12809/LE DIABLE BLANC: Waking Up In Vegas

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LE DIABLE BLANC: Waking Up In Vegas
Date of Scene: 17 September 2022
Location: The Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada
Synopsis: Rogue, Tabitha, Kitty, Jean, and Remy wake up in a fancy Vegas hotel suite with no memory of the night before. The Hangover ... MARVEL-STYLE.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Tabitha Smith, Jean Grey

Remy LeBeau has posed:
A wild night is the understatement of the century.

Think instead about the imbibing and partaking of the kind of alcohol (and other, more illicit substances) that leaves everything from the night before a thumping, back-lit blur. That's what it's like waking up here and now, on the 34th floor of the Palms.

Remy had been very vague about the weekend's plans. They'd flown in and gone out for a late lunch and a stroll down Fremont Street. Late lunch had turned into a liquid lunch, which rolled on from bar to bar until it fades into the kind of blur one might expect from overexposed film.

Waking up, the suite the group find themselves in is a monster. Nine thousand square feet, overlooking Las Vegas below. A private pool, a terrace, two-story floor-to-ceiling windows. The private bar is covered in turned-over bottles and glasses, as well as a number of cooling half-eaten pizzas. One of the glass tables has been shattered as though something fell through it, and several chairs have been overturned. Perhaps the weirdest thing are the various types of fish (sharks, swordfish, etc.) stuffed and suspended from the ceiling. One of the swordfish has been pulled down and currently spears one of the comfortable-looking chairs.

On one of the two king-size beds, Remy lies face down and prostrate. He slowly begins to stir, groaning noisily as he sits up. He looks down, noticing a distinct lack of clothing and pulling the sheet up and over himself while looking around the expansive suite.

"I sure as hell can't afford dis ... "

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde doesn't so much wake up as just isn't quite so much asleep anymore. She has been in the grips of a weird dream where she was suspended in the middle of one of those fruit-and-jello dishes that her mother used to take to potlocks and neighborhood barbecues.

It's finally a combination of the sunlight on the other side of her eyelids, and a feeling of 'wet' that finally draw her out all the way out of sleep. She scrunches her eyes closed against the light, a hand moving to her face to shade them. Which is the point she realizes her hand is wet as it results in water dripping down her face.

Finally opening her eyes, Kitty finds herself on a terrace in a swimming pool with an infinity edge looking over a 34 story drop. Thankfully there is a clear railing there. She's floating in an inflatable pool chair shaped like a shark's open mouth, as if it is trying to clamp down on her. "Not in Kansas anymore," she whispers to herself. And that sound is enough to split her head. "Oh God," she murmurs.

Rogue has posed:
It's not easy to get Rogue drunk enough to cause some kind of blackout, but after what she went through last week, and everything following it, she's figured out a way.

When Remy moves the covers, Rogue snaps awake! She's laying on her stomach facing away from him, her feet up near the head of the bed and her clothing all gone save for the presence of a pair of black and yellow bikini bottoms. Her two-toned hair is a wild mess around her head as she looks up and around. "Beavers and ducks!" Rogue calls out in her sudden disoriented awakening moment!

She looks around through her wild hair, blinking her eyes several times before she reaches her right hand up to groggily pull her hair back out of her eyes.

Turning over she looks back to see Remy blinking his eyes. "Oh, thank god... I was worried it was gonna be a stranger." She mutters after seeing his feet moving around beside her face.

Rogue looks down at herself then, and reaches down to cover herself up some with her right forearm. She sits upo then with a little groan, and ends up on her knees on the foot of the bed, looking around the room. "Holy hell."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Not everyone gets to wake up comfortable. There's a sound of the shower not quite turned off and then a scream that mightbe recognisable as Tabitha getting up. Then running out into the suite's main room with everyone else in it.

The blonde soaking wet Wearing little more than her litle yellow and magenta BOOM! crop top. The sleeves and the BOOM! in magenta while the rest is yellow.

"Who the crap put me in there. Was I I just waterboarded? All I felt waking up was drip drip drip! The fuck are we?" she says looking very dismal and hungover, and clearly terrified. She'd been trying to avoid this kind of thing back home. Her glasses left on a nearby table but without them she clearly can't see them.

Blackout drunk often meant Tabby did something she really, really should regret. Most of the time. Sometimes the regret is just non remembering.

The lack of anything below the hem of that croptop having not yet dawned on the blonde.

Jean Grey has posed:
Is there such a thing as an upside to a morning like this? Well... maybe for Remy? Because this has to be some kind of bucket-list item.

As he and Rogue each stir in turn, disturbing the carefully-arranged chaotic mess of the bed, a third groaning voice joins the chorus. It's muffled, and a little hard to follow, and it takes a fair bit of both of them tugging at covers and trying to dislodge themselves before Jean emerges from the 'pile,' half-concealed by bits of disturbed bedding, pillows, and a large alligator that has apparently joined them in bed (hopefully not real, maybe stuffed, maybe a pool implement, maybe...), and some combination of errant limbs and elbows. "Mrphmrfl-" the incoherent mumbling continues. Is that an alien language? Or maybe just dream-babble. "-hrmf, eat you all-" Sexy or EXTREMELY DANGEROUS? You be the judge!

At last, though, someone kicks her a little too directly in the face, and she rises in a sudden motion, arms aloft, as if bursting free of the grip of some great confinement, rising anew from the deeps. Said pose makes it clear she's no more dressed than anyone.

Well, except that she has the other half of Rogue's bikini stuck in her hair.

A moment later, she seems to realize she hasn't just gone through another cosmic rebirth, but rather something a little more mundane, immediately doing as the other woman in the bed does, and shifting awkwardly to cover herself. "Wha-what? Marie- where?" She looks down and notices Remy. "Ah!"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Me too, cherie," Remy mumbles, breathing a quiet sigh of relief as he blinks against the light. Black-and-red eyes take in the suite around them before he blindly fumbles past bottles and casino chips on the bedside table to pick up his sunglasses. He puts them on, only to find they're taped together at the nose. As Rogue moves to kneel at the edge of the bed, he reaches out and slaps her butt almost reflexively. As he does, Jean springs out from beneath the covers and he startles with an almost identical 'Ah!' that almost immediately transforms into a sly grin.

"Well, well, well ... la rousse au beau cul! Did you leave my virtue in tact, cher?"

He's laughing to himself as Tabby runs out of the bathroom, he looks over and raises his eyebrows. He's already reaching for his cigarettes, propping open the packet and producing one that appears definitely hand-rolled and definitely more than tobacco. He regards it as he calls out to Boom Boom:

"'Ey, Tabby Chat, consider some pants, hein? Seems Remy learn enough secrets last night."

He slowly, unsteadily climbes out of the bed. The sheet bound around his waist like some post-Bacchanalian Roman emperor. He pads across the room, looking out through the high glass windows at Kitty floating in the pool.

"Can't leave de Kitty out like dat or dey gonna get cold," he mutters aloud, before pointing back towards Tabby, "Dat goes for you, too, cher."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty moves a hand to her head as her temple throbs. The sounds of the city below are thankfully quiet enough 34 stories up, but that isn't stopping her head from pounding.

Slowly she pushes against the float chair to stand up in the pool. At which point she realizes what she's wearing. A pair of black leather heeled boots that go all the way up to just below her knees. And a white t-shirt which has wicked up water to where it's completely soaked and not exactly the best outfit unless she were at a Daytona Beach bar during spring break.

She pulls on the shirt to get a bit of air between the cotton and her skin, which at least helps a little. It's giant, the shirt, likely a triple or double X. It has an emblem of a sparkly unicorn that has a pair of voluptuous, female silhouettes rubbing against it as if dancing, and a big grin on the unicorn's face and one eye winking. "What the ever loving hell. This is almost as bad as waking up in a Cardinals jersey." She starts to wade for the steps out of the pool, doing her best to keep the wet t-shirt from clinging back to her.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches Tabitha come half-streaking out of the bathroom and it makes her huff out a short, sharp laugh. "There ain't a tiger in there, is there?" She asks a second before Jean wakes up and is birthed by the bedding itself. This has the Belle grinning at the sight of the equally disheveled redhead. "Oh, hey, thanks." She says, and plucks her yellow and black top off the woman's head with her left hand, still covering herself with her right arm. She sorts it out a bit before tossing it over her shoulder, then she runs her hand through Jean's wild hair affectionately.


Rogue looks over to Remy with a smirk at him. "This is shapin' up t'be one'a your best nights, I think, Swampy." She tells him before rising up to her feet and stepping off the bed.

Her eyes go outside to see Kitty out there, doing her shirt trick. "Lookin' good, Pryde! Dance for the city out there!" She encourages while she goes about putting her bikini top back on before she crouches beside the bed and picks up a discarded robe that she drapes in front of Jean.

Her eyes dance around the utterly destroyed room then. "I definitely am responsible for the speared fish chair..." She groans out then, her voice a bit more husky than usual with the big night still taking a toll.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby isn't just missing pants. She might also have a bit of a struggle walking. Legs just not quite wanting to obey her commands. It could be cold airconditioned tiles and an awkward shower recess for all she knows in her foggy brain state. There's a pretty sorrowfull look to the others before Remy points out the half naked truth.

"Dammit! Whatever I did I'm so goddamn sorry!" she's clearly running with the did something bad enough for a cold shower idea for now.

"Gah, still kinda lit from, what day is it? Telepathy kinda muddied down like a dull humm in my skull" she says and starts looking for wherever her pants went.

They, a pair of yellow corduroy jeans, seem to be floating in that pool out where the other more appealing Kitty is visible.

"Okay, love those boots Kitty. Please tell me we can get another of those shirts in BOOM size?" she asks and maybe kinda stares while her eyesight is all blurry.

The question about Tigers gets the blonde hmming and maaaaybe being a bit sneakier to peek back in the bathroom. "If there is.  Oh god. Where the hell am I gonna keep it? I already have a rescue donkey back home."she points out as she has her back turned and her head poked in the bathroom just in case she has to yank it back out.

The nudity not quite as bothering her. They have probably mostly all seen each other naked before and after missions and training over the years.

Or Remy being Remy.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean yelps! And promptly gives Rogue a Look (tm).

In the aftermath, she's left looking around as well, as confused as anyone. Inconveniently (if you could say that...), no one is wearing HER clothes, so she has no idea where they are. Fortunately, this is where it's very handy to wield all that UNLIMITED POWER of hers: grabbing up a handful of bedding, rather than draping herself in it she thinks real hard and attempts to implement what is perhaps the least lauded but most casually convenient of her many strange abilities: the anime magical girl transformation sequence. There's the familiar yellow-orange sizzle-crack of energy coursing over the surfaces of the fabric, as she remolds the very structure of its material form it into something more wearable...

...well, she tries, anyway.

Maybe Jean's powers are a bit hungover, too. There's definitely the signature Kirby Krackle, coursing over her. Except it doesn't exactly go as she wants, and keeps growing, and growing, spreading over the sheets and across until the whole BED is crackling with energy.

When it finishes, the whole thing is somehow more chaotic than it was when she found it, the bed's design changing mid-structure, the sheets still sheets but boasting different patterns, spread around without rhyme or reason. Some are pretty typical, some might be recognizable from her room back at Xaviers. Others boast brightly colorful kid-friendly pattern prints (also featuring sea life).

But she's failed to magically transform the sheets into clothes. "Damnit, I need some coffee or something."

Without this cheap trick, she has to get up and look for her stuff. Tabby's appearance confirms that yet another one of them is in on whatever chaos this is, and both she and Rogue looking over draws her toward Kitty in turn. The shirt, despite her own predicament, does warrant a little laugh. "Ok, it seems like we all got a little bit crazy. Which would be fine, but..." Her brow creases. "...its weird I can't remember any of it." And before anyone has to explain the concept of 'blackout drunk' to her, she adds: "And normally, I'd be able to, you know, rewind and look."

It's the lack of command of her own mind that worries her.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I dunno," Remy says with a waggle of his hand, glancing back towards Jean and Rogue, "I feel like if dat happen? No amount a' booze is gonna scrub dat memory out. Maybe you were just keepin' score, Jeanie?"

The Cajun turns his attention back to the floating Kitty in the pool, including her fancy boots and new giant t-shirt. He squints a little at the logo on the front, as though it might ring a bell but entirely unable to place it. When Tabby speaks, he glances back at her and peers with a look of alarm over the top of his sunglasses.

"Eh, Tabby chat, don't wanna alarm you but ... tu es tout foutu ... your back ... it's all scratched up. An' ... uh ... lower."

Still moving mostly naked (save for the sheet) through the room, he finally finds his long coat thrown over the back of a chair. He picks it up, letting the sheet drop and throwing it over himself. It's not exactly modest, but that seems to be the least of their problems. Reaching into his pockets, he produces literal handfuls of casino chips which he holds out for the group.

"Maybe we struck it rich, hein?"

He stands in silent contemplating as Jean does mutant mind magic to the bed. When it doesn't work out how it should, he makes a 'well then' sound and moves towards the bar. Using one arm to broadly sweep bottles and pizza boxes off the counter, he fires up the fancy Italian espresso machine and starts it hissing and burbling with caffeine-producing glory.

"Jean's right, y'know. I ... never have an hangover like dis. Always remember scraps here an' dere. But dis a big blank page."

As he says that, the door to the second bedroom bursts off its hinges and in strides an eight foot tall humanoid creature made entirely of rock. When he speaks, it's with a broad accent that seems entirely too soft-spoken for a man made of stones.

"'Ey," the rock man asks, "Who locked the door? Ah! Is that coffee, cuz? Choice!"

And he lumbers towards the bar, while Remy simply stares at him in slack-jawed confusion.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is stretching a bit as she watches Tabitha at the bathroom, a smirk showing briefly before she regards the bed again. "I dig the look..." She says after Jeans little show is put on. "It's wild, weird, and the alligator really ties it all together. Well, that and the naked redhead." She says with a little laugh before she looks toward Remy and moves to see the chips that he produces from his jacket. "Wow. Damn. Did we finally corrupt Jean enough t'make her help us win gamblin' games?" She inquires, before smacking her dry lips together. She starts to walk toward the bar area, and is soon scanning over what is still there.

"Mixers.... mixers..." She mutters, popping the fridge open. "oh shit, yes." She exclaims, pulling out a few bottles of Orange Juice and turning to set them down on the bar.

"Kitty!" Rogue calls out. "We didn't bring Lockheed did we? I can't remember!"

And then the rockman bursts out of the bedroom, and the Belle's eyes go wide. Holding a bottle of OJ up toward her chin, she pauses and stares.

"Rockheed..." She mutters softly.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty wades out of the water and stops to look at the boots. Which are full of water which is only slowly running out of them. "Pretty sure I didn't bring my pair like this," she kids, not owning a pair of stripper boots.

The mention of Lockheed pulls her head up. "Uhh..." she says, stopping and looking perplexed. Finally a memory registers. "No, we didn't. Can't really take him anywhere even with an image inducer," she says, remembering the dragon flying above her as she took her suitcase out.

Taking a seat on a lounger, Kitty undoes a boot and removes it with a bit of effort. She turns it over to return water to the pool, then repeats with the other.

"So I'm a little... short on details about last night," she says to them. Kitty finally takes in the state of everyone else.


Tabitha Smith has posed:
The possibility of a Tiger gets more real as Tabby looks down her back and yes. She's very scratched up. Claw marks and this is probably why she was in the shower to wash most of the blood. Then when there is no tiger but there is an alligator. Then a massice shade of red as Tabby blushes. "I hope I just wrassled that lizard. That's gonna be awkward." like it already isn't since she has no scratches on the front side.

There's another pout when Jean attempts magical girl henshin and she looks kind of jealous. "See whenI mess with molecular structure things just blow up. You do it Jean and you just end up FAB ninety five percent of the time." she teases and looks at her pants floating in the pool just outside near Kitty and her boots.

"Don't throw the boots. They do look awesome. And maybe you wanna check what might be under the shirt?" she states and idly tries to see how some of the wounds the blonde has feel. Or look since she can't see them normally.

"I better not end up laying eggs agi... Oh Hi!" she says to the giant stone person. "Don't those doors lock on the inside?" she says and ignores her stingy back cause of course it's gonna sting when you poke at a lot of deep scratches. and she pokes her head in that second bedroom in cae of anything else. There might still be a tiger.

This is Vegas even if Tabby hasn't figured it out!

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean is on a quest to find her clothes, continuing the theme of trying to cheat her way to an easy victory but coming up with mild successes at best. Here and there, she gestures to lift bits of debris into the air, a toppled bit of furniture here, a strewn aquatic-themed memento there, an ice bucket, an upturned lamp shade, and so on, but none of it turns up anything. Also, while her TK is working, it's a little, shall we say... best to keep your head on a swivel as things go flying about!

Ultimately, she cobbles together bits and pieces, plucking things up here and there. Some of it might actually be hers. /Someone/ bought a t-shirt with the slogan 'We wants the Redhead' printed on it in and Olde Thyme-y font, next to the silhouette of a woman in an old-fashioned gown, showing a bit of leg. There's a skull and crossbones on the back. And whe pirate thing tracks with the general aquatic theme, the astute viewer might note that this is from a Disney animatronic pirate show rather than a Los Vegas animatronic pirate show. SO WHO KNOWS.

"Uh hello?" She is just in the process of pulling the shirt on over her head (it is a bit tight, because of course it is!), when the apparent sixth member of their party appears. It takes a moment before she can get it pulled down and get a good look at him. Which...

"UM! Oh, er, hi." As these things go, Jean at least has a mild leg-up on alien nonsense, although it seems like her teamates are catching up these days. But she tilts her head and regards him, before wondering. "You're... Kronan, aren't you?" Even if her short term memory is shot, it seems like some of the bird-brain stuff is still jumbling around in there just fine. "This is, hm, a little far from home, isn't it?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Yih! Rockheed," the rockman says to Rogue with a smile, pointing to her as he holds a cup of espresso that is ludicrously small in his giant hands, "That's what you were callin' me last night, bru. I'm actually Nonk. But you just kept sayin': It's Rockheed! We need Rockheed! Come with us, Rockheed! Nice room. Bit wretched now, though."

"An' ... where was dis?" Remy ventures, still standing there with his coat hanging open in a very immodest way.

"Area 52, bru," Nonk explains, features crackling into a smile, "You were doin' really well 'til they kicked you out. Left your friend behind, too."

Area 52. Another of the themed casinos on the strip. This one, obviously, had an aliens and space theme. When Jean talks, he smiles amicably at her and nods his head.

"Far as, bru, but I'm on holiday. The Grey dudes at Area 52 have been shippin' us in since you built your starport. Was just mindin' my own business when you and Rogue," he gestures to the Belle, apparently he knows the names, "invited me to party."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty grabs a towel from a rack of them and slides it up under the wet t-shirt, wrapping it about herself then pulling the shirt off. She leaves it hanging over the back of the lounge chair and heads inside wearing just the towel, a curious expression as she hears the voice of Rockheed - or Nonk - but hasn't seen who or what he was from her obstructed view on the pool's patio.

"Oh. Hello," she says, raising her hand to give him a little finger wave. The gesture ends with Kitty not seeming to know what to do next. The sight of the semi-warm pizza though catches her attention and she pads over barefoot to grab a slice. "Guess I had a hand in the ordering," she says of the kosher-friendly pizza.

"So, um... Area 52 you say? And... what all were we... that is... did we... have fun?" Kitty asks.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is passing by the rock man as he explains. She pauses on his left side, and looks up at him, then reaches up to pat his shoulder rock. "That sounds like me." She says to him with a bright smile for him, her hair still wild as wild can get. "Well, hope ya had fun, big guy." She adds before walking on past Jean to thrust a bottle of Orange Juice at her, the one she'd opened held in her other hand.

She grins at Tabitha, then passes Remy by and smacks him on his leather covered butt!

Kitty is next, and as she stands there with that pizza slice, Rogue takes advantage of her in the towel, dipping and grabb its edge, she rips it right off with a laugh before running outside, and tossing the towel back at Kitty! "You're about to!" She shouts back, before dropping her OJ on a table, and then doing a absolutely 10/10 perfect dive in to the pool!


Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha at least seems satisfied that Nonk and the Alligator are all that came along with the X-Peeps and finally Tabby heads for the balcony outside to grab her pants. They seem to be intact. But considering the random scratches on her back.

That might worry Tabitha more. So grabbing the jeans. Right before Rogue makes a splash.

"Using powers to dive perfect is cheating." she states and finds the chair with the sword fish, dragging it outside.

Then with her pants on one chair and Kitty's wet shirt on another the blonde lights the sword fish on fire with a quick little whoosh of plasma. It should speed up the drying process.

"You could have snagged a bathrobe or two Kitty!" she points out and sighs while still currently bare assed. "I really hoped we swiped a credit card for this place." she ponders and heads for the wardrobe to find something better for people to wear than towels.

The security deposit's probably gone already so it probably can't get much worse.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean is very thankful for something to drink, even if it's not immediately coffee. But she'll get to that! Because when Rogue hands it over, she very nearly still snatches it from her hand, with all her eagerness, and holds it up to... chug a little less than gracefully. "Dehydration is a big problem," she declares, when she finally pauses for air, going a little Doctor Grey on them all. "So get some fluids in you, if you can."


She lifts the bottle for another moment of chugging, then wipes her mouth with the back of her hand, watching and listening to Nonk's story as he relays it, while simulntaneously eying the pizza that Kitty has found. Because, rumble rumble. "I didn't know actual, uh, tourism was something they were allowing, just yet. Then again, the authority on all of that kind of stuff is a little, well, vague." And how many aliens do they already have running around in New York and Metropolis, exactly? What's a few more...

"We left someone there?" she asks Nonk. "Do you remember what they looked like?" Even after asking, Jean reaches up to touch her temple, trying to focus again, not to read his mind but again -try- and delve back into her own again. But the wince-y expression she makes as she tries announces what is likely a very limited success.

Rogue zooming by to do Rogue-like things probably doesn't help build a calm, peaceful atmosphere, either! Indeed, the other woman's bounce-back exhuberance (and her abuse of poor Kitty) earns a bit of a roll of her eyes. She's better built to handle hangovers than Jean, clearly!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy, still going through the pockets of his long coat, produces a wallet that he doesn't recognize as his own. He glances at it curiously, opening it up and producing a black American Express card.

"Anton Fedoro," he reads aloud from the card, grinning devilishly behind his glasses, "Well, merci Anton for your largesse."

Tucking the card back away, he looks up as Nonk finishes his espresso and smiles at the gathered group. When Jean asks her question he brings one mammoth stone hand up to scratch his head thoughtfully.

"I don't wanna be racist, cuz, but you all kinda look the same to me," Nonk explains, "Looked pretty much the same as you. Didn't have the front lump bits. And glasses. Wore more stuff, too."

That said, he begins to move towards the door: "I don't wanna miss my portal, champs. I'll hit you up next time I'm in the quadrant?"

Meanwhile, Remy is watching as Rogue swipes Kitty's towel then jumps into the pool. He glances towards Jean and Tabitha for a moment before he shrugs, throws off his coat, and sprints out to dive in with a 'sunglasses are my only clothing'-style cannoball.

You be the responsible one, Jean.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gasps as she's nudified by the passing belle. She misses the thrown towel but snags it up with a foot and puts it back around herself. "So, any one else in here that we should know about?" she asks, looking around the swank suite even with the poor state it is in.

Tabi setting the swordfish on fire causes Kitty raise a hand as if to say something to stop her. "Right," she says, too late. "Ok, going to go look around," she says, walking over and sticking her head through walls to see what else there is up here. "I probably shouldn't do that," she says, pulling her head back. "Not sure if one of these is a wall to another suite."

Kitty starts using doorways instead. "Not seeing anyone else," she says, returning. Apparently sleeping in the pool was enough for her. Her fingers and toes are like prunes right now.

Rogue has posed:
The whole length of the pool is swept through by Rogue, gracefully gliding along its very bottom surface. At the end, where the infinity feature comes to play, she darts back up and emerges from the water in the shining rays of the rising sun!

Second Splish.

The Southern Belle rises up out of the water and finds the edge of that infinity, coming to sit down upon it.

As she sheds water off of her mostly bare form, her hands raise up to pushe her hair back over her shoulders, elbows up high as she watches Remy join her in the pool.

"So do we need t'make a stealthy exit outta this place, or are they cool with people totally trashin' their swank digs like this?" Her voice loud enough to carry to everyone still inside.

"Bye, Rockman! I love you!" She shouts after him on his way out too.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The Kronan departing gets a waggle of fingers. "He seems nice. We should invite him out more if we can remember to." she ponders with a shrug.

At least Anton's card will hopefully not max out. Tabby found some robes. Most of them shou;d fit everyone. Like flyffy white overcoats of terrycloth.

"Uhh, yeah..." she says and peers at the alliigator she can't even tell if it's live or stuffed at this point. No glasses on her nose and her eyesight sucks at the best of times. "I kinda hope it was a tiger on my back. Did ya see any SARMOTI tickets in there Remy?" she asks and ponders.

Like Kitty she refrains from the pool. Already soaked from the shower still lightly running.

At least there's robes to be had when folks are ready to not be drenched.

Jean Grey has posed:
"No, no, that's alright. Among wholly unfamiliar species, it's a bit to be expected," Jean reassures Nonk. "Thanks. I'm sure it'll come back to us, anyway. You have a safe trip back, and feel free to give us all a hollar next time you're on Earth. The Spaceport folks should know how to get in touch."

Is having their own hangar a bit of a hint?!

Meanwhile, Remy joins Rogue in taking their current circumstances VERY SERIOUSLY, as Jean herself is inevitably cast again in the role of designated adult. She's looking around still, not exactly following Kitty but noting as she vanishes and reappears through a few walls and doors. "With the size of this suite, we might well have most of the floor, or at least, a whole wing. This is, uh, 'touring rock band or winning sports team out to celebrate' level accomodations. Or, well, Warren-level," she observes. "Probably for the best." Not just with the destruction, but with literal aliens coming in and out of the place!

Eventually, though, she wanders back out pool-side, not to join the two who've decided that one night of partying wasn't enough, but to sit at the edge so they're at least in earshot while she verbally walks through the situation. "So... I can't pull up anything. Of my own, or from any of you," she admits, hinting that she might have at least started to try. "Not sure if it's just that I'm totally fried, or that there's nothing there in the first place to find. Lot of possible explanations for that, some of them better than others. If another telepath did it, I'd imagine I'd be able to undo it... at least if I was in better shape. So we can ring up Emma, if we can't sort it out." Not Charles, notably. Because it would be KINDA embarassing to ask him!

"Meanwhile? I think Kitty has the idea. Best to look around, see if we can find some physical evidence. Here," she gestures around. "Or head over to this Area 52 place. The casino would have cameras -everywhere-, so we'd have to be on those, if we were there." A beat. "Well, assuming Kitty or someone similar didn't erase them all. Anyway. Don't see what other options we have."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I'm t'inkin' dey gonna have a lot a' questions about dis," Remy admits, clinging to the pool edge and looking in at the ruined suite, "An' dere questions I don't t'ink we want to answer."

The Immodest Cajun pulls himself out of the pool as well, reclining back on the palms of his hands and calling back into the room. He fetches his glasses from the pool as they float by, holding them in his hands for now.

"Jean - ma seule nuit de passion - do you t'ink you could maybe float us out of here?"

He pauses, scratching the stubbly beard currently sprouting on his chin.

"We probably ought to go find whoever dis is we left at Area 52, as well. Et peut-etre qu'on pourra ranger nos chattes. Malheureusement. Much fun as it is, I t'ink I need a few glasses of water in me first."

Finally - finally - Remy finds his discarded pants (hanging over one of the high glass barriers on the balcony) and pulls them on along with his coat.

"No tickets, non," the Cajun shakes his head, drying off his hair and upper body with the robe because of course he does, "An' I'm all for lookin' up dis Area 52 place. Take it from me as someone who has stayed in a lot of hotel rooms free of charge. You don't wanna be here when dey find out you threw de TV out de window. An' remember ... what happens in Vegas?"

He turns slightly, glancing over his shoulder at the group as he pulls his sunglasses on. The effect slightly ruined by the fact that they've been broken and taped back together.

"Stays in Vegas."