

Where the HELL was she storing the P95?

Barbara Gordon has posed:
"I got Harley, don't worry." Babs says over the team comms. "I'll have one my drones track her, and once we wrap up here we'll go make sure she's all right..." She says grimly while adjusting some input on that wrist mounted screen...

Of course, this has to be the moment that the Joker comes back in to her life, when she's got her head down and her back turned to him. How did he get behind her like that? So quickly? It triggers some serious emotions in the woman, and as she's turning to look past her shades at him drawing a gun, she feels like things are moving in slow motion, as she tries to spin around off her bbike, in as fluid a motion as she can manage! Her hands come up to try and push his gun toting arm away from her, as she sweeps her right leg up to try and knee the Clown right in his would-be Lil'Mauly!

The sounds of the scuffle between she and he likely already going wide and far across their comm systems!

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Batgirl stows the binoculars, already running across the roof to a different corner. She leaps out into space, saying aloud to herself a moment after she has, "I really hope I can clear this."

She does clear it, landing on the hotel sign of the building she was on, and then using that to launch herself towards the crane that is holding the "M" meant to be added onto the ACE Chemical sign. As she falls towards it, her grapple flies out, wrapping around the crane.

Batgirl swings, at the lowest point going down into the crowd of gassed clowns, a few of them that are in her way going flying. "Sorry!" she cries. Though as her swing comes back up, it's clear she's grabbed hold of that comically large bundle of dynamite sticks. As her swing takes her back in the air, she takes aim at a garbage truck down the alley, and lets loose the dynamite. It sails into the back of the truck.

Batgirl lets go of the grapple line, landing and sprinting over. She pulls the driver out of the truck and throws the lever to close the back, then grabs the man and they both run away from the truck!

Harley Quinn has posed:
No backup from Harley on this mission for this bird is flying away. Joker being her weakness and still not over it even after two years without contact? Very much so..

Not that she is totally -out- of it. She still sees a late straggler to the party arriving down Sorkin Street to join the rest of Joker's gang. One of the old ones. "Harls! You back with the team, I--" the man doesn't finish talking because she just sucker punches him in the mouth "Nope.." to send him flying down the street but then she just disappears down the streets of Gotham. Even if followed by a pesky Batgirl drone!

Clownette out!

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim's only just managed to land in the stereotypical three-point superhero pose when he finds himself surrounded, and as he slowly rises to his feet he withdraws his staff from behind his back. It telescopes out with a flick of his wrist and he holds it in front of himself in a defensive decision, jaw tightening as the Joker gang begins to advance...

    ...and then they start to sing.

    Freeze frame on Red Robin's face for at least a solid three panels-worth of time. Then he just says "Nope," and drops a smoke bomb from his belt, seconds later emerging from the billowing cloud of fog at the end of another grapple line, pulling him to freedom. With a mask pressed to the lower part of his face, because that was anesthetic gas!

    "<< Oracle, what's your status? >>" he asks as he rides the line up into the sky in an arc that begins to give way to the pull of gravity, and as Tim aims himself back towards the ground he pivots in the air so he falls directly on top of the back of one of those Joker mimes, using them as a convenient landing cushion as he spins back up and starts swinging.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Balm's eyes narrow at the new confrontation as she skids to a stop, looking on as Springtrap makes his approach with a chainsaw and a pie.

    She has to follow her gut with this one, the Pie is probably far more dangerous. as the Clownette makes her exit (truly she IS the smartest of the bunch), Balm braces herself, drawing down a little bit, the blue optics on her domino glowing as she confronts the FNAF knock off, tilts her head, and then withdraws a pair of smoke bombs, slinging them to the ground as she goes in.

    Smoke. is the single warning from her texting before she extends her own staff, coming low to disengage the chainsaw first to the side, with a swipe at Angry Bunny Fu Fu's non-pie-side knee to bring him down.

Talia al Ghul has posed:
The postal worker is apparently not going postal. Just shrugging as Detective Chimp declines to take the package, and throws it over his shoulder where it goes to rattle. Chimp picks it up, and throws it in a trash can hwer the trash can suddenly inflates with a WHOOMSPH and then collapses in on itself in a furl of smoke. continuing to tick down over while he moves tos tart ambling off. "Time for my smoke break." Pulling out a cigar and a flamethrower. Lighting a building to then use to start his cigar.
    The three men on stage, one with a bowl cut, one with curly red hair, the third fat and bald would scatter. "We're not getting paid enough for this!"
    The CEO would go calmly, "No, that's what your agents are for."
    "For what!?" "Taking what you get paid."
    "Oh, yeah, they're agents." The fat one would go right as the one with the bowl hair cut would WHACK him over on the head like he was ringing a coconut. "Numbskull!"
    "Hey, my skull isn't numb, I felt that!" WHACK. "Ow! Still not numb!"
    As Batgirl goes to rapidly grapple along towards the driver in the truck, she sees in another vehicle nearby some large, crazed looking lunatic of a hobo that had gnarly fur, a larged spiked collar, and a very large.. Plunger on a stick. Wait, a very large DETONATOR styled plunger. He would wave at her while moving to slowly press down the plunger if not stopped. "Go Bai Bai!"

    In a fight, Barbara Gordon goes to whack away the clown's gun. A 'bang' flag would fizzle out of it, then explode. "Guess that one was a dud! Fortunately, I've got osme new ones since the lcassics aren't working." The Merry Man of Mayhem would be driven back with a -WHACK-. He would go to unfurl his jacket, "Nothing up my sleeve.. Or is there?" Coming out would be a large.. Spring loaded boxing glove from his tuxedo! A rocket powered spring loaded boxing glove lined with lead.
    PResuming it did, in fact hit her or not there would be a very large 'WHAMMO' flashing over strangely as the loons and the toons would toy on!
    The dancing, finger snapping group of gang-bangers go down faster than a sequel to the live action CATS movie about Red Robin. The Joker mimes go down. Silently, with flails of agony over in a performance. One of them goe sto suddenly stand still, pressing over as if hemmed in over by a force field, desperately squishing into it as if trying to breathe. It's a spectactular performance. Bulging out neck and everything even underneath Joker mask. Tearing, struggling up in a masterful display as Red Robin goes past, mouth starting to drool.
    Phoebe goes to throw down her smoke bomb (admittedly seh needs to YELL 'Smoke Bomb' or it's nto the same, even typed). She goes to blanket the area over as the Cryin' Pie Man goes down.

    And in the distance, for anyone on bikes there is the revving of a motor. It's a.. Large ice cream truck that has a massive clown head over on the front of it. Festooned with weaponry - flamethrowers, buzzsaws, rockets, and playing an off-key jingle of the ice cream truck theme. Driven by a clown in full punk getup with a slasher smile.. Admittedly, his head is on fire and he's seeming not to care.
    Sweet Tootha nyone?

Detective Chimp has posed:
Detective Chimp will shake his head a bit and when he sees the man turn and start away with the flame thrower, he ill shake his head and reaching to get tow trash can lids, he will leap at the postal worker, and use the lids as cymbals on each side of the man's head to try to stop him and if he goes down he turns off the fame thrower, disconnecting the hose so it is non working and picks up the man's cigar, and then thinks better of it, and tosses it into the fire and pulls one of his own out, as he heads for the stage "You fellows should get out of here asap." He tells them, and looks around seeing the chaos, he thinks he knows the best way to distract the Joker. He stands on the podium and into the mic "Two cannibals eating a clown, one looks over to the other one Does this taste funny to you?" Yup the talking monkey is telling jokes on stage.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
In her days as Spoiler, Stephanie Brown had tried making her own batarangs to go along with her grapple and rope from Heckman's Hardware store. She wasn't going to call the batarangs that, though she hadn't settled on Spoiler Sticks for a name, or the harder but more fun to say "Whack You In The Facers". But the aerodynamics were tricky for a high school student who got mostly C's in science classes.

Thankfully her gear is of a slightly higher quality now. As she runs at the hobo, Batgirl's hand draws two batarangs with the speed and precision of an Old Western gunslinger, letting them both fly with the same movement.

The black metal shapes spin through the air, one hitting the plunging detonator and slicing through the plunging handle right where it goes into the box. The other whaps the hobo square on the forehead, knocking him over on his back.

Arriving at the man, Batgirl pushes the broken detonator away and slaps some batcuffs on him. "Whacked you in the face," she snickers quietly then turns back to look for more threats. "Let's do this!"

Joan Wright has posed:
As the stooges on stage stooge it on up, the DC employees take a cue from Joan, the other DC employees retrieve their own masks. At the very least they match in facial adornments.

But the moment of peaceful prep is soon gone as the tide transporting tomfoolery travels towards them. While the higher ups may frown upon displays of unnecessary heroics when there is the presence of patrolling peacemakers.

Self Defense is another matter. And as they get confronted by corny clowns, the makeupped monstrosities soon realize the Damage Control employees did not come to this building with empty hands, pockets, or pouches.

One of them did NOT see that weighted end of the tape measure coming.

"six feet!"


"Got mine in seven!"

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Barbara is hit by the lead filled boxing glove. Right in the stomach. She is sent back two steps before she glares at the Joker. Her glasses and hat still on, she just eyes him through them. "This is more absurd than usual, for you." She taunts him in a grumbling voice.

"Did you see Harley was here?" She asks. "We've happily brought her back to the land of sanity... Looks like you're not as charming as you think you are!" She then adds before diving toward the Joker and trying to wrap a binding around his legs, hoping to tie him up and knock him over on to the cold pavement!

"He's here!" Babs says back to Tim over the comms. "He's up to his insane hijinx! At my location!"

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe unfortunately cannot yell anything on account of her larynx is currently behind held by a demon and it's a terribly long story and not nearly as entertaining as debating Darth JarJar or who would win in a fight: Doonan Scotty or Pegg Scotty. Which is a trick question; they'd go drinking and do drunk science and probably break time.

    The smoke gives her cover as she also removes the pie with a flick of her staff, to turn it over and try to determine if the pie was of the Explosive variety!

Tim Drake has posed:
    There's no appreciation on Tim's part for the performances of the mimes. As one might imagine, there's not a whole lot of appreciation for anything in the clown or clown-adjacent schools of entertainment from most of the Bat-clan, and Red Robin is already known for prefering darker and more sarcastic forms of humor.

    Still, he only manages to lay the smack down on one or two mimes before Babs manages to reply with an update, and yeah, sorry Mr. Mime(s), you're A. creepy and B. not anywhere near on the top of Tim's priority list right now.

    One of them is actually in the way enough that he leapfrogs right off the mime's back into the air, giving him enough distance to just barely hook an arm onto the top of a nearby one-storey roof. There's only a minor amount of scrambling before he's on his feet, with a good vantage point to aim another grapple line.

    "<< Almost there, Oracle! >>"

    He fires off a line and the flap of his cape preceeds his appearance at the Joker's flank. And he wastes no time yelling "Smoke bomb!" as he throws one at the Clown Prince.

    Except, whoops, that was actually a flash bang. Totally on accident, yeah. Definitely not on purpose.

Talia al Ghul has posed:
The pie has a very, very large package of TNT in it as Balm goes to inspect it. A very large series of sticks of TNT that were lit overw ith a fuse. The fuse ws somehow still burning, despite being over in a pie. And attached to it was an old, manual style wind up clock that was making a series of very loud and insistent ticking phones.
    As Chimp goes up and over to the stage, the CEO of ACME would shrug, "The show's never over. And we've not even hit the commercial break. And you should consider going in to show business. Just not like these three Nyuckleheads." His three associates that had gone into the full eye-nose-double-eye-klonk routine in a blinding display of skill, power, and obliviousness to the sound of construction eqiupment going off.
    The feral looking thing with the detonator woudl 'aww' as Batgirl would knock away the detonator and cuff him. He would pause for a moment.. Then go to just start chewing on the cuffs. NOM NOM NOM NOM CRUNCH. "Yummy!"
    Joan might even find herself having a bit of fun throughout the chaos. Who could have seen that coming? The ruler, however, hasn't had it. That's what they get, silly people not on the Metric system!
    Joker would grin at Barbara, "Why my dear, I'm allowed to change up my routines sometime. And if you're offering ot help.." Even as the rope went to whipcord around his legs. "have a hand!" Throwing an arm at her. It being a fake arm with a lit stick of dynamite.
    Meanwhile, up on the stage as Red Robin goes to desperately aid Oracle, the CEO would let out a sigh. "Well, what do you say? At this point I'm tempted to just quote Mel Brooks and throw something that makes no sense up and out."

Detective Chimp has posed:
Detective Chimp had hoped to get the clown prince's attention but seems someone else has it. He looks over to the manager "Been there done that outlived the shirt." He tries one more joke to see if it helps "Which circus performers can see in the dark? The acro-bats!" He will then dive off the stage into the crowd of clowns punching and kicking his way through the mass of them to head towards the acrobats.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown only pauses a moment, watching the hobo try to chew his way through the metal batcuffs. "I really hope Joker has a good dental plan for you," she says before heading off to help where she's needed.

Batgirl wades into the crowd of clowns, her bo staff extending with barely a click. She lays into the crowd, spinning, swinging, dodging. A boot is delivered to the head of one of Joker's goons. Her staff pokes another in the gut then thwaps him in the head to take him down.

A pair of larger goons run at her and Batgirl turns, running away as they give chase. Right towards a wall that seems like it's going to allow them to catch her, though she runs up the wall and flips over them. As she lithely flips overtop, the bo staff comes down to clothesline their necks, and she yanks them backwards off their feet to bounce their heads off the ground as she lands.

Joan Wright has posed:




If the threat of someone playing yo-yo tricks with a weighted down tape measure, in particular 'around the world' was not enough motivation to stay back. Another one soon presents itself.

Joan's kick to an approaching clown's lower region leads to another horrifying discovery. Which will be shared with the rest of the class when his voice comes out of the dog whistle frequency.

"She's wearing steel-toed!" The clown reveals to his clownpatriots

"We all are!" Another Damage Control employee reveals.

The construction group ends up getting a wide berth.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Barbara takes a step back and watches the Joker make his move, the dynamite is spotted quickly, with its sizzling wick! She reaches out without hesitation and just rips the wick off of the end of the stic! Tossing the lit-end down on to the ground, Babs exhales sharply.

"Nice try." She says then, before using her left gloved hand to send a straight-jab punch at the Joker's nose!

Hoping to make the wild maniac see stars, she'll try her snare cord again, swinging it around at his knees to try and drop him to the ground next!

Talia al Ghul has posed:
And as Red Robin goes to swing over and in hard, the not-smoke bomb goes down! Barbara goes to take a swing and a WHACK as the Joker would step back, "Toys! Where does he get all those wonderful toys!? Oh, well. I'll just have to get some of my own. Bigger! Better! More collectible! You ain't seen nothing yet from Joker-burg! If I can't ruin this place, then no one else can! Hear this, ACME! I'm going to blow you up so hard even an Earth Shattering Kaboom isn't going to compare!"
    The Joker goes to put on a set of flight goggles, yanking over on the back of his business suit as from it a large rocke tpack would deploy as he would pull on a string and it would fire up. From the 'arms' of his suit would be a set of cloth.
    Joker, exit stage left with Rocket Powered Bat Suit.

Tim Drake has posed:
    The Joker sails off into the night and, under his breath, Tim mumbles, "Team Rocket's blasting off again."

    He's left standing there, shaking his head, before he turns to Barbara with a silent expression of dismay, shaking his head mutely as he gestures towards where Joker once was.

    Give him a moment and he'll help with the clean up, promise. But first... wat?

Phoebe Beacon has posed:


    Phoebe looks at disbelief at the pie bomb, and she looks up.

    She grabs the pie.

    She takes out her grapple, and she shoots upwards to the tallest point, running as she goes, eyes wide.

    Bomb Bomb Bomb So Many Bombs Why

    She goes sailing up. Retract. Another grapple line! Further up!

    And she pitches the Pie in the Sky (OH MY!), swinging herself out and preparing to dive back into the weirdness below as the timer on the bomb runs out, falling back to the madness below!

Talia al Ghul has posed:
With the Joker getting away in an even more ridiculous contraption than usual, various still ocnsciuos Joker-mooks/marionettes/mimes/breakdancing bears are in turn retreating. On rocket powered pogo sticks. Jet skiis. And at least one on a large unicycle.
    Whatever his latest scheme is, he seems to be going a wee bit overboard in sampling his own product. The damage to the area is rather extensive.
    Which, given this is ACE (to be AcMe) Chemicals, might actually be an improvement.
    The CEO OF ACME would just shrug, "Well, ain't he a stinker? I do think he might be using some of our product."
    Wait, those were actual products!?

Phoebe Beacon has posed:

    Phoebe lands on the roof. Dust flies up around her.

    She stares at the sky. Gives a hollow cough.

    Ow. My Spleen.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
With the rockets going off right in Barbara's damn ears, she staggers back and looks up to see the Joker making his way toward space. "Son of a bitch..." She exhales then, shaking her head, and raising her right hand up to smack at one of her ears with the leather covered palm of her hand.

Her eyes go over to Tim then. "Thanks for the back up, but... how the hell did he get his hands on that kind of rocket tech?" She gasps, with her chin still up and her neck craned, watching the rocket man vanish in to the sky.

"Oracle System." Babs says then in to her wrist comm. "Get all available drones on that unaccounted for flying object on scopes. He's likely lighting up the FAA comms right now. See if we can track him before the drones run out of power..."

She lowers her wrist comm as the AI computer acknowledges the order.

"This is ridiculous..."

Her eyes then come back down and she sighs. "Is everyone okay?"

Joan Wright has posed:
Well, if there is one silver lining to this incident for ACME (other than the lack of fatalities) it is that they don't have to wait long to get Damage Control on the scene to clean things up.

Detective Chimp has posed:
Detective Chimp sees the clowns leaving and spotting the Red Robin and the girl on the bike and the swinging batgirl. He nods to them pulls a flask from his jacket, and takes a sig from it "Tell your boss, I need to talk to him when he get a chance, had a weird thing happen at the old amusement park recently.

Talia al Ghul has posed:
As his three stooges kept up their slap fest with gusto, the CEO would grin over. "And that's the way it goes. That's all folks!" Giving a wink, going to light a cigar, and let a familiar refrain chime from seemingly out of nowhere.