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September Means Halloween Planning
Date of Scene: 19 September 2022
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: Bobby, Tabitha, Beast and Kitty hang in the Rec Room and start discussing Halloween themed decorations and events to host at the school.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Tabitha Smith, Bobby Drake, Henry McCoy

Kitty Pryde has posed:
To say there is a meeting being held to start planning for Halloween is probably to put too organized a description on the matter. More that Kitty Pryde has started sending out ideas, memes, video clips and other sources of inspiration for possible Halloween decorations and activities to get people's feedback. Some of this stuff can take awhile to plan after all, gathering materials and such so things are ready for the students to be able to carry the matter forward.

At present Kitty is popped down on the couch in the Recreation Room. She has her laptop on the coffee table and is typing away. The TVs have been tasked with displaying different things related to the topic, sending Hambone and the other kids off to their rooms for the videogaming.

Over on the table Kitty has a few Halloween themed cookies on plates, along with some beverages and a meat, cheese and veggie tray. Have to keep up ones energy when working important projects like this.

Lockheed is lying across Kitty's shoulders, around the back of her neck like a stole. His eyes are open, just watching as she's been at it for awhile. "The question really then is, would make a giant skeleton taller than the school be visible outside the gates and get attention we don't want," she says, probably to the dragon. Or just to herself.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby had joined the meeting in her own time, sauntering in as the weather slowly starts trying to decide how much summer it wants to be. Mostly she dressed a bit more warmly than most might. Amazingly it;s not too loudly. A gray sweatshirt with XAVIER'S printed across and some snug and comfy bluejeans tucking the hems into red chucks. No wild colors this time. Well there;s ger glasses but that's about it, she likes those red cateyes and the yellow lenses are part of the presciption.

"Umm, I'd maybe yeah avoid something that big. I mean I'd totally make it animatronic but that's just begging for some wild autonomous rampage. Fun but you know maybe we should like you know not have kids stepped on." she states and grins.

"Could repurpose the Christmas Train. Swipe some holo emitters we have spare for the danger room. Spooky ride. And the hard light could save of on arts and crafts materials." she states.

"We can use the danger Room itself for the grown up party. I bet we could go Geigeresque." she stats and then loks to Lockheed. There's a reach to scritch the top of his head.

"Or not. Too Brood?" she ponders.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"I mean, how big are we talking, and how long would it last? If it's chilly enough..." Bobby Drake trails off as he strolls in. A few whips of his fingers and a three foot tall skeleton shaped ice structure is on the floor in front of Kitty. "Although with suitable encouragement, I could probably keep it going all night." He flashes a grin towards Kitty, before looking at Tabitha.

"You can have the fun of knocking it down after night is over. Maybe we can play a late night game of skeleton head soccer."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The mention of reusing the Christmas Train does look like it triggers some interest from Kitty. "Maybe turn it into more of a roller coaster haunted house? Where things spring out at you and all?" she says.

Lockheed lifts his head into the scritches, though one of his eyes narrows at the mention of the Brood. "Yeah, not sure if anyone else has nightmares there still but I can probably stand to avoid them," Kitty agrees on the latter point, chuckling after.

She glances up as Bobby comes in and creates the skeleton out of ice. "Well I was thinking as tall as the mansion's roof. Like maybe posed as if it was going to lift the roof up and peer inside," she says. "Which, might go unnoticed from the road itself, though still could draw attention. I don't know. I mean we could just do like the ones they sell at a store. I figured we'd want bigger though."

She makes a fingergun at Tabitha. "And we'll just hope they don't come to life. This year?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby nods at the nightmares of brood. "Yeah I still do. I was on my own when the bugs started invading and stuff. Too long a fight till I met the New Mutants. Least I got a happy happy ending." she states and shrugs her shoulders.

"We've got a whole month and a half at least. The hardlight can work the tracks however we want. Rollercoaster ghost rides and stuff. Beats the hell out of anything you see at a carnival!" she suggests.

There's a grin on Tabby's lips as she nods her head in agreement. "We could always fake it. act like it's a malfunction but not really so even some of the kids could get a taste of the X-Life without revealing our heroness. Safeties on so they're in no danger at all. But we keep as many folks out of the loop to sell it!" she ponders curiously and tactically.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby rubs his chin in thought. "I could _make_ it look like it is moving..." He walks over and pops a squat in front of Kitty, poking the head of his skeleton a bit to make it bob. Bobby. Bob the skeleton.

"We can do a whole snow scape, really. And I get that's a Christmas thing, usually..." He looks to Kitty. "Or a Chanukah thing, as the case may be." Then he looks up. "But I much prefer Halloween to either of those, if we're being honest."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Hardlight," Kitty says thoughtfully, "Can be pretty hard to do outside of the Danger Room. There's a lot of equipment in there to make it happen. While we could rig something up in a pinch, really just easier to work with Forge to fabricate what we need. He probably would scowl at me if we tried to use holographics for such things," he says, chuckling a little bit at the thought. "But, doing something in the Danger Room too is always a possibility."

The bobbing head makes Kitty chuckle. "Frozen Bobby," she says, reaching out to pat the ice skeleton's head. "Yeah, I... well honestly I'm not going to choose. I love both seasons. Getting to dress up a bit for Halloween is always fun. But the general improved state of the world nearer to the Holidays, plus the decorations are just a bit more... inspiring I guess?" she says.

Kitty gets up and goes over to get the plate of cookies and bring them over, offering some to each. "They are safe. I didn't bake. Though I did have to pay the bakery extra to make me Halloween cookies," she says with a chuckle. "So any ideas for a costume this year?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Bobby, it'll be Late October. In upstate New York. There will be snow. You'll be in your element. How many horror movies had eveil snow men. You can cheat!" she states and giggles to the cryokinetic.

"I dunno, I think Forge might go for it. How much stuff does he work on that's not as fun. Give him a chance to prank a whole school. He's not so above it all." she states and giggles.

"What ever happens with the holo tech, danger room or no. Keep the tentacles to a minimum or any after parties." she states playfully as she reaches for a cookie and takes a chomp, happily enjoying the sugar content.

"These are good!" she exclaims with her mouth full of said cookie. "I'm drawing a blank. Well lazy Tabby is thinking just rip a hole in my jeans and stick a cat tail in there. Get all trailer trash neko. But again. I got over a month." she says while wiggling hips at mention of tail.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Watching Kitty play with his head, er, his skeletal head, Bobby considers for a moment. He is still thinking as the cookies come over and he takes one, thoughtfully chewing on it as he runs through some costume ideas in his head.

"I have an idea, Kitty, if you want to do a group one." He looks over at Tabby, and then back at Kitty. "I remember on this old cartoon show about super heroes, there were these twins. One could turn into water or ice, and the other could turn into an animal. We could go as them, and I could turn into water or ice things, and maybe we can find some kind of animal suits for you that you can phase into."

He grins at Kitty. "I mean, maybe that's silly, but then you'd _have_ to keep me by your side all night otherwise your costume will be LAME." He bites a cookie. "Secret plan, taking shape."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde lets out a snicker at the costume idea. "And I agree, Tabitha, anime has kind of made the whole tentacle thing maybe not quite as good of a Halloween decoration as it might have once been. Too much hentai, not enough Lovecraftian horror," she replies.

"Maybe we should all dress up as Jean and Scott," she suggests. "without telling them we're going to do that?" She's not serious of course, but the thought does give her a laugh. "Who am I kidding, Jean would know the moment she walked past someone snickering loudly in their head about it."

She gets herself a jack-o'-lantern shaped cookie with orange frosting and brown frosting features on it, breaking off a piece to nibble. She breaks off another as she sits back down, offering it to Lockheed who has just stayed there wrapped about her neck. He wolfs it down. "Maybe the Carmichaels could let us do something in their cornfield. It's usually just old creepy husks that time of year," she suggests, speaking about a couple that have a farm near the school.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby's watched enough Cartoon Network to get the reference. "You should grab Iara or Rahne for that. They can do the shapehifting thing so they just need the purple costummes. That we can totally also rig with the uniorm replicators..

There's commiserations with what Anime has done for some genres. "I don't miss school uniforms either. I wear one now I'm too old. Same with pigtails." she laments and pulls her hair up in such a style then lets it go. "I still look amazing though. I could try and wear a Jean style unifoirm. I would have to however wash out the bleach so you guys can see my umm. Natural Hair color." she states and finally confirms she really does actually bleach and not just ly about lying about bleaching.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby nods in thought. "Well, I'll just have to think of my own costume idea, then. Hmph!" He waves a hand, nowhere near the skeleton, but it explodes anyway into a sprinkle of snowflakes. Admittedly, some find their way directly into Kitty's face, but most cascade down as a flurry.

He hops up. "Just you wait. I'll have the scariest costume of them all. Muahahahahaha!" And with that, Bobby Drake has left the chat.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Wandering into the rec room, is Henry. He's got a chocolate milkshake in hand as he enters - nodding to Bobby as he departs. "Costumes?" The blue man grins, looking to Tabby and Kitty. "Are we close enough to All Hallow's Eve to start discussing those?"

The Beast finds a comfy seat, relaxing into it as he enjoys the milkshake. "Are we having a party, this year?" He wonders.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty sputters as the snow hits her in the face. "Bobby Nathaniel Lionel Eustace Drake!" she exclaims, making up middle names for him as she wipes the little snow flurry from her cheeks and eyes.

Lockheed helps, leaning over to lick some of the clinging snow away as Bobby scampers away out of Kitty's striking range.

She finishes wiping up as Hank comes in. "Hey Hank," she offers cheerily. "Well, we started talking costumes. Though I was working on some ideas for school decorations. If we need to fabricate stuff, make sure we've got enough lead for it. Think we axed the idea of a giant skeleton as big as the mansion is tall. But maybe reuse the train track from the Christmas train to make a kind of ride through a haunted house? I was also thinking we could ask the neighboring farm if we could do something in their cornfield. It'll be just husks that time of year, nothing we can harm. I mean, unless someone blows it up."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby turns her head to the great sage and eminent science nerd that is Doctor Henry. "Well Doc, we are young sociable women with a mind and heart to provide as much enjoyment for the school's population. We provide out parties well in advance. Just look at our shared twenty first in July." she points out with a grin.

"I'll wear a damn restraining collar Kitty!" she pouts like she expects everyone expects her to explode neighboring fields. "Bad enough everyone might find out I'm Strawberry Blonde and not Golden Blonde" she pouts and giggles. "Honestly how small can that tech get anyway. Rogue's got a handle so doesn't need it but ehh. I'll bug you about gift ideas around novemmber Hanky pank!" she says and gets side tracked and then back on mini train track.

Henry McCoy has posed:
His eyes go from woman to woman, listening as they speak about plans for the spookiest of holidays. "A haunted ride would be wonderful - though I don't know if we'd want to allow Danielle to handle the effects." He chuckles, shaking his head. "That might be a bit too much, yes?" A wry grin and another sip of his milkshake.

A chuckle at Tabby's denial. "I doubt people fear your control at all, Tabby. Any more than they fear any other student's control." A wink. "Besides, with the people likely present - I am sure most mishaps should be coralled very easily. Perhaps we could think of a theme?" There's a pause, a tap of his claw on the glass of the shake. "That, and I've no idea for a costume."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde holds up her hands in the air towards Tabitha as if proclaiming her innocence. "I didn't say YOU would be the one who blew it up. Any number of people are capable of causing that!" she replies. "Though, it also goes without saying if we're going to do something there, we would be treating it like anything in public and not using our powers, anyway."

The Carmichaels are a sweet, elderly couple, but don't know the truth about the school. They haven't minded Rogue stealing their sleigh each Christmas for rides, though don't know how she gets it without them hearing a vehicle taking it away. Kitty always takes them some of her mom's pastries she sends in gift baskets as a thank you.

"Yes, I'm not sure what I'm going to go as either this year," Kitty says. "Maybe try to come up with something topical. Something from the new Game of Thrones or Lord of the RIngs series maybe. A giant eye over my face and my body looking like a tower? Ok, that might not be in the new series, but it's probably pretty me."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"I like the everyone is Jean and Cyclops. Hey Lock' Wanna be my Scott! Better yet, Kitty be my Rogue Shugah!!" she adds and winks at the Alien dragon. The accent doesn't actually sound fotced but then Tabby is a southern girl herself.

"Yeah, Dani is good with projecting but honestly the problem is people have different fears she could manifest and what someone might willfully project to her won't be what actually comes out. I mean I fear more than just sentinel'sand brood. Somethings, umm, yeah. That's why we stick with the holgrams?" she blushes and moves on. "They mostly also fear my impulse control. You've known me long enough how I get for given values of frustrated." she states and giggles.

"Does Game of Thrones not suck again?" she states and hrugs her shoulders. "I know Lord of the Rings does. But Amazon is hit and mostly miss on adaptions." she points out.

Henry McCoy has posed:
"I've been watching Stranger Things." Henry admits, sipping again from the shake. "And you want to dress as the Eye of Sauron, Kitty?" He chuckles, smirking at the thought. "There have been a lot of good movies out recently, too. I suppose it's a matter of what you're looking for? Funny? Scary?" He shrugs.

A nod to Tabby. "Hence me suggesting she not be the one working the effects." A wink. "I imagine some of our fears are far too personal to have broadcast to everyone." Him especially!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"It's a thought," Kitty nods. "Make a glowing eyes that I'd be able to see out of. Though those kind of costumes can be a bit of a pain if your face isn't actually out where you can eat and drink. Um, get kissed by buff handsome men," she says, fanning herself as if the thought has heated her up. Lockheed snorts and lets out a little spout of smoke as if it is coming out of her ears. It makes Kitty giggle and she grabs the dragon, pulling him down into her lap to give him a firm scritching on his back.

"Yeah I don't know that actual fears are good ones to deal with. I think the general... spiders and ghosts and all of that are probably good enough," she says towards Tabitha. "Actually I haven't had time to watch either of them. I'm a little behind on my binge watching."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The mention of a glowing ball of fire as a costume gets Tabby grinning and with a swich of hher hands like she's sculping air she lets a ball of plasma form. "I could make that work but it takes a lit of concentration and energy and Kitty can hold her breath only so long and she looks better not on fire." she points out.

The plasma gets reabsorbed and the blonde that just amitted to naturally be a redhead grins. "I'm a way better kisser. No spiders either. Just. Nope." Tabby nods her head solemnly. "I will blow up the school if we see giant spiders." she points out. An actual normal phobia!

Henry McCoy has posed:
Hank's brow arches at the fanning motion that Kitty offers, then a chuckle at Tabby's boast. "I am sure any gentleman would be happy to escort you to the party, Kitty. And you as well, Tabby." He nods. "Lockheed agrees."

"No spiders, understood." That is said without judgement or jest from Henry - never wanting to actually make anyone uncomfortable. A wry grin. "And no plasma mask for Kitty." A shake of his head. "We want everyone to be safe. And comfortable." A wink.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde looks over the plate of cookies and selects a white-frosted ghost with chocolate frosting eyes for Hank and passes it over to him. "Ooo. Maybe we could make like a gigantic trick or treat candy container? Like where the candy is nearly as big as you? And... um..." she says before trailing off. "Sorry, having chocolate fantasies now," she says in a joking tone.

"I don't know what we'd do with it. Maybe instead of actual candy though it's prizes, and we could lower people into it sort of like one of those claw machines, and let them grab their treat? Maybe one would have a new tablet and another might have... gift certificates to somewhere in town. Another might actually win them a bag of candy. A date with Jean..." she says, laughing.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"I mean whole body. Be the hottest costume there!" There's giggles from Boomie. The choicolate fantasy gets a grin and a squeeze of Kitty's shoulder. "Mee too sister!" she commiserates and grins.

"That's gonna be expensive. Dunno if Jean will agree to a date with anyone but Rogue. Makes even my brain cringe thinking of forcing that. I tried asking her out and stuff. But then I've suggested dates with just about every woman here." she adds and giggles. "Could rig it for our Southern Belle but make the othewr prises real."